• Man shot, possibly abducted from grocery store parking lot in Moore

    MOORE, Okla. - An alleged Craigslist exchange has gone horribly wrong at a Moore grocery store.
    "I just want my son back, please," said Kennetha Mooreland, sobbing.
    Those are the anxious words of a mother worried about her child. Jarron Mooreland has been missing since around 6 p.m. Saturday.
    Family members of the young man said he and a friend went to the Crest in Moore to do the Craigslist exchange. That's when a white van pulled up. After a conversation with the alleged suspects, shots were
  • Death toll rises to 43 in aftermath of Florence

    (AP) – Authorities say the death toll has now risen to 43 dead in the aftermath of former Hurricane Florence.
    A statement released by North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper’s office said Friday evening that there are now 32 confirmed dead in that state.
    The statement says a 46-year-old man in Brunswick County died when a tree he was cutting fell on him. Other deaths have been reported earlier in South Carolina and Virginia.
    Cooper, meanwhile, has praised efforts of first responders who evacu
  • Claims of illegal TV box at State Fair

    OKLAHOMA CITY-  A former Tinker AFB computer tech claims a device that basically provides free tv, being sold at the State Fair, is illegal.
    "If it sounds too good to be true it probably is."
    Aaron Adkins is talking about a Free Streaming TV box . The company claims for a one time fee of $350 and an internet connection, you can hook up the device to your home TV and watch any and all programming you want including TV shows, movies and live sports.
    "All you are doing is streaming. You are n
  • Man hospitalized by vicious dog, requires 37 staples to his head

    LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. -  A vicious dog is on the loose after attacking several people. Deputies say it's latest victim as a few inches away from being killed.
    The dog's owner, Lloyd Johnson, has been warned to chain it up. He's on the run with several warrants out for him, now including failure to restrain a dangerous dog.
    Most recently, a man was attacked while riding his bike past the house the dog lives in outside of Crescent, on Crescent Dover near Rockwell. Acco
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  • Austrian journalist formally arrested in Turkey on political charges, lawyer says

    (CNN) – An Austrian journalist detained in Turkey 10 days ago has been formally arrested on political charges, along with two Turkish citizens, their attorney told CNN on Friday.
    Max Zirngast, Hatice Göz and Mithatcan Türetken are accused of being members of the communist organization TKP Kivilcim, according to the lawyer Tamer Dogan.
    Zirngast, a left-wing Austrian journalist who lives in Ankara and has written critically about Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, wa
  • Underwater walls could stop glaciers from melting, scientists say

    (CNN) – Building walls on the seafloor could prevent glaciers from melting and sea levels rising due to global warming, scientists say.
    Barriers of sand and rock positioned at the base of glaciers would stop ice sheets sliding and collapsing, and prevent warm water from eroding the ice from beneath, according to research published this week in the Cryosphere journal, from the European Geosciences Union.
    The audacious idea centers on the construction of “extremely simple str
  • ‘Last Lockdown’ sculpture is a Parkland father’s plea to voters

    (CNN) – A reality check in the form of a young girl frozen in fear, hiding under her desk is making its way around the country.
    The bronze-coated statue was created by Manuel Oliver, who lost his son Joaquin in the shooting at Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in February. The poignant statue depicts a young girl hiding for her life during a lockdown procedure. The statue is called “The Last Lockdown.”
    “We called it ‘The Last Lockdown&rs
  • Cops are trying to find this fugitive millionaire using a podcast

    The podcast’s name is an aspirational one: “Countdown to Capture.”
    The capture part is what the Newport Beach Police Department hopes will result from the six-part series, which it is releasing in a bid to finally catch their man.
    The crime: The Los Angeles Times reports officials have for years been trying to apprehend Peter Chadwick, a 54-year-old multimillionaire who lived in Newport Coast, Calif., and allegedly killed his wife, Quee Choo Chadwic
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  • Norman citizen-led group wants public input over infrastructure, utility

    NORMAN, Okla. - Norman city officials voters may have a bond issue regarding infrastructure before them as early as this upcoming spring.
    Shawn O'Leary, director of Norman Public Works, said Norman is one of only two cities in Oklahoma without a storm-water utility fee system. The northern parts of the city where Little River passes through is a flood-prone area.
    O'Leary said they've been trying to address the issue of flooding for the past decade, with funding being a key issue.
    "It’s we
  • ‘Unruly,’ intoxicated man on-board flight to Orlando, Florida ends up in Oklahoma County Jail

    OKLAHOMA CITY - It was a headache for some passengers heading to Florida when their flight had to make an unexpected stop in Oklahoma City.
    It's all because one man had a few too many drinks and things took a dangerous turn.
    The suspect's original destination was Orlando, Florida but, instead, he ended up at the Oklahoma County Jail where an officer said he continued his "buffoonery."
    "Because of the location of Will Rogers World Airport - kind of in the middle of the country, we do see a lot o
  • 2 hospitalized, 1 arrested following multiple crashes, police chase in northwest Oklahoma City

