• Why Is Climate "Doomism" Going Viral, and How Can You Fight It?

    Source: BBC News - Science and EnvironmentClimate "doomers" believe the world has already lost the battle against global warming and that humanity is headed toward extinction. That's wrong, according to scientists—and while doom and gloom are spreading online, there are many experts now fighting the viral tide. Says one climate scientist, "I don't think it's helpful to pretend that climate change will lead to humanity's extinction."
  • Hacked Files Show Uyghur Internment Camps in China

    Source: Google News - HealthThe U.S. State Department's top spokesman on Tuesday denounced China's ongoing atrocities against the Uyghur Muslims, citing "jarring images" of China's internment camps in Xinjiang. The files, supplied by a computer hacker, include more than 5,000 photos of what appear to be Uyghur people taken at police facilities—essentially mug shots—along with images from inside a detention center and transcribed speeches attributed to high-level...
  • Montana Bars Birth Certificate Changes, Even With Surgery

    Source: U.S. News and World ReportMontana health officials say transgender people can't change their birth certificates even if they undergo gender-confirmation surgery, in defiance of a court order that had blocked the Republican-controlled state's bid to restrict transgender rights. "Sex is different from gender and an immutable genetic fact, which is not changeable, even by surgery," said the order from Adam Meier, direct of Public Health and Human Services.
  • Borderline Personality Disorder: What It Is, and What Can Help

    Source: BBC News - UK NewsBorderline personality disorder (BPD) is a disorder of mood and how a person interacts with others. It's the most commonly recognized personality disorder, occurring in approximately 1 in 100 people. In general, those with a personality disorder will differ significantly from an average person in terms of how they think, perceive, feel, or relate to others. Many, but not all, people with BPD have had traumatic experiences in childhood.
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  • Great Replacement Conspiracy Theory No Longer Fringe

    Source: Google News - HealthA 180-page online screed attributed to the white man accused of killing 10 people at a market in Buffalo on Saturday has brought a once-fringe white extremist theory into the spotlight. But the underpinnings of the "great replacement" conspiracy theory has become mainstream in American society. A recent poll from the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that 1 in 3 American adults now believes in a version of...
  • Walmart Apologizes for Juneteenth Ice Cream After Backlash

    Source: CBS News - U.S. NewsWalmart is apologizing for a new flavor of the retailer's branded ice cream called "Juneteenth," which is sparking criticism that the company is trying to cash in on the holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the U.S. The Juneteenth flavor—swirled red velvet and cheesecake—drew fire on social media, with some Twitter users accusing Walmart of being tone-deaf because the ice cream is sold by a company founded by a White family and run by...
  • ExxonMobil Loses Effort to Dismiss Climate Change Lawsuit

    Source: ABC News - US NewsMassachusetts' highest court on Tuesday rejected a bid by ExxonMobil to dismiss a lawsuit accusing the oil giant of misleading the public about the role its fossil fuels play in causing climate change. The lawsuit, filed in 2019 by the Massachusetts Attorney General, alleges Exxon launched an effort "reminiscent of the tobacco industry's long denial campaign about the dangerous effects of cigarettes" to deceive consumers and investors about...
  • U.N. Denounces "Homophobic" and "Racist" Coverage of Monkeypox

    Source: Google News - HealthThe U.N. Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) has warned that stigmatizing language about the monkeypox virus could jeopardize public health, citing some portrayals of Africans and LGBTI people that "reinforce homophobic and racist stereotypes." The disease is considered endemic in 11 African nations, and UNAIDS has said that "a significant proportion" of recent monkeypox cases have been identified among gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with...
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  • Denial of Structural Racism Linked to Anti-Black Prejudice

    Source: APA Press ReleasesPeople who deny the existence of structural racism are more likely to exhibit anti-Black prejudice and less likely to show racial empathy or openness to diversity, according to research published by the American Psychological Association. In contrast, people who claim they ignore race have a greater openness to diversity, the study found. The results were based on an analysis of 83 previous studies on racism that included more than 25,000...
  • Church of Scotland to Allow Same-Sex Marriages

