• Railyards Project Promises New Neighborhoods, But Where Are The Schools?

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A high-ranking Sacramento City Unified School District administrator says the massive railyards development is missing one thing: a school.
    The district’s chief operations officer says the development is so massive it could de-stabilize the district.
    SCUSD spokesperson Gabe Ross says the district wants to build a school in the Railyards, but so far the district and developers have not agreed on land.
    “So the trick for us is, how do we stay far enough ahead
  • Prop. 63 Tightens Rules On Guns, Ammo, Increases Penalty For Gun Theft

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Proposition 63 is known as the “Firearms, Ammunition Sales Initiative Statute.”
    It would require individuals who wish to purchase ammunition to first obtain a 4-year permit from the California Department of Justice.
    It would also require gun dealers to ask to see that permit before selling any ammunition.
    In addition, Prop. 63 would increase the penalty for anyone possessing large-capacity magazines.
    The proposition would also make it a felony if anyone ste
  • California Weather Changes Affect Power Supply

    The state of California has set big goals for switching over to green energy within the next decade. The difference with these energy source, they depend on the weather. Water (hydro energy), wind (wind turbines), and sun (solar energy) are the key components to generating renewable energy. In California, lawmakers have set high standards for how green we want to be in the next 10 to 20 years. The goal is to have switched over 33% of the state to renewable energy sources by 2020 and half of the
  • Police Bust 14-County Crime Spree Targeting Gyms

    VACAVILLE (CBS13) – Police recovered dozens of car keys, ID’s, and hundreds of credit cards during a routine traffic stop all believed to have been stolen from gym locker rooms.
    “Breaking in and affecting so many people’s personal lives,” said Sgt. Steve Carey with Vacaville PD.
    Reza Khouie was at least one of 50 victims who had their lock chopped and belongings gone.
    “My stomach just sank and I realized what had happened immediately since it had just happened
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  • New Sacramento Metro Fire Tech Aims To Save Lives

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — It’s cutting edge technology that’s set to save lives. Sac Metro Fire is rolling out a new piece of equipment using video technology that can better assist them when it comes to helping a patient who can not breathe on their own.
    “When we looked at this, it was absolutely a no-brainer, it puts us in line with what the hospitals are using,” said Captain Scott Perryman.
    Sac Metro Fire is the first agency in the region to invest in video laryngosco
  • National Guard Member Worried Pentagon Just Stalling On Repayments

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — As the National Guard bonus backlash grows, the U.S. Defense Secretary has now ordered the Pentagon to stop asking for the money back.
    The Pentagon says up to 6,500 soldiers in California may have improperly received the bonuses a decade ago during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    And since it started collecting, more than two-thousand soldiers have paid back $22 million.
    “If I have PTSD from being in horrible places, and I have been in some horrible places, it
  • Construction Delays To South Sacramento Pedestrian Bridge Have Parents Concerned

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A pedestrian bridge in South Sacramento is under construction and the delayed project is causing concern among parents and school staff in the area.
    “If it was our kid, there is no way he’d get near that,” said Martin Aguirre talking about the torn open gate to the bridge between 47th Street and Florin Road across Highway 99.
    The important bridge, which connects two neighborhoods, is causing travel troubles for people and especially students tryi
  • Sacramento Traffic Stop Turns Into Police Chase Toward East Sacramento

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A traffic stop turned into a police pursuit after a suspect fled on Wednesday afternoon.
    Police say they attempted to pull a man over on Fruitridge Road, but the man took off, heading onto Highway 99 and getting caught up in afternoon traffic on Business 80.
    The pursuit went off of the freeway at N Street, and at one point, the suspect bailed out on foot near J and Alhambra streets.
    The suspect was detained on the 3300 block of I Street at gunpoint.
    Police sa
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  • California DMV Blames ‘Perfect Storm’ Of Computer Failures For Outage

