• Funeral services for Tonya (Tony) Peterson

    Funeral services for Tonya (Tony) Peterson will be held Friday, August 25, at 12 noon in the Fairview / Salt River Ward LDS Chapel.
    A viewing will take place on Thursday, August 24, from 6-8 p.m. at Schwab Mortuary in Afton and from 10-11:45 a.m. prior to the service at the church.
  • Funeral services for Deona Hobbs

    Funeral services for Deona Hobbs will take place on Friday, August 25, at 1 p.m. in the Etna LDS Ward Chapel.
    There will be a viewing on Thursday, August 24, from 6-8 p.m. at Schwab Funeral Chapel in Thayne and from 11:30-12:45 prior to the services at the church.
  • 9 Eclipses, 4 Continents, Never Tired of the Spectacle

    The bizarre and beautiful effects of totality combine to produce euphoria, and I feel about as happy as I know how to be.
  • Have You Seen This? How eclipses shaped our understanding of the universe

    Angie Treasure, KSL.com
    THE UNIVERSE — The impending solar eclipse is a big deal.
    On Aug. 21, the moon will position itself between the sun and the earth, creating a total solar eclipse in parts of the world and a highly visible eclipse here in northern Utah (lucky us!). What we may not realize, though, is how important eclipses have been in shaping scientists’ understanding of the universe.
    According to a video released by Skunk Bear on YouTube (NPR’s science channel
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  • Can’t Eclipse the American Spirit

    What’s happening in the heavens is a bonanza on earth.
  • (Video) – SVMC’s Chris Tanner talks about being ready for the Great American Solar Eclipse

    As part of a Health Topics Tuesday, SVI caught up with Chris Tanner, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for Star Valley Medical Center as he discusses an expected influx of traffic due to the solar eclipse on August 21.
  • Pole Fire update for August 14, 2017

    The following is a news release from the Bridger-Teton National Forest
    Crews are continuing to make progress around the southern edge of the fire utilizing both direct and indirect tactics to construct line. Firefighters will be spiked out on the fire line in order to spend more time looking for the safest and most effective route to contain the fire.
    Scouting is necessary due to heavy dead and down timber, as well as steep and rugged terrain that poses risk to fire personnel. Once pro
  • LDS Church issues statement on situation in Charlottesville, Virginia

    SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released the following statement concerning the events in Charlottesville, Virginia:
    It is with great sadness and deep concern that we view the violence, conflict and tragedy of recent days in Charlottesville, Virginia. People of any faith, or of no faith at all, should be troubled by the increase of intolerance in both words and actions that we see everywhere.
    More than a decade ago, the late Church President
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  • Tom Brokaw: Friends Across Barbed Wire and Politics

    The friendship between Norman Mineta and Alan Simpson, who met at an internment camp for Japanese-Americans, reminds us of what Washington has lost.
  • Funeral services for Karen Peterson

    Funeral services for Karen Peterson will be held Saturday, August 26, 2017 at 12 noon in the Etna LDS Chapel.
    A viewing will be held on Friday, August 25, from 6-8 p.m. at Schwab Funeral Chapel in Thayne and from 10-11:45 a.m. prior to the service at the church.
    Burial will take place in the Amesville Cemetery following the service.
  • (Video) Dr. Clayton Brown joins SVMC

    As a Star Valley native who grew up in Fairview, Dr. Clayton Brown always wanted to return to the area and now he and his family are back as he joins Star Valley Medical Center a family physician.  Dr. Brown spoke with Duke Dance as part of a Health Topics Tuesday about his training and his roots. As always join Duke, Dahl & Dan for the Weekday Wakeup Monday – Friday from 7-9 a.m. on Swift 98.7 FM and Black Mountain Country 1210 AM.
  • Friends of the Alpine Branch Library book sale is this week

    The Friends of the Alpine Branch Library are holding their  annual book sale this week. The sale opened on Friday, August 4, and will continue through Saturday, August 12. The sale will take place each day during regular library hours.
    “Books range from .25 for children’s paperbacks, to $1 for adult hardbacks,” said Wendi Walton, Alpine Librarian. “We have a lot of kids books and picture books as well as cookbooks, popular fiction and more.”
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  • Child development centers receive funding from United Way of Southwest Wyoming

