• Sorry Kids, The Government Is Coming For Your Porn

    The Australian government will look into how well age verification functions on pornography sites in order to curb underage internet users from viewing the restricted content. The Parliamentary committee will examine whether the government can implement laws, similar to online gambling, which requires official forms of identification such as a driver's licence or passport. More »
  • How To Install The iOS 13.1 Beta

    Apple unveiled a bunch of iPhones yesterday and while it kept quiet about the upcoming iOS 13 update, it's coming on September 20. If you're all about being ahead of the curve, you can download the beta of the upcoming 13.1 version right now. Here's how to do it. More »
  • QuickTake Is Exclusive To iPhone 11, Plebs

    When Apple revealed one of the iPhone's new camera features during its September keynote yesterday, I was pumped on the idea that it was probably going to come to other iPhone models via iOS13. Alas, QuickTake video will only be available on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro devices. More »
  • Every Major Aussie Streaming Service Compared

    With Disney+ and Apple TV+ on the way to Australia, the streaming service market is about to get a whole lot more busy.
    Each service will be fighting to keep your attention and money so we thought we'd take a look at what each offers based on pricing, concurrent user offerings, display quality and content libraries to help you determine the best option available. More »
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  • Huawei Interested In Selling Off 5G Hardware, Without The Security Concerns

    It's been a tough year for Chinese telco giant Huawei after being embroiled in allegations of espionage and fraud as well as the ongoing trade war between China and the United States. But while many Western governments have banned its technology from being used for critical infrastructure within their borders, Huawei is looking at offering a solution that will force countries to overlook any security concerns. More »
  • iPhone 11's Camera Butt Is Primed For Le Memes

    If you hadn't heard already, 2019 is the Year of the Phone Butt and Apple's latest release is no exception. More »
  • Here Are The Cheapest iPhones You Can Buy From Apple

    Apples don't come cheap. While people often associate design and innovation with the brand, hefty price tags often come along for the ride. With the recent iPhone 11 announcement, there's no sign of the price rises slowing down. So, if you're not equipped with yonks of disposable income, what sort of options do you have? Here's a handy list of the cheapest iPhones available now. It's a good time to consider your options before the new phones land in just over a week. More »
  • iPhone 11 Pro: Australian Price, Specs, Release Date

    After months of speculation and some cheeky rumours, the iPhone 11 is now official.
    Once again there are three models, with the iPhone 11 Pro being the middle of the pack.Here's how much it's going to cost you in Australia, and when you can get it. More »
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  • iPhone 11: Australian Price, Specs And Release Date

    Along with the iPhone Pro and and Pro Max, Apple just officially announced a more budget-friendly 2019 device -- the iPhone 11.
    Unlike the name of its biggest sibling, the iPhone 11 Pro Max, its moniker is simple. Elegant, even.Here's how much it's going to cost you in Australia, and when you can get it. More »
  • Getting Hands-On Aussie Style With The iPhone 11 Pro

    It's the big Apple day, folks, and I've been here on the ground in Cupertino covering the action. Deep in the Steve Jobs Theatre I got my grubby hands on the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max, the latter of which I'm sure you'll agree has a wildly extra name. More »
  • We Stan The Weird Baby In Frogger

    As usual, some weird things were unveiled at Apple's big event including pet portraits, "slofies" and... a baby wearing Elvis glasses. During the Apple Arcade announcement, an updated version of Frogger was revealed to be one of the exclusives on the service. Replacing the levels with trucks and cars are playtoys and an Elvis baby. Here's why we stan. More »
  • iPhone 11 Will Have Pet Portraits To Pretty Up Your Pooches

    Taking photos of your pets usually sucks given their penchant for moving as much as they damn well please. While no amount of technological advancement will ever fix that, Apple is introducing a Portrait mode on the iPhone 11 series to make your pets look dapper as hell when they eventually do stay still for more than a second. More »
  • Apple's Trying To Make 'Slofie' A Thing, Internet Says Nope

