• IDG Contributor Network: 4 vital skills CIOs need to survive digital transformation

    The implications of any digital transformation project are far-reaching for both your current and future workforce. As an IT leader and the driving force behind innovation in your business, it should be your top priority to ensure your teams have the right mix of skills across the project lifecycle, especially if you intend to maintain resources beyond the initial stages of digital transformation. This is no easy task.For starters, IT leaders need to be attuned to, aware of and responsive to the
  • 35% off SanDisk 256GB iXpand Base for iPhone charging and backup - Deal Alert

    Here's something you probably didn't know existed. With SanDisk's iXpand iPhone base, you'll never have to worry about losing your memories again. Every time you charge your iPhone with the iXpand Base, it automatically backs up your photos, videos and contacts. The iXpand Base offers plenty of room to save your files in their original quality with no worry about recurring monthly fees for Internet-based storage. Designed for everyday use with a soft rubber top, a sturdy base, and a wr
  • IDG Contributor Network: Is strategic planning the key to IT cost optimization?

    When it comes to renewing IT contracts, cost optimization is typically top of mind. While there are several ways to approach renewal negotiations, the most effective means to achieve long-term cost-savings is by leveraging a comprehensive future demand roadmap. Why? It’s the key ingredient in a recipe to maximizing your cost optimization opportunity and producing a ‘win-win’ scenario for both parties.Competitive bid or sole source negotiation?
    If your provider has not been perf
  • IDG Contributor Network: 'This is not an IT project'

    In order to gain buy-in and support for an important software application implementation, some IT leaders announce: This is not an IT project!But is such a declaration sufficient to generate a successful implementation or high levels of adoption? Can the IT leader really expect operations users and senior leaders to know what is expected of them when you announce the project is not IT driven?Don't just say what it isn't – say what it is
    For many software application implementations, IT lea
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  • The keys to a successful remote work strategy

    Remote work can be a win-win opportunity for employers and employees alike. The benefits to your employee engagement, retention and morale, as well as your ability to expand your talent pool and attract and hire stronger candidates, are all well known.But remote work offers unique challenges that companies must address to make the most of their remote work strategies. Maintaining a sense of connection with remote employees, ensuring technology helps rather than hinders collaboration and innovati
  • Demystifying the dark science of data analytics

    Although few will publicly admit it, data analytics remains something of a dark science for many IT leaders, replete with mystical methods and seemingly inscrutable practices. Yet despite its somewhat enigmatic reputation, analytics has repeatedly demonstrated that it is a proven science, a powerful tool that generally leads to significant improvements in productivity, efficiency, sales, profits and other key business metrics and goals.Today's analytics revolution caught many senior IT leaders b
  • BrandPost: How To Break Free From Spreadsheet Sprawl

    Traditional spreadsheets were never intended for utility beyond number crunching, yet they’ve become a common language for managing shared work. It’s all too easy to fall back on a form factor that is universally understood when trendy collaboration tools aren’t adopted by every team member or access to Microsoft Project is too difficult to obtain – again. But when the volume of work grows or more stakeholders begin to contribute, a single spreadsheet quickly grows t
  • 25% off SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC UHS-I card with Adapter - Deal Alert

    SanDisk has discounted some cards today on Amazon. Their Ultra 32GB microSDHC UHS-I card with Adapter is currently listed for $11.19, which is $0.61 cheaper than the 16GB model. Today they've also priced the 64GB model at $17.99, 128GB for $36.99, and 200GB for $62.99. See these discounts on Amazon, today only.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
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  • IDG Contributor Network: Stop talking about mission, vision, strategy and tactics

    Executives, leaders, managers, and consultants love talking about mission, vision, strategy, and tactics; all concepts that are widely discussed but also widely misunderstood. Challenge someone to define what a company mission really is, and you’ll end up in an endless discussion about what constitutes the right definition. Google doesn’t solve your problem: you’ll find dozens of conflicting definitions of what a mission is on the internet. I don’t claim to know any
  • Capital One banks on burgeoning multi-cloud ecosystem

    Capital One last month unveiled a deal to use data warehouse software from Snowflake Computing to process anything from fraud alerts to credit reviews. That the credit card company, which showed its appetite for risk by migrating most of its computing workloads to Amazon Web Services, embraced a red-hot startup is hardly any surprise. But the company also uses Amazon Redshift, a competing data warehouse from AWS. The irony? Snowflake’s software runs on AWS.To read this article in full or t
  • 6 hard truths IT must learn to accept

