• BrandPost: CIOs and AI: Navigating the Challenges and Opportunities

    Cathleen Southwick, CIO at Pure Storage, has provided strategic IT leadership for multibillion-dollar businesses. She has expertise in a broad range of areas, including technology strategy and roadmaps. Previously, Cathleen spent 22 years at AT&T, most recently as vice president of technology engineering.IDG recently sat down with Cathleen Southwick, CIO at Pure Storage®, to discuss some of the challenges and opportunities that artificial intelligence (AI) poses for CIOs, and how t
  • BrandPost: Developers and IT Ops: Finding the hybrid cloud common ground

    Trying to get different teams to collaborate is never an easy feat. But no two groups are more notoriously difficult to work together than developers and IT operators. After all, the two groups have had a contentious relationship for quite some time. Historically, developers want to release features as quickly and efficiently as possible, while IT operators want to ensure things are done reliably, securely, and meet corporate and compliance policies.In a recent BriefingsDirect podcast, Dana Gar
  • IDG Contributor Network: Fine tuning SAFe with architecture

    Most organizations view their digital transformation as a top priority. Many are full speed ahead with their digital transformation using SAFe or another agile approach to deliver their information technology projects. Yet “83% of leaders struggle to make meaningful progress on their digital transformation,” according to Gartner.Too often, architects and agile teams work in silos, as if they were conflictual approaches. It does not need to be this way. This article intends to show h
  • IDG Contributor Network: CIO trends 2019: Multi-cloud is becoming the norm

    Organizations everywhere are moving forward with digital transformation plans and projects. Consequently, almost all of them (94 percent) are now “cloudified” – in other words, they all use the cloud in one way or another, a phenomenon described in RightScale’s 2019 State of the Cloud Report (now part of Flexera).As organizations become more familiar with a more digital way of doing business, many of them choose to work in a broader-based, more diverse IT landscape found
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  • What customer-centric IT really looks like

    When Bernie Gracy took the tech leader reins at Agero, his first order of business was to take stock of the company’s extensive technology portfolio and spend the day riding around in a tow truck.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • Palm Beach County speeds court filings with AI

    Florida’s Palm Beach County is keeping five recent recruits in the dark to boost productivity: The Lights-Out Court Document Processing project has five “robots” working 24/7 to process some of the thousands of documents the county court receives each week. It’s an example of how artificial intelligence and humans can work alongside one another — and shows how enterprises can enhance manual systems with AI.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Stor
  • BrandPost: How to Better Measure your Managed Service Provider

    Binding you as an enterprise customer to a managed service provider (MSP) is a comprehensive legal document that contains terms, definitions, coverage, protocols, procedures and more, including at its heart, a service level agreement (SLA).Detailing key measurements that enable contract enforcement, SLAs are designed to ensure that customers get what they expect, especially in terms of service availability, and that service providers understand their responsibilities. But while SLAs are vital t
  • CIO exit strategy: The keys to preserving your brand

    CIOs understand full well the value of succession planning in the digital age. But IT leaders must also diligently prepare for the day they walk out the door for the last time: the exit strategy.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
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  • BrandPost: Bringing a New Era of Cloud-Enabled Business to Poland

    Business is booming at Ergonet, an IT-services provider based in Łódź, a scenic and historic city in central Poland. With more than 20 years of experience serving companies in the region, its experts — which include cloud solution and networking engineers, security professionals and specialists in backup and replication — provide a wide range of managed cloud services.Ergonet’s customers include large global companies that benefit from the firm’s experie
  • BrandPost: Exploration Company Improves Storage Architecture for Success in Exploration

    Fabulous Success in Exploration
    According to IDC research, one-fourth to one-third of the value generated by a typical oil and gas exploration and production company’s annual activities is owed to data. Lundin Norway is no exception.New Reservoir Simulations Need More Data Storage
    Data is one of the most valuable resources in a smart world, and the volume of data collected in the oil and gas industry is growing exponentially. With target exploration fields shifting from conventional to un
  • BrandPost: MPS Widiba: Bridging the Past, Embracing the Future

