• World War II Submarine Identified Near Malta

    MSIDA, MALTA—Live Science reports that maritime archaeologist Timmy Gambin of the University of Malta and his colleagues have identified a wrecked submarine in more than 360 feet of water some six miles off Malta’s eastern coast as the HMS Urge. The vessel’s name was still visible on its conning tower, Gambin explained. A 3-D digital scan of the wreckage, he added, matches the recorded dimensions of the Urge. The submarine went missing in April 1942 after it crippled an Italian
  • Neanderthal Remains Discovered in Italy

    ROME, ITALY—The Guardian reports that the remains of nine Neanderthals, including seven adult males, a female, and a child, have been discovered in Grotta Guattari, a cave near central Italy’s western coastline that was sealed in prehistory by a collapse. One of the sets of remains has been dated to between 90,000 and 100,000 years old, while the rest have been dated to between 50,000 and 68,000 years old. Mario Rolfo of Tor Vergata University said most of them had been killed by hye
  • Ancient Persephone Statue Repatriated to Libya

    LONDON, ENGLAND—According to a report in The Guardian, a sculpture seized by customs officers at London’s Heathrow Airport has been handed over to Libya by British officials. Researchers from the British Museum examined the sculpture and suggested it had been looted from a cemetery in the ancient city of Cyrene during a period of political upheaval in Libya in 2011. Dated to the second century B.C., the sculpture depicts a woman wearing snake bracelets and holding a small doll, and h

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