• IDG Contributor Network: Top 7 books on digital transformation

    Take a look back to 2010 and digital transformation or disruption were terms reserved for tech companies and startups. Fast-forward to 2017 and regardless of what industry you’re in, digital transformation is coming. For example, yesterday as I walked past an off-duty taxi and hopped in my Uber, I was trying to figure out what I wanted to watch on Netflix after dinner when a thought crossed my mind, does anyone remember Blockbuster? Maybe I should ask Jeeves… My point is, even
  • IDG Contributor Network: Here's why mobile app development needs to speed up

    The mobile app market is expected to grow 270 percent — from $70 billion in 2015 to $189 billion by 2020, according to market researcher App Annie. With the average American spending up to five hours per day on mobile devices, businesses will need apps if they want to remain relevant. Of those five hours, 50% of user’s time spent is on social, messaging, media and entertainment applications. This growth has been fueled by Communitainment, a term coined by Flurry analytics to describe
  • iPad Pro vs. iPad mini 4 vs. iPad: Which one should you buy?

    So you’re in the market for a new iPad. Excellent choice—I couldn’t live without mine. It’s my companion when I’m catching up on news and email in the morning over tea, reading a comic book in the evening to unwind, or watching a movie while traveling on a plane. Update 6-22-2017: This article has been updated to include information about the new 2017 iPad, as well as the upgrades to the iPad Pro line.But these days, picking an iPad can be tricky. Apple currently se
  • BrandPost: Is It Time to Turn to DaaS?

    Ensuring predictable IT operating costs is a challenge facing many organizations, and Device as a Service (DaaS) offerings are allowing organizations to simplify day-to-day end-user computing operations.DaaS is a creative financing solution that combines hardware, software, and managed services into a bundled solution with per-device, per-month cost certainty. It is potentially an ideal solution for your IT needs if you are wrestling with managing daily end-user computing, ensuring the proper us
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  • Echo Show Ships on Wednesday, Buy 2 and Get a $100 Discount Right Now - Deal Alert

    The newly-announced Echo Show is available for pre-order in black or white and the shipping date is finally right around the corner: Wednesday, June 28. If you're interested, there are two things you need to know. Right now if you buy two of them and enter the code SHOW2PACK at checkout, you'll activate a $100 discount. So you'll get two new Echo Shows for the price of two standard Echos. Go in on this deal with a friend, or buy a few for yourself (they work very well in multiple rooms). Th
  • IDG Contributor Network: How big data is disrupting the oil and gas industry

    The role of CIOs in the success and long term survival of companies in today’s competitive landscape is growing. Technology is the leading differentiator between rival companies, and the next battleground industry could be the biggest one yet. The industry to watch in the coming years is oil and gas. While a small sector in terms of employment, the industry is a major IT user. Oil and gas spent $700 million on high-performance computing in 2014, according to the latest available data
  • It's time to upgrade to TLS 1.3 already, says CDN engineer

    Businesses dragging their heels over rolling out TLS 1.2 on their website might have an excuse to delay a little longer: Version 1.3 of the TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption protocol will be finalized later this year, and early deployments of it are already under way.TLS, the successor to SSL, is used to negotiate secure connections to web or mail servers, encrypting data on the move.Six years in the making, TLS 1.2 added new, stronger encryption options -- but retained all the older, we
  • CIOs should step into the IoT oversight void

    If you think your organization is taking oversight of third-party IoT implementations seriously, think again. According to a recent study by security research firm the Ponemon Institute, in conjunction with the Shared Assessments Program, few organizational boards require IoT risk assurances from third parties, providing CIOs a great opportunity to take a leadership position on IoT."From our research findings, it appears only 25 percent of respondents say that their boards require assurances tha
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  • BrandPost: Stay out of the hot seat with turnkey private cloud

    Stay out of the hot seat with turnkey private cloudIn the pursuit of digital transformation, most organizations will use a mix of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and cloud-native platforms (PaaS) deployed across both public and private cloud called multi-cloud strategy. (See the CIO.com blog: “Overcoming the Digital Dilemma” for more details.) A cloud operating model is supposed to reduce friction, i.e., make it easy to deliver the digital systems on which most organizations rely.
  • IDG Contributor Network: The 5 fundamentals of creating an employee experience in the workplace