    "Widiba’s new IT infrastructure has made a huge difference to its operation and has allowed it to accelerate significantly the introduction of new services. Moving from an infrastructure that was complex and fragile, it now has one that is more adaptable and less costly to maintain than its predecessor. With the Huawei’s powerful infrastructure, these targets are very easy to achieve. From start to finish we have been very impressed by Huawei’s approach. The company is very res
  • BrandPost: Huawei Provides Campus Wi-Fi Solution at the Marina Bay Street Circuit

    Accelerating Connectivity at the Singapore Night Race
    The FORMULA 1 2018 SINGAPORE AIRLINES SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX, held from 14 to 16 September, attracted its second highest attendance to date. With more than 263,000 race fans on site, it created a big challenge for the venue’s wireless network to serve the spectators, media personnel and on-site staff who require fast communications and smooth connectivity.Enhanced All-Scenario Wi-Fi Solution
    The same Wi-Fi network devices had been used a
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  • BrandPost: Rustenburg: World Platinum Capital Deploys Smart City ‘Gold Mine’

    Founded in 1850, Rustenburg, South Africa is the largest and most populous city in the country’s North West province. Local tourist attractions include Sun City, the Valley of Waves, and the Rustenburg Nature Reserve.Home to one of the two largest major platinum mines in the world, Rustenburg’s mineral deposits have led to rapid economic growth and urban expansion, making it one of the fastest growing cities in South Africa.In 2017, Rustenburg’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) re
  • IDG Contributor Network: Technology in retail

    I usually keep this blog “industry agnostic,” talking about technology in a manner that is somewhat indifferent to the different industries impacted by technology. I’ll give examples from various types of industry because I find that technology is making a significant impact on all businesses. You’ve heard this story before, people often quote the historical stories about Blockbuster and Netflix, Kodak and the digital camera, and Uber and the taxi industry.This week howe
  • BrandPost: Why is More Data Staying On Premises?

    Enterprises are keeping more and more data on premises. This shift, which involves on-premises infrastructure and often some form of private clouds, is hard to deny.In a survey last year of more than 400 enterprises in the United States, market research firm IDG found IT and general management expecting on average to keep 52% of data on premises, up from 48%. Related surveys of European and Asian businesses showed even greater increases in the number of respondents expecting to keep more than h
  • Spring 2019: Humanizing the digital experience

    [ Register to view the CIO Spring 2019 digital magazine ]Welcome to the Spring 2019 digital issue of CIO featuring winners of our annual Digital Edge 50 awards. In these pages, you'll learn how organizations are improving the digital experience for their customers, what sets transformational leaders apart, and how leading CIOs are finding success with in-house innovation hubs and analytics centers of excellence.To read this article in full, please click here
  • IDG Contributor Network: How to stop the chaos and truly collaborate

    There’s a business analyst/architect group, a process innovation group, a design thinking group, a technology group and more. Not all of these groups are internal. Some of them are external. Tech vendors try to push new technologies. Management consultants try to push their new or upgraded service. Partner firms want to prove a point. More complexity.Groups are likely global. Even your own colleagues are located across multiple offices in multiple countries. Even more complexity. The grou
  • IDG Contributor Network: The next frontier of AI in healthcare

    A recent OptumIQ annual survey of major healthcare organizations on AI in Healthcare shows an average of $32.4M investment per organization over the next 5 years. 91% of the 500 healthcare leaders surveyed are confident they will see an ROI on AI – in the next 4 years for hospital executives, and in 3 years or less for 38% of employers and 20% of health plan executives. 75% of those surveyed are either actively implementing or planning to execute an AI strategy.In planning an AI strategy,
  • IDG Contributor Network: Who’s afraid of the CMDB?

