• Lawyers Call For Mistrial After Jesse Jackson Shows Up To Georgia Court

    Photo: Getty Images
    Attorneys representing the three men accused of killing Ahmaud Arbery filed motions for a mistrial Monday morning (November 15) after Rev. Jesse Jackson showed up to the Glynn County courthouse in Georgia.
    The civil rights icon’s attendance comes after William “Roddie” Bryan‘s lawyer, Kevin Gough, made controversial remarks about “Black pastors” showing up for the Arbery family during the trial.
    Another one of the accused men’s lawyer
  • A Piece of Peace – Why Dr. King Would Still Believe in Nonviolence  

    “No justice, no peace. Know justice, know peace.”  
    That common phrase has been shouted from the rooftops and exclaimed on the streets from activists, protestors and others looking for some answers from the latest crime that afflicted someone with melanated skin who looks like them.  
    On Monday, January 17, MLK Day is celebrated in the Black community and beyond as many reflect back on what he did with the Civil Rights movement and look forward to what is still po
  • The Black Press Supports New VP Harris’ Comms Director Jamal Simmons

    He’s one of the top five high-ranking Black men leading the way at the White House.  
    He is none other than Detroit’s native son Jamal Simmons and he was recently tapped as Vice President Kamala Harris’ new communications director in early January.    
    Simmons, a political analyst (who has appeared on national news networks like MSNBC and CNN), is no stranger to the spotlight or diligently working behind the scenes.  
    Within Harris’ administration
  • TikTok Star Rory Teasley Strangled To Death By Boyfriend Over Video Game

    TikTok Star Rory Teasley Strangled To Death By Boyfriend Over Video Game
    Photo: Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department
    TikTok star Rory Teasley has reportedly died after his boyfriend of 10 years strangled him to death over a video game dispute.
    According to police in Pontiac, Michigan, Teasley’s boyfriend, Docquen Jovo Watkins, choked the 28-year-old to death during a fight over the popular video game Overwatch. Watkins, 31, has been charged with second-degree murder, court records obtained by People show.
    Teasley amassed more than 20,000 followers on th
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  • Cardi B Says She Felt ‘Extremely Suicidal’ As She Testifies In Libel Trial

    Photo: Getty Images
    Cardi B testified in court on Thursday during her libel case against Youtuber Tasha Kebe, revealing that she felt “extremely suicidal” after Kebe allegedly spread salacious lies about the “WAP” rapper. As Cardi took the stand on day four of the trial, she opened up about how Tasha’s “malicious” smear campaign, including rumors that the Grammy Award winning star contracted sexual diseases, caused her to develop fatigue, anxiety, weight
  • Judge Agrees To Delay Trial Of 3 Officers Charged In George Floyd’s Murder

    Photo: Getty Images
    A Minnesota agree this week to delay the state trial of three former officers charged in the murder of George Floyd, but only if attorneys on both sides can agree on a new date.
    On Monday (January 10), Hennepin County Judge Peter Cahill ordered attorneys to agree on a new trial date that’s within one year, but if they can’t come to an agreement by Sunday (January 16), the current date of March 7, 2022 will remain in place.
    Thomas Lane, Tou Thao, and J. Keung are e
  • Biden Nominates First Black Woman To US Federal Reserve Board

    Photo: Getty Images
    President Joe Biden is expected to soon unveil his three picks for the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors, which includes a potential history-making nominee.
    Lisa Cook, a long-time Professor of Economics and International Relations at Michigan State University, is among Biden’s selected Fed leaders, and would be the first Black woman to serve in the role.
    Cook is also the first Marshall Scholar from Spelman College and, if confirmed by the Senate, would join Bid
  • No Black Creators Made ‘Forbes’ Highest Paid TikTokers List

    No Black Creators Made ‘Forbes’ Highest Paid TikTokers List
    Photo: Getty Images
    With all of the dances, popular sounds, skits, and original content series that Black creators bring to TikTok one would assume at least one innovator would’ve made a list amongst the platform’s top earners.
    But, that wasn’t the case in Forbes‘ new list of “Top-Earning TikTok-ers 2022” released a week ago. Not a single Black TikTok creator made the publication’s list, which ranked the collective $55.5 million white creators are bringi
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  • Dave Chappelle Opens Up About Regret He Feels Following Bob Saget’s