    ROSEVILLE, Calif. (CBS/AP) – A “perfect storm” of simultaneous hard-drive failures caused a computer outage that crippled two-thirds of California Department of Motor Vehicles offices this week, DMV officials said Wednesday.
    The department’s disaster recovery systems were not designed to handle such severe failures over a short period of time, DMV spokesman Jaime Garza said in an email.
    He said experts were working to repair the system and get office functions back online
  • Person Shot Near Restaurant In Stockton

    STOCKTON (CBS13) – Police say one person was shot outside a restaurant in Stockton early Wednesday afternoon.
    The scene in front of Manny’s Fresh Cafe along Pacific Avenue.
    Stockton police say one person was shot. The person has been taken to a hospital in Modesto and their condition is unclear.
    Investigators say an altercation started inside the store then went outside to the parking lot. One person involved pulled a gun and fired.
    Officers are searching for the suspect or
  • Golden 1 Center Construction Worker Singing National Anthem At Kings’ Home Opener

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – One man who helped build Golden 1 Center is returning to the arena Thursday — this time with a starring role at center court.
    Golden 1 Center construction worker Christopher Infantino will sing the National Anthem at the home opener on Thursday, according to a statement from the Sacramento Kings. Chris led a 21-member construction crew at the arena and became known around the job site as the “singing foreman”. He’ll be accompanied by his wife, a
  • Ceres Police Raid Flea Market, Arrest Alleged Music Pirates

    CERES (CBS13) – Police in Ceres raided a flea market where vendors were allegedly illegally selling copyrighted music.
    The operation took place on Sunday. Ceres police say an undercover detective first went into the El Rematito Crows Landing Flea Market and bought a microSD card. More than 500 copyrighted songs were found on the card, police say.
    Detectives soon moved in and arrested five people on allegations they were illegally selling copyrighted music.
    Between the five arrested, more t
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  • Elk Grove School Deep Cleaning After Students Diagnosed With Whooping Cough

    ELK GROVE (CBS13) – Parents at an Elk Grove elementary school are being extra cautious after two students were diagnosed with whooping cough.
    A letter from C.W. Dillard Elementary School was sent to parents on Tuesday explaining the highly-contagious respiratory disease.
    The school says its maintenance team is deep cleaning all common areas, as well as the two classrooms the infected students were in.
  • US Defense Chief: Don’t Seek Repayment Of Enlistment Bonuses

    BRUSSELS (AP) — U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter has ordered the Pentagon to stop seeking repayments of enlistment bonuses given to California National Guard members who served overseas.
    His decision comes in the wake of angry reaction from members of Congress who demanded he relieve the burden on the Guard members. And the White House said President Barack Obama has warned the Defense Department not to “nickel and dime” service members who were victims of fraud by overzealous
  • Home Invasion Suspect In Critical Condition After Officers Use Stun Gun

    MODESTO (CBS13) – The suspect in a series of home invasions is in critical condition after police used a stun gun on him.
    Police say the man is suspected of forcing his way into several homes in Grantland Court neighborhood, terrorizing people living there. One couple barricaded themselves in a locked room.
    When police arrived and knocked on the door, the suspect ran out and tackled and officer.
    Officers then used a stun gun – and that’s when they say the suspect had a medical
  • Modesto Officer Chasing Suspect Crashes Into Building

    MODESTO (CBS13) – A police chase ended with a patrol car crashing into a building early Wednesday morning.
    The officer was trying to stop a stolen vehicle around 4 a.m., but the driver wouldn’t pull over.
    The chase ended when the officer hit a building near the intersection of Burney and G Streets. The suspect got away.
    Police say the officer is expected to be OK.
  • Tickets Still Available For Kings Home Opener At Golden 1 Center

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The Sacramento Kings home opener is fast approaching on Thursday night, and there are still tickets available.
    According to Ticketmaster, there’s still about 300 seats left. But they’re not cheap.
    Tickets for the upper bowl are priced at $145 each, including $28 in taxes and fees.
    Despite the unsold tickets, Golden 1 Center officials say they anticipate to sell out by Thursday.
  • Cops Urge Caution With Clown, Police Halloween Costumes

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – While kids are gearing up for the Halloween festivities, some people are concerned over costumes surfacing.
    “We’re trying to keep away from putting people in costumes that may get them in trouble,” said Luke Miller, communications manager at Goodwill.
    From rack to rack at Goodwill, it’s that time of year kids get to morph into their favorite super heroes.
    “I love that the Flash can go really fast and that the super Hulk has super strength,
  • How Will Davis Tame Wild Turkey Problem?