    The "employee experience" refers to the totality of an employee's experience interacting with the organization they work for. This includes how an employee perceives their company's intentions, good or bad. Employees who have a positive employee experience typically have faith in their organization’s decision-making and believe their place in the business has value. Meanwhile, a negative employee experience often leaves workers feeling out of place or disregarded.As a result, it makes sens
  • IDG Contributor Network: What do they really want? Decoding IT demand signals from your business

    This article is part of a series highlighting key takeaways from my recently published book, Truth from the Trenches, A Practical Guide to the Art of IT Management. As a seven-time CIO I’ve had an opportunity to observe the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of IT management up close and personal. Truth from the Trenches is my attempt to share my experiences with emerging IT leaders to help them avoid the chronic problems that afflict so many IT organizations.Every leader of a large IT org
  • IDG Contributor Network: 7 surprising ways a hackathon will boost your employability

    The rise of the hackathon
    Let’s get one thing straight. You don’t have to be a “hacker” to participate in a hackathon. These events are nothing to do with that dubious practice. Instead, they bring together technical professionals, split them into teams and pitch these teams against one another for one or two intense days. The main aim is to create something new, or solve a tricky problem in a unique and inventive manner. It could be an app, a robot or a new business mode
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  • BrandPost: The Network ROI of Digital Transformation

    “In 2017, global organizations will spend $1.2 trillion on digital transformation with discrete and process manufacturers contributing almost 30% of this spending, while the fastest growth will come from retail, healthcare providers, insurance, and banking,” says Eileen Smith, program director for IDC’s Customer Insights & Analysis Group.The IT industry loves buzz words and hyperbole, but rarely do they live up to their advanced billing. That’s not the case with digit
  • IDG Contributor Network: Does gender matter?

    Every March the media focus is on how men outperform women as part of National Women’s History Month, but these issues fade from the forefront. So what? Do women have the intelligence and opportunities to advance in business and why should corporations care?Women are equally intelligent...
    ...attain more university degrees, and with higher academic performance. (ALBA) Women have a higher degree of emotional intelligence and empathy, which may be a biological adaptation similar to the fligh
  • IDG Contributor Network: How venues are using technology to reinvent event marketing

    Events are ideal for marketing, with thousands of potential consumers gathered in one place, sometimes for days. Whether it’s an industry-specific trade show or the final game of the World Series, brands know that if they can get their name displayed in front of those captive audiences, they can make substantial sales.But event marketing has gone well beyond logos and banners. Thanks to technology, today’s event sponsors have a wide variety of options available. Savvy brands realize
  • IDG Contributor Network: Insights from the Gartner Security & Risk Summit

    As a CIO today, you are limited in the number of events you can attend. Given this, I will bring the event to you by this summarizing the key insights of the Gartner Security & Risk Summit. The summit was clearly meant for professionals focused on security and risk. However, many topics had clear relevance to CIOs. CIOs like Steven diFilipo, the CIO for the University of Texas’ Institute for Transformational Learning, said to me during the summit, “CIOs should be involved in risk
  • IDG Contributor Network: How the insurance industry is integrating IoT

    IoT is making waves in many sectors, especially within the insurance industry. The amount of information available is increasing at a considerable rate and it only makes sense that insurers find ways to exploit the emerging technologies.The field is changing the dynamic between customers and businesses in the insurance industry which is already exploiting IoT sensors to create usage and behavior-based insurance plans. Emergent technology is even allowing smartphones applications to detect and re
  • Amazon Prime Gets You 50% off Razer Wildcat Controller for Xbox One, Windows 10 PC - Deal Alert

    The Razer Wildcat controller is compatible with both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. An elite level controller developed for tournament play with feedback from the best eSports athletes, it features four additional fully-programmable buttons for a personalized layout, a well thought out ergonomic shape and weight, reduced trigger travel distance for rapid fire, and much more. If you're an Amazon Prime member, the typical list price has been reduced generously to just $74.99. If you're not a Pri
  • IDG Contributor Network: 6 data-driven marketing trends every small business should embrace

    Marketers are increasingly relying on data for their campaigns, measuring the results of every effort so that they can streamline their messages. Instead of wasting time and money reaching out to Facebook members, for instance, they could learn that Instagram posts lead to more conversions. With so many brands now investing in software that analyzes their efforts, businesses that don’t use data-driven marketing may find that they’re falling behind.Fortunately, there are plenty of sol
  • BrandPost: Go Global with Connection