    OKLAHOMA CITY - A man has been arrested after crashing into several cars, leading police on a chase and sending two people to the hospital - one of them in critical condition.
    It happened around 10:30 p.m. on Thursday near NW 23rd and May.
    According to police, that's where 34-year-old Noah Laduax rammed into a vehicle and then took off when police tried to stop him.
    "He came eastbound from 23rd and May, down to 23rd and Penn, where a collision occurred near this intersection," Lt. Jeff Dutton w
  • Dru Hill concert at State Fair cancelled, Big and Rich still on

    OKLAHOMA CITY – The Dru Hill outdoor concert at the Oklahoma State fair has been cancelled tonight, but the Big and Rich concert inside the Jim Norick Arena will continue as scheduled.
    Due to the flooding across the state and at the Oklahoma State Fair grounds, authorities at the fair have decided to cancel the Dru Hill show.
    The PRCA Xtreme Bull Show and the Big and Rich concert will still continue tonight.
    The fair is still open to the public at this time.
    We will keep you updated if any
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  • Neighbors outraged over silt washing up on yards

    OKLAHOMA CITY - A muddy mess for folks living near south High and SE 22nd.
    Residents are dealing with a silt situation coming from a future construction site.
    Neighbors say when it rains it gets worse.
    "We got silt built up probably 8 inches behind my shop," said Joe East.
    East and his neighbors say it's coming from the empty lot on 2501 S. High, and the silt is running onto their properties.
    "It looks quite ugly, it creates washout on my drive," said East.
    The red streams of dirt and sand wash
  • Texas prison guards find nearly $18M worth of cocaine in donated bananas

    FREEPORT, Texas – Authorities have found nearly $18 million worth of cocaine hidden in several boxes of bananas headed for Texas prisons, officials announced Friday.
    Two Texas Department of Criminal Justice sergeants made the massive bust after the Ports of America in Freeport donated the unclaimed pallet of “fruit” to the Texas prison system, according to the Houston Chronicle.
    While loading the cargo, one of the sergeants noticed a box felt different, according to KHOU. When
  • Who is Oklahoma’s best mason? We found out at the Bricklayer 500.

    NORMAN, OKLAHOMA -- If architecture begins when you carefully put two bricks together, and bricklayers are the tradespeople who do most of that work, then this collection of men assembled on a Norman parking lot would have to be considered the best builders in Oklahoma.
    Welcome to one of the more than twenty different regional competitions in the Spec Mix Bricklayer 500.
    "These are the guys who build our schools, our churches, and our commercial buildings in Oklahoma," says competition organize
  • 4 the Weekend: Standing Bear museum and neon fest

    PONCA CITY, Okla. - A lot of people may not be familiar with Standing Bear park, museum and education center in Ponca City: a museum that honors all Native Americans.
    As you drive along Highway 60 in Ponca City, you can see the towering statue of Standing Bear. If you turn off of the highway you`ll find much more at the Standing Bear Park, Museum & Education Center.
    When you enter the museum you`ll be immersed in Oklahoma`s Native American history, specifically the six area tribes
  • The investigation against a California surgeon now spans two decades, district attorney says

    (CNN) – Prosecutors have expanded their investigation into alleged rape by a California surgeon and are looking into alleged crimes that could have occurred over the last 20 years, the Orange County district attorney said Friday.
    In a news conference, District Attorney Tony Rackauckas said prosecutors have received more than 50 calls about the case and have established more than 12 “credible potential victims” who have come forward with allegations against Grant Robicheaux, 38,
  • Walmart discriminated against pregnant workers, federal agency says

    (CNN Money) — A federal agency is suing Walmart for discriminating against pregnant employees.
    The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) said on Friday that it had filed a class action lawsuit alleging that Walmart violated the law when it refused to accommodate pregnant employees’ requests for a lighter work load.
    According to the EEOC, Alyssa Gilliam and other pregnant employees at a Walmart warehouse in Menomonie, Wisconsin, were not allowed to take part in a
  • California father catches repairman sniffing young daughters’ underwear on camera

    LOS ANGELES – A Los Angeles family is speaking out after their home security camera captured a repairman going through the hamper in their little girls' room Wednesday morning, pulling out underwear and sniffing them.
    The man was also seen stuffing a pair of undergarments in his pocket while he was supposed to be conducting repairs on the 3 and 5-year-old girls' bedroom. The footage was captured by a Nest camera perched on one of their cribs.
    "I would have never imagined that somebody wou
  • Former US attorney from Tulsa lobbies for nonprofit under investigation

    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A former United States attorney from Oklahoma has kept his lobbying contract with a health care nonprofit that’s under federal investigation for alleged corruption linked to several Arkansas lawmakers.
    The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports federal prosecutors have alleged in court filings that nonprofit Preferred Family Healthcare concealed its lobbying expenses and spent more money than permitted. The Missouri-based nonprofit was formerly known as Alternative Opp
  • Unruly, intoxicated passenger causes flight to be diverted to Oklahoma City

