• Russia Wants DNC Hack Lawsuit Thrown Out, Citing International Conventions

    An anonymous reader quotes a report from ZDNet: The Russian Federation has responded to a lawsuit filed by the Democratic National Committee and has requested the overseeing court to throw out the lawsuit altogether. The lawsuit, filed by the DNC in April 2018, names a slew of figures as defendants, such as the Russian state, Russia's military intelligence service GRU, the hacker known as Guccifer 2.0, WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange, and several members of the Trump campaign, such as D
  • Yoshua Bengio, a Grand Master of Modern AI, is Worried About Its Future

    Yoshua Bengio is a grand master of modern artificial intelligence. Alongside Geoff Hinton and Yan LeCun, Bengio is famous for championing a technique known as deep learning that in recent years has gone from an academic curiosity to one of the most powerful technologies on the planet. Here's an excerpt from an interview he gave to MIT Technology Review: MIT TR: What do you make of the idea that there's an AI race between different countries?Bengio: I don't like it. I don't think it's the right w
  • NCCIC is Now Part of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

    Original release date: November 19, 2018On November 16, 2018, the President signed into law the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Act of 2018. This Act elevates the mission of the former Department of Homeland Security (DHS) National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD) and establishes the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). CISA is responsible for protecting the Nation's critical infrastructure from physical and cyber threats, a mission that requires ef
  • Google Patents Motorized, Omnidirectional VR Sneakers

    Google has patented motorized, omnidirectional virtual-reality sneakers that may solve the "limited space" problem associated with the interactive computer-generated experience. Ars Technica reports: Google's patent describes what are essentially motorized VR roller skates that will let the user walk normally while the motors and wheels work to negate your natural locomotion and keep you inside the VR safe zone. As the patent puts it, Google's new kicks will let you walk "seemingly endlessly in
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  • Bitcoin Falls Below $5,000 For First Time Since October 2017

    The value of Bitcoin has hit a new low of $4,951, bringing the total value of all Bitcoin in existence to below $87 billion. Much of the turmoil can be attributed to the split of Bitcoin Cash on November 15th. The Bitcoin offshoot has been split into two different cryptocurrencies, which are now in competition with each other. The BBC reports: Bitcoin exchange Kraken said in a blog post that it regarded one of the two new Bitcoin Cash crypto-currencies -- Bitcoin SV -- as "an extremely risky inv
  • Samsung 860 EVO SSDs Now $72 for 500GB, $127 for 1TB

    Samsung's 860 EVO SATA SSDs can be had for a bargain with some pre-Black Friday sales.
  • Southeast Asia's Digital Economy To Triple To $240 Billion By 2025, Says Google Report

    An anonymous reader quotes a report from TechCrunch: It may sit in the shade of China and India, but tech has real growth potential in Southeast Asia. Home to a cumulative 650 million people, the region's digital economy is forecast to triple in size and reach $240 billion over the next seven years, according to Google's third "e-Conomy SEA" report. The annual study, which is authored by Google and Singapore sovereign fund Temasek and is arguably the most comprehensive research program for tech
  • How to Find the Best PC Component Deals This Holiday Season

    We’ll help you sort through 2018’s graphics card, storage, and CPU developments to find the best PC component deals and avoid any duds this holiday season.
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  • Maryland Test Confirms Drones Can Safely Deliver Human Organs

    A kidney was flown thousands of meters by a drone without incurring any damage. Reader Wave723 shares a report: When a patient who needs an organ transplantation is finally matched with a donor, every second matters. A longer wait between when an organ is removed from a donor and when it is placed into a recipient is associated with poorer organ function following transplantation. To maximize the chances of success, organs must be shipped from A to B as quickly and safely as possible -- and a re
  • Popular Dark Web Hosting Provider Got Hacked, 6,500 Sites Down

    Daniel's Hosting, one of the largest providers of Dark Web hosting services, was hacked this week and taken offline, ZDNet reports. From a report: The hack took place on Thursday, November 15, according to Daniel Winzen, the software developer behind the hosting service. "As per my analysis it seems someone got access to the database and deleted all accounts," he said in a message posted on the DH portal today. Winzen said the server's root account was also deleted, and that all 6,500+ Dark Web
  • Blockchain Gaming Is Coming to the PS4

