• Samsung Exynos, ISOCELL tech expands to smart cars

    Cars are becoming more and more like smartphones these days. Not just “connected to smartphones” but also using pretty much the same technologies are the computers in our pockets. That’s especially true for the silicon that allows for these vehicles to become partially or even fully autonomous. So it’s not a big surprise that Samsung is announcing that two of … Continue reading
  • Galaxy Note 10 will be the biggest Note yet

    Once upon a time, Samsung’s Galaxy Note was ridiculed and doubted for the size of its screen. Just last month, Apple announced the iPhone XS Max, not only the biggest iPhone over bit also 0.1 inches larger than the Galaxy Note 9. Clearly, phablets have won and size is no longer Samsung’s exclusive domain. Now it needs to step up … Continue reading
  • Adobe Premiere Rush video editor rolls out, Android to follow

    Forget 160 characters. GIFs and videos are the new thing in social media and the Interwebs. Creating those, however, aren’t exactly easy unless you’ve got a knack for video editing. Or you have tools that simplify the task. The latter is what Adobe is aiming for with the new Premiere Rush. Revealed as Project Rush a few months back, this … Continue reading
  • HP launches new ZBooks, Z by HP portfolio aimed at creatives

    We have today almost an embarrassment of riches when it comes to digital content but that content doesn’t just appear by magic. Some has to create them and that someone often has to do it tethered to a desk. HP, however, wants to change that with its new line “Z by HP” products, which include notebooks, PCs, displays, and even … Continue reading
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  • Montblanc Summit 2, first with Snapdragon Wear 3100, is expensive

    With a brand like Montblanc, it’s really no surprise that the Summit 2, which follows from last year’s model, is just as expensive as its predecessor. But, at the same time, for the smartwatch market’s first Snapdragon Wear 3100 wearable, you’d expect, maybe even wish, it to be something most people can afford. But reality quickly sinks in and you … Continue reading
  • Pixel 3 XL is now DisplayMate’s bestest best

    When smartphone benchmarks become the next marketing weapon, they can become a little bit crazy and sometimes even suspicious. On the mobile photography side, DxOMark had to revise its tests and grading because things have heated up in that space. DisplayMate may want to revise its scoring too because its top score is simply “A+” and, as of today, at … Continue reading
  • Paul Allen, Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist, dies from cancer at 65

    Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has passed away at the age of 65, his company Vulcan has confirmed. The news comes only weeks after Allen revealed that his non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer had returned, an illness he was treated for nearly a decade ago. Allen died on Monday afternoon from complications related to the illness. Allen, who co-founded Microsoft and owned the … Continue reading
  • Apple Watch and iPhone tapped for major joint replacement clinical study

    Musculoskeletal healthcare company Zimmer Biomet has teamed with Apple to use the Apple Watch and iPhone as part of a clinical study. The work involves a new app called mymobility, which enables hip and knee replacement patients to directly connect with their healthcare professionals. The study aims to determine the app and devices’ effectiveness on cost and outcomes for these … Continue reading
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  • For Pixel 3, bigger isn’t better

    Bigger isn’t always better, and in the case of the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, it’s the smaller of the two smartphones that has my vote. Both smartphones share much the same feature-set, including Google’s tremendous computational camera system. Indeed, it’s that parity of talents which makes the Pixel 3 all the more appealing. Google’s 2018 Pixel aesthetic … Continue reading
  • Microsoft Word and OneNote online will soon get a dictation tool

    Microsoft has pledged to help individuals with dyslexia access important technologies used for education and more. As part of its mission, Microsoft says its will be expanding its Educational research, products, and materials to help support students with dyslexia. One important change is the addition of a dictation tool to OneNote and Word online. Microsoft has detailed a variety of … Continue reading
  • Nintendo Switch Diablo III bundle revealed as GameStop exclusive

    Nintendo is gearing up to release a new Nintendo Switch bundle with Diablo III artwork. The new product will be available starting early next month, bringing with it a styled console, as well as the Diablo III: Eternal Collection and a themed carrying case. The new Switch bundle will only be available through GameStop. Nintendo revealed the new product today, … Continue reading
  • TSA roadmap reveals big airport facial recognition expansion plans

    The TSA wants to widely expand the use of facial recognition technology in US airports, revealing the plan in a newly published roadmap. According to the agency, this plan will “modernize” passenger screening in airports in the relatively near future, using biometric data to identify travelers while speeding up the entire screening process. The TSA’s roadmap highlights four primary goals, … Continue reading
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  • BMW recycling program will put old EV batteries to good use

