• LG G6 water-resistance test

  • Study: Neanderthal genes are still affecting humans

    Neanderthals haven’t existed for the better part of 40,000 years, but their genes continue to affect present day humans in important ways. According to a new study, Neanderthal DNA resulting from the mating of Neanderthals with humans is still active in 52 varieties of human tissue, influencing gene expression. This influence includes things like making people taller and reducing one’s … Continue reading
  • Uber denies Waymo self-driving tech theft

    Uber has denied stealing autonomous car technology from Alphabet’s Waymo, after the Google spin-off accused the ride-sharing firm of copying its sensor technology. The allegations were made earlier this week, with Waymo saying that it was alerted to the issue inadvertently when a supplier sent over schematics of one of Uber’s LIDAR designs. That design – for the sensor rig … Continue reading
  • Nintendo Switch Joy-Con struggle with connection issues ahead of launch

    We’re exactly a week out from the launch of Nintendo Switch, which means that many people already have pre-release review units. Though the early reaction has been good in most regards, one rather major issue has reared its ugly head. According to a number of reviewers, the Joy-Con controllers are having some connectivity issues, which may not be a good … Continue reading
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  • Google’s List of carriers that support RCS messaging expands

    Google announced today that they were one step closer to “delivering RCS messaging to Android users worldwide.” To this end, they’ve tapped into partnerships with Orange, Deutsche Telekom (parent company of T-Mobile), and Globe. These companies are officially “committed to launching RCS messaging powered by the Jibe RCS cloud from Google and will be preloading Android Messages as the standard … Continue reading
  • Ford GT Competition Series puts supercar on a diet

    Take the super-exclusive Ford GT, trim what little fat you might be able to find, and you end up with this: the Ford GT Competition Series. Few would describe Ford’s supercar as anything close to being obese, but the automaker is giving the coupe every edge it can when it comes to track performance. That includes ditching the creature comforts, … Continue reading
  • This self-driving truck startup wants drivers to keep their jobs

    A new self-driving truck startup, Embark, has revealed its first autonomous vehicle, and is set to begin testing in Nevada. The company has eschewed the typical self-driving fare of passenger vehicles, despite many rivals focusing their development attention there, and instead predicts that long-distance haulage will be the place AI drivers make the biggest splash. Most importantly, perhaps, it’s not … Continue reading
  • 2017 LG Gram notebooks get a boost to battery life

    LG has a new series of Gram notebooks for 2017, and it’s launching these six different models with two key areas of focus: weight and battery life. As the name would suggest, LG Gram notebooks are designed to be lightweight, with every entry in the family coming in at just over two pounds. You might think that a slim and … Continue reading
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  • Tesla plays Model 3 tax hardball with dealer-swayed states

    Tesla has pulled out the big guns in its campaign to bypass traditional dealerships, warning US states they stand to miss out on potentially huge tax income. The automaker has long drawn the ire of old-school dealers, who complain that its strategy of owning its own showrooms – which Tesla refers to as “stores” – and selling direct to drivers … Continue reading
  • US Cellular Unlimited plan has limits, just like the rest

    This week the folks at US Cellular have launched enthusiastically back into the Unlimited Data plan market with all the bigger brands. For them, this means branding Unlimited Data with “Total Plans with No Hidden Fees.” For the user, this means data plans for as low as $40 per line just so long as the user has four phone lines … Continue reading
  • 2018 Ford Fiesta ST breaks cover, and we want one

    Ford has taken the wraps off its new 2018 Fiesta ST, a punchy little hot-hatch that bucks the trend in terms of engines. Revealed initially in European-market form, the new Fiesta ST eschews the typical four-cylinder engine you’d expect to find under its hood, and instead goes the three-cylinder EcoBoost route. In fact, it’s a mere 1.5-liter example, though Ford … Continue reading
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 release date and specs get a tweaked update

