• Study: Counteroffers don’t convince employees to stay long-term

    If one of your best employees gets an offer somewhere else, it’s natural to try and convince them to stay. 
    Many employers offer a higher salary in hopes of keeping their top talent — a recent study by Robert Half reported that 58% of managers have made counteroffers to employees wanting to leave the company.
    Besides losing a good worker, many employers don’t want to hurt employee morale or go through the lengthy hiring process to replace the departing employee. Making a c
  • A New Look at Caregiving

    This past spring, I got that phone call no one ever wants to receive. My mother had experienced a cardiac incident and had to be resuscitated. Mom, heart stopped, resuscitated was about all I heard or understood before I was on a flight.When I walked into her hospital room the next day, my mom looked decades older than the last time I had seen her. She was stable but weak. I soon learned that the issue was a pulmonary embolism; a big blood clot had traveled from her leg to her lungs and stopped
  • Employees With Intermittent Explosive Disorder — Your Workplace IED

    Most every workplace has had THAT employee. The hothead. Someone who loses their cool at the drop of a hat. Yells, screams and is prone to fits of rage.It should go without saying that no one should be required to be subjected to this degree of misconduct. For this reason, you may (should?) decide to separate Hothead’s employment.What happens, however, if Hothead delivers a doctor’s note advising you that he or she is being treated for “intermittent explosive disorder?”Be
  • It’s Always the Right Time to Revisit Your Handbooks

    When is the last time you reviewed, or, even better, re-wrote your employee handbook?Last year? Five years ago? Ten years ago? What’s an employee handbook?Now is as good a time as any to dust off yours, and give it a good review and polishing.The National Labor Relations Board recently published guidance on the standards it will follow in determining whether a facially neutral employment policy violates the rights of employees to engage in concerted activity protected by section 7 of the N
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  • Gender Parity in the Workplace Is Possible. We Did It; You Can, Too

    The conversation about workplace diversity is at the core of having a competitive, winning, market-leading culture.By a “competitive” culture, I mean one that is both high-performing and big-hearted, one where your people can do the best work of their lives in service of your company’s strategic intent and ambitions.Let’s focus on gender diversity. A 2015 McKinsey study shows that companies with more women board directors have 53 percent higher return on equity, 42 percen
  • 3 tactics to let employees know it’s OK to use flex time

    Schedule flexibility is a great benefit that a lot of companies are offering. Many employees now have the opportunity to work from home or leave early to pick up their kids. 
    The only problem? A lot of workers feel like they can’t actually use this benefit.
    Changing the culture
    A recent study revealed that 40% of employees believe it’ll hurt their career if they take advantage of workplace flexibility benefits.
    Obviously, flex time doesn’t help if no one’s using it.
  • Court Says Full-time Work Is Not an Essential Function of Every Full-time Job

    Is an employer required to permit a disabled full-time employee to work a reduced work schedule as a reasonable accommodation?In Hostettler v. The College of Wooster [pdf], the 6th Circuit concluded that it depends on the specific position, and that an employer risks violating the ADA by declaring full-time work as an essential function of a position without analyzing the actual need for full-time work for that position.Heidi Hostettler started her job as an HR Generalist at The Colleg
  • एयर इंडिया में अफसर बनने का मौका, सैलरी 30 हजार से ज्यादा - अमर उजाला

    अमर उजाला
    एयर इंडिया में अफसर बनने का मौका, सैलरी 30 हजार से ज्यादा
    अमर उजाला
    एयर इंडिया &#
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  • Firing of Deaf Employee Costs Costco a Costco-sized Verdict

    I’ve had a lot of thoughts walking through Costco.Why aren’t the free samples out yet?What the heck am I going to do with 10 pounds of cheese, but damn that’s a good price?How did I just manage to spend $250?But the one thing I’ve never thought?It’s so loud in here; I wish the employees would speak more quietly.Then again, I’ve never been in the Costco in Pompano Beach, Florida.That’s where Christine D’Onofrio worked for 24 years, until s
  • Why Diversity and Inclusion Is Vital to Health Care Companies

    Corporate America is learning that our responsibilities to our stakeholders are multifaceted and interconnected. When we strive for a diverse and inclusive workplace, it benefits everyone — workforce, clients, shareholders, vendors, and communities local and global.This may be most important in the health care industry, where the workforce needs to be both clinically adept and socially empathetic to serve their increasingly diverse communities.Focusing on diversity and inclusion is absolut
  • No Fable: ESOPs Gain Favor Among Business Owners Looking to Retire

    After 20 years of running her consulting business, Jennifer Wise started to think about her next challenge: how to transition her company and retire.
    As the sole owner and founder of Wise Consulting — an HR and payroll consulting company — Wise said she started looking at options for the future of her business about two years ago. Since she had no family members interested in taking on the Cockeysville, Maryland, company, Wise, now 61, saw several possibilities. She could sell to an
  • Are You Ready for Rolling Background Checks of Employees?

