• Editor's Picks #458

    Nicholas Korody published the last of his series from a conversation with Denise Scott Brown. Part 3: focused on the pedagogical methods employed in the Learning from Las Vegas studio.Plus, Julia Ingalls wrote about Faulders Studio's Wynwood Facade and how it Highlights Street Art in Miami's Dynamic Parking Structure Scene. While Fred Scharmen really loved "the drawing that shows the lines of the city crawling up to compose the facade…" it seemed nonetheless a "Nice id
  • Only $90 for Frank Gehry's wisdom?

    Don't tell grad students carting around six-figure debt, but those who wish to learn from one of the masters of architecture can now do so for $90. MasterClass, a San Francisco-based educational video company, is now taking pre-orders for an online class taught by none other than Frank Gehry himself. Students can sign up for the class, which offers "video lessons from the instructor, interactive exercises, course materials, peer interaction, and more." Here's a trailer of what you'll l
  • AIA officially states it is pro-immigration and travel-positive

    What would America be without immigrants? More to the point, what would architecture be without the ability for those working within it to freely travel and collaborate with (much more affordable) talent from around the world? In recognition of these facts, the AIA has released an official statement that raises concerns about broad anti-immigration policies, and confirms the institute's dedication to reciprocal "free moment and association" around the globe. Here's the full text of the press rel
  • BAM-topman baalt van mislopen Zuidasdok-project

    BAM-topman Rob van Wingerden baalt dat zijn bedrijf het Zuidasdok niet gaat bouwen. Waarom de bouwer naast het project greep, weet hij niet. “Dat onderzoek ik nog.”De bestuursvoorzitter zei dat dinsdagmiddag in een toelichting op de jaarcijfers.Op het moment dat Van Wingerden de pers toesprak in een hotel op de Zuidas, werd enkele honderden meters verderop in het WTC het contract voor de bouw van het Zuidasdok getekend. Niet door BAM, want een combinatie van Hochtief, Fluor en Heijma
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  • Diébédo Francis Kéré announced as Serpentine Pavilion 2017 designer

    " Diébédo Francis Kéré, the award-winning architect from Gando, Burkino Faso, has been commissioned to design the Serpentine Pavilion 2017, responding to the brief with a bold, innovative structure that brings his characteristic sense of light and life to the lawns of Kensington Gardens. "Serpentine Galleries have revealed that this year's pavilion will be designed by Diébédo Francis Kéré, and responds to the changeable British climate, whi
  • Mooiste gebouw van Boston van Mecanoo

    Sinds 1921 wordt de Harleston Parker Medal toegekend aan het “mooiste gebouw van Boston” dat in de voorgaande…