• Effective Online PR Are Helping Companies Attract Better Talent

    Recruitment is a two-way process. Companies may be trying to sort through candidates to find the best possible person for a position, but candidates are also actively choosing the companies they apply to based on a number of factors.on27 Apr 2017
    The company’s brand value and reputation are among the things that encourage potential candidates to apply for a position with a company. More importantly, candidates now turn to the internet to find out more about the companies they are applying
  • Simplicity’s growth continues, smashing the £100m mark

    Recruitment finance and back office providers Simplicity are continuing to achieve their growth plans by hitting the £100m marker.Posted inNews archiveon27 Apr 2017
    Managing Director, David Thornhill commented, “I am very proud of the team; everyone has worked so hard this year to get the company through the £100m finish line. This year we will hopefully see sales grow further, especially once we launch our innovative on-line recruitment work flow solution in the summer.
  • First quarter pay awards steady at 2%

    Pay settlements in the first quarter of 2017 are steady at a 2% median award, according to the latest data from pay analysts at XpertHR.Posted inNews archiveon27 Apr 2017
    This marks the fourth consecutive rolling quarter of pay awards at this level, following a turbulent 2016 where pay awards were often worth less than the 2% benchmark.
    Based on a sample of 260 pay awards from across the economy effective between 1 January and 31 March 2017, we find that:half of all pay awards are worth between
  • Companies must identify and harness emerging talent at all income levels

    Global talent acquisition and management consultancy, Alexander Mann Solutions, is supporting organisations to tap into talent from all income backgrounds to boost innovation and profitability. Posted inNews archiveon27 Apr 2017
    This comes at a time when statistics from the Social Mobility Forum (SMF) reveal that a low ability child from a high-income family is 35% more likely to become a high earner than a high ability child from a low-income family.
    SMF’s findings also reveal that just 4
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  • EEOC outlines 4 new approaches to fight workplace harassment

    Workplace harassment is virtually an epidemic these days — the EEOC says a third of the nearly 100,000 charges it receives annually now include a harassment allegation. But the agency’s taking steps to help both workers and managers handle the problem.
    Part of the problem is employees have become more sensitive to harassing behavior.
    What the agency wants now
    The other part of the equation is managers and rank-and-file workers are unsure what their role is in stopping harassment. So
  • Rethinking employee engagement: 2 seldom-used tactics to lift morale

    If you’re having trouble with employee engagement, you’re not alone.More than half of U.S. workers (63%) said they weren’t engaged at work, according to “Trends in Global Employee Engagement Study” by Aon Hewitt.
    Stats like these can keep HR pros up at night. And for good reason — many firms are spending a lot of time and resources on the whole employee engagement issue.
    If the standard tactics just are keeping your staff engaged, there are other options.
  • Workforce 100: It Feels Like the First Time

    Workforce has been ranking the top 100 companies for excellence in human resources practices for the past four years. During that time companies including AT&T Inc. and Marriott International Inc. consistently ranked in the top 20. Companies like ADP  and McDonald’s Corp. have sunk from the top five in 2014 to the bottom of the list or off the list entirely, while companies like The Walt Disney Co., Apple and Comcast Corp. have climbed from the bottom 10 in 2014 to the top 10 in 2
  • Structuring a Remote Working Program

    Remote working has shifted from a trend to a strategy necessary in the war for talent. It’s not going anywhere. It’s a competitive advantage.
    And with that comes many considerations. Employers must ask, if I am to adapt remote working as a benefit to employees, what do I need to know? What are all of those logistic, legal and management-related things that I can’t afford to ignore from the very start?
    This was the theme of David Lewis’ lecture at the Society for Human Res
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  • Congrats to Philip Miscimarra on His Appointment as NLRB Chair

    I’m on record as calling Philip Miscimarra “mad as hell,” referring to his scathing dissents in recent NLRB protected concerted activity cases. I also have it on good authority that while he and I agree that the NLRB has gone off the proverbial reservation in these cases, he is not, in fact, mad as hell.
    Be that as it may, he has every reason today to be as happy as he can be.
    Late last week, President Trump removed the “acting” from Miscimarra’s title as
  • Job Boards Aren’t Dead; They’ve Just Matured

