• Opposuits lanceert kindercollecties

    Pakkenmerk OppoSuits lanceert op 18 juli twee nieuwe collecties: pakken voor jongetjes van 2 tot 8 jaar en pakken voor tienerjongens van 10 tot 16 jaar. De kleurrijke kinderpakken met opvallende prints zijn nieuwe varianten op de wereldwijd succesvolle heren- en vrouwenlijnen van het merk.
  • Ratailmarkt richting 2030

    Retail verandert en dat gaat steeds sneller. INretail onderzocht de retailmarkt richting 2030. Er komt meer dynamiek met veel nieuwe business modellen. Voor consumenten wordt het steeds leuker en makkelijker en voor ondernemers uitdagender. Twaalf belangrijke verschuivingen zijn getraceerd die leiden tot hogere consumentenverwachtingen. Dat biedt retailkansen blijkt uit het retail DNA-model dat INretai maandag lanceerde tijdens een bijeenkomst met 1000 ondernemers.
  • Wanneer krijg ik glasvezel in mijn woonplaats?

    Het is inmiddels al dertien jaar geleden dat de allereerste gemeente in Nederland op glasvezel werd aangesloten. De mensen in Nuenen, Noord-Brabant waren de eerste die bliksemsnel internet mochten proberen en inmiddels gebruikt bijna de volledige gemeente de glasvezel voor hun internetverbinding.Je zou zeggen dat we zoveel jaar later toch bijna allemaal wel aan de glasvezel hangen, maar dat is toch niet waar. Het percentage breedband internet (meer dan 256 kbit per seconde) zit inmiddels op 95 p
  • How to expand your startup across the globe

    In the past five years, I’ve worked for and with various startups across the globe. As an English as a Second Language teacher, I’ve been fascinated to watch cultures interact, see businesses grow, and be part of a global ecosystem that didn’t exist for quite some time. With the fast rise of the Internet along with instant universal connection, the ability to scale a startup has brought both tremendous growth and opportunity. Startup capital According to a recent report from B
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  • Art exhibit shows off the beauty of data

    The Art of Analytics project visualizes complex datasets as works of art. In her day-to-day work, Yasmeen Ahmad tackles immensely complex datasets, deploying an arsenal of approaches and methodologies that would sound intimidating to most lay people. From predictive modelling to text analytics, time series analysis to development of attribution strategies, few people can easily wrap their heads around what such terms mean, and even fewer are capable of drawing actionable insights form them &nda
  • Uber adds early booking feature, better location sharing

    Uber recently added a live location sharing button to its app, meaning its finally possible to show your driver exactly where you are so they know where to pick you up. TechCrunch reports its an optional feature. According to an Uber spokesperson, the company saw a decrease in riders cancelling pick-ups during the testing phase. Another update, added last week, is an upfront pricing structure that lets you lock in the price for a ride if you book well in advance. This way, you can get a reasona
  • Whitepaper: inspelen op de belangrijkste e-commerce trends

    Hoe speel je in op de belangrijkste E-commerce ontwikkelingen? Want door de enorme groei die E-commerce doormaakt is het natuurlijk wel van belang de belangrijkste trends te omarmen. Maar waar liggen voor jou de belangrijkste kansen en uitdagingen?Is dat op gebied van personalisatie?Wil je online & offline gaan combineren?Niet onbelangrijk: inspelen op beleving.Kunstmatige intelligentie & Data in de winkel.Of subscriber based business modellen.
    Juist door de enorme groei die e-commerce d
  • Trendy cryptocurrency startup pulls an exit scam after raising $375K in ICO [Update]

    It seems yet another fledgling cryptocurrency startup has pulled a Houdini. Distressed traders are flocking to Reddit to warn fellow cryptoenthusiasts that up-and-coming startup Confido, which recently raised $374,477 in an ICO, has vanished out of thin air. The company, which promised to bring a new decentralized trustless payment solution for online shopping, has suddenly taken down its website. Coincidentally, yesterday Confido suffered a 90-percent drop in value after informing investo
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  • I’ll never get bored watching these dumb bots chat on Twitter

    I set out to find interesting tweets from the top minds in AI, but after about five minutes of reading either non-stop apocalyptic doom and gloom, or uninterrupted declarations of disrupted markets and machine learning-powered data-wizardry, I was ready to wave the white flag. You’ve won Twitter, all of my optimism for AI has been destroyed. Kill the machines, burn down Silicon Valley, and just for good measure remove all the paper from the printers. There’s no reason to believe thi
  • Respect will.i.am

    will.i.am is perhaps best known as the frontman of insipid rap-pop group The Black Eyed Peas, and for his work on the British version of singing talent show The Voice. But did you know that the man who famously asked “where is the love?,” and coined the lyrics “I get on the floor just to make that booty twerk. Shake, shake that ass like an expert,” is also a misunderstood technological innovator and iconoclast? I’m not taking the piss. My tongue is nowhere near my
  • This AI-powered 4K action cam is ready to take on the GoPro

    REVL today announced the retail launch of its Arc 4k smart action camera, which features hybrid mechanical and electronic image stabilization. The company also claims the Arc is the smartest action camera in the world, thanks to built-in machine learning. The Arc is a camera that tries to get you to leave your editing computer at home, which is something I’ve been hoping to see in an action cam for a long time. I’m not fond of video-editing and the ability to rely on AI to find my b
  • Get a lifetime of ZenMate Premium VPN protection for just $50

    ZenMate Premium makes sure your online en