    This week as we draw ever-nearer to the release and reveal of the Samsung Galaxy S8, we’ve received some tweaked specs and details. As such, we’re passing them on to you – with a reminder that until Samsung reveals the Galaxy S8 line themselves, no information is official. This set of updates comes from anonymous sources with information close to … Continue reading
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  • Samsung Secure Folder arrives for Galaxy S7, S7 Edge

    Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge users have some additional security coming their way today, as Samsung has launched a new Secure Folder for those two devices. As the name suggests, Secure Folder is a place where you can put your apps and data to give them an extra layer of security. Secure Folder is backed by Samsung Knox technology, … Continue reading
  • 2017 Jeep Compass First Drive: All-new compact SUV has off-road cred

    In a world that’s gone SUV-crazy, Jeep is one of the brands best poised to reap the rewards. The 2017 Jeep Compass, an all-new design that replaces not just one, but two strong-selling but outdated models – the previous-generation Compass and the soon-to-be-defunct Patriot – is the latest in a line of revamped people movers that have completely transformed the … Continue reading
  • Moto Mod with slider QWERTY keyboard coming to Indiegogo

    Smartphones with physical QWERTY keyboards aren’t unheard of but aren’t exactly many. Even fewer are those with keyboards that slide out. And even rarer are those that slide out horizontally in a landscape orientation. That kind of form factor hasn’t been seen since perhaps the Motorola DROID 4, but soon that might appear again, coincidentally in another Motorola smartphone. No, … Continue reading
  • Honor VR Camera is a custom-made Insta360 Air

    It’s actually been a while since we’ve seen new equipment that tries to actually create VR-related content rather than just consuming them. Professional VR cameras still cost an arm and a leg and probably more, but there are always cheaper and more portable solutions around. Some of those come from Insta360, a company that specializes in smartphone-compatible 360-degree cameras. It … Continue reading
  • SD Association announces UHS-III allowing for 624 MB/s speeds

    The need for speed no longer just applies to cars. Or games related to cars. In an age where digital photography is prevalent, from phones, to cameras, to drones, being able to record and transfer image data at high speeds has become just as important as the camera sensors themselves. That is why the SD Association, the industry group tasked … Continue reading
  • Maker gelauwerde BioShock-serie opent nieuwe gamestudio

    Irrational Games, de studio van game-ontwerper Ken Levine, maakte onder meer de games BioShock en BioShock Infinite. Die games combineren filosofische denkbeelden en alternate history met actie, vreemde wetenschap en gestoorde personages, en werden beide zeer positief ontvangen. Na het verschijnen van BioShock Infinite en de twee uitbreidingen van de game, kondigde Levine aan dat hij Irrational Games ging sluiten.
    Levine wilde met een kleiner team aan games werken, en daarbij directer met...
  • ARCHOS 101 Saphir rugged tablet comes with a keyboard

    The word “Saphir” calls to mind “sapphire”, which, in the context of mobile devices, is usually associated with toughness and durability. That is probably the thought that ARCHOS is trying to evoke with the ARCHOS 101 Saphir, the first tablet in its rugged Saphir line. While it might not exactly be the toughest nor the most powerful, it may have … Continue reading
  • Googles WhatsApp-rivaal krijgt webversie

    Het is Google tot nu toe niet gelukt om een een goede concurrent van Whatsapp te ontwikkelen. Dat komt mede doordat de chatdienst Google Allo, vorig jaar gelanceerd, nog alleen beschikbaar is op mobiele platformen. Ook kun je er nog niet mee bellen naar gewone nummers.
    Binnenkort krijgt Google Allo wel een versie die op computers werkt. Via Twitter toonde Google-manager Nick Fox een sneakpreview de webversie van Allo. "Nog in een vroeg stadium van ontwikkeling, maar hij komt naar je...
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  • iOS 10.2.1 fixes most, but not all, iPhone 6 sudden shutdowns

    A couple of months back, owners of older iPhone models going as far back as the iPhone 6 have started reporting sudden inexplicable switching off of their phones. More than a minor inconvenience, users had to scramble to plug their iPhones in before they can switch them on again. Now Apple is proudly sharing that it has all but eradicated … Continue reading
  • Apple lost probleem uitvallende iPhones 'grotendeels' op

