• BrandPost: The Network Knows. Let It Help You.

    The 1927 film Metropolis was most likely the first movie ever created about a robot taking over the world. This German expressionist film was not sophisticated (in fact, science fiction writer H.G. Wells said the movie was downright “silly”) but it did have some merit. If nothing else, it started an entire genre of films exploring the freakish possibilities of artificial intelligence.Fast forward ninety-plus years, and we’re living in a world where intelligent systems are
  • BrandPost: IT Operations and Developers – Can’t We All Just Get Along?

    Alexander Graham Bell famously said, “Great discoveries and improvements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds.” I agree wholeheartedly with Bell’s declaration, but what if the people you’re trying to bring together mix about as well as oil and water?That’s the challenge of cloud teams. How can you get IT Operations (IT Ops) to work well with Developers (Dev)? After all, the two groups have had a blame and counter-blame relationship for quite some time.
  • BrandPost: Transform the Traditional: The Multi-cloud Enterprise

    Companies large and small are changing in order to innovate faster, provide better customer experiences, and achieve greater cost efficiencies. British philosopher Alan Watts has a suggestion for dealing with this type of disruption: “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” Sounds simple, right? It is not.Many businesses are dancing straight into the arms of public cloud because it enables them to meet time-to-market deadline
  • BrandPost: Oracle’s Cloud Programs: Beware a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

    The promise of the cloud is to liberate IT from the cost and burden of tiresome daily IT administration, while delivering more freedom to select from the industry's latest and best innovations. Too bad that goes against the very DNA of legacy ERP vendors such as Oracle, whose stock price and revenues historically are closely tied to recurring 90% margins on maintenance for traditional licensed software. Meanwhile, for an ERP vendor to rewrite decades-old ERP application suit
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  • IDG Contributor Network: Has storage become sexy?

    When industry veteran Charlie Giancarlo decided a little over a year ago that it was time to step back into a tech company role, he had his pick of opportunities.Coming out of an eight-year stint as a partner at private equity firm Silver Lake Partners, he had an inside track on the future of the entire tech industry. He knew which sectors were getting investments, and which technologies were best poised for breakout growth.You might expect, therefore, that he would have chosen to lead an AI or
  • Virtual healthcare gets real, as telehealth turns to AI

    One day you wake up with a pain in your side that persists. You want to be seen by a medical professional, but you don't want to go through the hassle of making an appointment and schlepping to your doctor. Most large healthcare organizations now allow you to make an appointment with a physician and get observed from the comfort and privacy of your own home — via video conferencing software on your smartphone, tablet or PC.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • How to establish a thriving IT innovation hub

    Aerospace and industrial giant United Technologies depends on innovation to meet the demanding needs of its corporate and government customers. To ensure a steady pipeline of profitable new ideas, the company created United Technologies Advanced Projects (UTAP), a startup-like organization that builds and pilots products and services with the potential to positively disrupt the company's various business units.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • IDG Contributor Network: Look at me!

    "I'm a loud dog!  ...You must obey me because I am loud!" —Dogbert
    You're in the gym and the person next to you makes lots of noise doing the exact same exercise that you are doing silently.  He is not sweating more than you are, he is just loud.You're walking along the street or sitting outside having a cup of coffee and a car goes by that is deliberately so loud that you cannot hear anything but the car.  (This is not to be confused with a car I had whose muffler seemed to
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  • 8 jobs ripe for automation

    Amid a frenzy of innovation in robotic process automation and artificial intelligence, CIOs are scouring their enterprises for tasks that can be automated. In a recent survey of tech-sector business leaders, the Consumer Technology Association found that just 10 percent of respondents aren't planning to automate any job functions over the next five years. That means that on the order of 90 percent of firms plan to automate at least some job functions.To read this article in full, please cli
  • Why women leave tech

    Did you know that in 1984, 37 percent of computer science degrees were held by women? Today, that figure is just 19 percent. Even when women do choose STEM careers, only 26 percent work in technical roles, compared to 40 percent of men. And in technology specifically, the women who enter the industry leave at a rate 45 percent higher than their male peers.Why? Indeed.com reached out to 1,000 women and asked them to explain.“Lack of career growth or trajectory is a major factor driving wom
  • BrandPost: How the new levels of performance in modern flash storage benefits business