    Last week, Bloomberg published an article warning businesses to get ready for rolling background checks at work — the practice of running regular background checks of existing workers in addition to the routine pre-employment screening.I bring this story your attention not only because it’s quality information, but also because it happens to quote yours truly (thanks to Mike Sasso for the interview):“I think the concern is coming from a fear that either some
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  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Terminating Employees for Theft

    A 2016 University of Florida Study found that the percentage of shrink caused by employee theft was “only” 30 percent.This accounts for approximately $15 billion in losses on an annual basis. Catching an employee stealing would seem an unassailable reason for termination. But many individuals, even guilty ones, feel compelled to try to clear their name through litigation.If you or your managers were to make innocent mistakes during what should be a legitimate termination, you could f
  • The future of the recruitment supply chain - HR News (press release) (blog)

    HR News (press release) (blog)
    The future of the recruitment supply chain
    HR News (press release) (blog)
    Guest Blog by Pete Holliday, Managing Director of Sopra Steria Recruitment. While organisations have, for some time, relied on master vendor recruiters to source diverse and disparate skills, the 'master – servant' relationship which defined historic ...
  • Health savings accounts: Not your parents’ retirement plan

    With the rise in health savings account (HSA) enrollment among younger employees and the decline in company matching rates of 401(k)s, HSAs have emerged as a retirement account option for new employees. In this guest post, Sean Hanftm, a flexible compensation specialist with FSAstore.com/HSAstore.com, explains the many benefits of these savings vehicles and compares them to the most popular retirement accounts.You’re young. You’ve just graduated college and have your first “re
  • UK: GDPR And Recruitment - Mondaq News Alerts

    UK: GDPR And Recruitment
    Mondaq News Alerts
    There are some tricky issues relating to recruitment arising out of the introduction of the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) rules, which came into force on 25 May 2018. This podcast looks at the impact of the GDPR on pre-employment ...
  • Sitka Recruitment Syncs Up with HR Dept Cardiff - Business News Wales

    Business News Wales
    Sitka Recruitment Syncs Up with HR Dept Cardiff
    Business News Wales
    “We're delighted to be partnering with the HR Dept Cardiff,” says Karen, co-founder of Sitka. “An essential prerequisite for any good partnership is strong shared values and the HR Dept's are a mirror of our own: integrity, commitment and excellence ...
  • Give ‘Em a Break: Employees Want Their Lunch Break Back

    A new survey shows the vast majority of employees take into account whether they get a lunch break when scouting for a job. Once they land that gig, however, results also show that more employees are scarfing down a sandwich rather than leisurely dining on dim sum.“Take Back the Lunch Break” shows that 27 percent of the 1,600 North American survey participants don’t take a lunch break each workday. The study notes that going out for lunch helps workers feel more engaged and pro
  • 'Let HR ministry take charge of foreign worker recruitment' - Free Malaysia Today

    Free Malaysia Today
    'Let HR ministry take charge of foreign worker recruitment'
    Free Malaysia Today
    Rights organisation Tenaganita says private agencies set very high recruitment fees as they are primarily focused on profit. Tenaganita says the human resources ministry will have a better idea of the country's labour needs. (Bernama pic). PETALING ...
  • Retirement Preparation: Why Employers Should Care and What They Should Do

    The concept of retirement has dramatically evolved over the past century. While more people used to expect a pension and a reliable retirement date, the shift toward employee responsibility in retirement savings has caused challenges for both employees and employers. Considering the massive changes in the retirement landscape and in the definition of retirement itself, employers have a lot to reconsider in how they go about preparing employees for retirement.
    Alight Solutions’s Alison Bor
  • 5 ways to help an employee going through a hard time

    Try as we might, sometimes keeping work and personal issues separate is impossible. 
    And when an employee is struggling due to a sick family member or recent divorce, it can be tough to know exactly how to help.
    The right balance
    It’s up to HR pros to be both compassionate and professional — to be empathetic, yet keep everything running smoothly. It can be a tricky balance to strike.
    But Harvard Business Review contributor Carolyn O’Hara shared five things HR pros should d
  • Does an Employer Have a Duty to Protect the Personal Information of Its Employees?

