• [Interview] Ivo Roefs en nieuwe co-CEO Alistair Beattie over innovatiekracht van DDB & Tribal Amsterdam

    DDB & Tribal Amsterdam heeft een nieuwe topman: Alistair Beattie. Hij is 'co-CEO' samen met Ivo Roefs. In zijn nieuwe rol wordt Beattie verantwoordelijk voor de creatieve en strategische leiding van het bureau, dat internationale groei ambieert. Daarnaast heeft hij binnen het DDB-concern de functie van EMEA-president voor Tribal Worldwide. MarketingTribune hield een dubbelinterview met Beattie en Roefs. 'We focussen op innovatie, productiviteit en digitaal leiderschap.'
  • Facebook to add pre-roll ads and other changes to videos

    Facebook today revealed several updates to its advertising policies concerning videos. The bad news is that six-second pre-roll ads will be coming to dedicated video tabs such as Watch. The less bad news is that it looks like they won’t be infiltrating News Feed. Approximately noone on the entire internet wants to click on a video and immediately watch an advertisement, but Facebook wants to try pre-rolls out to see if it works well enough to strike a happy tone with both publishers
  • Film critic admits he purposefully lowered a perfect Rotten Tomatoes score

    For about two weeks, ‘Lady Bird,’ a coming of age tale directed by Greta Gerwig, was the best-reviewed film ever on Rotten Tomatoes. It sat at a perfect 100 percent score after nearly 200 reviews. And then came Cole Smithey, a film critic known for his contrarian reviews, to give the movie its first ‘rotten’ score. Let’s ignore for a moment the fact that he originally scored the movie a B-, which is a passing grade by pretty much any standard.  Let’s als
  • Net neutrality is dead

    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) today voted to end Obama-era net neutrality protections. Voting along party lines, the ballots were cast as expected with the Republican-controlled FCC ending the Title II classification and effectively handing control of the internet to ISPs like Comcast, Time Warner, and AT&T. The contentious vote was not without its tense moments. At one point the room was cleared for what we’re speculating was a bomb threat. Reporters were told to leave
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  • Snapchat opens Lens Studio to everyone

    Snapchat today announced it was opening Lens Studio to everyone. Anyone can develop their own Lens, one of Snapchat’s most lauded augmented reality feature. Lens Studio is an app available for Windows and Mac, and you only need to log into your Snapchat account to download it. It includes guides, templates, 3D modelling software, and a scripting API. According to the Lens Studio page, app users can participate in design challenges for prizes. Studio Lenses can be unlocked by special Snapc
  • How edtech innovation can revolutionize the education industry

    Venture funding for EdTech is booming this year, with CB Insights projecting that there will be a 24 percent growth over last year, with close to $3 billion in total funding. At the center of that growth is a group of entrepreneurs and innovators working together to improve the education industry, increase access, and reduce costs. With an influx of capital comes amazing opportunities for innovators to launch profitable ventures while optimizing the education system. The education industry is p
  • Best of TNW New York Hack Battle: here are the top 10 hacks

    Last Saturday, on the very first snowy day in New York, we organized a 14-hour hackathon we named the Battle of the Sensors. After a successful edition in Amsterdam in May, we decided to challenge the hackers of the Big Apple right before TNW New York on Tuesday. We were proud to count our friends at MessageBird as hack battle co-hosts – alongside partner APIs Google Cloud, StdLib, The Things Network New York and MCCI. After the start at 8AM at Galvanize
  • Train your brain like a superhero with this amazing speed reading program — just $15

    Get your mind — and your reading — right with the right training from this award-winning Speed Reading learning bundle from TNW Deals, now with an added holiday price drop down to $15 (over 90 percent off) from TNW Deals.
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  • Voicebooking.com lanceert online sound designbureau

    Voicebooking.com, webshop voor voice-overs, breidt de dienstverlening uit met online sounddesign. Het wil hiermee inspelen op de snel groeiende en volwassen wordende videoproductiemarkt.
  • Voicebooking.com komt met online sounddesign

    Voicebooking.com, webshop voor voice-overs, breidt de dienstverlening uit met online sounddesign. Het wil hiermee inspelen op de snel groeiende en volwassen wordende videoproductiemarkt.
  • Mozilla’s ultra-private mobile browser just got a big update

    Mozilla has released Firefox Focus 4.0. The newest version of Mozilla’s privacy-focused mobile browser comes with several enhancements, including a fully customizable autocomplete that lets you create shortcuts to individual websites, and the ability to add alternative search engines. The biggest change is found in the browser’s autocomplete feature, which lets you add specific domain names. These are sites you visit on a regular basis, and will save you a fair bit of typing. Focus