• Deadmau5’s “SATRN” Is Finally Out Tomorrow, November 15

    It’s been just about nine months since we last got some original deadmau5 material. He released four new originals in February on the latest mau5ville compilation, including a new track with SHOTTY HORROH, “Are You Not Afraid.” Now, he’s gearing up to release one of his most sought after tracks, “SATRN.”
    Deadmau5 shared a teaser for the track, essentially a glistening, ambient collection of synths and melodies. It’s intensely beautiful and just the
  • RL Grime’s Seminal “Core” Gets The Perfect DnB Remix From Flite

    RL Grime’s “Core” is over five years old now and is still one of the best trap tunes ever released. But what if it wasn’t trap? What if instead it was produced as drum n bass? Flite answers that question masterfully with a new remix.
    Part of the beauty of “Core” is in the malleability of its parts. Of course the sum is a treat in its own right, but between the vocal sample, the synth melody, and the bass, each part can easily be taken and re-tooled — it
  • Rising Producer Biicla Tackles “Use This Gospel” by Kanye West

    Kanye West is the Ellie Goulding of the current age. And I want to be clear that, by that, I only mean he’s constantly remixed, just as Ellie was in the early 2010’s. Latest to come is Russian producer Biicla who’s tackling “Use The Gospel” from Ye’s latest album Jesus is King.
    Jesus is King in particular just begs to be remixed with its unique melodies and impeccable vocal performances; that being said, Biicla still hit this one out of the park. The voc
  • Your EDM Premiere: Trivecta – Talk ft. Bright Sparks

    Trivecta has had quite the year, putting out five new originals, including the massive hit “Island” with Seven Lions and Wooli, and touring extensively. As we all head toward the end of the year, he’s got (at least) one more bit tune to share with fans.
    Out tomorrow on Seven Lions’ Ophelia Records is “Talk” with Bright Sparks. Like all of Trivecta’s music this year, “Talk” contains massive melodic elements paired with beautifully uplifting b
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  • SoundCloud Now Allows Artists to Promote Their Original Music

    SoundCloud Premier just unleashed its latest premium feature for creators and artists.
    With Premier, artists can now promote their music to new fans on SoundCloud, send out to every major music service, and get paid for plays everywhere – directly from their SoundCloud accounts.
    The new marketing tool “Promote on SoundCloud” allows artists to throw money toward promotion for their songs. Not only that, users can push their music to their desired target audiences.
    Until no
  • Flume Releases Luminous Music Video for “Rushing Back” ft. Vera Blue

    If you’re still obsessing over Flume‘s incredible collaboration “Rushing Back” featuring Vera Blue — well, same. Today brings an all-new way to experience the production with its official visual element.
    The music video for “Rushing Back” plays on a continuous cycle, circling around Flume and Vera Blue as they take a drive down memory lane. Neon glow and chrome accents stylize and compliment the music beautifully, adding another artistic layer to the co
  • ODESZA’s Remix Of “Waiting 4 U” By Slow Magic Is Finally On Spotify

    Even Spotify, with its seemingly endless catalogue of music, doesn’t have everything. Still, the streaming service is constantly striving to add more to its shelves. Earlier this year, “Heaven Only Knows” from Towkio featuring Lido, Chance the Rapper, and Eryn Allen Kane finally made it to Spotify after its original release in 2015. Today, ODESZA’s remix of “Waiting 4 U” by Slow Magic is finally available to stream.
    The ODESZA remix of Slow Magic is even olde
  • ODESZA’s Remix Of “Waited 4 U” By Slow Magic Is Finally On Spotify

    Even Spotify, with its seemingly endless catalogue of music, doesn’t have everything. Still, the streaming service is constantly striving to add more to its shelves. Earlier this year, “Heaven Only Knows” from Towkio featuring Lido, Chance the Rapper, and Eryn Allen Kane finally made it to Spotify after its original release in 2015. Today, ODESZA’s remix of “Waited 4 U” by Slow Magic is finally available to stream.
    The ODESZA remix of Slow Magic is even older
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  • Moto RAZR Is Officially Back! Now With A Touch Screen