    Source: BBC News - UK NewsIn a historic vote, the Church of Scotland has opted to allow clergy to conduct same-sex marriages. Members of the General Assembly in Edinburgh voted to change church law after years of campaigning. The vote means same-sex couples will be able to marry in church services, and ministers will be permitted to become celebrants of same-sex marriage, but ministers will not be forced to take part. The results of the vote were 274 for and 136 against.
  • Cleo’s world was darkened by depression. Reconnecting brought back some colour | Gill Straker and Jacqui Winship

    Cleo’s world was darkened by depression. Reconnecting brought back some colour | Gill Straker and Jacqui Winship
    The very act of talking about it in a supportive environment can provide some comfort for many who are depressedThe modern mind is a column where experts discuss mental health issues they are seeing in their workGet our weekend culture and lifestyle email and listen to our podcastOn the face of it, there seemed little to explain the misery Cleo* was exuding. Nevertheless, it was clearly all-consuming and terrible. Cleo had a lot going for her on the surface: she was attractive, young, successful
  • How a Cognitive Bias Is Blocking the Rise of Electric Cars

    Source: Science Daily - Top SocietyWhat are the barriers to the adoption of electric cars? Although the main financial and technological obstacles have been removed, their market share still needs to increase. In a recent study, a team investigated the cognitive factors that still dissuade many people from switching to electric cars. They found that car owners systematically underestimate the capacity of electric driving ranges to meet their daily needs.
  • Virginia Lawmaker Files Lawsuit Over Two LGBT Books He Calls "Obscene"

    Source: United Press International - Health NewsTim Anderson, an attorney and a Virginia State Delegate, said he filed a lawsuit this week to prevent minors from obtaining two LGBT-themed books: "Gender Queer" and "Court of Mist and Fury." He filed the lawsuit after a state circuit court judge ruled Wednesday there was probable cause that the books in question should be restricted. Anderson said the books were "obscene" and that stores and schools should keep them out of the hands of minors.
  • ‘Phones are like a scab we know we shouldn’t pick’: the truth about social media and anxiety

    ‘Phones are like a scab we know we shouldn’t pick’: the truth about social media and anxiety
    Although connecting with friends online has positive benefits for mental health, overdoing screen time can lead to a catastrophic emotional crashMost people think that phones are a bad thing for anxiety. Parents, in particular, believe phones are terrible for the mental health of children, teenagers and young adults. So, what is the truth? While I was writing my book You Don’t Understand Me, which addresses the mental health of teenage girls and young women, I felt I had to get to the bott
  • My life was ruled by panic attacks. Here’s my seven-point guide to tackling anxiety

    My life was ruled by panic attacks. Here’s my seven-point guide to tackling anxiety
    Author Tim Clare spent a year researching his condition and trying every treatment he could. This is what workedI’m pinned to the floor, screaming. From two rooms away comes the sound of nursery rhymes, playing at full volume – my wife’s attempt to drown me out, so I don’t frighten our baby daughter. I’m having a panic attack. I am terrified and, beneath the fear, burning with shame.A couple of years ago, this was my reality. For more than a decade, panic attacks ha
  • Hallucinations Are Surprisingly Common and Varied Experiences

    Source: BPS Research Digest An estimated 6-15% of us hear, see, feel, or even smell things that aren't real, but there has been little research into what those hallucinations are like—and how they might differ from those experienced by people with psychosis. Now, researchers in the Netherlands report the results of a large study of more than 10,000 people aged 14 to 88. The work, published in Schizophrenia, offers a few surprises and a host of interesting findings.
  • Children with Same-Sex Parents Are Socially Well-Adjusted, Study Finds