    DAVIS (CBS13) — Davis is looking for answers to its turkey troubles.
    Wild turkeys are an every day sight at the Rancho Yolo senior community in Davis.
    “There are a few people who don’t like the turkeys, I’m not one of them, i love the turkeys,” said resident Greg Rayshel.
    Residents say they’ve seen the flock grow each year.
    “It seems like there are more,” he said.
    “Just within the last couple months, there’s been a female
  • Fellow Soldiers Named As Persons Of Interest In Missing Yuba City Woman Case

    YUBA CITY (CBS13) — Two soldiers have been named as persons of interest in the disappearance of a Yuba City soldier in Kentucky.
    Shadow McClaine, 25, has been missing for nearly two months after disappearing from Fort Campbell.
    Family members held a vigil for McClain, who was originally supposed to be discharged from the army on Oct. 11. Her car was found in a parking lot in downtown Nashville in September, but there haven’t been any other clues.
    “There is away so that glimmer
  • Baby Found Safe After Alleged Abduction That Prompted Amber Alert

    NEVADA COUNTY (CBS13) — A 7-month-old baby boy is safe after an alleged abduction and an intense search that focused on a small mountain community in Sierra County.
    The baby’s biological mother is in jail, accused of snatching the infant from his crib in a Guerneville home over the weekend.
    This baby’s grandmother has legal custody of the boy and reported the alleged abduction.
    Law enforcement officers doted on 7-month-old Henry Massey, holding the baby in their arms, safe
  • DMV Hopes Systems Are Running On Wednesday After Computer Failure

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A widespread computer outage has affected more than 100 California Department of Motor Vehicles offices including offices in Sacramento, Modesto, Yuba City, Woodland, Roseville and Carmichael. DMV crews have been trying to resolve the issue since it began on Monday, but so far have not been successful.
    “I’m disappointed,” said Rick Ellingburg, who drove to Sacramento all the way from Sonora on Tuesday with 27 vehicle titles to transfer. “It take
  • Sacramento City Council Exploring Options For Low-Income Families In Downtown

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Downtown Sacramento is reinventing and improving itself, but the process may leave a fragile part of the community behind, low-income families who struggle to find a place to live that they can afford.
    The Sacramento City Council is looking at a possible change to the rules regulating residential hotels and single room occupancy units that provide affordable shelter.
    “The ordinance has been working fine, they’ve wanted to maintain 712 single room occup
  • Lawyers: 41 Suicide Attempts At Yuba County Jail Point To Inmate Mistreatment

    MARYSVILLE, Calif. (AP) – Lawyers representing inmates at a Northern California county jail say at least 41 suicide attempts in the last 2 ½ years are one sign of continued dangerous conditions nearly 40 years after officials promised improvements.
    The attorneys said Tuesday that they are asking a federal judge in Sacramento to revisit the 1979 court order because the Yuba County Jail in Marysville remains “rife with constitutional violations.”
    The county’s attorne
  • 18.7 Million: California Voter Registration Sets Record

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) – More than 18.7 million Californians have registered to vote in the Nov. 8 presidential election, a state record.
    Secretary of State Alex Padilla announced Tuesday that 500,000 people enrolled for the first time or updated their information in the final two days the state accepted registrations.
    More than 203,000 people registered online on Sunday. Another 297,000 registered online on Monday, the last day to do so to participate in the Nov. 8 election.
    The number o
  • Investigators: Mom Stashed Baby In Amber Alert In Duffel Bag

