• Google partners with uBreakiFix for same-day Pixel repairs

    One of the biggest disadvantages with buying a Nexus device, especially directly from Google, is the lack of reliable service centers to nurse the smartphone’s wounds. When it became the “seller of record” for the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, it needed to make a few changes. Still lacking the resources, not to mention stores, to provide repair services, Google … Continue reading
  • Toyota reveals fuel cell bus for 2017, can serve as emergency generator

    Toyota unveiled its newest hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicle in Japan this week, but it’s not a four-door sedan or crossover SUV; it’s a bus intended for public transportation. The zero-emission bus uses the same technology as Toyota’s new Mirai fuel cell sedan, and the plan is to have a fleet of 100 or so running in Tokyo in time for … Continue reading
  • Let’s get real on iPhone 8 rumors

    Even before the iPhone 7 came out, people were speculating on what’s next for Apple’s 2017 iPhone. Some even believe Apple will skip it’s tried-and-true tick-tock release cycle and skip ahead to the iPhone 10 to coincide with the iPhone’s 10th anniversary (2007-2017; time flies). And there’s speculation the iPhone as we know it will turn into something completely different … Continue reading
  • Nintendo Switch dock confirmed to only be for TV output & charging

    Nintendo’s new Switch is certainly an interesting piece of hardware, but there’s still many things we don’t know about the upcoming game console, and even more the company won’t tell us. Fortunately there are a few small details that Nintendo has clarified since the initial teaser video was released last week, including the fact that the console’s docking station is … Continue reading
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  • Apple event to focus on new MacBooks, not iMac, says analyst

    In case you haven’t heard, Apple has one of its secretive media events scheduled for October 27th, using the phrase “Hello Again” as the teaser. For months now it’s been expected that Apple would hold such a fall event to introduce new, non-iOS related hardware, possibly including anything from the Mac lineup, from the MacBook Air to a new Mac … Continue reading
  • CBS signs deal with Google for YouTube’s streaming TV service

    YouTube Unplugged, Google‘s subscription-based live television service, has been rumored for several months now, but it appears to have signed its first major content partner in a new deal with the CBS network. The YouTube-branded streaming video service is expected to launch in early 2017, offering users access to several TV channels for a set price between $25 and $40 … Continue reading
  • Researchers use iPhone to develop mobile cancer detection lab

    A group of researchers at Washington State University have developed a mobile lab that allows cancer detection tests to be conducted in the field. What makes it interesting, as well as small and portable, is that the unit uses a smartphone as its central component, and not the most advanced model on the market now, but an aging iPhone 5. … Continue reading
  • BMW Films returns with ‘The Escape,’ highlighting new 5 Series

    BMW produces a number of great cars, but they’ve also managed to elevate the art of advertising with their “BMW Films” series; essentially lengthy car commercials in the form of short films featuring action and car chases with the company’s sporty sedans at the center of it all. The series has also drawn in big Hollywood talent, with previous directors … Continue reading
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  • LG G6 said to be dropping the G5’s modular design

    Earlier this year, LG released its G5 smartphone, the best execution we’ve seen thus far of the modular phone concept. Unfortunately for the manufacturer, the device just didn’t sell well, failing to lure buyers with its range of add-on modules like physical camera controls, improved speakers, and a 360-degree camera. A new report out of Korea says that, because of … Continue reading
  • Telecomreus AT&T wil CNN, HBO en Harry Potter kopen

    Telecombedrijf AT&T heeft de overname zondagochtend aangekondigd. De directies van beide bedrijven zijn akkoord en de verkoop zou voor eind 2017 afgerond moeten zijn. Mocht de deal doorgaan is het verreweg de grootste overname van een mediabedrijf in jaren.  Van NBA tot Looney Tunes
    Time Warner is het bedrijf achter tientallen bekende televisiezenders, zoals CNN, Cartoon Network en HBO, dat de populaire serie Game of Thrones heeft. Ook bezit Time Warner meerdere...
  • Commentaar: Nintendo Switch heeft eigenzinnigheid als kracht

