• Wind turbines cannot slip beneath the radar!

    While common radars are used to track jets, one of the highest hills in Scotland has been topped with a new radar system designed to reduce “noise” created by onshore wind farms.
    Typically, wind turbines can cause interference to conventional radar, appearing as ‘clutter’ that can potentially hide or be mistaken for aircraft, which is a safety concern.
    The introduction of a new radar system, developed by British provider of air traffic control services NATS, is expected t
  • Former Energy Minister to lead review of UK’s net zero

    The government has launched a three-month review on ways to make net zero happen in a greener and more cost-effective way.
    Ex-Energy Minister Chris Skidmore will lead the review of how the 2050 target can be delivered.
    The review aims to identify new pro-business and pro-growth ways that can help the UK hit net zero.
    Following consultation with consumers, investors and experts, Mr Skidmore will report to the government with a set of recommendations by the end of this year.
    Business Secretar
  • Banks forge homeworking and relocation plan in the event of blackouts

    The staff of some of the largest UK banks could be allowed to work from home or relocate in case of energy shortages.
    The Times has reported that London-based banks have prepared a plan that could see them move to alternative sites or bring homeworking arrangements back.
    UK Finance, the trade association for the UK banking sector, is reportedly in discussions with its members to finalise measures that could be implemented in the worst-case scenario.
    Although National Grid has said the lights sho
  • Victoria pledges nation’s most ambitious renewable energy storage targets

    Andrews government says by 2035 it wants enough storage capacity to power half the homes in the stateFollow our Australia news live blog for the latest updatesGet our free news app, morning email briefing or daily news podcastThe Andrews government has pledged to legislate Australia’s largest renewable energy storage targets in a bid to accelerate the state’s transition to renewables and lower power prices.Under the targets, Victoria would reach 2.6 gigawatts of renewable energy stor
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  • ‘UK can phase out gas power by 2030 saving £93bn’

    The UK power sector can bring gas generation down to 1% of electricity by 2030, avoiding £93 billion in gas costs in the same period.
    That’s according to new modelling by think tank Ember which suggests it is possible for the UK to move its 2035 clean power system target forward and move away from gas faster.
    The study stresses that over the next four years, the UK has sufficient wind and solar capacity planned and underway to put it on track for the 2030 clean power target if all th
  • National Grid ESO on a mission to free up space for net zero

    The electricity system operator has launched an initiative to make the process of connecting to the national electricity transmission network much easier for new projects.
    The new approach, called Transmission Entry Capacity (TEC) amnesty, aims to remove stalled projects taking space on the register.
    The TEC register orders the queue for connections to the national electricity transmission network and includes all projects that seek a connection offer.
    Under the new plan, those on the register w
  • UK boosts heat pump projects with £15m

    A total of 24 heat pump projects will share £15 million in new government funding.
    Officials, who had previously set a target to install 600,000 heat pumps a year by 2028, hope that the cash boost will make heat pumps cheaper and easier to install.
    Projects being supported by this funding include one in Harrogate in North Yorkshire that is using data from smart meters to help optimise the running of a heat pump in a household.
    A scheme in Truro in Cornwall that is looking to develop effici
  • Equinor signs 10-year contract to sell gas to Poland’s PGNiG

    Norwegian energy company Equinor has signed a 10-year agreement to sell natural gas to Polish state-controlled oil and gas company PGNiG.
    Under the contract, around 2.4 billion cubic metres (bcm) of gas per year will be exported through the new Baltic Pipe, which connects the Norwegian gas export system to Poland via Denmark.
    The volumes under the new long term agreement reflecting market prices are equivalent to around 15% of the typical annual gas consumption in Poland.
    The agreement, which su
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  • UAE’s ADNOC and Germany’s RWE ink LNG deal

    UAE’s ADNOC and Germany’s RWE has signed a supply agreement for the delivery of a cargo of liquefied natural gas (LNG).
    It will be shipped from Das Island in Abu Dhabi and is expected to arrive at Elbehafen LNG at Brunsbüttel near Hamburg in late December 2022.
    The cargo, delivered by ADNOC, will be for 137,000 cubic metres of LNG and will be the first to be supplied to the German gas market via the floating LNG import terminal at Brunsbüttel.
    The two companies have also si
  • Magnox seeks suppliers for major decommissioning projects at Harwell

