• BrandPost: Cloud Verified: How Singtel is Inspiring Creativity & Innovation

    Singtel is one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies. Based in Singapore, it provides a complementary array of workforce mobility solutions, data hosting, cloud, network infrastructure, analytics, and cyber-security capabilities. It also offers mobile, broadband, and TV services that more than 700 million people use to stay connected.  Trustwave, a Singtel company, is also a global managed security services provider, with customers in 96 countries, 10 advanced security
  • Making the shift to product-based IT

    It’s a familiar failing of many IT projects. As teams move from one project to the next, “it’s almost like every program starts with a fresh mindset, instead of trying to iterate on what we’ve already launched,” says Sreelakshmi Kolli, vice president of IT at Align Technologies. “They lose continuity of thought.” But Kolli is working to change that mindset at the global medical device company by adopting its first product-centric delivery method this yea
  • Digital transformation is more than a slogan

    Digital transformation requires vision, leadership, process change, and technology. But as important as any of that, says Arthur Hu, CIO of Lenovo, is changing the “hearts and minds” of every employee in the company. I caught up with Hu to learn how he uses everyday innovation, identity, and teamwork to challenge long-held ideas about technology operations at the $43 billion global high-tech company.[ Be sure to learn the secrets of highly effective digital transformations — a
  • Top technical skills that will get you hired in 2019

    Top technical skills that will get you hired in 2019Image by Getty / Modified by IDG Comm.Landing the perfect IT job is never easy, but certain technical skills can smooth the way, especially if they’re in high demand. Job search platform Indeed has analyzed the fastest-growing terms used by job seekers when searching for tech jobs in 2019, and the results represent some significant changes over last year.To read this article in full, please click here
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  • BrandPost: AI Systems Push Data To Its Limits

    Roy Kim leads FlashBlade products and solutions team at Pure Storage. Previously, Roy spent eight years at NVIDIA, leading product management and marketing efforts focused on artificial intelligence and analytics, helping drive a start-up within the company to a multi-billion dollar business. Roy has Masters of Computer Science and Bachelors of Science from M.I.T.IDG recently sat down with Roy Kim, an artificial intelligence and deep learning expert at Pure Storage®, to discuss the data and
  • IDG Contributor Network: One CIO’s perspective on the people, process and technology formula for business success

    When Harold Leavitt coined the phrase people, process, and technology in his 1964 paper, Applied Organization Changes in Industry, he never imagined how often it would be used in identifying the key components for business success. However, many companies focus on process and technology as the two primary components with not enough emphasis on the people component. An IBM study supports this premise stating that that business transformation initiatives ignore the people aspect of the change ini
  • BrandPost: How AI Can Make You a Next-Generation CIO

    To say a CIO’s job is difficult is a gross understatement. Carrying out routine IT duties and deploying cutting-edge innovations makes for a tough balancing act. Toss in the fact that every CIO in the world is now under pressure to produce a game-changing AI strategy and you’ve got what seems like a recipe for career derailment.But I believe AI is different -- and presents a massive opportunity for CIOs to reinvent how organizations think about their role.AI—and more specifica
  • BrandPost: How ‘Mobile-First’ Mindsets for Companies like Uber and Pitney Bowes Are Fueling Business Growth

    Connected workforces are vital for today’s enterprises, which count on mobile teams that can share information quickly and easily to increase productivity, efficiency, and flexibility. Many companies have specific needs that are best met with Android solutions. Uber, SAS, and Pitney Bowes are three good examples of how adopting a “mobile-first” mindset translates into innovation and business growth.Scaling the BusinessUber began as a peer-to-peer ride sharing company and has s
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  • The digital future of healthcare

    Lehigh Valley Health Network set out to keep patients from dying of sepsis, a life-threatening complication that can result from an infection, and it planned to use its computer system to help.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • Best practices for hiring and recruiting on LinkedIn

