• Galaxy S11 won’t have a waterfall display either

    Different manufacturers have different solutions to the smartphone bezel problem. Some employ notches or cutouts, others popup cameras. Still some wrap the entire phone in a single display. Aside from its new punch-hole cutout, Samsung’s solution has been to basically hide at least the side bezels by pushing them over the edge. Out of sight, out of mind. Considering it … Continue reading
  • Sony SRS-WS1 is a wireless speaker you wear around your neck

    Wireless audio equipment have gotten a surge of popularity and innovation, in no small part thanks to the demise of the venerable headphone jack on smartphones. A variety of wireless headsets have popped up, ranging from gigantic over ear cups to not so tiny earbuds. The Sony SRS-WS1 Immersive Wireless Speaker may, at a quick glance, look like one of … Continue reading
  • Samsung outsourcing Galaxy A phones to Chinese ODMs

    In an ideal world, smartphone makers have full control over all aspects of the product, from software to hardware to production. Not even Apple has achieved 100% control and companies like Samsung are even less likely to. Now it seems that the world’s largest phone maker will be giving up even more control as it will reportedly tap Chinese companies … Continue reading
  • 16-inch MacBook Pro still extremely difficult to repair reveals iFixit

    Apple’s mythical 16-inch MacBook Pro almost remained just that, late and elusive. But when it did finally debut, it checked almost every item on the rumor list, including the new-old scissor switch “Magic Keyboard”. But we all know that looks can be deceiving and what lies beneath is just as important, especially when it comes to repairs. That’s why iFixit … Continue reading
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  • Half-Life: Alyx is Valve’s flagship VR game whatever that means

    Valve is perhaps best known for the Steam PC gaming store and platform but it is perhaps a lesser known fact that it has also developed and published a few games, including the famous Half-Life franchise. It is, however, also infamous for being unable to follow up on its ow promises of sequels, particularly in completing trilogies. The company is … Continue reading
  • Sony PS5 controller patent reveals microphone and subtle redesign

    Sony is the recipient of a newly published patent in Japan showing multiple illustrations of what may be the upcoming PlayStation 5 controller’s design. As previously leaked, the patent indicates the new controller will feature a built-in microphone (possibly two); there are also some small changes to the overall design compared to the DualShock 4, though the two look very … Continue reading
  • Amazon free music streaming expands to Fire TV and mobile

    Earlier this year, Amazon announced that its Amazon Music service was now free (with advertisements) for anyone who owned a smart speaker featuring its Alexa personal assistant. Amazon has expanded that perk to its wider ecosystem, namely the Fire TV platform, as well as on Android and iOS using the Amazon Music app. Users aren’t required to have an Amazon … Continue reading
  • Huawei 90-day license extension still leaves Mate 30 fate in limbo

    The rumors were only partially correct. The US Commerce Department has indeed thrown Huawei a lifeline by granting it another Temporary General License extension but not the short 14-day period earlier believed. In fact, for the third time, Huawei is being given another 90 days to do business with US companies. Despite what looks like a generous reprieve, however, the … Continue reading
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  • Google Maps test lets users follow top Local Guides around the world

    Google is making it easier for Google Maps users to find interesting places by allowing them to follow popular Local Guides, the company has announced. The new feature is described as a pilot that will take place in a number of major cities around the world, including Osaka, Mexico City, New York City, Bangkok, London, and more. The new pilot … Continue reading
  • Ricoh Theta SC2 spherical camera packs 4K and Night View mode

    Ricoh has unveiled its new Theta SC2, a 360-degree camera targeting the entry-level market with both video and still image capabilities. The model features a simple rectangular design and is capable of capturing spherical images and video at up to 4K/30fps resolution. The company has packed multiple modes into the new Theta SC2, as well as an OLED screen and … Continue reading
  • Disney+ accounts hacked: Here’s how to stay safe

    If you’ve already had your Disney+ account hacked in the short time since the service first launched, you’ve likely already been in contact with Disney officials. If you’ve not yet been the victim of the wide-ranging scheme in the first few days since launch of the Disney+ streaming content system, now’s the time to change your password, yet again. Even … Continue reading
  • High-protein diets may be dangerous for people trying to lose weight

    High-protein diets are trendy right now, but they may not be healthy. According to a new expert editorial, substituting the majority of carbohydrates with protein is hard on the kidneys, something that’s particularly risky among the morbidly obese and individuals who have diabetes. At the core of the matter are people who are unaware they’re at higher risk when they … Continue reading
  • Mustang Mach-E EV credits and reservations: What you need to know

