• Suspect Dead In Officer-Involved Shooting In Rocklin

    ROCKLIN (CBS13) – Rocklin police are investigating an officer-involved shooting that happened Saturday morning.
    The scene is on Bradford Drive.
    According to the Rocklin Police Department, officers were called to the scene for a report of an attempted burglary. An armed suspect was reportedly attempting to break into an occupied residence.
    At some point during the incident, officers opened fire.
    Police confirm the suspect is deceased.
    The area of Bradford Drive and Wickford is blocked at th
  • Deaths At Dangerous Intersection Have Sacramento Residents Calling For Change

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Residents are demanding change after a series of deadly accidents in the last week.
    On average, the City of Sacramento has 10 pedestrian fatalities each year, but this month there have already been three.
    “My dad is fine. He’s not coming back,” said Rhonda Johnson, who believes her father would still be here with if the crosswalk had a light. “Just do something about it because my family is hurt by this, very hurt.”
    Ron Johnson was 62
  • Call Kurtis: What Happens When Financing Falls Through After Roof Repairs?

    CITRUS HEIGHTS (CBS13) — Mother of four Elisa Bravo recently inherited her childhood home after her mom passed away. Within months of moving back in, she had to replace the roof.
    “This is the family home. I plan to keep this house forever,” said Bravo.
    She says the roofer she contacted helped her secure financing for the $13,000 job, with no payments for up to 17 months.
    But two weeks after the installation Bravo says, “They completely buffooned me.”
    She says the ro
  • Fixes For Two Months Of Storms Dwarfs Annual Caltrans Emergency Budget

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — California roads have taken a beating this winter. From rock and mudslides to sinkholes and erosion, the strong have been relentless. And now the state is paying for it.
    The emergency budget for State Department of Transportation to handle issues like we’ve seen the last 75 days is roughly $250 million.
    However, DOT is currently looking at roughly $600 million of emergency repairs to damaged roads because of storms.
    “The storms are certainly stressing
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  • Turlock Park Trees Rocked First By Drought, Then Winter Storms

    TURLOCK (CBS13) — Mother Nature hasn’t been kind to Pedretti Park in Turlock.
    The popular park in Turlock has been hit hard by the recent drought and winter storms. The drought has killed over 100 redwood trees. And then more trees, this time the iconic eucalyptus trees the park is known for, were taken out by this winter’s powerful storms.
    Delays to clean up the damage is keeping the park closed. But more delays could start to impact the local economy, which relies on sports t
  • How Severe Are Charges Against Suspect Pursued By CHP Officer Who Died In Crash?

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The arrest of a suspect in connection with the death of CHP officer Lucas Chellew has some wondering if the current charges he’s facing are too light.
    Alberto Quiroz faces a felony charge of evading an officer, leading to Chellew’s death. The crime is punishable by up to seven years in jail.
    Legal experts say a manslaughter charge would be the next highest charge in severity, but prosecutors would have to prove recklessness.
    RELATED: CHP Donation page&
  • Winter Deluge Could Cost California $1 Billion In Repairs

    FRESNO, Calif. (AP) – The bill to repair California’s crumbling roads, dams and other critical infrastructure hammered by an onslaught of storms this winter could top $1 billion, including nearly $600 million alone for damaged roadways that more than doubles what the state budgeted for road repair emergencies, officials said Friday.
    Adding to the problems, many communities have drained their emergency budgets and are looking to the state and federal government for help. But on top of
  • Little Tikes Toddler Swings Recalled For Defective Seats

    HUDSON, OHIO (CBS) — More than half a million Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug’n Secure pink toddler swings have been recalled because the plastic seat can crack or break.
    The Consumer Product Safety Commission says the recall only affects pink-colored swings suspended by four yellow ropes.
    Full recall info
    So far there have been about 140 reports of the swing breaking. That’s resulted in 39 injuries to children, including broken arms, bruises, cuts and bumps to the head.The recalled s
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  • Gov. Brown Seeks $437 Million For Flood Control