    If you’re trying to fill available roles at your organization, you want to advertise your vacancy where the job-seekers are — for many companies, that means LinkedIn. With a network of approximately 590 million job seekers worldwide, LinkedIn is a great option, says Monica Lewis, group product manager, head of jobs, SMB and diversity at LinkedIn.LinkedIn offers a number of options for companies seeking to find candidates through its platform. Here is a look at LinkedIn’ recrui
  • IDG Contributor Network: 7 ‘don’ts’ of diversity for fostering a healthy office culture

    Change at a workplace is hard and often comes with improvements and challenges which cannot be ignored. Change can be a struggle for employees who often need time to gradually adapt themselves to it, rather than feeling forced into it. Even minor changes, for example, changing your company’s choice of internal messaging app may spark a crossfire, let alone discussions surrounding diversity.If you’re an entrepreneur, you may want to follow the latest trends from time to time to keep
  • IDG Contributor Network: Data-driven innovation in the insurance sector

    Data is a core input to the insurance sector where it is used to calculate and put a price on risk. While established insurance brokers and underwriters may be experts in risk management, new entrants are leveraging new sources of data and analyzing it in ways which are transforming the sector. Incumbents have an advantage in terms of the data they already hold and the trusted brands they manage but a number of the largest firms are partnering with data-driven startups to create innovative prod
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  • IDG Contributor Network: Teaching technology, enhanced lives and building local economies

    I had the true pleasure of meeting Ryan Neal, the Director of Targeted Training at LaunchCode, a different kind of training company that helps people enhance their lives by teaching them programming skills and then assisting them find employment through paid apprenticeships, direct job placement, company-sponsored training programs and other related activities.They began in St. Louis, MO, but now operate in various cities that have a combination of underemployed, an abundance of low wage worker
  • IT Resume Makeover: Showcasing skills for the private sector

    After working as a director of technology and a senior technical programmer in the public sector, Andrew Wiedlea wanted to shift to a position in the private sector. But when he decided to apply for jobs, he discovered his resume was “too wordy and detailed for the private sector” noting that he had more of a “CV, not a resume.”To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • IT manager’s survival guide: 11 ways to thrive in the years ahead

    Technology executives see a range of potential dangers to managers who are out of step with an evolving IT landscape, and some new research suggests IT managers are not quite as layoff-proof as in previous years.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • IDG Contributor Network: Grooming future IT leaders

    As I discussed in "How to select a leader," leadership in the digital age is a necessity. But how can CIOs groom and grow leaders that are able to break through the all-too-common silo thinking and enable tangible business change?Identify leadership potential early
    As I’ve learned through moderating countless #CIOChat sessions, CIOs believe that IT leaders are needed with awareness and understanding of the broader context of their business environments. This includes a willingness to list
  • BrandPost: Key Learnings for Your Journey to AI — from People Who Have Been There

    Artificial intelligence initiatives are springing up in almost every industry and generating a huge market in their wake. Gartner predicts that AI augmentation will generate $3.9 trillion in business value by 2022 alone. What’s more, Gartner says that AI promises to be the most disruptive class of technologies during the next 10 years, driven by increases in computational power, advances in storage technology, the availability of new data and the ubiquity of deep learning toolkits. H
  • New organization aims to accelerate progress of women in leadership

    MSCI, which provides market indexes and portfolio and risk management services, has a new report on the progress made toward greater representation of women on boards of directors. It’s not great news:Of the 2,700 companies on MSCI’s All Country World Index, the percentage of firms that had at least one woman director increased only marginally. In 2017, 77.4 percent of companies on the Index had a woman seated on the board of directors; as of October 2018, that percentage was 78.7 p
  • TBM success stories: Improving the value of IT

    CIOs have long struggled to quantify the value of IT services relative to production costs, a financial black box that sows distrust between the tech department and business divisions. As IT implements additional digital capabilities in service of the business, this disconnect is widening, inspiring more CIOs to embrace technology business management (TBM), which largely comprises financial management software aimed at documenting the value of IT services.To read this article in full, please cli
  • IDG Contributor Network: Price of entry or corporate strategy: how pharma and biotech are approaching digital health