    Flash storage is going through a major boom period. Data from IDC shows that in the last quarter, the All Flash Array (AFA) market grew by 41.7% year-on-year [1], and this is on top of a year-on-year gain of over 50% (54.7%) the previous quarter to that[2]. It is now the fastest growing form of storage in enterprise environments, ahead of disc-based and hybrid storage environments.To read this article in full, please click here
  • BrandPost: Leveraging the power of platform to achieve technology advantage

    Technology disruption is a fact of life for business. There is no way to escape its impact whether it be cloud-to-edge computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) or immersive experiences (AR, VR and mixed reality). 1In all of these cases having a robust digital platform at the centre of a digital transformation exercise will help find a solution to any disruption a business faces, allowing it to capitalise on growth opportunities associated with the new te
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  • Successfully reinventing your company starts with a digital transformation model

    Digital transformation in a necessary element in the success of any company today, but the cold, hard truth is that most organizations will fail in these efforts. A good part of the reason is that digital transformation can mean different things to different companies and is basically hard to define.  Conflicting terms like digitization and digitalization only serve to muddy the waters, while over-exuberance with innovation – which can drive digital transformation – adds m
  • BrandPost: Every Company Needs a Bridge Builder to Close the Data Gap

    In a recent report, Gartner wrote that most organizations have identified the need to build a data-driven organization, a development reflected by the increasing appointment of chief data officers (CDO). At the same time NewVantage Partners, a consultancy, reports that 63% of organizations have a CDO, up from just 12% in 2012.To use data effectively and competitively, every enterprise needs a bridge builder, an executive to establish and enforce a comprehensive data strategy across all lines of
  • Employee retention: 6 strategies for keeping top talent

    If you wait until an exit interview to find out why a valuable employee has decided to move on, you've missed a golden opportunity — not just to keep a productive member of your team but to identify and fix issues within your organization before you lose others.Employee retention is a critical issue as companies compete for talent in a tight economy. The costs of employee turnover are increasingly high — as much as 2.5 times an employee's salary depending on the role. And there are
  • 10 data analytics success stories: An inside look

    If data is the new oil, then knowing how to refine it into actionable intelligence is the key to unleashing its potential. To this end, CIOs are playing with predictive analytics, crafting machine learning algorithms and battle-testing analytics solutions in pursuit of businesses efficiencies and new ways to serve customers.Hyperaware that reducing costs or boosting revenues can help them shine in the eyes of the C-suite and board of directors, CIOs are spending more than ever on technologies t
  • IDG Contributor Network: Outcome quadrants: Move initiatives from tragic to strategic

    You’ve probably seen initiatives ranging from technology projects to process innovation projects to wider-scope projects. A lot of money, time, and effort was invested in these projects. What have been the outcomes? Positive business outcomes are always expected at the time decisions are made to launch projects. The question is: what have been the actual outcomes? More particularly, did the outcomes contribute to the organization’s corporate strategy?Business outcomes have ranged fr
  • IDG Contributor Network: Understanding the CEO’s role early in digital transformation programs

    CIO leading or participating in digital transformation programs should think about when and how to leverage the CEO throughout the program. There are times throughout the transformation’s lifecycle where the CEO need to market the strategy, prioritize investments, clear hurdles, and manage conflicts.A transformation implies that the business and operating model is going to change to align to a redefined digital business strategy, target new markets, address growing customer needs, and lev
  • IDG Contributor Network: When is it time to say goodbye to Accenture, Deloitte, IBM or KPMG?