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) – Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday proposed spending $437 million on flood control and emergency response in the waterlogged state.
    The Democratic governor asked state lawmakers to redirect $50 million from the general fund and requested a $387 million appropriation from the voter-approved 2014 Proposition 1 water bond.
    “We’ve got to belly up to the bar and start spending money,” Brown said in a news conference at the state Capitol.
    Brown also is seeking
  • Caltrans: Weather-Battered California Roads Will Cost $600 Million To Repair

    FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — The bill to repair California’s roadways hammered by floods and rockslides in an onslaught of storms this winter has reached nearly $600 million, more than double what the state budgeted for such emergencies, and the costs are mounting for other badly damaged infrastructure just two months into 2017.
    Recent storms buckled a section of highway in the Sierra Nevada between Sacramento and South Lake Tahoe, causing the shoulder to collapse. Repairs are estimated at
  • Snowboarder, 43, Dies After Accident At Northstar Resort

    TRUCKEE (CBS13) – A 43-year-old man has died after a snowboarding accident at Northstar California Resort.
    The incident happened on Thursday.
    Northstar officials say the ski patrol responded to an advanced terrain part of the mountain and found a snowboarder had been in some sort of serious incident. A Northstar Fire Department soon responded, but the man was soon pronounced dead.
    It is unclear exactly what kind of accident happened.
    “Northstar, Northstar Ski Patrol and the entire Va
  • Man, 54, Arrested After Ramming Sacramento County Jail With His Car

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A man has been taken into custody after he rammed his car into a roll-up door at the Sacramento County Jail on I Street, authorities say.
    The incident occurred just before 3:30 a.m. The suspect, a 54-year-old man, attempted to drive through the door on on the west end of the building off 6th Street, according to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department.Sac Police say a man has been taken into custody after ramming his vehicle into a rollup gate at the Sac
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  • 71 Weapons, Chemical Agent Grenade Found In Sacramento Home; Father And Son Arrested

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A father and son are behind bars after a cache of weapons was found in their Sacramento home.
    The home is along the 4500 block of 45th Street, an area police have focused on after a recent rise in robberies targeting Asian-Americans.
    Stavro Kokkos, 33, and his father, 57-year-old Nickolas Kokkos, were arrested after the cache was discovered.
    The weapons seized from the Kokkos. (Credit: Sacramento Police Department)
    Investigators found 71 firearms, a chemical agent gren
  • Driver Sought After Deadly Rancho Cordova Hit-And-Run

    RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) – A hit-and-run crash in Rancho Cordova has left one man dead and a driver on the run.
    It happened near Sunrise Boulevard and Coloma Road around 8 p.m. Thursday.
    A man was hit by the driver of an SUV or truck near Gold River as he tried to cross Sunrise Boulevard, authorities say.
    When California Highway Patrol arrived, the man was found lying in the northbound lane. Skid marks were found nearby.
    Investigators say the driver tried to stop but then left the scene.
  • Wet Weather Coming Back, Low Snow Expected Over Weekend

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Snow below the 2000’ mark is expected over the weekend, according to the National Weather Service.
    Cold temperatures have been sending a chill over Northern California after a series of storms rolled through earlier in the week. Friday again saw a chilly star, with many Valley areas dipping below 40 degrees just before dawn.Another cold start to the day this morning. Record low is is 35° set back in 1960, so we may get close! pic.twitter.com/DbYY1OWonT
  • Man Rams Jail With Vehicle

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A male suspect has been taken into custody after ramming his vehicle into a gate at the Sacramento County Jail on I street, the Sacramento Police Department has confirmed.
    After ramming the gate, the suspect allegedly jumped onto a patrol car and removed his shirt and shoes.
    Police have not shared details on how the incident started.
    CBS13 is on scene and will share further details as they are confirmed.
  • Man Arrested After Ramming Sacramento County Jail With His Car

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A man has been taken into custody after he rammed his car into a roll-up door at the Sacramento County Jail on I Street, authorities say.
    The incident occurred just before 3:30 a.m. The suspect, a 54-year-old man, attempted to drive through the door on on the west end of the building off 6th Street, according to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department.Sac Police say a man has been taken into custody after ramming his vehicle into a rollup gate at the Sac
  • Cardroom May Make Downtown Sacramento’s Elks Tower Its Home

