• There’s Nothing Better Than Watching This Honda Z600 Rip Up an Indoor Go-Cart Track

    Go-karting is super fun with those tiny, low-slung, low-power karts ripping the specifically-designed tracks. But what happens when you bring around a mainstream hatchback and drive it there? Just think about it. It sounds so much fun. Obviously, you’ll need precision and impeccable driving skills to actually have fun; or else it could get really frustrating when you have to reverse your car on a sharp turn. Well, here’s a video uploaded by LeMans Karting where you can see a 1972 Ho
  • Lamborghini Urus ST-X Concept

    The 2020 Lamborghini Urus ST-X is a race-spec concept version of the Urus, the company’s first-ever SUV. The concept vehicle previews a full-production SUV designed for a single-brand championship that will debut in 2020 in Europe and the Middle East. Conceived as a new "arrive and drive" experience in Lamborghini’s motorsport program, it will offer customers a complete package including the vehicle and technical support during race weekends.
    Yes, the 2020 Urus ST-X will compete in
  • GMC 3500HD Denali by Rolling Big Power and Keaton Hoskins

    The GMC Sierra 3500HD Denali by Rolling Big Power and Keaton Hoskins is a one-off truck that showcases custom features designed for disabled people. Unveiled at the 2019 SEMA Show, this truck was created by Rolling Big Power, an industry leading manufacturer of aftermarket parts and Keaton “The Muscle” Hoskins from TV’s “Diesel Brothers.” It is based on the older, third-generation Sierra 3500HD Denali.
    The truck was built for Jonathan Barber, who was involved in a
  • Carfection Just Used an Apple iPhone 11 to Record a Video Review of the Ford Mustang Bullitt

    Those gearheads keeping close tabs on YouTube’s top car-related content producers know that Carfection has become a benchmark when it comes to the amount of quality baked into their videos. So when CNET launched the challenge to shoot an entire car review on an iPhone 11 Pro, Carfection was happy to accept it.
    The idea that smartphones have evolved to such technological heights that they can now replace specialized hardware such as professional cameras has been floating around for some ti
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  • Maserati Gran Turismo Zeda

    Maserati is ending production of the current-generation GranTurismo by rolling out the GranTurismo Zeda, a one-off creation that commemorates the model’s more-than-a-decade-long run in the market. The Maserati GranTurismo Zeda comes with a lot of exclusive touches, none more prominent than a unique paint finish that separates its aesthetics from just about every GranTurismo model that has hit the market in the last 12 years. There are currently no plans to offer the Maserati GranTurismo Z
  • Ford Mustang Jack Roush Edition by Roush Performance

    The 2020 Ford Mustang Jack Roush Edition is a high-performance version of the sixth-generation Mustang designed by Roush Performance. Unveiled at the 2019 SEMA Show, the Jack Roush Edition is more than just another beefed-up Mustang. This special-edition model celebrates the legacy of its founder, Jack Roush, who was recently inducted in the NASCAR Hall of Fame.
    Although it’s not particularly more aggressive than other Roush-made Mustangs, the Jack Roush Edition is the most powerful vehic
  • Check Out This Ridiculous Ford GT40 Movie Rig from Ford V Ferrari

    Making a movie like the just-released Ford vs Ferrari film requires a lot of on-track camera work, some of the creative variety. Look no further than this behind-the-scenes video posted on YouTube by Fab TV, showing what just might be one of the most unusual camera rigs you’ll ever see. That, folks, is a replica Ford GT40, except that it’s only half of the car. The other half is a giant tube-framed platform that not only supports an external driver but, more importantly, a full-blow
  • The Next-Gen Porsche 718 EV Could Be More Powerful than the Current Cayman GTS; Should Arrive in 2023

    Nobody has officially confirmed that the next-generation 2023 Porsche 718 Cayman and Boxster will be electric or even hybrid, but a new report is saying that they could have 400 horsepower, a figure that will put them well ahead of the current Cayman GTS and pretty damn close to the 414-horsepower Cayman GT4.
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  • Chevrolet Silverado HD Carhartt Special Edition

