• Weekend podcast: the genesis of Succession, Marina Hyde on Suella Braverman, and life tips from a hostage negotiator

    Weekend podcast: the genesis of Succession, Marina Hyde on Suella Braverman, and life tips from a hostage negotiator
    Succession creator, Jesse Armstrong, on why the show nearly didn’t happen (1m24s), Marina Hyde is amused by the idea of the home secretary being too famous to attend an online speed awareness course (15m15s), and a hostage negotiator reveals the secrets that could transform your life (23m32s). Continue reading...
  • Biting the skin off my fingers feels like self-harm – but I can’t stop | Ask Annalisa Barbieri

    Biting the skin off my fingers feels like self-harm – but I can’t stop | Ask Annalisa Barbieri
    Therapy could help you figure out why you still resort to this coping mechanism from your past – which is one I can relate toSince childhood I have bitten the skin off my fingers, often leaving them bloody and painful. I am in my 50s now and my poor fingers look dreadful after years of chewing. I understand this to be a form of self-harm but it is such ingrained behaviour I seem unable to stop. I feel embarrassed by the state of my hands and find myself often tucking my fingers under so pe
  • Hackers Are Using AI to Crack Passwords: Here's What to Do

    Source: USA Today - TechnologyHackers are jumping on the artificial intelligence bandwagon and upping their game. Get this: AI service PassGAN cracked 51% of passwords scanned in under a minute. Cybercriminals now have many more tools at their disposal to break into your banking, social media, and other accounts. The inconvenient but inescapable conclusion: You need a new password strategy immediately.
  • Target Was a Leader in Catering to LGBTQ+ Shoppers, Until Now

    Source: ABC News - US NewsTarget once distinguished itself as being supportive of the LGBTQ+ community. Now that status is tarnished after it removed some LGBTQ+-themed products and relocated Pride Month displays to the back of certain Southern stores in response to anti-LGBTQ+ threats and complaints. Target should not put Pride displays and products "into the proverbial closet," Human Rights Campaign president Kelley Robinson said in a statement. "That's what the...
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  • Multivitamin Protects Aging Brain and Slows Memory Decline, Study Finds

    Source: Google News - HealthMultivitamin supplements may help slow the normal forgetfulness that comes with aging, researchers reported Wednesday. The analysis of data from more than 3,500 older participants showed that those who took a daily Centrum Silver pill over a period of three years had better memories than those who received a placebo treatment, according to the report published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
  • More Kids Than Ever Displaced and at Risk of Exploitation, U.N. Warns

    Source: CBS News - World NewsWar, poverty and climate change have created a perfect storm for children around the world, a United Nations report warned Wednesday. The confluence of crises and disasters has driven the number of kids currently displaced from their homes to a record 42 million, and it has left them vulnerable to criminal violence and exploitation. The report, Protecting the Rights of Children on the Move in Times of Crisis, was compiled by seven separate U.N....
  • 20 Richest Countries Account for Over Half of All "Modern Slavery"

    Source: U.S. News and World ReportThe world's 20 richest countries are fueling forced labor and account for over half the estimated 50 million people living in "modern slavery," according to a report released Wednesday by the Walk Free Foundation. The rights group said six members of the G20 nations have the largest number of people in modern slavery—either in forced labor or forced marriage. India tops the list with 11 million, followed by China, Russia, Indonesia, Turkey,...
  • Mountain biking is a risky sport, but it helped me cope with my brain tumour diagnosis | Tracey Croke

    Mountain biking is a risky sport, but it helped me cope with my brain tumour diagnosis | Tracey Croke
    Hurtling down trails on two wheels might not be the most obvious way to cope with a life-changing news, but for Tracey Croke it helped her find inner peaceIt wasn’t the news my doctor expected from the scan. I could tell by the look on his face. Most partial hearing loss episodes are caused by infections. I was that rare, one-in-whatever-thousand case where they’d discovered a squatter – which I now call “the thing” – was hanging out in my head.“It&rsquo
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  • How the perils of mountain biking helped me cope with my brain tumour diagnosis | Tracey Croke