    Ford has thrown open the reservation list for the 2021 Mustang Mach-E, but while you could be excused for being wary about an all-new electric car, there might be a good reason to stake an early place in line. Announced this weekend, ahead of the LA Auto Show 2019, the Mustang Mach-E isn’t expected to actually arrive at dealerships until … Continue reading
  • Deezer HiFi lossless audio plan finally arrives on mobile devices

    If you’re looking to sign up for Deezer’s HiFi lossless audio plan but you don’t want to be shackled to your computer or forced to use a compatible speaker, the company has good news: support for mobile devices has arrived. As of now, Deezer HiFi customers can access the lossless audio library on their Android or iOS device; there’s also … Continue reading
  • Samsung confirms Galaxy Note 9 update to Android 10

    Samsung decided to grace the Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy S9 with their latest One UI 2.0 Beta software, and along with it, Android 10. This information comes after earlier tips that the software was distributed to testers – and will now roll out to the two biggest 2018 smartphones to’ve been released by Samsung. This information comes straight … Continue reading
  • Review: TiVo Edge DVR with voice remote control

    Earlier this year, TiVo introduced its new Edge DVR, a model featuring a new angular design and the same type of thick remote control included with the older Bolt DVR model. The new Edge DVR packs a large number of features, combining live television with popular streaming apps and enough storage for hundreds of hours of high-definition TV. Does the … Continue reading
  • iOS 13.2.3 released to fix iPhone search and download bugs

    Apple has released another iOS 13 update, bringing the latest version of the software for iPhone to iOS 13.2.3 and with it addressing a number of search, attachment, and background activity glitches. It comes less than two weeks since Apple released iOS 13.2.2, which featured a fix for over-aggressive closing of background apps. Indeed, Apple has been pumping out iOS … Continue reading
  • WhatsApp MP4 bug lets hackers control your phone

    At this moment and for the foreseeable future, it’s a good idea to avoid opening MP4 files in WhatsApp. There’s a bug in WhatsApp for both iOS and Android where a malicious person can send a specially-crafted MP4 file to ultimately control a users’ phone. This bug was patched, but not all people in the world have said patch right … Continue reading
  • BMW i4 teases a 530hp electric sedan with big range boasts

    Ford might have thought it would get the lion’s share of new EV attention this week, but BMW is aiming to upstage the Mustang Mach-E with news that the new BMW i4 is now in testing. The sleek “four-door coupe” will be all-electric when it pulls into dealerships from 2021 onwards, and the promise is V8 performance with zero emissions. … Continue reading
  • Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is the version holdouts have been waiting for

    It’s been nearly four years since Street Fighter V first launched, and now it seems Capcom is finally ready to launch a definitive version of the game. Today Capcom announced Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, which is launching next year and comes with most of the content released thus far. If you’re a fighting game fan who has somehow managed … Continue reading
  • Galaxy Note 10+ Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker special edition revealed

    The first special edition Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker smartphone has arrived, and it’s very Dark Side, if you know what I mean. It’s a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus (or 10+, if you prefer), made in a limited edition for the launch of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. It’s largely black, centering on the aesthetics of Kylo … Continue reading
  • When people ask about the 2019 Motorola Razr, here’s what I say

    If the number of people asking me about the new Motorola Razr is anything to go by, rebooting the classic flip phone may have been the best thing Motorola has done in years. Announced last week, the new Razr pairs a clamshell design with a flexible display; it may not be the first foldable to be announced, but it’s shaping … Continue reading
  • Google Stadia Review: Amazing, for now

    When this Google Stadia Review was first posted, the service hadn’t yet formally launched. Google sent the Founders Package to a set of sources that got an early look and were invited to review the game streaming system before the official Google Stadia release date of November 19, 2019. As such, we gave the service an early once-over review with … Continue reading
  • Oculus Link beta lands on Oculus Quest today: How to get going

    Back during Oculus Connect 6, Facebook announced that it would be bringing Oculus Link to the Oculus Quest. At the time, the company didn’t give us a release date for the future, but today is the big day. Oculus Link has landed on Oculus Quest in beta, giving you a chance to tether your Oculus Quest to your PC to … Continue reading
  • Nintendo Switch Lite flip cover finally heads west

    In the lead-up to the launch of the Switch Lite, Nintendo debuted a first-part flip cover for the device. The flip cover is a fairly basic product, as it serves to protect the front and back of the console when it’s not in use. There was just one problem: At the time, Nintendo only confirmed the flip cover for Japan. … Continue reading
  • Ford’s Mustang Mach-E unveil got an unexpected response from Elon Musk