    CommentaarHet moge duidelijk zijn dat de Wii U niet heeft gebracht voor Nintendo wat de Japanners er van hadden gehoopt. Na het immense succes van de Wii, was de Wii U niet onderscheidend genoeg ten opzichte van zijn voorganger. Daarnaast kende de Wii U diverse kleine en grote problemen.
    Het tweede scherm dat via de meegeleverde tablet bediend werd, bracht weinig meerwaarde. Er waren te weinig games die het goed ondersteunden....
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  • 3D-printer met klei: beste duurzame design

    Van Herpts 3D-printer print klei in dunne lagen en met fijne details. Door deze techniek zouden vervuilende plastics te vervangen zijn door een zeer duurzaam en hoogwaardig materiaal. Zijn uitvinding is 'open source': iedereen mag het gebruiken. 
    Van Herpt slaat volgens de jury van de New Material Award 'een brug tussen de modernste technieken en een eeuwenoud ambacht'. Hij wint met zijn Functional 3D Printed Ceramics 15.000 euro, waarmee hij het kan...
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  • New rules for new gadgets - Lincoln Journal Star

    New rules for new gadgets
    Lincoln Journal Star
    The bucket lifts Jeremy Hoegemeyer up to the spot where his bosses are considering putting in a traffic monitoring camera. He FaceTimes his boss at the office and points the iPad down 10th Street to show exactly what a camera will pick up. In the old ...
  • Connected Gadgets Blamed as Internet Recovers From Friday Attack - Bloomberg

    Connected Gadgets Blamed as Internet Recovers From Friday Attack
    Vulnerable internet-connected devices such as cameras and digital video recorders may be to blame for the attack that took down some of the world's most popular websites on Friday. Malware that targets the “internet of things,” a new breed of small ...
    How an army of vulnerable gadgets took down the web todayThe Verge
    Massive Cyber Attacks In US: Attack Staged Through Millions Of Vulnerable ...Swara
  • 1964 Aston Martin DB5 sold via $1M Apple Pay purchase

    In-app purchases are mostly used for things like getting extra features or unlocking additional game content, but imagine using it to purchase a car — and not just any car, but a historic Aston Martin priced at just over $1 million. That’s exactly what happened in the UK this week, when local automobile auction house Coys of Kensington sold a … Continue reading
  • Instagram testing live video streaming feature

    Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter’s Periscope — these social networks all have features that allow users to stream or watch live video from their mobile devices, and now it appears that Instagram is joining their ranks. Russian news outlet T Journal has discovered the functionality within the Instagram Stories feature, albeit in an incomplete, non-working state. Among the images are a screenshot … Continue reading
  • Video: de evolutie van F1-racegames

    Kijk meer Video's van de Dag
    Tonie van RingelestijnVideo van de Dag
    Kleine weergaveBreaking push notificationsTonen in hoofdsectieVideo: de evolutie van F1-racegamesNiet tonen op sectiepaginaZichtbaar481410
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  • Destiny player proposes in-game with help from Bungie

    Players have been proposing to one another within video games for years now, but this latest story goes way, way beyond using level editing features or arranging in-game items on the ground to spell out the words “will you marry me?” Adriel Wallick and Rami Ismail, both indie game developers, spend a lot of time playing Destiny together, so Wallick … Continue reading
  • Huawei Mate 9 Pro revealed with curved screen thanks to leaked renders

    Another week, another leak (sorry, that was terrible, I know). This time we’re getting the first look at Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei‘s new Mate 9 and Mate 9 Pro, devices which are scheduled to be announced at an event in Munich, Germany on November 3rd. The leaks come in the form of official renders for the large, 5.9-inch Mate 9 … Continue reading
  • 10.000 YouTube-abonnees: maak kans op deze laptop

    Het moment is daar: onze 10.000e YouTube-abonnee heeft zich gemeld! Dank voor al jullie duimpjes, reacties en support. Er staan intussen 1250 video's op ons kanaal, samen al 5 miljoen keer bekeken. Reden voor een feestje! En voor een prijsvraag.
    Maak kans op de HP Spectre x360, een high-end laptop met een omklapbaar scherm, door antwoord te geven op deze vraag: welke video van ons Bright YouTube-kanaal is je het meeste bijgebleven? Laat je reactie achter in de comments van de...
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  • Zand is goud op de Dutch Design Week