    Relationships with your System Integrator (SI) are two-sided. On your side, you enter the relationship knowing that it needs to end as quickly as possible, so you can get on with your own business. For your SI, however, the partnership is entered with the intent of developing a long and highly profitable relationship. The consulting firms understand that it is much easier (and less expensive) to continue to penetrate the value chain and churn an existing client than it is to find and devel
  • IDG Contributor Network: Digging into tech debt

    In my discussions over the years with CIOs, they have repeatedly shared that tech debt prevents them from transforming their companies once there is a corporate will to do so. In fact, I would argue that tech debt is the big explainer for why only 28% of legacy businesses have successfully digitized. Given this, I put together a special edition of the #CIOChat to discuss this topic in detail.What is the scope of tech debt?
    CIOs include many more things in the tech debt category than I thought t
  • IDG Contributor Network: No longer alone: The women in tech movement is here

    20,000 Google employees recently orchestrated a global walkout after learning that the creator of Android was given $90 million upon his exit in the midst of at least one sexual harassment claim. The story that was leaked to the New York Times included a variety of other claims against leaders at the company, and so the protest took aim at a history of Google protecting executives accused of sexual harassment.Progress doesn’t come without a fight
    The details of these claims and
  • Fall 2018: Delivering IT as a product

    [ View the CIO Fall 2018 Digital Magazine ]To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • ServiceNow certification guide: Mastering ITSM

    ServiceNow is among the leading ITSM tools available today. The cloud-hosted IT management platform helps businesses manage and maintain IT infrastructure — a key role for today’s leading enterprises. IT pros looking to get an edge in their IT service management careers can do so by pursuing ServiceNow credentials.ServiceNow offers three certification paths for customers and partners who work with and use ServiceNow products or services. These paths include the Certified Systems Adm
  • 4 criteria to attract top IT talent

    The talent market for IT professionals is getting really tight. Here’s why:CEOs have come to understand that technology innovation is critical to every facet of their business. On the front end, their company’s growth now depends on digital technologies that improve the customer experience. On the back end, infrastructure costs from legacy systems have become too high, so infrastructure is also a locus for technology innovation and change. And let’s not forget the employee: Th
  • SAP’s big Qualtrics buy: It’s all about your customers

    Your ERP system knows what you're making, who you're selling it to, and how much they're paying — but perhaps not what they think of it, or you. It’s time it did.That’s the message SAP is sending with its $8 billion acquisition of Qualtrics, an online survey company that pitches itself as a customer experience management specialist.
    [ Comparison shopping? See "The best ERP systems:10 enterprise resource planning systems compared," with evaluations and user reviews. | Learn why
  • BrandPost: Showcasing Advances in HPC

    The SC18 international conference has kicked off in Dallas with a lot of exciting news about how Dell EMC is collaborating with customers to break new ground in high performance computing. In this post, I would like to highlight just a few of the organizations that are in the spotlight.TACC Frontera – Expected to be in the Top 5Once again making headlines, Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) at the University of Texas at Austin is building a massive supercomputer, fueled by a $60 milli
  • Prep for the MCSA and MCSE Certification Exams For Just $49 (90% Off)

    Hundreds of digitally-focused companies launch each year, each with different IT infrastructure needs. Thus, the demand for IT certified professionals is higher than ever, so earning an IT certification can be a smart career choice. However, there are dozens of IT certification vendors, and choosing the right vendor can shape your career path towards higher-level positions.One of the most popular vendors is Microsoft, which offers certifications for Windows Server 2016; earning a Windows Server
  • IDG Contributor Network: 5 ways to beef up your cyber defenses for 2019

    Cyber defenses have short lifespans. The malware catalog in your cybersecurity system requires constant updating, the passwords used by your employees may be exposed over time, and without frequent fortification of your digital walls and constant vigilance, your existing security measures may not protect you against newer threats.Many of the measures you used to defend your system in 2018 may be obsolete by 2019, as new threats such as crypto-mining and filesless attacks are on the rise –
  • Get 90% Off Your First Year of RemotePC, Up To 50 Computers for $6.95

    iDrive has activated a significant discount on their Remote access software RemotePC in these days leading into Black Friday. RemotePC by iDrive is a full-featured remote access solution that lets you connect to your work, home or office computer securely from anywhere, and from any iOS or Android device. Right now, their 50 computer package is 90% off or just $6.95 for your 1st year. If you've been thinking about remote access solutions, now is a good time to consider RemotePC. Learn
  • BrandPost: Developing a Top-Down Data Strategy

