• Gerucht: Volgend jaar een ouderwetse Call of Duty

    Fans mogen nog een kleine drie weken wachten totdat Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare uitkomt. Toch begint de geruchtenmolen over de Call of Duty van 2017 al langzaam te draaien. Volgend jaar heeft Sledgehammer Games de eer om ons te voorzien van een mooi pakketje met schietpret zoals broertje Infinity Ward en zusje Treyarch dat in voorgaande jaren al gedaan hebben. Uitgever Activision heeft met de drie bovenstaande ontwikkelaars namelijk een drie jarige cyclus afgesproken per titel. Op zijn beurt
  • Atva van Zanten moet Mindshare naar nieuwe fase loodsen

    MIndshare wil snel schakelen nu CEO Ruud de Langen vertrekt naar Talpa Network. Zijn opvolger wordt Atva van Zanten, die als managing director de leiding van de organisatie op zich neemt.
  • Trump abolished the Cybersecurity Coordinator position. Maybe he’ll build a huge (fire) wall

    The office of Cybersecurity Coordinator was implemented to help protect America from a burgeoning set of threats including electronic terrorism, ransomware, and weaponized AI. Unfortunately it was put in place by president Barrack Obama’s administration. While we can’t be sure that fact is related, we do know president Donald Trump signed an executive order to get rid of the position last week. The White House said it was redundant, and expressed confidence that National Security Ad
  • Google’s Duplex is a beacon of hope for people with social anxiety (like me)

    Google’s Duplex, an under-development AI system that makes phone calls on a person’s behalf has taken a bit of a beating in the media in the days since it was announced at the Mountain View company’s I/O event. Basically, Google’s AI team built a neural network capable of conducting real-world business over the telephone on behalf of a human. When CEO Sundar Pichai debuted it on stage, it was immediately apparent from the crowd’s reaction that it was the first &ldq
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  • Data integration isn’t cheap; here are 3 ways to make it more affordable

    Before the internet, companies generally kept their important information in physical folders. Leads were kept in one folder, sales data was kept in another and so on. While this may have been the best method available at the time, there’s no denying that it wasn’t always very efficient. This was especially true of larger companies that had seemingly endless supplies of data and reports to sift through. Fortunately, today’s tech allows us to keep all of the data we might need
  • Consumer groups ask FTC to investigate “deceptive” Tesla Autopilot marketing

    Media darling Elon Musk’s electric car company, Tesla, is under fire for allegedly misleading consumers as to the efficacy of its Autopilot system. The responsible parties: A pair of consumer advocacy groups, The Center for Auto Safety and Consumer Watchdog, today sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission asking it to investigate “dangerously misleading and deceptive advertising and marketing practices and representations made by Tesla Motors, Inc. regarding the safety and capab
  • Buma Cultuur in zee met IFFR

    International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) gaat vanaf zijn 48ste editie in 2019 een samenwerking aan met Buma Cultuur. Tijdens IFFR 2019 draagt Buma Cultuur bij aan muziekgerelateerde evenementen, waaronder een een dag over filmmuziek.
  • Lessons learned by Vimeo’s new CEO, Anjali Sud

    When you’re thrust into power after only three years at a company and then successfully rebuild its business model, you learn a few things along the way. That’s exactly what Anjali Sud, the new CEO of Vimeo, experienced last summer. She shared her business tips with the audience at TNW Conference today. Video-sharing platform Vimeo has gone through a massive upheaval, as it moved from creating its own content to becoming a SaaS technology company. Anjali was responsible for this vis
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  • TNW Conference attendees tell us why they’re here

    With thousands of attendees from every field of interest, from tech to marketing, we asked the crowd at TNW’s 2018 conference one simple question: Why are you here? The diversity of answers didn’t disappoint us. “I gave a talk today on how we shifted our strategy to focus more on creators and the future of video. It’s been really great to share our strategy and mission and story at The Next Web. Also, it’s really nice to be here in Amsterdam and to connect more dir
  • US Department of Justice probes cryptocurrency manipulation

    It appears that the pumpers and dumpers of the cryptocurrency community are in for trouble. The US Justice Department and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) have together launched a criminal probe into cryptocurrency market manipulation, Bloomberg reports. As per the report, the investigations, which are still in an early stage,  are looking into all forms of illegal activities that can unfairly affect the market prices of cryptocurrencies, including pump-and-dump schemes, spoofin
  • VICE VP Mark Adams on creating unforgettable branded content

    Judging by the lines to get in, not to mention those turned away at the door, people were excited to hear Mark Adams speak. Adams, the exuberant young VP and head of innovation at VICE, nearly missed the talk altogether. His plane was delayed, we’re told, and he sprinted, quite literally, from the airport. Adams’ talk was a peek behind the curtain, however brief, on how the world’s biggest media company does business. Specifically, how it’s able to tell such captivating