• BrandPost: Taking Data Centricity from Lofty Concept to Notable Achievement

    From the time data was first proclaimed as “the new oil,” most enterprises have come to consider data as a strategic asset and the means for deriving meaningful insights.  However, unlike oil, the path to profits from data is not always clear. Building a data-centric enterprise provides many opportunities to overcome organizational inertia and realize success with data.“Data centricity” refers to the thought process and culture of building infrastructure, applicatio
  • BrandPost: 4 Steps to Data Modernization that Drives Intelligent Business

    As companies transform large portions of their business, they are prioritizing data modernization as a key step to drive intelligence and agility into operations and decision making.A new IDG/Cognizant Explorer survey found data modernization and intelligence to be an important driver of cloud adoption. Data modernization and intelligence was the second-ranked priority for cloud migration efforts, trailing only experience transformation.Data modernization is a central pillar of digital transfor
  • BrandPost: Why Real-Time Matters to Brands

    Customer attention is a fleeting moment in time. As a brand you have seconds to capitalize on that moment, to engage them and spark an action.  Otherwise, they move on, shopping carts become abandoned, sales are lost, and rival brands become winners. Failure to respond to customer needs in the moment with a relevant message is often the difference between a profitable quarter and a down year.Getting it right means responding to each unique customer in real-time, with offers, promotions, or
  • BrandPost: How Nokia Transformed IT as a Trusted Business Partner

    For any CIO, IT is an integral part of business success. To gather expert perspective on IT and digital transformation, we sat down with Ursula Soritsch-Renier, Nokia CIO and keynote speaker for Dreamforce 2019’s Customer Success Keynote: Your Path to Succeeding with Salesforce. We asked how CIOs can lead transformation, and why human-first IT is so critical in today’s digital world.Q. Why is it important for IT to be a trusted business partner?IT has never been just about technolog
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  • IDG Contributor Network: Application proliferation – the lurking crisis

    Historical wars regarding the comparative benefits of monolithic business application suites versus best-of-breed applications are over. Best-of-breed won. Nowadays there’s a specialized application for almost everything. Barriers to acquisition have waned (or disappeared altogether) and functional teams outside IT routinely purchase applications with little or no IT support, frequently without IT’s knowledge.Most companies employ 10-12 large application platforms to manage their fi
  • 7 factors women look for in an IT employer — and how to address them

    Women comprise 47 percent of the overall workforce in the U.S., but only 25 percent of the IT workforce, down considerably from a 1990 peak of 34 percent. While several factors have contributed to this decline, companies have considerable control over at least one: the workplace environment.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • 10 reasons IT leaders fail at innovation

    Innovation is an important driver of growth, and many technology leaders aspire to build capabilities that can deliver sustained innovation. But they have a steep hill to climb: A quarter of CIOs who participated in Deloitte’s most recent global CIO survey say their innovation capabilities are nonexistent. Only 11 percent assessed their current innovation capabilities as excellent or leading.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • BrandPost: Adobe Experience Platform Helps Brands Deliver a Consistent Real-Time Customer Experience

    The goal for today’s brands is clear: Enhance the customer experience with greater personalization, applied consistently and across touchpoints. While this seems like a relatively simple objective, delivering it has been difficult up to this point. Now, though, Adobe is bringing new capabilities and functionality to Adobe Experience Platform, enabling truly game-changing customer experiences that give brands a competitive advantage.
    “Customer experience is the new battleground for b
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  • BrandPost: Conquering a Universe of Data with High Performance Computing

    Durham University is a globally outstanding center of teaching and research excellence, specializing in the fields of astrophysics and particle physics. The university’s Institute for Computational Cosmology (ICC) is made of cosmologists working to understand big questions about the universe.Big universe = big data
    As you can imagine, running large-scale simulations of the universe means working with very large data sets. That is why these distinguished researchers rely on high performanc
  • The 22 best project management tools for business