    BMW Group has teamed with Umicore and Northvolt to develop a “closed life cycle loop” for electric car batteries. This EV battery recycling program includes more than harvesting materials, instead first designating used EV batteries for secondary uses, such as stationary energy storage devices. At the end of this life cycles, the batteries will be harvested for raw materials. The … Continue reading
  • 5 Weird Gift Ideas: From odd to excellent

    Today we’re taking a peek at a short list of some strange or otherwise offbeat gifts. These gifts can be given at any time of the year, really, and they’re not necessarily aimed at any one sort of person. Today’s gift list is all about approaching the person who has everything – but would still appreciate something they’ve never seen … Continue reading
  • Study warns climate change may bring major beer shortages

    A study published in Nature Plants warns that climate change could lead to beer shortages, and those beer shortages could then lead to big price increases. The issue stems from drought and excessive heat that could drastically reduce barley crop yields, a vital ingredient used to make beer. Instances of severe climate change could reduce the global beer consumption by … Continue reading
  • 2018 Dell UltraSharp displays revealed with creative intent

    Several new displays were revealed today in Dell’s newest UltraSharp monitor collection. Most of the displays we’re looking at today have the ability to connect to devices with USB-C alone, making them available to show content from a wide variety of new devices. In this first collection are the Dell UltraSharp 32 4K, 49 and 34 Curved, 24, and 27, … Continue reading
  • Hearthstone NERFs confirmed: Poor Giggling Inventor!

    Today Blizzard confirmed a number of changes to several new or nearly-new Hearthstone cards that’ve become a bit too powerful. This isn’t a new occurrence – Blizzard changes the costs of cards and/or switches the power of cards every once in a while to bring balance to the force. Or the game – whichever. In this most recent set of … Continue reading
  • Google Pixel 3 Review: Picture greatness

    It’s a testament to just how high expectations are for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL that, even after months of the Google phones leaking, interest in them remains high. Now, the pair of Android 9 Pie handsets are finally headed to shelves, promising the cutting-edge in Google’s computational photography, the latest and greatest in software, and a more … Continue reading
  • iPad getting Photoshop CC and a secret drawing app

    A full version of Photoshop was announced for release on the iPad inside the year 2019. This version of the full Photoshop CC experience was “redesigned for a modern touch experience” and should give the iPad a considerable boost in legitimacy as the dominant tablet in the world – the most dominant fully-mobile tablet in the world, that is to … Continue reading
  • Palm made a beautiful, ridiculous mistake of a new phone

    The brand Palm revealed a new “phone” today that looks nice and has very little reason to exist. Much in the same way the first wave of smartwatches’ first job was to solve a problem that did not exist, this first Palm smartphone for the year 2018 is tiny, beautiful, and quite unnecessary. It has a 3.3-inch display and it’s … Continue reading
  • Fortnite gifting might be landing next week

    There is no denying that Fortnite has become huge. Too huge for even Google to fight. It has also become one of the biggest money grabs when it comes to in-game purchases, even when such microtransactions are only for more cosmetic items. What else can Epic Games do to bolster sales then? Why let players gift such items around, of … Continue reading
  • Team Vesco Turbinator II is first to exceed 500mph with wheel drive

    A race has been going on for years out on the Bonneville Salt Flats where teams from around the world have vied to become the first wheel drive car to exceed 500mph. That feat has been accomplished in a run that came on October 2, 2018, by Team Vesco in a car called Turbinator II. The driver of the car … Continue reading
  • Surface Laptop 2 has a new color that you can’t get

    Microsoft is turning the Surface brand into something more akin to smartphones. It has expanded the name to include accessories, for one, like mice, dials, and, now, headphones. It has also introduced a new Surface Pro 6 with a new color variant. Its latest move? Sell color variants that are available only in select markets. That’s exactly what Microsoft Surface … Continue reading
  • MIT scientists invent self-healing polymer that heals using carbon in the air

    Scientists at MIT have invented a new material that is able to react with the carbon dioxide in the air to heal itself from damage. The material is a polymer that might be used for construction, a repair material, or for protective coatings. MIT’s intention can continuously convert the greenhouse gas into a carbon-based material that reinforces itself. In its … Continue reading
  • Animoodles Collection 2 adds 6 more characters to mix and match

    In an age of smartphones, tablets, and the Internet, there’s almost a presumption that toys need to be smart in order to keep up with more tech-savvy kids. Kids, however, need more than just smart learning toys. They also need to have emotional and tangible ones. Last year, two designers from Disney, Pixar, and Apple teamed up to bring Animoodles … Continue reading
  • Audi and Huawei tie up for L4 autonomous driving advancement