    The high costs of drug discovery and commercialization, looming patent cliffs, and increasing regulatory pressure on drug pricing have created a perfect storm of margin and growth pressures on the pharma sector. In an apparent response to these pressures, M&A activity in pharma is back. This month, Bristol Myers Squibb’s announced its $74 Billion acquisition of Celgene, and Eli Lilly did the same with its $8 Billion acquisition of Loxo. (At the recently concluded JP Morgan Healthcare
  • Linium is Now a Certified HR Service Delivery Training Partner of ServiceNow

    Linium, a Ness Digital Engineering Company, is pleased to announce it has received certification to provide training in ServiceNow HR Service Delivery. Building on its recognition as an Authorized Training and Gold Partner, this designation expands Linium’s ability to deliver digital transformation to customers by leveraging the ServiceNow platform.    
  • Linium is Now a Certified HR Service Delivery Partner of ServiceNow

    Linium, a Ness Digital Engineering Company, is pleased to announce it has received certification to provide training in ServiceNow HR Service Delivery. Building on its recognition as an Authorized Training and Gold Partner, this designation expands Linium’s ability to deliver digital transformation to customers by leveraging the ServiceNow platform.    
  • IDG Contributor Network: The new CIO playbook (psst…this works well for other IT leadership jobs, too)

    So you’ve survived the multiple interview trips, haggled over your new compensation package and persuaded a reluctant spouse to relocate (yet again!).  Today is your first day on the job as a new CIO.  What are you going to do?You’ll initially be surrounded by dozens of managers and staff members who are dying to tell you what they do and why it’s important.  You’ll be hailed as a messiah by self-proclaimed change agents who would like to convert you into
  • ITIL 4: ITSM gets agile

    ITIL-based organizations take note: The popular framework has undergone a significant overhaul aimed at modernizing IT service management (ITSM) into a more agile, value-driven business asset.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • Data mining the stars: The virtualized telescope that transformed astronomy

    In the 1990s, astrophysicist Dr. Alex Szalay and computer scientist Dr. Jim Gray had a brainstorm: What if a database could be turned into a virtual telescope that could then be data-mined? Open access to such data could revolutionize the field of astronomy.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • BrandPost: New Data Center Challenges Demand New Strategies

    Brian Schwarz serves as a Vice President of Product Management at Pure Storage focusing on the FlashBlade product line. Prior to joining Pure in 2014, he spent six years at Cisco Systems building the Unified Computing System offering.The deluge of data from sensors and devices, combined with AI and other applications that consume big data, is putting extreme pressure on data center infrastructure. IDG recently sat down with Brian Schwarz, VP of Product Management at Pure Storage®, to d
  • IDG Contributor Network: The ‘future of work’ in the digital era may not be what you think

    I remember walking through the turnstile at Disneyland as a kid. The moment we were actually in the park, I knew exactly where I was headed.Like any Southern California native, I had a laundry list of my favorite spots at The Happiest Place on Earth. But at the top of that list — and the place I ran toward the moment I crossed that threshold — was Tomorrowland.As a kid, stepping foot into Tomorrowland felt as if I was actually traveling to the future. It was full of new ideas about
  • Wyndham Hotels checks into the cloud

    Consumer behavior shifts spurred by home-sharing are forcing some hoteliers to seek help from outside the hospitality sector for a fresh perspective. That's what Wyndham Hotels and Resorts CEO Geoffrey A. Ballotti had in mind when he turned to the consumer electronics industry to find CIO Scott Strickland in 2017.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • 7 things IT should be automating

    To take advantage of innovations like artificial intelligence you must first move away from manual processes. For that reason alone, automation should be a key short-term priority for most CIOs.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • IDG Contributor Network: The future of the CIO

    Every so often, I get requests from outside organizations wanting to learn from the CIOs in the #CIOChat. Recently, an organization wanted to get a sense of how the CIO role will change in the next five years. Here is a summary of what we both learned from this conversation.How does where a CIO reports impact the ability to transform?
    I expected a more unified position for this question, but instead I heard two differing perspectives. One group of CIOs insisted that CIOs do not necessarily need
  • BrandPost: Addressing the Full Cloud Stack, Securely and Reliably

