• Weekendtip: Mode uit de zee

    Sinds de kerstvakantie is op Deltapark Neeltje Jans naast indrukwekkende natuur en civiele techniek ook duurzame fashion te zien. Het werkeiland showt de Healthy Seas Fashion-expositie. Mode uit de zee, ofwel From waste to wear. De Healthy Seas modetentoonstelling laat kleding zien die gemaakt is van uit de Noordzee opgeviste achtergebleven visnetten, wetsuits en andere plasticsoep. De kledingstukken zijn gemaakt door modestudenten aan het AKTO College in Griekenland, de stand is ontworpen door.
  • Winnen: Chromecasts met tv-dienst KNIPPR

    WinactieMaak kans op een gratis Chromecast en 3 maanden gratis tv via Knippr. Deel dit bericht op Facebook. En vergeet niet Bright te liken.
    Met KNIPPR kijk je tv op een scherm naar keuze met apps voor smartphone, tablet en Apple TV4. Streamen met Chromecast of in de webbrowser is ook mogelijk. En je betaalt alleen voor de zenders die jij wilt. We probeerden de dienst en geven twee keer 3 maanden gratis Knippr en twee Chromecasts...
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  • Nederlandse startup recyclede al 1 miljoen Afrikaanse telefoons

    Als een telefoon in Afrika kapot is, dan is hij écht kapot. Lokale reparateurs hebben alles geprobeerd om het apparaat weer werkend te krijgen. Uiteindelijk belanden die kapotte telefoons op een grote stapel en worden ze ergens op een veldje gedumpt en verbrand. Op die manieren proberen Afrikanen nog wat grondstoffen uit de apparaten te halen en er een centje mee te verdienen.
    Die manier van 'recyclen' is erg slecht voor het milieu. De Kluijver heeft een milieuvriendelijkere...
  • 3 tips om je accounts beter te beveiligen

    De overgenomen accounts van Kamerleden tonen één ding heel duidelijk aan: het hergebruik van oude zwakke wachtwoorden is voor velen dé valkuil. Door in datalekken te neuzen kun je veel e-mailadressen en de bijbehorende wachtwoorden achterhalen. Dat gebeurde onder andere bij SGP-fractievoorzitter Kees van der Staaij en Tweede Kamerlid Pieter Omtzigt (CDA), waar we in respectievelijk het Twitter- en LinkedIn-account konden.
    Hoe meer wachtwoorden je moet onthouden, hoe zwa
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  • Takata executives indicted by DoJ alongside $1 billion fine

    Following recent news that an indictment and fine were nearly finalized, the U.S. Department of Justice has announced a $1 billion fine against Takata, the company behind faulty air bags. In addition to the fine, the Justice Department has indicted three company executives. Takata as a company will plead guilty to fraud. Though the news has just been publicized, the … Continue reading
  • Titanfall: Frontline mobile game has been cancelled

    Back in September, Respawn Entertainment announced the then-upcoming mobile game based on Titanfall, Titanfall: Frontline. The game was promised for iOS and Android, and would have been a card game rather than something resembling the console titles. The game did make it to the point of a beta, but it has all been for naught: Titanfall: Frontline has been cancelled. … Continue reading
  • Uber rides can now be ordered within Google Maps

    Uber just got much more convenient, assuming you’re a Google Maps user, thanks to a new integration with Google’s navigation app. Rather than opening the Uber app and copying an address into the destination field, Google users can now find their location using Google Maps, then choose the small ride-hailing icon as the transportation method, enabling travelers to order an … Continue reading
  • Amazon launches Anime Strike monthly subscription channel for Prime

    Amazon has launched another channel for on-demand video content, this one called Anime Strike. This channel, like ones before it, give Prime customers access to a specific category of shows (anime, in this case) that can be watched whenever they’d like. The channel provides access to more than 1,000 episodes across many anime series of both the current and classic … Continue reading
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  • Microsoft acquires Maluuba, a deep learning startup in Montreal

    Microsoft has announced the acquisition of a Montreal-based startup named Maluuba. The acquisition seems to revolve around Maluuba’s natural language work, though the startup works on more than just that, ultimately focusing on the development of artificial intelligence capable of thinking and speaking like a human. Microsoft says that Maluuba’s vision is “exactly in line with ours.” Microsoft describes this … Continue reading
  • Resident Evil 7 4D Candle is a ‘horror-scented’ VR accessory