    United Way of Southwest Wyoming awarded a $4,000 grant to Lincoln Uinta Child Development Association (LUCDA). The grant funds will provide scholarships to children who attend the four LUCDA preschools in Lincoln County. The preschools are located in Kemmerer, Afton, Thayne and Alpine.
    LUCDA is a non-profit organization providing services to children, ages birth through five in Lincoln and Uinta counties. LUCDA holds the contract with the Wyoming Department of Health and the Wyoming Departm
  • New study says Netflix and other streaming platforms are unsafe for kids

    Whitney Butters Wilde, Deseret News
    Whether it’s by tablet, computer or television, children across the country are accessing Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming platforms on a daily basis but, according to a recent study, many of these services are unsafe for children.
    According to the Parents Television Council, the organization that conducted the research, this is largely due to the fact that many of these widely used services have “lax or nonexistent” parental co
  • Have You Seen This? Helicopter crashes while trying to rescue man

    THE ALPS — An intense video from an attempted rescue shows what happened when a helicopter arrived to pick up some hikers, and things took a turn for the worse.
    According to the Telegraph, two mountaineers at the top of Grossglockner mountain in the Austrian Alps called for a helicopter rescue last week after one of them began suffering from heart trouble. The video shows the helicopter arrive and pick up one of the men, and all seems to be going well.Within seconds though, disas
  • Feds to give states more flexibility in protecting sage grouse

    WASHINGTON — The Interior Department on Monday unveiled a plan to protect the threatened sage grouse that gives Western states greater flexibility to allow mining, logging and other economic development where it now is prohibited.
    Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke announced the strategy for the ground-dwelling bird that has suffered a dramatic population decline across its 11-state range. Zinke insisted that the federal government and the states can work together to protect the sage grous
  • 72 pounds of pot seized by WHP & Cheyenne K-9 team

    Approximately 72 pounds of marijuana was intercepted on August 3, by a Wyoming State Trooper with assistance from a Cheyenne Police Department K-9 team.
    The State Trooper was monitoring a construction zone near mile post 365 on Interstate 80 eastbound near Cheyenne, Wyoming when the Trooper stopped a 2016 Hyundai Accent for speeding 54 mph in the posted 45 mph construction zone.
    During the stop, the Trooper established reasonable suspicion to request a drug detection K-9 to res
  • UW High Bay Research Facility Grand Opening is Aug. 16-17

    Grand opening ceremonies for the $68 million High Bay Research Facility, the newest educational and research building at the University of Wyoming, will take place later this month.
    Events celebrating the opening of the High Bay will be Aug. 16-17 at 651 N. 19th St. in Laramie, adjacent to UW’s Central Energy Plant.
    The High Bay Research Facility contains approximately 90,000 square feet of traditional and high-bay research laboratories, offices and meeting areas. The facility pr
  • Where is the smoke coming from? Interactive map shows why Star Valley is so smoky

    This image shows the Pole Creek Fire burning near Hams Fork in southern Lincoln County. (Photo provided by Bridger-Teton National Forest)A thick layer of smoky haze has settled into Star Valley in the past week, causing many residents to wonder where the particular fire to blame is currently burning.
    Taking a look at the Idaho Satellite Smoke Analysis (ISSA), it appears there is not just one fire to blame, but many.
    According to the ISSA website, “a horizontal line of smoke bisec
  • Have You Seen This? Mylar balloons, power lines go boom

    Martha Ostergar, KSL.com
    THE SKY — On a recent sunny day in Long Beach, California, two star-shaped mylar balloons drifted into the sky.
    Unfortunately for the nearby community, the balloons got tangled up in some power lines. Now, since most mylar balloons have some sort of metallic coating, power lines are about the last thing you’d want mylar balloons to get mixed up with.
    According to the video description, the entanglement was reported to the proper authorities, but the
  • Pole Creek Fire outside Kemmerer grows past 3,000 acres

    Kemmerer, Wyo., August 6, 2017 – The Pole Creek Fire, burning on the Kemmerer Ranger District on the Bridger-Teton National Forest, has grown to approximately 3,169 acres as of Sunday afternoon.
    The fire is located 25-miles northwest of Kemmerer, WY in the Hams Fork drainage. Weather conditions on Saturday moderated, limiting fire growth to just 200 acres by the evening. Updated mapping on Sunday shows current size at 3,169 acres.
    An emergency area closure is in effect to allow f
  • Brush fire burning in the Crow Creek area