    An anonymous reader shares a report: The relatively new blockchain gaming industry is about to take a massive step forward as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are making their way onto the PlayStation 4. Arcade Distillery, a game developer that creates titles for PS Vita, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, is gearing up to launch a new game for the PS4 built around the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. Plague Hunters is a single-player-focused, turn-based strategy RPG with some PvP elements and the sequel to
  • Intel CPU Prices Finally Hit MSRP Ahead of Black Friday

    Intel CPU prices dropped dramatically over the weekend, but don’t go calling it a holiday deal.
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  • HTC Acknowledges Ryzen Problems With Vive Wireless Adapter, Offers Refunds

    HTC acknowledged that its Vive Wireless Adapter is compatible with at least some Ryzen-based PCs and it’s now accepting returns from people who are affected by the problems.
  • NASA Considers Selling Seats on the Spacecraft Used For International Space Station

    NASA is considering selling seats on the spacecraft that will ferry its astronauts to the International Space Station, offering rides to the public while opening another line of revenue as the agency attempts to broaden its appeal [Editor's note: the link may be paywalled; alternative source]. From a report: On several occasions, Russia has flown wealthy individuals who paid millions for the ride to space. And a trio of private companies backed by billionaires, is also looking to fly tourists ou
  • Why Some Open-Source Companies Are Considering a More Closed Approach

    There's no question that the concept of open-source software has revolutionized the enterprise software world, which spent billions of dollars fighting the mere idea for several years before accepting that a new future had arrived. But more than a few people are starting to wonder if the very nature of open-source software -- the idea that it can be used by pretty much anyone for pretty much anything -- is causing its developers big problems in the era of distributed cloud computing services. Fr
  • Pre-Binned Intel Core i9-9900Ks Sell Out Fast

    Silicon Lottery has a few pre-binned Intel Core i9-9900K processors on sale at its website.
  • Asus, Gigabyte & Other Taiwanese Vendors Fighting Sales Declines Into 2019

    Motherboard and graphics cards makers are expected to see lower revenues and profitability through the first half of 2019 due to Intel CPU supply shortages, high Nvidia GPU prices, as well as other factors the U.S.-China trade dispute.
  • Office 365 Users in Europe, Asia, and Americas Who Have Enabled Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Are Impacted by an Outage

    New submitter neo00 writes: Office 365 users in Europe, Asia, and Americas are impacted by a wide-spread outage causing users who have Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enabled by default policy to be unable to login to Office 365 and other services reliant on Azure Active Directory. According to The Register: "Microsoft confirmed that there were problems from 04:39 UTC with a subset of customers in Europe and Asia-Pacific experiencing 'difficulties signing into Azure resources' such as the, er,
  • The Windows 10 October 2018 Update Also Broke iCloud

    Apple and Microsoft are working to resolve the Windows 10 October 2018 Update's incompatibility with the latest version of iCloud.
  • NASA 'Will Eventually' Retire Its New Mega-Rocket if SpaceX, Blue Origin Can Safely Launch Their Own Powerful Rockets

    NASA is building a giant rocket ship to return astronauts to the moon and, later on, ferry the first crews to and from Mars. But agency leaders are already contemplating the retirement of the Space Launch System (SLS), as the towering and yet-to-fly government rocket is called, and the Orion space capsule that'll ride on top. From a report: NASA is anticipating the emergence of two reusable and presumably more affordable mega-rockets that private aerospace companies are creating. Those systems a
  • AWS Rolls Out New Security Feature To Prevent Accidental S3 Data Leaks

    Amazon's Web Services division rolled out new security features to AWS account owners last week that are meant to prevent accidental data exposures caused by the misconfiguration of S3 data storage buckets. From a report: Starting today, AWS account owners will have access to four new options inside their S3 dashboards under the "Public access settings for this account" section. These four new options allow the account owner to set a default access setting for all of an account's S3 buckets. The
  • Supercomputing 2018: Epyc, Immersion and Quantum Computing

    We prowled around SuperComputing 2018 to gather all the most interesting displays at the show.
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Review: More Power, Same Design