    Unveiled at the 2019 SEMA Show, the 2021 Silverado HD Carhartt Special Edition is, in fact, the road-going, street-legal offspring of the Silverado 2500 HD Carhartt concept car shown back in 2016. Only this time, you will be able to actually get one from your Chevy dealership, provided you show enough patience to wait until the fall of 2020 when deliveries are slated to kick off.
    Details are scarce for the time being and the 12-month waiting window is certainly far from appealing, but there are
  • Toyota Avalon TRD Pro Concept

    A year after unveiling a tricked-out TRD version of the Avalon, Toyota is back at it with an even more radical setup for its resident full-size four-door sedan. It’s called the Toyota Avalon TRD Pro Concept, and it’s loaded to the brim with track-spec modifications that enhance every detail of the sedan.
    From aerodynamic modifications to powertrain enhancements, the Avalon TRD Pro Concept has them all. It’s a fitting homage to TRD’s 40th anniversary, though it would prob
  • The Lotus Elan Could Come Back, and It’ll Take the Porsche 718 Boxster Head On

    The iconic Lotus Elan could return to the market after nearly three decades. The British company is reportedly considering a revival of the nameplate for a brand-new drop-top sports car that will slot above the Elise in the lineup. The revival won’t happen until 2021 though, as that is when Lotus will have the proper platform for such a car.
  • Wallpaper of the Day: 2016 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

    Now that FCA has finally killed off the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, it has managed to find its way back into our hearts again. Okay, maybe not, but at the same time, we’re still kind of sad to see it go. We can’t help but wonder if it would have met the same fate had Alfa Romeo actually had the money and desire to even so much as give the 4C a mild facelift or any type of update at al throughout its entire lifespan. It just doesn’t seem like the proper end to a model that reintroduc
  • Nissan Frontier Desert Runner

    The Nissan Frontier Desert Runner doesn’t have the racing pedigree of the Nissan Global Time Attack TT 370Z or the sheer tuning audacity of the Nissan Kicks Street Sport, but if you’re looking for a rugged version of Nissan’s long-standing pickup with some serious off-road chops, the Frontier Desert Runner should be right up your alley. Developed by the Nissan Motorsports team in collaboration with MA Motorsports, the Frontier Desert Runner is teeming with purpose-specific upg
  • How Big is the Battery In the Tesla Model S and Model X Plaid?

    The Tesla Model S Plaid tore around Laguna Seca in just 1:36.555 and is slated to be the fastest and most powerful version of the Tesla Model S, effectively dethroning the Model S P100D. The Model X will also get the same treatment and, while we know the Model S and Model X Plaid models will be more powerful – and faster – we’ve been left in the dark in terms of battery size, at least until now, as Elon Musk has confirmed that Plaid models will, in fact, feature a larger batte
  • If You Missed Out on the Audi R8 RWS but Still Want a RWD R8, We’ve Got Good News For You

    Right before Audi facelifted the second-gen R8 for 2019, it released the Audi R8 V10 RWS, which was, essentially, a RWD version of the V-10 R8. The model was limited to just 999 examples, though, leaving anyone who wanted a RWD R8 left holding an empty bag. All that has changed now, though, as Audi as finally launched a new RWD version of the R8 with a V-10, and it looks even better than the RWS since it’s being introduced post-facelift. Even better yet, this baby isn’t production l
  • Wallpaper of the Day: 2020 BMW M2 CS Racing

    AS BMW Motorsport continues to expand its reach into providing more affordable ways to enter the world of racing, BMW has introduced the 2020 M2 CS Racing. Replacing the M4 GT4 as the entry-level racecar in the lineup, you’ll have to pony up about $105,000 to get one (€95,000) plus tax, of course. Under the hood sits BMW’s S55 2.9-liter inline-six that can be tuned to deliver anywhere between 280 and 365 horsepower depending on the Balance of Performance classification needed.
  • The New Michael Keaton Lego DC Batman Car is Two-Foot of Childhood Dreams Come True