    Top-level project managers are in high demand, thanks to the high-level leadership, knowledge, and capabilities they bring to business projects. But having the right set of tools is also essential to project management success.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • Microsoft shows off hybrid cloud management and cloud analytics tools at Ignite

    Microsoft’s Ignite event traditionally attracts more from the developer ranks, but the technologies on display are increasingly of relevance to CIOs developing cloud strategies today.At Ignite 2019 in Orlando last week, Microsoft unveiled a new approach to analytics and data warehousing, Azure Synapse Analytics, and a new way to run Azure data services in anyone’s cloud, Azure Arc. It also talked up a new quantum-computing-as-a-service offering, and showcased some AI technologies th
  • IT-business alignment in the digital age

    Three years ago, Bill Martin stepped into the CIO role at AEG Worldwide, a sports and live entertainment company, inheriting what he saw as an outdated IT model that lacked alignment with AEG’s vision. After consulting with senior leadership about its business needs, Martin received approval for a new, multiyear IT strategy featuring a revamped IT model that directly supports AEG’s essential IT and business functions.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • BrandPost: Evaluating RPA Tools? 32 Questions IT Leaders Should Ask

    Let’s start off with the bad news. Nearly half (40%) of RPA implementations never advance beyond the pilot phase. When they do, 87% are thwarted by bot failure, 50% say that bots are harder to deploy than expected, and only 39% of planned bots get deployed on time.The good news? It doesn’t have to be this way.Many organizations have found much smoother paths to RPA success. For them, RPA is already delivering impressive results that increase customer satisfaction while improving the
  • Welcome to Insider Pro

    For more than 50 years, IDG has earned the trust of its readers with authoritative coverage of the technology industry. Insider Pro is the natural evolution of the insightful coverage our publications have produced for decades.
  • Truebill can help you manage your finances—and it’s free to download

    Learning how to manage your money correctly is a necessary step towards financial freedom. However, we always seem to forget about online subscription services that go unused. Perhaps you haven’t watched Netflix or forgot to cancel a one-month free trial; if you have these services set to autopay, you’ll end up wasting money on them each month. Let’s be honest, though. Who has the time to hunt down every payment or fee that gets charged to them monthly? This is hassle eno
  • Get 70% off NordVPN Virtual Private Network Service + 3 months free - Deal Alert

    Safeguard yourself against snoops, and access blocked content with this no-log VPN service. NordVPN has discounted their popular VPN software 70%, with 3 extra months on top. Use our link and see the discount applied when you click "buy now".
  • BrandPost: Advancing Sustainability with High Performance Computing

    Our planet is already being rocked by the effects of climate change. Extreme weather, natural disasters, animal extinctions and human migration are all examples of the far-reaching impact we are beginning to see. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.At Dell Technologies, we’re committed to driving human progress, creating a positive, lasting impact on humankind and the planet. We have a responsibility to protect and enrich our planet together with our customers, suppliers and communiti
  • Peer product reviews: IT pros evaluate 7 enterprises offerings

    These reports offer objective and relevant user-contributed information to help IT decision-makers navigate the tech purchase process.
  • IDG Contributor Network: Creating a learning organization

    A few weeks ago, I asked the participants in the weekly #CIOChat about innovation. In the middle of the discussion we had a brief tangent about learning organizations. Given that, I wanted to tap into the #CIOChat’s wisdom next on learning organizations. As you will see, learning is intimately linked to an innovation. For this reason, CIOs and other business leaders need to establish organizations that learn.What's the value of creating a learning organization?
    A learning organization con
  • IT’s new ROI: Return on innovation

    After years of leading Colliers International through its digital transformation and dealing with the pressure to create new business solutions quickly, CIO Mihai Strusievici has come to a troubling conclusion: “We can create applications very fast, but our business partners may have expectations that if you do it fast, that you also got it right on the first attempt,” Strusievici says. “Iteration is harder to accept than one would believe.”To read this article in full, p
  • A ‘first 100-days’ plan for the new CIO