    NewCloud Networks is a cloud computing and communications provider specializing in backup-as-a-service, disaster recovery-as-a service, security as-a-service, and customized clouds based on VMware technology. Based in Denver, Colo., NewCloud also offers a wide range of virtualization services and unified communications solutions, including hosted private branch exchanges.  Sam Kumar’s excitement for the cloud is contagious. The CEO and president of NewCloud Networks created the
  • Solving the mass data fragmentation problem should be a top CIO priority

    Last year, I wrote two posts on Network World about mass data fragmentation (MDF).  The first one defined the problem, and the second one highlighted how the issue can be addressed. Since the articles were published, I’ve had a number of discussions with IT professionals about this topic and how important it is, and I believe it deserves some attention from CIOs. To read this article in full, please click here
  • AI proves its value in improving customer experiences

    Companies are on a mission to enhance customer experience, to make life happier for the people with whom they do business. A quick search on business social media site LinkedIn turns up a numerous jobs related to customer experience management.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • BrandPost: Navigating the Rocky Road of Data-Driven Insights

    Companies of all shapes and sizes are chasing the holy grail of data-driven transformation, driven by the need to unlock insights to fuel new revenue opportunities, drive efficiencies, and deliver innovative products and services.In a survey of 2,300 global business and IT leaders by MIT Technology Review Insights, in association with Pure Storage®, 87% of respondents said data is key to new business growth and for delivering better results for customers and clients. Eighty-six percent of t
  • BrandPost: Data Gravity and What It Means for Enterprise Data Analytics and AI Architectures

    New data-intensive applications like data analytics, artificial intelligence and the Internet of things are driving huge growth in enterprise data. With this growth comes a new set of IT architectural considerations that revolve around the concept of data gravity. In this post, I will take a high-level look at data gravity and what it means for your enterprise IT architecture, particularly as you prepare to deploy data-intensive AI and deep learning applications.What is data gravity?Data gravit
  • IDG Contributor Network: EMEA CIOs most likely to scale digital initiatives in 2019

    Across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) digital business is at a crossroads: according to Gartner’s 2019 CIO Agenda Survey, 35 percent of CIOs surveyed in EMEA are ready to roll their digital initiatives on a broader scale. That’s 20 percent more CIOs who made the same claim last year. Gartner’s annual global survey included 3,100 CIO participants in all major industries, including 921 respondents in 53 EMEA countries.“EMEA CIOs are setting the example when it c
  • IDG Contributor Network: 5 ways a global presence can benefit your tech company

    If you run a successful tech startup or an established business, primarily offering digital products and services, chances are you have a significant customer presence worldwide. There also lies a high probability that you leverage a remote workforce ‘round-the-globe enabling increased collaboration over time zones. While staying local never hurt anybody, there might be some good reasons of maintaining a global presence which you may not be aware of. One of them is the multifaceted choice
  • IDG Contributor Network: Emerging consumer technology influences your industry

    Happy New Year!I hope you got all the new technology you were hoping for this past holiday season! Once again, voice assistants had a big year. In addition to a record number of voice assistants sold, Amazon reported that voice shopping tripled this holiday season. I have to agree with this trend… for that reoccurring staple, I found myself voice ordering through my AI assistant this past year as well. It really is frictionless. One of the things that was different this year was that it
  • How to create a culture of innovation

    A culture of innovation is not the first description that comes to mind when talking about a 90-year-old domestic manufacturer, but it's something officials at John Matouk & Co. are actively implementing as a key part of their digital transformation.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • 10 top-rated tech companies to work for in 2019

    Top-rated tech companies on GlassdoorImage by raw pixel modified by IDG Comm.Glassdoor can offer you an insiders-look at what it’s like to work at almost any company before you decide to take the job. With candid reviews and ratings, employees — past and present — can leave reviews detailing their personal experiences working for the company.To read this article in full, please click here
  • IDG Contributor Network: Is automation the biggest threat to your job in 2019?