    Photo: Getty Images
    Dave Chappelle is dealing with the regret that comes with losing a close friend unexpectedly.
    During a stand-up show Thursday night (January 13) in Los Angeles, the legendary comedian revealed that Bob Saget, who passed away on Sunday (January 9), texted him before he died, but he never responded to the text.
    “Tomorrow I’m going to go lay my comrade [Bob] to rest,” he began. “Listen, I’m getting old, so a lot of people I know die… I starte
  • School Board Member Uses ‘Data’ To Go On Racist Rant About Black Teachers

    Photo: Getty Images
    Parents in the Houston area are calling for a school board member to resign after he went on a racist rant blaming Black children’s lower graduation rates on the high number of Black teachers in the district.
    Cypress Independent School District board member Scott Henry unleashed a racist rant during a January 10 meeting that left parents and educators in shock.
    “I’m a big data guy, so I know data. Data can be skewed any way you want it to,” Henry said
  • MLK Day Celebrations Happening Around The Country

    MLK Day Celebrations Happening Around The Country
    Photo: Getty Images
    The US will mark its official commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.‘s birthday on Monday (January 17).
    For many, the day off is really a day on, full of service projects, celebrations, and ceremonies that on the life’s work of the late civil rights icon.
    King, born January 15, 1929, is known for his speeches, leading marches and a movement for Civil Rights in the United States. Before his assassination in 1968, King’s platform was rapidly expanding int
  • Ohio Supreme Court Blocks GOP-Drawn Congressional Voting Map

    Ohio Supreme Court Blocks GOP-Drawn Congressional Voting Map
    Photo: Getty Images
    In a ruling Friday (January 14), the Ohio Supreme Court struck down a GOP-drawn congressional map that would’ve given Republicans an advantage in elections over the next decade.
    The Court ruled in a narrow 4-3 vote that the map’s boundary lines violated a 2018 measure passed by voters that gave map drawing authority to a commission in hopes of circumventing the practice of gerrymandering.
    The ruling comes just two days after the same court decided against legislat
  • History In Action: What Martin Luther King Jr’s Descendants Are Doing Today

    History In Action: What Martin Luther King Jr’s Descendants Are Doing Today
    Photo: Getty Images
    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a legendary icon in the ongoing fight against racial injustice in the United States. Even though it’s been nearly 54 years since he died, his legacy continues to endure through his children and grandchild.
    All of his descendants have advocated for civil rights in some way through their lives, and their advocacy has even extended to other issues. Some have lent their voice to the LGBT+ community, while others have their activism overseas. H
  • Homeless in a pandemic-stricken Chicago

    Homeless in a pandemic-stricken Chicago
    Underneath the city streets on Lower Wacker, many people have set up encampments along a stretch of concrete and iron rust. It can smell like gasoline, cat urine, pigeon droppings, rat decay, mold, and rotted fruit, depending on where you’re standing. At night the light is harsh and artificial, and the hum of cars, buses, and trucks never stops. Those who live here call it the Underworld. Some struggle with PTSD and substance use disorder. It’s late December 2020, and they are all t
  • Celebrations and dance floors

    Celebrations and dance floors
    Looking for some ways to spice up your winter free time? We’ve got you covered, just read on.FRI 1/14It’s certainly been gloomy and gray enough lately to turn your mind to gothic fancies, and A Red Orchid Theatre (1531 N. Wells) feeds that inclination with the Chicago premiere of Jen Silverman’s The Moors. The company returns to live performance (fingers crossed for no Omicron shutdowns!) with Silverman’s dark comedy, which combines Brontë-esque spinsters who are li
  • Donald Glover Has A Message For His Critics Ahead Of ‘Atlanta’ Return