    Sometimes the truth hurts.It can be hard to admit that you've lost control over how your organization deploys technology, or that your network is porous and your code poorly written. Or no matter how much bandwidth you've budgeted for, it never quite seems to be enough, and that despite its bright promise, the cloud isn't the best solution for everything.In a world where anyone with a credit card and keyboard can spin up their own data center, it's easy for CIOs to feel irrelevant and redundant.
  • BrandPost: Identity-based Routing: Moves the network perimeter to the device

    Identity-based routing is an integral component of Identity-Defined Networking.  Secure end-to-end networking--based on verifiable identities--is now possible for anything, anywhere, across any environment. You can now instantly connect, revoke, or move any networked resource without constraints.  
    To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
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  • IDG Contributor Network: Ethical principles for algorithms

    Over the summer, a software engineer was sentenced to 40 months in prison for his role in helping Volkswagen evade pollution control rules. Earlier this month, the Pew Foundation reported that 85% of the public would support regulation to restrict the use of AI by businesses and organizations.  These stories suggest powerful reasons for tech companies to do the right thing. But, beyond the fear of legal action or adverse public opinion, companies are also fully aware of the ethical implicat
  • Get 4 Philips Hue White A19 60W Dimmable LED Smart Bulbs for just $50 - Deal Alert

    This is probably the cheapest price you're going to pay right now for these bulbs. At $49.97 for a 4-pack, you're paying $12.49 per bulb. A very solid discount over the typical list price. Automate your lighting experience with Philips Hue and control your lights from home or away. Create light schedules from the Philips Hue App and never come home to a dark house. Install the LED lights as you would install ordinary bulbs and pair them with the Hue Bridge, which allows you to control smart
  • IDG Contributor Network: Why investments in computer science education need data at their core

    STEM education – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – is near and dear to my heart. In fact, it was my STEM education that shaped me into the leader and businesswoman I am today. But everyday math and science has advanced to encompass concepts like data science and computer programming, and that means our educational fundamentals should advance along with them.So, I was pleased to see that last month, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Salesforce pledged $300 million to s
  • IDG Contributor Network: 'ConTech' roundup from Content Marketing World

    Technology leaders are responsible for a wide range of elements related to their company's digital presence: security, performance, scalability, business continuity, core functionality, integration with disparate systems, and increasingly playing a key role in CX processes. Historically, "content" has been an area where IT could remain blissfully uninvolved, leaving it to the marketing and business teams to write and publish whatever words and pictures they deemed beneficial. And while it's unli
  • IDG Contributor Network: The changing role of the CIO – from operating IT to orchestrating IT

    What might sound as some sort of a word play has indeed deep implications. The world is changing at rapid pace. Overall, cloud revenues are poised to reach $411 billion by 2020—nearly twice as much as in 2016, according to research from Gartner. From 2016-2020, Infrastructure-as-a-Services (IaaS) spending is even expected to triple as cloud services gain maturity and increasingly become the default option.While the role of the CIO has constantly evolved over the past decades, the changes f
  • The lesson of Harvey Weinstein: If you see something, say something

    Women have always spoken up about sexual assault, sexual harassment and discrimination. No, really, we have. The problem is that in a patriarchal society, we’re often brushed off, we are invalidated, our concerns are minimized, we’re victim-blamed (looking right at you, Donna Karan) or we’re flat-out ignored.Last week, as the sexual harassment and assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein broke, I was attending the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing thinking abou
  • 15 essential project management tools

    Top-level project managers are in high demand, thanks to the high-level leadership, knowledge and capabilities they bring to bear on vital business projects. But having the right set of tools is also essential to project management success.Project management tools and templates not only increase team productivity and effectiveness but also prepare the organization for changes brought about by high-impact projects. To perform at their best, project managers need to make the most of tools aimed at
  • IDG Contributor Network: 8 reasons for the IT-business disconnect

    Recently, one of our CIOs in the #CIOChat, Joanna Young, asked me an interesting question: why is it always IT versus the business? It's not finance versus the business. Why, she asked, is there an other-worldness to IT? Given this, I asked the entire #CIOChat for their opinion on this matter. What they had to say should be valuable to just about any CIO worried about the business alignment juggernaut.Is finance really that different?
    Finance has many of the same problems as IT. And when you thi
  • IDG Contributor Network: The cloud was just the beginning – have you considered the impact of AI?