    If you’ve been hearing about the latest developments in technology, or reading speculative prediction articles about what the near future might look like, you might be concerned that your job could be lost—replaced by automation. If that’s the case, you’re not alone; 65 percent of people in the United States believe that automation will definitely or probably lead to significant job losses, and other countries have an even higher percentage of belief in that eventual rea
  • IDG Contributor Network: Strategic IT Governance 2.0 – A business imperative for competitive success

    As we begin 2019, you’re probably among the many CIOs around the globe reviewing strategic objectives and thinking about how to successfully execute the ever-increasing number of strategic projects without any significant proportional increase in your IT budget. And burning in the back of your mind are all the statistics about project failures.McKinsey & Company writes about 17 percent of IT projects go so badly, they threaten the existence of the company. Gartner states that the fail
  • How IoT can improve IT operations

    While the internet of things (IoT) continues to draw praise for its promise to reinvent such areas as supply chain management and the connected home, a more quiet revolution may be brewing, as companies are already experimenting with IoT devices to improve the productivity, efficiency and security of internal IT operations.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • IDG Contributor Network: 5 dirty little secrets of your system integrator

    Over the last 20 to 30 years, we continue to read about companies blowing their IT-enabled transformation budgets and schedules.  At least one new study comes out each year showing that 30% - 60% of all large projects exceed their expected budgets by 25% or more.  Consequently, purchasing departments have been implementing tighter contracts with system integrators in hopes of reducing the amount of budget uncertainty. In response, systems integrators have redrawn (in th
  • IDG Contributor Network: The digital CIO’s New Year reflections and resolutions

    Due to the disruptive nature of technology and abundant growth of information, IT simply cannot stand still or just react to changes. Digital IT organizations today need to become the change agent and innovation hub of the business. Thus, it’s important for CIOs to spend time on doing IT evaluation, stepping out of the routinely transactional activities for a while, to reimagine the new possibility of running a highly innovative digital IT organization.Perhaps it’s the right timing
  • How Johnson & Johnson embraced agile to drive digital transformation

    Stuart McGuigan is no stranger to transformations. The longtime IT leader and 2018 inductee to the CIO Hall of Fame has blazed a trail of change in his leadership roles at Liberty Mutual, CVS and Johnson & Johnson.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • 7 key IT investments for 2019 (and 3 going cold)

    Digital transformation is shaking the IT industry to its roots, and CIOs are reacting by strengthening their stakes in several promising new technologies while pulling back investments in other sectors.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • IDG Contributor Network: 3 ways Amazon can address its web service data risk – and what others can learn from it

    As Amazon provides merchants and third-party services with ways to interface with its systems, the company may have also opened its platform to new vulnerabilities. Now, Amazon may just be dealing with a potential major data risk.To conduct business with Chinese parties, sellers need to tap payment processing companies like Pingping and Lianlian Pay to handle transactions. Merchants also have integrated these services to their Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) accounts so that payment inform
  • IDG Contributor Network: On technological ‘terrors’

    The other day I posted sort of a tease on LinkedIn on something that I’ve been thinking for a while, and something that I am going to try and elaborate in this humble blog of mine.You know the scene. Empire bigwigs are in a meeting room in the Death Star and they’re talking about how fully operational the battle station is and how it is no match for the Rebel Alliance. Vader steps up to assure that the plans will be recovered soon, and then the other guy talks about how the station
  • IDG Contributor Network: Whatever your goals, it’s time to make things happen!

    What does ‘time waits for no one’ mean to you? Until recently, it was just another wise saying my mother shared. While I felt the need to move forward, I did not realize the importance of keeping my actions purposeful and directed, and I slowly drifted off course. By not taking full ownership and accountability, I allowed relationships to lapse while I concentrated on my career. In the process I lost my sense-of-self and drifted from my passion. Now, I am beginning again…focu

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