    De bug zat in de laatste versies van iOS en zorgde ervoor dat gebruikers met een iPhone 6, 6 Plus 6S en 6S Plus hun toestel plotseling zagen uitvallen. Vaak helpt dan alleen het aansluiten aan een oplader om het toestel weer aan te zetten, ook al is de accu nog niet leeg.
    Volgens Apple zorgt een oplossing in iOS 10.2.1 er bij de meeste gebruikers voor dat de bug niet meer optreedt. Bij iPhone 6S-gebruikers is het aantal uitvallen met ruim 80 procent verminderd, bij iPhone 6-eigenaren met meer...
  • Google apologizes for accidentally wiping WiFi, OnHub routers

    In a perfect world, software functions as it should with no unintended side effect. But we do not live in a perfect world and it isn’t rare that an update would wreck havoc on devices that run them. Rare, however, are times when software wrecks havoc even without a software update or similar. That is apparently the nightmare that greeted … Continue reading
  • Google-bedrijf klaagt Uber aan over zelfrijdende auto

    Het dochterbedrijf van Alphabet heeft een aanklacht tegen Uber ingediend bij de rechtbank in San Francisco. Het bedrijf is er namelijk recent achter gekomen dat zijn technologieën worden gebruikt in Ubers ontwerpen, schrijft het over zijn reden naar de rechter te stappen.
    De zaak draait om een voormalige projectleider van ontwikkeldivisie, waar Waymo uit is voortgekomen. Deze Antohony Levandowski zou zes weken voor zijn vertrek bij Google 14.000 bestanden hebben gedownload. Na zijn...
  • Eerste indruk Asus ZenFone 3: goede prijs, maar te laat

    Eerste Indruk
    Een premium telefoon met een aantrekkelijke prijs: dat is het idee achter de Zenfone 3. Het apparaat kost 349 euro maar ziet eruit alsof hij 750 euro kost. De Zenfone 3 komt ook nog in een duurdere versie van 399 euro. Het enige verschil is dat deze variant in plaats van 3GB werkgeheugen en 32GB opslagruimte juist 4GB en 64GB heeft, en een iets grotere accu. De duurdere versie testen wij.
    Het design van de Zenfone 3 bestaat...
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  • Amsterdam op plek 129 in file-index van TomTom

    TomTom heeft een site gemaakt waarin je eenvoudig door alle file-informatie die het vorig jaar verzameld heeft kan scrollen. Nederland doet het helemaal niet zo beroerd. In de lijst met alle steden van meer dan 800.000 inwoners is Amsterdam de eerste Nederlandse stad op de lijst. Op de 129e plek. De top 3 bestaat uit Jakarta op de derde plek, Bangkok op twee en tot niemands verbazing Mexico City bovenaan.
    Om je een idee te geven hoe beroerd het verkeer in Mexico-stad is. Gemiddeld genomen...
  • Mustek eyes cyber gadgets - Business Day (registration)

    Business Day (registration)
    Mustek eyes cyber gadgets
    Business Day (registration)
    Technology hardware distributor Mustek is seeking partnerships with companies that are providing internet of things (IoT) products, it said on Thursday. IoT refers to devices that are connected to the internet and are able to communicate with one another.
  • Alphabet’s Waymo sues Uber, Otto for stealing trade secrets, IP

    The tech world might be huge but, if you are able to climb the corporate ladder, there’s always a chance you’ll get around. That, however, always opens occasions for confidential information to also get around. Just recently game publisher Bethesda Softworks won a lawsuit against Facebook and Oculus Rift for patent infringement in the vein. Similarly, Waymo, formerly Google’s self-driving … Continue reading
  • LG X power2 boasts 18 hours battery life in a 5.5-inch size

    If you though LG’s X-themed (nothing directly to do with X-Men) smartphones were a one-time thing, the Korean OEM has just proven you wrong. Just days before MWC 2017, it has announced the LG X power2. Just like the first X power, this smartphone is all about battery life. Specifically a 4,500 mAh pack that promises 15 to 18 hours … Continue reading
  • Lyft’s next big expansion: service in 54 additional cities