    Microsoft’s Surface Pro 6 is still the best detachable 2-in-1 around with a beautiful display and solid battery life, but its port selection is stuck in the past.
  • China Pushes Deeper With DRAM Anti-Monopoly Probe

    China claimed that its antitrust probe into Samsung, SK Hynix, and Micron has made "important progress" since it started in June
  • Apple CEO Explains How a Few Billion Dollars From Google Changes His Views on the Company's 'Unsettling' User Data Mining Activities

    In an interview with Axios on HBO Apple CEO Tim Cook explained the decision to use Google as the default search engine on Apple products. This decision, which enables Apple to make up to $9 billion a year, has baffled some, considering Google's business model of making money off of users' data -- something Apple has spoken out against numerous times. From a report: "I think their search engine is the best," Cook said in the interview. He followed up by diving into privacy features Apple has impl
  • Bill Nye: We Are Not Going To Live on Mars, Let Alone Turn It Into Earth

    pgmrdlm writes: Bill Nye says the idea of Mars colonization and terraforming -- making a planet more Earth-like by modifying its atmosphere -- is science fiction. "This whole idea of terraforming Mars, as respectful as I can be, are you guys high?" Nye said in an interview with USA TODAY. "We can't even take care of this planet where we live, and we're perfectly suited for it, let alone another planet." As for living on Mars permanently: Sorry, Nye says that's not happening either. "People disag
  • GitLab's Secret To Success? All Its 350 Employees Work Remotely

    Inc. magazine explains a unique feature of GitLab. "Every employee of the San Francisco-based startup, which offers tools for software developers, works from home."
    Three years ago, that was nine people. Today, GitLab's 350 employees across 45 countries use video calls and Slack chats to stay constantly connected.... GitLab meetings and presentations are uploaded to YouTube. Its employee handbook -- over 1,000 pages long when printed -- is publicly available online as a resource, so employees ca
  • Facebook Now Faces a Massive Backlash. But Will Anything Change?

    Slate argues that Facebook "is a normal sleazy company now," saying the company "obscured its problems and fought dirty against its critics" -- but that now its failings are being publicly aired. And Reason provides yet another example:
    The Times also reveals that Facebook chose to support FOSTA (and its Senate counterpart, SESTA) -- legislation that guts a fundamental protection for digital publishers and platforms, and makes prostitution advertising a federal crime -- not as a matter of princi
  • GitHub's Four Most Popular Programming Languages Remain: JavaScript, Java, Python, and PHP

    A recent TechCrunch article claimed to have identified the best indicator of programming language popularity: GitHub's annual "State of the Octoverse" reports. So Austin-based technology reporter Mike Melanson explored the new verdict in GitHub's 2018 report:
    It felt to me like the overarching theme of the numbers was one of quiet stasis for the year past, at least when it comes to those languages deemed the cream of the crop. One of the first graphics offered in the post shows the top languages
  • Corsair H100i RGB Platinum Review: More Color, Less Cooler

    The H100i RGB Platinum adds bold RGB lighting to the H100i name, but does the new hardware hold a candle to its predecessor?
  • 'Windows Isn't a Service, It's an Operating System'

    Iwastheone shares an article by former PC World columnist Chris Hoffman."No PC users asked Microsoft for Windows as a service," Hoffman complains. "It was all Microsoft's idea.""Software as a service" is trendy. But these types of services are generally hosted on a remote platform, like Amazon Web Services or even Microsoft Azure. Web applications like Gmail and Facebook are services. That all makes sense -- the company maintains the software, and you access it remotely. An operating system that
  • How I Got Locked Out of the Chip Implanted In My Hand

    Motherboard staff writer Daniel Oberhaus writes:
    If I had a single piece of advice for anyone thinking about getting an NFC chip implant it would be to do it sober.... [A]t the urging of everyone at the implant station, the first thing I did with my implant was secure it with a four-digit pin. I hadn't decided what sort of data I wanted to put on the chip, but I sure as hell didn't want someone else to write to my chip first and potentially lock me out. I chose the same pin that I used for my ph
  • More Companies Plan To Implant Microchips Into Their Employees' Hands

    "British companies are planning to microchip some of their staff in order to boost security and stop them accessing sensitive areas," reports the Telegraph. "Biohax, a Swedish company that provides human chip implants, told the Telegraph it was in talks with a number of UK legal and financial firms to implant staff with the devices."An anonymous reader quote Zero Hedge:
    It is really happening. At one time, the idea that large numbers of people would willingly allow themselves to have microchips
  • Is Quantum Computing Impossible?