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A new cardroom may be moving into the historic Elks Tower on 11th and J Street.
    The two-level luxury entertainment center and lounge would be in the 14-story building, a brand-new attraction for city goers.
    “This is going to be an upper-class nice resort location,” said Peter Dannenfelser, the architect on the project.
    The 23,000 square foot spaces would include the ground floor, the full basement, and sports court areas.
    Dannenfelser has worked with the bu
  • Marijuana Advocates Take Cautious Approach To White House Warning

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Thursday made comments about marijuana that both ignited concern in some and sparked hope in others.
    Spicer, when asked about recreational marijuana said there is “still federal law that we need to abide by.”
    His comments are in direct conflict with statements then-candidate Donald Trump made while on the campaign trail saying it was a “state issue.”
    “We don’t want to overreact to the c
  • Sierra Snow Brings Power Outages From Blue Canyon To Lake Tahoe

    BLUE CANYON (CBS13) – Residents from Blue Canyon to Lake Tahoe have been dealing with power issues for days. But one group of school children from San Francisco was surprised to arrive at their lodge and find the power had gone out.
    “It was hard to reach in for your stuff in your luggage,” said 9-year-old Luna Le Stum.
    Fifty-seven children from 9 to 13 years old arrived at Clair Tappaan Lodge on Donner Pass Road on Tuesday. Power has been flickering in and out for the last
  • Crews Able To Slow Excess Water That Broke Sewer Line Near Modesto

    MODESTO (CBS13) — Flood water continues to impact parts of Modesto. Last week, the rising Tuolumne River forced mandatory evacuations in some parts of the city.
    Late Thursday evening, the weight of the excess storm water dumped into the Tuolumne River, broke a main sewer line, and at one point threatening the city’s entire sewer line.
    Crews have finally been able to push back the extra river water by building a cofferdam to keep out flood water from the Don Pedro Dam.
  • Modesto Sees Drop In Serious Crimes

    MODESTO (CBS13) —New crime stats are out for the city of Modesto and they are encouraging. They show that serious crimes, including homicide, burglary and auto theft, are down about five percent overall from 2015 to 2016.
    It may not be a huge number, but officials believe at the very least, it shows that some of the strategies deployed by the city and the police department are starting to produce results.
    “We are fighting crime more effectively and more efficiently,” explained
  • Call Kurtis: Tree Company Steps Up To Finish Job Left By Unlicensed Contractor

    WHEATLAND (CBS13) — A Wheatland family worried about the 45-foot tall tree in their front yard that leans right over their bedrooms got some good news.
    Lilly and Alex Ross took action and hired a tree removal company off of the website Thumbtack, but they say the company abandoned the job.
    After a long struggle, another tree company stepped in to get the job done.
    Their problems started when they saw the 45-foot tall in the front yard and put out a call for bids. Nauyoks Landscape and
  • When It Comes To Testing Pot Behind The Wheel, Science And Laws Are Lacking

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — There is a hazy area of California law when it comes to driving while marijuana is in your system.
    There are no legal limits or technological advances that can determine if someone’s marijuana use has impacted their driving ability.
    “We want to remove anyone who’s impaired by any substance from the roadways to keep California safe,” said Sgt. Glen Glaser, the state coordinator of the drug recognition evaluator program with the California Hi
  • CHP Arrests Suspect Who Was Pursued By Officer In Fatal Crash

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The California Highway Patrol says it has arrested the suspect who an officer was pursuing before a fatal crash on Wednesday.
    Alberto Quiroz, 26 of Sacramento, was arrested on Thursday just before noon.
    Quiroz was booked on felony evasion, felony vehicle theft, possession of a stolen vehicle and felony resisting arrest. None of the charges related directly to the death of officer Lucas Chellow.
    Chellow died on Wednesday shortly after crashing his motorcycle d
  • Trump Transgender Decision Has Sacramento Parents Upset