    There’s so-called 4D gaming, which is usually a VR game joined by items that engaged other senses — a rumbling seat when you’re ‘driving’ over cobble roads, maybe, or an authentic scent to match your VR environment. Here to bring about that latter element, in a roundabout sort of way, is an official Resident Evil 7 biohazard “4D” candle that … Continue reading
  • Tesla Superchargers may charge fees, but it’s still cheaper than gas

    For years Tesla’s Superchargers have been the gravy-train for drivers of the upscale EVs, but as of this year’s production that’s all ending. Tesla’s decision to begin charging for Supercharger access is, the company insists, all about funding its expansion rather than further lining its pockets. After all, Elon Musk & Co. point out, once the Model 3 arrives there’ll … Continue reading
  • Windows 10 Game Mode confirmed for Creators Update

    Microsoft has confirmed that the formerly rumored Game Mode will be arriving in Windows 10 with the Creators Update. This Game Mode will, says the company, start appearing in part for Windows Insiders this week, though the fully operational version will take a bit longer to show up. When used, Game Mode will improve a PC’s performance specifically for gaming. … Continue reading
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  • Here’s every Nintendo Switch game trailer released so far

    We were hoping that Nintendo would have a lot of games to show off during last night’s Switch event, and boy did Nintendo deliver. With an impressive of number of games announced, that can only mean one thing: a lot of game trailers. Luckily for you, we’ve collected them all in this one place you don’t have to go searching … Continue reading
  • Andy Rubin created Android: now he’s making the “Essential” smartphone

    Android inventor Andy Rubin has started another company which may well deliver the next big thing in smartphones and artificial intelligence. According to Bloomberg, the Rubin’s company “Essential” is producing a “suite” of devices that’ll likely work together in concert. The first legal filing to appear with the word “Essential” on it tied to Rubin was a USPTO filing for … Continue reading
  • Commentaar: millennials spreek je niet aan met Pokémon-filmpjes

    De Volkskrant kopt 'De folder is passé: Klaver gamet en Rutte vlogt'. In het artikel wordt verhaald hoe de jongerenbeweging van Groen Links een filmpje maakte waarin Jesse Klaver Geert Wilders verslaat:Mark Rutte bezocht vlogger Youssef Koukouh en denkt erover om zelf ook te gaan vloggen. Allemaal omdat de voor het eerste stemmende jongeren een belangrijke nieuwe doelgroep zijn. Wilders gamet en vlogt overigens niet, maar is de populairste Nederlandse...
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  • Panasonic’s HOSPI robot gets new jobs at hotel and airport

    Panasonic is getting in on the current robot craze, revealing new real-world trials for its HOSPI Autonomous Delivery Robot that will kick off this month. Set to be loosed upon the corridors of the ANA Crowne Plaza Narita hotel, as well as Narita International Airport, the robot – which resembles an armless Dalek of sorts, albeit one with a friendly … Continue reading
  • The Nintendo Switch is our last chance for modular gadgets - CNET

    The Nintendo Switch is our last chance for modular gadgets
    2016 was supposed to be the year modular gadgets caught on. Phones like Google's Project Ara, the LG G5 and the Moto Z promised to let you upgrade your phone just by snapping on new parts. Intel's Thunderbolt 3 port paved the way to turn a thin laptop ...
    Nintendo Switch Joy-con Controller Pair Costs £75Geeky Gadgets
    From playing cards to plumbers: Key dates for NintendoMalay Mail Onlinealle 2.536 nieuwsartikelen&nb
  • Nevada woman dies from nearly untreatable superbug infection

    The Centers for Disease Control issued some sad and frightening news today: a woman in her 70s has passed away in the U.S. after contracting a so-called superbug while living in India. This superbug was resistant to all 26 varieties of antibiotics ordinarily used in the US for treatment, including some last resort drugs used to treat antibiotic-resistant bugs. She … Continue reading
  • You can now take a virtual reality tour of the White House