    "Quantum computing is complex and it's not all it's cracked up to be," writes Slashdot reader nickwinlund77, pointing to this new article from IEEE Spectrum arguing it's "not in our foreseeable future":Having spent decades conducting research in quantum and condensed-matter physics, I've developed my very pessimistic view. It's based on an understanding of the gargantuan technical challenges that would have to be overcome to ever make quantum computing work.... Experts estimate that the number o
  • Michael Bloomberg Donates Record $1.8 Billion To Johns Hopkins University; Donation Will Be Devoted Exclusively To Undergraduate Financial Aid

    Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is giving $1.8 billion to Johns Hopkins University. The gift is believed to be the largest ever to an academic institution. The money is earmarked for scholarships and grants for undergraduate students from low and middle-income families, Mr. Bloomberg, 76, said through a press release. The gift will enable Johns Hopkins to become one of just a handful of need-blind schools -- meaning students will be considered for admission regardless of their abili
  • Antares Successfully Launches ISS Re-Supply Cargo Ship

    Long-time Slashdot reader PuddleBoy quotes NasaSpaceflight.com: Northrop Grumman Innovation System's Antares rocket has launched the NG-10 Cygnus, named the S.S. John Young, on its way to the International Space Station on Saturday morning from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport in Virginia... With its second and final flight of 2018 upon it, Antares lofted the S.S. John Young Cygnus up to the International Space Station with 3,268 kg (7,205 lb) of pressurized cargo and 82 kg (181 lb) of unpres
  • Google To Pay JavaScript Frameworks To Implement Performance-First Code

    An anonymous reader quotes ZDNet:
    Google will be launching a fund of $200,000 to sponsor the development and implementation of performance-related features in third-party JavaScript frameworks... Frameworks with original ideas to improve performance and those which ship "on by default" performance-boosting features will be favored in the funds allocation process. Nicole Sullivan, Chrome Product Manager, and Malte Ubl, Google Engineering Lead, have told ZDNet that the popularity, size, or the ado
  • Amazon Releases A No-Cost Distribution of OpenJDK

    An anonymous reader quotes SD Times:
    Amazon wants to make sure Java is available for free to its users in the long term with the introduction of Amazon Corretto. The solution is a no-cost, multi-platform, production-ready distribution of the Open Java Development Kit (OpenJDK). "Java is one of the most popular languages in use by AWS customers, and we are committed to supporting Java and keeping it free," Arun Gupta, principal open-source technologist at Amazon, wrote in a blog post. "Many of ou
  • GitHub's Annual Report Reveals This Year's Top Contributor: Microsoft

    GitHub saw more than 67 million pull requests this year -- more than a third of GitHub's "lifetime" total of 200 million pull requests since its launch in 2008. It now hosts 96 million repositories, and has over 31 million contributors -- including 8 million who just joined within the last 12 months.
    These are among the facts released in GitHub's annual "State of the Octoverse" report -- a surprising number of which involve Microsoft.GitHub's top project this year, by contributor count, was Micr
  • Apple Finally Signs A Big Deal With a Hollywood Movie Studio

    "And the winner of the 2021 Academy Award for best picture is .â.â. Apple?" jokes the Washington Post, noting that Apple has just signed a new multi-year movie deal with film production company A24, "and while that seems like a comparatively minor announcement, it could change the game in some significant ways."It's sneakily consequential. A24, if you're not familiar, is the boutique New York outfit that has been responsible for a slew of hipster-approved, Academy Award-recognized fi
  • YouTube Now Streams Free Ad-Supported Movies -- Including 'The Terminator' and 'Hackers'

