• 63% off Anker SoundCore 2 Bluetooth Speaker with 24-Hour Playtime - Deal Alert

    SoundCore 2 From Anker produces outstanding audio from an astonishingly compact speaker. Upgraded 2x 6W drivers blast out rich, clear sound. IPX5 water-resistant rating and dustproof engineering mean you can bring your beats anywhere - from the garden, to the beach. Upgraded materials provide smooth touch, and better grip. Listen for up to 66ft with latest Bluetooth 4.2 technology, while an in-built microphone makes hands-free calling a breeze. If you find yourself without BlueTooth, an aux
  • IDG Contributor Network: What to make of enterprise IT in a digital world?

    We – technology stakeholders, executives, consultancies and analysts –  are wrong about enterprise IT.Since the early days of the internet boom, enterprise IT has been criticized for not being responsive, transparent, flexible, and innovative. We believed that leadership, organization, workforce, culture, and vendors were the culprits. We were convinced that a fix had to do with elevating the CIO role, acquiring new skills, outsourcing tasks, aligning strategies, knowing custome
  • IDG Contributor Network: Bitcoin lessons from the California gold rush

    With bitcoin crossing the $4K mark and the market cap for cryptocurrencies currently residing around $140B, there’s a definite sense of a gold rush in progress much like the dot-com era and the real California gold rush of the 1800s.While parallels with the dot-com era have been well reported, especially related to exploring what phase of the bubble we’re in, there’s been relatively less comparison with the California gold rush. So what can history teach us from the physical go
  • IDG Contributor Network: This fall, college towns and businesses can get smart with location data

    Back to school isn’t just about yellow buses, backpacks and pencils. For colleges as well as the cities and businesses that surround campuses, it means an influx of students and dollars. The fact that just about all of those people will be carrying mobile devices means there’s far more data available than ever before that can help local businesses get a better handle on who’s in town and uncover potential opportunities.When my firm UberMedia evaluated Washington, D.C.’s G
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  • IDG Contributor Network: Your data accessibility problem is costing you $65 million

    Historically, the race for an edge using big data was about piping in as many data feeds as humanly possible and getting access to that data as close to real-time as possible. A lot of time and investment has been spent solving API access and data latency problems.As we dig one level deeper, however, it would appear we’ve focused entirely too much attention on the accumulation and storage of the sea of big data and not nearly enough time ensuring the full accessibility of that data.Accordi
  • IDG Contributor Network: A team or B team?

    As a former product manager, I was curious about whether the concept of A team versus B team existed within IT organizations as well. To facilitate this #CIOChat, I told participants about a person that I met at Apple several years ago. This person’s business card read “Newton Scapegoat”. I obviously asked, “why would someone take on such a title?” The person said that Apple’s A team was spun off as General Magic. For those that do not remember, General Magic
  • BrandPost: SDDC adoption best practice:

    Business need
    At SecureWorks, a Dell Technologies company, we built a lab over a 15-year period that contained more than 500 physical and virtual servers. Our software development teams use the lab daily to design, develop, test and deploy critical applications to protect our customers.Due to company growth and expansion and with minimal interruption to the teams that use the lab daily, we needed to relocate the lab across the country to our new Software Defined Data Center (SDDC).  We were
  • What is a data scientist? A key data analytics role and a lucrative career

    What is a data scientist?
    Data scientists are responsible for discovering insights from massive amounts of structured and unstructured data to help shape or meet specific business needs and goals. The data scientist role in data analysis is becoming increasingly important as businesses rely more heavily on big data and data analytics to drive decision-making and as more businesses lean on cloud technology, automation and machine learning as core components of their IT strategies.A data scientist
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  • BrandPost: How Enterprises Can Thrive in an Internet of Things Ecosystem

    The Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem is changing the way people live, work, and even vacation. It’s also affecting the way businesses communicate with each other and the world around them. A few examples of changing business environments are: smart sensors for manufacturing, agriculture, and oil and gas; connected cars; beacons paired with mobile apps and digital signage for the smart store and smart restaurant; home devices connected to the Internet; smart cities; connected hotels and a
  • BrandPost: Ethical Automation Decisions in An Age of Digital Disruption

    Intelligent automation technologies, including robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI), offer transformative opportunities for companies to shift the ways organizations do everything from running operations, moving through the supply chain and serving customers.                                                  But making decisions about digital la
  • 60% off Logitech G105 Gaming Keyboard - Deal Alert