    If you’ve always wanted to tour the White House but never managed to make it out to Washington DC, then we’ve got some good news for you. Assuming you’ve got an Oculus Rift or Gear VR headset, you can now take a tour of the White House with none other than President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama as … Continue reading
  • NASA simulation shows slow-mo airflow around a DJI drone

    NASA is best known for its space-related content, and perhaps for its Earth sciences work, but few know about the agency’s airflow simulations. NASA has, it recently said, been creating airflow simulations for various aircraft for ‘decades.’ These computer models show air as it flows around, for example, an airplane, aiding in the development of designs and similar things. It’s … Continue reading
  • Terugkijken: eerste ervaringen Nintendo Switch live vanuit Frankfurt

    Vanochtend maakte Nintendo bekend dat zijn nieuwe spelcomputer Nintendo Switch vanaf 3 maart te koop is. In Nederland melden de meeste webwinkels 329 euro. In een live-stream op onze Facebook-pagina praten Jan Meijroos en Leon van Poppel je bij over de nieuwe Nintendo-console en de eerste games. Kijk de stream hier terug:Like ons ook op Facebook. Volg ook ons YouTube-kanaal voor meer over de Nintendo Switch de komende dagen.
    Tonie van RingelestijnNieuws ...
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  • eBay Authenticate launches to eliminate fake products

    Online shopping is great, but with it comes an increased risk of buying a fake item. This has been an issue since sites like eBay and Amazon first rose to prominence. While some sites like Amazon are launching lawsuits against sellers who ship out fake products, eBay is taking a different approach by launching a new authentication program. Appropriately named … Continue reading
  • The Nokia 8 didn’t get leaked by Qualcomm at CES

    A report on a supposed “Nokia 8 Supreme” made the rounds this week appearing to be on display by Qualcomm at CES 2017. In reality, the device was not a Nokia device – not branded Nokia, nor manufactured by Nokia. Instead, the Qualcomm Supreme reference phone appeared on the show floor at CES specifically to show off features of the … Continue reading
  • Hyundai Ioniq krijgt step in de deur

    We wachten met smart op de Peugeot 3008 die met de e-kick scooter verkrijgbaar is. Een ideale manier om in de stad de laatste kilometers af te leggen waar de auto te duur, te vies of te groot is. Hyundai doet de Franse automaker na met de Ioniq Scooter, speciaal ontwikkelt om te passen bij de nieuwe Hybride, plugin en elektrische Ioniq. Gezien je een elektrische auto nog wel eens aan een laadpaal wat verder weg moet hangen is zo'n scooter geen overbodige luxe.De Ioniq Scooter...
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  • Nintendo Switch: Everything you really need to know

    Nintendo’s Switch reveal event has come and gone, and now that we’re on the other side of it, there’s a lot of information to get through. Nintendo announced everything from release date and pricing to which first-party titles will be launching for the console within 2017. With that in mind, here all are the Nintendo Switch details you need to … Continue reading
  • Galaxy S8 leaks: we rate all the image rumors so you don’t have to

    The Samsung Galaxy S8 was the subject of a substantial amount of leaked, crafted, or otherwise falsified photos and renderings in the weeks leading up to its release. Much like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and the Galaxy S6 before it, we’re going to go ahead and analyze these images, attempting to separate fact from rumor, imagination from reality. The … Continue reading
  • Nintendo Switch pre-orders open up at Best Buy, GameStop, and Target

    Even though we finally have a release date for the Nintendo Switch, the pre-order situation has been left up in the air. Pre-orders opened in New York City today in limited quantities, but what about pre-orders for the rest of us? We’re still waiting on some retailers to open up pre-orders, but others have beat the rest to the punch. … Continue reading
  • Duurzame auto gemaakt van biocomposiet

    De auto, door de studenten Lina genoemd, is de eerste auto die gemaakt wordt van een biocomposiet. Quinten Oostvogel, de teammanager van de studenten, vertelt dat ze daarvoor hebben gekozen omdat het productieproces van auto's veel energie kost door de materiaalkeuze.
    "Het chassis, de ruggengraat van de auto waaraan ook de wielen bevestigd worden, moet licht zijn maar ook heel sterk. Daarom wordt het vaak van carbon of aluminium gemaakt. Maar het productieproces van die materialen is...
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  • Eight things AI assistants need to improve on