    Lyft has announced its single biggest service expansion to date, adding 54 new cities to its service map across four states. This gives commuters in many regions an additional transportation option, one that involves neither taxies nor competing service Uber. Newly supported cities include ones big and small, including Manhattan, Iowa City, Springfield, Birmingham, and more. You can get an … Continue reading
  • 4 Gadgets to make your older car smarter (2017) - SlashGear

    4 Gadgets to make your older car smarter (2017)
    Your car doesn't have to be very old to feel obsolete. Ample technology is packed into the latest and greatest models, and it can include everything from WiFi connectivity to monitoring your car's metrics and status using your phone. If you want that ...
  • 4 Gadgets to make your older car smarter (2017)

    Your car doesn’t have to be very old to feel obsolete. Ample technology is packed into the latest and greatest models, and it can include everything from WiFi connectivity to monitoring your car’s metrics and status using your phone. If you want that functionality yourself but aren’t in the market for a new car, you’re in luck: several products are … Continue reading
  • FAA: reported drone collisions with aircraft are all unverified

    The Federal Aviation Administration has released its latest report detailing the number of claims it has received about drone sightings near aircraft and alleged consumer drone collisions with aircraft. Though it has received ‘several’ pilot reports of drones colliding with airplanes, the Administration says that none of the reports have been proven true following an investigation, with causes instead including … Continue reading
  • Acer Air Monitor uses a ‘breathing’ LED light to monitor air quality

    Acer has introduced its new Air Monitor, a device that does exactly what its name suggests: monitors the quality of air that is, in this case, located within one’s home or other indoor space. The Air Monitor features what Acer describes as a ‘breathing’ LED light that helps owners monitor the quality of the air in their home at any … Continue reading
  • SpaceX Dragon capsule successfully docks with International Space Station

    It’s been a somewhat turbulent week for the SpaceX Dragon capsule, but today SpaceX and NASA announced that it has successfully docked with the International Space Station. The rocket carrying the capsule was originally scheduled to launch on Saturday, but was delayed at the last second. SpaceX and NASA tried again the next day, and managed to pull off not … Continue reading
  • Watch Siberian tigers take down a flying drone

    Drones: they annoy and amuse humans, mostly annoy kangaroos, and apparently greatly intrigue Siberian tigers. A new video shows a pack of such tigers chasing around a flying drone, doing so like big cats trying to catch a laser dot, when one eventually yanks it from the sky. It seems at first the tigers are moving in to swiftly destroy … Continue reading
  • Birth Control pills saved 200k lives in 10 years, say scientists

    A study conducted by a group at Oxford showed that 200,000 lives have been saved from endometrial cancer over a 9-year period. This group, known better as the Collaborative Group on Epidemiological Studies on Endometrial Cancer (Oxford), showed that “about 400 000 cases of endometrial cancer before the age of 75 years have been prevented over the past 50 years (1965–2014) … Continue reading
  • Google Fiber is bringing Webpass to apartments in Denver

    Google is bringing super fast Internet service to Denver via Webpass, the company has announced. The Internet service will be made available first at an apartment community via Ethernet, with speeds being available at up to a gigabit per second. This latest addition — the Denver rollout — joins Webpass rollouts in other cities including Boston, Chicago, Berkeley, San Francisco … Continue reading
  • Facebook launches mid-roll ads in Live and on demand videos

    As the rumors foretold, Facebook is getting ready to launch mid-roll video ads. Though we heard last month that it was considering letting publishers play ads during on demand videos, this roll out includes Live videos as well. In other words, there’s no escape from the Facebook ad invasion. Okay, that might be a little dramatic given the circumstances, as … Continue reading
  • Super-early Alzheimer’s detection may hinge on speech patterns