    In the Star Trek universe, a master systems display (MSD) is the screen that appears behind Worf in “The Next Generation,” in the table in main engineering where Geordi La Forge hangs out, and in many other places in the ship. It also appears in other series and movies. (For instance, Kirk and Spock go over the damages to the ship after Khan attacks the Enterprise in the second, and best, movie.) It’s conveniently used as a device where characters would gather around and discu
  • Top 5 requirements management tools

    Your team’s ability to navigate business requirements plays a pivotal role in project success. To provide stakeholders with the high-quality deliverables they expect, you must understand and manage their requirements. Here, requirements management tools can help your team accurately capture, prioritize, track, and report what key stakeholders require of your project.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • 9 ways to address the IT retirement boom

    The tech talent crunch is real, as enterprises around the world find qualified staff harder to attract . Worse, working age populations are shrinking in forty countries, including France, Russia, China, and Spain. In America, Baby Boomer retirements, low immigration rates, and record-setting low unemployment are making it difficult for many enterprises to attract and keep qualified staff — especially for roles in which legacy skills are in high demand.To read this article in full, please c
  • BrandPost: AI, This Is the Intelligent and Lossless Data Center Network You Want!

    The AI era is accelerating. AI is no longer just a data model in a lab. In addition, the industry is constantly exploring the way to implement AI applications.The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of government, finance, Internet, new retail, new manufacturing, and healthcare industries with AI implementation will exceed 30% in the future three years. As AI is coming, is the underlying network infrastructure that provides key support for AI development already ready?The algorithm, computing po
  • BrandPost: Next-Gen Data Center Networking – Built for AI, Powered by AI

    Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) is creating new opportunities for businesses and consumers. Indeed, PwC, a major consultancy, expects AI to contribute over $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030 [1]. At the same time, within the data center, a move to micro-services-based software architectures, distributed storage, and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) workloads are pushing east-west traffic to previously unseen heights.Huawei’s Global Industry Visio
  • BrandPost: Making data centers AI-ready with an industry-leading cloud engine

    As part of its full-stack, all-scenario AI strategy, Huawei has embedded artificial intelligence into its network products and solutions to create a better connected, intelligent future. What are the key solutions for realizing this future?A cloudy historyOn August 8, 2012, Huawei launched CloudEngine 12800, a data center switch built for the cloud computing era. It led the world in design and technological trends for high-density 100GE platform data center switches, enjoying the fastest growth
  • BrandPost: The Story Behind Wi-Fi 6 Through the Eyes of the Standards Working Group

    Since its humble beginning in 1997, Wi-Fi has become an integral part of our daily lives. We pretty much take for granted the connectivity through Wi-Fi and depend on it to maintain our productivity and business agility — to innovate faster to meet new challenges and customer demands.Since the introduction of protocol 802.11b, each subsequent generation of the Wi-Fi protocol has brought more speed and better throughout for users. As we embark on this journey for digital transformation, es
  • Top IT spending priorities for 2019

    The CIO role continues to grow, thanks in large part to digital transformation, with IT executives adding new responsibilities, ranging from data analytics to product development, according to our 2019 State of the CIO. To meet these goals and continue to innovate, savvy IT leaders must carefully decide which tech investments to make to drive innovation, increase market share, develop and deploy new solutions and meet customer needs.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • Smithfield cloud ERP sows analytics opportunities

    Failed ERP implementations halt the careers of even the most seasoned IT leaders. But successful ERP projects buoy them.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • 8 key roles of successful AI projects

    Artificial intelligence offers ample opportunities to reap business value. When done right, AI can help improve sales, optimize operations, and free up staff for higher-value work. It can help reduce costs and empower organizations to create new products and pursue new markets.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • IDG Contributor Network: 4 reasons why you should consider a platform strategy

    The term platform is frequently cited in tech circles but often misunderstood. Google, Facebook and Amazon are the platform giants of the 21st century but what exactly is a platform, and should your company be building one? Like most questions, the answer is, "It depends" but if you are looking to expand your user base, build closer relationships with suppliers and want to make it more difficult for competitors to take market share then you should at least consider a platform strategy.When desi
  • IDG Contributor Network: Managing multi cloud