    One of the most important Hollywood cars is about to get the LEGO treatment. In what could be the best LEGO car of all time, the iconic Batmobile from the 1989 Batman movie has now been immortalized in bricks. Otherwise known as the 1989 Tim Burton Batmobile, this LEGO car is a showstopper when fully built and a huge challenge to actually build. It’s made up of 3,306 pieces, which is around 200 fewer pieces than the LEGO Bugatti Chiron. The LEGO Batmobile, which arrives in time for the Ti
  • Watch the Genovation GXE Electric Corvette Hit a New Top Speed

    An all-electric Chevrolet Corvette might have seemed like an odd idea a decade ago, but it’s an acceptable thought in 2019. That’s because Chevy already announced plans to electrify the Corvette but, more importantly, it’s because some companies actually converted existing Corvettes to accept EV drivetrains. Genovation is one of the companies, and its modified C7 Corvette is capable of top speeds in excess of 200 mph. Specifically, the GXE just hit a top speed of 210 mph, a be
  • Hennessey Resurrection ZL1 1LE Camaro

    John Hennessey is bringing some divine power to the 2019 SEMA Auto Show. The model is called the Hennessey Resurrection, but don’t confuse the perceived grace attached to its name. The Resurrection is a super-limited, take-no-prisoners, 1,200 horsepower Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 that can lay waste to any ill-fated automotive soul that gets in its way. Hennessey only plans to build 24 units of the Resurrection with each model priced at around $200,000. That’s right. If you want to be show
  • The 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S Gets a Big Bump in Power and Weight, But What Does it Mean?

    The 992-generation Porsche 911 is already on sale globally, but only in non-Turbo trim. The range-topping Turbo and Turbo S have yet to be launched, and it seems we have to wait until 2020 to have access to them. However, the folks over at Car and Driver managed to ride in a Turbo S and found out important bits of info on the rear-engined sports car. For starters, we know it will generate 641 horsepower, but will it be quicker than the old model? Let’s find out.
  • Someone Caught the New Ford Mach-E Electric SUV on Camera - First Look

    Ford’s upcoming all-electric and Mustang-inspired SUV was caught testing in the wild with a production body. The crossover is wrapped in camouflage from bumper to bumper, but the details show through the wrap, so it’s our best look at this vehicle yet. The Ford Mach-E, as it’s expected to be called, will make its official debut at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show, most likely in pre-production form.
  • Toyota GR Supra Heritage Edition

    The Toyota Supra has arrived at the 2019 SEMA Auto Show, and in true form, we’re not just talking about one Supra at SEMA. Nope. There are multiple Supras in attendance at SEMA, each wearing a different alter-ego. One of these models is called the Supra Heritage Edition. It’s the most subtle of the Supras in SEMA, but it’s also the one that we identify with the most. Part of the Supra Heritage Edition’s appeal is its connection to the aftermarket tuning world. Toyota cre
  • As FCA Skins Alfa Romeo to the Bones, The 4C Is the First to be Discontinued

    The Alfa Romeo 4C was the sports car that marked the Italian company’s return to the U.S. after many years. But, as Alfa Romeo’s sales plummet and FCA starts to cut back, the 4C Spider has been canceled - just like the standard 4C at the end of 2018. Alfa Romeo has already stopped production, so the only 4Cs available as of November 2019 are those left in dealer inventories. So, if you want one, you better hurry up and get it.
  • Ford Bronco Wagon by Jay Leno, Ford Performance, LGE-CTS, and SEMA Garage

    With a modern Ford Bronco just around the corner, TV personality and car collector Jay Leno gave new life to a first-generation Bronco Wagon with help from Ford Performance and various aftermarket tuning shops. Shown to the public at the 2019 SEMA Show, this Bronco retains the looks of the original SUV, but it features modern underpinnings with a supercharged V-8 built by Ford Performance. The story behind the vehicle is quite interesting, as it was left for Jay Leno as a joke by fellow TV host
  • Ford Ranger Rambler by RTR