    It’s not often that I get geeked up about the launch of a new product. Well, there was that New Coke thing. And Betamax. But that was DECADES ago. Since then I’ve grown; wised up; matured, you might say.
    And maybe that’s why this new product appealed to me. AARP rolled out its new job board for, well, older people. Seniors. Users and members of AARP. Mature people … like me.
    Michelle Hoffman, the products and platforms director, work and jobs, at AARP, gave me a brief on
  • Lessons Learned in Social Media, Recruiting and Discrimination

    Employers have been getting hit big recently for negligent hiring, according to attorney Lester Rosen, founder and CEO Employment Screening Resources. He presented how to successfully use social media for recruiting or background screening during Day 1 of the SHRM Talent Management Conference and Exposition in Chicago.
    “Social media allows employers to look under the hood to who a candidate really is,” said Rosen. “But if you use it incorrectly, there’s a world of
  • Quick Guide: The Pros and Cons of Unlimited Vacation

    While vacation time has clear benefits for your employees and your organization, crafting a vacation policy isn’t as straightforward. Download this quick guide and explore how the ideal of unlimited vacation plays out in the real workplace.
    Learn more! 
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  • Engagement: The Rhythm of Your Business in HR

    In this paper, you will learn key statistics on how employee engagement will positively impact the rhythm of your business, as well as individual ways you can increase that engagement in your company and department.
    Learn more! 
  • Glassdoor reveals new look and feel

    New logo, updated brand identity and refreshed website designed to complement Glassdoor’s authentic and empowering job search experiencePosted inNews archiveon26 Apr 2017
    Glassdoor, one of the world’s largest and fastest growing job sites, today unveiled its new corporate branding and logo along with fresh new website and mobile apps. As part of Glassdoor’s global brand refresh, people will notice a more modern experience designed to empower them to find a job that fits their l
  • The Onrec Online Recruitment Trade Conference 2017 - Speakers announced

    Posted inNews archive12th July 2017 - Euston, Londonon26 Apr 2017
    Onrec will be hosting an afternoon Onrec Trade Conference which will give online recruitment suppliers, job boards and other online recruitment professionals a fantastic learning and networking opportunity.
    This event will be of interest to owners, directors, senior management of job boards, online recruitment industry suppliers from applicant tracking and aggregators to video recruiters. By attending the trade conferenc
  • Overcoming the New Challenges of Global Backgrounds

    By: Mary O’Loughlin, Vice President of Global Customer Experience, HireRightPosted inFeatureson26 Apr 2017
    Company ProfileHireRightView profile »The competition for top talent is at an all-time high. Employers are looking globally to recruit workers with international skill sets, particularly in the technology, big pharma and consulting sectors. Non-traditional employees are also becoming more commonplace. LinkedIn predicts that by 2020, 43% of the U.S. workforce will be made up of f
  • New knowledge partner for CIPS offers members insights and expertise on permanent and temporary labour recruitment services

    The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) is pleased to announce a new knowledge partner – Hays Talent Solutions offering their expert insight on permanent and temporary labour recruitment services.Posted inNews archiveon26 Apr 2017Huge cost efficiencies possible with good procurement practice Range of tools, templates and guidance available to CIPS members Recruitment acronyms – de-mystified
    The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) is pleased to an
  • Inspiring the future workforce

    Brampton Recruitment gives students CV writing and interview tipsPosted inNews archiveon26 Apr 2017
    Staffordshire and Cheshire-based recruitment agency, Brampton Recruitment has helped inspire local students to build on their CV writing skills at a recent careers fair, held at The Co-operative Academy of Stoke-on-Trent. The fair, which was held on March 23, 2017 was organised by the Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce to help high school students become more aware of the career opportunities avai
  • Flexible Working is the Path Forward

    Maintel, the fast-growing provider of managed communications services, today announced the results of a study on flexible working preferences in the UK. The study polled 1,000 employed adults in the UK, ages 18 and over.Posted inStatistics and trendson26 Apr 201764 per cent of remote workers don’t feel micromanaged 73 per cent believe their company has a good flexible work policy 58 per cent would spend less time in an office environment
    Maintel, the fast-growing provider of managed commun
  • Business growth drives HR job growth by 25%