    Last night, Motorola held a reveal event in Los Angeles for its new phone, featuring a special performance from Diplo, as well as music by Sita Abellan. But the real star of the night was definitely the newly designed Moto RAZR, now with a touch screen, but retaining the same foldable style.
    The Moto RAZR will be officially available for retail in January 2020, but the event allowed a lot of notable reviewers early hands-on access to the phone, and the general consensus is pretty positive.
  • Hex Cougar Drops First Single From New EP, “Hourglass” with AWAY & josh pan

    It’s the beginning of a new chapter for Hex Cougar, and what a brilliant way to start. Out today is Hex’s new song “Hourglass” with AWAY & josh pan on the newly minted label V1.
    “Hourglass” is a culmination of Hex’s whole year. After countless hours in the studio and tours with RL Grime, Vincent, graves, and Slumberjack, he’s discovered the direction he wants to go in. This new track is a rebirth of sorts.
    Opening with a sort of Middle Eastern
  • EDC Orlando 2019 By The Numbers

    For the first time ever, EDC Orlando expanded to three days other than its usual two, and that meant a lot of new records and statistics for the festival. However, even just one additional day doesn’t account for the huge increase in attendance this year.
    Compared to last year’s 110,000 ravers, this year held an astonishing 225,000. This was in large part due to the increase in the size of the festival, as well, expanding from around 29.5 acres to approximately 40. Across the f
  • Nicky Romero Talks Career Achievements, New Music, and Staying Healthy [Exclusive Interview]

    It’s a safe bet that if you’ve followed electronic dance music over the past decade, you’re definitely familiar with Nicky Romero. Hailing from the Netherlands, Nick Rotteveel van Gotum first burst onto the scene in 2008 and really started gaining fame in the early 2010s with his solo hits like “Toulouse” and “Symphonica” as well as collabs with the likes of Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Fedde Le Grand, NERVO, and still his biggest hit to date, the iconi
  • Apple Music Compiles Your Top Songs, Artists, and Albums of the Year

    The end of the year is fast approaching, and that means one thing… end of year lists! Of course, this is also the end of the decade, so there’s way more to examine. But for Apple Music, you can look at your top songs, artists, and albums of the year in one easy location.
    Simply go here to see everything compiled in a neat and easy Replay Mix.
    Show us your results in the comments!
    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Apple Music Compiles Your Top Songs, Artists, and
  • HARD and Insomniac Bring Vibes and Atmosphere for Day of the Dead 2019 [Event Review]

    For the second consecutive year, Insomniac and HARD took over L.A. State Historic Park for Day of the Dead. For years, HARD always had a Halloween event, whether it be DOTD or the OG, Haunted Mansion. However, with HARD’s future in flux, Los Angeles saw its last DOTD in 2015. Last year, with Insomniac fully at the helm of HARD, DOTD returned to its original home in Downtown L.A. It was a success, without question, and there’s no doubt that this year’s Day of the Dead was also a
  • Marshmello Returns With New Single Featuring YUNGBLUD & blackbear, “Tongue Tied”

    Marshmello dropped his latest album, Joytime III, earlier this year, leading to one of the longest droughts in music for the producer yet. Though, even four months seems relatively short for this production powerhouse.
    He returns now with “Tongue Tied,” a collaboration with YUNGBLUD and blackbear. Sonically, it fits in with Mello’s previous pop-leaning collaborations like “Project Dreams” and “FRIENDS.”
    YUNGBLUD and blackbear both offer an emotiona
  • REPORT: Man Caught with Over 100 Phones Stolen from EDC Orlando

    Phone theft was a major problem at Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando this year.
    In one sweep, Palm Beach County deputies recovered 106 mobile phones reportedly stolen at the music festival over the weekend. The suspect, 25-year-old Adeson Ortega-Rodriguez was caught with the phones, as well as stolen credit cards.
    He wasn’t the only one, either…
    Another Orlando man was charged with grand theft after being accused of stealing more than 30 phones at the same EDC event. Carlos
  • Your EDM Premiere: We Must Emotionally Prepare for the New SCAR Album With ‘The Seeker’ [Metalheadz]