    Consider the following scenario.An employer discovers that an employee who worked in its information technology department had been stealing older laptop computers. Some of those computers had been used in the employer’s human resources department and contained former employees’ personal information (including Social Security numbers and drivers’ license numbers), which the company collected on each employee at the time of hire.The employer attempts to recover the stolen comput
  • Opioid epidemic in the workplace: Is Congress’s ambitious new legislation the answer?

    Employers everywhere are struggling to handle the opioid crisis and its impact on the workplace, so Congress is looking to step in. 
    A new bill, H.R. 5892, has been introduced in the House.
    It aims to establish an advisory committee to guide the Secretary of Labor on ways to reduced and address opioid abuse in the workplace.
    The committee would include a 19-member group made up of:employers
    employees and employee reps
    workplace safety experts
    HR pros
    doctors, therapists, academic rese
  • Trump’s driver sues for years of unpaid overtime

    Donald Trump’s former driver claims to be owed years of overtime pay, and the potential FLSA violation could end up costing the President hundreds of thousands of dollars. 
    Noel Cintron was Trump’s personal driver for more than 25 years. And while he was paid an annual salary of $75,000, Cintron now claims he was incorrectly classified as an exempt employee, and should be paid for roughly 3,300 hours of overtime.
    Was he exempt?
    As Trump’s driver, Cintron was on duty from 7
  • The 13th Nominee for the Worst Employer of 2018 Is … the Hire-to-Harm Manager

    Today’s post is a lesson in how not manage a poor performing employee.Believe it or not, it’s generally considered poor employee management to attempt to motivate employees by causing them serious physical harm. It’s even worse when that serious physical harm results in an employee’s death.From Cleveland.com:A Solon man who hired a handyman to do some yard work around an Elyria convenience store is accused of conspiring with two men to hurt him, resulting in the
  • Some Employers Bringing the Gas Pump to Employees

    As consumers brace for a spike in gas prices this summer, some employees may be feeling a little less pain at the pump thanks to a relatively new perk — fuel delivery at the workplace.In the past few years, a number of startups that offer this service have popped up across the country, promising to spare employees the hassle of filling up at the gas station. There is Booster Fuels in the Bay Area, Filld in Silicon Valley, Yoshi, which launched last year in Southern California, and Neighbor
  • Old Age Argument

    In 2017, Roger Federer set an all-time record when he won his eighth Wimbledon tennis title at the age of 36. About the same time, Bob Williamson, a lifelong friend of mine, won his 10th salesman of the year award for a large medical systems company at the age of 59.Neither win was probable, but Federer and my friend were lauded by their competitors and supporters. Their age was once perceived as a hindrance and insurmountable obstacle to reaching the pinnacle in their respective professions. Bo
  • Advice for Gen Z: Demand a Better Workplace Than We Did

    My longstanding battle of idealism vs. cynicism continues with Workforce Editorial Director Rick Bell.When I worked alongside Rick at Workforce for some eight years, we often disagreed about the possibility of creating a better work experience for people.In his latest “Last Word” essay, he’s back at it. And he’s triggered another hopeful response from me.Rick’s faux commencement speech to the class of 2018, titled “Everything Old Is New Again for Gen Z,”
  • Brett Kavanaugh, Supreme Court Justice?

    The pick is in. Brett Kavanaugh is President Trump’s nominee to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court.What type of justice will Kavanaugh be? No one really knows for sure. All we can do is read his past appellate opinions and hypothesize.The opinion I’m offering for your consideration is Ayissi-Etoh v. Fannie Mae, a 2013 racial harassment case that asked the question of whether one isolated yet severe incident of discriminatory conduct — “Get out of my
  • Workplace Immigration Issues and ICE

    It is no secret that the Trump administration has an agenda to crack down on illegal immigration.Part of this process includes extensive audits on businesses conducted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Although immigration management is an important part of our nation’s regulatory and security processes, audits on businesses are often conducted with very little notice and result in hefty fines from ICE.It is anticipated that ICE audits will become even more prevalent during the
  • Sector Report: Navigating the Patchwork of Screening Regulations

    Background screening is often considered the most tedious and stressful aspect of the recruiting process. While it will never be a pleasant experience, companies and vendors are focused on making it as painless as possible. “If recruiting gets bogged down during background screening you run the risk of losing candidates — and all the resources you spent recruiting them in the first place,” said Dawn Standerwick, vice president of strategic growth for Employment Screening Resour
  • No, You Can’t Require Your Employee to Work During an FMLA Leave

    Let’s examine a question I receive all too often — can an employer require an employee to work during an FMLA leave?So as not to bury the lede, the answer is pretty strong no.To examine this issue, let’s take a look at Lay v. Louisville-Jefferson Cnty. Metro Gov’t (W.D. Ky. 5/29/18).Justin Lay, a packer in the Solid Waste Management Division of the Louisville-Jefferson County Metro Government, applied for, and won, a promotion to an equipment operator. The new p
  • Veelbelovende startups: Revolutie in recruitment door machine learning - Hrpraktijk

