• Cannes Lions: JWT wint eerste goud voor Nederland

    Het eerste Nederlandse goud is binnen in Cannes. J. Walter Thompson, vorig jaar de grote Nederlandse winnaar, won dinsdag een gouden Direct Lion voor 'School for Justice', een speciaal project voor de Free a Girl Movement. Ook was er goud weggelegd voor MediaMonks, dat betrokken was bij ‘Enter Sandbox’, een project voor Audi in samenwerking met reclamebureau POL uit Oslo.
  • Mario 64 gets the Super Mario Odyssey treatment thanks to this modder

    Upcoming Switch game Super Mario Odyssey looks to be a grand adventure for Mario, in the vein of several of his open-world, multi-environment platformers of days gone by. But there is one new feature: Cappy, Mario’s iconic red hat, is now sentient and capable of zapping Mario’s soul into the bodies of Goombahs, Bullet Bills, and even non-sentient objects. Mario then has complete control over the being, and can use it for various puzzles, while it gets to wear Cappy and a little
  • The clueless parent’s guide to understanding Snapchat

    Confused about Snapchat? You’re not the only parent. Snapchat is perhaps the most misunderstood of all social media apps. Is it a social network? A photo platform? A means for frustrated millennial expression? The short answer is yes, to all of those things. The longer answer, well… What is Snapchat and why does my daughter love it? Snapchat is an app that allows users to share pictures and videos with friends or complete strangers. But it’s not your average social media app
  • Study shows just glancing at your phone makes you dumber

    A recently conducted survey shows  smartphones might make their owners dumber, at least when they are left in plain sight. Researchers surveyed nearly 600 people to find out if our phones were taking up space in our cognitive thought process even if they were on silent or turned off. Turns out the answer is a resounding yes. University of Texas at Austin researchers had participants to perform a series of math problems while simultaneously being asked to remember a randomly generated word
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  • How high can shoe technology elevate your game?

    Adidas, Nike, and Reebok would have you believe that purchasing their products will change your life. Is that just marketing convincing us that the shoe-makers are smart, or is there more behind the technology of footwear than hyperbole? The global athletic footwear industry will rake in an estimated 83.2 billion dollars in 2017. Those earnings are estimated to increase by two-percent yearly until 2024. A never-ending research and development cycle — that constantly touts each new arrival
  • Nutramin kiest voor BeyenMeyer