    We’re only a few days away from the release of SCAR’s new 15-track mega album, High Fives & Devil Eyes. The title instantly connotes this release will not be for the faint of heart and it certainly delivers. With lots of dark and heavy beats, interesting experimental interludes and surprising pops of melody, High Fives & Devil Eyes swings the SCAR pendulum to the more contemplative and surreal from it’s predecessor EP Hide In Plain Sight. Don&r
  • Win A Pair Of Tickets To See TroyBoi At The Bill Graham Civic In San Francisco

    TroyBoi is currently deep in the midst of his headlining Nostalgia Tour, beginning early October and lasting nearly through December. Next weekend, he’ll touch down in San Francisco with Yultron and Memba at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium for what’s sure to be a wild set.
    Your EDM has teamed up with TroyBoi to offer one winner the chance of receiving a pair of GA tickest to the show. Enter here or below for your chance to be chosen!
    Tickets are available here, or check here f
  • Apple Unveils Most Powerful Notebook to Date, its 16-Inch MacBook Pro

    Apple has officially unveiled its 16-inch MacBook Pro and it’s a beauty. A beauty that will cost you.
    The latest and by far most powerful MacBook Pro to date promises up to 80 percent faster performance, plus an all new Magic Keyboard for the best typing experience ever on a Mac notebook. Not to mention, it’s an upgrade from the 15-inchers with a whole extra inch of screen.
    The new MacBook Pro includes: 16-inch Retina display, updated keyboard, four Thunderbolt 3 ports, Touch B
  • MineSweepa Shows What It’s Like To Move To “LA” With Wonky New Single

    You’ve seen the viral TikToks — “what is like one week after living in ___.” It gets progressively more stereotypical, but not offensively, and it’s spawned a hilarious subgenre of videos for people to partake in. But what if a producer was to make a track about it?
    MineSweepa is here to answer the question “what it’s like living in LA” with his new incredibly wonky single. Actually, it’s hard to really discern what the answer is, but from t
  • Drake Hits Back At Haters From Tyler, The Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw

    This past weekend, Drake came out as the special guest at Tyler, The Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw and was summarily booed off stage. The crowd and CFG fandom had gotten it into their sets, through no fault of Tyler’s or the CFG team, that Frank Ocean was the special guest on Sunday night. When Drake came out instead, enough of the crowd caused a ruckus that he ended up walking off stage.
    Tyler already hit back at his own fans, tweeting out, “Some created a narrative in their head
  • AMF’s Seattle Takeover ft. Idris Elba, Weiss, Taiki Nulight, Claptone, & Fisher Was A Huge Success [Review]

    AMF knows how to put on a party. Whether it’s on their cruise, in downtown LA, or in Seattle, they always seem to create an electrifying atmosphere that is fueled by this air of positivity. Attending their shows really make it feel like you’re stepping into a family. No matter the genre, there always seems to be this sense of community. Last month AMF threw a massive two-day festival in Downtown LA, featuring a one of a kind lineup with artists like Justice, Black Coffee, MK b2b Dip
  • Flume Breaks Down How He Made “Say It” Featuring Tove Lo

    Flume breaks down one of his most incredible productions to date, “Say It” featuring Tove Lo.
    With “Say It,” Flume says he took a “quite bold and up front” pop song and surrounded it with intricacies and distortions. He believes overall message matched with the production makes for a truly powerful combination. But, how did it all come to be?
    “Honestly, I was dicking around,” he opens up the triple j video below with a laugh.
    There’s a lot m
  • Your EDM Premiere: LUZCID – Gravity Cannon

    Out this week on WAKAAN is the Gravity Cannon EP from bass artist LUZCID. He’s back on the label with a total of five tracks that sum up his supremely forward-thinking production style perfectly – and we’re premiering the title track for you today.
    It doesn’t hold anything back. Jumping straight into the mix with explosive drums and tough snatches of vocals, LUZCID is able to steer this cut forward with gnarly energy. He gives a tease about the EP’s inspiration, sa
  • See First-Ever Live Griztronics Set