    HTC’s announcement of its U Ultra and U Play phones, and consequently the revelation of its Sense Companion, may have you cringing at yet another AI-powered, disembodied, virtual assistant. But HTC’s spiel has a nugget of sense. AI agents today are so bright they can tell jokes or even hold conversation, whether with humans or with each other. But when … Continue reading
  • Top 5: nieuwe games voor Nintendo Switch

    Vanochtend werd bekend dat Nintendo's nieuwe spelcomputer Nintendo Switch vanaf 3 maart te koop is, voor 300 dollar. (Volg onze Facebook-pagina voor onze hands-on.) Ook toonde Nintendo allerlei nieuwe games voor de console, die zowel thuis als onderweg te gebruiken is. Onze vijf favorieten op een rij.Super Mario OdysseyVoor het eerst sinds Super Mario Sunshine voor de GameCube komt er weer een Mario-game waarin de besnorde loodgieter zich in een open wereld...
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  • Verizon Jetpack MiFi 7730L brings wireless storage via USB-C

    Mobile Wi-Fi hotspots today are no longer one-trick ponies. After all, a device that does one and only one thing seems like a waste of precious space. Getting in with the times, Verizon’s new MiFi 7730L Jetpack is offering something in addition to high-speed Internet. Through the magic of the new USB-C standard, this pocket Wi-Fi can turn any USB-C … Continue reading
  • EU wil robots aansprakelijk voor eigen handelen maken

    In toenemende mate spelen robots een rol in ons leven. Maar tot nu kunnen ze nog niet verantwoordelijk worden gehouden voor hun daden, en daar moet verandering in komen, vindt het Europees Parlement. Want robots worden steeds slimmer en autonomer: zelflerende robots kunnen zelf acteren, zelf beslissingen nemen en zijn niet meer (zo) voorspelbaar in hun gedrag, is de gedachte.
    In een rapport dat donderdag is uitgebracht, geeft een commissie van het parlement de richting aan voor...
  • Nintendo Switch online service, parental controls detailed

    Consoles, more than their Gaming PC counterparts, used to be very local machines. While they did limit you to one physical location, it allowed for a local mutiplayer experience rarely available with PCs (unless you have more than one in the same place). Nowadays, however, all consoles have some online feature and the upcoming Nintendo Switch is no different. You … Continue reading
  • Tesla giving new owner free Supercharging credits yearly

    An electric vehicle is really only as good as the charging network that supports it. After all, what use is all that energy efficiency and environment friendliness if you run out of charge in the middle of your trip with no charger in sight. That is why Tesla is investing heavily in its Supercharging system, not just in infrastructure and … Continue reading
  • Lenovo Ultrabook heeft drie Thunderbolt-poorten - Knack.be

    Lenovo Ultrabook heeft drie Thunderbolt-poorten
    Lenovo lanceert nieuwe versies van zijn ThinkPad X1-serie, bestaande uit X1 Yoga 2-in-1 laptop, X1 Tablet en X1 Carbon Ultrabook. Deel op Facebook · Deel op Twitter · Deel op Google+ · Deel op LinkedIn; Verzenden via mail. Reageer; Afdrukken. Lenovo ...
  • Nintendo Switch accessories: here’s what they’ll cost you

    So the Nintendo Switch is out. Or rather, it has been dated and, at least in some lucky few cities, pre-orders will begin soon. But if you’re not yet in a hurry to buy one and are still trying to save up for a Nintendo Switch, here’s a handy list of how much you’ll need to get the console itself … Continue reading
  • Nintendo Switch titles: here’s what’s coming soon

    Nintendo has just finished its hour-long spiel about how the Nintendo Switch is the culmination and the amalgamation of its gaming history, from the very first Nintendo Entertainment System all the way up to the Wii U. But while the console might be interesting, it will only be as strong as the games available for it. And the Switch definitely … Continue reading
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild release date finally announced

    It’s been a long time coming, but today’s Nintendo Switch event finally gave us a release date for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Zelda fans have been waiting years for this new title, and with the Switch now on the horizon, so too is the release of Breath of the Wild. The only question now is whether … Continue reading
  • Super Mario Odyssey announced for Nintendo Switch, but not for launch

