• Switch-exclusive Octopath Traveler won’t have any DLC after release

    Octopath Traveler is unquestionably one of the most anticipated Switch games of 2018, thanks in large part to Square Enix launching two demos for the title since it was first announced. Today, Square Enix gave Switch owners another reason to look forward to Octopath Traveler by revealing that it probably won’t have any post-launch DLC. If you long for the … Continue reading
  • Netflix resurrects Lucifer following Fox cancellation

    Last month, Fox revealed that it wasn’t going to renew Lucifer for a fourth season. The news upset fans who, despite the series short run, had grown fond of the show and its relatively unique story. Here to save the day is Netflix, which has acquired Lucifer and promised to give fans, at minimum, a fourth season. The show was … Continue reading
  • Galaxy Note 9 pre-order leaks 3x since-deleted details

    This morning a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 leak showed the release date-level details of the device in three distinct editions. One, the smallest version of the device, was shown with 64GB of internal storage. The next of these devices rolled with 256GB internal storage, and the largest of these showed 512GB of internal storage. These three models were promptly removed … Continue reading
  • Audi’s e-tron electric SUV will charge smarter with solar

    The Audi e-tron will be a weather forecaster as well as an electric SUV, the automaker has revealed, taking factors like upcoming conditions into account when intelligently charging. The new SUV goes on sale in Europe later this year, alongside a new smart home Audi connect charging system that promises more efficient, not to mention cheaper replenishment of the batteries. … Continue reading
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  • Android Messages for web goes live today

    Android Messages for web is launching today, bringing the chat service another step closer to rivaling Apple’s iMessage. Desktop support, Google says, is one of the most requested features for Messages, and as you’d expect from the company it has looked straight to the browser to deliver it. The first signs of Messages for web were spotted back in February, … Continue reading
  • Google Datally data-saving app gets wifi map, guest mode and more

    Late last year, Google released a data-saving app called Datally that helps users understand and manage where their mobile data is being used. The company has announced an update to the app today, one that brings in four new major features, including a WiFi map that helps users find available wireless networks near them. Google announced a total of four … Continue reading
  • Xbox One FastStart is now available to some Insiders

    Microsoft made a ton of announcements during its E3 2018 press conference, but between all the game reveals and trailers, it talked about a few new features on the way to Xbox One. One of the most interesting things Microsoft announced is a new feature called FastStart, which essentially allows players to jump into games while they’re still downloading. The … Continue reading
  • How dare Suzuki deny America this glorious new Jimny

    Suzuki gave up on the US market more than half a decade ago, but it’s only now that we’re beginning to regret that decision. You can blame the 2019 Suzuki Jimny for that, the fourth generation of the Japanese SUV and its most appealing yet. It’s been almost fifty years since the first Jimny, a tiny 4WD play on the … Continue reading
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  • Google Home and Chromecast GPS location leak [Fix Incoming]

    A security breach was discovered this month by a researcher with an eye on Google Home and GPS location reporting. In his proof of concept, a URL is opened on a computer connected to a Wi-Fi network that’s also connected to a Google Home or Chromecast device. If the URL is clicked and the webpage is kept open for around … Continue reading
  • AR app-makers just got a huge treat ahead of HoloLens 2

    Microsoft is throwing open HoloLens’ more advanced sensors, giving apps for the augmented reality headset access to its 3D mapping abilities and more. The wearable computer has been available to well-heeled developers since early 2016, but it’s only with a recent update to Windows 10 that it has unlocked its whole sensor suite. Until now, in fact, applications running on … Continue reading
  • YouTube Music and Premium international launch: What you should know

    After launching in early access back in May, Google has officially opened the YouTube Music floodgates. If other music streaming services leave you wanting, you can now see if YouTube Music satisfies in a handful of regions around the world. It isn’t launching alone either, as YouTube Premium is rolling out to 17 regions as well. If you’re a bit … Continue reading
  • Trump “Space Force” wants American “dominance” in space

    America needs a “Space Force” to dominate space, President Trump has declared this morning, directing the government to create a new branch of the Armed Forces. The news came as part of a NASA event to discuss space traffic around Earth, held at the White House. Dubbed a “space traffic management policy,” the new directive is designed to handle the … Continue reading
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  • Pixel 3XL single-camera tip makes haters cry foul

