• Tidal found to be exaggerating its subscriber numbers

    While we’ve been hearing rumors for months about Tidal potentially being bought out by larger streaming music rivals like Apple or Spotify, it appears the Jay Z-owned company may be in a more dire situation. A new report out of Norway says that Tidal’s subscriber numbers are much lower than what they claim, and that the company has been embellishing … Continue reading
  • Lavabit, the encrypted email once used by Snowden, returns to operation

    Back in 2013, when Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the US government’s mass surveillance programs, it was discovered that his preferred email provider was the encrypted service called Lavabit. As the government then tried to get its hands on the former NSA contractor, the federal authorities demanded Lavabit turn over its SSL encryption key. Instead, founder Ladar Levison shut … Continue reading
  • Tesla Autopilot update now rolling out with new semi-autonomous features

    Tesla‘s latest Enhanced Autopilot update is finally rolling out today following months of delays. As CEO Elon Musk announced on Twitter, the update is coming to all Tesla vehicles with second-generation Autopilot hardware installed, known as HW2 models, which includes any Model S and Model X cars manufactured since October. Installed as an over-the-air update, it introduces new and improved … Continue reading
  • Pixel, Nexus devices getting Instant Tethering feature for Android Nougat

    Android users who own recent Pixel or Nexus devices running Android Nougat 7.1.1 may notice a new feature rolling out in the near future, or in some cases, already available. Called Instant Tethering and introduced as part of Google Play Services 10.2, it aims to make connecting to the phone’s hotspot an easier, almost automatic process. For those who’ve ever … Continue reading
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  • Inside, Limbo game developer Playdead teases next title with single image

    Playdead, the small Danish developer behind the highly acclaimed indie games Inside and Limbo, got its fans excited this weekend by revealing the first image for its next project. Posted on Twitter with next to no details, the image features a look that will be immediately familiar to fans of Playdead’s previous games, with a very dark, limited color palette. … Continue reading
  • iOS 11 rumored to introduce FaceTime group video calls

    Ever since its introduction, Apple‘s FaceTime has been limited to call between two people, regardless of the device being used. This might finally be changing later this year, as a new rumor suggests that the upcoming iOS 11 will have FaceTime supporting group video calls. While we’re still several months away from iOS 11’s likely debut at Apple’s Worldwide Developers … Continue reading