    A lot of things were announced by Apple today but one of them really stood out. Apple, in a classic weird uncle move, is trying to convince the youth they need slow-mo selfies, or slofies, in their life. The internet gave it a piece of its mind – though to be clear, a hands on might change everything. More »
  • iPhone XS And XS Max Are Dead

    This week Apple announced its brand new iPhone 11 series.The company slashed the prices of some of its older models, offering customers some more affordable options.However, there were a couple of iPhones missing from the discount list. And they've disappeared from the website, too. More »
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max: Australian Price, Specs And Release Date

    The rumours were true! The big daddy of iPhones this year is named iPhone Pro Max.Here's how much it's going to cost you in Australia (it's heaps), and when you can get it. More »
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max Sounds Like A Viagra Brand

    We heard the rumours and desperately hoped they weren't true. But today Apple confirmed our worst nightmares - another new naming convention for the iPhone. And it's the worst one to date.While the iPhone 11 is perfectly fine, we can't help but shake our heads at the most expensive model. Say hello to the iPhone 11 Pro Max. More »
  • 2019 iPad: Australian Price, Specs And Release Date

    Apple has unveiled its new iPhone range but in amongst all the furore, a new iPad was also announced. It's coming out later this month so here's whatyou need to know about it. More »
  • This Is When iOS 13 Will Launch In Australia

    On Wednesday Apple had its annual iPhone event. In addition to showing off a bunch of new hardware, it's where Apple usually announces when the next version of iOS will launch.Alas, nothing was mentioned about iOS 13 during the keynote, but don't worry, we went digging so you don't have to. More »
  • Apple Watch Series 5: Australian Price, Specs And Release Date

    The Apple Watch Series 5 is now official, and comes with a few new upgrades and features. Here's how much it's going to cost you and when you can get it in Australia. More »
  • How To Watch Apple's 2019 iPhone 11 Event From Australia

    Apple's Big Day is finally here and while the event is scheduled to take place on Tuesday morning in California, it doesn't translate well for Australians wanting to tune in.So obviously, you need an actual reason to get up at an ungodly hour and watch it. While Apple is deliberately tight-lipped about what exactly it will announce, we have a reasonably good idea of what's expected to be unveiled. More »
  • iPhone 11 Won't Come With Apple Pencil, Reports Sadly Suggest

    We are less than a day away from Apple's unveiling of the new iPhone 11 series but an eleventh-hour leak from renowned Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, has suggested it's going to be missing a few features. Notably, it won't come with Apple Pencil support like we all predicted (and hoped) it would. More »
  • Google Adds To Our Subscription Nightmares With Google Play Pass

    If you could sum up the decade in tech in one word, I'd probably choose 'subscriptions'. While the internet has helped free up time and money for many in some ways, subscriptions are tech companies way of keeping you on the hook for longer, offering movies, television, games and music. But what started out as cost-effective way for consumers to consume entertainment has turned into an expensive, disorientating nightmare.So naturally, Google wants in with its upcoming Play Pass. More »
  • If You Need Happiness In Your Life, Choose These NBN Plans

    If you're after an NBN plan you'll actually like, you might want to pay attention to the latest Roy Morgan Internet Service Provider Customer Satisfaction survey. Released last month, the survey polled almost 15,000 Australians (aged 14 and up) to see how happy they were with their internet daddy. More »
  • The New Bose Portable Home Speaker Looks Like A Bucket

    While home smart devices are pretty convenient for all your dumb queries, portability is not their usual strength. To counteract that, Bose is releasing the Portable Home Speaker in September and it sorta looks like an expensive bucket. More »
  • The Wildest Gadgets We Saw At Europe's Biggest Tech Show

    Last week we were been wandering the halls of IFA - the biggest tech show in Europe.In addition to seeing a plethora of foldables, rollables and 8K screens, we bore witness to some weird and wonderful gadgets you need to see to believe. More »
  • Huawei Confirms Google Apps Won't Be Available On Mate 30

    Huawei has confirmed at the 2019 IFA conference in Berlin that although the Mate 30 series will come with Android 10 pre-installed, the devices will not host any Google apps when the phone launches on September 19.
    Google previously confirmed the app exclusion after months of turmoil amid US President Trump's allegations of Huawei infrastructure being used to spy on citizens, resulting in a ban on US companies (like Google) working with Chinese companies (like Huawei). More »
  • Hands On With Samsung's New Galaxy Fold