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The LGBT community in Sacramento isn’t happy with President Donald Trump’s latest decision to strip transgender students of their federal protection.
    On Wednesday, the president rescinded the protections that allowed transgender students to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity.
    Leaders and lawmakers met at the state Capitol on Thursday, denouncing the president’s decision, calling it an attack on transgender youth.
  • CHP Honors Fallen Motorcycle Officer As Questions Surround Deadly Pursuit

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Victor Tovar stood in front of the makeshift memorial set up for his former colleague and friend, Officer Lucas Chellew, and just shook his head.
    “He was just a good guy just like everybody else. He loved his motor,” said Tovar.
    Tovar says he dispatched for Chellew, but he wishes he knew more about what happened before the officer crashed his motorcycle and died, while in pursuit of a suspect.
    Broken glass marks the area where the officer’s motor
  • California Lawmakers Unveil Bills Aimed At Protecting Environment From Trump

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) – Democratic lawmakers in California on Thursday announced their first attempt to protect the state’s wide-ranging environmental regulations from potential interference by President Donald Trump’s administration.
    Concerned that California’s aggressive attempts to combat climate change and fight Los Angeles smog, among others, may be under threat, a group of Senate Democrats introduced three measures seeking to shore up the state’s own environ
  • Caltrans: Highway 50 Slipout Fix May Take Months

    EL DORADO COUNTY (CBS13) – Caltrans says they expect it will take months to fully fix the slipout afflicting Highway 50 near Bridal Veil Falls.
    Storms that pounded Northern California this past week are being blamed for saturating the ground and causing the earth to give way under the freeway.
    TRAFFIC: Head Here For The Latest Roadway Conditions Around The Region
    The shoulder of the westbound lane is gone due to the slide; one lane has also been damaged, but concrete barriers have bee
  • BAPAC hosts 2017 Economic, Social Equity & Cannabis Forum

    (SACRAMENTO) – The Sacramento Chapter of the Black American Political Association of California (BAPAC) presents its 2017 Economic, Social Equity and Cannabis Forum on Friday, February 24. The event is set to be held at the Capitol Event Center, located at 1020 11th Street.
    The forum will run from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. andis designed to prepare communities of color for a seat at the table in a booming $20 billion dollar industry. Forum will provide a full day of insight and in-depth discu
  • CHP Rings Memorial Bell In Honor Of Officer Killed In Motorcycle Crash

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13/AP) – There’s an outpouring of grief over the death of Officer Lucas Chellew, who followed his father’s footsteps into the California Highway Patrol.
    Authorities say Chellew was chasing a suspect on a motorcycle in South Sacramento on Wednesday when a collision occurred and he lost control of his motorcycle. Authorities are investigating the collision.
    Chellew, who was a seven-year veteran of the CHP, was transported to University of California, Davis, Medical
  • VIDEO: California GOP Lawmaker Removed From Floor After Speech Critical Of Late Senator

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13/AP) – A California state lawmaker was removed from the Senate floor after refusing to stop delivering a speech criticizing former Sen. Tom Hayden for his anti-war activism in Vietnam.
    Democrats ordered the sergeant at arms to remove Republican Sen. Janet Nguyen of Fountain Valley on Thursday. Nguyen is a refugee from Vietnam and is highly critical of Hayden, who died recently and was honored on the Senate floor on Tuesday.@SenJanetNguyen 1st amnd silenced as she was remov
  • At Least One Tahoe Ski Resort Planning On Staying Open Until Fourth Of July

    SQUAW VALLEY (CBS) – When you think about celebrating the Fourth Of July, thoughts turn to fireworks and backyard barbeques but not really taking a run down a Lake Tahoe ski slope.
    Mother Nature’s wintry assault on the Tahoe area this year has made that a definite possibility.
    Squaw Valley officials Thursday announced they anticipate remaining open for Fourth of July holiday after being inundated with nearly 38 feet of snow so far this year – with more on the way.Solitude as of
  • Parolee Leads Deputies On High-Speed Chase In North Highlands