    Source: Science Daily - Top SocietyA new study suggests that children and adolescents with same-sex parents are just as well adjusted as those with different-sex parents. In the study, 62 six-to-sixteen-year-olds with same-sex parents were compared with 72 peers with different-sex parents regarding prosocial behavior, hyperactivity, peer problems, emotional adjustment, and general behavioral problems. The report appears in the International Journal of Environmental Research and...
  • U.S. Women's and Men's Soccer Teams to Receive Equal Pay

    Source: U.S. News and World ReportThe U.S. women's national team has not only been wildly successful on the field—the players have also been unabashedly outspoken, using their platform to advocate for equal rights for themselves and others. The team's efforts to secure equitable pay finally came to fruition last week. The four-time Women's World Cup winners reached a collective bargaining agreement with U.S. Soccer that gives them the same pay as their male counterparts.
  • ‘My life was ruled by panic attacks’

    ‘My life was ruled by panic attacks’
    Author Tim Clare spend a year learning how to tackle the problem. This is his seven-point guide to what worked for himI’m pinned to the floor, screaming. From two rooms away comes the sound of nursery rhymes, playing at full volume – my wife’s attempt to drown me out, so I don’t frighten our baby daughter. I’m having a panic attack. I am terrified and, beneath the fear, burning with shame.A couple of years ago, this was my reality. For more than a decade, panic atta
  • Climate Change Could Lead to Loss of Sleep As Temperatures Rise

    Source: United Press International - Health NewsAnyone who's tried to sleep on a hot summer night knows how hard it is to nod off when the mercury is rising. So it's no surprise that global warming is likely to cost people more shut-eye as temperatures around the world rise. By the end of this century, individuals could be subjected to at least two weeks of short sleep each year due to high temperatures driven by global warming, reports a new study published Friday in the journal One Earth.
  • How to recognise the symptoms of anxiety and get help

    How to recognise the symptoms of anxiety and get help
    From OCD to agoraphobia and PTSD, there are almost as many types of anxiety disorder as things to worry about. Here’s how to spot the signs and find the relevant supportMany people will be familiar with the dry mouth, intrusive thoughts, and fluttering heart and stomach that are the hallmarks of anxiety. Often a temporary, and completely natural reaction to threat, these responses can be helpful in certain situations, sharpening the mind and sending blood to where it is needed faster.But w
  • As a psychologist helping Ukrainians, I am a witness to the terrible traumas of war | Anna Shilonosova

    As a psychologist helping Ukrainians, I am a witness to the terrible traumas of war | Anna Shilonosova
    We can support those trapped in shelters or struggling with survivor’s guilt. But some emotional damage is irreparableAll four of my grandparents survived the second world war, and all four were scarcely willing to talk about it, having either survived the siege of Leningrad or come back from the frontline wounded. On the rare occasions they did, their memories would leave them devastated.The lifelong PTSD they experienced was quite possibly one of the reasons I became a psychologist. I wa
  • ‘Smooth brain, just vibes’: what is life like for those who refuse the news?

    ‘Smooth brain, just vibes’: what is life like for those who refuse the news?
    Fewer Australians are following the headlines – but there’s a fine line between switching off and staying connected to the worldGet our weekend culture and lifestyle email and listen to our podcastIt was during the second Sydney lockdown, in 2021, that Cass decided to unplug.“I was finding myself really anxious about the state of the world. And when I looked at the news, I was like, there’s actually nothing I can do as an individual to change anything that’s going o
  • Rainbow 50 Pence Coin to Mark 50 Years of Pride Movement in the UK

    Source: BBC News - UK NewsA rainbow 50p coin will be minted to mark the the 50th anniversary of the Pride movement in the United Kingdom. The coin features Pride in London's values of Protest, Visibility, Unity, and Equality in rainbows with the Pride progression flag. It was designed by Dominique Holmes, an east London artist, writer, and LGBTQ+ activist. This will be the first time the LGBTQ+ community has been celebrated on an official UK coin.
  • Biden Calls on Americans to Reject "Poison" of White Supremacy

    Source: Google News - HealthPresident Joe Biden on Tuesday did not hesitate to call the deadly mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, an act of domestic terrorism, condemning the racist ideology of the suspected shooter. "White supremacy is a poison. It's a poison... running through our body politic," Biden said, adding that "We need to say as clearly and as forcefully as we can that the ideology of White supremacy has no place in America... Silence is complicity."
  • Australia Election: Why Is Australia's Parliament So White?