    Magnox is seeking suppliers for major decommissioning projects at the former nuclear research site at Harwell, Oxfordshire.
    They include two separate decommissioning projects running in tandem: BEPO reactor project and BEPO ancillary project.
    Magnox is seeking early engagement with suppliers on how they can support the delivery of the BEPO reactor scope of works depending on the outcome of the scheme design being developed and suggested costs.
    The second is a three-year £7.9 million projec
  • WMCA Energy Capital Event – Building Decarbonisation

    Our Chief Executive, Jade Lewis, recently spoke at the West Midlands Combined Authority’s (WMCA) Energy Capital Event in September 2022 on the topic of decarbonising buildings: Building Decarbonisation We have seen really good progress on decarbonisation in the UK since 1990, which has been largely driven by the power sector. However, carbon emissions in buildings […]
    The post WMCA Energy Capital Event –Building Decarbonisation appeared first on Sustainable Energy Association.
  • Billing issues untap wave of household water customer complaints

    Disputes over bills remain the biggest cause of concern for water companies‘ customers.
    That’s according to a new report by the Consumer Council for Water (CCW) which suggests billing issues continue to make up the bulk of customers’ complaints, an estimated 61%.
    The study found that complaints about wastewater services rose for a fourth successive year since last year.
    The CCW suggests that 14 out of 19 companies received fewer written complaints from their customers than the
  • Will King Charles block government’s fracking plan?

    As the government’s move to lift the ban on fracking for shale gas in England continues to spark fury among campaigners, King Charles could reportedly play a significant role in blocking or consenting to the new energy plan.
    Sir Michael Fallon told Express.co.uk that “property rights” can make any fracking plan “impossible” to move forward.
    He said: “They (the government) can issue as many licences as they like, but unless they change the law then it will prov
  • ‘Cost of public EV charging rose by 42%’

    Soaring energy prices drive up the cost of public electric vehicle (EV) charging.
    New data from RAC, published today, shows that the cost to charge an EV on a pay-as-you-go basis at a publicly accessible ‘rapid’ charger has jumped by 42% – or 18.75p per kilowatt hour – since May.
    The report suggests the cost has reached an average of 63.29p per kilowatt hour.
    The increase, which is attributed to soaring wholesale gas and electricity costs, means that drivers need to spend
  • Winter energy shortage on the cards?

    The UK could face a shortage of electricity supply this winter.
    According to LCP energy consultants, power supplies may fail to meet the demand for ten hours this winter.
    They also note the government’s move to keep some coal-fired power stations open in the coming months successfully avoided seeing that number rise to 29 hours.
    In its Winter Outlook – Early View report, the national grid operator indicated that there could be some tight periods this winter, “which are most lik
  • Business Secretary: “We must get every cubic inch of gas out of the North Sea”

    The Business Secretary has called for accelerated efforts to “get every cubic inch of gas out of the North Sea”.
    In a leaked video published by the Guardian, Jacob Rees-Mogg told BEIS staff that the UK needs to use “as much of its own resources as is possible” to boost energy security.
    In the video, Mr Rees-Mogg says the government will be “handing out lots of money” to get Britain to produce more gas.
    He said: “It is unquestionably more environmentally
  • ‘Households could save up to £4,400 if energy suppliers were nationalised’

    Britons could benefit by up to £4,400 in the next two years if the UK had publicly owned energy companies, analysis has suggested.
    The analysis is part of a TUC report that sets out proposals for public ownership of new energy generation including wind, solar, tidal, and nuclear to lower energy bills and boost energy efficiency.
    The study uses the Treasury’s modelling of excess profits from electricity generation over the next two years.
    The authors of the report refer to energy comp
  • Fracking ban will continue in Scotland

