• Open canvas

    Open canvas
    Painter Ayanah Moor is careful not to reveal spoilers about her work. The Chicago artist incorporates highly focused intentions into her paintings in the “I Wish I Could Be You More Often” exhibition, on display at the Cleve Carney Museum of Art from February 10 through April 10, but she wants patrons to be able to bring their own experiences when they interpret her work.The title unlocks impressions of the 20-some paintings in the exhibit, but it is also a lyrical, open-ended
  • On winter and the built environment

    On winter and the built environment
    Winter is inevitable, but it still feels like an unwelcome surprise each year. To architecture journalist Anjulie Rao, it’s a season of reevaluation, reflection, and transformation.Fascinated by what winter represents, Rao has started a small publication on the topic—a “grand experiment” whose biweekly publishing schedule will follow the length of the season, December 21, 2021, to March 30, 2022. Through Weathered, a newsletter hosted on the platform Substack, Rao c
  • Slutty Vegan Entrepreneur Pinky Cole Brings Plant-Based Recipes Home with New Cookbook

    Slutty Vegan Entrepreneur Pinky Cole Brings Plant-Based Recipes Home with New Cookbook
    Dedicated to reinventing vegan food culture, Pinky Cole, the founder, and CEO of the hugely successful “Slutty Vegan” Restaurant empire announced her new upcoming cookbook, “Eat Plants B*tch.”  With several locations in Atlanta, her crave-worthy, indulgent menus attract both locals and visitors to wait in now-infamous lines down the block for her vegan burgers and more.
    Fans include Snoop Dogg, Tiffany Haddish, Queen Latifah, Taraji P. Henson, and more. From Avocado
  • What New Workforce Dynamics Mean for Black Professionals

    What New Workforce Dynamics Mean for Black Professionals
    By Alan Hughes
    The last two years have resulted in a paradigm shift in the global workforce. The pandemic drastically changed behavioral norms– and businesses and employees alike had to adjust to the new rules of corporate America.
    Businesses had to identify ways to retain productive employees, particularly during the “Great Resignation of 2021 which saw thousands of employees exit the workforce to seek better working conditions, compensation, and opportunities. As corporations set u
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  • Earthless return to form on the psychedelic Night Parade of One Hundred Demons

    Earthless return to form on the psychedelic Night Parade of One Hundred Demons
    Earthless started releasing anachronistic 40-minute jams steeped in 70s hard-rock riffing at a time in the early 2000s when spindly postpunk seemed to dominate the underground rock landscape. A new wave of psychedelic metal was also beginning to take shape, though, and the Southern California trio’s studio debut, 2005’s Sonic Prayer, opens with a track whose title references Japanese experimental psych act Flower Travellin’ Band (even though the music sticks mainly to stoner-r
  • Atom & His Package tweaked the punk scene where it counts

    Atom & His Package tweaked the punk scene where it counts
    I still often think about Atom & His Package, the one-man, one-sequencer band that charmed and annoyed the U.S. punk scene from 1996 till 2003—that is, mostly before I knew how to find my way into that world. I love the novelty factor of the act: bespectacled Philadelphia punk Adam “Atom” Goren would yelp over lo-fi synth melodies in front of the same crowds who’d come to see noisy rock bashed out on the usual guitar, bass, and drums. In the early 90s, Goren had
  • Police Expert: Kim Potter Wasn’t Justified In Shooting Daunte Wright

    Photo: Getty Images
    A police use of force expert testified Wednesday (December 15) that ex-Brooklyn Center, Minnesota Kimberly Potter wasn’t justified in shooting Daunte Wright during an April traffic stop.
    “The use of deadly force was not appropriate and the evidence suggests a reasonable officer in Officer Potter’s position could not have believed it was proportional to the threat at the time,” Seth Stoughton, a University of South Carolina Law professor, testified.
  • Jay-Z’s $6 Million Patek Watch Has The Internet Buzzing: See The Rare Piece

    Photo: Getty Images
    Jay-Z isn’t just businessman, he’s a business, man.
    The Roc Nation CEO isn’t usually one to rock a bunch of expensive jewelry, so when he does, it’s usually more expensive and luxurious than some minds can fathom. On Wednesday, Hov gave the ultimate watch flex, rocking a Tiffany-blue Patek Philippe Nautilus that typically costs a whopping $6.5 million. However, since Jay is an official ambassador of Tiffany & Co, he most likely didn’t have to
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  • Sgt. Alwyn Cashe Becomes 1st Black Medal Of Honor Recipient Since 9/11

    Photo: Getty Images
    President Joe Biden on Thursday (December 16) awarded three soldiers the Medal of Honor –– the nation’s highest military award for valor –– for risking their lives “above and beyond the call of duty” while fighting in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
    Among the soldiers honored was Army Sgt. Alwyn Cashe, who became the first Black service member to receive the Medal of Honor since 9/11.
    “Today, we honor three outstanding soldier
  • Mother Accuses Middle School Of Strip Searching Her Son [Watch]

