• Heroic Georgia dog fights off coyote pack preying on flock of sheep

    Casper nearly gave up ghost himself but managed to slay eight of the predatorsIf anyone has earned the title of very good boy, it’s Casper, a 20-month-old Great Pyrenees from Decatur, Georgia, who single-handedly killed eight coyotes trying to prey on his owner’s sheep.Last week, a pack of 11 coyotes attacked the flock of farmer John Wierwiller, according to a report from a local television station, WAGA-TV. Casper defended the sheep furiously in a fight that left some of his skin an
  • Musk’s Neuralink faces federal inquiry after killing 1,500 animals in testing

    Brain-implant company accused of causing needless suffering and deaths amid pressure from CEOElon Musk’s Neuralink, a medical device company, is under federal investigation for potential animal-welfare violations amid internal staff complaints that its animal testing is being rushed, causing needless suffering and deaths, according to documents reviewed by Reuters and sources familiar with the investigation and company operations.Neuralink Corp is developing a brain implant it hopes will h
  • Skyward: birdwatching is belonging for two teenage conservationists

    Young birdwatchers Mya and Arjun feel the pressure of climate breakdown and the biodiversity crisis. As two reserved teenagers on the cusp of adulthood, they find comfort in birdwatching while being distant from their peers. Fascinated by migratory patterns, Mya spends her time searching for rare bird species, while Arjun is captivated by the beauty of birdsong. As their passion for nature inspires them to raise awareness of conservation and the climate emergency in their communities, they find
  • Vital Impacts winter collection prints go on sale – in pictures

    More than 100 photographers are making their fine art prints available to Vital Impacts, an women-owned and operated non-profit organisation that supports grassroots groups trying to protect people, wildlife and habitats Continue reading...
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  • 2,500 Caspian seals found dead along Russian coastline

    Deaths of endangered species probably happened a couple weeks ago, with the cause as yet unknown About 2,500 seals have been found dead on the Caspian Sea coast in southern Russia, officials said on Sunday.Regional officials initially reported on Saturday that 700 dead seals had been found on the coast, but the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment later raised the figure to about 2,500. Continue reading...
  • What do birds do with their spare time?

    The long-running series in which readers answer other readers’ questions on subjects ranging from trivial flights of fancy to profound scientific and philosophical conceptsWe have a well-stocked bird feeder in the garden like many other people, and this makes me think: what do birds do with their spare time if they don’t have to spend so much time looking for wild food any more? Lily PaulsPost your answers (and new questions) below or send them to [email protected] A selection will
  • A day at the beach: ‘I’m screaming through my snorkel … I didn’t think I’d ever get to see one’

    Marine biologist Jacinta Shackleton was snorkelling on holiday when she had the sighting of a lifetime, a rare and beautiful blanket octopusGet our weekend culture and lifestyle emailEvery day, I probably spend three or four hours in the water on the Great Barrier Reef. I work as a reef guide-slash-marine biologist on Lady Elliot Island, so I do all the snorkelling tours and reef walking tours. I’ve been really lucky while I’ve been working out there: I’ve seen a lot of rare st
  • Two-year-old girl survives coyote attack in Los Angeles daylight

    Security footage shows animal drag child across lawn and sidewalk before father intervenesA coyote grabbed and injured a two-year old girl outside her Los Angeles home in a daytime attack before her father chased the animal off, her family said.Home security video obtained by KTLA-TV showed the animal grab and drag the toddler across her lawn and sidewalk, seconds after her father took her out of a car seat, set her down and turned back inside the vehicle to gather her toys. They had just arrive
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  • ‘For some it’s feed your kids or your dog’: Britons turn to pet food banks

    Blue Cross pet food bank in Grimsby is facing growing demand as people struggle to afford to feed their animalsRichard Croft had never struggled to feed his three German shepherds before, but when he was forced to stop working after being diagnosed with cancer, their monthly food bill was difficult to keep up with.“I was spending between £100 and £110 a month on dog food,” he said. “It was difficult. I was always looking for bargains and special offers but it’
  • Tributes for Brisbane meter reader mauled to death by dogs

    Downer Group ‘extremely saddened’ after Kane Minion, 42, died at a Greenbank property with serious injuries from a dog attackFollow our Australia news live blog for the latest updatesGet our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or daily news podcastColleagues have paid tribute to 42-year-old meter reader Kane Minion, who was mauled to death by dogs on a property south of Brisbane.Minion was found in a critical condition on Saturday morning, but died on the scene of the attack
  • How a landmark bill and a small patch of land could save Florida’s panthers