    NORTH HIGHLANDS (CBS13) – Deputies are looking for a parolee who led deputies on a high-speed chase through north highlands early Thursday morning.
    The chase started about 3 a.m. Deputies became suspicious of a car and tried to stop it by Walnut Avenue and Auburn Boulevard.Investigators say, the driver involved in the car chase took off running and left behind a female passenger @GoodDaySac @CBSSacramento pic.twitter.com/yevGrDCumd
    — Wendy Aguilar (@WendyAguilarTV) February 23, 2017
  • CHP To Ring Memorial Bell In Honor Of Officer Killed In Motorcycle Crash

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13/AP) – There’s an outpouring of grief over the death of Officer Lucas Chellew, who followed his father’s footsteps into the California Highway Patrol.
    Authorities say Chellew was chasing a suspect on a motorcycle in South Sacramento on Wednesday when a collision occurred and he lost control of his motorcycle. Authorities are investigating the collision.
    Chellew, who was a seven-year veteran of the CHP, was transported to University of California, Davis, Medical
  • High-Tech Security System Tracks People In Roseville Neighborhood

    ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – A community in Roseville has a unique surveillance system that’s accessible to every home on the block. It’s part of a test run by a Silicon Valley technology company called UMBO Computer Vision.
    “It’s great, I think it’s great. If anything happens we just have to pull up the video and we can see who came in your neighborhood and what they’re doing,” said Vikki Thomason, who lives on Granada Pass.
    “We actually have a Faceb
  • Mayor Hopes To Spin Gold In Wake Of Oroville Dam Problems

    OROVILLE (CBS13) — The now infamous Oroville Dam spillway, with its crumbling concrete, could create a business boom in this small city, if Oroville Mayor Linda Dahlmeier has her way.
    “We’re the water source for almost the entire state of California, and once people realize that it’s a nice place to visit,” Dahlmeier said.
    Dahlmeier has done international interviews on the Oroville evacuation. Now she wants the world to know the name Oroville for all it has to offer
  • Mexican Citizens Turn To Consulate For Help Amid Trump Immigration Changes

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — She’s a Mexican-born mom living in Sacramento with her three U.S. born children.
    Her face is blurred to protect her identity.
    But she says, there’s no hiding the fact that she may be forced to leave the country she grew up in.
    “It doesn’t matter that I speak perfectly good English. That I went to school here. That I have my kids here—It doesn’t matter—and that’s what sad. That my children, as American citizens, would
  • Stockton City Council Protesters Greeted By Police In Riot Gear

    STOCKTON (CBS13) — For the second time this month, people protesting police violence and calling for greater transparency, were kicked out of a Stockton city council meeting. But this time, demonstrators clashed with police dressed in riot gear.
    The 30 to 50 protesters were yelling and causing a disturbance, according to police. They want a federal investigation into the Stockton Police Department.
    It started out as a chance for public comment that erupted into public protest. This time, a
  • Packed Town Hall Crowd Greets Rep. Tom McClintock For Nearly 3-Hour Marathon

    SONORA (CBS13) — A contentious and noisy crowd filled the Sonora High School auditorium on Wednesday night to listen and ask questions of Rep. Tom McClintock (R-Granite Bay).
    This was the third town hall meeting in a week. All of which have included large divided crowds.
    An hour before Wednesday night’s meeting several hundred people were already gathered outside the auditorium doors. Some holding signs reading “We Support Tom,” while other carried signs expressing their
  • Farmers Help Save Hundreds Of Homes From Levee Breach

    STANISLAUS COUNTY (CBS13) — A community is praising two farmers and firefighters for their help fixing a levee breach.
    The break happened earlier this week, and it could’ve been catastrophic for hundreds of homes.
    “It would’ve been so big if they hadn’t stopped it right away,” said Tony Dutra who is a dairy farmer.
    Monday night’s breach could’ve caused major flooding and serious damage.
    “You would’ve had to move out the cows and a
  • CHP Motorcycle Officer Dies In Crash During Pursuit

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A California Highway Patrol officer has died from injuries he sustained during a crash on Wednesday.Lucas Chellew, 31, served with the CHP for eight years. He was pronounced dead just past 6 p.m. on Wednesday.
    The crash happened at the intersection of Fruitridge and Stockton boulevards at around 5:45 p.m. on Wednesday.
    The suspect is still outstanding.
    Steven Roybal says he saw the Chellew in pursuit of the suspect just moments before the crash.
    “I was
  • Stockton Police Release Video Of Person Of Interest In Retired CHP Officer’s Death