    OKLAHOMA CITY – An overnight flight from Salt Lake City to Orlando was diverted at Will Rogers World Airport due to an unruly passenger.
    According to an arrest affidavit, the United flight crew noticed that 28-year-old Derek Maas appeared to be intoxicated when he got on the flight in Salt Lake City.
    At that point, the crew determined that Maas shouldn’t be served any alcoholic drinks on the flight.
    When Maas realized that he wasn’t going to get alcoholic beverages, he became a
  • Residents warned about dangers of driving, playing in flood waters

    OKLAHOMA CITY –  While fall is just hours away, some parts of the Sooner State will be experiencing an occurrence that is more common during the spring.
    On Friday, strong storms are expected to drop several inches of rain in certain areas across the state.
    Although many people are at work, officials are warning drivers about precautions they should take in case of flooding.
    City leaders say very small streams, creeks, culverts, dry streambeds or low-lying areas are all at risk for flo
  • Numerous weapons, drugs found in Oklahoma home near elementary school

    VERDIGRIS, Okla. – An Oklahoma man was taken into custody after police found drugs and loaded weapons inside his home, which is just feet from a local school.
    On Thursday, officers with the Verdigris Police Department were serving a warrant at a home in Rogers County.
    Authorities tell FOX 23 it all started after they received a tip about numerous weapons and drugs inside a home near the school.
    While searching the home, investigators found loaded guns, over 200 grams of cocaine, marijuana
  • Administration plans to move $260M from cancer research, other programs to help pay for custody of immigrant children

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    WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Trump administration is planning to shift more than $260 million to cover the rising cost and strain of housing thousands of undocumented immigrant children in their custody – including millions of dollars from programs like cancer research and HIV/AIDS prevention.
    The request comes as the program has been strained by record-high levels of children in custody, driven in large part by new policies that are holding kids longer and making it more
  • Owners robbed, tied up while showing rental property in Tulsa

    TULSA, Okla. – It was a scary situation for two victims as they were bound and robbed by a pair of strangers in Tulsa.
    Officials say the victims, who own a rental property, received a call from a potential renter about seeing the home.
    Police say the owners met the alleged suspects at the property near E. 15th Street and S. 79th East Ave. around 6:45 p.m. on Thursday.
    Once inside the home, the suspects used duct tape to bind the victims and forced them to give up their personal banking in
  • Oklahoma charity for foster families is struggling to keep doors open

    TULSA, Okla. – An Oklahoma organization that helps foster families says it is struggling to keep the doors open.
    Joey Reyes and his wife founded the James Mission three years ago in Broken Arrow. Over the past several years, the operation has grown to a regional hub for the foster community.
    Right now, the James Mission serves about 300 foster families each month in Tulsa.
    “There’s nothing like this in Oklahoma to be honest with you. Not this big. Not that does the overwhelming
  • Woman who killed 3 people at Rite Aid center was a disgruntled worker, police say

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    A woman who shot dead three people at a Rite Aid distribution center in Maryland was a disgruntled employee working there temporarily, authorities said.
    Snochia Moseley, 26, opened fire at the facility near Aberdeen on Thursday — the latest shooting in the United States and the second workplace rampage in 24 hours.
    She killed three people and left three others wounded before turning the gun on herself, authorities said.
    A source close to the investigation said Mo
  • 3 infants among 5 people stabbed at New York City daycare

    NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. - Three infants, all one month or younger, were stabbed in a New York City day care early Friday, police said.
    Authorities were called at about 3:40 a.m. to a residence serving as a day care on 161st Street between 45th and 43rd Avenues in Flushing.
    According to police, adults upstairs heard screaming from below. They came downstairs and saw a 52-year-old woman stabbing three female infants with a butcher knife and machete.
    A 1-month-old and a 3-day-old baby were stabbed in
  • Man charged in killing of D.C. woman in ‘unprovoked’ attack

    Watch Video
    A 23-year-old man has been charged with murder in the stabbing death of a Washington woman who was jogging Tuesday evening, according to DC police.
    Wendy Martinez, who was recently engaged, was stabbed to death in what looked to be an “unprovoked attack,” Metropolitan Police Chief Peter Newsham said in a news conference Thursday morning.
    Newsham said Martinez, 35, was known as an “avid runner” and was jogging Tuesday night when she was stabbed at the intersect
  • The trade war reaches Procter & Gamble- and into the medicine cabinet

    Procter & Gamble, the maker of familiar brands like Tide, Pampers, Gillette and Bounty, has been knocked around the past few years by lackluster sales and new competitors.
    Its latest headache is President Donald Trump’s trade war with China.
    For P&G, the Trump administration’s latest round of tariffs on Chinese imports will raise the cost of making many of its household staples.
    Two weeks ago, the company lobbied to have more than a dozen imported goods left off the list of m

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