    New form factors are always exciting, but nothing else in recent years has captured people's imaginations quite like foldable screens.When it comes to the Galaxy Fold, drama has ensued. From its micro-debut at Samsung's Developer Conference in 2018, to faulty review units, there have been many question marks around how it would eventually perform.
    And while some may have even assumed that the first generation of the Fold would become Vapourware, it made a surprise appearance at IFA 2019. And we
  • Foldable Showdown: Samsung Galaxy Fold Vs Huawei Mate X

    It was unclear whether foldables would be a significant part of the conversation at IFA this year... until both Samsung and Huawei came in swinging with both of their bendy devices.I had a chance to play with both throughout the week, and have some initial comparative thoughts. More »
  • 10 Minutes With Huawei's Foldable Phone

    It was unclear whether foldables were going to be a thing at IFA 2019.
    After Samsung's issues with the Galaxy Fold, and the delay of Huawei's own offering, 2019 has become a kind of bendable purgatory.So imagine my surprise when I found myself racing across Berlin to have a spontaneous, ten minutes hands on with the Mate X. More »
  • Australia Isn't Getting The 5G Samsung Galaxy Fold

    Earlier this week Samsung released the new and improved Galaxy Fold in South Korea, with other markets to follow in the coming weeks and months.A 5G variant of the device was also announced, but it doesn't look like Australia will be seeing it. More »
  • Lenovo VP Thinks Foldables Are Better Suited To Laptops

    Foldables were the talk of IFA 2019, with both Samsung and Huawei showing off soon-to-be-released devices.But while foldable phones are becoming all the rage, we wondered whether bendy screens were better suited to larger devices. And this Lenovo VP agreed. More »
  • Lenovo's Mirage AR Headset Has A New Marvel Game And Some New Universal Controllers

    Two years ago IFA saw the launch of the Lenovo Mirage AR headset, alongside the Jedi Challenges app. Powered by a smartphone, and coming bundled with an official lightsaber controller, you could use it to fight holograms of many Star Wars baddies.
    Despite my assertions that it could be a good way to introduce people to AR via their smartphones, nothing really happened with it. Now, two years later, Lenovo has another app to add to the collection: A Marvel game where you take on the role off vari
  • The Foldable Mate X Could Arrive as Early as Next Month, Says Huawei's Richard Yu

    Ever since the Galaxy Fold release date was pushed back, people have been asking about how that would affect the launch of the Huawei Mate X. Originally slated to arrive in June, the phone was quietly put on hiatus without much information on when it might eventually be released.
    But, according to Richard Yu, the man behind Huawei's mobile division, it could arrive as early as next month. More »
  • Huawei's Kirin 990 Is All About Sticking AI And 5G Into One Teeny Chip

    Most tech companies won't develop their own chips, instead opting for something built by Qualcomm, Intel, or the like. Most tech companies aren't Huawei, and Huawei is all about building its own chips and using them to try and one-up everyone else. The newly-announced Kirin 990 is no exception. More »
  • Lenovo's New Yoga Books Have AI Cooling (Which Also Extends The Battery Life)

    Lenovo just casually announced six new Yoga models at IFA this week, and two of them are particularly exciting.Thanks to some fancy new smart features, they are able to adapt to a user's needs, as well as extend the battery life through AI cooling. More »
  • The Sonos Move Sure Is Heavy For A Portable Bluetooth Speaker

    Rumours and leaks about a bluetooth Sonos speaker have have been circulating for awhile now. And it turns out they were absolutely true.The company just unveiled the Sonos Move at IFA and we got to spend a little bit of time with it. More »
  • Lenovo Announces Three New ThinkBooks So You Can Take Care Of Business

    In addition to a slew of new Yoga Books, today Lenovo announced three new ThinkBooks for the Australian market. More »
  • Android 10's New Features Are Useful (But A Bit Boring)