    The specter of Tesla looms large over every new electric car: the automaker’s vocal fans and outspoken CEO can be among the EV industry’s harshest judges. Ford clearly decided to lean into that, choosing to unveil its new 2021 Mustang Mach-E electric car right on Elon Musk’s doorstep, but it may not have had the effect the company expected. Announced … Continue reading
  • T-Mobile CEO John Legere is leaving: Here’s what we know

    It’s the end of an era for T-Mobile, as CEO John Legere announced today that he’ll soon be stepping down from his position. The transition won’t happen for a little while yet, but T-Mobile has already tapped a successor for Legere, confirming that current president and COO Mike Sievert will be picking up the mantle of CEO. Legere won’t be … Continue reading
  • Researchers created T-Ray device the size of a shoebox

    Researchers from MIT, Harvard University, and the U.S. Army have built a compact device the size of a shoebox that works at room temperature to produce a terahertz laser with a frequency that can be tuned over a wide range. The big deal with the T-ray machine that the team has built is that it is the size of a … Continue reading
  • Audi S8 offers Bi-turbo 4.0L V8 with 571hp and 590 lb-ft torque

    Audi has a new version of the venerable S8 to woo luxury performance buyers with. The car is the new Audi S8, and its heart is a Biturbo V8. That V8 engine makes 571 hp and 590 pound-ft of torque and offers up to 20.8 mpg. Audi fitted the V8 with mild-hybrid technology. The top speed for the S8 is … Continue reading
  • Motorola Razr 2019 screen repair price is surprisingly low

    There is still some reservations about foldable phones, the ones with flexible screens, and those didn’t really go away just because Motorola announced its own take on the trend. The New Motorola Razr, a.k.a. the 2019 Motorola Razr, caught people’s attention and imaginations because of the iconic name and because of its different take on the foldable design. Different compared … Continue reading
  • Custom bionic hand 3D printed in only 10 hours

    A team of engineers at WMG and the University of Warwick with assistance from a collaboration of other companies has created a 3D printed bionic hand that can be produced in 10 hours. The 3D printed bionic arm has muscle sensors to control an articulated thumb and can function similarly to a human hand. The bionic hand is part of … Continue reading
  • Top 11 gadgets uit de Aldi, Lidl, Action en Kruidvat folder: week 47 - Want

    Top 11 gadgets uit de Aldi, Lidl, Action en Kruidvat folder: week 47  Want
  • Galaxy S11 camera might feature 108MP sensor, 8K recording, new modes

    Samsung is almost becoming like Sony when it comes to imaging sensors. It is making notable smartphone cameras that push other manufacturers to the top but it doesn’t always use the same components for its own flagships, at least not immediately. Case in point is the 108-megapixel sensor on the Xiaomi CC9 Pro and Mi Note 10 or even its … Continue reading
  • Ford Mustang Mach-E first ride – Inside the electric pony

    Ford’s Mustang Mach-E isn’t set to reach dealerships until late 2020, but with prototypes already on the streets we didn’t say no when the automaker asked if we wanted a ride. Still wrapped in its design-diluting camouflage, the test-mule isn’t ready for drivers outside of Ford to get behind the wheel, but it was still enough to get a taste … Continue reading
  • Huawei Mate 30 Pro repair is moderately easy as shown by iFixit teardown

    If you strip away the uncertainty around it, the Huawei Mate 30 Pro is arguably one of this year’s top Android smartphones. For those in China that never had official access to Google apps and services anyway, that may already be the case. Presuming it ever this prolonged nightmare soon, it could still make up for lost time thanks to … Continue reading
  • Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit wants to outfit your Xbox Adaptive Controller

    Last year, Microsoft got a lot of positive attention when it launched its Xbox Adaptive Controller. The controller, essentially, is meant to be a customizable input method for those with disabilities, sporting two oversized buttons and a traditional D-pad on the front. With a row of 3.5mm jacks running along the top of the controller, the Xbox Adaptive Controller allows … Continue reading
  • OnePlus 6 Android 10 update paused again due to unresolved bugs

    OnePlus easily garnered praise when it announced its update plans for its phones, including the OnePlus 5 but that good will might be running out quickly. It may have tried to roll out Android 10 early to last year’s OnePlus and OnePlus 6T but only one of those is enjoying the update. OnePlus continues to push and then pull the … Continue reading
  • Classic HTC phone could be ailing company’s next big attempt