    A Scottish Government minister has clarified that the lifting of the fracking ban in England will not come into force in Scotland.
    Hydraulic fracturing or fracking is a process of recovering oil and gas from shale rock.
    Shortly after the announcement of the UK Government, Michael Matheson, Cabinet Secretary for Net Zero and Transport, said: “To be clear – this policy change does apply in Scotland.
    “Fracking can only happen here if licences are issued by the Scottish Government
  • Water firms urged to be ‘creative’ in setting out bill cutting measures

    Ofwat has called on water companies to launch creative ways to charge customers for the water they use.
    Currently, customers’ bills are set on a flat standard amount based on their type of property, or on flat rate based on their use as measured by a water meter.
    Some of the ideas the regulator is asking companies to consider include seasonal charging to help lower water bills in the winter when energy costs are higher, or if bills might be reduced for homes with water butts and perme
  • Fears over gyms’ inability to lift the weight of rising energy bills

    New research shows people in the UK are worried that gyms may be forced to close because of increased energy costs.
    That’s according to a new survey by gym and health club network Hussle which shows nearly 55% of gymgoers expressed worries that their local workout space may be forced to close due to increased electricity and gas bills.
    The polling of around 1,000 recent gym users also suggests those in the West Midlands were most concerned about closures, whereas those in the East of Engla
  • ‘UK hardest hit by electricity prices in Europe’

    The UK has been hardest hit by the cost of electricity in Europe.
    That’s one of the key findings of a new study by The Underfloor Heating Store which estimates that the UK has seen an increase of 129.1% so far this year, with prices set to rise again next month.
    The report, which analysed global costs of electricity and gas prices per kWh around the world and compared these against household costs in 2021, suggests the Czech Republic follows the UK closely behind, with electricity prices i
  • UK accused of funding environmental racism with subsidies to Drax

    The power station has paid out millions over alleged overpollution in US south, investigation findsThe UK government has been accused of funding environmental racism by giving £2m a day in subsidies a day to an energy company that has paid out millions over claims it breached pollution limits in the US south.An investigation by Unearthed, Greenpeace’s investigative unit, found Drax Biomass paid millions of dollars to US regulators over claims it exceeded limits on chemicals emissions
  • “Capping prices for all businesses is a waste of taxpayers’ money”

    Although the government has already unveiled plans to cap business energy bills for the next six months, there are still concerns about whether this measure can future-proof Britons against future price shocks.
    Darren Jones, the Labour MP who chairs the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee, said: “Capping the price for all businesses is a waste of taxpayers’ money.”
    Responding to reported tax cuts included in the mini-budget, Mr Jones also tweeted: “Thi
  • Climate change protester sets his arm on fire during Laver Cup match

    A climate change protester wearing a white t-shirt that said ‘End UK Private Jets’ set his arm on fire during a Laver Cup tennis match in London.
    He ran onto the court at the O2 Arena on Friday during a tennis match between Stefanos Tsitsipas and Diego Schwartzman and briefly lit his arm and some of the court on fire.
    It was followed by security stepping in and extinguishing the flame with his jacket and removing the protester from the court.
    The End UK Private Jets group released a
  • ‘Field of dreams’: Queensland plans to build Australia’s largest publicly owned windfarm

    Government says the 150-turbine windfarm could generate enough electricity to power 230,000 homesFollow our Australia news live blog for the latest updatesGet our free news app, morning email briefing or daily news podcastAustralia’s largest publicly owned windfarm could be built in Queensland, with the state government planning to spend $776m in the state’s west.The premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, said the funding would help Queensland become a “global renewable-energy superpo
  • Has the government given the green light to more onshore wind?