    Griztronics made its live debut last night in Philadelphia after giving fans just hours notice to get to the venue. The show was free, first come first serve, and these fans definitely got served.
    Griz and Subtronics threw down for an epic three hours (even though it was advertised for only two and a half). It doesn’t appear that the full set is available anywhere (yet?), but a fan captured at least 33 minutes of the epic set.
    Subtronics told This Song Is Sick, “The s
  • STUCA and Eugene join minds on Jadū Dala with “Mind”

    Fellow LA bass contemporaries, STUCA & Eugene, both of whom have cemented their presence in the bass music underground over the past year, have joined forces on a new collaboration ‘Mind,’ which is out now on Jadū Dala. Jadū Dala is the same label where STUCA released his breakout single ‘Split’ back in 2018.
    The record starts off with luring cinematic overtones paired alongside fierce and thudding percussion. As the record carries on the ambient sound
  • Apple Believes AR Glasses Could Replace iPhone In 10 Years

    Apple is getting into the AR game with its first augmented reality headset and glasses. What’s more — Apple believes AR glasses could supersede the iPhone in the next decade.
    Many thought the tech giant would release an AR model as soon as 2020. However, a new rumored timeline has been revealed with Apple’s AR headset expected in 2022, followed by a set of AR glasses in 2023.
    Both devices will utilize a “new 3D sensor system.” It’s an advanced version of
  • Man Caught Stealing 30+ Phones at Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando

    An Orlando man has been charged with grand theft after being accused of stealing more than 30 phones at a music festival.
    Police arrested Carlos Perez-Hernandez, 34, as the culprit. He allegedly jacked the phones from people attending Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando over the weekend.
    An eye-witness spotted a man pickpocketing in the crowd near the kineticFIELD stage. Investigators soon caught up with Perez-Hernandez and found 34 phones in his backpack.
    Authorities said all the de
  • Flume Joins MEUTE On Saxophone For Acoustic Rendition Of “Rushing Back”

    MEUTE is a group of eleven horn players and drummers from Germany who have become a worldwide sensation. They gained notoriety in the EDM sphere after their cover of “You & Me” by Flume, and just released a cover of his song “Rushing Back” last Thursday, November 7.
    At the Studio Brussel Showcase in Blankenberge on November 8, the group played the song live and was joined by none other than Flume himself, “dusting off the old horn [saxophone]” as he said
  • Zhu & Tchami Finally Upload Their Awesome B2B From HARD Summer

    HARD Summer this year was full of amazing back-to-back sets from the likes of Excision & NGHTMRE, Flosstradamus & 4B, A-Trak & YehMe2, and Flux Pavilion & Netsky. But over on the main stage, if you wanted to get down and dirty with the grooves of house, you were counting on Zhu b2b Tchami.
    Night two, just as the sun was setting, Zhu & Tchami took the main stage by force as they launched into an enthralling hour-long master class of house and groove. Going up after Juice
  • ATLiens Flash “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” Meme On Stage [PHOTO]

    The “Epstein didn’t kill himself” meme has been making its rounds online — and even made its way onto a festival stage over the weekend.
    On Saturday, ATLiens flashed the controversial phrase during their set at EDC Orlando. Whether the mystery DJ duo believes in the conspiracy or just enjoy sparking debate is unknown, as they haven’t released a statement.
    Jeffrey Epstein was discovered dead in his jail cell on August 10th after being arrested for sex traf
  • Avicii “Without You” Featured In New Scooby Doo Movie Trailer

    Scooby Doo is getting a new look in 2020 with a new feature film called SCOOB!, featuring the voices of Will Forte (Shaggy), Frank Welker (Scooby), Amanda Seyfried (Daphne), Gina Rodriguez (Velma), and Zac Efron (Fred).
    The official trailer for the film introduces the plot of the film and all the new character voices, but also features music from Avicii in the opening scenes. His song “Without You” featuring Sandro Cavazza plays during the scene when Shaggy and Scoob first
  • LSDREAM & Shlump – Universal Wub EP

    WAKAAN supply us with more bassy goodness this week, and this brand new release is a collaboration from LSDREAM and Shlump. Both artists have appeared on the label previously, and again sound sharp with Universal Wub. 
    A four-piece affair, there is a drifting introduction that ensures you are taken by surprise when it descends into dark drops. We love the chopped up vibes of ‘ORGANISM,’ before the pacy ‘R.A.V.E’ revs up the intensity with wonky splurges of melody. C
  • Moby Celebrates 32-Year Vegan Anniversary with Massive “ANIMAL RIGHTS” Tattoo