    For years, the cloud has been considered as the most powerful and disruptive force ever.The cloud delivers the necessary tool set to support the digital evolution on a very technological level to purchase, build and run an infrastructure, platform and software as service. Thus, the cloud must be considered as the foundation, the non-discussable requirement!For IT as well as business decision makers, however, the voluntary exercise now is artificial intelligence (AI). Only if they can collect, ag
  • BrandPost: The Evolving Contact Center – Highly Skilled Workers Plus Automation

    Highly skilled agents can address customers’ needs with bulls-eye accuracy. But not all customer queries require the expertise of a live support agent. These days, agents are inundated with frequently asked questions (FAQs), many of which revolve around returns and login help – typically time-consuming queries with easy fixes.Fortunately, companies can preserve the skills of their agents for higher-priority or more complex issues by introducing intelligent automation. Automation reli
  • IDG Contributor Network: The building blocks of a digital transformation

    In today’s fiercely competitive market, companies of all shapes and sizes are faced with the challenge to transform digitally. And, while “digital transformation” may seem like the corporate imperative of the day, I see many companies prioritizing the novelty of transformation over the operational perspective necessary to ensure the journey is successful.  I often get asked, so what are the building blocks of a digital transformation? Where do you begin? The long and short
  • IDG Contributor Network: A better way to learn: closing the skills gap with equality

    When I was in college, I stumbled headlong into what we call the “skills gap,” which is shorthand for what happens when social inequality is applied to the economy. I didn’t necessarily go looking for it, but there it was. Pursuing a chemical engineering degree at Virginia Tech, I looked around and noticed something: I was one of the only females in my class.This isn’t news: we’ve known for a long time that women are underrepresented in the sciences. It’s also
  • IDG Contributor Network: Real-time analytics is reinventing finance – adapt or face extinction

    A brief look at real-time analytics
    Before we dive deeper, let's discuss what true real-time analytics is. You may assume that your data is updating in real-time, and may even be using a nifty visualization, but that doesn't mean your analytics is real-time.See, many finance organizations use Hadoop or parts of the Hadoop ecosystem, like HBase, Spark and others. These are great at processing big data affordably, by using batch processing (in which it processes all data at once, in a batch.) Howe
  • 60% off TaoTronics Bluetooth Sweatproof Earbuds With Built in Mic - Deal Alert

    Set yourself free from wires and cords with Bluetooth 4.1 and CVC Noise Cancellation 6.0 technology with these sweatproof sport earbuds from ToaTronics. Pair in a few seconds with your smartphone, tablet, or music player, and let your favorite music and podcasts drive you forward. With wireless audio range of 33 ft, you can roam around the house with uncompromised sound quality. aptX proprietary audio compression technology increases the Bluetooth data transmission rate so you can enjoy the pure
  • IDG Contributor Network: The Cloud Was Just the Beginning – Did You Ever Consider the Impact of Artificial Intelligence?

    For years, the cloud has been considered as the most powerful and disruptive force ever. What is true for IT, however, it is hard to find legit arguments for the entire enterprise stack. The cloud delivers the necessary toolset to support the digital evolution on a very technological level to purchase, build and run an infrastructure, platform and software as service. Thus, the cloud must be considered as the foundation, the non-discussable requirement! However, for IT as well as business decisi
  • How Ford uses HoloLens to drive automotive design

    Few industries are undergoing more technology-driven change than the automotive sector, which has found itself roiled by ride-sharing services, as well as electric and self-driving cars. Another kind of digital disruption is happening at Ford Motor Co., where designers are using Microsoft's HoloLens headset to refine the look and feel of the company’s cars in accordance with human-centric design principles.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here(Insider Story)
  • 10 best places to work for women in technology

    10 best places to work for women in technologyImage by ThinkstockRecent high-profile incidents of hostilities against women in the workplace underscore some of the challenges women face in pursuing a career in technology today.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
  • BrandPost: Are You Ready to Become an Employee of the Future?