    A tip this morning suggested that the Pixel 3 XL would feature just a single camera at its back. This was instantly decried as a mis-step for Google, a company that’s had just one camera at the back of the past several Pixel phones its released. Despite the fact that the Pixel and Pixel 2 were rated best or near-best … Continue reading
  • Google Maps just evicted Uber bookings

    Google Maps users can no longer use the app to book a ride with Uber, with the option quietly disappearing from both the Android and iOS versions of the mapping app. The change means that, in the US at least, only Lyft is integrated as a route option when using Google Maps for directions. Google added the ride sharing integration … Continue reading
  • Garmin Fenix 5 Plus gives Apple Watch some do-it-all competition

    Last week, Garmin made a round of updates to its Vivoactive 3 fitness tracker, and today, it’s taking a pass at the Vivoactive’s big brother. The Fenix 5 series is the next in line to get some updates, with Garmin today announcing three new watches that will comprise the Fenix 5 Plus line. The watches boast some significant upgrades over … Continue reading
  • PSA: Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s new album is no longer a Tidal exclusive

    Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Tidal exclusive lasted less than 48 hours, with Everything is Love unexpectedly arriving across a variety of streaming services today. The album dropped over the weekend, sending Tidal subscribers – and new sign-ups – dashing to the streaming music platform partly owned by the pair. That exclusive was no great surprise. Beyoncé’s last album release, Lemonade, also … Continue reading
  • Pokemon GO Trading: Every feature and detail

    Everything you need to know about Pokemon GO Trading is here right this minute. This is the guide you might just want to bookmark – we’ll be updating as we go. Until and through the point at which Trading is released into the live game, this is the place for all the ins and outs and how-to situations of all … Continue reading
  • Polestar 1 shows carbon fiber makes perfect sense for hybrids

    It’s hard to imagine a modern sports car without carbon fiber showing up somewhere, but for Polestar it’s Volvo’s first outing with the lightweight material. The automaker – which aims to give hybrid and all-electric cars the sort of halo once reserved for high-displacement gas engines in performance vehicles – has been talking up the tech that goes into cars … Continue reading
  • This new iOS 12 feature could save your life

    As Apple revealed at WWDC 2018, iOS 12 is getting a lot of handy new features, but one in particular could be a real life saver. Apple has announced that iOS 12 will automatically share your location with emergency services when you call 911, allowing those who respond to your call to locate you faster. The entire process is automatic … Continue reading
  • Ferrari 488 Pista “Piloti Ferrari” is for racers only

    Ferrari has a large number of drivers around the world that race the Italian cars in all sorts of amateur and professional series. If you are one of the racing drivers lucky enough to drive a Ferrari in one of the Ferrari motorsports programs, you can order up a new and special version of the awesome 488 Pista. The special … Continue reading
  • MIT smart power outlet can identify dangerous electric spikes

    The engineers at MIT have developed a smart electrical outlet that can learn what appliances are plugged in and tell dangerous electric spikes from spikes that are benign. MIT says that nuisance trips are things like your vacuum turning off unexpectedly or a lamp going off when your AC unit turns on. Those trips often happen when a detector installed … Continue reading
  • Volvo S60 Polestar Engineered teaser videos shows off sexy front end

    Fans Volvo cars that have a performance bent are looking forward to June 20 when Volvo officially unveils the all-new S60. That range will include a Polestar Engineered version that we talked about earlier this month. Ahead of that official launch on the 20th, Volvo has posted a teaser to Facebook that focuses mainly on the front end of the … Continue reading
  • LG Q7 Android One for T-Mobile sighted

    While not exactly numerous, there is no severe dearth of Android One devices, at least outside the US. Here, it’s pretty much just down to last year’s Moto X4 variant and the few Nokia phones that have made it to these shores. There might be more coming, like the Motorola One Power, but Motorola might no longer have the show … Continue reading
  • SculptVR for PS VR brings serious creation tools

    When it comes to major, non-mobile VR platforms, there are often only two names thrown around: VIVE and Oculus. Less known is an admittedly more restricted VR platform, one that requires you to have a very specific hardware. That is PlayStation VR, PS VR for short, one of the youngest in the market. Its selection of apps has been pretty … Continue reading
  • Google expands its shopping clout with JD.com partnership

    Still don’t think Google is out to get Amazon? Just take a look at its most recent “strategic partnership”. The search giant has just inked a deal with one of China’s biggest e-commerce companies, JD.com. While most of what ‘s involved with the transaction is buried in marketing-speak, one thing is clear: Google wants in on JD.com’s empire, which practically … Continue reading
  • Andy Android emulator installer could be installing a cryptominer