    SIERRA COUNTY (CBS13) — A baby at the center of an Amber Alert was stashed away in a duffel bag by the child’s mother, investigators said on Tuesday.
    Henry Massey was found after a store clerk spotted the boy’s mother in a Downieville grocery store. The clerk was able to flag down a California Highway Patrol officer who took the boy’s mother, Hannah Ashley, into custody after a struggle.
    Investigators say the baby was found stashed away in a duffel bag, but
  • Amber Alert Update: Henry Massey, Mother Found Safe

    3:20 p.m. UPDATE: The baby at the center of an Amber Alert has been found.
    The California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services deactivated the Amber Alert at around 3:15 p.m. on Tuesday saying 7-month-old Henry Massey has been found.
    The alert does not elaborate on the child’s condition or whether the mother was found, but Sierra County officials confirmed Massey and his mother were found safe.
    Earlier in the day, Sierra County officials said the car in the Amber Alert was found.
  • Man Shot, Killed By Officer In Lincoln; Was Armed With Knife, Police Say

    LINCOLN (CBS13) – Authorities in Lincoln are investigating a deadly officer-involved shooting.
    The scene is near 3rd and G Streets in the parking lot of a McDonald’s restaurant.
    An official says the officer was approached by a man with a knife. The officer asked the man several times to drop the knife, but he wouldn’t, prompting the officer to shoot him.
    The suspect has been pronounced dead at the scene.
    Several people were inside the McDonald’s next the scene at the time
  • Gary Condit To Discuss Chandra Levy Case On ‘Dr. Phil’

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Former congressman Gary Condit is set to discuss the 2001 disappearance and death of Washington intern Chandra Levy on the “Dr. Phil” show.
    Levy vanished 15 years ago, and her body was found the next year in Washington’s sprawling Rock Creek Park.
    Condit had been romantically linked to Levy. He was at one time a prime suspect in her death but was later cleared by police. Another man, Ingmar Guandique, was convicted in Levy’s death in 2010. He won
  • Computer Outages Hit DMV Offices Across The State

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Department of Motor Vehicle offices across the state are dealing with computer outages.
    The outages started Monday afternoon and took down dozens of offices. DMV says they worked through the night to rebuild the computer system, but outages are still being reported across the state.
    DMV officials have not commented on what is causing the outage.
    Offices affected by the outage in the region include Sacramento, Stockton, South Lake Tahoe, Auburn, Carmichael, Roseville, W
  • Northern California Spanish-Language School Hit With Anti-Immigrant Graffiti

    WINDSOR, Calif. (AP) — A Spanish-language school in Sonoma County has been vandalized with graffiti criticizing immigrants and referencing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.
    The Santa Rosa Press Democrat reports that Cali Calmecac Language Academy Principal Jeanne Acuna says a custodian found the graffiti on Monday morning. The messages covered buildings, walls, doors and garbage can lids and had messages such as “build the wall higher,” and Trump’s name.
    The s
  • Avocado Prices Skyrocketing Due To Strike In Mexico

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – We all know adding guacamole costs extra but now it could cost you a small, delicious fortune.
    Due an avocado grower’s strike in Mexico, prices for the popular superfood are spiking.
    Across the country, supplies are low. What was once a $40 case of avocados is now costing businesses up to $90.
    California’s avocado season already peaked in July.
    Agriculture officials say usually 40 million pounds of avocados are imported from Mexico a week. But that num
  • Water Gushes For Hours After Pipe Bursts In South Sacramento

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – While most of the region is dealing with water falling out of the sky, one Sacramento neighborhood has water coming up out of the ground.
    The scene is near 38th Avenue and 44th Street. Crews are working to shut off a broken water main.
    The broken pipe has been spewing water for a few hours early Tuesday morning, completely drenching houses and flooding the street.
    Broken water main flooding SouthSac neighborhood @GoodDaySac @CBSSacramento pic.twitter.com/C3DEzkwop0
  • Broken Water Main Results In Flooded Sacramento Neighborhood