    The G105 gaming keyboard from Logitech features dual-level LED backlighting, fully programmable g-keys for single actions and macros, and anti-ghosting capabilities. Program 3 macros per key -- configure up to 18 unique functions per game. Program single keystrokes, complex macros or intricate LUA scripts. Record new macros on the fly while you're in the game. The G105 Logitech gaming keyboard is built for serious gaming and its typical list price of $59.99 has been reduced 60% to
  • 65% off AcuRite Refrigerator/Freezer Wireless Digital Thermometer - Deal Alert

    How often do you check temps in your fridge or freezer? With the AcuRite wireless fridge/freezer thermometer you can be sure that your food is being stored at safe temperatures. It displays the refrigerator temperature, freezer temperature and the high / low temperatures recorded for each. An alarm notifies you audibly and visually when temperatures exceed your customizable presets. Especially useful in a power outage, or if you plan to store food in a cooler for an extended period of time.
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  • Linium Named to Inc. 5000 List of Nation’s Fastest-Growing Companies

    Linium a world-class provider of business services that empower the entire enterprise, today announced it has been named to the prestigious Inc. 5000 list of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies for the 6th consecutive year – a designation that places it on Inc. 5000’s Honor Roll, which is achieved by fewer than a tenth of honorees.
  • Oracle's Hurd, AT&T's Donovan on their massive cloud migration deal

    If worries about digital transformation projects keep you up at night, imagine how it would feel to be responsible for moving thousands of internal databases to the cloud for a company with more than $160 billion in annual sales and 260,000 employees. That's the job that AT&T Communications CEO John Donovan is undertaking, and he's working with Oracle CEO Mark Hurd to do it. When the companies announced in May that they were working together, Hurd called the agreement "historic." While
  • 31% off WD 4TB My Passport Portable External USB 3.0 Hard Drive - Deal Alert

    Safely store massive amounts of photos, videos and music with this 4TB external drive from WD. It comes equipped with WD Backup software so you can automatically back up photos, videos, music and documents on your preferred schedule. And built-in 256-bit AES hardware encryption with WD Security software helps keep your content private and safe. The 4TB My Passport model is currently priced just $10 higher than its 3TB counterpart with this 31% off deal. See it now on Amazon.To read this art
  • 47% off Solartab S1111 Solar Mobile Device Charger - Deal Alert

    Whether in the park, at the beach, at a music festival or out trekking, Solartab lets you enjoy free and endless solar power. Simply open up the Solartab to start solar charging either the internal battery or or USB devices like your phone or tablet. Thanks to Solartab’s huge internal battery, you can even charge your devices after the sun sets. The typical list price on the charger has been reduced 47% to $69. See this deal on Amazon.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, ple
  • IDG Contributor Network: Information security policies every business must implement

    Businesses are often criticized for not having strict policies for information security. However, this criticism is not inaccurate. Important information security practices are often overlooked despite all the major hacks discovered in recent years. It is unfortunate that preventive measures are often adopted only after a crippling incident.It is not only the hacks that threaten businesses throughout the world. Self-propagating malware is perhaps an even greater threat. The release of Etern
  • IDG Contributor Network: High-performing teams: Lessons from the symphony orchestra

    How well are your employees playing together? Are they playing in harmony or are they slightly out of tune?I am an amateur musician (flute, piano and bassoon) and have performed with numerous orchestras and groups. Currently I am the principal bassoonist for the Broomfield Symphony Orchestra. The BSO has more than 60 regular members, most are amateurs like myself. Individuals who have a passion for music. A group that comes together once a week to rehearse and performs five concerts a year. We s
  • IDG Contributor Network: Make your CIO more relevant using business architecture

    According to a Logicalis Global CIO survey[i], the likelihood that CIOs are left out of the IT purchasing decision process has grown every year since 2013 with only 60% of CIOs controlling technology spending in 2016. This trend will most probably continue in the future. Even more troubling, over 60% organizations created at least one new mobile app in 2015 without any IT involvement[ii].Decision making in the enterprise has changed, and it's becoming very complex. The bigger the IT project is,
  • IDG Contributor Network: The business value of data-driven storytelling

    As I talk with executives from around the world, it’s clear that their companies’ data to-do lists are changing. A few years ago, businesses were focused on gathering information — from internal systems, customers, suppliers, etc. But now that those aggregation hurdles have (mostly) been cleared, attention is shifting. Today, business executives are most concerned with this: What’s the best way for us to extract value from the deluge of data we’re collecting every d
  • How IT became business problem solvers at Level 3 Communications