    Ford teamed up with RTR to tag-team the
    2020 Ranger and has brought two fine examples to the 2019 SEMA show. One of those concepts was the Ranger RTR, and the other is the Ranger RTR Rambler. While the Ranger RTR is already up for sale, will the Rambler prove that it has what it takes to makes its way to the showroom floor? Let’s take a look at what the Ford Ranger Rambler by RTR is all about!
  • Ford Mustang Mach 1 UNKL by Ringbrothers

    The Ford Mustang Mach 1 UNKL is a one-of-a-kind restomod project created by Ringbrothers and showcased at the 2019 SEMA Show. The company’s first Mach 1-based project, UNKL joins a long list of cool Mustang restomods built by the company in recent years. The apparently weird UNKL name has a simple meaning, as this build was made for a customer "who enjoys a close relationship with his uncle" and "pays tribute to his uncle’s influence on his passion for cars." It’s nice to see
  • The New Ford v. Ferrari Movie, The History Behind It, and Why That GT40 On the IMAX Poster is Inaccurate

    "This is David vs. Goliath vs. Goliath," said leading actor Christian Bale that plays veteran sports car racing ace Ken Miles in the upcoming ’Ford v. Ferrari’ movie that’ll park in a cinema near you from November 15. It’s a story about racing as much as it is a story about business affairs that become personal and about what you can achieve if you’re willing to throw infinite amounts of cash at a problem. It’s the story about Ford’s first outright succ
  • Ram 1500 Built to Serve Edition

    RAM’s penchant for rolling out special edition trucks has paved the way for the truck brand to introduce a new run of special edition models that pay tribute to the five branches of the United States military. The special edition trucks fall under the RAM 1500 Built To Serve Edition name. Each of the five armed services — Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marines — will receive their own special edition treatment. It’s unclear which of the five will get rolled out
  • The Tesla Cybertruck To Be Revealed On November 21 2019, But Will It Be Used as a Military Truck Too?

    There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the Tesla pickup truck, now called the Cybertruck. In the past couple of days, the biggest news is that it will be revealed on November 21 near the SpaceX rocket factory in Los Angeles at a standalone event. The reveal date coincides with the Los Angeles Auto Show, but we all know how Musk operates. Does he give a damn about it? Of course not!
    On the other side of the spectrum, there was some incorrect reporting that Elon Musk was pitching the "Cybertruck
  • Nissan Kicks Street Sport Concept

    The 2019 Nissan Kicks Street Sport is a concept car developed by Nissan Motorsports and MA Motorsports for the 2019 SEMA Show. A more aggressive version of the small crossover, it looks a lot like a Nismo-built model thanks to its sportier stance and race-inspired upgrades inside the cabin. It even features a more powerful engine, although specific performance information is not available. Sadly, this beefed-up Kicks won’t come to a dealerships near you anytime soon. Here’s why you
  • Ford Shelby GT500 Dragon Snake

    The 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500 is a speed demon in itself but here comes the Shelby GT500 Dragon Snake, a vehicle that Shelby says it designed and developed for blistering performance on the drag strip. The GT500 Dragon Snake packs north of 800 horsepower, is said to be lighter than the regular GT500, and it also puts the power down more efficiently thanks to a retuned transmission and other bits and bobs.
    We know the 2020 Shelby GT500 is theoretically capable of blazing from naught to 60 miles
  • Volkswagen Atlas Adventure Concept

    Volkswagen will be in attendance at the 2019 SEMA Auto Show, and it’s bringing with it a host of tricked-out SUVs that are built for the American outdoors. Arguably the coolest of these concepts is the Atlas Adventure Concept. It looks the part of an SUV that can handle itself in the Nevada desert with the kind of ease you won’t see from a lot of SUVs offered at SEMA. It comes with a menu of unique equipment, including a clever housing accommodation setup that should make it comfort
  • Can a McLaren 720S Really Beat a Porsche 918 Spyder Down the Quarter-Mile?