    Several weeks ago, I got to visit a Global 50 manufacturer. This organization had a very complex supply chain and manufacturing locations and vendor relationships across the world. It needed to govern the data that flowed between suppliers, customers, and even internal organizations. And it was not appropriate for everyone to see everything.In the middle of this conversation, the manufacturer discussed the depth of their clouds and cloud vendor relationships and the problems that multi-cloud pr
  • For Bayer Crop Science, decision science breeds success

    James Swanson’s deep belief in analytics began with a sensor in the back of a truck that was moving seeds from the farm to the processing plant. The idea was simple: Use the data from the sensor to prevent seed loss.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • Public cloud: Real-world examples of strategic success

    Public cloud services are a strategic weapon for CIOs. More than a way to cease operating data centers, the public cloud offers CIOs the ability to focus on strategic projects aimed at boosting the bottom line.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • BrandPost: A Year-to-Year Comparison of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Hyperconverged Infrastructure

    “If you don't know where you are going any road can take you there.” 
    --Lewis Carroll, Alice in WonderlandIn business, it’s helpful to have a roadmap, showing where you are going and how to get there. Yet, knowing what path to take is often challenging, especially in the fast-moving and ever-changing tech world. Sometimes it’s easier to see where you are going, if you have a sense of where you have been and the progress you have made along the way.For hyperconverged
  • IDG Contributor Network: The 3 surprising secrets that drive innovation in the digital era

    What if everything you knew about innovation was wrong?The fear of digital disruption and the boundless opportunities that are arising as we enter the digital era are making innovation a critical topic for CIOs and their C-suite counterparts.As a result, enterprises are launching innovation-focused initiatives at every turn.But what if creating innovative breakthroughs and developing a much-heralded innovation culture isn’t about creating tiger teams or unleashing unbridled, free-wheeling
  • How to choose which IT conferences to attend

    From user symposiums to vendor-neutral events, there’s no shortage of tech conferences to sign up for. Each offers unique upside, whether it’s strategic insights into how another company implemented a new technology or simply an opportunity to grow your network. But with the need to learn almost everything in a fast-paced profession, and the time that conferences take away from pressing work, how do you know which ones are worth attending?To read this article in full, please click he
  • BrandPost: Saving IT Costs & Achieving Greater Business Agility with the Cloud

    Mobile TeleSystems PJSC, or MTS, is not only the largest telecommunications group in Russia and the Confederacy of Independent States, but also the largest mobile operator in Eastern and Central Europe. It has more than 100 million mobile subscribers and 9 million customers for its fixed-line services, which include voice, broadband internet and pay TV.In March 2017, the company launched #CloudMTS, a cloud service for large corporate clients that provides elastic cloud capabilities, including r
  • 11 most difficult IT jobs for employers to fill

    As 2019 unfolds, CIOs continue to shoulder greater responsibility for digital transformation initiatives and strategic business tasks, including those related to data science and analytics and security and risk management. With that greater responsibility, though, comes operational challenges — not the least of which is recruiting and hiring talent with the skills necessary to advance those strategic initiatives.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • IDG Contributor Network: PaaS, part one: The BLT

    Much of my work over the past decade has centered on the notion of building a platform in one way or another.  It could be through architecting a major business service to meet a new regulatory need, defining, implementing, and managing partner integrations, participating in standards and data governance bodies, or exploring business partnerships to design a shared platform.  I always loved connecting and exposing various parts of the organization, especially by means of external coll
  • BrandPost: Making Automotive Manufacturing Smarter with AI

    The automotive industry has a long-running track record for harnessing the latest technologies to bring efficient, innovative and safe vehicles to market, while continually working to cut manufacturing costs. Today, these technologies include artificial intelligence and high performance computing — two keys to automotive success.While for many years the industry has invested heavily in HPC systems to power modeling, design and simulation applications, today this focus is broadening to inc
  • IDG Contributor Network: 15 characteristics of IT digital maturity