    Robert Walters UK Jobs Index - Q1 2017Posted inNews archiveon26 Apr 2017The number of HR roles increased by 25% in the first quarter of 2017 compared to the same time last year. Mid-level roles accounted for the bulk of demand, with HR manager roles making up 12% of all vacancies, followed by executive level positions at 9%.
    The latest Robert Walters UK Jobs Index has revealed that job vacancies for HR professionals rose by 25% in the first quarter of 2017 compared to the same time last year.
  • LinkedIn reaches half a billion members worldwide - including 23 million in the UK

    London revealed as the world’s most connected cityPosted inNews archiveon26 Apr 2017
    LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, is today celebrating reaching 500 million members worldwide, including 23 million members in the UK - with London topping the list as the most connected city in the world. The UK has seen more than 3 million professionals sign up since January 2016 when the site announced reaching 20 million members.
    “A professional community of this size has
  • Comparing Notes on Internship Programs

    We have an internship program. And, for better or worse, I am in charge of it.
    Perhaps like you, the internship program is collateral duty for me; in other words, it’s another responsibility among many.
    I enjoy it, though. We have had some wonderfully bright young minds pass through the cubicles at Human Capital Media, and they continually surprise me with their talents and abilities.
    So it was with more than a passing interest that I attended a session on internships during the opening da
  • Court: It’s OK for an Employee to Curse Out His Boss on Facebook

    It’s been two years since the NLRB determined that section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act protected an employee’s profanity laced Facebook rant simply because he ended it with a pro union message.
    I held out hope that the court of appeals would see the folly in the decision and send a clear message to employees and employers that such misconduct remains a terminable offense. NLRB v. Pier Sixty (2nd Cir. 4/21/17) [pdf] dashed that hope.
    A Pier Sixty employee took to his persona
  • “Business must take practical action to address the unintended consequences of digital transformation”

    Accenture Strategy and Business in the Community set out the new priorities for business in a digital agePosted inNews archiveon25 Apr 2017
    Business in the Community and Accenture Strategy are urging businesses to provide all employees with digital skills training and lifelong learning to help them navigate the rapidly changing technological landscape.
    This is one of a series of recommendations published today as part of comprehensive new guidance to help businesses ensure that digital transform
  • Lawspeed delighted at publication of IR35 critique

    On Friday last week the Association of Recruitment Consultancies (ARC) was told that its critique of the proposed new IR35 rules was to be published by the Treasury Select Committee.Posted inNews archiveon25 Apr 2017
    Company ProfileLawspeed LtdView profile »“The critique was based upon advice we provided to ARC” says Ravi Murphy, client services director of Lawspeed, the specialist legal and compliance consultancy to the recruitment industry. “IR35 is an area upon which w
  • Gaming for a job – how gamification is changing the face of graduate recruitment

    Gamification, virtual reality and augmented reality are increasingly being used as part of the graduate assessment and recruitment process says FDM Group. The company, one of the UK’s largest IT graduate employers, is one of the first organisations to introduce game-based tests in its UK assessment centres.Posted inNews archiveon25 Apr 2017
    Andy Brown, Operations Director explains: “We are keen to take advantage of advances in virtual, augmented and gamification in our recruitment pr
  • Rise in flexible working predicted as the number of robots in the workplace multiplies

    Adecco, part of The Adecco Group UK&I - the world’s leading provider of workforce solutions, has launched research which found that almost half of employees (48%) think Artificial Intelligence (AI) will positively benefit them, by helping them to work more flexibly.Posted inNews archiveon25 Apr 2017
    The ‘Humans vs Robots’ report, based on responses from 1,000 board level and senior decision makers and over 1,000 workers in 13 sectors across the UK, reveals the potential imp
  • How to Make the Most out of Recruitment Marketing

    Content marketing has proven time and again that it is the one of the best ways to grab the attention of a particular target audience and eventually win them over. Moreover, content marketing is a tremendous asset in building one's online presence and brand awareness, as well as increasing traffic to a certain website.Posted inNews archiveon25 Apr 2017
    Today, businesses do not use content marketing just for its original purpose, but to recruit employees and attract talent to their company as wel
  • Latest jobs data: Permanent vacancies resilient as demand for contractors dips