    How the perils of mountain biking helped me cope with my brain tumour diagnosis | Tracey Croke
    Hurtling down trails on two wheels might not be the most obvious way to cope with a life-changing news but for Tracey Croke it helped her find inner peaceIt wasn’t the news my doctor expected from the scan. I could tell by the look on his face. Most partial hearing loss episodes are caused by infections. I was that rare, one-in-whatever-thousand case in which they’d discovered a squatter – which I now call “the thing” – was hanging out in my head.“It&rsq
  • Video Game Industry Slowly Wakes Up to Climate Change

    Source: Google News - HealthBy conservative estimates, the $184 billion video game industry consumes a similar amount of energy and produces a comparable amount of emissions as the global film industry — or that of the European country of Slovenia, says Australian academic-turned-consultant Ben Abraham. Abraham's 2020 book, Digital Games After Climate Change, is one of the handful of thorough investigations of how the video game industry's emissions impact the planet.
  • U.S. Surgeon General Offers Tips for Families on Social Media Use

    Source: U.S. News and World ReportThe U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy, is calling for "immediate action" by tech companies and lawmakers to protect the mental health of young people on social media. But after years of insufficient action by both social media platforms and policymakers, parents and young people still bear most of the burden in navigating addictive apps and inappropriate content. So, what can families do now? The Surgeon General has some tips.
  • Hiroshima's Tragic Legacy Highlights Danger of No-Limits Technology

    Source: Canadian Broadcasting Company - World NewsWhen you stand in its skeletal shadow, it is hard not to be moved by the silence and utter serenity of the Genbaku Dome. Originally built as an industrial product exhibition hall near the beginning of the last century, it was one of the only buildings in Hiroshima to partially survive the world's first atomic bombing. The decision to keep it as a memorial has turned the dome into a potent anti-war symbol and a forceful plea for denuclearization.
  • French Open to Provide Anti-Hate Social Media AI for Tennis Players

    Source: United Press International - Health NewsTennis stars will be provided with artificial intelligence software that can filter out racist and homophobic comments on social media throughout the French Open, tournament officials said Monday. The French Tennis Federation will make Bodyguard.ai available to all players and will use the AI to get daily reports detailing messages, alerts of potential attacks, and the "identities of the culprits in the event of legal action," the Federation...
  • Eating Disorders Are Widespread in U.S., But Help Is Out There

    Source: U.S. News and World ReportAbout 1 in 10 Americans – or approximately 29 million people – will have an eating disorder at some point in life. These conditions are serious and complex, impacting people's everyday well-being and overall health. They can also fuel loneliness and isolation among those suffering. Fortunately, eating disorders are far better understood than they used to be, and effective treatments are widely available.
  • Why a Cardiac Crisis Can Also Be a Mental Health Issue

    Source: U.S. News and World ReportThe physical needs of someone recovering from a heart attack, cardiac arrest, or major heart surgery can be easy to understand. For many people, the mental and emotional healing may be less so. Issues such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress regularly affect not just patients but their loved ones, experts say, and have a direct influence on healing.
  • Double Amputee Everest Climber Vows to Work for Those with Disabilities

    Source: ABC News - HealthThe first double above-the-knee amputee to climb Mount Everest returned from the mountain on Tuesday pledging to dedicate the rest of his life to helping people with disabilities. Hari Budha Magar, a former Gurkha soldier who lives in Britain, reached the peak of the world's highest mountain last week. "My main aim for the rest of my lifetime is going to be working to bring awareness about disability," Magar said on his return to Kathmandu,...
  • The big idea: why you should embrace your inner fan

