• Nu ook maaltijden bestellen via Facebook

    Voortaan kunnen, in elk geval in de VS, maaltijden worden besteld via Facebook. Dat kan via een nieuwe knop Order Food die voor een beperkt aantal gebruikers reeds zichtbaar is.
    Vooralsnog werkt Facebook samen met twee retaurantsketens Delivery.com en Slice. Facebook verwerkt ook de betaling. Na bestelling krijgen klanten een bevestiging via e-mail. Zij hoeven de Facebook app dus niet te verlaten.
    Facebook had de functionaliteit al in oktober aangekondigd, maar toen werden niet al te veel detail
  • Walmart fires back at Amazon with new direct-to-fridge service

    Walmart is testing direct-to-fridge delivery, a service that taps Amazon’s newest acquisition, Whole Foods, in bringing groceries not only to your house, but your fridge itself. Walmart announced last Friday it would be testing the service on a few customers in Silicon Valley. The company will also be partnering with smart lock and home accessory maker, August Home, giving it access to our most intimate places (yes, that includes our fridge). How does this work? Walmart aims to get the or
  • Sharing is caring: Half of all GoFundMe donations are for medical bills

    Social media gets a bad rap for distracting teens and inciting political trolling, but it can also be an immense tool for compassion. A study this summer pointed out that over half of the money raised on GoFundMe was for medical expenses. If you’re on social media arguing about Obamacare, Trumpcare, or whatever Bernie is talking about, consider that we’ve donated over a billion dollars directly to individuals in need, and that’s just on one website. When a hotdog vendor was ac
  • Why bootstrapping your startup is usually the best option

    There’s a gross misconception that shapes today’s startup landscape: you have to raise money in order to successfully launch a scale a company. It makes sense that young entrepreneurs would live and die by this notion, because some of the most successful startup stories of all time begin with a dramatic investor pitch. Additionally, many young entrepreneurs with game-changing ideas enter the arena with low bank accounts that seemingly cannot support all of the operating costs necess
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  • The iPhone 8 retakes ‘best camera’ crown from Android, says DxO

    The iPhone may have sparked the mobile photography revolution, but Android devices have matched or surpassed Apple’s offering for several years now – at least according to metrics like DxOMark’s intensive camera testing. Now Apple’s fighting back. The new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus surpass Android scores for the first time in a few years, and the iPhone X will almost certainly be better. The iPhone 8 scored a 92 on DxOMark, while the iPhone 8 Plus scored a remarkable 94, easily
  • Apple TV 4K can’t actually download 4K video from iTunes

    Apple’s 4K TV has launched to a wealth of positive reviews, but it turns out the 4K experience comes with some odd fine print. For example: You can’t actually download 4K movies from iTunes, only stream them. MacRumors spotted the quirk in an Apple Support document. Customers can download HD movies – and even some HDR movies in HD resolutions – but 4K is only available in streaming. That’s a pain if you ever want to watch a movie without an internet connection &nda
  • [storecheck] Riga

    Ook in Riga, Letland checkt Steven de Cleen van ProudDesign de schappen voor MarketingTribune. Steven: 'De Russische invloed in Riga is sterk, maar op de boodschappen is die van Zweden nog sterker met de ICA-formules Rimi en Supernetto. Lokale formules zien er wat armoediger uit, maar de naam Maxima maakt veel goed. Ik heb in ieder geval genoeg opmerkelijks gezien. Novēlu labi pavadīt laiku.'
  • Adnight: hier moet je zijn

    Adnight, waar te beginnen? De MT-mailbox wordt dagelijks overspoeld met 'ludieke acties', tijd om eens orde op zaken te stellen. Uiteraard zijn alle bureaus de moeite waard voor een bezoekje op vrijdagavond 6 oktober, maar de volgende spannen de kroon voor wat betreft originaliteit. Enjoy!
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  • How an out-of-body VR experience changed my views on dying

    Does the thought of dying absolutely terrify you? If so, you might suffer from a condition known as ‘Existential Death Anxiety’, a disorder Dutch experimental designer, Frank Kolkman wants to treat with Outrespectre – a proposed medical device supposedly capable of simulating out-of-body experiences. Intrigued, I contacted Frank to find out more and was invited to try his creation during the first ever human experiment this week in Amsterdam. My initial expectations were based
  • The opioid epidemic: finding alternative solutions through natural products

    “How did we get here?” That seems to be the automatic first response from anyone coming to realization about the depths of this country’s opioid epidemic. This summer has been eye-opening for people who don’t live in areas typically riddled with overdose cases. But the mounting death tolls sweeping large cities and small communities as a result of crippling abuse of heroin, fentanyl, and prescription painkillers have made it impossible for anyone, even those geographical
  • De DC Daily van 22 september 2017

    In de DC Daily vind je nieuwe, opvallende, interessante en niet te missen weetjes van de dag! Plus alle dingen die wij gewoon kwijt willen. Dit zijn ze van vandaag, vrijdag 22 september 2017. Uber verliest licentie in Londen
    Een flinke klap voor taxi-app Uber vandaag: ze verliezen hun licentie om in Londen te mogen opereren. De toezichthouder daar vindt dat Uber een gebrek aan verantwoordelijkheid laat zien en dat de gevolgen voor het publiek te groot zijn. Volgens Uber gaat dit 40.000 mensen he