    Lincoln County Dispatch confirmed that there is a brush fire burning in the Crow Creek area several miles West of Afton. Crews are currently on the scene to confront the issue.
    There is no further information at this time. Stay tuned here as details become available.
    While the winter was one for the record books, the hot summer months have begun to dry out much of the  ignitable fuel prompting area officials from the Teton Interagency Fire Dispatch Center to raise the fire danger
  • Wyoming, Texas and Pennsylvania rank as the top net energy suppliers among states

    The United States Energy Information Administration (EIA) released State Energy Data System estimates for net energy supply, which provide data on each state’s total primary energy production and consumption.
    Wyoming, Texas, PennsylvaniaWest Virginia and North Dakota ranked as the top five net suppliers of energy in 2015. Overall, 12 states produced for primary energy than they consumed, while 38 states and the District of Columbia were net recipients of energy.
    According to the
  • Homicide charge follows truck accident in the Snake River Canyon

    A two-vehicle, head-on collision has claimed the life of one individual and resulted in a felony charge filed in Lincoln County Court.
    The Wyoming Highway Patrol responded to an accident on U.S. Highway 26/89, eight miles north of Alpine in the Snake River Canyon at approximately 3:55 p.m. Monday, July 31.
    According to the WHP accident report, a 1999 Ford 350 was southbound in the canyon. The driver of the quad cab was listed at Than Jackson, 25, Rigby, Idaho. Passengers included front
  • How to protect your business from phishing scams

    Cosette Jarrett, KSL.com
    SALT LAKE CITY — As technology becomes a mainstay in the world of business, so does our reliance on computers. With so much information being sent digitally via emails, social media, e-docs and more, it is incredibly important to ensure that systems and networks are kept secure.
    Unfortunately, scammers are constantly coming up with new ways to gain access to financial and other data and to crash systems and otherwise wreak havoc. Phishing scams, in particular,
  • The worst baby names of 2017

    McKenna Park, FamilyShare
    Thank goodness for legal name changes, because some poor kids get the worst names and it’s 100 percent out of their control. From weird spellings to popular villains, there seems to be no limit to the names parents will give their kids.
    Some people probably shouldn’t be allowed to name children, especially the parents of these 16 kids:
    This kid’s gonna be trendy.
    Shay’Lenn Heaven Nevaeh Hope
    Yep, this is all one first
  • Break-in cases under investigation

    The Afton Police Department is investigating break-ins at two different businesses during the July 22-23 weekend.Afton Police Chief Jason Romberg reported nothing missing in one business, however equipment was noted as missing in a second business.Romberg said he could release the names of the businesses and additional information  on the two cases, once his department completes the investigation.In the meantime, the Police Chief said additional patrols are underway in the community. He ask
  • Have You Seen This? Delightful compilation of 100 evil laughs

    Martha Ostergar, KSL.com
    BADDIETOWN — “Mine is an evil laugh,” the character Wash says in the beloved TV series “Firefly.”
    I relate to that perfect line, which is probably why I was drawn to a video of 100 different people performing 100 evil laughs.
    Personally, I have a particular evil laugh that is less Wicked Witch of the West and more sly trickster. My “heh, heh, heh” has a certain intonation that lets the listener understand I’m low-
  • All 6 of these common causes of death are 100% preventable; here’s how to protect your family

    McKenna Park, FamilyShare
    Preventable deaths in the U.S. are climbing higher and higher. What’s even scarier is that these deaths most commonly happen in homes, according to the National Safety Council (NSC).
    A depressing report card for America
    NSC took on a year-long project to give all 50 states a letter grade on safety. Each state was judged on policies they have taken (or failed to take) to reduce risk for preventable fatalities in the workplace, on the road and in the home
  • Triple-homicide suspect prompts Moran closure in the Bridger-Teton

    Moran, Wyo., July 17, 2017 –The Teton County Wyoming Sheriff’s Office, with assistance from the National Park Service, US Forest Service, Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Teton County Wyoming Emergency Management and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are conducting an investigation regarding a triple homicide that occurred early June in Caldwell, Idaho. The Teton County Sheriff’s Office is coordinating with the Canyon County Idaho Sheriff’s Office.An abandoned vehicle
  • Politics is broken, but regular Americans can provide solutions to problems