    The big idea: why you should embrace your inner fan
    Far from being the preserve of weirdos, fandoms offer a model of community and wellbeingOf the many films that dramatise the deranged behaviour of celebrity fans, one of the most popular is Der Fan, a German production from 1982 about a teenage girl obsessed with a pop singer. It begins predictably enough – she writes him dozens of letters – but the ending is a little less orthodox. When he doesn’t reply she intercepts him outside one of his gigs, hangs out in his dressing room
  • ‘Dealing with kidnappers is easy!’ A hostage negotiator reveals the secrets that can transform your life

    ‘Dealing with kidnappers is easy!’ A hostage negotiator reveals the secrets that can transform your life
    After years in the police, Scott Walker became a ‘response consultant’, handling everything from abductions to piracy and cyber-attacks. The skills he used can help you get a pay rise, lower your rent, defuse a family crisis … Somewhere in Europe, a man is taken at gunpoint from his BMW. He is a successful businessman, worth an estimated €200m; from the burnt-out wreckage of his car, it’s clear this is a professional operation.In London, 48 hours later, Scott Walker
  • NAACP Issues Travel Advisory for Florida

    Source: CBS News - U.S. NewsThe NAACP issued a travel advisory for Florida on Saturday in response to what it described as Governor Ron DeSantis' "attempts to erase Black history and to restrict diversity." Other Florida travel advisories have been issued by the League of United Latin American Citizens and LGBTQ advocacy group Equality Florida. "Under the leadership of Governor DeSantis, the state of Florida has become hostile to Black Americans," NAACP President Derrick...
  • Climate Change Adaption: Heat Insurance Offers Lifeline to Laborers

    Source: U.S. News and World ReportThousands of workers who have experienced temperatures of 115F or more in Gujarat, India, have enrolled in one of the world's first insurance schemes for extreme heat, launched this month as a response to climate change. If temperatures climb high enough above historical averages and linger there for three days, workers will automatically receive a small payout to compensate lost income. Payments can also be set to things like wind speeds or...
  • ChatGPT Makes Its Debut As a Smartphone App on iPhones

    Source: U.S. News and World ReportChatGPT is now a free smartphone app for iPhones and iPads in the U.S., and it will soon be coming to Android devices and other countries as well. Unlike the desktop web version, the mobile version on Apple's iOS operating system also enables users to speak to it using their voice. The new app will compete for attention with Microsoft's Bing chatbot already available on iPhones, and it could eventually compete with Google's chatbot, known as...
  • Starbucks: What a Coffee Ad Reveals About Transphobia in India

    Source: BBC News - AsiaA recent Starbucks ad in India about parents rekindling ties with their adult daughter—a transgender woman—has touched a chord with many. In the ad, the couple meet their daughter in a coffee shop after being estranged from her for years and the father shows his acceptance of her decision to transition by addressing her by her chosen name, Arpita, instead of Arpit. The ad was released earlier this month with the hashtag "It Starts With Your...
  • FBI Misused Surveillance Authority to Monitor Black Lives Matter Protesters

    Source: Google News - HealthThe FBI used a controversial foreign surveillance authority in 2020 to investigate whether protesters involved in the Black Lives Matter movement had ties to terrorists, according to two reports declassified Friday. The revelation that the FBI used these authorities comes amid a tough debate on Capitol Hill on whether to reauthorize the surveillance tool—Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act—before it expires at the end of...
  • Shrinking Lakes Set the Stage for Water Competition

    Source: ABC News - Science and TechnologyClimate change's hotter temperatures and society's diversion of water have been shrinking the world's lakes by trillions of gallons of water a year since the early 1990s, according to according to a study in Thursday's issue of the journal Science. Nearly 2,000 of the world's largest lakes have lost about 5.7 trillion gallons a year—roughly equal to how much water the United States used in 2015—setting the stage for competition over access...
  • A Chelsea garden for our darkest days

    A Chelsea garden for our darkest days
    Darren Hawkes, garden designer and Samaritans helpline volunteer, has created a space full of empathy at the Chelsea Flower ShowDarren Hawkes knows exactly why he wanted to create a garden for Chelsea Flower Show that acknowledges life is full of fear and pain and loneliness: “When we are in despair, what’s common is, we all feel alone. We feel as if that despair is not a shared experience – it’s a personal one. And so, by putting the experience into three dimensions in a
  • Is The Creator the first (or last) in a new wave of sci-fi movies about AI?