    As expected, Nintendo has announced a new Mario title for the Nintendo Switch today. Dubbed Super Mario Odyssey, this new game plucks Mario from the Mushroom Kingdom and puts him in a location that has some striking similarities to our lovely planet Earth. Just as well, he seems to have a new travelling companion this time around. Unfortunately, we don’t … Continue reading
  • Nintendo Switch launch details revealed [UPDATE]

    Nintendo finally announced the details that everyone has been dying to know: when the Nintendo Switch will become available and just how much it will cost you. Suffice it to say, it seems that many hypotheses have been spot on, especially on the pricing. Nintendo, however, did drop some more details that will delight Nintendo fans around the world. You … Continue reading
  • YouTube Super Chat lets viewers stand out during a livestream

    YouTube has introduced a new feature called Super Chat, a way for viewers to make their messages stand out during a livestream. Says YouTube, anyone who is watching a livestreaming video on the service can buy a Super Chat, which will make their message stick out in the chat stream with a highlight. Those chats then spend five hours pinned … Continue reading
  • Arrest Development’s full cast may be back for season 5

    We’ve been hearing rumors of Arrested Development season 5 for years, and now it looks like it is finally (finally) happening. We still don’t have all the details yet, but recent comments from the show’s executive producer Brian Grazer hints the finalization is getting close, relatively speaking. Even better, it sounds like all of the original cast may be back … Continue reading
  • PlayStation 4 system update 4.5 beta testing signups start

    Sony says the next major system software update for its current-generation console is inbound, and if you want to get a chance to test it before it releases to everyone, now is the time to sign up. PlayStation 4 owners can sign up to be a beta tester anytime from now until ‘early’ February; those who get in will be … Continue reading
  • The world’s tightest knot is too small to see

    A group of researchers have achieved a new record, but you can’t see it with the naked eye. Scientists with the University of Manchester have formed the tightest knot to ever grace our blue marble, at least as far as humans are aware, and they did so using molecular strands. Though the final knot is only about 20 nanometers long, … Continue reading
  • Consumer Reports recommends new MacBook Pro after retesting

    Following its retesting efforts, Consumer Reports has revised its previous decision not to recommend the new MacBook Pro, changing its decision to recommended. As we previously reported, Apple worked with Consumer Reports directly following the publication of its results, something that ultimately led to a software fix. Once that was available, Consumer Reports retested the units and found the results … Continue reading
  • FCC is still concerned about AT&T and Verizon zero-rated services

    Zero-rated services are becoming increasingly popular among carriers and companies, giving customers a way to consume certain content without using up their high-speed data allotment. Such arrangements have raised concerns about net neutrality in the past, and while the FCC isn’t necessarily against zero-rated offerings, it has expressed concerns with some of them. Verizon and AT&T are, once again, the … Continue reading
  • ElliQ is an adorable robot that helps the elderly stay connected

    The company Intuition Robotics has introduced a new home robotic device that helps the elderly stay connected with their friends and family, only without the confusing aspects of using a smartphone or tablet. The system is sort of like Amazon Echo, in that it speaks and can be spoken to. However, it works with a dedicated tablet device and also … Continue reading
  • Panasonic’s Toughpad A2 tablet is a rugged beast

    At a time when many manufacturers seem to be moving away from tablets, Panasonic is having none of it and introducing its Toughpad FZ-A2. Designed to survive in a universe that seems to love shattered screens, the Toughpad A2 tablet is fully rugged slate that offers protection against drops, dust, and water. With Panasonic making its enterprise features a major … Continue reading
  • Samsung foldable phone release rumored for Q3 2017

    A Samsung Foldable Phone (or flexible phone, if you prefer) has been tipped to be revealed and released inside the year 2017, before the Galaxy S8. Word of this release comes alongside a tip that LG will also be releasing at least one foldable display-toting smart device, the smartphone making company teased this week to be producing more than 100,000 … Continue reading
  • Boosted Boards (2nd-gen) recalled over battery pack water vulnerability

    The electronic longboards called Boosted Boards are now into their second generation, and have proven popular with those who want something akin to a hoverboard, but faster and with a more traditional style. Unfortunately, the second generation version of the Boosted Board is the subject of a new recall being initiated “out of an abundance of caution.” According to the … Continue reading