    The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act would provide $1.3bn annually for wildlife and could speed up completion of a crucial wildlife corridor in one US stateBeyond the dirt tracks and swamps of the Florida Everglades lies a narrow, unremarkable strip of land that has taken on outsize importance in the battle to save the state’s critically endangered panthers. Barely 11 miles (18km) long and a mile wide, Chaparral Slough occupies a forgotten corner of south-west Florida, where cattle
  • Spoonbills rebound as UK farmers bolster tree cover and wetlands

    Once common in England and Wales, the species was hunted to local extinction about 300 years agoWith their striking long beaks and elegant white plumage, the spoonbill looks like it belongs somewhere far more exotic than the windswept saltmarshes of the UK.But the large wading bird is enjoying a boom in numbers as landowners across the country improve wetland habitats and tree cover. Continue reading...
  • World’s oldest recorded tortoise prepares for 190th birthday party

    Jonathan, Seychelles giant tortoise given to Saint Helena in 1882, is also oldest known living land animalIf there is a party animal at large this weekend, Jonathan is it: the Seychelles giant tortoise is about to celebrate his 190th birthday with a three-day bash.Living on Saint Helena since 1882, when he arrived as a gift to the governor of the small south Atlantic island, he is no stranger to fame, having scooped awards from the Guinness World Records for being the oldest known living land an
  • Environmental photographer of the year 2022 – in pictures

    This year’s Environmental photographer of the year competition, from CIWEM, WaterBear, Nikon and Arup, showcases some of the most striking images of the natural world, providing an international platform to raise awareness for the issues that threaten our planet. Here’s a closer look at the winning photos Continue reading...
  • Today’s life hack – how to eat a cane toad | First Dog on the Moon

    Today we are preparing Queensland’s national dish – one of my favourite cane toad recipesSign up here to get an email whenever First Dog cartoons are publishedGet all your needs met at the First Dog shop if what you need is First Dog merchandise and prints Continue reading...
  • Lost and found: twitchers delight at sweet song of the black-browed babbler

    Since the bird was ‘rediscovered’ by accident in Borneo in 2020, ornithologists have returned to study the melodious species last documented more than 170 years agoFor more than 170 years, and despite its name, scientists and birdwatchers heard no babbling, chirping, tweeting or any other sounds from the black-browed babbler. The bird was long assumed to be extinct, until an accidental discovery by two local men, Muhammad Suranto and Muhammad Rizky Fauzan, in the forests of Borneo&rs
  • How five lions escaped their Taronga zoo enclosure – video

    In early November, Taronga zoo issued a 'code one' alert and went into lockdown after five lions escaped from their enclosure. Footage released by the zoo shows how the adult male and four cubs broke through the fence. An investigation into the incident is ongoing with the zoo stating an 'independent, specialist forensic engineer' was conducting a detailed examination into the fence’s failure and the 'complex mesh fencing system'
    Record heat over Great Barrier Reef raises fears of second s
  • Country diary: The long haul until springtime begins now | Andrea Meanwell

    Tebay, Cumbria: Upland farming in winter means repetition, but I’m less worried about that than the colour of my yows’ bottomsWinter, more than any other season, is a time of routine. As an upland farmer, I have to be happy to repeat the same jobs day after day with little variation, from now until the spring. I love the regularity of winter, and feel no desire to escape from the monotony, whatever the weather and however difficult it becomes.The first job of the day – while my
  • Country diary: Anxiously checking the colour of my yow’s bottoms | Andrea Meanwell

    Tebay, Cumbria: For an upland farmer, the long haul until springtime begins now. But one task is of utmost importanceWinter, more than any other season, is a time of routine. As an upland farmer, I have to be happy to repeat the same jobs day after day with little variation, from now until the spring. I love the regularity of winter, and feel no desire to escape from the monotony, whatever the weather and however difficult it becomes.The first job of the day – while my son forks silage to
  • ‘A possible extinction event’: the UK’s worst bird flu outbreak – podcast

    The UK is in the middle of its worst outbreak of bird flu. The current strain of H5N1 avian influenza has devastated wild bird populations, killing thousands and affecting threatened species such as puffins and hen harriers. Bird flu has also been wreaking havoc on poultry, and since 7 November, all captive birds in England have been kept indoors to prevent them catching the virus.How are both wild and captive bird populations coping with the current strain of avian flu? And is the UK prepared t
  • Roar footage: Taronga zoo releases video of lions escaping from their Sydney enclosure