    Source: BBC News - AsiaAustralia is one of the most multicultural nations in the world, but it's a different story in the country's politics, where 96% of federal lawmakers are White. Nearly half of all Australians were either born overseas or have a parent who was born overseas, yet the parliament looks almost as White today as it did in the days of the "White Australia" policy, when from 1901 to the 1970s, the nation banned non-White immigrants.
  • Federal Judge Strikes Down Tennessee Bathroom Signage Law

    Source: CNN - Top StoriesA federal judge on Tuesday struck down a Tennessee law that required some businesses to post signs outside their bathroom doors if they allow transgender or nonbinary people to use those that match their gender identity—a policy LGBTQ advocates charged was "offensive and humiliating" for members of the community and could lead to harassment. In her ruling, the judge deemed the law "a brazen attempt to single out trans-inclusive establishments."
  • U.S. Navy Desertions Have More Than Doubled Amid Suicide Concerns

    Source: Google News - HealthThe number of sailors who deserted the Navy more than doubled from 2019 to 2021, while desertions in other military branches dropped or stayed flat, pointing to a potential Navy-wide mental health crisis amid a spate of recent suicides, according to experts. Among more than 342,000 active sailors, there were 157 new Navy deserters in 2021, compared with 63 in 2019. The total number who were still at large in 2021 was 166, and most were 25 and...
  • Liz Cheney Accuses GOP Leadership of Enabling White Supremacy

    Source: Google News - HealthIn the wake of the Buffalo supermarket shooting, Republican Representative Liz Cheney is accusing her party's leaders of enabling white nationalism, white supremacy, and antisemitism. "History has taught us that what begins with words ends in far worse," she tweeted Monday morning. Cheney then went a step further, calling on Republican leaders to "renounce and reject these views and those who hold them."
  • Jill Biden, Selena Gomez Lead Talk on Youth Mental Health

    Source: U.S. News and World ReportSelena Gomez joined first lady Jill Biden and U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy at the White House on Wednesday for a conversation about youth mental health. The singer/actor has been public about her struggles and revealed in 2020 that she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Murthy said open conversation will help change "hearts and minds" and help remove the stigma associated with mental health.
  • How Climate Change May Be Putting Millions at Risk of Radon Exposure

    Source: PBS ScienceDeep in the frozen ground of the north, a radioactive hazard has lain trapped for millennia, but today, climate change is melting permafrost at an accelerating rate. In a report published in January, one study used modeling techniques to show that homes with basements built on areas of permafrost could be exposed to high levels of an invisible but deadly radioactive gas named radon.
  • ‘Some things can’t be repaired’: how do you recover when a friend betrays you?

    ‘Some things can’t be repaired’: how do you recover when a friend betrays you?
    With the ‘Wagatha Christie’ trial poring over the destruction of a celebrity friendship, four people share their experiences of treachery and traumaAs the libel suit between Rebekah Vardy and Coleen Rooney rumbles on in the high court, the public has heard weeks of claims and counterclaims about Instagram stings, paparazzi ambushes and phones lost in the sea. But one thing has been clear from the outset: one of the two women has been betrayed. Either, as Rooney claims, Vardy sold sto
  • U.S. Doctors Often Mistreated by Patients, Families, Study Finds

    Source: United Press International - Health NewsNearly one-third of U.S. doctors have experienced mistreatment from patients or their families, including racist or sexist remarks, a study published Thursday in JAMA Network Open found. Among more than 6,500 responding physicians across the country, just under 30% said they were "subjected to racially or ethnically offensive remarks" within the past year, and a similar percentage indicated they had had "offensive sexist remarks" directed toward...
  • Canada's Indigenous Leaders Ask for Royal Apology