    STOCKTON (CBS13) — Stockton Police have released video of a person of interest in the homicide of a retired California Highway Patrol officer.
    Joe Elsey, 87, died protecting an 89-year-old woman who investigators say was being attacked at an assisted living facility. Investigators say during the attack, Elsey succumbed to cardiac arrest.
    Stockton Police released video from the Kimball Hill area of a person of interest in the homicide.
  • Possible Funnel Cloud Spotted Over Oroville

    OROVILLE (CBS13) — A funnel cloud sighting has been reported in the Oroville area.
    Photos from viewers in the area show what appears to be a funnel cloud in the sky over Oroville.
    Photo Credit: Lisa Marie
    There are no reports of it touching down or causing damage.
    The National Weather Service is working to confirm the sightings.
    The sighting was not near the Oroville Dam or its spillway, but the California Department of Water Resources reports a thunderstorm did pass th
  • Two Years Later, Father Arrested In Death Of Baby Justice

    WOODLAND (CBS13) – The father of a baby found dead in a Yolo County slough has been arrested and charged.
    Frank Rees is facing charges of involuntary manslaughter for the death of his child Justice, as well as charges of abusing or endangering the health of a child and administering a controlled substance.
    Justice was found dead in a slough near Knights Landing back in 2015. He was 19 days old.
    Samantha Green, the baby’s mother, was found guilty of murder back in September 2016.Yolo
  • Work Progressing On Collapsed Part Of Highway 50 Near Bridal Veil Falls

    EL DORADO COUNTY (CBS13) – The scene along Highway 50 continues to develop.
    Wednesday morning, Placerville-are California Highway Patrol shared a new video of the work being done east of Bridal Veil Falls after part of the freeway collapsed.According to CHP, the highway is open with one lane in each direction with traffic separated by a concrete barrier. But there is a lot of work to be done after a shoulder gave way.
    Caltrans crews continue to work on the broken roadway. Overnight snow ha
  • Protesters Disrupt Stockton City Council Meeting, Tussle With Officers

    STOCKTON (CBS13) – Protesters disrupted a city council meeting at Stockton’s city hall Tuesday evening.
    For the second time this month, protesters and relatives of several individuals who lost their lives at the hands of law enforcement officers had to be kicked out of the council chambers.
    Police say about 30 protesters were yelling and causing a disturbance. The protesters are calling for a federal investigation into the Stockton Police Department.
    The meeting was temporarily stopp
  • Man Struck, Killed On Stockton Boulevard In Sacramento

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Police are investigating after a man was struck and killed in a Sacramento roadway Tuesday night.
    The scene is near Stockton Boulevard and 14th Avenue.
    Sacramento police say they responded around 8 p.m. and found an unresponsive man laying in the street. He was transported to the hospital, but soon died from his injuries.
    Investigators are looking into speed and weather-related causes for the accident.
    Police also say the man was apparently trying to cross the street,
  • Communities Downstream From Don Pedro Reservoir Continue To Brace For Flooding

    TURLOCK (CBS13) – The Tuolumne River continues to swell with the opening one of the spillways at the Don Pedro Reservoir.
    Two men had to be rescued by boat when the American Legion hall building on the west edge of Legion Park started to flood with the rising of the river.Tuolomne River continues to swell with the opening of the Don Pedro spillway, which has caused flooding pic.twitter.com/EMq8FvsZUe
    — Sean Bennett (@tvseanb) February 22, 2017
    Since the Turlock Irrigation District op
  • Call Kurtis Investigates: Why Didn’t My Air Bag Go Off In Crash?

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13)- You’ve heard of air bags exploding when they shouldn’t, some even killing people, but Sacramento mom Effie Greer says her car’s airbag did not go off in a crash when her sister was driving.
    After picking kids from school, Greer’s sister was driving her car right in front of her when another vehicle ran a stop light, crashing into her sister.
    “I was thinking I was going to see the white pillow thing,” said Greer.
    The police report says she w

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