    When SAIC, the large government technology services provider, acquired Engility, a smaller engineering services firm, Engility CIO Nathan Rogers became CIO of SAIC.While SAIC’s retiring CIO, Bob Fecteau, had built a high performing team, Rogers still faced the huge challenge of integrating two large companies in a short timeframe. “We had to get people on the same systems quickly,” Rogers says. “You cannot move on from an ‘us and them’ culture when you are ru
  • BrandPost: RPA: Are We Making the Same Mistakes All Over Again?

    RPA might be taking the enterprise software world by storm lately, but it’s certainly not new. Yes, it’s fun to envision how RPA can change the world by deploying armies of cute little robots that perform the work everyone hates. And any market move related to RPA is likely to earn the media attention once reserved for fallen darlings like Bitcoin, Big Data, and IoT.Yet, RPA is hardly a new technology. Its roots actually lie in something at the far other end of the “cool techn
  • IDG Contributor Network: Who’s in charge of upskilling tech talent? You are. Here are 5 ways to get started

    For many businesses, the art of grooming skilled employees for long-term careers in-house has been lost. This is an especially acute deficiency when it comes to technology skills and roles. Professor Peter Cappelli, who is the Director of the Wharton School’s Center for Human Resources, explained in a recent Harvard Business Review article that one-third or less of employers today fill their vacancies by promoting or laterally moving internal staff into new openings. Compare that to the &
  • IDG Contributor Network: 3 practices Industrial IoT can learn from digital health and the Internet of Medical Things

    I have been fortunate in my career as a technologist and product developer to have spent most of my years working across markets, e.g. aerospace, industrial automation, controls, medical/healthcare and consumer. One of the advantages of working horizontally is that I get the chance to learn how designers, developers and product managers leverage technology and design their businesses in different ways.I was reminded of this again a couple of weeks ago when I spoke at the 2019 MedFuse conference
  • IDG Contributor Network: Designing an artificial intelligence center of excellence for disciplined transformation

    Are you optimistic about the transformational business outcomes that artificial intelligence (AI) can affect? Do you envision your organization moving from the basics of assisted intelligence with data-driven decisions into the next generation of augmented intelligence, where your organization designs machines to enhance human intelligence and interactions? It’s all possible. But it’s not possible without people. People drive culture.Set the vision. Enable cross-functional collabora
  • BrandPost: The Beauty of Business and IT Alignment: Q&A with Ekta Chopra

    We sat down with e.l.f. Cosmetics Head of Digital and Keynote Speaker for Dreamforce 2019’s Customer Success Keynote: Your Path to Succeeding with Salesforce, Ekta Chopra, to get her take on how business and IT leaders can work together to find alignment.Technology is changing the way we live our lives, including how we do business. As the technology capabilities for business evolve, how can tech leaders reevaluate their roles in enabling business goals? We sat down with e.l.f. Cosme
  • BrandPost: ‘Viking’ Cluster Breaks Through Barriers to Conquer Pressing Global Research Challenges

    The University of York is known as a dynamic, research-intensive university committed to the development of life-saving discoveries and new technologies to address pressing global challenges. A member of the elite Russell Group of institutions, the U.K. institution is home to nearly 16,000 students and more than 30 academic departments and research centers.To support its highly regarded research program, the University of York provides its faculty and students with access to leading-edge high p
  • IDG Contributor Network: Why are most organizations late to change?