    Zoo says investigation into ‘lion incident’ continues with specialist forensic engineer examining failure of ‘complex mesh fencing system’Follow our Australia news live blog for the latest updatesGet our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or daily news podcastTaronga zoo has released video showing how five lions escaped their enclosure by scratching at and then breaking through the fence.The five lions – four cubs and an adult male – can be seen clawi
  • CT scans of toothed bird fossil leads to jaw-dropping discovery

    Dating back more than 65m years, specimen’s mobile palate challenges understanding of avian evolutionFossil experts have cooked the goose of a key tenet in avian evolution after finding a premodern bird from more than 65m years ago that could move its beak like modern fowl.The toothy animal was discovered in the 1990s by an amateur fossil collector at a quarry in Belgium and dates to about 66.7m years ago – shortly before the asteroid strike that wiped out non-avian dinosaurs. Contin
  • Science is making it possible to ‘hear’ nature. It does more talking than we knew | Karen Bakker

    With digital bioacoustics, scientists can eavesdrop on the natural world – and they’re learning some astonishing thingsScientists have recently made some remarkable discoveries about non-human sounds. With the aid of digital bioacoustics – tiny, portable digital recorders similar to those found in your smartphone – researchers are documenting the universal importance of sound to life on Earth. By placing these digital microphones all over Earth, from the depths of the oce
  • ‘A bit horrifying’: the Melbourne cockatoo dropping pot plants from four storeys up

    Footage of the pot plant barrage has been watched 1.5m times, with one expert saying the bird might have been simply being playfulFollow our Australia news live blog for the latest updatesGet our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or daily news podcast“Here comes another one!”A passerby on Melbourne’s Flinders Lane yells as a third pot plant hurtles through the air, landing on a cafe sunshade before ricocheting on to a parked truck, eventually lying strewn along the fo
  • Bats are the death metal singers of the animal world, research shows

    Mammals can produce sound from ventricular folds, used by humans only for Tuvan throat singing and ‘death metal grunting’It has long been known Ozzy Osbourne has a taste for bats. But now it seems the mammals are also fans of his.Bats greet each other with death metal growls, scientists have discovered, and possess a vocal range which far surpasses that of most humans. Continue reading...
  • Paw and order: Lucy the labrador provides support as Australia’s first full-time court dog

    In Melbourne’s family court, Lucy visits hearings, legal interviews and mediations – all to relieve people’s stress as they navigate the justice systemGet our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or daily news podcastWhen Lucy enters a court-room at the federal circuit and family court in Melbourne, she bows to the judge – as is customary. Only Lucy is no ordinary court attender. She is a five-year-old chocolate labrador deployed as a “court facility dog&rdqu
  • Cop15 essential reading: six books that explain the biodiversity crisis

    Ahead of December’s conference our writers select titles that explain the issues at stake, from animal extinction to marine degradation and loss of habitatChosen by Patrick Barkham Continue reading...
  • Cop15 essential reading: seven books that explain the biodiversity crisis

    Ahead of December’s conference our writers select titles that explain the issues at stake, from animal extinction to marine degradation and loss of habitatChosen by Patrick Barkham Continue reading...
  • ‘We need a breakthrough deal on biodiversity’: can Montreal summit deliver for nature?

    In 201o, politicians pledged to halt devastation of Earth’s wildlife. Since then, no progress has been made. And despite glimmers of hope, prospects look grim for next month’s top-level meeting in Canada In 2010, politicians and scientists made a pledge to halt the devastating reductions in wildlife numbers that had been denuding the planet of its animals and sea creatures for the previous century. At that time, wild animal populations were declining by about 2.5% a year on average a
  • ‘Tangled mess of inaction’: hundreds of threatened species recovery plans expiring in next six months

    Growing list facing extinction and underresourcing of conservation means plans have not been updatedGet our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or daily news podcastHundreds of plans for the recovery of threatened species will reach their use-by date in the next six months as the government considers how to reform Australia’s flawed system of environmental protections.Documents released to Guardian Australia under freedom of information laws detail how underresourcing, disagreement
  • Sharks, songbirds and species depleted by pet trade given extra protections