    The world is changing all around us. Even the seemingly little things, like how we wake up in the morning, how we get a ride downtown, and how we pay for goods and services, have all dramatically changed in the last few decades.Similarly, the world of work is also changing. In a recent session at the Smartsheet ENGAGE customer conference, Alan Lepofsky, VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, spoke about workplace change - in culture, technology, and processes - and what it means for
  • IDG Contributor Network: Want a better customer experience? Invest in your employee experience

    As a business leader, what is more important to you: your customers or your employees? It’s not a trick question – but it might as well be. While we don’t want to choose, in some ways we do every day. We prioritize the customer experience in every facet of our business, from how we build our products to how we market to end users to how we judge our success as a team and company. But when it comes to investing in the employee experience, we’ve left a lot on the table.As b
  • Product management in digital transformation: What's different?

    Many organizations view the product management role as a tactical role aiming to listen to customers and stakeholders and manage the product with the goal of growing revenue and the number of customers. But product management disciplines go well beyond managing everyone’s wish list. Product managers drive changes in sales process, marketing, tiering, bundling, pricing, discounting, partnerships, and enhancements to achieve their goals. The product management function is usually broken down
  • 9 IT projects primed for machine learning

    Machine learning is fast becoming a reality for forward-thinking organizations. But for most businesses, the best way to take advantage of the capabilities of machine learning technologies remains something of a mystery. Still, the drumbeat to experiment keeps getting louder.And the truth is, your competitors may already be laying the groundwork. IDC forecasts revenues for AI systems worldwide will almost double to $12.5 billion this year, and keep growing at a similar rate until they hit $46 bi
  • BrandPost: Using Containers to Reduce Public Cloud Costs

    Being a chief information officer or IT manager can be difficult, but it’s rarely boring. Given the accelerating pace of technological change, as soon as these professionals become comfortable with some cutting-edge technology, another compelling advance demands their attention.For many IT leaders, containers have become one of the top items on their “to-do” lists. These standards-based code wrappers emerged from the open source community a few years ago, and have experienced r
  • Linium Establishes Practice to Deliver Consulting Expertise and Robust Technology to Optimize Human Capital Management

    Linium, a world-class provider of business services that empower the entire enterprise, today announced the establishment of a new strategic practice that combines unparalleled consulting expertise with innovative technology solutions to modernize human capital management and optimize business performance.
  • HP Elite x3 review: Yep, this was the last great Windows phone

    Editor's Note: It looks like our headline was spot on, as HP has decided to discontinue the Elite x3 after Microsoft put Windows Mobile into maintenance mode. HP’s Elite x3 smartphone has achieved at least one thing: It has triumphantly realized Microsoft’s dream of phones that could eventually replace your PC.Microsoft’s vision was meaningless unless those phones could support the PC’s legacy apps. Microsoft’s Continuum feature already allows you to
  • 55% off High Speed USB Integrated Electrical Wall Outlet - Deal Alert

    This easy to install wall outlet features two high speed USB charging ports for smartphones, tablets and other USB devices, and a child-safe tamper-resistant power receptacle. Currently discounted 55% off its list price to just $15.29. See this deal on Amazon. Bundles of 2, 5 and 10 outlets are also discounted as well.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
  • IDG Contributor Network: The technology powering smart societies

    What is a smart society?
    "Smart society" is a concept we use to describe a future where people will use technology to solve problems and support better living for everyone. It is not the same for everyone as it depends on the particular needs of each country.For Germany is based on industrial automation, while in Japan is focused on the integration of the physical and digital space to support an aging society and unlock radical innovation in the Japanese industry.Singapore is one of the most adv
  • IDG Contributor Network: Your solution is perfectly ... imperfect

    Gotta love salespeople.Self-driven, solution-oriented, always seeking the win-win. I’ve spent the better part of the last 30 years in sales of some form or another. I’ve won some deals that I had no business winning. I’ve lost some that still hurt. I’ve passed on opportunities that I was grateful for passing on in hindsight. There are those to whom I’ve said no when I should have said yes. And, of course, I’ve taken on more than a few clients that should have
  • IDG Contributor Network: IoT architecture: To run on the cloud or not?