    A 2017 article in Forbes posed an intriguing question: Data rules the world, but who rules the data? The organizations that collect it, the systems that store it, or the analysts who decipher it?  The fact that the question is being asked highlights the data problem at enterprises large and small. That is, the absence of a comprehensive set of data “laws” that govern the collection, sharing, and use of data. For several years, “data as a strategic imperative” has si
  • HP Offering $330 off Pavilion 15z 15.6" Touchscreen Laptop Right Now ($370)

    You don't have to wait for Black Friday. Deals have started to drop early, but you have to know where to look. HP has activated a whopping $330 discount on its Pavilion 15z 15.6" Touchscreen Laptop, which puts it at just $369.99 with Free Shipping, but the deal ends Wednesday 11/14. This laptop comes with Windows 10 Home 64, the AMD Ryzen™ 3 processor, AMD Radeon™ Vega 3 Graphics, 8 GB memory, 1 TB HDD storage, and a 15.6" diagonal HD touch display. See the full spec, cust
  • Top 10 data science master’s degree programs

    Analytics is a fast-growing field as companies race to make use of the valuable data they collect. If you want to grow your data scientist career and capitalize on the demand for the role, you might consider getting your master’s degree. A master’s degree in data science will qualify you for higher ranking positions and can set you apart from other candidates vying for the same job openings.The Data Science Degree Programs Guide narrows down the best data science master’s prog
  • BrandPost: Don’t Let Data Bottlenecks Cripple your AI Solutions

     A number of factors have aligned in recent years to move artificial intelligence (AI) out of the realm of research labs and into high-demand commercial products and services. Decades of developing and fine tuning AI algorithms and models have helped drive this transition, as has the rapid rise in computing power and cloud-based services.And today, AI has a critical role to play in handling digital data—and lots of it. Whether used for training AI systems to perform their designated
  • 6 soft skills IT needs to succeed in the digital era

    CIOs have a workforce problem.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • IDG Contributor Network: 11 digital principles for building a creative digital workforce

    With fast-paced changes and continuous digital disruptions, businesses across industry sectors get more cut-throat in the hyper-connected working environment. It puts stress on the labor force that is not conducive to more creative and experimental thinking. To survive in today’s digital dynamic, it’s strategic imperative to create a disciplined and managed space for inspiring creativity, developing and testing new business models, products, services and business management approach
  • IDG Contributor Network: Escaping the line of fire: 2018 U.S. State of Cybercrime

    Companies in all sectors, everywhere, are continuing to experience cyber-breaches. This is no surprise: as more and more organization embrace digitization, they inevitably become prey to new cyber-dangers and, in turn, need to put much greater emphasis on the availability, stability and resilience of their IT systems. If things go south these days, both the corporate coffers and the firm’s public opinion can suffer hugely. Given the frequency of cyberattacks and the potential blowback fro
  • IDG Contributor Network: An even bigger innovation cycle is coming our way, are you ready?

    Over the past forty years, we have witnessed amazing technology advancements at work and home.  Even so, the biggest and most significant innovations are yet to come and their impact is underestimated in terms of the speed, breadth and force.  As CIO, your job is not only to stay abreast of these innovations but to harness its power to the benefit of your company.Next wave of tech: tsunami warning
    For the past forty years, most of the tech innovation efforts have been centered around
  • IT budgeting mistakes to avoid

    Are you in the midst of digital transformation? Using data to drive new insights? Moving more functions to the cloud? Helping support a wide range of SaaS applications selected and purchased by people outside IT? If you’re like most IT leaders, the answer to most of these questions is likely yes.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • How CIOs motivate their teams and foster productivity

    IT departments are comprised of individuals with their own unique talents, goals, and levels of emotional investment. Like a skillful conductor, the effective CIO must be a champion and mentor for these individual contributors, wedding their individual efforts and self-interest to a larger and harmonious whole. This effort is a strategic imperative and the ultimate test of leadership.A sense of intrinsic motivation gives work meaning. According to M. Eric Johnson, dean of the Owen Graduate Scho
  • BrandPost: Expanding the Boundaries of Precision Medicine with HPC

    Genomic sequencing and analysis has emerged as one of the new keys to fighting a wide range of diseases. It’s increasingly used to drive precision medicine that tailors the treatment to the genetic makeup of the patient. It’s also used to identify patients who are predisposed to certain diseases and to identify patients who might have an adverse reaction to certain drugs.This is all in a day’s work for the researchers at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, one of Austral
  • 9 rules for working with headhunters and IT recruiters