    When you’re no longer able to keep up with the fast-paced cutthroat smartphone market, it seems that the next big bet would be to try to remind the world of the legacy you created. Nostalgia, after all, is a very strong emotion and has recently proven to be quite profitable, too. That may be the appeal that HTC will try … Continue reading
  • Google Stadia Day One titles now include 22 games

    Google made it clear, though just a few days before its scheduled launch date, that its Stadia game streaming service wouldn’t be feature complete on Day One. That might have been acceptable if Google keeps its promise to push out updates quickly but one aspect that was mocked, directly and indirectly, was its sparse list of 12 launch titles. It … Continue reading
  • Ford SYNC 4 first look: Mustang Mach-E high-tech dashboard revealed

    Ford’s crisp, clean cabin for the 2021 Mustang Mach-E means there’s no missing SYNC 4, the new infotainment system making its production car debut on the automakers EV. Announced last month, SYNC 4 borrows gestures and controls familiar from smartphones, but also sees Ford recognize that drivers invariably want to use their favorite apps on their phones, not have versions … Continue reading
  • Ford Mustang Mach-E first look: Electric SUV takes on Tesla

    The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E has been officially revealed, complete with divisive design, up to 300 miles of all-electric range, and the sort of tech that EV drivers might more commonly associate with Tesla. Slipping out from under the covers just ahead of the LA Auto Show 2019, the newest addition to the Mustang family is counting on more than … Continue reading
  • Brand New Cherry Flavor horror mini-series is heading to Netflix

    Netflix will be home to a mini-series adaption of Brand New Cherry Flavor, a horror adaption of the book by the same name. The core cast for this series has been assembled, according to an announcement about the series, with Rosa Salazar from Undone tapped to play the leading role. According to a new report, the series will be eight … Continue reading
  • Facebook Popular Photos test mimics Instagram’s scrolling image feed

    Facebook is testing a new feature called Popular Photos that mimics the image scrolling feed found on Instagram. The test was recently spied within the company’s main mobile app, where users are presented with Popular Photos after they open an image posted by another user. The feature hints at another Instagram-like feature that Facebook may plan to bring to its … Continue reading
  • Google Assistant Ambient Mode rolls out on more Android phone models

    In early September during IFA 2019, Google announced a new version of Ambient Mode for Google Assistant that brought the feature to Android smartphones and tablets. The feature imitates the one originally only made available on smart displays, but it had very limited availability on mobile. That has started to change with users noticing a wider rollout in recent days. … Continue reading
  • Even mild inflammation may harm the brain’s ability to stay alert

    Inflammation, including the kind resulting from mild colds, may impact the brain’s ability to become and stay alert, something often referred to as ‘brain fog.’ The findings come from a new study out of the University of Birmingham, which injected participants with a salmonella typhoid vaccine in order to temporarily induce inflammation in their bodies. Inflammation in the body isn’t … Continue reading
  • The rough road ahead for Netflix as streaming service war intensifies

    Netflix’s throne could be shaken up in months to come. The OG streaming site’s dominance is challenged by big changes in the industry. Rising competition, supply issues and an erratic streaming landscape are all giving the multi-billion company a big headache. These changes are forcing Netflix to respond early to keep its lead. They may have pioneered subscription streaming services … Continue reading
  • Bestellen bij de Sint: de slimste snufjes voor uw kind - Het Belang van Limburg

    Bestellen bij de Sint: de slimste snufjes voor uw kind  Het Belang van Limburg
  • PSA: Log in to Fortnite this weekend to unlock Supercharged bonus

    If you’re hoping to unlock all of the current Battle Pass tiers before the game’s 11th season ends, be sure to log in to Fortnite both today and tomorrow to unlock a special bonus. First introduced with this season, Epic is offering players “Supercharged XP,” which is a way to get a limited — but still quite substantial — amount … Continue reading
  • Cortana for Android and iOS will disappear in multiple markets soon

    Microsoft plans to stop supporting the Cortana mobile app in select markets starting in early 2020, the company quietly revealed on its support website. It’s unclear how broadly the app will be removed — based on Microsoft’s message, it will happen in at least three countries. Microsoft’s personal assistant will remain available on Windows 10, of course. Cortana is Microsoft’s … Continue reading
  • Disney+ will offer The Simpsons in original format starting in 2020

    If you’re a Disney Plus subscriber, you can now stream the first 30 seconds of The Simpsons on the streaming service, but there’s a catch: all of the episodes are in widescreen format. This is a problem for the older seasons, which were released in the 4:3 aspect ratio that was standard at the time. Fans have complained and now … Continue reading