    Detecting dementia and Alzheimer’s early is tricky and that’s a problem, as early detection — and thusly early treatment — is thought to be a very important factor in possibly slowing down the disease’s progression. Thanks to studies analyzing the speech and language patterns of individuals eventually diagnosed with these disease, however, researchers may have identified a method for detecting … Continue reading
  • MyKronoz watch hands “attached by a hole cut through the color display”

    A smartwatch with a touchscreen display and a set of mechanical hands is exactly what we did not expect from MyKronoz. It didn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense to continue to try to make smartwatches look like traditional watches in the first place, given the lack-of-market for the devices. But here they are, complete with elements from … Continue reading
  • Apollo 11 command module begins nationwide tour next year

    2019 will mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 space mission, in which Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to set foot on the Moon. In celebration of this anniversary, the Apollo 11 command module, which is named Columbia and flew those two astronauts and Michael Collins to their lunar destination and back, will kick off … Continue reading
  • Eero price cut as mesh routers prepare for platform play

    Mesh networking favorite Eero has cut the price of its router system, aiming to get its distributed WiFi system in as many homes as possible before adding more ambitious functionality. Launched a year ago, the unimposing white boxes led the charge in domestic mesh networks where, rather than a single router being the point of contact for every WiFi device, … Continue reading
  • 3 vital Pokemon GO updates on how to catch em all, Silph Road style

    This week we’re having a peek at 3 ways in which a trainer would have to up their game to catch em all in Pokemon GO. Thanks to the helpful efforts of OKTimeForplanB at The Silph Road on Reddit, we have all the regional Pokemon on a map. We also have the several ways in which Pokemon must be caught … Continue reading
  • iPhone 8 wireless charging only the start: 5 Apple teams reportedly involved

    The iPhone 8 may embrace wireless charging, but Apple is reportedly going all-in with developing cable-free solutions, with claims that five different teams at the company are all working on the technology. The absence of wireless charging has long been a point of criticism about the iPhone, forcing owners who want to be free of wires to either jump ship … Continue reading
  • Smart Home: met zonnepanelen investeer je in de toekomst

    Op Erwins dak liggen al zonnepanelen, maar hij wil er nog meer. Daardoor kan hij zelfs stroom overhouden. Hij geeft tips over hoe je met zonne-energie geld kan verdienen. En hoe je er in kunt investeren, zelfs als je niet zelf panelen op je dak kunt hebben.
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    Erwin van der ZandeBright TV
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  • Playschool case: Gadgets, documents of suspect sent to forensic lab - The Hindu

    Playschool case: Gadgets, documents of suspect sent to forensic lab
    The Hindu
    BENGALURU: The police have sent CDs, a mobile phone, a pen drive and some documents seized from Manjunath V., the supervisor of the playschool, who is accused of sexually assaulting seven children, to a forensic science lab. Police sources said the ...en meer »
  • Nintendo Switch: No Virtual Console at launch, eShop games detailed

    Nintendo is sharing new details about the Switch today, namely covering what players can expect from the console’s digital offerings on launch day. Three eShop launch titles have been briefly detailed today, but Nintendo is saving most of the discussion for a “Nindies Showcase” that will be live streamed on February 28. During this presentation, Nintendo will touch on some … Continue reading
  • Google Perspective puts comment trolls on notice

    Google is putting trolls on notice, announcing a new project dubbed Perspective which aims to take the vitriol out of comment sections online. Co-developed with Jigsaw, Perspective relies on machine learning to act as a constantly improving filter, just as a human admin might, only without the risk of the AI getting offended or overwhelmed along the way. Each comment … Continue reading
  • Asus start verkoop smartphones in Nederland

    De high-end Asus ZenFone AR
    Asus gaat in ons land in eerste instantie nog niet de strijd aan met Samsung en Apple met high-end smartphones. De ZenFone 3-modellen die het donderdag in Nederland introduceerde zijn mid-range en low-end toestellen, die medio 2016 elders op de markt zijn gebracht.
    Het duurste model is de ZenFone 3 van 399 euro, met een 5,5 inch scherm en 4G werkgeheugen. Het toestel heeft een metalen frame en is zowel...
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