• Marketingautomation software: 5 handige toepassingen

    Uit onderzoek is gebleken dat steeds meer b2b marketeers zich bezighouden met het ontwikkelen en uitvoeren van een inbound marketing strategie voor hun onderneming. Om een gefundeerde inbound marketing strategie uit te kunnen voeren, is het eigenlijk een noodzaak dat je software inzet die je in staat stelt het proces in te richten, te ondersteunen en te analyseren: marketingautomation software. In dit artikel benoem ik 5 deelgebieden waarbij marketing software je kan ondersteunen.
  • 5 Entrepreneurial Skills Parents Must Teach Their Child For Future

    Being a parent is one of the most wonderful feelings in this world. Seeing a child grow imbibing different skills is the dream of every parent. While living this dream, most of the parents fail to teach their child certain entrepreneurial skills that can help them in leading a successful life in future. It is very important to develop the entrepreneurial mindset in children at early ages. Kids learn things at tender age quickly. They have enough time to implement and experience what they have l
  • How the tech world would change if net neutrality is abolished

    The FCC recently posted a notice about a proposed piece of legislation that would, essentially, roll back the Open Internet Order of 2015, which established the concept of net neutrality. These are publicly available documents, and you can read them for yourself. Of course, the documents are also wordy and complicated, so I’m going to distill them down into something we can all understand here. Here’s what such proposed legislation would mean for the internet—and for the futur
  • Imzy, the nicer Reddit, is shutting down

    As quietly as it came, community site Imzy is shutting down after just over a year of operation. @imzyhq 3/3 – But for today, I am heartbroken to say, that @imzyhq is shutting down. https://t.co/JQBxXxPisCThanks for the support everyone. — Dan McComas (@kickme444) May 24, 2017 Imzy was created by former Reddit employees Dan McComas and Jessica Moreno as a safer, friendlier version of the popular community site. This approach doesn’t seem to have served Imzy well in t
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  • Pokémon GO update trolls cheaters with common monsters

    Pokémon GO developer Niantic has discovered an insidious new way to ruin a cheater’s day: give them stuff they don’t want. First spotted by the Pokémon GO subreddit The Silph Road, the changes rolled out last weekend. This new approach flags a cheater’s account, “shadowbanning” them so that they can still play — they’ll just only be able to see common Pokémon. Scanners show Pokémon GO players where ra
  • How this nano technology has quietly infiltrated several consumer products