    Is The Creator the first (or last) in a new wave of sci-fi movies about AI?
    The trailer for Gareth Edwards’ new film shows humanity being outsmarted by AI – and is released just as our overlords-to-be are rearing their terrifying heads It’s been a while since we had a truly great movie about devious, dystopian AIs priming themselves to take over the world, in which the key choices made by mere humans will decide whether we end up as just an organic footnote in histories written by our machine conquerors. Alex Garland’s Ex-Machina (2014) springs t
  • Every anxiety dream I’ve ever had – ranked! | Alice Tovey

    Every anxiety dream I’ve ever had – ranked! | Alice Tovey
    From self-cannibalism to spilling tomato sauce down my wedding dress, my nightmares are trying to keep me realJust what is the function of a recurring nightmare? Why am I forever doomed to be nude in different workplaces? Are these fantasies constructed to rehearse for the play of your life? Or are they, as I suspect, a way for your brain to chop down the tall poppy of your psyche?Maybe my brain worms are just trying to get me to keep it real. Continue reading...
  • Mexico Issues First Gender Non-Binary Passport

    Source: CBS News - World NewsMexico issued its first non-binary passport Wednesday in honor of International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, which takes place annually on May 17. The passport was issued in a municipality north of Mexico City. Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard called the occasion "a great leap for the freedom and dignity of people." More than a dozen countries allow for non-binary documents at the national level, including the United States.
  • Penguin Random House Sues Florida School District Over Book Bans

    Source: CBS News - U.S. NewsA Florida county school district is allegedly violating the First Amendment by its removal of books discussing race, racism, and LGBTQ+ identities, according to a federal lawsuit filed Wednesday by Penguin Random House and others. The lawsuit claims that the school district ordered the removal of books against the advice of its own experts, with the banned books including "The Bluest Eye" by Toni Morrison, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature...
  • AI Threatens Humanity's Future, 61% of Americans Say in Poll

    Source: U.S. News and World ReportThe swift growth of artificial intelligence technology could put the future of humanity at risk, according to most Americans surveyed in a recent poll. More than two-thirds of Americans are concerned about the negative effects of AI, and 61% believe it could threaten civilization. Lawmakers and AI companies are also concerned: Sam Altman, CEO of Open AI—creator of ChatGPT—testified before U.S. Congress Tuesday, voicing concerns and asking...
  • Sting Warns Against AI Songs As He Wins Prestigious Music Prize

    Source: BBC News - UK NewsSting says musicians face "a battle" to defend their work against the rise of songs written by artificial intelligence. "The building blocks of music belong to us, to human beings," he told the BBC. "That's going to be a battle we all have to fight in the next couple of years: Defending our human capital against AI." His comments come after a number of songs have used artificial intelligence to "clone" famous artists' vocals.
  • Desantis Signs Bill Banning Gender-Affirming Care for Minors

    Source: CBS News - U.S. NewsFlorida Governor Ron DeSantis signed several anti-transgender bills Wednesday which ban gender-affirming care for minors, ban children from attending drag shows, and target how students learn about and engage with the LGBTQ+ community. Senate Bill 254 outlaws gender transition surgeries and medication, such as puberty blockers, for minors. It also makes it a first-degree misdemeanor for physicians and health care workers to provide...
  • They moved to a Buddhist retreat in rural America. Have they found happiness?