    Professional recruitment firms reported that overall vacancy numbers for permanent roles increased by 0.2% in March 2017, while demand for contractors decreased by 10% year-on-year, according to new survey data from the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo).Posted inNews archiveon25 Apr 2017
    Company ProfileAPSCoView profile » Permanent vacancies stable year-on-year Contract vacancies fall 10% Contractor vacancies in finance drop by 26%   Average salaries increase
  • 7 Questions Every Job Seeker Must Ask at Every Interview

    Many people believe that interviews are a one-way street. Once the interviewer has finished asking you questions however, they will often ask if you have any follow-up questions regarding the company and the position you are applying for.Posted inNews archiveon25 Apr 2017
    Use this opportunity to ask whatever you want to know about the company and its current state since it’s possible that this will become your career residence for a foreseeable future. Let’s take a look at some of th
  • Trump’s ‘Buy American, Hire American’ a Disturbing Slap at Title VII

    Last week, President Trump signed his “Buy American, Hire American“ Executive Order. The EO encourages American businesses to buy American-made products and hire American workers.
    Come again? Does that say hire American workers? Doesn’t Title VII prohibit national origin discrimination?
    Yes, Title VII still prohibits national origin discrimination. And, no, this Executive Order does nothing to change Title VII’s impact. But the manner in which the White House is promoting
  • UK job market sees positive growth over first quarter of the year

    With total job applications, vacancies and average salaries risingPosted inNews archiveon24 Apr 2017
    Company ProfileCV-Library.co.ukView profile »2017 has already been marked by a lot of change in the UK, especially now Brexit negotiations are firmly underway. As such, it is extremely positive to see that the job market has continued to go from strength to strength, with the latest data from the UK’s leading independent job board, CV-Library, finding that job applications, vacancies
  • Treasury Select Committee to publish ARC critique of controversial IR35 rules

    ARC was formed in 2009 and represents recruitment businesses with a combined turnover of approximately £2bn p.a.Posted inNews archiveon24 Apr 2017
    Company ProfileThe Association of Recruitment Consultancies - ARCView profile »On 27th March (previous article) the Association of Recruitment Consultancies (ARC) reported that it had written to all MPs concerning the new IR35 public sector rules, heavily  criticising the measures. ARC now reports that the Treasury Select Committee is
  • Top 5 social media tips for merchants

    There are many ways through which the merchants can easily increase their business. Social media can be a bit tricky and confusing for the people who believe in real world conversationsPosted inNews archiveon24 Apr 2017
    But, nowadays social media can be of great help for a business to spread fast. Through the social media you will be able to interact with the customers very easily. But if you don’t follow certain rules then the business may end in a failure. So, here are some tips and tric
  • Cheesed off: Are these the UK’s most unhealthy cities to work in?

    Workers across the nation confess that their job has caused them to pile on the poundsPosted inNews archiveon24 Apr 2017
    Company ProfileCV-Library.co.ukView profile »They say you are what you eat, and for many UK professionals that spells trouble! According to the latest survey from the UK’s leading independent job board, CV-Library, nearly three quarters of workers (72.8%) believe that their job has had a negative effect on their health and what they eat, with 36.4% saying they have
  • The recruitment FD’s dream IT budget

    The FD in the recruitment agency…Posted inNews archiveon24 Apr 2017
    Company ProfileServiced CloudView profile »The role of a recruitment agency Finance Director is certainly a busy one. Sales and purchase ledgers, budgeting, cash flow and working capital; audits and HMRC reporting; agency staff, temps and contractors; expenses, salaries and headcount. It all requires diligence and accuracy.
    One of the trickiest areas is managing technology financing. The relative importance of IT me
  • Accessing the Hidden Market for Executive Positions: HYPER Research Reveals Over 75% of Executives Lack Visibility and Access

    HYPERTALENT, the executive search visibility and matching platform, today released findings of its new research into executive attitudes towards senior leadership recruitment and career progression.Posted inStatistics and trendson24 Apr 201790%+ of executive opportunities are hidden. Only 6% of executives have come across their current roles via advertised listings Average tenure per executive position is 3 years, with 39% of executives staying in their roles 2 years or less 78% of executives wi
  • Technology jobs already in high demand for 2017, analysis finds