    Developers of onshore wind farms could soon find it easier to build projects as a result of relaxing existing rules.
    Announcing a shake-up of the country’s finances, Kwasi Kwarteng has unveiled the government’s intention to accelerate infrastructure and energy projects.
    The government pledged to bring rules for onshore wind farms in line with other developments.
    The official document for The Growth Plan states: “The government will unlock the potential of onshore wind by bringi
  • Labour will bring green jobs built on strong trade unions – because we cannot go back to the 1980s | Angela Rayner and Ed Miliband

    From fracking to bankers’ bonuses, we know where this government’s interests lie. It must be stopped
    The Tory budget on Friday made clear where the party stands: for failed trickle-down economics and for helping the already wealthy get richer.The cost of living crisis is wreaking havoc, with spiralling energy bills, stagnating wages, and the highest inflation in 40 years. Behind these economic buzzwords are harrowing realities, and families in every city and town having to make impos
  • Keir Starmer unveils green growth plan to counter Liz Truss’s tax cuts

    Labour pledges a revolution in green energy to ‘boost jobs and slash emissions’Keir Starmer: ‘The hope of a Labour victory has turned into a belief’Keir Starmer will pledge to deliver a new era of economic growth and permanently lower energy bills by turning the UK into an independent green “superpower” before 2030, through a massive expansion of wind and solar energy.Announcing details of the plan exclusively to the Observer, the Labour leader says he will do
  • Australia has a golden opportunity to expand solar energy manufacturing

    World’s desire to wean off over-reliance on China could be a boon for local producers, according to the Australian PV InstituteGet our free news app, morning email briefing or daily news podcastAustralia has a golden opportunity to expand its solar energy manufacturing capacity as the industry booms and nations scramble to cut their over-dependence on China, a report by the Australian Australian PV Institute Institute says.The country is installing 4GW of solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity a
  • The UK’s energy system is fattening state coffers – just not Britain’s | Frances O'Grady

    The British public should enjoy the full benefit of the energy that is generated here, and help plan its future
    Frances O’Grady is general secretary of the TUCDespite yesterday’s mini-budget, nearly every family will face the winter with much higher bills than last year. The current government support to keep bills down is just a short-term sticking plaster. Liz Truss and her ministers have no long-term solution.Clues to the answer we need lie in Munich, Germany, where a dad takes hi
  • Green Genius secures debt for Polish solar portfolio

    Green Genius secures debt for Polish solar portfolio
  • China asks Europe for ‘positive’ climate action

    China wants to see “positive action” on climate change from Europe.
    That’s the statement of the Chinese Climate Envoy Xie Zhenhua, who stated that given the current geopolitical situation, European climate action was more important than ever.
    Speaking with Jennifer Morgan, the German Climate Envoy, remotely, he stated: “The climate policies of some European countries have shown a backswing and it is hoped that this is just a temporary stopgap.”
    With the ongoing Ukra
  • King Arthur’s castle at mercy of climate change

    A castle in Cornwall renowned for its links to the legendary tales of King Arthur is at threat of being submerged in the sea, with climate change quickening coastal erosion.
    That’s according to English Heritage, which warns that Tintagel Castle could be lost indefinitely if funding isn’t found to protect it.
    The charity has launched an appeal for money to protect it in the long run – and more urgently, is looking for £40,000 to repair damage to the site caused by last win
  • Will the mini-budget create “economic growth” or “chaos”?

    Earlier today, the Chancellor delivered his mini-budget unveiling more details about the government support for households and businesses amid the energy crisis.
    Kwasi Kwarteng said there would be three key steps – the energy price guarantee, “equivalent support” for businesses and a new Energy Markets Financing scheme backed by the Bank of England. 
    Just a few minutes after Kwasi Kwarteng’s first major appearance in the House of Commons as Chancellor, Alison Thewlis
  • RUK hails government's onshore wind pledge

    RUK hails government's onshore wind pledge
  • Dow and Mura plan ‘Europe’s largest’ advanced recycling facility in Germany

    Materials science company Dow and Mura Technology have unveiled plans to develop what they claim will be the largest advanced recycling facility in Germany.
    Mura plans to build the facility at Dow’s Böhlen site, which would deliver around 120 kilotons per annum (KTA) of advanced recycling capacity at full run-rate.
    It would be co-located with Dow’s manufacturing facilities, enabling a significantly larger capacity for plastic waste and increase the supply of fully circular feeds
  • Calls for World Bank President to quit after climate denial