    They moved to a Buddhist retreat in rural America. Have they found happiness?
    Nestled in Arkansas, the Buddhist center is remote and summers are sweltering. I spent a week shadowing practitioners to learn whether it changed them in the ways they had hopedAni Wangmo and I are being tailgated. We’re in a white pickup truck, and the man behind us is driving a mid-size silver Pontiac. There’s real risk: deer and armadillo are splattered all over the narrow, cliffside Ozark road. If we need to stop suddenly, there’s nowhere for the Pontiac to swerve. The car
  • The splat is out of the bag: a first-ever look at the making of the Rorschach test

    The splat is out of the bag: a first-ever look at the making of the Rorschach test
    The ink blots have been used as a diagnostic tool for 100 years, but the making of new ones, every five years, has been a closely guarded secret – until nowFor images that have been reproduced for more than a century and looked at, quite intently, by millions of people, there is a great deal of secrecy surrounding the Rorschach ink blots. These famous cards – both intensely guarded and instantly recognisable – continue to be used for psychological diagnosis around the world. Ne
  • Study Highlights Racial Disparity in Health and Life Expectancy

    Source: United Press International - Health NewsOver the past two decades, premature deaths have cost Black Americans over 80 million more lost years of life, compared with White Americans, a new study finds. The study is the latest to highlight the nation's longstanding racial disparities in health and life expectancy. Between 1999 and 2020, according to the report, Black Americans suffered more than 1.6 million excess deaths, relative to their White counterparts.
  • Marijuana Harms Babies in First Trimester of Pregnancy, Study Finds

    Source: CNN - HealthIf you are pregnant and use any form of cannabis product, consider stopping. That's the takeaway from a new study that found a significant health impact of marijuana use on fetal development as early as the beginning of pregnancy. "That's why these findings are especially important — people can often be well into the first trimester and don't even know they are pregnant," said lead author and professor of psychology Beth Bailey.
  • Beijing LGBT Center Shuttered As Crackdown Grows in China

    Source: U.S. News and World ReportAn advocacy group that also served as a safe space for the LGBTQ community in Beijing became the latest group to close under a crackdown by Chinese leader Xi Jinping's government. "We very regretfully announce, due to forces beyond our control, the Beijing LGBT Center will stop operating today," read a notice posted on the center's WeChat account Monday. The group's shuttering marks a critical blow for activists who were previously able to work...
  • Over 40% of Italy's LGBT+ Workers Say Careers Hit by Discrimination

    Source: U.S. News and World ReportFour out of 10 LGBT+ people in Italy believe discrimination has damaged them at work, according to a government survey. Among those surveyed, 41.4% said that being homosexual or bisexual had been a disadvantage for their career, professional recognition, or salary. More than six out of 10 preferred not to speak about their private life at work in order to avoid revealing their sexual orientation, the survey showed.
  • Online Depression Therapy Given Go-Ahead in England

    Source: BBC News - UK NewsOne out of six people in England report experiencing a common mental-health problem such as anxiety and depression in any given week. In response, nine online talking-therapy treatments for anxiety or depression have received approval to be used by the National Health Service. There is currently huge demand for face-to-face services, with people waiting several weeks to see a therapist, so online treatment offers a faster way to receive help.
  • Pacific Islanders Urge World to Put Aside Differences and Protect Climate

    Source: U.S. News and World ReportPacific Island leaders criticized rich countries on Monday for not doing enough to control climate change despite being responsible for much of the problem, and for making money off of loans provided to vulnerable nations to mitigate the effects. Leaders and representatives from Pacific Island nations demanded at a U.N. climate change conference in Bangkok that the world make more effort to put aside differences in combating climate impacts.
  • Invitation to the 8th IPPA World Congress!

    Invitation to the 8th IPPA World Congress!
    By Andrew Soren -
    Dear PPND reader, I’m reaching out to you today as one of the co-chairs to invite you to join us for the upcoming 8th World Congress on Positive Psychology. For those who already know about IPPA World Congresses, here are the details.Details: check out the International Positive Psychology Association World Congress site
    Place: Vancouver Canada
    Dates: July 20-23, 2023Accommodations
    Register hereIf you’ve read this far, I know you care about the science and prac
  • AI Presents Political Peril for 2024 With Threat to Mislead Voters