    Nowadays, we have more computing power, abundant data and greater potential empowerment of the knowledge workforce than ever. Technology is pervasive and information is permeating into almost every corner of the business. Business initiatives today nearly always involve some form of technology implementation and information refinement.IT organizational digital maturity is the measure of IT digital readiness and competency. Many think the new way of running the business is the management through
  • For Ginnie Mae, data analytics lends disaster relief

    When disaster strikes, data can help organizations keep a pulse on the fallout. But without an effective analytics strategy and platform, all the data in the world won’t help facilitate difficult decisions when they matter most.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • 11 leadership practices that could sink your software project

    Software developers created the idea of an “antipattern” to warn others what not to do. Think of the “Dragons Be Here” label on old maps. Whatever you do, don’t sail your ship here.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • Practical AI in the contact center starts with agent assistance

    A few years ago, Walker and a couple of other firms predicted that customer experience (CX) would become the top brand differentiator by 2020. This gave CIOs a bit of time to plan how to ensure a top-quality customer experience. Based on other research I have seen and conversations with C-level executives, 2020 came early and CX is already the top differentiator. Great experiences drive loyalty up, bad experiences drive customers away
    CIOs need to understand that CX improvements are driven
  • BrandPost: It’s a brave, new cloud world out there. Are you ready?

    Cloud adoption across an enterprise is a major undertaking, fundamentally changing how IT works. What organizations used to accomplish in man power and labor is now transformed and automated. Using software, a business can manage their datacenter as code. And it’s not just compute, storage, and fabric; it’s all the ancillary software services that surround it – identity, encryption, logging, monitoring, and continuous governance. What used to take months to plan and develop no
  • BrandPost: Managed Google Play simplifies app distribution

    Getting mobile apps for work should be simple. Just as with consumer app stores, you ought to be able to download the right apps for getting the job done.  The best way to build this experience on Android in the enterprise is through managed Google Play. Admins can create a customized, secure storefront for internal and publicly available apps that mirrors what consumers experience through the public Google Play Store.To read this article in full, please click here
  • What is an IT auditor? A vital role for risk assessment

    What is an IT auditor?
    An IT auditor is responsible for analyzing and assessing a company’s technological infrastructure to ensure processes and systems run accurately and efficiently, while remaining secure and meeting compliance regulations. An IT auditor also identifies any IT issues that fall under the audit, specifically those related to security and risk management. If issues are identified, IT auditors are responsible for communicating their findings to others in the organization a
  • Culture change 101: Collaborate with HR to drive transformation

    CIOs lament change-resistant corporate cultures as one of the biggest barriers they face in executing their digital strategy. But jettisoning unhealthy habits and comfortable modes of operating creates the kind of friction that can kill IT careers.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)
  • IDG Contributor Network: Change your self-image to reach your potential

    Whenever I’m asked who I am, my answer is to share where I work, the organizations I am affiliated with and my family (I am a mother and a wife).But in fact, that is not really who I am or what I do.After I left my corporate career, it was difficult to introduce myself. I began by describing where I used to work, which let an awkward transition to who I had become. Once I learned not to define myself by my position, I began to respect myself as an individual and was more engaging. I disco
  • BrandPost: IIoT: An Essential Industry 4.0 Building Block

    Industry 4.0 is underway, as evidenced by the adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Although the manufacturing sector is a trendsetter in this space, other industries are digging in — such that the global market is forecasted to reach $123 billion by 2021.IIoT is a lynchpin technology in this next industrial revolution that can propel digital transformation efforts. It is driving the optimization of operations, innovation and development of new products, and improved respo
  • BrandPost: Leveraging the Power of Hadoop 3

    Two of the greatest achievements in the history of computer data management are:
    The theory and development of relational database management systems (RDBMSs)
    The realization that strong transactional consistency was not required for all dataLet me elaborate…When the founders of Google were trying to figure out how to assemble information about every Web page and hyperlink on the Internet so they could develop analytics to gauge the relevance of search results to end users, they were int

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