    World Bank President David Malpass is being told to step down from his position by climate campaigners, following his refusal to state his belief in climate change.
    Earlier this week, Mr Malpass was questioned during a New York climate event on his opinions of human-induced climate change.
    He simply responded that he is “not a scientist” and therefore would not like to provide an answer.
    This has angered climate campaigners who have also called out the bank for its omission of a date
  • Planning rules for new onshore windfarms likely to be eased in UK

    Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng poised to lift de facto ban on new onshore farms as part of his growth planKwasi Kwarteng looks likely to lift a de facto ban on new onshore windfarms after the UK government said it would bring planning consent into line with that for other infrastructure.It has been very difficult for onshore windfarms to get planning permission since David Cameron put in place a tough consent regime in 2015. Earlier this year, Kwarteng pushed for the restrictions to be lifted but he
  • Kwasi Kwarteng poised to ease planning rules for onshore windfarms

    Wind could be more productive way than fracking to boost electricity supplies and bring down pricesKwasi Kwarteng looks likely to lift a de facto ban on new onshore windfarms after the government said it would bring planning consent into line with that for other infrastructure.It has been very difficult for onshore windfarms to get planning permission since David Cameron put in place a tough consent regime in 2015. Earlier this year Kwarteng pushed for the restrictions to be lifted but he encoun
  • Mini-budget fell far short of promoting low-carbon future for UK

    While not devoid of green measures, Kwarteng’s announcement was more notable for what it did not includeKwasi Kwarteng’s mini-budget: key points at a glanceLive updates: Kwasi Kwarteng announces mini-budgetThe chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng, has announced that the effective ban on onshore wind farms is to be lifted, and the poorest households will regain access to insulation and energy efficiency measures.Polls show that onshore wind is popular, with more than 70% of people supporting it
  • RWE tests environmentally friendly tech at Spanish wind farm

    RWE tests environmentally friendly tech at Spanish wind farm
  • UK moves forward with underground ‘pylons’

    How can electricity pylons go underground?
    In a scheme touted as ‘one of the first in the world’, National Grid has started work on removing 22 pylons and 8.8 kilometres of overhead cables in Dorset.
    The scheme aims to remove existing high-voltage electricity transmission infrastructure, which has been in place since the 1960s.
    The goal is to enhance the landscape and transform the views of the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
    Burying the cables underground has been selecte
  • MPs seek final views on UK’s new nuclear power strategy

    MPs on the Commons Science and Technology Committee are seeking final views on the UK Government’s approach to developing new nuclear power.
    The inquiry is inviting responses, until 30th September 2022, from experts on what is required for the government to achieve its aim to approve up to eight new nuclear reactors by 2030 and for nuclear to supply 25% of electricity by 2050.
    More than half of the UK’s 11 nuclear reactors are due to be retired by 2025 with no immediate replacements
  • Falck Renewables opens French wind farm

    Falck Renewables opens French wind farm
  • Chancellor confirms England onshore wind planning reform

    Chancellor confirms England onshore wind planning reform
  • Speaker slams Business Secretary for not making energy statement in Commons

    The Speaker of the House of Commons has expressed his disappointment over the new Business Secretary’s decision not to appear in front of MPs and answer questions regarding the new government policy on energy bills and fracking.
    Yesterday, the government lifted the moratorium on shale gas production in England.
    Speaking in the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle said: “I have to say how disappointed I am that the subject of the UQ was extensively set out in the media yesterday before
  • Purus Marine acquires CTV provider HST Marine

    Purus Marine acquires CTV provider HST Marine
  • Iberdrola and Solvay sign solar plant deal

    Iberdrola and Solvay sign solar plant deal
  • INVL Renewable Energy Fund I acquires Romanian solar projects

    INVL Renewable Energy Fund I acquires Romanian solar projects
  • Mini-budget: Chancellor outlines tax cuts and energy bill support

    Kwasi Kwarteng has unveiled the government’s mini-budget outlining its fiscal priorities “in one of the biggest interventions ever made”.
    Standing at the despatch box in the House of Commons earlier today, the Chancellor reassured the public that “help is coming” as Britons are feeling the financial pressure caused by the energy crisis.
    “During the worst energy crisis in generations, this government is on the side of the people”, he noted.
    Mr Kwarteng ha

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