    From smart thermostats to fitness trackers, the Internet of Things (IoT) is now commonplace in our daily lives. It is not hard to see why adoption has been so widespread. These connected devices collect, process, and share data on the physical world around us to help make our lives easier and better.Similarly, many businesses are adopting IoT to use data to better understand their operations, make smarter decisions, reignite customer engagement, and reimagine how value is created. For instance,
  • IDG Contributor Network: Smart contracts are winning over tech startups

    Blockchain has become the IT buzzword in recent years, with hundreds of new companies rushing to create products and services based on the decentralized technology. With the amount of attention blockchain-based companies have been receiving, ranging from wide news coverage to massive valuations, many have overlooked one of the technology’s most valuable building blocks: the smart contract.Most startups focus on blockchain’s security features like transparency, fraud resistance, and h
  • IDG Contributor Network: Changing the definition of software testing in the AI era

    As enterprises move toward understanding and incorporating AI in not only their products and services but how they operate to bring these new, more powerful experiences to market, they will be expected to fundamentally change and transform their operational and execution procedures. The impact of AI on how an enterprise operates and generates business value will be profound, and in a world that is software driven, the act of building software, in addition to the software itself, will be driven b
  • BrandPost: Top 5 Reasons to Follow the Hyperconvergence Path

    Although hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is still an emerging data center technology, it represents a modern software-centric approach that holds the potential for bottom-line ROI.   Network World contributor Bob Violino writes that hyperconvergence is one of the hottest trends in data center technology, “with early adopters reaping the benefits of cost savings, enhanced data protection, increased scalability, and ease of management.” The publication labels it a “
  • BrandPost: 5 Top Benefits of Hyperconverged Infrastructure

    Although hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is still an emerging data center technology, it represents a modern software-centric approach that holds the potential for bottom-line ROI.   Network World contributor Bob Violino writes that hyperconvergence is one of the hottest trends in data center technology, “with early adopters reaping the benefits of cost savings, enhanced data protection, increased scalability, and ease of management.” The publication labels it a “
  • The top 9 ITSM suite vendors for 2017

    Organizations looking to codify IT management in service of business needs often turn to IT service management (ITSM), a set of policies, processes and procedures for managing customer-oriented IT services. ITSM offers various frameworks for businesses to create management standards around IT services and customer service practices, and to help businesses build structure around the lifecycle of IT services, from creation to management and upkeep.While ITSM does not focus on hardware, network or
  • 10 key warnings for your Windows 10 migration

    With Windows 7 a couple years away from its end of service date, January 14, 2020, many companies face Hobson’s choice: It’s the Win10 way or the highway. For those unwilling or unable to switch away from Windows, the path forward is clear. Barring a sudden turnaround in Microsoft’s stated intentions, or a Midas-sized bag of coins to fund a private extended support agreement, Windows 10 looms in your future.Whether you embrace the change or abhor it, there’s a handful of
  • IDG Contributor Network: The CIO identity crisis

    When it comes to hiring C-level positions, almost no company has a problem defining the skills and characteristics needed for the CEO, CFO, or COO.  Why, then is it so difficult to select the right talent to fill the top IT role?  In just this year, as this article illustrates it has been harder than ever to find and hire top notch CIO talent.The problem is at least partially related to the amount of change that each work type has undergone over the past 30 years.  Running the ove
  • 5 ways newer ERP systems overcome traditional limitations

    Few enterprises look forward to updating their ERP. It is hard work, not leading edge, and rarely enables the business to increase sales. Here's what you need to know about the new breed of ERP and how to ease the process when you've decided your ERP system needs an update.The trouble with traditional ERP
    ERP systems have a reputation for difficult installations. By the time they are finally operational, it is fairly common for implementation to have taken longer and cost more than originally pl
  • BrandPost: Automate These 3 Processes -- and Free Up Time for High-Value Work

    Information workers spend a significant amount of time on manual, repetitive work. More than 40% of respondents to a recent survey said they spend at least a quarter of their work week on manual, repetitive tasks. And nearly 60% of information workers estimated they’d save at least six hours each week if these aspects of their jobs were automated.Those same information workers also see the potential benefits of automation. Sixty-nine percent think automation will reduce time wasted on repe
  • BrandPost: Three Reasons Your Business Intelligence Adoption Has Stalled

    Today’s approach to business intelligence and analytics software favors easy-to-use, self-service-based platforms accessible to everyone within an organization. This is in stark contrast to the traditional BI model, which is built on technology that requires specialized skills and is best suited for IT developers curating data models, reports, and executive dashboards. A similar comparison could be made to the disruptive impact that integrating a camera into a smartphone had on the wo

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