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – While most of the region is dealing with water falling out of the sky, one Sacramento neighborhood has water coming up out of the ground.
    The scene is near 38th Avenue and 44th Street. Crews are working to shut off a broken water main.
    The broken pipe has been spewing water for a few hours early Tuesday morning, completely drenching houses and flooding the street.
    Broken water main flooding SouthSac neighborhood @GoodDaySac @CBSSacramento pic.twitter.com/C3DEzkwop0
  • National Guard Members Feel Betrayed Over Pentagon Repayment Demands

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Thousands of CA National Guard soldiers are being asked by the Pentagon to give back money they received in bonuses.
    These bonuses of $15,000 and more were given out to soldiers as an incentive to join or re-enlist and go to war.
    It’s an issue that started nearly six years ago in 2011, but is now garnering more media attention.
    It started out as a fraud scheme, that actually landed some military members in jail, and others were reprimanded internally or removed f
  • Sacramento Railyards Plan Wins Approval, But Not Without School Concerns

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Sacramento Planning Commission unanimously approved the massive Sacramento railyards plan Monday night, but not without raising some new concerns.
    Commissioners dissected the long-anticipated plan, praising but also probing into concerns over concert noise, and parking lots.
    The Sacramento Unified School District’s Chief Operating Officer testified that the district will need a new school site for hundreds of new children expected to move in.
    “So 420 el
  • Jaycee Dugard Breaks Silence, Campaigns Against California’s Proposition 57

    EL DORADO COUNTY – It’s a case that’s hard to forget, an 11-year-old South Lake Tahoe girl was kidnapped and held hostage for 18 years, but now she is taking to Facebook to stop a proposition on the November ballots.
    “The eligibility for parole for Philip Garrido after only 17 years is really a travesty,” said James Clinchard, then prosecutor in the Jaycee Dugard case
    He believes criminals like Garrido should be locked up forever.
    “I can’t imagine how sh
  • British Sacramento Kings Fan Travels Thousands Of Miles For Golden 1 Center Opening

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Sacramento Kings super fan who has flown his entire family to Sacramento in search for tickets on opening night has touched down in Sacramento.
    The Kings’ season opener at the new Golden 1 Center is only three days away, and for one man from England it’s a dream three years in the making.
    Danny Williamson is from Brighton, England and says he has been a super Kings fan for more than two-decades. Williamson says he has never seen the
  • Placer County School Sales Send Parents Of Special-Needs Children Scrambling

    NEWCASTLE, Calif. (CBS 13) – Parents of special needs children in Placer County were shocked to learn their children’s special educations schools could be closing. Placer County Board of Education wants to sell the schools and find alternative locations for the students.
    “He’s far too medically fragile to be in a general education campus on a general education site,” said Robin McGuire, whose 7-year-old son attends Onorato Educational Center. “He was born with
  • Proposition 61: Why Is So Much Campaign Money Going To Drug Price Measure?

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Proposition 61, known as the Drug Price Relief Act, would try to cut down the cost the State of California is paying for prescription drugs.
    It would require the state to negotiate with drug companies for prices that are no more than the amounts paid for the same drugs by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.
    Why the VA threshold?
    Because the VA pays 20 to 24 percent less for prescription meds than other government agencies.
    But there could be a catch.
    Ben Johnson f
  • District: Elk Grove School Bus Crash Would Have Been Worse Without Rules

    ELK GROVE (CBS13) – A half-dozen people were taken to the hospital after a school bus crash in Elk Grove around 7 a.m. on Monday.
    School district officials say the injuries on the bus could have been worse if it wasn’t for safety standards.
    “I was upset of course, it’s not the kind of call you want to get,” said James Snow.
    He is the Transportation Supervisor for the Elk Grove Unified School District.
    “Just really worried that everybody was going to be OK,&rdq
  • Toddler Found Dead In Merced County Canal