    Jay Evensen, Deseret News
    Few news stories are as inspiring as the one that broke Tuesday about 80 or so strangers along the Florida coast who quickly organized a human chain to rescue an entire family caught in a dangerous riptide.
    Now imagine this: What if, when that family began screaming for help, the only people on the beach had been members of Congress, Republicans and Democrats on a beach excursion?
    Would they have formed a bipartisan human chain, or would whichever party though
  • The Government Is Now the Yellowstone Grizzly’s Biggest Threat

    Federal protection is set to expire at the end of the month, even as the bears’ food sources are collapsing. Meanwhile, hunters are lining up.
  • Plague confirmed in Northeastern Wyoming prairie dog

    Plague infection was recently confirmed in a northeastern Wyoming prairie dog according to  the Wyoming Department of Health (WDH). No human cases have been identified.
    The infected prairie dog was discovered in the Converse County area of the Thunder Basin National Grassland. The infection was confirmed by the Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory. Local U.S. Forest Service personnel have also described seeing signs of significant prairie dog die-offs.
    “Plague is a serious ba
  • Have You Seen This? Firefighters capture mesmerizing sulfur fire on video

    John Clyde, KSL.com
    Worland, WYOMING —When firefighters in Worland, Wyoming, responded to an “unknown” fire at a recycling center, they were likely expecting the type of wildfire they’ve become all too familiar with. What they got instead was a mesmerizingly beautiful fire that they caught on camera.
    Apparently, the bright colors and tornado-like fire funnels are the result of a sulfur mound igniting. While the fire itself is incredible to look at, it’s equally
  • Verizon data of 6 million users leaked online

    Verizon users are wondering if they are part of the data leak that the company announced affects some six million customers on Wednesday.
    Verizon confirmed that the data leak was a result of human error.
    The error made customer phone numbers, names, and some PIN codes publicly available online. PIN codes are used to confirm the identity of people who call for customer service.
    The situation was discovered by UpGuard, the same company that discovered leaked voter data in June and s
  • Body of missing rafter found

    The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office reports that the body of Oliver Woodward, the 21-year-old University of Georgia student, missing after a rafting accident on the Snake River July 4, has been found.
    Sheriff’s Office Captain Brian Andrews reported Woodward’s body was located by a kayaker on the river near the Flying Saddle Resort in Alpine at about 10 a.m. today, Wednesday, July 12.
    More information will be carried on the Thursday early morning news reports on KRSV S
  • Wyoming Public Health warns of “307” phone scam

    Wyoming Department of Family Services employees are reporting that citizens are being called by a State affiliated phone number beginning with 307-777-XXXX and when answered are asked personal information such as names and social security numbers. This is a form of “spoofing”, where the scammer makes a phone call and is able to use another phone number to populate the recipient’s caller ID. to look as if it is an official state agency phone number.Public telephone networks ofte
  • (VIDEO) – Mike Hunsaker of Star Valley Medical Center speaks about renovations

    As part of a Health Topics Tuesday, SVI’s Duke Dance caught up with Mike Hunsaker of Star Valley Medical Center who spoke about upcoming construction projects for the hospital.
  • Wyoming State Fair accepting local entries for PRCA Rodeo

    DOUGLAS (JULY 11, 2017) – The 105th Wyoming State Fair and Rodeo is now accepting local entries from Wyoming cowboys and cowgirls to participate in the 2017 PRCA Rodeo.  Rodeo performances are scheduled for August 13 – 14 at the State Fairgrounds.  Contestants must be entered by July 21, 2017 at 2:00 pm.
    All Wyoming residents who are 18 and older are eligible to compete in the 2017 PRCA Rodeo during the Wyoming State Fair. Seven traditional rodeo events are offered (ba
  • Fossil Butte National Monument hosts new quarry exhibit open house

    Kemmerer, Wyoming – Monument staff, volunteers and community partners will host an open house from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm on Friday, July 21, 2017 at the Fossil Butte National Monument visitor center. This event celebrates the grand opening of a new diorama exhibit showcasing historic and modern fossil quarrying techniques.
    The exhibit highlights the careers of Lee Craig and David C. Haddenham who were early full-time fossil quarriers from the 1890s to the 1950s, and displays the similari
  • Three arrested for distributing and counterfeiting $100 bills in Ammon, Idaho