    Cites treaty, adopted in 1963, protects more than 500 species, many exploited by unsustainable or illegal trade An international wildlife conference has moved to enact some of the most significant protection for sharks, songbirds and scores of turtles, lizards and frogs.The meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (Cites) ended on Friday in Panama. Along with protections for more than 500 species, delegates at the UN wildlife conference rejec
  • ‘Intrinsic to our identity’: kiwi brought back to Wellington’s wilds

    Introduced predators and habitat loss saw New Zealand’s national bird vanish from the capital 100 years ago. A new cohort of 11 birds is changing all thatAlong a windswept ridge line on Wellington’s south coast, above the pounding sea and in the shadows of whirring wind turbines, 11 kiwi – New Zealand’s treasured national bird – are making themselves at home for the first time in generations.The unique flightless birds have been busy in the week since their arrival.
  • Wildlife Trusts consider reintroducing wildcats to England

    Wildcat expert recruited with view to releasing animals in England for first time in hundreds of years Wildcats could be released in England for the first time in hundreds of years as the Wildlife Trusts recruit an expert to help introduce them back into the wild.After being hunted to extinction, the European wildcat is now the UK’s rarest native mammal. They are larger than the domestic cat, which are bred from the wildcats of Africa. It has not been spotted in southern England since the
  • Wildcats could be released in England for first time in hundreds of years

    Wildcat expert recruited by Wildlife Trust with view to reintroducing animalcurrently found in remote parts of ScotlandWildcats could be released in England for the first time in hundreds of years as the Wildlife Trusts recruit an expert to help introduce them back into the wild.After being hunted to extinction, the European wildcat is now the UK’s rarest native mammal. They are larger than the domestic cat, which are bred from the wildcats of Africa. It has not been spotted in southern En
  • Alarming manatee death toll in Florida prompts calls for endangered status

    Mammals were downgraded from endangered to threatened in 2017, even as pollution and habitat loss drive starvationThe deaths of almost 2,000 manatees in Florida’s coastal and inland waterways over the last two years has provoked an alliance of environmental groups to demand an urgent reclassification of the species to officially endangered.The advocates, led by the non-profit Center for Biological Diversity, insist the US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) made a critical error in 2017 by pre
  • ‘A gentle calm’: France’s streets once again echo to sound of working horses

    Towns say they are not driven by nostalgia as they opt for horsepowered bin collections and school runsThe clip-clop of hooves marked the start of the morning rubbish collection in the Brittany town of Hennebont, as Dispar, a Breton draft horse, pulled a small cart towards the waste bins on a central street.“This job is so much nicer with an animal,” said Julien, 38, who usually worked emptying bins on to a motorised rubbish-truck in another town but was training in horse-drawn techn
  • Boy rescued from Byron Bay pool with 3-metre python wrapped around legs

    Five-year old was pulled from back yard pool with snake attached, father says, while mother tells other parents to ‘keep their eyes peeled’Follow our Australia news live blog for the latest updatesGet our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or daily news podcastA five-year-old boy is recovering after surviving an attack by a giant python in his grandparent’s Byron Bay back yard.Beau Blake was swimming with his brother yesterday afternoon, his father, Ben, told 3AW Break
  • Lost and found: noisy, tame and very active, Argentina delights in giant otter’s return

    Decades after the world’s biggest otter disappeared from the country, a kayaking trip revealed a lone male swimming in the Bermejo River“This really is a big animal,” says Sebastián Di Martino, conservation director of Rewilding Argentina, emphasising the “giant” in giant otter (Pteronura brasiliensis). “It can be 1.7 metres long … the biggest otter in the world.”Until its recent rediscovery, the giant otter was feared extinct in the countr
  • Australia’s dog groomer shortage: ‘So many people got dogs. That’s put a lot of pressure on us’

    For many popular dog breeds, professional grooming is vital to wellbeing. A shortage of services has many in the industry worriedGet our weekend culture and lifestyle emailLisa Perkovic is the first to admit her dog is high maintenance.“Her name is Sheba, like the Queen of Sheba. And when it comes to grooming, she definitely lives up to that name,” Perkovic says.Sign up for the fun stuff with our rundown of must-reads, pop culture and tips for the weekend, every Saturday morning Cont
  • ‘He kind of amps them up’: ‘Kevin’ the ringleader as turkeys terrorize Massachusetts town

    Residents of Woburn near Boston subjected to attacks and intimidation by group of wild turkeys – and especially KevinIt’s the time of year when millions of turkeys across the US might justifiably fear for their safety, but in one Massachusetts town the birds have turned the tables, ganging up to “terrorize” residents with pecks, kicks and loud clucking.People in Woburn, north-west of Boston, have been subjected to a barrage of attacks and intimidation by a group of five w
  • Alaska firefighters rescue baby moose trapped in home