    Ik heb al jaren een set koffiekopjes van klei van mijn eigen geboortegrond. Beetje mazzel, omdat een van de dames van AtelierNL in hetzelfde dorp geboren is. Zij maken uit de kleisoorten die in Nederland in de bodem te vinden zijn servies dat door de verschillende grondsoorten een verschillend uiterlijk krijgt. 
    Naast het aardewerken servies is er nu ook een serie glaswerk. Ook aan dit ZandGlaswerk ging grondonderzoek vooraf. Zand kent wisselende samenstellingen van ijzers en mineralen,...
  • Audi R8 e-tron is niet meer: productie stopgezet

    Wie nog geen oog had voor de ontstellend grote prestatie die Tesla met de Model S neergezet heeft, hoeft maar even het droevige overlijdensbericht van Audi's elektrische superauto te lezen. Audi verkocht de R8 e-tron; een elektrische superauto met een acceleratiesnelheid van 4 seconden naar 100. Een auto die imposant demonstreerde hoe Audi het elektrische tijdperk tegemoet ging.
    Met een prijskaartje van 1 miljoen euro per auto was het nooit de bedoeling er veel van te verkopen, maar de...
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  • Massive cyberattack the result of malware-infected IoT devices

    The widespread internet outage that affected a number of the US’s biggest websites on Friday was the result of a huge distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on Dyn, a domain name registration provider. Now security expert Brian Krebs, of Krebs on Security, has reported that the attack was carried out through the use of a botnet using the Mirai … Continue reading
  • Nintendo remains quiet on whether Switch features touchscreen display

    As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Nintendo announced its new Switch game console this week, a hybrid device that serves as both a portable and home system. Unfortunately, that announcement came in the form of a three-and-a-half minute video and little else, with Nintendo keeping quiet on additional details not revealed in the teaser clip, and instead promising additional … Continue reading
  • Geeky Gadgets Deals Of The Week, October 22nd 2016 - Geeky Gadgets

    Geeky Gadgets
    Geeky Gadgets Deals Of The Week, October 22nd 2016
    Geeky Gadgets
    There have been some really popular deals in the Geeky Gadgets Deals store this week so it is time for our weekly roundup of the most popular ones. Some of the popular deals this week have included the Samsung wireless charging pad, the Lean Six ...
  • AT&T reported to be nearing $85B Time Warner acquisition deal

    AT&T is believed to be close to reaching an acquisition deal for telecom giant Time Warner to the tune of $85 billion, according to several sources including Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal. Senior executives from both companies have been said to be holding meetings over the last few weeks, and Time Warner CEO Jeffrey Bewkes has said in the past … Continue reading
  • Wie zat er achter de grote cyberaanval?

    Het bedrijf Dyn kreeg twee DDoS-aanvallen te verwerken. Bij zo'n aanval krijgen servers een enorme hoeveelheid verkeer tegelijk te verwerken, waardoor normale verzoeken niet aankomen.
    Dyn is een bedrijf dat internetverkeer regelt. Als hackers zo'n bedrijf aanvallen, kunnen ze veel websites tegelijk platleggen. Bezoekers krijgen foutmeldingen te zien. Een succesvolle aanval op zo'n bedrijf kan meer schade aanrichten dan het platleggen van één of een paar websites....
  • Editor's Choice travel gear: What tech gadgets I brought on my trip across the ... - AndroidGuys

    Editor's Choice travel gear: What tech gadgets I brought on my trip across the ...
    A few days ago I packed up and flew out for my much needed vacation in Maui. It's only a six to eight hour flight from San Diego, but offers much needed relaxation, good food and incredible weather. The water is also incredibly warm and clear which is ...
  • Herman Miller’s new Aeron desk chair is the update of a classic

    Herman Miller has announced an update to its iconic Aeron desk chair first released in 1994. Unlike most desk chairs at the time, the Aeron stood out due to its lack of fabric and foam, with the designers instead embracing a sparse, but no less great, design. It has been more than 20 years since the model first arrived, and … Continue reading
  • 2018 Star Wars Han Solo movie casts Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian

    Donald Glover, perhaps best known at the moment for his leading role in Atlanta, has been cast as Lando Calrissian in the yet-unnamed standalone Star Wars movie slated for 2018. This standalone movie will focus on Han Solo, per past news. Fans have petitioned to have Glover brought in as Lando for months, something that even spawned this gem of … Continue reading
  • Google Pixel survives 30 minutes fully submerged in water

    The Google Pixel isn’t terribly water resistant in any official capacity with a rating of IP53, which is one of the downsides in comparison to other high-end competing handsets. Someone recently did a water test, though, and found that Google’s new smartphone held up pretty well to water exposure, including water submersion. Of course, we’re only seeing the short-term effects … Continue reading
  • DOOM Arcade Mode has arrived: three things to know

    The Arcade Mode Bethesda promised for DOOM has arrived, and you can download it now if you haven’t already. There’s a lot to like about this DLC, and it helps flesh what was otherwise a good but not perfect rendition of the classic title. For those unaware, this is Free Update 4 — it also brings a pair of new … Continue reading
  • How an army of vulnerable gadgets took down the web today - The Verge

    The Verge
    How an army of vulnerable gadgets took down the web today
    The Verge
    At some point this morning, one of the US's critical internet infrastructure players was hit with a staggering distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack that has taken out huge swaths of the web. Sites like Twitter, Netflix, Spotify, Reddit, and many ...
    Massive Cyber Attacks In US: Attack Staged Through Millions Of Vulnerable ...Swarajya
    US cyber attacks hit Twitter, Netflix, other top websitesMalay Mail Onlinealle
  • NASA (probably) found ESA’s lost Mars lander

    NASA has likely spotted the European Space Agency’s Schiaparelli Mars test lander, which went missing after it failed to make the gentle landing ESA had anticipated. The lander was likely spotted in a new image from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter; in it, we see a dark spot on the Red Planet’s surface, as well as a light spot thought to … Continue reading
  • Google Pixel XL teardown tells its secrets (with HTC)

    The first step in a Google Pixel XL teardown is the worst as its digitizer glass separates from its OLED too easy. This front panel removal is the only method with which repair happen with this device, and it requires some heat. Once the rim of the front panel is hot, separation requires a bit of a pick and pull … Continue reading
  • Skyrim Special Edition trailer released with digital launch info

    Skyrim Special Edition is just a week away from release, and Bethesda has unleashed a new trailer that shows off some more footage from this enhanced edition. Bethesda’s timing is impeccable – with today’s releases of Battlefield 1 and Civilization VI, some folks likely forgot that Skyrim Special Edition is nearly upon us. If you’re one of those people, consider … Continue reading
  • Facebook loosens grip on newsworthy graphic content

    Facebook, following multiple instances of backlash related to its taking down of certain significant news items that include graphic content, is loosening its restrictions. In a recent statement, the social network’s VP of Global Operations & Media Partnerships Joel Kaplan said Facebook will start allowing certain content ‘even if they might otherwise violate our standards.’ Doing so will be tricky … Continue reading
  • Pokemon GO update : the first secret event hits Halloween

    Niantic’s first Pokemon GO event may well be taking place at the end of this month, on Halloween. October 31st is the perfect day for the first of many Pokemon GO events in the vein of the game that came before it: Ingress. For those new to Niantic, they’re the company that made Ingress, then built Pokemon GO on top. … Continue reading
  • Stung by delays, the DJI Mavic Pro is finally shipping

    DJI has begun shipping its Mavic Pro drone, after incurring the wrath of preorder customers after unexpected delays left them $1k down with no folding UAV in sight. The company put the Mavic Pro up for order in late September, promising deliveries would ship out from October 15. However, that date came and went with no sign of anything heading … Continue reading
  • Amazon Prime Video is the Netflix you used to know

    Netflix isn’t what it used to be, at least if you’re located in the US. Sure, you could order DVDs and probably get just about anything you want, but that seems downright archaic and slow and you may not even own a DVD player at this point, never mind watching stuff on mobile. Netflix is rolling out a ton of … Continue reading
  • The FBI and DHS are investigating today’s huge cyberattack