    New analysis conducted by global IT industry body CompTIA has revealed that the UK technology jobs market got off to a strong start in 2017, with job postings in the sector reaching more than 365,000 for the first quarter of the year.Posted inNews archiveon24 Apr 2017Research shows increase in IT job postings for the first quarter of 2017 Over 365,000 IT jobs were advertised throughout Q1, making up 14 percent of all UK job postings UK IT workforce has grown 2 percent year-on-year; 1.22m in 2016
  • Haryana JBT Teachers Recruitment: 'Appointment Letters Within 24-hr Of Court Order', Says Khattar - NDTV

    Haryana JBT Teachers Recruitment: 'Appointment Letters Within 24-hr Of Court Order', Says Khattar
    Chandigarh: Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar yesterday said the appointment letters will be issued to the selected Junior Basic Training (JBT) teachers within 24 hours of receipt of orders of the Punjab and Haryana High Court vacating its ...and more »
  • Healthcare services: Employees want to find less costly care, but need HR’s help

    HR pros have been urging employees to ask questions and shop around for less-costly, high quality health care for years now — and it looks like many employees are finally heeding the call.That’s the good news regarding healthcare cost transparency.
    Step in the right direction
    Specifically, 50% of individuals have tried to find out how their health care would cost before getting care, according to a recent report by the Public Agenda and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
    A little m
  • Wellness program requirements and retaliation: An expensive mix

    The feds do allow companies to employ “negative incentives” to boost wellness program participation. But as this case proves, you’ve got to tread carefully.  
    A Wisconsin lighting company will pay $100,000 to settle an EEOC lawsuit that claimed the employer’s wellness program violated the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and alleged that the employer retaliated against an employee who objected to the program by terminating her.
    In its suit, the EEOC contended th
  • 2017 Workforce 100: Ranking the World’s Top Companies for HR

    Excelling in each area of human resources is no small feat. Workforce pinpointed seven core areas: workplace culture; employee benefits; diversity and inclusion; employee development/talent management; HR innovation; leadership development; and talent acquisition. To realize the importance of these categories and take action to improve them pushes a company from good to great.
    Now in its fourth year, the Workforce 100 recognizes companies that excel in HR over the course of a year. To determine
  • Can Facebook's new job posting feature compete with other recruitment services? - HR Dive

    Can Facebook's new job posting feature compete with other recruitment services?
    HR Dive
    In typical Facebook fashion, the social media giant rolled out a new job posting feature quietly and without much fanfare. A post on the Facebook blog detailed the new feature, with a focus on small employer recruitment needs. Job board developers and ...
  • Working Families Flexibility Act Seeks to Legalize Comp Time in Lieu of OT

    If you are a private employer, it is 100 percent illegal for you to provide employees comp time in lieu of overtime for hours worked by non-exempt employees over 40 hours in a work week. If a non-exempt employee works overtime, you must pay them overtime, and you violate the FLSA if you provide comp time in its place.
    The Working Families Flexibility Act introduced earlier this year in Congress, seeks to change this rule.
    If enacted, the bill would enable employees to earn compensatory time
  • Introducing A Revolutionary Way Of Referencing

    IScreenYouScreen have developed a brand-new screening system that offers all the benefits of outsourcing your employee reference checking at a fraction of the cost.Posted inNews archiveon20 Apr 2017The software works by providing online application forms and reference requests for any industry, the letter templates can be fully branded to suit your company. Users also have access to a growing database of over 100,000 employers, all with contact details that integrate with automatic letter and em
  • UK’s skills crisis laid bare as new CIPD report shows nation is bottom of international class on key measures

    New analysis from the CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development, shows that two decades of under-investment and failed policy on skills in the UK has contributed to the country lagging well behind its competitors in Europe and most of the OECD on at least four key measures, including literacy and numeracy, learning and development, and digital skills.Posted inNews archiveon20 Apr 2017
    Company ProfileCIPDView profile » England and Northern Ireland together rank in the bottom

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