    Whether you’re provisioning IT resources for an office across town or a subsidiary across the globe, you face similar challenges that can be efficiently addressed by implementing best practices. Organizations can achieve greater visibility, efficiency, and savings by solving global supply chain challenges through a trusted relationship with international supply chain and procurement experts.Companies with locations throughout the world have to address multiple challenges when managing supp
  • BrandPost: 5 Considerations When Purchasing Cyber Insurance

    There are certain basic questions that both current and prospective cyber insurance policy holders will ask you when purchasing a policy. What terms should be included? What are the important aspects? And of course, why? The answers to these questions are extremely complex, as cyber insurance is in its early infancy stages. Quantifying the risks of loss associated with those policies is near impossible. And understanding the effects of breaches and what needs to be covered isn’t exactly st
  • 8 common project management mistakes — and how to avoid them

    So many projects, so much mismanagement. That's the refrain of many IT executives. Indeed, even with project management software, IT projects often wind up taking longer (much longer) than planned and costing more than budgeted.While no two projects are exactly the same, the issues that can affect — and potentially jeopardize — them are often quite similar. And even good project managers can make mistakes when wrangling a big, complex project — or when being bombarded with chan
  • Lenovo's new workstation is indeed 'Tiny' but packs a punch

    Windows users who work in tight spaces and looking for a small form factor workstation with multiple display ports and solid processing power have a new contender to check out: the new ThinkStation P320 Tiny.The workstation lives up to its name: At 1.4 x 7.1 by 7.2 inches, it's the smallest workstation on the market that is ISV (independent software vendor) certified, according to Rob Herman, the general manager of Lenovo's workstation business unit.The ISV certification is important. "We don't
  • 8 essential sites for researching your next employer

    It’s tempting to jump on the first job offer you get, but the last thing you want to do is find yourself working for a company that doesn’t align with your goals or values. But it’s difficult to get a full picture of a company’s culture and working environment in a few short interviews and one tour of the office building.Whether you are at the beginning of your job search or preparing for an interview, being armed with as much knowledge as possible about the prospective c
  • BrandPost: You Need a Chief Data Officer. Here’s Why.

    Big data has moved from buzzword to being a part of everyday life within enterprise organizations. An IDG survey reports that 75% of enterprise organizations have deployed or plan to deploy big data projects. The challenge now is capturing strategic value from that data and delivering high-impact business outcomes.That’s where a Chief Data Officer (CDO) enters the picture. Gartner estimates that 90% of large global organizations will have a CDO by 2019. Given that estimate, it's important
  • BrandPost: Defense in Breadth

    New Architecture, Roles, and CloudsFor many of us using public cloud services, security remains one of our biggest concerns. It’s not that cloud services are generally viewed as insecure; it’s that many organizations may not be completely prepared or staffed properly to deal with widespread cloud adoption. With the fast-paced adoption of cloud-native application architectures to support digital transformation, this problem is becoming further compounded. The economics of public cloud
  • IDG Contributor Network: 5 project management mistakes your marketing team is probably making

    Project management isn’t just for your software development team. The same concepts can be applied to other areas of your operations, as well, from human resources to accounting. Anytime your employees need to collaborate on a long-term project, it’s essential to have a plan in place to keep things on track from start to finish.This is especially true of your marketing efforts. You likely already strategize your campaigns before they begin, but do you monitor their progress along the
  • IDG Contributor Network: Why banks must have an omnichannel digital strategy

    It’s unquestionable that digital technology is changing the way that customers are banking globally, once it’s safe to say that every customer is irreversibly a digital customer. Digital has become more important to customers in every single aspect. Although customers have embraced digital technologies at different degrees, more and more basic transactions migrate from physical to digital channels within traditional financial institutions, which leads to a major repositioning in bank
  • 60% off iClever Travel Power Strip with Surge Protector and 4 USB Ports - Deal Alert

    iClever's BoostStrip IC-BS01 travel power strip turns one solitary outlet in the airport, hotel, train or plane into 2 surge protected AC outlets and 4 USB ports. Equipped with iClever’s SmartID technology, this power strip offers a max 24W/4.8A USB output while it recognizes your device and safely optimizes max output. The typical list price of the BoostStrip is $49.99, but right now it's currently discounted 60% to just $19.99 on Amazon, where it's averaging 4.5 stars from over 100
  • IDG Contributor Network: In digital, what was context now becomes core