    The following is a news release from the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office
    Christopher R FordOn July 8, 2017, at approximately 8:15pm, Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office Deputies were called to the Ammon Walmart on 25th E. to a report of a male that attempted to purchase items with a counterfeit $100 bill.
    Walmart employees were able to give a description of the suspect and his vehicle that was quickly located by a Deputy as it left the parking lot.
    Deputies made cont
  • Funeral services for Letha Mae Brown

    Funeral services for Letha Mae Brown will be held on Monday, July 10, at 12 noon in the Osmond/Fairview LDS Chapel.
    A viewing will take place prior to the services from 10:30-11:45 a.m.
  • Women Move, World Improves

    There’s progress on greater gender equality in politics. So everything’s going to get better.
  • Authorities urge caution with fireworks despite green surroundings

    Dahl Erickson | Star Valley IndependentThe Afton Volunteer Fire Department would like remind you to be cautious this 4th of July.Fire Chief Dennis Mcdonald of the Afton Volunteer Fire Department would like to remind residents and visitors alike that even though conditions are not necessarily dry, that fire is still a real possibility this holiday season.
    The AVFD responded to a fire that escaped it’s intended area on Monday afternoon, July 3, in the Smoot area but are able to corral i
  • Crash near Jackson claims a life; driver facing DUI & vehicular homicide charges

    The following is a news release from the Wyoming Highway Patrol
    On June 30, 2017 a fatal crash occurred at milepost 2 on WY-22 near Jackson, Wyoming. At 2:12 a.m., Wyoming Highway Patrol Troopers were dispatched to the area for a three vehicle collision.
    A 2007 Chevrolet Suburban was traveling eastbound on WY-22 behind a 1999 Porsche Boxster. A 2007 Dodge Ram was traveling west on WY-22 in the eastbound lane without the vehicle’s headlights activated. The driver of the Porsche di
  • Funeral services for Lorraine Berezay

    Funeral services for Lorraine Berezay (Mother of Diana Heiner) will take place Saturday, July 8, at 11 am. in the Bedford Ward LDS Chapel.
    A viewing will take place from 9:30-10:45 a.m. prior to the services at the church.
  • 5 important hydration tips to stay safe in the heat

    Rebecca Clyde, KSL.com
    Summer has just begun, and already places across the country have seen temperatures in the mid- to high-90s and low 100s.
    Don’t let these hot temperatures hold you back from enjoying all your favorite outdoor summer activities. Here’s how you can safely enjoy your backyard or a fun trip in nature while avoiding heat stroke.
    Why you need to worry about hydration
    Staying properly hydrated keeps your heart healthy. It helps you get the most out of y
  • (Video) – SVI’s Crazy Cash Game Show

    SVI is partnering with the Afton Summer Craze to bring you a game show where a few area residents will get the chance to win $1,000 as well as another $1,000 in prizes. Come on down to Afton’s main street at high noon to see if you are selected to play!
    The game will be streamed here in high-definition. For a full schedule and details of the Afton Summer Craze, check out the June 28, 2017 edition of the Star Valley Independent.
  • Lower Valley Energy announces board election results

    The following is a news release from Lower Valley Energy
    Lower Valley Energy’s 2017 Annual Meeting was held on June 29, at the Lower Valley Energy Jackson office. District seats 1, 6 and 7 were up for election along with ratification of amended Bylaws.Dan Dockstader won the District 1 race. Incumbents Peter Cook and Linda Schmidt won Districts 6 and 7, respectively.The amended Bylaws were overwhelmingly ratified.Lower Valley Energy wishes to thank the candidates who ran for the Board
  • Couple injured by Yellowstone bison

    YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK — On Wednesday morning, June 28, a married couple received injuries after being “butted” by a bison at Mud Volcano, just north of Lake Village in Yellowstone National Park.
    Officials say Theodore Schrader, 74, and Patsy Holmes, 72, from Heber City, Utah, were taking photographs on a boardwalk at Mud Volcano, when a bison approached them. The bison butted Mrs. Holmes, who then fell into Mr. Schrader and both individuals fell to the ground.

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