    Source: BBC News - UK NewsIndigenous leaders met Prince Charles in Canada and asked for an apology from the Queen over the "assimilation and genocide" of indigenous schoolchildren. RoseAnne Archibald, Assembly of First Nations national chief, said the prince "acknowledged" failures in handling the relationship with indigenous people. Canada is dealing with a scandal in which indigenous children died or were abused in residential schools, yet the Queen has yet to...
  • How to trick your brain into better eating habits

    How to trick your brain into better eating habits
    Ditching the cutlery, scoffing a big first bite and discussing the carrots can help rewire our brains and make us more mindful of our mealsBefore diving in at a dinner party, my friend Lizzie always makes a point of asking the host to describe each dish they’ve made. It’s a way of acknowledging their efforts – but, according to food psychology, she could also be helping herself and her fellow diners eat better by making them more mindful of their meal.Charles Spence is a profes
  • Is the sibling relationship the most enduring of all?

    Is the sibling relationship the most enduring of all?
    Exploring shared childhood memories with your siblings will cast light on the person you are todayWhen I come across couples celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary I always wonder: “Who are these rare creatures who have managed to sustain a relationship for 60 years?” All those baked potatoes for dinner and trips to put the bins out. I’m amazed at the endurance of their love, but mostly I’m touched by their ability to peer through varifocals and see the bride or gr
  • The secret to saving your relationship: eight lessons from a couples therapist

    The secret to saving your relationship: eight lessons from a couples therapist
    Over three decades, Susanna Abse has worked with every kind of couple. She shares what she’s learned on how to stay the distance – and why fighting is goodSusanna Abse is the marriage counsellor’s marriage counsellor – 30 years in practice giving her peerless insights into the challenges couples face without making any dent in her curiosity and originality. This serene, witty 65-year-old is exacting but non-judgmental; I imagine you’d feel able to say absolutely any
  • Which Doctor Should I See for Dementia and Cognitive Decline?

    Source: U.S. News and World ReportRepeating questions as though they're being asked for the first time. Forgetting conversations. Misplacing items. Difficulty finding the right word or remembering a person's name. Getting turned around or lost in a familiar place. Losing your train of thought. Changes in mood and emotions, as well as an increase in impulsivity, irritability, or poor judgment. These could be signs of stress, but in older adults, they could also be signs of...
  • U.S. Report Details Church-State Collusion on Native Schools

    Source: ABC News - US NewsA new U.S. Interior Department report on the legacy of boarding schools for Native Americans underscores how closely the federal government collaborated with churches to Christianize them as part of a project to sever them from their culture, their identities, and ultimately their land. The role of churches forms a secondary part of the Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative Investigative Report, released Wednesday after a yearlong review.
  • Low-Carbon Energy Can Lower Racial Disparities in Air Pollution

    Source: Science Daily - Top HealthSwitching to low carbon fuels for transportation, cooking, heating, power generation, and other needs not only helps fight climate change—it reduces racial and ethnic disparities in exposure to air pollution, according to a new study. All residents in the analysis benefitted from improved air quality when low-carbon fuels, carbon capture, or other actions were adopted, but low-carbon fuels also helped reduce historical imbalances in air...
  • Alabama Transgender Youth Can Use Medicine to Transition

    Source: Google News - HealthA U.S. federal judge on Friday blocked part of an Alabama law that made it a felony to prescribe gender-affirming puberty blockers and hormones to transgender minors. District Judge Liles Burke issued an injunction to stop the state from enforcing the medication ban, which took effect May 8. The ruling was a victory for families and LGBTQ rights groups who challenged the first-of-its-kind law as an illegal intrusion into family and medical...
  • Court Allows Texas to Investigate Gender-Affirming Care As Child Abuse