    There's a common misconception about working with headhunters, recruiters, and employment agencies: while it's true that IT recruiters can be valuable matchmakers, connecting talented technology professionals with companies in need of their skills and experience, these firms work for employers, not for you. And they are merely channels through which you may secure an employment opportunity, says Ford R. Myers, career coach, speaker and author of "Get The Job You Want, Even When No One's Hiring."
  • IDG Contributor Network: Building a world class CX

    In the new book, “What is Your Digital Business Model”,  Peter Weill and Stephanie Woerner claim that no longer can CIOs be merely responsible for back office systems or simply be ‘order takers’. Success at transformation for consumer-focused businesses, they say, depends on a CIO’s ability to drive their enterprise’s capabilities to integrate, create a multichannel experience, or a single view of customer or services that couple products with data. This
  • Mastering the art of employee recognition: 9 things you can do right now

    What happens when someone on your team goes the extra mile? Do you acknowledge and reward that effort? Good for you. Be warned, though, this is dangerous territory. You can do a lot of damage if you wade into these waters without the necessary skills.“Companies should be very careful with rewards,” says Alexander Kjerulf, Chief Happiness Officer of Woohoo inc, and the author of Leading with Happiness. “They have been conclusively proven to demotivate employees.”[ Learn f
  • Some good news about diversity in tech, for a change

    When it comes to diversity and inclusion, Intel set some pretty aggressive goals for itself as a company, aiming to achieve full representation in its workforce by 2020. That means Intel’s workforce would accurately reflect the percentages of women, black, Latinx, Asian, LGBTQ+, and Native American workers as they occur in the U.S. population.And they’ve hit that goal – two years early.“In January 2015, Intel set a goal to reach full representation of women and unde
  • BrandPost: Five Powerful Ways for Leaders to Unlock Innovation

    Innovation is about disrupting the comfortable for the sake of improvement. No one innovates to decrease a process or reduce the benefit. People innovate to bring life to a higher plane because improvement is a deeply held instinct.Yet innovation doesn’t just happen – it requires cultivation of forces that will disrupt the comfortable. If you are the leader, your number one job is to provide an environment of innovation that will bring your team or business to the next level. Below
  • IDG Contributor Network: Why digital adoption matters in today’s business world

    The rise of Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) has radically changed the way organizations build their infrastructure, relying less on on-premise services and shifting their attention to online and cloud-based solutions. The ubiquitous nature of mobile and online-capable devices means that employees in a company can have full access to their devices from anywhere in the world, and with significant ease.Even so, there are countless stories of organizations spending millions on shiny new platforms an
  • IDG Contributor Network: The battle of the health clouds

    At a recent event, I witnessed a panel discussion featuring senior executives from top tech firms discussing their plans for healthcare. They were steadfast in their belief that health care is going to be disrupted by the big cloud tech providers, which led the moderator to call it the battle of the clouds.I refer to it more as the battle of the health clouds.The battle for the clouds has already sorted out the market share winners. They are Microsoft, Amazon, and Google, with IBM somewhere in
  • 8 things you need to know about rescinded job offers

    What do you do when a prospective employer offers you a job but rescinds the offer before you start work? What happens if you've resigned your good, stable position for one that doesn't materialize, or spent thousands of dollars to relocate? What recourse do you have, if any?To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • 8 secrets of successful AI projects

    Business leaders at every level see the value of using artificial intelligence, but using AI well is where the true value lies.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • BrandPost: Cloud in their DNA: Digital Innovation at Mediacloud

    Mediacloud, Spain’s premier IT Services Provider, had its genesis supplying technical and audiovisual services to parent MEDIAPRO Group and its many subsidiaries. Now, it has evolved into a digital transformation powerhouse, based in Barcelona but offering services to an increasingly global audience. We spoke with Mediacloud’s CTO Pablo Cruces and CIO Sergi Martínez Mudarra about their participation in VMware Cloud Verified.Mediacloud literally wrote the book on cloud computi

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