    I don’t know about your company’s situation; but having looked at literally hundreds of outsourcing contracts, I see that they all have something in common. The original intent was a one-time shift to transform and improve an operational aspect. Unfortunately, IT outsourcing contracts sort of poured concrete around the outsourced processes. Thus, the quest for operational excellence through outsourcing IT has the effect of stopping companies from changing. That’s a non-starter
  • 23% off Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Comfort Fit Earbuds - Deal Alert

    If you believe the reviewers on Amazon, you may not find a better sounding pair of earbuds at this price point, which at the current 23% discount is just $7.68. The ErgoFit earbuds from Panasonic are designed to fit comfortably and securely in your ear, isolating outside noise while delivering great sound with a wider frequency range than most comparable buds. The earbuds come in various colors and features a generous 3.6 ft. cord that easily fits through or around your clothes, coats and bags.
  • Building business knowledge deep into the technology stack

    SunTrust Anil CheriyanI was recently at an event where I ran into Anil Cheriyan, CIO of SunTrust Banks, and we started chatting about how to bring IT from the back-office to the front-office. When he told me that his team no longer refers to “internal clients,” I sensed that was the tip of the iceberg in cultural change. So soon after, I interviewed Cheriyan about why it has been important to eliminate that term and the relationship between IT and its business partners at the $206 bi
  • Uber CEO resigns, leaving company in search of a new strategy

    Uber is now a driverless vehicle, after CEO Travis Kalanick stepped down Tuesday.Kalanick had already decided to take an indefinite leave of absence from the company, but now he's leaving for good. The move came at the request of the board of directors, The New York Times reported Wednesday.The company has already lost Kalanick's right-hand man, Senior Vice President of Business Emil Michael, following a number of gaffes including his suggestion that the company target a journalist who had
  • IT Resume Makeover: Emphasize challenges, actions and results

    Do you ever feel like your resume doesn’t quite capture your experience and passion for technology?To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here(Insider Story)
  • CIO career path: Building a resume for the COO role

    IT leaders often point to their unique vantage point across the entire enterprise to position themselves for higher roles. And in the digital era, their boards and CEOs may well be taking more notice.In the process, CIOs might blaze a path toward higher office—perhaps to the COO role, which many see as the next logical step for IT leaders, although it has proven rather elusive to date.One longtime CIO recently made that very leap. Earlier this month, Steve Bandrowczak was named COO and CIO
  • Lenovo's ThinkSystem product barrage targets data centers

    Lenovo is taking on Dell EMC and HPE with its biggest portfolio refresh since it acquired IBM's x86 server business three years ago, offering a lineup of servers, switches, SAN arrays and converged systems intended to show that it's a serious contender in the data center and software-defined infrastructure market.The product launch, staged in New York Tuesday, was the first major event for Lenovo's Data Center Group, in business since April. Lenovo wants to be a global player not only for the en
  • BrandPost: The Pulse of IT: Security

    We all know how important security in our digital age of information is. But are you up to date with the latest strategies for managing the security of your corporate data? We surveyed a group of your peers about how they’re handling data security in the age of anytime, anywhere access. Here are some highlights:Non-U.S. data centers manage data for about 55% of organizations
    Nearly 50% of organizations are considering DLP technology for 2017
    An average of 37% of digital corporate data bear
  • BrandPost: Planning for Application Migrations

    Migrating packaged, off-the-shelf software applications creates complexities that must be carefully managed. The success of any application migration is greatly influenced by properly planning, provisioning access, and managing users. But upgrading or migrating to new applications creates challenges for IT teams that are focused on maintaining existing infrastructure.The choice to upgrade to the latest software is an easy decision because it usually improves workflows that streamline business pr
  • BrandPost: How to Keep Control and Balance in the RPA Race

    Robotic process automation (RPA), a form of digital labor that automates simple transactional activities to improve speed, efficiency and accuracy, has sparked a bot revolution. Forrester predicts the RPA market will grow 41% each year until 2020, reaching $2.9 billion in 2021.Thanks to the fact that it is quick and easy to implement, business units are eager  to race straight toward implementing  RPA delivery without thoughtful and planned enterprise-wide coordination and governance.
  • BrandPost: 5 Reasons to Rethink Your Governance Strategy

    It has long been believed that the only way to successfully govern a business intelligence (BI) deployment is through rigorous process, tight controls and restricted access to data and reporting solutions. Organizations think that if the rules are written and enforced by a small, centralized group of individuals residing in IT, the risk of misuse can be mitigated.  Unfortunately, this rigid approach to governance only serves to restrict business users who have the necessary business context
  • EU wants to ease commercial drone use with future flight rules