    Source: Google News - HealthAfter a pause on investigations of families seeking gender-affirming care for their transgender children, the Texas Supreme Court said the state's child protective services investigations can continue while an appeals process plays out on the merits of the case. Significantly, however, the opinion also ruled that Governor Greg Abbott had any legal authority to order such investigations.
  • Record Number of Antisemitic Incidents in Austria, Birthplace of Hitler

    Source: ABC News - InternationalAntisemitic incidents last year reached a record high in Austria, birthplace of Adolph Hitler, according to a report published Friday. The statistics, compiled by the Jewish Community of Vienna, recorded 965 incidents in 2021 — the highest number since the organization began documenting them 20 years ago. That figure is an increase of 65% over the previous year, when there were 585 recorded incidents.
  • Why Multiple Diagnoses Are Common for Mental Illness

    Source: Science Daily - Top HealthAn analysis of 11 major psychiatric disorders offers new insight into why comorbidities are the norm when it comes to mental illness. The study suggests that while there is no single gene or set of genes underlying risk for all of them, subsets of disorders—including bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, anorexia nervosa and obsessive-compulsive disorder, and major depression and anxiety—share a common genetic architecture.
  • Malta Retains Top Spot for "Rainbow Europe" Gay Rights, Say Activists

    Source: U.S. News and World ReportAn upward dynamic has emerged in protecting the rights of the LGBTQ+ communities across Europe, but difficulties remain, and young people are particularly vulnerable, activists said on Thursday. Malta retained its top spot on "Rainbow Europe" for respect of human rights and equality, while Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia and Armenia were at the bottom of rankings among 49 countries compiled by ILGA-Europe, an umbrella organization for 600 rights...
  • Disputes Over School Anti-Racism Policies Move to U.S. Courts

    Source: United Press International - Health NewsAs school districts and state legislators around the country debate the role of classroom lessons on racism—with some parents objecting to "critical race theory"—the disputes are playing out in court. School anti-racism policies and history lessons that delve into systemic racism are colliding with parents' efforts to control their children's education and accusations that anti-racism policies themselves are discriminatory.
  • Tuvalu, Sinking in the Pacific, Fears Becoming a Superpower "Pawn"

    Source: U.S. News and World ReportTuvalu fears that climate change, an existential threat to the Pacific nation, is being forgotten and could become a pawn between China and the United States, said its foreign minister, Simon Kofe, who grabbed global attention last year when he addressed a global climate conference standing ankle-deep in the sea. Forty percent of the capital district is underwater at high tide, and the tiny country is forecast to be submerged by the end of the...
  • Tokyo to Recognize Same-Sex Partnerships Starting in November

    Source: United Press International - Health NewsStarting in November, Tokyo's metropolitan government will unveil a system that recognizes same-sex partnerships, adding the city to eight other Japanese prefectures that recognize a form of partnership system, officials said. An updated draft of the scheme—called the Tokyo Partnership Oath System—was revealed on Tuesday, and officials said the policy needs to be submitted to the Tokyo metropolitan assembly in June in order to be enacte
  • U.S. Acknowledges Violent Treatment of Native American Children

    Source: CNN - Top StoriesThe U.S. is acknowledging the large-scale and violent treatment of Indigenous students at more than 400 Indian boarding schools run by the federal government between 1819 and 1969, according to a report released by the Department of Interior on Wednesday. The department said it expects "the approximate number of Indian children who died at Federal Indian boarding schools to be in the thousands or tens of thousands."
  • Short-Term Use of Ibuprofen May Increase Chance of Chronic Pain

    Source: Google News - HealthUsing drugs like ibuprofen and steroids to relieve short-term health problems could increase the chances of developing chronic pain, new research suggests. The findings from the small study raise questions about how pain is typically treated. Normal recovery from a painful injury involves inflammation—the body's natural reaction to injury and infection—and new research suggests blocking inflammation with drugs could lead to harder-to-treat...

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