• California Wildfires Devastate Malibu Wine Region (Wine Spectator)

    One of the wildfires burning across California has chased vintners from their wineries and homes in the Malibu Coast appellation. The Woolsey fire has traveled from Highway 101 in Thousand Oaks down to the Pacific Coast, scorching acres of vineyards and damaging or destroying wineries and other structures."It'll likely be a good six months to a year before the roads into the hills can be traveled again," said Ken Fasola, owner of Malibu Discovery wine tours and Sip Malibu Grapes tasting room.Acc
  • Great Wine Capitals announce the 2019 International Best of Wine Tourism winners

    Promotional featureThe international ‘Best Of Wine Tourism’ awards were announced during a gala dinner at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens on November 8. d'Arenberg, Adelaide's 2019 International Best Of Wine Tourism award winnerPromotional feature
    Great Wine Capitals announce the 2019 International Best of Wine Tourism winners
    The ceremony marked the end of the 2018 Annual General Meeting of the Great Wine Capitals in Adelaide, South Australia.
    The international award winners are chosen
  • Mature Barolo from the cellar for Christmas

    Barolo is a great match for hearty cuisine served up in the dark winter months. Below, Decanter's tastings team dishes out some top Barolo recommendations for drinking now...Introduction by James Button
    Piedmont, in the north-west corner of Italy, is as renowned for its food as its wines. The town of Bra is home to the Slow Food movement, while arguably the most famous truffle market in the world can be found in historic Alba. Both espresso and vermouth lay claim to having been invented in the r
  • 2018 Wine Harvest Report: Napa Valley Wins with a Slow and Steady Year (Wine Spectator)

    After the turbulent 2017 harvest, Napa vintners would have been happy with a simply quieter 2018. Instead, this year delivered an ideal growing season, followed by a long, slow-paced harvest. Winemakers are excited by the potential quality of the young wines.Welcome to Wine Spectator's 2018 Wine Harvest Report, our coverage of Northern Hemisphere wine regions. (Our Southern Hemisphere 2018 harvest reports were published earlier this year.) While we won't know how good a vintage is until we taste
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  • What does Petit Verdot add to a wine? – ask Decanter

    Petit Verdot is a supporting actor in many top Bordeaux red blends on the Left Bank and, even in small quantities, can make a big difference to the finished wine, according to its proponents. Long way from home? Petit Verdot grapes at Corvus Cellars in Washington State's Walla Walla area. It’s rare to see a single varietal Petit Verdot wine, but this tough, thick-skinned grape known for producing richly concentrated, tannic red wine is not necessarily to be dismissed.Key Petit Verdot chara
  • Top volcanic wines

    Decanter's tastings team highlight their top wines from volcanic terroirs, with an introduction by Andy Howard MW...Tenuta delle Terre Nere's Calderara Sottana vineyard on the northern slope of Mt Etna in Sicily.The raw, destructive power of a volcano might not usually be associated with the production of distinctive, high-quality wines, but volcanic soils have added plenty of character to the wines featured below, including some from Etna, Santorini and Campania.
    Why plant vines near a volcano?
  • Photo highlights: 2018 Decanter Fine Wine Encounter

    Decanter Fine Wine Encounter 2018 highlights
    The Decanter Fine Wine Encounter was held at the Landmark Hotel on the weekend of the 3rd and 4th of November 2018.See photo highlights of the day below, or our live social media feed here. 
    Thanks to all of the producers and partners who helped to make it a great day, including Riedel, Tŷ Nant, American Express, WaterAid, Arblaster & Clarke, Tray Gourmet, Spiral Cellars, The Cocoa Runners, the Wine & Spirit Education Trust
  • ‘Prime’ English vineyard sites identified – study

    Thousands of hectares of 'prime' English vineyard sites have been identified by a University of East Anglia team investigating the UK wine industry's resilience to climate change. Mersea Island Vineyard in Essex, an area of the country that is under-planted, according to a UEA study. Researchers said Friday (9 November) they had identified 33,700 hectares of ‘prime’ UK land suitable for vineyards; most of which had yet to be planted.
    Many of the potential vineyard sites identified ar
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  • Jefford on Monday: The Echézeaux enigma

    Andrew Jefford tastes mature wines from this puzzling Grand Cru...Echézeaux grand cru vineyards. At the beginning of September 2018, a group of scholarly Hong Kong burgundy collectors invited me to join them in tasting and drinking a group of 10 mature Echézeaux (1990-1999, with one 2004).  Did a profile of this shadowy cluster of vineyards emerge, complete with aquiline nose, sculpted cheek-bones sculpted and square-cut chin?
    Before I answer that question, here’s a litt
  • Revisiting vintage Port 1994: From the archive

    It's the time of year when many of us wine lovers begin to consider our Port selection ahead of the festive celebrations. Below, you can find Richard Mayson's full report on a re-tasting of the 'landmark' 1994 Port vintage, including the top wines.
    Originally published in Decanter magazine's January 2015 issue and now available to Premium subscribers for the first time.In 1998, 11 tasters representing the great and the good of the UK and Oporto wine trade assembled at Decanter to taste the recen
  • Wine Legend: Louis Roederer, Cristal 1959

    What makes this a wine legend...?Wine Legend: Louis Roederer, Cristal 1959
    Bottles produced: N/A Composition 60% Pinot Noir, 40% Chardonnay
    Alcohol: 12%
    Release price: N/A
    Price today: £2,400A legend because…
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    Future Wine Legends: Decanter’s 100-point wines
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  • Toning down the tannins – Ask Decanter

    How do you tone down the tannins in the winery for an early-drinking style...?What can be done in the winery to reduce the tannins?Toning down the tannins – Ask Decanter
    Toby Graham, by email, asks: I work in wine retail in Australia and am often asked about wines produced in an early-drinking style that are ‘approachable while still young’.
    I assume my customers are talking about tannin management; a softer and more integrated, balanced mouthfeel. How does one achieve that in