    Huawei has announced that it has tied up with Audi to help usher in innovation in level 4 autonomous driving. The vehicle that the tech will go into first will be the new Audi Q7. Audi and Huawei will work together to evaluate a joint development with highly automated driving functions. The duo will also work together on a future … Continue reading
  • Stephen Hawking’s final warnings: AI, superhumans, asteroids

    Stephen Hawking is undeniably one of the greatest minds in recent history and his passing left a gaping hole in the academic and scientific communities. He didn’t leave the world bereft, however, and even left a corpus of essays and articles for us to munch on for months, even years to come. Some of those, however, are less uplifting than … Continue reading
  • Pixel 3 features coming to older Pixels but not all

    It seems that Google is finally learning the tricks of the trade as far as marketing generation after generation of smartphones go. While before it would aim for feature parity through pure Android experiences on Nexus devices, it is now making some features exclusive to its latest gen Pixel phone. Fear not because some of those Pixel 3 and Pixel … Continue reading
  • Gravitational waves might be able to transfer data

    We might simply think of gravity as the things that makes apples bop us on the head or keeps us from floating away into space. Gravity, however, is almost everywhere. It might sound like a sci-fi B movie but movement, especially accelerated ones, can spend ripple thorough the fabric of space-time, almost like electromagnetic waves. Unsurprisingly, these are called gravitational … Continue reading
  • OnePlus 6T OxygenOS teased with some significant changes

    The OnePlus 6T is coming out this month and it’s going to be quite a divisive one. On the one hand, it will make some rather big changes that won’t make everyone happy. On the other hand, without those changes the OnePlus 6T is not exactly worth the effort compared to the OnePlus 6. In line with that double-edged hardware … Continue reading
  • Galaxy Note 9, iPhone XS Max battery test isn’t what you expect

    All the advanced features in a smartphone would be pointless if your mobile device doesn’t survive long enough for you to plug it in at the end of the day. In lieu of the long-dead practice of replaceable batteries, OEMs are now being asked, often demanded to put larger batteries into smartphones that are growing larger every year anyway. Naturally, … Continue reading
  • 2018 iPad Pro rumored to be crazy thin

    Tablets are supposed to be dead but the Big Tech Three apparently didn’t get the memo. Microsoft keeps on churning Surface after Surface of 2-in-1 tablet PCs and Google even introduced its first ever Chrome OS 2-in-1. But more importantly, Apple, the only company whose tablets still enjoy positive sales, keeps on improving its mobile slates. The latest word on … Continue reading
  • LG V40 ThinQ pre-orders start early

    In the next few days, we will finally be seeing the last contenders in the smartphone market for 2018. But lest you forget about it, LG has just pushed the pre-orders for its own late 2018 contestant a bit earlier than expected. The LG V40 is now available for pre-order, with shipping set to start this week to try and … Continue reading
  • iPhone Face ID: police warned not to look at screens to protect login attempts

    The issue of law enforcement and their need to unlock someone’s smartphone is a complicated one, both technically and ethically. It turns out Apple’s Face ID devices, like the iPhone X and iPhone XS, are only making this more difficult. A new leak has revealed that a forensics company is teaching police to not look at the screens of suspects’ … Continue reading
  • PS4 owners: set your messages to private to avoid malicious system crash

    In the past couple of years, we’ve seen a number of instances where mobile platforms, both iOS and Android, are hit with bugs where receiving a text message containing unique code or a specific character causes the app or even the whole device to crash. Now it’s the PlayStation 4’s turn. A growing number of owner are reporting this same … Continue reading
  • Blizzard: No Diablo 3 cross-play in the near future

    Blizzard fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks, with the developer’s annual BlizzCon event kicking off on November 2nd. As they do every year, the company will make announcements for their biggest games, including World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and Diablo. In the case of the latter, some big news is expected this year, as the … Continue reading
  • Latest Flash malware includes cryptocurrency mining software, but still updates Flash

    Yes, Adobe Flash is still around, unfortunately, and that means it’s still used as a way to target unknowing users with malware. As you’d expect, the latest malware to gain attention disguises itself as an update to Flash to trick users into installing malicious software. This time around, the malware is a cryptocurrency mining bot that uses system resources to … Continue reading
  • The big reason to buy Google Pixel Buds just vanished

    Google’s Pixel Buds have lost exclusivity on their headline feature, with the real-time translation spreading to a much larger range of Assistant-powered and wired headphones. The Pixel Buds launched last year, alongside the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, as Google’s retort to Apple’s popular AirPods. The reaction to the Pixel Buds proved a lot more muted, however. Google’s headphones … Continue reading
  • Xbox One shoppers can get a free Echo Dot from Amazon