    Photo: Getty Images
    A Michigan mother is accusing her son’s middle school of strip searching him on at least two occasions.
    Cheyenne Johnson said staffers at the Mt. Pleasant Middle School forced her 11-year-old Xavier to “pull down his pants,” and take off his clothes to the point where his “skin was showing” and placing him in isolated in-school suspension.
    “He was asked to remove articles of his clothing, pull down his pants, remove shirts, you know. His sk
  • Beyoncé Quietly Joins TikTok And The Internet Is Buzzing To Find Out Why

    Photo: Getty Images
    Beyoncé casually broke the ‘net once again on Thursday by creating a TikTok account while most East coasters were asleep counting sheep. On Friday, fans were elated to see that that the star had joined the social media service, although she hadn’t posted anything yet. With no posts and less than 10 hours of activation, Bey still managed garner over 150,000 TikTok followers.
    Beyoncé just created a TikTok account pic.twitter.com/k9IpsSlqZF
    — mick
  • Kodak Black Learns His Fate In New Year’s Day Trespassing Case

    Photo: Getty Images
    Kodak Black is officially free of all charges related to his New Year’s Day trespassing arrest. According to an Instagram post from his attorney Bradford Cohen, the “Super Gremlin” rapper’s case has been dropped. Cohen shared via his Instagram page:
    “Case dismissed yesterday, the State agreed that this arrest and charge were not warranted Quick legal discussion….a cease and desist letter is not a trespass notice. A cease and desist to a co
  • Ari Lennox Slams Podcaster For Asking Extremely Inappropriate Sex Questions

    Photo: Getty Images
    Ari Lennox will no longer do interviews after a podcaster asked her extremely inappropriate sex questions in a live interview. After her sit down with controversial podcaster Macgyver “MacG” Mukwevho, fans claim the host took things to far with the Shea Butter Baby singer when he asked “who was ****** her good”.
    Macg ask a smash question to an American artist Ari Lennox. Watch how she have a shock of her life 😂😂🤣• Cassper N
  • Drake’s Skincare Regime Gets Him Roasted By The ‘Net: ‘Is This Your King?’

    When it comes to being a Certified Lover Boy, a healthy skincare routine is a must! Drake has his regime down pat — so much so that the record-breaking star answered a FaceTime call from his friend, and social media comedian Druski, who screen-grabbed Champagne Papi’s hilarious relaxation moment. In the photo, Drake rocked a robe as he donned cotton pads over his eyes and cream skin mask. Druski wasted no time sharing with his 3.5 million followers, writing:
    “Ladies…. t
  • Ex-Cop Who Shot Breonna Taylor Won’t Get His Job Back

    Photo: Getty Images
    A Louisville police board declined to give former detective Myles Cosgrove his job back after he appealed his January 2021 termination.
    Cosgrove is the ex-cop who fired the shot that killed 26-year-old Breonna Taylor during a botched no-knock raid on March 13, 2020. Cosgrove, along with former Louisville Metro detective Joshua Jaynes were fired from the Department earlier this year in connection to the fatal raid –– including the unverified information used to obt
  • Bronx Fire Victim’s Family Respond To Cardi B Paying Funeral Costs

    Photo: Getty Images
    Cardi B is one of many artists who stepped up to assist the families that were affected by the Bronx building fire, which left 17 people dead and several injured. One man, who lost several family members in the historic fire, is speaking out about the “I Like It” rapper footing the bill for all the victims.
    Haji Dukuray, who used to drive 200 miles from his Delaware home to see his family in the Bronx, lost his niece in the deadly blaze, along with her husband and
  • Dionne Warwick Opens Up About 60-Year Career, Social Media, And More

    Legendary singer Dionne Warwick talked with the OneHundred podcast this week, opening up about her six-decade career that includes a masterful musical marriage with the all-star production/writing team of Burt Bacharach and Hal David.
    The icon even talked about how she hilariously uses social media to connect with a new generation of fans.
    “I never dreamed about becoming a singer,” the 81-year-old shared. “I guess it was pre-ordained. I grew up in a singing family,” and
  • Ready…Or Not: Fugees Completely Cancel Their 25th Anniversary Tour

    Photo: Getty Image
    As fans were gearing up for the highly anticipated Fugees reunion tour, the band announced on Friday that their long-awaited tour is cancelled. In a statement shared to the group’s official social media page, Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean and Pras shared with fans:
    “We anticipate and understand disappointment but our anniversary tour will not be able to happen. The continued Covid pandemic has made touring conditions difficult, and we want to make sure we keep our fans
  • John Legend Announces New ‘Accessible And Affordable’ Skincare Line

    Photo: Getty Images
    John Legend wants you to “Save Room” in your skincare routine for his new business venture.
    “Everybody has skin,” the 43-year-old award-winning entertainer explained to Fortune about the inspiration behind his latest venture, “and everybody cares about their skin, and everybody cares about presenting themselves well in every situation.”
    The skincare brand doesn’t currently have a name but according to reports, the “You Deserve I

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