    If you managed to avoid the news yesterday, Android 10 has been unleashed on the general public. Well, to be precise, a portion of the general public. Google Pixel owners can now update their devices with the rest of the Android crowd being able to get their sweaty palms on it before the end of 2019. But to entice you to upgrade, here are some the features we think are reasonably cool. More »
  • Samsung Just Gave The Galaxy Fold A New Release Date (And 5G)

    Hours before its IFA press conference Samsung has officially slapped a new release date on the Galaxy Fold.And it's soon. Real soon. More »
  • Acer Just Dropped Four New Chromebooks

    Day one of IFA has kicked off in Berlin and new laptops are already falling from the proverbial heavens.Acer was one of the first out of the gate by announcing a slew of new machines, including four Chromebooks. Here's what we know. More »
  • The Energizer Phones Are Back Baby

    The massive Energizer phone that debuted at MWC earlier this year didn't do so well when it came to crowdfunding. But that doesn't mean that it's game over for the brand in the mobile space.This week it's been announced that two new Energizer phones would be shown off at IFA in Berlin this week. More »
  • Android 10 Has Officially Arrived To Upgrade Your Life

    Google has announced Android 10 is rolling out to Pixel phones from September 4 with other devices due to receive the update by the end of the year. The update is one of Google's most anticipated yet so here's what Pixel owners can expect from the update. More »
  • Bang & Olufsen's First Soundbar Is As Exxy As It Is Sexy

    Bang & Olufsen has announced its first soundbar, the Beosound Stage, in the lead up to IFA.In true B&O fashion, it's a technological feast for the eyes. But anyone familiar with the brand will also know that it's going to cost a pretty penny. More »
  • Of Course Some iPhone 11 Benchmarks Have Leaked

    We're a week away from the iPhone 11 launch, which is the perfect time for some last minute leaks.And hey, it's par for the course at this point, right? Even Apple leaked last year's lineup mere hours before their unveiling.This time around its some alleged benchmarks, and they sure are interesting. More »
  • 5G Phones Might Actually Be Affordable In Australia Soon

    5G has landed and with it, comes a barrage of new release 5G-enabled phones. Right now, however, they're damn expensive meaning many Australians are locked out of upgrading. Samsung's upcoming 5G entry might be about to change all that. More »
  • 10 Things The 'Storm Area 51' Event Might Uncover (Besides Aliens)

    On September 20, 2 million people plan on storming the Area 51 military base in Nevada, U.S.A. with the sole purpose of uncovering (and potentially emancipating) the aliens long rumoured to be held at the site.
    But 'them aliens' aren't the only things that might call Area 51 home. More »
  • Apple Might Be Quietly Planning To Make A Google Glass Competitor

    Augmented reality headsets haven't quite revolutionised the world like some originally speculated they would. They're clunky, heavy and their functionality is pretty limited right now. But a new report claims Apple might be throwing its hat in the AR headset ring anyway. The report claimed to have discovered code on iOS 13 suggesting there's one on the way. Here's what we know. More »
  • We Stress Tested Sony's New 4K TV With Tasty Weeb Content

    I recently got a sneak peak at some of Sony's brand new TVs.
    This included it's very first consumer 8K tellie, which was promptly ruined with a meme.I got to spend a bit more time with the 4K A9G and were particularly interested in how it would handle upscaling. Plus I'm 115 hours into Fire Emblem Three Houses and have no intention of stopping naytime soon, so I did the only logical thing. Inundated the unit with some of my favourite weeb trash. More »
  • Moto G7 And G7 Plus: Australian Price, Specs And Release Date

    Motorola just dropped some hot last minute Friday news.
    The Moto G7 and G7 Plus are coming to Australia! This is how much they'll cost, and when you can get your grabby hands on them. More »
  • KFC Is Selling Chicken Nachos... In One Location At 2am

    KFC is re-imagining Mexican nachos as 'Chachos' - a cheese-and-salsa laden snack that substitutes corn chips for chicken tenders. If you're salivating at the thought of this fast food mashup, we've got some unfortunate news: you can only buy it between the hours of 2am and 3am from a food truck in Melbourne CBD. No, really. More »
27 Nov 2020

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