    Since McLaren got in the game of making road-going supercars, the British company known for its motorsport success has produced some pretty astonishing pieces of kit including the mind-boggling P1, the track-destroying Senna, and the 720S. The latter’s been the subject of a number of stories here on TopSpeed.com focusing on its prowess on the drag strip which isn’t surprising given its 710 horsepower output and the cohort of computers helping it get off the line as fast as an EV. Ho
  • Porsche Cayman 718 GT4 RS

    The 2021 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS is an upcoming high-performance variant of the 982-generation Cayman that’s rumored to debut in 2020. Essentially a more aggressive and powerful version of the existing 718 Cayman GT4, the 2021 will be the first of its kind and the first modern 718 to feature the "RS" badge. This car has been in the rumor mill ever since the first Cayman GT4 was introduced in 2015, but it took Porsche around four years to turn it into reality. Better late than never, I g
  • The 2020 BMW M2 CS Dethrones the M2 Competition In ALMOST Every Way

    The 2020 BMW M2 CS is finally here, and it comes with BMW’s legendary S55, 3.0-liter inline-six, which now boasts 444 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque. It’s also gleaming with carbon fiber outside and packed full of Alcantara with contrast stitching inside. It’s certainly lighter and faster than the M2 Competition, but by how much?
  • 2020 BMW M2 CS Picture Gallery

    While SUVs seem to be killing off sedans and coupes at an alarming rate, BMW is still launching amazing machines like the 2020 M2 CS that you see here. This is probably the last variation of the M2 that we’ll see before the next generation is ushered onto the market, but it’s also the most important one. Powered by BMW’s S55, 3.0-liter, twin-turbo, inline-six, the M2 CS is good for 444 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque. With the manual transmission, it can hit 60 mph in
  • Volvo XC40 Recharge

    Mazda has the MX-30. Volkswagen has the ID.3, and the ID.4 is almost done brewing. Porsche has the Taycan. Mercedes-Benz has the EQC and Audi the e-tron. BMW had the i3 and is now cooking the i4, while Jaguar relies on the I-Pace, so Volvo couldn’t just sit around and watch the competition get ahead. So there it is, the Swedish carmaker’s first-ever electric car, which opens the avenue for a downfall of EVs grouped under the Recharge moniker. Ladies and gents, let’s meet the n
  • Will the Tesla Pickup Go by the Name Cybertruck?

    The upcoming Tesla pickup truck
    is the next big thing in the pickup truck industry. There are quite a few things we already know about the truck, like its towing capacity (up to 300,000 pounds) and starting price (under $50,000), but we still don’t know what it’ll be called; well, we didn’t know until now. During Tesla’s third-quarter 2019 earnings conference call, Musk referred the pickup truck as the "Cybertruck" while calling it the company’s “best product
  • The PSA-FCA Merger Could Bring Some Cool Cars to the United States

    FCA and PSA are merging; this much we know is true. With this in mind, and the reminder that Peugeot has been itching to get back into the U.S. market, we’ve realized that this new merger with FCA could streamline and speed up that process in a big way. Furthermore, it opens the door for brands like Citroen, Vauxhall, and DS to ease into the U.S. market without taking too large of a risk. So, if this all plays out in the most favorable way possible, what cool cars could end up on U.S. roa
  • Car For Sale: 1996 Zagato Raptor

    A roof that lifts up to reveal the cockpit? Check! Futuristic cues that are both strange and appealing as you’d expect from a Zagato design? Check! All the goodies from the Diablo VT including the viscous central differential allowing for AWD and the magnificent 5.7-liter V-12 putting out almost 500 horsepower? Check! A carbon-fiber body created entirely through digital design and manufacturing process? Check! The Raptor could’ve kick-started Lamborghini’s marriage with Audi i
  • The New 2021 Ford Bronco Debuts in 2020 - Here’s When We’ll See It

    Ford Motor Company has decided to give out the details about the launch of the new 2021 Ford Bronco in a small teaser video. The SUV will be coming in the spring of 2020, and with it comes an all-new logo in the video.
    There is no denying that the upcoming Ford Bronco is the most anticipated vehicle in the U.S. at the moment. It has been in the news constantly for almost a year now, and it was spotted wearing camouflage a couple of times in the last few months. Leaked information and confirmate
  • How Fast Does the New Aventador Track-Only Car Have to Go to Be The Fastest Lamborghini Ever?