    Donald Glover Has A Message For His Critics Ahead Of ‘Atlanta’ Return
    Photo: Getty Images
    It’s been four years since Donald Glover‘s series Atlanta graced televisions, and the unexpected hiatus has garnered many critics over time. But Glover, aka Childish Gambino, has a message for his critics ahead of the season 3 premiere of his Golden Globe Award winning show.
    On Wednesday, the actor/rapper, who rarely posts on social media, shared a tweet to let the naysayers know, he’s open and ready for all the criticism, writing:
    “please @ me this ye
  • Lionel Richie To Be Honored By The Library Of Congress

    Photo: Getty Images
    Lionel Richie will soon be saying “Hello” to yet another award for his lasting impact in music –– this time from the Library of Congress.
    Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden announced Thursday morning (January 13) that the singer-songwriter is the 2022 winner of the prestigious Gershwin Prize for Popular Song because the his work has “entertained and inspired us –– and helped strengthen our global connections.”
    “Lionel Rich
  • A 21st-century Oklahoma!

    A 21st-century Oklahoma!
    Director Daniel Fish’s controversial 2019 Broadway revival of the classic musical Oklahoma! has come to Chicago for a two-week run at the CIBC Theatre. I don’t know how Fish’s innovative rethinking of the work (first developed at Bard College’s Fisher Center in 2015, and then produced off-Broadway at St. Ann’s Warehouse in 2018 prior to the Broadway move) will resonate with audiences who don’t already know the show; as a piece of theatrical storytelling, this
  • Family Of 23-Year-Old YouTuber Found Dead Can’t Get Answers From Police

    Family Of 23-Year-Old YouTuber Found Dead Can’t Get Answers From Police
    Photo: Getty Images
    A Connecticut family is calling out police who they say isn’t not giving them any answers into the investigation of their 23-year-old daughter’s death.
    Lauren Smith-Fields was allegedly found unresponsive in her Bridgeport apartment on December 12 and “later died” police said, but it was her family members who noted her death came shortly after meeting “an older white man” on the Bumble app earlier the same evening.
    According to reports, it
  • GOP Senator Calls Black Judicial Nominee’s 3 Speeding Tickets A ‘Rap Sheet’

    GOP Senator Calls Black Judicial Nominee’s 3 Speeding Tickets A ‘Rap Sheet’
    Photo: Getty Images
    A Republican senator from Tennessee said she would block President Joe Biden‘s judicial nominee over concerns about his extensive “rap sheet” made up of a whopping three speeding tickets.
    During a judicial committee meeting Wednesday (January 12), Sen. Marsha Blackburn vowed to block Andre Mathis‘ nomination to the US Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit after alleging he has a criminal record.
    “He has a rap sheet with a laundry list of citations
  • Young Dolph’s Partner Speaks Out In New Interview: ‘They Stole My Future’

    Young Dolph’s Partner Speaks Out In New Interview: ‘They Stole My Future’
    Photo: Getty Images
    Young Dolph‘s partner Mia Jaye is speaking out for the first time officially since the rapper’s sudden death. In a recent interview with ABC News Live Prime, Jaye opened up about losing her “soulmate” and managing life as a single mom following the tragic loss. Speaking with ABC anchor Linsey Davis, Jaye shared:
    “It’s been extremely difficult, just having to pick up the pieces and to find the strength for my children. We felt we had a duty
  • Missouri White Man Fatally Shooting Black Neighbor Deemed ‘Justifiable’

    Missouri White Man Fatally Shooting Black Neighbor Deemed ‘Justifiable’
    Photo: Getty Images
    After months of outcry from a Missouri community, the death of a Black and Filipino man shot and killed by his white neighbor was ruled a justifiable homicide.
    On November 3, Justin King, 28, was fatally shot in his Bourbon, Missouri trailer park community located approximately 75 miles outside of St. Louis. King’s family and other neighbors have disputed initial claims made by police about how he died.
    The original report of the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office s
  • Roddy Ricch Cancels ‘SNL’ Appearance After COVID Exposure