    Android has, justified or not, earned a reputation of being easily compromised by malware, especially when installing apps from third-party sources. On the desktop side, that has traditionally been Windows’ infamy. In an almost comical but also dangerous twist of fate, those two come together in the Andy Android emulator for Windows. According to reports, the makers of the emulator … Continue reading
  • Boring Company shoots Model X through a tunnel

    The Boring Company’s future vision is hardly boring but, at least for now, its tunnels are. Bored under LA ground, its tunnels are meant to transport not just people but also vehicles at high speeds and, more importantly, without or with less traffic jams. Not convinced its possible? The Boring Company just uploaded a short clip of a test “run” … Continue reading
  • Galaxy Note 9 with 512GB storage: you can’t have it

    It’s an unfair and honestly unreasonable fact of life that not all smartphones of the same model are created equal. Depending on which market you’re on, you might have access to features or designs that aren’t available to others. Companies call it “strategic business decisions”. Consumers call it insane. Either way, Samsung isn’t bucking the trend this year with the … Continue reading
  • Amazon Mayday live video support silently ending

    It’s probably quite telling when a feature that was launched with much fuss and fanfare is suddenly being retired without even a whisper. Then again, Amazon’s Mayday video calling customer support feature has been around for five years, which is a long time for something that may have ended up not being that successful beyond its first year. It may … Continue reading
  • Chrome WebXR Chacmool demo shows how AR can be made for everyone

    Truth be told, Google’s VR and AR direction is all over the place. From Google Cardboard to Daydream and Project Tango to ARCore and, now WebXR. That last bit, however, may stand to have the biggest chance of making it big, depending on how much backing it gets from competing companies. WebXR is an up and coming web standard, like, … Continue reading
  • Samsung Project Valley foldable phone is nothing to cry about

    For years, Samsung has been teasing how it is working towards the holy grail of mobile devices with foldable and even flexible screens. For a time, that boast was believed to be near completion with what was called Project Valley. That valley suddenly went silent and then there was news of its cancellation in favor of what would be called … Continue reading
  • Eerste indruk: IKEA Frekvens, draagbare speakers met verlichting

    Met de nieuwe draagbare en modulaire speakers en verlichting van IKEA bouw je blokje voor blokje je feest op. Ingeborg bekeek als eerste de prototypes.Klik op de kop om naar het artikel op Bright.nl te gaan
  • Jaguar sets new maritime speed record with electric boat

    Jaguar is far from the only car manufacturer making the switch to producing electric vehicles, but it might one of the first to jump into the electric boat game. The company didn’t just dip its toe in water, it went all out and set a new world record for maritime speed. Jaguar teamed up with racing partners at Vector and … Continue reading
  • Leica C-Lux features 15x zoom, 20MP, and 4K video

    Long-zoom, compact cameras may not be the hottest devices in photography right now, but that isn’t stopping Leica from bringing a little elegance to the range. The high-end camera-maker has just introduced its new C-Lux model, a compact camera with zoom optics, all in a flattering design. The C-Lux features a 24-360mm F3.3-6.4 15x zoom lens, paired with a 1-inch, … Continue reading
  • Blizzard reveals World of Warcraft Classic to be based on patch 1.12

    At last November’s BlizzCon, Blizzard finally announced World of Warcraft Classic, a close-to-vanilla-as-possible version of its long-standing MMO that fans have wanted for years. There’s been little news on the game since that reveal, leaving many players to wonder exactly what version of the game Classic would be based on, as that would indicate which features and content would be … Continue reading
  • Foxconn chooses Milwaukee, Wisconsin as North American headquarters

    Foxconn is getting serious about its US presence. The electronics manufacturer and Apple supplier has revealed that Milwaukee, Wisconsin will be serving as its North American headquarters. This comes almost a year after the company announced it would be building a new display factory in the state, which will be conveniently located just 30 miles south of the new headquarters … Continue reading
  • Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes steps down following fraud indictment

    Elizabeth Holmes, the founder and CEO of blood-testing startup Theranos, will step down from her position at the discredited company that was once a Silicon Valley success. This comes alongside the news that she and Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani, the former president and COO, have been indicted by the Department of Justice on charges of wire fraud. Federal prosecutors indicted Holmes … Continue reading
  • Ford reveals 700HP, WWII fighter plane-inspired Mustang for charity

