• Brunel Museum opening a riverside cafe

    Brunel Museum opening a riverside cafe
    Rotherhithe’s Brunel Museum has announced that it’s turning a riverside terrace next to the museum into an outdoor cafe.
    Regular attendees to Dulwich market will recognise the Coffee Box van, which offers coffees and juices. On Sundays, Coffee Box will be joined by Dhaclhini, a bespoke cake and brownie maker.
    The open-air cafe will be open Sun-Fri, closed on Saturday.
    The Museum is now looking to local food as a way of generating income following a difficult year. Katherine McAlpine,
  • GSMA holds firm over MWC 2021 despite further cancellations

    GSMA holds firm over MWC 2021 despite further cancellations
    This year’s Mobile World Congress suffered a further blow with the news that Google, the owner of Android, would not be physically participating this year.
    The internet giant is joined by fellow US tech stalwarts Intel and, is seems, Microsoft, according to Light Reading, which is keeping track of the MWC pull-outs. They provided the standard generic statements about it not being worth it if there’s a chance that someone might get Covid and talked a good game about the virtual event.
  • Oxford Street shop to be covered in light based art display

    Oxford Street shop to be covered in light based art display
    A light display is set to cover a large Oxford Street shop later this month as shoppers are allowed back into town once more.
    The light sculptor/artist Anthony James has been invited to take over the facade of a shop on the eastern end of Oxford Street and will wrap 33 million LED lightbulbs around the building.
    Computer-controlled they will turn the entire facade into a giant art screen, likely showing his trademark geometric video displays, although it’s reportedly a new art exhibition t
  • LG reportedly set to exit smartphones

    LG reportedly set to exit smartphones
    Korean tech giant LG has been struggling in the smartphone game for years and now seems likely to finally call it a day.
    There’s nothing official yet, but the Korea Times is confident enough in its sources to run with the story. Having said that, a formal announcement is expected to be made after an LG board meeting on 5 April. Of course it’s quite possible that Korea Times has been misled, but it would come as no great surprise if this leak turned out to be accurate.
    The anonymous s
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  • MessageBird adds two new brands to its stable

    MessageBird adds two new brands to its stable
    Up-and-coming cloud messaging platform company MessageBird has announced the acquisitions of two companies that will boost its portfolio of customer engagement services.
    Netherlands-based MessageBird has often been tagged as a less high-profile version of Twilio, but came to prominence in its own right last year when it raised $200 million in a new funding round that had financial analysts throwing round company valuations of $3 billion. That Series C funding round was earmarked to further the c
  • TSMC pledges $100 billion investment as chip wars intensify

    TSMC pledges $100 billion investment as chip wars intensify
    Taiwanese chip manufacturer TSMC reckons semiconductor demand is only going to increase in the coming year and it’s determined to meet it.
    No sooner does Intel announce a move into the foundry game with a $20 billion investment than TSMC seems to say ‘I’ll see your 20 and raise it 80’. Reuters seems to have broken the story, having got official notification from TSMC, which didn’t consider such a major announcement to be worthy of a press release.
    “We are ente
  • Crossbones Graveyard future secured

    Crossbones Graveyard future secured
    The long term future of the Crossbones Graveyard in Southwark has been secured after the housing development next to it signed a renewable 30-year lease with the local group, Friends of Crossbones.
    At the moment, they have a 2-year lease on the site which had made fundraising for its long term future difficult, and its future had been put in doubt by a housing and retail development occurring next to the site.
    Crossbones (c) Lewis Khan
    As part of the planning permission granted last year, a 30-y
  • Bundled broadband service create stickiness in Ireland, but…

    Bundled broadband service create stickiness in Ireland, but…
    Consumers subscribing to a bundle of telecoms services are significantly less likely to churn than those with a standalone broadband service, according to a new study from Ireland’s Comreg,
    But the results also contain note of caution for operators: customers switching from one bundle to another are looking for a deal on price.
    We have long known that customer subscribing to multiple services from a single provider are stickier, because moving all those services to a new supplier requires
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  • Re-shaping wind load performance for base station antennas

    Re-shaping wind load performance for base station antennas
    With tower space at a premium and some of the infrastructure reaching full capacity, the need for enhanced wind load performance antennas is growing more critically important.
    CommScope’s redesigned base station antennas are engineered to be even more aerodynamically efficient in reducing the total wind load imparted on a cellular tower or comparable mounting structure.
    Read this whitepaper to discover –• Introduction into the physics of wind load• How do we reduce wind loa
  • Battersea Power Station’s glass elevator to open next year

    Battersea Power Station’s glass elevator to open next year
    A glass elevator that will run up the inside of one of Battersea Power Station’s chimneys before popping up out of the top for a view will open next year.Travelling 109 metres up the interior of the North West chimney to the top, the newly branded “Chimney Lift” will hold around 30 visitors and be available to the public as well as for private events.
    The plans are that visitors will arrive in Turbine Hall A for an exhibition about the Power Station’s history, before vent
  • Vodafone backs Romanian smart forest to prevent illegal logging

    If a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it, does it make a sound?  Now, Vodafone is putting an end to the thought experiment with the deployment of an IoT device network in a Romanian forest, aiming to tackle the growing problem of deforestation through illegal logging. As part of the smart forest project, Vodafone equipped the forest in Covasna County with sensors that can provide real time monitoring…read more on TotalTele.com »
  • Verizon deploying private 5G at the Port of Southampton

    Last year, Verizon Business announced that it was partnering with Nokia to deliver a 5G platform for global enterprises based in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, making it clear that the company’s 5G ambitions extended far beyond the US borders.Now…read more on TotalTele.com »
  • MVNOs set to challenge for 5G market in South Korea

    The South Korean 5G market is arguably the most advanced in the world, with an uptake rate operators in the rest of the world can only dream of. By February this year, 5G subscriptions stood at 13.66 million, an increase of almost 800,000 from the previous month. For a population of around 52 million people…read more on TotalTele.com »
  • Inmarsat to fight Dutch govt over 5G eviction

    Around the world, operators are looking to rollout 5G services as quickly as possible, but their ambitions are often limited by the availability of suitable spectrum. In many countries, the frequencies best suited for 5G are already in use, with satellite operators often loathe to undertake the tricky process of migrating their services to other bands. This is the case for Inmarsat in the Netherlands…read more on TotalTele.com »
  • Home security and the IoT: Operators must take ownership

    The IoT is expanding at an alarming rate, with new devices hitting the market almost every day. But, with little in the way of standardisation, this presents a growing network security challenge, especially when it comes to the home. A major issue here is it still remains unclear exactly who is responsible for home network security. “The consumer doesn’t have a clear understanding about whose responsibility it is to protect their devices – is it the manufacturer who

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