    MERCED COUNTY (CBS13) — A toddler has been found dead after investigators say he wandered into a canal.
    The 2-year-old boy was found on Monday in the canal.
    Merced County Sheriff’s deputies say they boy wandered off while in the care of his grandmother. Footprints from the toddler were found leading into the water.
  • Faber To Retire After Dec. 17 Fight At Golden 1 Center

    Urijah Faber will be calling it a career in front of a home crowd.
    The UFC icon announced Monday that his impending Dec. 17 fight against Brad Pickett will be his final bout.
    Faber, 37, has been involved in professional mixed martial arts since 2003. He’s a Sacramento native and UC Davis graduate.
    The fight will take place at Golden 1 Center, the new arena’s first UFC event. Paige VanZant – another Sacramento-based fighter – is the night’s headliner, taking on Miche
  • Northern California To See Several Rounds Of Wet Weather

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Wet weather will be hitting the region all week.
    Expect a mostly cloudy day in the valley, with some winds. A lake wind advisory is in effect for Lake Tahoe, with gusts of 40 mph possible.
    CBS13 Meteorologist Laura Skirde hosted a storm live chat this morning on Facebook. Watch below.You can still ask Laura your weather questions by tweeting them to @LauraSkirdeWX.
    RELATED: CBS13 Weather Center
    A few showers could hit the Tahoe region overnight and thunderstorms down t
  • Dwayne Bishop Elevated to Inderkum Head Varsity Basketball Coach

    NATOMAS – Dwayne Bishop was standing near the basketball courts outside of Sacramento’s Inderkum High School in Natomas when one of the students quietly approached him while he was doing an interview with a local reporter.
    The male student’s interruption was respectful and greeting straight to the point. “Hi ya doing coach,” the teenager said. Bishop acknowledged him with a smile and shook his hand before the youngster quickly departed.
    That’s just the type of
  • Monday Is The Last Day To Register To Vote In California

    SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Monday is the last day to register to vote in California in time for the upcoming presidential election.
    The Secretary of State’s office is holding a registration event at the State Capitol. Anyone looking to register will need to bring a driver’s license or other valid California ID and know the last four digits of their social security number.
    The registration drive starts at 11 a.m. and goes until 5 p.m. on the Capitol’s north steps.
  • VIDEO: Madera Officer Shot At During Chase

    MADERA (CBS13) – A suspect opened fire at an officer during a chase in Madera this weekend. It was all caught on video.
    The chase happened early Sunday morning.
    Madera police say an SUV would pull over, sparking a chase through city streets. During the chase, the front passenger opened fire. About nine rounds were shot at the officer at first. After a turn, four more rounds were fired from the suspect car.
    The officer’s car was hit three times, the two of the rounds going through the
  • School Bus With Children On Board Involved In Accident In Elk Grove

    ELK GROVE (CBS13) – The latest on an accident involving a school bus and two cars in Elk Grove:
    8:21 a.m. 
    California Highway Patrol says the driver of a car involved in the accident has died.
    The Elk Grove Unified School District says there were four students on the bus. Three of the students, the bus driver and a bus attendant were transported to the hospital. All injuries are expected to be minor.
    CHP will be reviewing video and GPS surveillance that was equipped with the bus.
  • REI To Close On Black Friday, Pay Employees For The Day

    NEW YORK (AP) — Specialty outdoor retailer REI will keep its stores closed on the day after Thanksgiving for the second straight year, even though it’s one of the busiest shopping days of the year. It will also again pay employees for the day off in a campaign that encourages people to spend time outdoors.
    Online shoppers can put items in their cart, though no orders will be processed that day.
    CEO Jerry Stritzke told The Associated Press that the company’s move last year, whic
  • Roseville Police Investigating Uptick In Mailbox Break-Ins

    ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – Police in Roseville have put out a warning about an uptick in mailbox break-ins this month, especially in the north and west sides of the city.
    The department posted a picture of a busted cluster box to their Facebook page.
    Officers warn that thieves are looking for checks, credit cards and other financial information.
    Pick up your mail daily and don’t let it sit in the box overnight, police advise.

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