    The European Commission wants to make it easier for lightweight drones to fly autonomously in European airspace -- with logistics, inspection services and agricultural businesses set to benefit.Last Friday, the Commission unveiled a plan to improve the safety of drones flying at low altitude.It wants to introduce a consistent set of rules across the EU for flying drones in "U-space," its name for regulated airspace under 150 meters in altitude.Simpler regulations will be welcomed by multinationa
  • AMD launches its Epyc server chip to take on Intel in the data center

    It's not just the folks at AMD who hope that that the company's Epyc server processor, officially launched Tuesday, will break Intel's stranglehold on the data-center chip market.Enterprise users, web hosting companies and hyperscale cloud providers all want competition and choice in server chips to curb costs and fuel innovation."OEMs have been looking for an alternative to Intel for a long time, and with Intel having 98 percent market share I can say that there's absolutely a need, from the OE
  • IDG Contributor Network: What does 'open' mean to IT in the cloud era?

    The term “open” when used in the IT context is an old and heavily used word. In an industry where new terms are introduced with incredible frequency, then age, and are discarded like napkins at a BBQ restaurant, the term “open” has surprising longevity. But what does “open” mean in the IT context? And why is it important to IT decision makers?Dictionary.com offers a robust set of definitions for “open” as a verb, adjective and noun. For IT, I like
  • IDG Contributor Network: 3 ways big data is changing financial trading

    The impact big data is making in the financial world is more of a splash than a ripple. The technology is scaling at an exponential rate and the consequences are far reaching. Increasing complexity and data generation is transforming the way industries operate and the financial sector isn’t exempt.Currently, the world is creating 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily and this represents a unique opportunity for processing, analysing and leveraging the information in useful ways. Machine lear
  • IDG Contributor Network: Can innovation help curb medical mistakes?

    Even with all the advances in patient care, medical error continues to take lives at 1,000 per day in the United States (Leapfrog – Spring 2017 Report). So what are we doing to reduce these numbers? The answer: Individuals and organizations like The Innovation Institute, who want to have a positive impact in health care, are developing and funding new technologies that are focused on reducing medical mistakes. Health care is an area where innovation is making a difference curbing medical m
  • IDG Contributor Network: Notorious Project Failures - Google Glass

    With the aim of learning from past failures, this section analyses, using a simplified framework developed over more than ten years, a notorious project that was poorly managed and was terribly unsuccessful.What is fascinating about all projects is that they all share a set of common characteristics, which, if well understood, soundly addressed, and actively managed; can increase the chances of success and minimize the risk of failure.Google Glass: A product development project doomed to fail
  • IDG Contributor Network: 4 little-known factors influencing your ROI

    The one thing nearly every business on the face of the planet has in common, is they are all trying to bring their rate of investment (ROI) to a profitable level. While ROI applies to every aspect of business operations, the bottom line almost always comes down to the ability to convert customers.A recent study by Econsultancy shockingly found that only about 22 percent of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates. That doesn’t mean the rest need to radically change their ways o
  • IDG Contributor Network: A major medical device maker's unique approach to data security

    The inside joke among healthcare IT executives is that there are two kinds of CIOs; those that have been hacked and those that don’t know they have been hacked.The recent Wannacry cyberattacks that temporarily crippled the National Health System (NHS) in the UK had limited impact in the U.S. Notably; the malware was able to infect a medical device by healthcare company Bayer, prompting other major medical devices manufactures such as Becton and Siemens to release IT security notifications.
  • IDG Contributor Network: How Adam Noble, CIO of GAF, drives innovation through collaboration

    As a CIO, I’m sure you’ve been reading a lot about collaboration and how, as a strategy, it helps CIOs improve their working relationship with business units. After all, as companies begin to recognize that technology needs to be at the core of their business, CIOs are continuously challenged to collaborate with business units to leverage technology to create new and improved products, services, and processes. But have you thought about how you would go about doing this?A few months
  • IDG Contributor Network: How Adam Noble, CIO-GAF Inc. Drives Innovation through Collaboration

    As a CIO, I’m sure you’ve been reading a lot about collaboration and how, as a strategy, it helps CIOs improve their working relationship with business units. After all, as companies begin to recognize that technology needs to be at the core of their business, CIOs are continuously challenged to collaborate with business units to leverage technology to create new and improved products, services, and processes. But have you thought about how you would go about doing this?A few months

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