    What does “digital thinking” mean in the telecom industry? How does an IT organization in a company that delivers a complex array of products become a “product organization” itself? How do IT and business operations work together on customer experience? For Atilla Tinic, CIO of Level 3, the answers lie in removing hierarchy, sharing dashboards and getting the company to start thinking “outside-in.”How have you turned IT from a culture of order takers into busi
  • 12 Microsoft Power BI success stories

    Self-service BI is on the rise among forward-thinking organizations, enabling business users to obtain up-to-the-minute business information in graphical form on demand — with little to no IT intervention. Since the release of Microsoft Power BI, organizations around the world have been turning to the cloud-based service for self-service business intelligence tools that allow users to analyze, visualize and share data using the familiar Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Here are 12 success
  • Brexit creates supply chain uncertainty

    For organizations operating in the EU, Britain’s pending withdrawal, known as Brexit, may disrupt both physical supply chains as well as the information systems required to manage those supply chains.  Depending on the final Brexit terms, organizations may need to change the way physical goods and information move across British borders.Here's a look at what Brexit means for business and how far-reaching the disruption may be as Britain prepares to extricate itself from the work EU me
  • IDG Contributor Network: NextCon provides CIOs a vision for a better customer experience

    Let’s be honest, it takes a lot to get me excited about traveling to Scottsdale, Arizona. And NEXTCON, put on by Nextiva, is definitely one of the few events where I’m willing to trade in some desperately needed time off, and put it towards continuing education.I’m not alone. Many CIOs head to the desert every year to hear from the leading voices in merging cutting-edge technology with new customer-facing strategies to deliver an exceptional customer experience.This year’
  • BrandPost: FRE Rule 902 Amendments: A Game Changer for Digital Evidence

    Proposed amendments to Federal Rule of Evidence 902 are scheduled to take effect on Dec. 1, 2017. The new rules aim to streamline the admission of electronic evidence to court proceedings. The new rules 902(13) and (14) replace in-person testimony to establish electronic evidence authenticity with a written certification. Under the current version of Rule 902, certain types of documents are already considered self-authenticating and require no evidence of authenticity to be admissible at trial.
  • IDG Contributor Network: Here’s why behavioral analytics is the next generation of business intelligence

    Businesses collect intelligence – immense quantities of it. This statistical information has the potential to help companies gain a market edge, streamline operations and improve profitability. The challenge exists in finding ways to collect a diverse set of data, and then compile it into a format that is actionable.Design theory is one way that companies can better design their reporting dashboards so that everyone, not just those with a PhD, can benefit.But it’s also important
  • IDG Contributor Network: Get your priorities straight before you start applying artificial intelligence in your business solutions

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to put you ahead of your peers in the industry. However, like with many opportunities, you have got to be keen at doing the right things in the right order. On the adoption curve, AI is clearly in the "innovators" stage. The "movers and shakers" at Google, Baidu, Facebook, Nvidea, Qualcomm and other world-class AI organizations are definitely pushing things along but have major strides to make.The pace seems to have slowed down recently, becaus
  • IDG Contributor Network: Is your organization a top performer?

    As companies move from merely enabling Internet technologies to deeper, more comprehensive digital transformations, it looked for a while like the point person in such efforts was going to be a new C-level title: the chief digital officer.CDOs were charged with leading a company’s business from analog to digital, bringing in general management skills as well as deep knowledge about digital technologies. They were hailed as “transformers in chief” and CEOs-in-waiting. But accord
  • IDG Contributor Network: Navigating the brave new world of decentralized IT

    As economic and competitive pressures push organizations toward more rapid product and service delivery, the ways organizations engage with technology – and the people who support it – are changing. According to a recent report by CompTIA, Considering the New IT Buyer, 46 percent of U.S. workforce professionals say that who pays for new technology depends on the tool in question, signalling greater autonomy by line of business (LOB) managers to equip their teams with the right soluti
  • IDG Contributor Network: How to harness the power of shadow IT

    CIOs today face a unique HR-related challenge: Not only to recruit and retain the best possible talent, but also to deal with the technological expectations of an entire organization’s employees, when some of those employees were born in an era before color televisions, while others have grown up with smartphones and laptops as staples of daily life.The modern workforce is comprised of five generations, from near-retirement Traditionalists born in the 1940s to the young adults of Generatio
  • IDG Contributor Network: Assessing your organization’s digital transformation maturity