    Step into a taxi in cities across the United States and you will likely have the option to use a payment app.What took them so long? It’s not as if the technology wasn’t available before Uber and Lyft decimated the industry.A company called Taxi Magic, which was relaunched as Curb, introduced a ride hailing platform for the taxi industry in 2008, one year before Uber was founded. Likewise, Zimride, which later transformed into Lyft, began operating as a ride
  • Chipotle doubles digital sales with loyalty program

    Once a novelty, a strong digital presence has become table stakes for helping companies satisfy customers. There's no better example of this phenomenon than Chipotle Mexican Grill, whose revamped mobile application and loyalty program have helped the company nearly double digital sales in recent quarters.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • Chipotle doubles digital sales with loyalty app

    Once a novelty, a strong digital presence has become table stakes for helping companies satisfy customers. There's no better example of this phenomenon than Chipotle Mexican Grill, whose revamped mobile application and loyalty program have helped the company nearly double digital sales in recent quarters.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • 7 ways to spot and help overwhelmed IT staffers

    The warning light is flashing brightly and rapidly. A team member who has always completed tasks flawlessly and on time is now consistently falling behind on work. Even more troubling is the fact that the staffer appears to be oblivious to the problem.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • C-suite executives explain why virtual reality is a boon for business

    Virtual reality may be great for gamers and others looking to “escape” the real world, but the technology is also helping real-world businesses improve their bottom line.
  • Downloads: 10 tech resume templates

    Getting your resume 'just right' in order to attract recruiters, HR pros and hiring managers is as daunting as it is critical. To jump start the process, Insider Prohas assembled this collection of real resumes revamped by professional resume writers.
  • The chief data officer: The CIO’s newest ally

    Jim Tyo, chief data officer at Nationwide Insurance, has a crystal-clear vision of his role: to help the company optimize the use of its data.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • 16 organizations for women in tech

    Despite national conversations about a lack of women in tech, women remain largely underrepresented in STEM roles, according to a study by the National Science Foundation. And the pipeline doesn’t suggest a near-term correction, as only 19 percent of computer science degrees were awarded to women in 2016, down from 27 percent in 1997. Women also typically make less than their male counterparts in science, engineering, mathematics, and computer science occupations — with an average m
  • IDG Contributor Network: Rethinking government use of commercial exploit tools after WhatsApp spying

    Earlier this year, Facebook released an emergency patch after it discovered a software vulnerability in the voice over IP (VoIP) code used in WhatsApp that allowed attackers to remotely install malware on a user’s device by simply placing a call to their phone—the user would not even need to answer. The seriousness of this vulnerability became even more apparent a week ago after Facebook filed a lawsuit against NSO Group, an Israeli cyber security company, alleging that the company
  • This 11-course Microsoft & Oracle SQL certification prep bundle is only $39 today

    If you’re interested in a career in data administration, you’re in luck! Nowadays, companies handle larger data sets than ever before, so the need for data experts is higher than ever. Whether you’re new to the field or you want to brush up on your database management skills, this $39 bundle is for you. The Complete Microsoft & Oracle SQL Certification Bundle features 11 courses on how to become a skilled database administrator. One of the most popular relational
  • IDG Contributor Network: Interim AI report offers mix of ambitious and practical recommendations

    The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence released an interim report on November 4, 2019. The report offers a blend of deservedly bold recommendations coupled with actions that lie within the power of the Executive without all of them involving major funding.The recommendations involve investments in AI R&D; applying AI to national security missions; training and recruiting AI talent; protecting and building upon US technology advantages; and, marshaling global AI cooperat
  • BrandPost: AI: A Peek Behind the Curtain of Innovation

    At first look, it may not be obvious that Dell Technologies is using AI to pioneer new ways to support our customers. From cutting edge Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI to software platforms like World Wide Herd for federating learning in genome research, Dell Technologies is silently building the foundational underpinnings that businesses around the globe will need to become successful in this new age. Within the walls of Dell Technologies, advanced engineering teams are filing patents and blaz
  • IDG Contributor Network: 5 steps to develop a true leadership superpower

    Yes, that’s right, a leadership superpower. That superpower is being a good listener. In fact, the bar for listening skills is so low that you only need to be a good listener to stand out! Being an excellent listener is, of course, even better. A lot of leadership is action-oriented, creating a vision, exerting influence, inspiring others and achieving results. All of these and more are the benefits of being a better listener. IT executives can learn to be better listeners and therefore b
  • 4 promising AR/VR pilots in business