    The long answer to the question is, well, longer. In order to even begin understanding what to expect from the upcoming track-only Aventador, we must first look at Lamborghini’s supercar roster from two standpoints: one of them relates to Sant’Agata Bolognese’s road-going cars, while the other has to do with its race cars currently involved in various motorsport competitions around the world. As you know, Lamborghini Squadra Corse has already released a CGI-filled teaser video
  • TopGear Drag Races the Tesla Model S Against the Porsche Taycan But the Results Are Controversial

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is the sort of battle that has the potential to change the EV segment forever. So far, Tesla’s viciously quick Model S has been kicking supercars and muscle cars to the curb in drag races around the world to the delight of Elon Musk’s fanbase. However, it looks like the electric sedan has met its match and then some in the squeaky-new Porsche Taycan. TopGear took the two EVs out for a spin that culminated with both a drag race and a top speed run on the Au
  • You Can Buy Two Ford F-150 Raptors for the Price of a Bollinger B1 or B2

    Bollinger finally announced the prices and the production details for the all-electric, off-road Bollinger B1 (SUV) and B2 (pickup). The company revealed that the two off-roaders will be priced at $125,000 or double the cost of a fully decked-out Ford F-150 Raptor, which starts out at $52,885. This comes as a bit of a surprise because the previous speculation hinted at a starting price of a notch under the six-digit figure. Will Bollinger be able to move these twins as expected, given the sligh
  • Audi Got Horny for Halloween and Gave the Q3 an Epic Mythical Erection

    Audi posted some fun renderings of an Audi Q3 with a unicorn horn on social media, and it got so much attention that the German company decided to bring the “Qnicorn” to life and cruise around the streets of Washington DC. It’s certainly an interesting take on Halloween costumes, and at least the company didn’t get burned like BMW did when it tried to troll Mercedes.
  • Alfa Romeo is on the Verge of Death as Big Models Have Been Nixed

    Alfa Romeo announced back in June of 2018 that it would revive the 8C and GTV with its product roadmap through 2022, but since then, things have certainly changed, Alfa’s sales have been rather sad at best, and those two models have been canceled altogether. The compact Tonale Crossover is still on the docket as is the larger electric SUV – big surprise there – but there’s more to this. A new, updated roadmap for the company for 2019-2022 has been released, and it’
  • BMW’s Halloween Trolling Taught Us That Even Mercedes Pities BMW’s New Massive Grilles

    BMW thought it had the ultimate burn against its biggest rival, Mercedes, by releasing an image on social media that showed a Mercedes wearing a BMW costume. Things didn’t work out as planned, and now @BMAUSA’s social media team is feeling the burn as Daimler AG points out that even it doesn’t like BMW’s new massive grille designs.
  • If You’re Thinking of Leasing a 2020 Toyota Supra, You Might Want to Consider the 2020 BMW Z4 Instead

    My wife will be the first to tell you that I suck at math, but after reviewing Cars Direct’s findings of lease cost for the 2020 Toyota Supra and 2020 BMW Z4, even I can tell you things don’t add up properly – and that’s saying a lot. In short, the more expensive BMW Z4 is cheaper to lease than the Toyota Supra, even when you go for the Z4 M40i and compare it to the entry-level Toyota Supra. Yikes!
  • Mercedes Just Secretly Teased the Next-Gen AMG GT!

    Mercedes-Benz just released a video about Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton visiting its design center and the footage includes a teaser for the next-generation Mercedes-AMG GT sports car. The video shows Hamilton and members of the Mercedes-Benz team checking out a clay model of a sporty coupe, and it might just be a scale prototype of the second-gen GT.
  • Volkswagen Just Teased the ID 4 Electric Crossover That’s Coming to the United States

    Volkswagen held an event in China to show off some of its latest models, including the Vilorian minivan and Tacqua compact crossover, but the highlight of the lineup there was the ID 4 prototype. Undoubtedly, VW plans to enter the Chinese market with the ID 4 compact as well, but since it needs to make a big splash in the states, you’d think that prototype would have been shown here, where the brand has been withholding its new ID lineup.

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