    Moby is wearing his commitment to veganism on his sleeves.
    Quite literally, as he now has a boldly stated “ANIMAL RIGHTS” tattoo running down each of his arms in block letters. He also has “VEGAN FOR LIFE” tattooed on his neck from a previous session.
    In the post below, Moby shares:
    As November is my 32 year vegan anniversary i thought i’d get a tattoo (well, technically 12 tattoos) to celebrate. I’m a vegan animal rights activist for many reasons, but ultima
  • WATCH: Rick and Morty Season 4 Premiere

    Rick and Morty are finally back in action!
    Season four of the outrageously popular Adult Swim series just premiered and the dynamic duo is back to their usual shenanigans. Behold, the latest installment, “Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat.”
    This season Rick and Morty continue their epic adventures with five brand new episodes. Per the official trailer, Rick gets a dragon, Morty gets an adventure punch card and together, the dynamic duo continue their exploration of the en
  • Bonnie X Clyde - Curse

  • Dua Lipa Reveals “Nostalgic, Disco-Themed” Album Due Out Next Year

    Dua Lipa is changing up her sound with a forthcoming album she describes as “nostalgic” and “disco-themed.”
    The pop star’s hotly anticipated sophomore album promises a funkier vibe, perfect for getting down on the dance floor. Dua’s new sound can be heard loud and clear on her new single, “Don’t Start Now.”
    She said of her forthcoming album: “It’s quite nostalgic and disco elements but I wanted it to sound fresh, new and still cu
  • Excision Announces Brand New Production “The Evolution”

    Excision‘s Headbangers have enjoyed The Paradox for years — but now he’s presenting a brand new audio/visual production sure to blow crowds away.
    The DJ/producer just announced a double-header show at what he’s calling The Thunderdome, featuring the world premier of his new concept, The Evolution. Per the post below, Excision will debut this new show early 2020 at the Tacoma Dome in Washington.
    What does this mean for the future of The Paradox? It’s uncle
  • Listen To Sets From Diplo, Afrojack, Jauz, & More From EDC Orlando 2019

    This year’s edition of EDC Orlando is wrapped, and what a year it was! Dozens of artists, a whole additional day, wild stages, and so many hours of music it would make any normal person go nuts. But Headliners are a rare breed, we live and breathe this music, so it’s no issue whatsoever.
    And if you feel compelled to relive some of the best moments of the festival, we’ve got you covered below. Check out sets from Diplo, Afrojack, Jauz, ATLiens, Party Favor, Timmy Trumpet,
  • Griz & Subtronics Announce Surprise Free Show B2B Tonight

    While the first Griztronics show was announced for Decadence NYE in Arizona, it won’t be fans’ first opportunity to catch Griz & Subtronics in action together. No, that will be TONIGHT as the two just announced a show out of nowhere.
    Fans in and around Philly can see Griztronics at a free pop-up show tonight for a special two-and-a-half hour set. This one is going to be absolutely slammed, so fans would do well to get there right now. And I mean right now. Doors open in two
  • Vini Vici, Jean Marie and Highlight Tribe Join Forces For Thunderous Single, “Moyoni” [Smash The House]

    Vini Vici, Jean Marie and Highlight Tribe are each in no need of an introduction. They all bring an impressive resume of releases, performances, and excitement whenever they release a new track. Together, these three artists are a powerhouse, a force to be reckoned with. “Moyoni” feels like a Tomorrowland-esque anthem the second you press play. The vocal sample sets the stage, as eerie synths seep in, building into a thunderous drop.The guys created an incredible arrangement to make
  • Drake Booed Off Stage at Tyler, The Creator’s Music Festival

    Drake was booed off the stage last night at Tyler, The Creator‘s music festival, Camp Flog Gnaw at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.
    Apparently fans were hoping for, even expecting, Frank Ocean as the surprise guest headliner. When that didn’t happen, the crowd acted horrendously by booing Drake off the stage.
    Amidst the boos, the superstar hip hop artist took to the mic: “Like I said, I’m here for you tonight… If you wanna keep going I will keep going toni
  • Party Favor Embarks On All-New Layers Envisioned Tour