    For more than a few years now Ford has been creating special edition Mustangs to benefit the Experimental Aircraft Association, each with an aviation-inspired design. The carmaker has just teased this year’s model, dubbed the Eagle Squadron Mustang GT, which serves as a tribute to the American fighter pilots who served in Britain’s Royal Air Force during World War II. … Continue reading
  • Apple nabs ex-Waymo senior self-driving engineer

    It’s been some time since we’ve heard about Apple’s code-named Project Titan, the autonomous driving project that is believed to have originally included development on an actual vehicle but was scaled back several years ago to focus on self-driving software. It seems work on the project is still moving forward at a somewhat steady pace, and it may even have … Continue reading
  • Sony developing new Android launcher to replace Xperia Home

    Sony’s Xperia line of smartphones may not be the hottest sellers on the Android market, but that doesn’t stop the company from releasing new devices. While one could argue over the amount of effort they put in to improve their phones, Sony is finally making some changes to their software UI. Sony’s existing Xperia Home launcher is being retired, it’s … Continue reading
  • Apple brings 5G and national security into Qualcomm patent battle

    As Apple and Qualcomm’s ongoing legal battle over patent licensing fees continues, the two companies now find themselves before the US International Trade Commission in Washington, D.C., with the chipmaker arguing that iPhones with rival Intel modems should be banned from the country. Apple’s counter position, however, includes arguing that such a move would be a threat to US national … Continue reading
  • Is Elon Musk de Donald Trump van de techwereld?

    Bij Elon Musk weet je nooit waar je aan toe bent. Die onvoorspelbaarheid was lange tijd zijn kracht, maar dreigt nu zijn achilleshiel te worden.Klik op de kop om naar het artikel op Bright.nl te gaan
  • Getest: deze snelle e-bike is zo duur als een kleine auto

    David heeft al veel elektrische fietsen getest, maar de nieuwe e-bike Stromer ST5 is volgens hem de 'Cadillac onder de speed pedelecs'. Met een fors prijskaartje.Klik op de kop om naar het artikel op Bright.nl te gaan
  • Getest: met Dato Duo maken kinderen samen muziek

    De Nederlandse gadget Dato Duo is een synthesizer en sequencer in één, waarmee kids samen elektronische muziek maken. Miriam laat zien hoe hij werkt.Klik op de kop om naar het artikel op Bright.nl te gaan
  • Apple’s iPhone OLED plans reportedly hit the brakes

    Apple is unlikely to to abandon LCD for its iPhone range any time soon, insiders claim, with bottlenecks in OLED screen supplies putting the brakes on the big switchover. The iPhone X was the first of Apple’s smartphones to use OLED, which typically boasts better contrast than LCD, brighter colors and deeper blacks, as well as being more frugal with … Continue reading
  • Instagram lets creepers be creepers by dropping alerts for Story screenshots

    Back at the beginning of February, Instagram announced that it would begin notifying users when other people snapped a screenshot of the Stories they shared. Snapchat, which has been a continuous source of inspiration for Instagram, has done something similar for years, so it wasn’t really surprising to see Instagram follow suit in this instance. What is surprising is what’s … Continue reading
  • 'Nederland bungelt onderaan bij beluisteren podcasts'

    Nederlanders luisteren veel minder naar podcasts dan bijvoorbeeld Koreanen, Spanjaarden en Amerikanen.Klik op de kop om naar het artikel op Bright.nl te gaan
  • Ford shows off cycling jacket concept that shows when cyclists are turning or stopping

    Ford is showing off a cool invention that might help cyclists navigate around a city and help to show drivers around them when they are turning. The jacket was developed by a group of employees at Ford who like to cycle. The smart jacket concept has sleeves that light up to show when the wearer plans to turn right or … Continue reading
  • Stephen Hawking’s voice to be beamed towards black hole

    Legendary scientists Stephen Hawking passed away in March of 2018 at the age of 76. Word has now surfaced that Hawking’s family plans to do something that the scientist would have certainly found to be very cool. The family plans to beam a recording of his voice toward a black hole. Some of the most important work that Hawking performed … Continue reading
  • Na 72 jaar wordt het Dick Tracy-horloge toch gebouwd

    De allereerste smartwatch bestond alleen op papier: al in 1946 droeg stripheld Dick Tracy een radiohorloge om mee te communiceren. Nu gaan twee horlogemakers de eerste werkende variant van het uurwerk maken.Klik op de kop om naar het artikel op Bright.nl te gaan