    YouTube's "Movies & Shows" page added a "Free to Watch" section last month. They're trying to compete with free ad-supported online movie offerings from Roku, Walmart, and Tubi, while "Amazon is rumored to be working on something similar," reports TechCrunch:Before, YouTube had only offered consumers the ability to purchase movies and TV shows, similar to how you can rent or buy content from Apple's iTunes or Amazon Video.... Currently, YouTube is serving ads on these free movies, but the re
  • Compelling New Suspect For DB Cooper Skyjacking Found By Army Data Analyst

    A U.S. Army officer with a security clearance and a "solid professional reputation" believes he's solved the infamous D.B. Cooper skyjacking case -- naming two now-dead men in New Jersey who have never before been suspected, "possibly breaking wide open the only unsolved skyjacking case in U.S. history," according to the Oregonian.
    The data analyst started his research because, simply enough, he had stumbled upon an obscure old book called "D.B. Cooper: What Really Happened," by the late author
  • Supercomputing 2018 Slideshow

    We prowled around SuperComputing 2018 to gather all the most interesting displays at the show.
  • The Boring Company's First Tunnel Is All Dug Up

    Elon Musk has tweeted images of his tunnel-boring machine with the caption "Congratulations @BoringCompany on completing the LA/Hawthorne tunnel! Cutting edge technology!" The update comes a couple weeks after Musk showed off the Boring Company's LA tunnel and said it was "on track" for an opening party on December 10th. Ars Technica reports: The tunnel appears to end at what The Boring Company calls "O'Leary Station," which is located on a piece of commercial property that The Boring Company pu
  • Mars Opportunity Rover Appears To Contact Earth; Turns Out To Be a False Alarm

    dmoberhaus writes: NASA's Mars Opportunity rover appeared to briefly make contact with the agency's Deep Space Network on Thursday afternoon after 5 months of silence. In June, a dust storm took Opportunity offline and every attempt to bring the rover back to life has failed. NASA scientists were hoping that seasonal winds that sweep the planet from November to February might blow the dust off of Opportunity's solar panels. Was this the rover's first attempt trying to get back into contact with
  • Some Birds Are Excellent Tool-Makers

    brindafella writes: Veterinary scientists from Viena have shown that Goffin's cockatoos can do an excellent job of remaking cardboard into tools to get rewards. This follows on from earlier experiments with the New Caledonian crow that can select tools for its purposes. So, birds are definitely not "bird-brained." "[The study] tells us that the cockatoos' mind is highly flexible and that they can modify their solution to a problem in order to save effort," said Alice Auersperg, a cognitive biolo
  • Facebook Filed a Patent To Predict Your Household's Demographics Based On Family Photos

    An anonymous reader quotes a report from BuzzFeed News: Facebook has submitted a patent application for technology that would predict who your family and other household members are, based on images and captions posted to Facebook, as well as your device information, like shared IP addresses. The application, titled "Predicting household demographics based on image data," was originally filed May 10, 2017, and made public today. The system Facebook proposes in its patent application would use fa
  • Man Spoofs GPS To Fake Shop Visits For Profit, Gets Caught

    AmiMoJo writes: A man in Japan used GPS spoofing to fake 2.7 million visits to shops in the Aeon Kyushu chain. Each visit rewarded him with two "WAON" points, with the total worth around 5.3 million yen ($45,000). The man used 45 laptops to continually spoof GPS readings and launch the Aeon Kyushu app, collecting two points each time.Read more of this story at Slashdot.
  • EFF, MuckRock Partner To See How Local Police Are Trading Your Car's Location

    v3rgEz writes: The Electronic Frontier Foundation and transparency non-profit MuckRock helped file over a thousand public records requests, looking into how local police departments were trading away sensitive data on where you drive and park, picked up by their use of automated license plate recognition devices. They've just published the results of those requests, including looking at how hundreds of departments freely share that data with hundreds of other organizations -- often with no publi
  • Bill Godbout, Early S-100 Bus Pioneer, Perished In the Camp Wildfire

    evanak writes: Bill Godbout was one of the earliest and most influential supports of the S-100 bus in the mid-1970s. He passed away last week due to the Camp wildfire in Concow, California, according to a Vintage Computer Federation blog post. More than 50 other people also died in the fires, but chances are Mr. Godbout was the only one with a license to fly blimps. "Godbout was born October 2, 1939," the blog post reads. "He talked about his introduction to computing in an interview with InfoWo

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