    With most organizations now several years into their digital transformation journeys, many are looking to measure progress, gauge maturity, and benchmark against peers in their industry. The key questions are how to assess this maturity, what are the key pillars and elements of maturity, and which capabilities are new and different compared to business as usual.Digital transformation is a broad subject that requires competency across strategy and vision, people and culture, process and governanc
  • IDG Contributor Network: 7 things startups need to know about cybersecurity

    It’s hard to imagine any business that doesn’t use any form of technology these days. The problem is, any computing infrastructure or equipment can be exposed to various methods of cyberattacks. Just last May, the WannaCry ransomware affected more than 10,000 organizations of all sizes in more than 150 countries. The attack caused stoppages in critical services and operations such as the UK’s National Health Service and several of Renault’s automotive manufacturing plants
  • Save on School Supplies With Amazon's Back To School Deals - Deal Alert

    If you already know this page exists, let it serve as a reminder. Amazon's back to school deals page centralizes their best discounts on everything from laptops to calculators to pencils and batteries. If you still have supplies left to buy, there's plenty of time. Grab your list, fill your cart, and start putting check marks on your list while also saving some cash. Visit Amazon's back to school Electronics deals page here, or their main back to school deals page right here.To read this article
  • Salesforce certification: Your guide to a lucrative Salesforce career

    Salesforce certification can be a one-way ticket to a lucrative career. Salesforce is fully entrenched as the CRM platform of choice at many organizations, making it one of the fastest-growing, most in-demand skill sets today. From software developers, solutions architects and designers to project managers and marketing and sales professionals, Salesforce certification can benefit almost every professional."Salesforce certifications offer three big value adds: They increase your marketability in
  • 50% off Prey for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 - Deal Alert

    In Prey, you awaken aboard Talos I, a space station orbiting the moon in the year 2032. You are the key subject of an experiment meant to alter humanity forever – but things have gone terribly wrong. The space station has been overrun by hostile aliens and you are now being hunted. As you dig into the dark secrets of Talos I and your own past, you must survive using the tools found on the station, your wits, weapons, and mind-bending abilities. Right now you can get 50% off the listed
  • BrandPost: Optimize Your Network for Today’s Needs—and Tomorrow’s

    There may be nothing more critical for your organization than a solid networking infrastructure. It's the backbone supporting your daily tasks, as well as the facilitator of efficient communication and collaboration - in one office or across multiple locations. If you're like many organizations today, however, you may have found that your network traffic has evolved faster than your networking infrastructure. So how do you create a secure, reliable network that's ready to tackle today's demands?
  • BrandPost: Managing the 4 Pillars of Global Procurement

    Organizations with a global presence face multiple challenges when attempting to streamline their international procurement. Managing the “4 pillars" of global procurement - people, process, technology, and supply chain - is crucial for ensuring a global approach to standardizing technology infrastructure for the enterprise.For example, logistics must be carefully managed to ensure consistent delivery of required technologies to each location. But customs inspections, missing paperwork, an
  • BrandPost: Repealing the ACA

    Over the past decade, we have made significant progress in the advancement of technologies and the tools developed to help transform our Nation's healthcare ecosystem.The HITECH Act accelerated the adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHR) through the federal EHR incentive program, Meaningful Use. As a result, we now have digitized health information systems that allow information exchange by capturing structured data in discreet and standardized formats.However, there is still a long way to g
  • BrandPost: Take the Guesswork Out of True Mobility

    Quick survey: how many hours a day are you connected to a wireless network in one form or another? If your phone is a constant partner, that's as much as 16 hours right there. Sending texts to coworkers, viewing email, checking the weather - maybe playing that new app you installed “for your kids" - it just goes to show you how much mobility has reshaped the way we live and work. But it's far from done.In one survey, 69% of IT leaders believe mobility will impact organizations in the futur
  • What is ITIL? IT Infrastructure Library definitions and solutions

    What is ITIL?
    The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a library of volumes describing a framework of best practices for delivering IT services. The ITIL has gone through several revisions in its history and currently comprises five books, each covering various processes and stages of the IT service lifecycle. The ITIL, currently ITIL v3, focuses on business and IT integration, and ITIL certifications can be earned at five levels. ITIL’s systematic approach to IT service management can help
  • 10 early warning signs of ERP disaster

    Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems weave together software and services from disparate departments into a cohesive, collaborative whole. Companies rely on ERP systems to keep their business operations running smoothly. Without ERP implementations to coordinate purchases, customer orders, financial transactions and beyond, modern business would take a significant step back in efficiency.But the integrated nature of ERP systems makes them tricky to maintain and update. Many ERP systems are
  • BrandPost: Hyperconvergence Path Leads Service Provider to Growth

    Service providers constantly face the challenge of meeting increasing customer demands, including providing efficient, flexible solutions, while maintaining a low total cost of ownership (TCO).  Implementing a hyperconverged infrastructure platform that combines containers, VMs, and storage is one solution that early adopters are using to quickly and efficiently increase performance and add direct value to their customers and their bottom line.Caravan Aero, for example, specializes in provi
  • 24% off Taotronics Universal Smartphone Bike Mount - Deal Alert

    The Taotronics phone mount is easy to install and features a fully adjustable viewing angle, non-slip rubber grips and a one-button phone release mechanism. It averages 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon (read reviews), where its list price of $16.99 has been discounted 24% to $12.99. See this deal now on Amazon.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
  • 45% off Vastar 4-in-1 USB Charging Cable Adapter With Micro, Mini USB and Lightning - Deal Alert

    This charging cable from Vastar features micro and mini USB, 30-pin and lightning connectors, making it compatible with a very wide range of newer and older smartphones, tablets, USB devices and more. Equipped with a connector for iPhone 6/6 plus, 5/5s, iPad4, iPad Air, iPad mini, USB type C for Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Oneplus 2, 2015 MacBook with 12" Retina Display, 2015 Google Chromebook Pixel. Micro USB connector charge for most android phones, Bluetooth headset, external batteries
  • IDG Contributor Network: The GDPR: Do you provide goods or services in the EU?

    Many companies do business in the EU without having a physical business presence there. These companies have been able to collect, process, and protect their customers’ personal information with little regard for the various EU privacy laws. As of May 2018, this changes with the enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).What is GDPR?
    Since 1995 the EU has had a directive in place requiring member states to enact laws to protect personal information. The directive provide
  • IDG Contributor Network: Why are USB sticks wrinkle-free?

    Having wrinkles in a USB stick is certainly not great. But here’s some good news: Dry cleaners are taking care of it and remove them from your clothes before processing your laundry. To strike a more serious note, a study conducted by internet security firm ESET in the United Kingdom has revealed that 22,266 USB sticks and 973 cell phones are among the various gold nuggets found by dry cleaners in dirty laundry each year. However, a staggering 45 percent of the devices never make it back t
  • IDG Contributor Network: Why AI is more important than big data for IoT development

    While the development of the internet of things has revolutionized heavy industry, online shopping, localized data collection and virtually every other aspect of modern life and business, innovators are still struggling over the future of the IoT, and how they’ll get there. While many see big data as the driving engine behind the IoT, savvy investors and entrepreneurs have shown that the real power behind the interconnectivity phenomenon is artificial intelligence.Tapping into the potentia
  • IDG Contributor Network: 4 steps toward building a productive IT culture

    I had the pleasure of being introduced to Frank Wander through a mutual friend. As our discussion began, I learned that he was a former turnaround CIO, author of the book Transforming IT Culture and the CEO and founder ofPeopleProductive LLC. Given the nature of my column, I thought he would be a perfect person to interview and share his thoughts with you. I was right!We discussed the key role that organizational culture plays on IT productivity, success and its impact on the business it serves.
  • IDG Contributor Network: Business intelligence data is getting even more user friendly

    In the digital era, data is pervasive. For many organizations, the amount of data they collect has become a major problem. Others struggle to identify what data will be most helpful for them to gather. Big data, while revolutionary, has created a glut of information leaving companies trying to figure out how to structure it to generate actionable insights. Business Intelligence is at the core of any kind of long-term business strategy, because it helps make sense of the data. When utilized, data
  • IDG Contributor Network: How to manage the fear of change in IT projects

    As a CIO or a project manager you are a master of change to the point where, by now, it's probably like a sixth sense.This was certainly how I felt. Change management had become so much a part of my daily routine that I had almost habitualised the process. I had a cast iron grip on the intended business outcomes and benefits of all the projects in my portfolio but "actioning" change had become as natural as breathing.However, something that had slipped off my radar and it took some end-user feed

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