    Source: ABC News - US NewsComputer engineers and tech-inclined political scientists have warned for years that cheap, powerful artificial intelligence tools would soon allow anyone to create fake images, video, and audio that was realistic enough to fool voters and perhaps sway an election. Yet the fabricated images that emerged were often crude and costly to produce, especially when other forms of misinformation were cheaper and easier to spread on social media. No more.
  • Maternal Mental Health Hotline Got 12,000 Calls and Texts in First Year

    Source: Google News - HealthA mental health hotline for new and expectant parents received more than 12,000 calls and texts in its first year, with a surge in January after Massachusetts mother Lindsay Clancy allegedly killed her children. The federally funded National Maternal Mental Health Hotline launched last Mother's Day and has averaged about 1,000 interactions per month, providing 24/7 support before, during, and after pregnancy.
  • Biden Calls White Supremacy "Most Dangerous Terrorist Threat" in U.S.

    Source: Google News - HealthPresident Joe Biden denounced white supremacy as the "most dangerous terrorist threat" to the nation in his commencement address to Howard University's graduating class Saturday. Addressing the graduates, Biden depicted the U.S. as a nation roiled by internal conflict, and he invoked the battle cry that he used to galvanize voters in the 2020 election cycle, calling on his audience to "fight for the soul of the nation."
  • Anti-Transgender Bills in Republican-Led States Divides U.S. Faith Leaders

    Source: PBS HealthAs Republican-governed states across the nation advance myriad bills targeting transgender young people, America's faith leaders are starkly divided in their assessment. Some view the legislation as reflecting God's will and have called gender transition "contrary to God's design" and an attempt to "undermine the very order of creation." Others voice outrage that Christianity is being invoked to justify laws they view as cruel and hateful.
  • So pleased to meet you: why it’s never too late to make close friends

    So pleased to meet you: why it’s never too late to make close friends
    She’s 10 years younger than me and lives on the other side of the world – but we forged the friendship of a lifetimeThere’s an assumption in life that by the time you’ve reached your more seasoned years, you’ve made all the close friends you need. Surely you’ve accumulated enough through school, university and work. But I’ve learned that close friends can be made at any age. In my case, one of my most meaningful, profound friendships was formed when I wa
  • U.S. Youth Mental Health Crisis May Be Easing, ER Data Suggest

    Source: CBS News - HealthAmerica's youth mental health crisis shows signs of improvement, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Thursday, based on slowdowns in emergency room visits compared to the year prior. Compared to a pre-pandemic "baseline" in the fall of 2019, however, the CDC's report also suggests that average weekly emergency room visits remain as high or worse than they were for suicide and drug overdoses.
  • Russia Fines Google Over "LGBT Propaganda" and "False Information"

    Source: U.S. News and World ReportA Russian court fined Google 3 million roubles ($38,600) on Thursday for failing to delete YouTube videos it said promoted "LGBT propaganda" and "false information" about Russia's military campaign in Ukraine. Over the last year Moscow has levied dozens of fines against Western tech companies in an effort to control what Russian internet users see online. Russia's definition of "LGBT propaganda" has been heavily criticized by human rights groups.
  • Internally Displaced People at Record High Due to War, Climate Change

    Source: U.S. News and World ReportThe number of internally displaced people (IDPs) reached a record 71.1 million worldwide last year due to conflicts such as the war in Ukraine and climate calamities like the monsoon floods in Pakistan, according to data published on Thursday. The Geneva-based Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre said that figure represented a 20% increase since 2021, with an unprecedented number of people fleeing in search of safety and shelter.
  • I took anger management classes. Here’s what they get wrong about the world

    I took anger management classes. Here’s what they get wrong about the world
    The course focuses on taming a ubiquitous emotion. But what about addressing its root causes?There are six rules of anger management, says my anger workbook. The first rule: “STOP, think, take a look at the BIG picture.” Then, because why use lower-case when you’ve got capitals: “ANGER MANAGEMENT IS A THINKING PERSON’S GAME!”But thinking, it turns out soon into the course, is discouraged. “I’m not here to psychoanalyze you,” says our group le

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