    Photo: Getty Images
    Roddy Ricch was gearing up to take the stage during Saturday Night Live for the first time, but ultimately had to cancel after being exposed to COVID-19. According to reports, the 23-year-old rapper pulled out of this week’s episode and will be replaced by Bleachers. Roddy confirmed the news via his Instagram Stories, writing:
    “Due to recent COVID exposure on my team and to keep everyone safe I won’t be able to perform on SNL this weekend. I’m working
  • King’s Legacy: Brothers Of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Making Change

    King’s Legacy: Brothers Of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Making Change
    Before Martin Luther King Jr. traveled the country reshaping social justice movements in the nation’s most segregated cities, he was both a graduate of Morehouse College and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. In his march toward change, King Jr. represented both proudly and loudly. Decades after his assassination, members of his fraternity carry the legacy of both their fallen brother and the illustrious fraternity. As the nation celebrates the life and accomplishments of one of the greates
  • El análisis del agua de la prisión de Stateville no cumplió con la regulación federal

    El análisis del agua de la prisión de Stateville no cumplió con la regulación federal
    Una evaluación independiente de la calidad del agua realizada en noviembre de 2021 en una de las prisiones más grandes de Illinois no siguió las regulaciones federales a pesar de la preocupación sobre los altos niveles de contaminación.  El mes pasado, la organización periodística Injustice Watch informó sobre la grave crisis de agua en el Centro Correccional de Stateville que dejó a las personas encarceladas sin agua limp
  • Remembering Gustavo Mellado; Silk Road announces new paths

    Remembering Gustavo Mellado; Silk Road announces new paths
    As a year filled with many losses in Chicago’s theater community wound down, word came in late December that Gustavo Mellado, a founding ensemble member of Teatro Vista, had died at age 69. A December 29 tribute on the company’s Facebook page noted that Mellado was “a wonderful actor with a beautiful singing voice,” and also noted that he “was known for his great sense of fun. Being in his presence guaranteed fits of laughter and quite often, spontaneous danci
  • Here’s season two of Monday Night Foodball

    Here’s season two of Monday Night Foodball
    Monday Night Foodball has been on a holiday hiatus for more than a month, and I’m soooooo bored. I can’t spend another Monday night pacing the empty, echoing void of the Kedzie Inn, balancing imaginary plates of curried lamb ddukboki, Cambodian fried chicken sandwiches, and pimento cheese hash brown jalapeno poppers, plaintively calling out your name.Can someone let me out? I’m running out of beer. There’s only Malört left.I guess I can wait until January 24. That&r
  • Famous Friends Of Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Famous Friends Of Martin Luther King, Jr.
    At the time of his rise to popularity, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had made countless connections around the country. The Civil Rights Movement united plenty of people, and harnessing the celebrity power of Black singers, entertainers, athletes, and actors played a key role in the groundbreaking work being done to bring equality to Black people. 
    As Dr. King preached, marched, and worked with a dynamic network of community organizers to push the fight for freedom forward, people like Jacki
  • Supreme Court Blocks Biden’s Workplace Vaccine Mandate

    Photo: Getty Images
    On Thursday (January 13), the US Supreme Court blocked President Joe Biden‘s plan to require most workers to be vaccinated or get tested weekly.
    In a separate decision, however, the justices did uphold a smaller and more specific mandate to requires hospital workers and nursing facilities employees to be vaccinated. Once the ruling goes into effect, an estimated 17 million people will be impacted, according to a report by The Los Angeles Times.
    The majority-Conservative
  • Violist Jessica Pavone brings good vibrations to the new When No One Around You Is There but Nowhere to Be Found

    Violist Jessica Pavone brings good vibrations to the new When No One Around You Is There but Nowhere to Be Found
    About a decade ago, back trouble forced Jessica Pavone to stop playing viola for nearly two years. Since her return, the impact of music upon the health and well-being of both performers and listeners has been one of the New York-based artist’s essential concerns. When she was composing the material for her most recent ensemble album, Lull (Chaikin), she asked her soloists about their favorite notes to play, then worked those notes into the score. In her solo practice, Pavone likewise mak

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