    Many of you might remember when the Xbox One console first debuted, and how it came packaged with the Kinect accessory that enabled both motion camera and voice command features. It’s no secret the Kinect was widely hated, and now it’s dead and discontinued. But it seems Microsoft is still trying to make voice control a thing, as the latest … Continue reading
  • Netflix, Marvel cancel Iron Fist as Disney streaming service looms

    Marvel and Netflix’s collaboration to create their own TV show-format superhero universe for the streaming service has been a big success over the last few years. That’s why it came as a surprise on Friday when the companies revealed that Iron Fist was not being renewed after its second season, making it the first cancellation in the Defenders collection of … Continue reading
  • Pixel Camera app gets external mic support alongside Pixel 3 launch

    Google’s new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL devices were revealed earlier this week, and to almost no surprise the phones are ready to hold their title as having some of the best cameras around. One of the key reasons for this is that the Pixel doesn’t just rely on optics hardware, but also uses advanced software in the custom … Continue reading
  • Opportunity rover remains silent, but a windy season may change that

    NASA says it still hasn’t managed to communicate with Opportunity, the rover that fell silent after being caught in a global dust storm on Mars. Though the storm has passed and sunlight is once again present, Opportunity hasn’t managed to communicate with its team on Earth. NASA speculates dust on the solar panels may be the issue and says an … Continue reading
  • NASA says another space telescope has entered safe mode

    Shortly after its announcement regarding Hubble, NASA has revealed that another of its space telescopes has entered safe mode. The reason may be the same that has impacted Hubble: a gyroscope failure. The Chandra X-ray Observatory automatically put itself in safe mode this past Wednesday, with NASA confirming the news today. The Chandra X-ray Observatory was launched in July 1999 … Continue reading
  • Arizona teams with Intel to create research institute for self-driving cars

    In an announcement today, Arizona officials revealed the creation of the Institute for Automated Mobility (IAM). This consortium is composed of private companies, university researchers, and public officials, according to the state, the goal being a collaboration on state of the art research within Arizona. Intel is listed as a founding partner. The new research institute will focus on self-driving … Continue reading
  • Facebook Messenger Unsend message feature leaks in images

    Facebook is testing an Unsend feature in Messenger that will enable users to “unsend” a message they’ve sent to others. The company first announced plans to offer this feature following controversy over some Zuckerberg messages that had quietly been deleted from recipients’ accounts. Though Facebook doesn’t have much to say on the matter, a pair of screenshots showing it have … Continue reading
  • Pixel 3 Camera app download released unofficially, for Pie

    This week the Google Pixel 3 was revealed in full by Google and, before the device hit stores, its camera app was leaked. This app includes some of the technology meant to make the Google Pixel 3 the most elite camera smartphone in the world. Not all, but certainly some. Unless you’ve got a Pixel 3 in your pocket, this … Continue reading
  • Amazon picker robots tipped to do heavy lifting in warehouses

    Amazon is developing robots that can pick items from inventory in fulfillment centers, according to a new report. These robots will allegedly perform the same job as human “pickers,” retrieving items ordered by customers and moving them to packaging for shipment. The report indicates these robots may eventually replace many human warehouse workers. The alleged plans were leaked by sources … Continue reading
  • Samsung Galaxy Phoenix looks ready to battle iPhone XR

    Could Samsung respond to the upcoming least-expensive iPhone X with a phone that’s just as impressive? If what we’re seeing in the leaked Galaxy A6s is legit (and headed worldwide), Apple might have a real competitor on its hands. Not that Apple is ever competing with Samsung, but in the most basic sense, this looks like a lineup of phones … Continue reading
  • Fortnite Quadcrasher vehicle can smash through buildings

    Fortnite has a new vehicle in the pipeline and it’s called the Quadcrasher. The item is listed as “Coming Soon” in the Fortnite lobby, where Epic says the vehicle has a boost feature that enables it to crash through buildings, among other things. This vehicle will join the existing ATK and shopping carts. Unlike the ATK, which many players says … Continue reading
  • Facebook rolls out a dedicated game streaming app (that you can’t use)

    It’s not exactly a secret that Facebook has been trying to unseat sites like YouTube and Twitch when it comes to streaming video – particularly game streaming. Over the summer, a new portal called Fb.gg was launched, organizing Facebook’s game streaming service in one place. Of course, the success of YouTube and Twitch comes in part because of their mobile … Continue reading