    Widespread internet outages that took Netflix, Twitter, Spotify and others offline today are being investigated as a possible cyber-attack, US officials have confirmed. The incident, which seemingly began around 6am central time, has seen major websites suffer periods of downtime or fail to be accessible altogether. Now, efforts are underway to see if it’s no accident but in fact a … Continue reading
  • Deze 'laptop op wieltjes' komt er echt

    De WalkCar heeft het formaat van een 13 inch-laptop en past daardoor bijvoorbeeld makkelijk in een rugtas. De WalkCar haalt een topsnelheid van 15 km/u en met een volle batterij kun je een uur blijven rijden. De prijs is best fors: 1280 dollar. Inschrijven voor de pre-order van de 'rijdende weegschaal' kan sinds vrijdag op de site van de makers. Maar de WalkCar wordt pas vanaf september 2017 geleverd. ​Kijk meer Video's van de Dag
    Job StrijkerVideo...
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  • Your iPhone has a hidden keyboard inside

    There’s a keyboard hiding inside the iPhone 7, and 6S, and quite a few other iPhones that’ve been released over the past few years. This keyboard appears only when a unique combination of elements is accessed. A developer of apps by the name of Steve Troughton-Smith made this feature known to the public this week, and today we’re going to … Continue reading
  • Apple onderzoekt 'brand veroorzaakt door iPhone 7'

    Apple bevestigt het onderzoek tegenover Australische media, waaronder 7News. Een Australische surfer stelt dat zijn auto in de brand is gevlogen door een oververhitte iPhone 7. Het toestel zat in een broek die in de auto lag. De auto stond mogelijk in de volle zon. De lithium-ion-accu in de iPhone zou door de hoge temperaturen vlam gevat kunnen hebben. De man, Mat Jones, zegt dat hij de iPhone 7 een week geleden heeft gekocht en dat hij alleen de officiële oplader heeft gebruikt.
  • Nintendo Switch has me convinced already

    Switch feels like the beginning of a new era for Nintendo. I know it might seem silly to say that when its existence has only been official for a little more than 24 hours, but it’s true. In viewing the reveal trailer for the Switch, I can see a company that’s serious when it says it’s going to make an … Continue reading
  • Netflix is down, so is Spotify and Twitter

    Netflix and Twitter were amongst an array of websites and services taken down this morning by a DDoS attack. This list of sites and services also appears to have included SoundCloud, Disqus, PayPal, Spotify, and Reddit. Spotify reported issues to the public starting at 8AM Central time this morning, the 21st of October, 2016. An attack of this size can … Continue reading
  • Pokemon GO passes $600 million in revenue in record time

    It would appear that Pokemon GO isn’t quite done breaking mobile gaming records. Even though it’s no longer the powerhouse it was when it launched back in July, there’s still a significant number of people playing it. That player base has helped Pokemon GO break yet another record, with App Annie saying that the mobile game has managed to pull … Continue reading
  • Top 4 Best X-Box One Controllers Review

    The Xbox One has its fair share of controllers now, both official and 3rd-party. What we’re doing today is running down the best of the best – with a real oddity thrown in for good measure. This means both Microsoft-made and 3rd-party-made, since the dawn of the Xbox One. Here you’ll find the controller you’re looking for – or bust. … Continue reading
  • LG V20 Review Part I: Verizon’s Phone

    We’ve got the Verizon version of the LG V20 this week and we’re starting off our review with a brief peek. To be clear: our embargo time sits at less than 24 hours – that’s a bit short for a full-on all-in-one review. As such, we’re turning this into a series, starting with this first brief look. The LG V20 … Continue reading
  • LG V20 first impressions: Verizon’s Phone

    We’ve got the Verizon version of the LG V20 this week and we’re starting off our review with a brief peek. To be clear: our embargo time sits at less than 24 hours – that’s a bit short for a full-on all-in-one review. As such, we’re turning this into a series, starting with this first brief look. The LG V20 … Continue reading