• Best wine advent calendars

    Christmas may seem like a long way away still but with December fast approaching what better way to get in the festive spirit – pun intended – than to think about swapping those small sweet treats for a daily tipple?
    An explosion in the advent calendar market has seen alcohol versions soar in popularity over the past few years, the incentive being to try a number of small versions without splashing out on entire bottles, as well as being able to sample small breweries and artisan pro
  • Exclusive tasting of Jurançon's cult Clos Joliette

    Have you heard of this cult wine? No, neither had I, despite 35 years of writing about wine. Joliette is a tiny vineyard of 1.5 hectares in Chapelle de Rousse, in the northeastern part of Jurançon, that bucolic region in the Pyrenees foothills.Scroll down for Stephen Brook’s Clos Joliette tasting notes and scoresAccording to French wine retailer Clos des Millésimes prices for Clos Joliette wines start at €228.00 a per bottle.See Stephen Brook’s Clos Joliette t
  • Popping a Champagne cork is rocket science, says study

    High speed imagery from a bottle stored at 20 degreesCelsius. A Mach disk appears in 'A', as shown by the white arrow, but has vanished in 'F', one millisecond later.
    Dry ice can briefly shoot out of a Champagne bottle at nearly twice the speed of sound, or about 2,400km per hour, according to new research published in the Science Advances journal.
    While this velocity was only reached for a millisecond and came after storing bottles above the ideal serving temperature, one scientist involved sai
  • Marqués de Murrieta: Ygay, Dalmau & Capellania all tasted

    The Marquis of Murrieta was the first and most influential of the Spanish aristocracy who took it upon themselves to remodel the Spanish vinous template with a distinctly Bordelais flavour. All this started in 1852 and although the Bodega is no longer in eponymous hands the current owner, the deliciously flamboyant Vicente Dalmau Cebrián-Sagarriga, the tenth Conde de Creixell, is the perfect ambassador for the newly renovated property.Scroll down for Simon Field MW’s Marqués
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  • Trade War Roils European Wine Industry

    Four weeks after the United States slapped a punishing 25 percent tariff on many European wines in retaliation for subsidies to airplane manufacturer Airbus, wine professionals on both sides of the Atlantic are grappling with evaporating profits as they navigate an uncertain business environment."We find it brutal and unjust," said Ronan Laborde, owner of Château Clinet and president of the Union des Grand Crus, a Bordeaux trade group. "To impose a tax with 15 days notice, for wine which u
  • Sonoma wineries fight perceptions as well as wildfires

    Vineyards proved resilient in the Kincade fire in northern Sonoma County, although several properties were not so fortunate.Mass evacuations in northern Sonoma County affected winemakers alongside other residents as firefighters battled to protect lives and property by containing the Kincade fire in the Geyserville area at the end of October.
    Soda Rock Winery has described the ‘tremendous heartbreak’ of losing its winery building in Alexander Valley, northeast of Healdsburg, although
  • How is Sake made – Ask Decanter

    Sake bottlesJapanese rice wine is gaining popularity in the west as consumers discover its delicate charms and wonderful ability to pair with all manner of foods. We find out how is Sake made, how important is the quality of the rice and water to the process, and does it ferment in the same way as wine?
    The rice
    Different from our everyday cooking rice, the most important virtue of Sake rice lies in a bigger white heart (‘心白’). If you put a grain of Sake rice in front o
  • Best Value Chablis 2018 - Top buys

    There’s no doubt that the quantity is there for Chablis 2018 with the year seeing one of the largest crops ever, but this is a distinctly mixed vintage.Quick link: Chablis 2018: Full vintage report plus top scoring wineQuality is variable with balance and concentration depending on yields, picking dates and vinification techniques. While there are some distinctly ordinary wines – a problem of bitterness in 2018 due to thicker skins and machine harvesting – there are patche
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  • Champagne Jacquart: Signature 5 years aged Magnum

    Champagne Jacquart has long been on hand to elevate and provide a touch of laidback luxury to life’s milestones, be they momentous or seemingly inconsequential, and with the dawn of the indulgent festive season, Champagne will be increasingly providing the soundtrack of choice to countless such events.
    This year Champagne Jacquart is raising the celebratory mood even higher, for now its cuvée Mosaique Signature can be savoured in magnum, offering a distinctly-measured, refined sense
  • Thieves steal £65k of wine from billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s luxury hotel

    Thieves used the cover of darkness to break into Lime Wood hotel’s award-winning wine cellar, beginning the burglary at 3:38am on Monday 11 November.
    ‘Approximately 80 bottles have been taken with a value of around £65,000,’ said a spokesperson for the luxury hotel, which is based in the New Forest in southern England and is owned by British billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe.
    Lime Wood’s lengthy wine list includes some of the world’s most famous names, from Roman&