    Hands-free, heads-up computing is making inroads across a range of industries, thanks to the emergence of extended reality (XR) — the catch-all technology category that comprises augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR). Companies are embracing XR for a variety of business purposes, from maintaining and repairing jetliners, to optimizing factory operations and training employees via remote assistance.To read this article in full, please click here(Insid
  • Episode 25: Vipin Gupta, CIO, Toyota Financial Services

    Join host Maryfran Johnson and her guest Vipin Gupta, CIO at Toyota Financial Services for a discussion about IT’s role in a digital strategy and much more, on CIO Leadership Live.
    To read this article in full, please click here
  • 23 LinkedIn tips for job seekers

    What’s the the best time to post on LinkedIn for maximum visibility? Should you hire a professional photographer to take your LinkedIn profile pic?LinkedIn experts share their secrets for job hunting success.
  • IDG Contributor Network: 5 ways cybersecurity awareness trainings can strengthen your organization

    According to an InfoScales report, 95% of successful cyberattacks have human error as the leading cause – most notably company employees falling for phishing scams. This is an important observation as cybersecurity efforts often intuitively focus largely on strengthening the technical controls in an organization to prevent data leakage, willful exfiltration and systems intrusion, for example.The fact that human error, rather social engineering, is a major component leveraged by attackers
  • BrandPost: Protecting Lives and Property with Increasingly Powerful HPC Systems

    The High Performance Computing Collaboratory (HPC²) at Mississippi State University (MSU) is a coalition of member institutes and centers that share the common objective of using HPC to advance excellence in computational science and engineering. In fact, MSU is a recognized leader in high performance computing (HPC), having had a supercomputer listed on 27 of the last 48 TOP500 lists.The supercomputing center at MSU has been behind critical projects, such as safeguarding the John Glenn Sp
  • This $387 Azure certification prep bundle is currently on sale for $29

    Modern tech companies require more computing power than ever before, so many of them are turning to cloud services like Microsoft Azure to meet their needs. As such, becoming cloud-certified is a necessity if you want to pursue today’s highest-paying IT jobs. With this 4-course bundle, you can become an Azure master for just $29. To read this article in full, please click here
  • IDG Contributor Network: Why corporate boards put their digital transformation at risk

    Security breaches always seem to be in the news, but only a handful of organizations are protecting themselves against these threats by actively reducing their cyber-risk exposure. Research by the Ponemon Institute revealed that 63 percent of CISOs don’t regularly report to their organization’s board of directors, and 40 percent don’t report to the boardroom at all. Most enterprises still take a reactive approach to cyber-security—that is, they deal with incidents only a
  • Tips and tools for effective customer journey mapping

    Understanding customer priorities isn’t new. But customer experience is increasingly seen as a key business opportunity, beating data-driven marketing and social engagement in Adobe’s latest Digital Trends report.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • Sponsorship vs. mentorship: Which is best for your career?

    Both mentorship and sponsorship are increasingly critical for success in a competitive IT talent market, especially for women and other underrepresented minorities in technology. But there are crucial differences between the two, the biggest of which lies in access to power and visibility within an organization: Almost anyone can be a mentor, but only those with access to positions of power and leadership, and the ability to improve the visibility of those they sponsor, can serve as sponsors.To
  • BrandPost: Putting HPC to Work and Solving Hard Problems at Texas Tech

    Robust research programs now require robust high performance computing (HPC) environments. When an organization is running applications that span the domains of weather forecasting, engineering, chemistry, biology, and more, it needs HPC systems to churn through massive amounts of data to answer hard questions, gain new insights and make groundbreaking discoveries.That’s the way it is at Texas Tech University (TTU), which works actively to provide its faculty and students with access to t

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