    The 500lb one-year-old moose fell through a basement window and became trapped, requiring six people to help get him outFirefighters in Alaska got an unusual request for assistance last Sunday, from Alaska wildlife troopers. “They were looking for some help getting a moose out of a basement,” said Capt Josh Thompson of Central Emergency Services on the Kenai Peninsula.Continue reading...
  • The 2022 BirdLife Australia photography awards – in pictures

    A shy albatross, a skydiving kestrel and a curious galah are among the shortlisted and winning photos in this year’s bird photography prize, chosen from more than 5,600 images. Funds raised by the competition support bird conservation programs Continue reading...
  • Country diary: Swimming with the starlings

    Hayling Island, Hampshire: Their communal bath is such a frenzy of activity that it feels as though I’m watching them on fast forwardWe arrive at the beach just after sunrise, though there is no sun to be seen. Dingy grey stratus clouds blanket the sky, and on the other side of the Solent, the Isle of Wight is obscured by mist.Sewage-overflow alerts have kept us landbound for several weeks so we dawdle on the shore, contemplating the water, murky with what we hope is now just sediment stir
  • Animals bred in captivity develop physical changes that may hinder survival in the wild, research finds

    Captive-breeding programs lead to shorter wing spans in birds and behavioural changes that leave animals more vulnerable to predators, global study findsGet our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or daily news podcastAnimals bred in captivity experience significant physical and behavioural changes that may disadvantage their survival chances once released into the wild, a wide-ranging research review has found.Analysis from the Australian National University shows “captive environ
  • Beloved giant panda given to Taiwan by China dies aged 18 after seizures

    Tuan Tuan, gifted to Taiwan 14 years ago when relations were warmer, allowed to ‘continue to sleep’ after being anaesthetisedA panda given to Taiwan by China 14 years ago as a symbol of what were then warmer ties died on Saturday, after suffering seizures, Taipei zoo said.Tuan Tuan and his breeding mate Yuan Yuan were given to Taiwan by Beijing in late 2008, at a time when relations between the two were more cordial. Continue reading...
  • ‘Dangerously out-of-control cow’ tramples elderly man in Wales

    Seriously injured victim airlifted to hospital after escaped animal went on rampage in Carmarthenshire villageAn elderly man has been taken to hospital with serious injuries after being attacked and trampled by an “dangerously out-of-control” cow, police said.Dyfed-Powys police received reports that the cow had escaped from Whitland Mart in Carmarthenshire, Wales. Continue reading...
  • Young country diary: A bird in the hand

    Yorkshire Dales: My morning helping with a study of local birds will help them in the future – I even got to hold themWe got up before sunrise and went over the fields to join John and Beryl, the bird ringers. They were setting up long nets and we put speakers around the nets, playing birdsong to attract the birds. The birds couldn’t see the nets and so they flew into them. John and Beryl carefully untangled the birds from the nets (the birds weren’t hurt) and we carried them i
  • ‘She absolutely loves it’: the dogs donating blood and saving lives

    UK’s only blood bank charity for vets appeals for more donors amid high demand for transfusionsMabel didn’t set out to be a life-saver. In fact, the six-year-old greyhound has been known to fall asleep on the job. The former racer – even if she came last in 43 out of 58 fixtures – is now excelling in an altogether different field, as a champion pet blood donor.“She absolutely loves it,” says her owner, Julia Purton. Mabel is a people-oriented dog and loves her
  • Dogs Trust reports big rise in number of people trying to rehome their pets

    RSPCA says shelters are ‘drowning in animals’ as cost of living crisis bitesThe number of pet owners attempting to rehome their dogs has risen sharply this year, according to figures from the Dogs Trust, with shelters facing long waiting lists and many setting up pet food banks.Between 1 January and 31 October, the animal charity received 42,000 inquiries from dog owners about rehoming, a rise of almost 50% on the same period in 2021. Continue reading...
  • Mosquito population explosion plagues flood-ravaged NSW – video

    A video shot by farmer and wool classer Nicole Fragar shows persistent heavy rain and flooding in NSW has led to an explosion in the mosquito population. 'This video was taken after four nights of decent rainfall. The mosquitos came out with a vengeance,' Frager says‘We saved the cat’: flood-hit NSW town of Forbes could be divided for days Continue reading...

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