• 'Utrecht moet meer buitenstedelijk bouwen'

    De binnenstedelijke woningbouwlocaties zijn volstrekt onvoldoende om de groei van Utrecht van de huidige 340.000 naar 410.000 inwoners in 2040 op te vangen. Utrecht moet daarom een schaalsprong maken.Dat betoogde Amvest-ceo Wienke Bodewes tijdens Utrecht Vastgoed, een congres georganiseerd door Spryg Real Estate Academy.
  • Craig Dykers on Snøhetta's innovation lessons

    I’ve been privileged to interview Craig Dykers, founding partner in the extraordinary global architecture firm Snøhetta, on several occasions and walked away each time incredibly inspired by the breadth and depth of their creativity and innovation approaches. [...]Analyzing their innovation process can yield important lessons for companies.Here are some highlights.The Forbes list of Snøhetta innovation lessons and glimpses into the firm's intercontinental problem-solving
  • Listen to our final interviews from 'Next Up: The LA River' on One-to-One!

    Missed out on Next Up: The LA River, Archinect Sessions' podcasting event? Now you can listen to the whole thing, released in two parts on One-to-One. Last week, we released the first half of the interviews, and this week we've got the rest. This week's playlist of live recordings features interviews with:Lou Pesce (designer with Metabolic Studio)Julia Meltzer (director and founder of Clockshop, a non-profit arts organization) and Elizabeth Timme (co-director of LA-
  • International Rental Exhibition IRE 2017 nu al groot succes

    Vijf maanden voor aanvang van de International Rental Exhibition moet organisator I.P.I. uit Goor melden, dat de internationale belangstelling voor deelname zo groot is, dat er nog nauwelijks standruimte is te vergeven. Alle grote namen zijn aanwezig, plus een vijftiental nieuwkomers.
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  • Frank Gehry on Trump: "I'm very worried about him"

    ... the dual Canadian-American citizen expressed serious concerns about the incoming commander-in-chief.“I don’t know whether we should get into politics here because some of you may think Trump is OK, but I’m very worried about him,” said Gehry, 87.“I remember in 1937 and being in Canada and listening to Hitler’s speeches on radio – and this resounded similar to me. It’s just frightening.”Quoted above from a recent discussion at the Art Gall
  • Rotterdam gaat bouwen in Parkstad

    De besloten Ontwikkelcompetitie Parkstad is gewonnen door Stevast Baas & Groen en Syntrus Achmea Vastgoed. Powerhouse Company is architect van het plan.