    If you were lucky enough to see Party Favor on his last Layers Experience tour in support of his debut album, Layers, you know that the LA-based artist hasn’t lost his touch one bit. But with that run completed, he’s hankering for some of his classic sound and he knows that the fans are, too.
    Enter the Layers Envisioned tour, an all-new show consisting of custom production and visuals in which Party Favor will be playing tons of new music as well as lots of his privat
  • WATCH: Madeon Plays Out Dreamy New ID During ‘Good Faith Live’ Tour

    Madeon‘s Good Faith Live tour has just begun and it looks absolutely incredible!
    Below you’ll find fan videos from the tour, which trickled in over the weekend. The footage reveals Madeon’s greatest live production to date. Plus, a dreamy unreleased track forthcoming on his latest album, Good Faith.
    Madeon recently played Phoenix, Albuquerque and Denver. Coming up, he hits Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, and many more.
    Good Faith Live runs through January 2019 — and
  • Warner Bros. Studios Evacuated Due To Nearby Wildfire

    A spontaneous wildfire that broke out this weekend brushed shoulders with Hollywood’s legendary Warner Bros. Studios.
    The fire came dangerously close to the studios Saturday afternoon. Though no official evacuation notice was issued, Warner Bros. voluntarily evacuated the grounds.
    By Saturday evening, firefighters had stopped the blaze from spreading. The buildings were spared and as of last night none were “presently threatened.”
    One firefighter suffered from a non-
  • Kanye West Joins Travis Scott On Stage at Astroworld Festival

    Travis Scott‘s very own Astroworld Festival went down in Houston over the weekend featuring Young Thug, Playboi Carti, Pharrell, Megan Thee Stallion, Migos, Gucci Mane, Marilyn Manson and more.
    The crowd was in for a major surprise, however, when Scott brought Kanye West out during his headlining slot.
    The hip hop mogul jumped on stage to perform a new track off his 2019 album JESUS IS KING, “Follow God.” Then, he shifted gears into “Can’t Tell
  • REPORT: Instagram Finally Hiding Like Counts Starting Next Week

    Instagram will finally begin hiding like counts for users in the US as soon as next week. This major change is part of the social media company’s push to “reduce anxiety” and “reduce social comparison.”
    According to Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, “The idea is to try to depressurize Instagram, make it less of a competition, and give people more space to focus on connecting with the people they love and things that inspire them.”
    Tests on hiding li
  • Major Lazer Releases New Song With IZA & Ciara, “Evapora”

    Major Lazer just dropped “Evapora” with IZA and Ciara, continuing a long string of singles in 2019 including “Que Calor” with J Balvin & Alfa, “Make It Hot” with Anita, and “Take It From Me” with Skip Marley.
    “Evapora” comes as a pretty standard Major Lazer song, with emphatic female vocals that bring an ethnic flair to the song combined with the dance hall-influenced production. It’s fun and catchy, and supremely easy to dan
  • The Chainsmokers’ Storytelling Shines Through with New Single “Push My Luck”

    The Chainsmokers are well into their World War Joy Tour and simply aren’t letting up.
    Today, they treat us to a fresh, new single called “Push My Luck.” Running with the style fans know and love them for, the duo drops a soft, melodic production worth obsessing over.
    The Chainsmokers’ storytelling aspect shines through per usual, painting a descriptive, emotional picture through voice and sound. The first 2/3 of the track is unapologetically pop by design, with a go
  • Steve Aoki Grants 6-Year-Old’s Wish with the Ultimate Play Date [WATCH]

    Steve Aoki recently teamed up for his most heartwarming collaboration to date with 6-year-old fan Jamar Woods aka DJ Masterpiece.
    Jamar has wanted to be a DJ since he was just two years old, but a life-altering illness has affected his big dreams. However, as part of the Kids Wish Network, Aoki spent an entire day with his dedicated superfan making one major dream come true.
    The kid was able to experience the life of a DJ at Aoki’s “playhouse” during their ultim