    Veelbelovende startups: Revolutie in recruitment door machine learning
    Wonderkind gebruikt online marketingprincipes en machine learning om op een geheel nieuwe manier kandidaten en werkgevers bij elkaar te brengen. Niet de vacaturesite, maar de online locaties waar de doelgroep zich bevindt staan centraal. Dat leidt tot ...
  • Public Agencies Taking Pharma Fight to Court

    President Donald Trump put drugmakers and health care “middlemen” on notice during a speech in May pushing for lower prices on prescription drugs. But one employer was ahead of the president, already taking them on in the courts in hopes that more will follow.
    The city of Rockford, Illinois, filed a lawsuit April 6 against drug manufacturer Mallinckrodt, which makes H.P. Acthar, a drug that treats a rare and potentially fatal epileptic disorder in infants. Two years ago, Rockford, ab
  • Trump administration weighs ending current DOL: What it means for HR

    The Trump administration has certainly made some major — and mostly pro-employer — changes to Department of Labor (DOL) regs, but those changes pale in comparison to what the administration hopes to do to the agency next.
    In the White House’s “Delivering Government Reform Plan and Reorganization Recommendations,” the Trump administration announced it hopes to merge the DOL with the Department of Education.
    Under the proposal, the two agencies would combine to form t
  • The 12th Nominee for the Worst Employer of 2018 Is … the Soulless Supervisor

    I recently received this reader submission (thanks Suzanne Lucas). The headline says it all:Manager fired after her callous texts with a mom whose son is on life support go viralFrom wtsp.com:A mom requesting time off work at a gas station because of a family emergency went viral because the text exchange with her boss shared on Facebook was shockingly callous.The Michigan mom, Crystal Reynolds Fisher, told her manager that she wouldn’t be able to wo
  • Everything Old Is New Again for Gen Z

    I never made a commencement speech. Class salutatorian or valedictorian? More like class clown.My kids would probably tell you that the wisest piece of advice I offered them at our post-graduation party was, “Order the chicken; the burgers are really greasy.”But that won’t stop me from providing you, the graduating Class of 2018, a bit of advice. I know, you’ve already heard the insights and anecdotes of irrelevant politicians, has-been actors and ol’ State U’
  • 7 insane bosses that’ll make you thankful for yours

    Sure, no one’s boss is perfect. But some are so spectacularly bad they’ll make you happy to deal with your own flawed leader. 
    Reader’s Digest had employees share the most ridiculous and strangest interactions they’ve had with their bosses. Here are the best ones:The Penny Pincher. In an effort to save some money (or maybe the environment), one boss was caught digging used paper cups out of the trash can and putting them back near the water cooler. Some still ha
  • The 11th Nominee for the Worst Employer of 2018 Is … the Supervisor Supremacist

    Last week, I asked why anyone is still using the N-word. Which brings us to today’s nominee for the Worst Employer of 2018, which apparently did not receive the “Thou shalt never use the N-word, ever!” memo.The EEOC recently sued a Phoenix moving company, alleging that it created a racially hostile work environment for one of its employees, Clinton Lee.Specifically:
    Lee’s supervisor, Gary Carpenter, made numerous racially charged remarks, including “w
  • Vodafone launches new recruitment programme to attract LGBT+ talent - HR Grapevine

    HR Grapevine
    Vodafone launches new recruitment programme to attract LGBT+ talent
    HR Grapevine
    Vodafone is launching a new programme to help recruit and retain LGBT+ candidates. The announcement follows research from Vodaphone and Out Now which found that more than half (58%) of young LGBT+ people are not open about their sexual ...and more »
  • Vodafone launches new recruitment programme to attract LGBT+ ... - HR Grapevine

    HR Grapevine
    Vodafone launches new recruitment programme to attract LGBT+ ...
    HR Grapevine
    Communicating your clients policies can help to attract...and more »
  • How AI Is Transforming HR And The Recruitment Process - CXOToday.com

    How AI Is Transforming HR And The Recruitment Process
    Our country is undergoing transformation as many large conglomerates are entering varied sectors in India. In the current scenario, not only quantities but quality also merits the employment procedures today. All departments including the Human ...
  • The 10th Nominee for the Worst Employer of 2018 Is … the Whitewasher

    White onlyIf I told you that an employee hung this sign inside his workplace, you might think I was talking about 1950s Mississippi.I’m not. It’s 2018 Sacramento, California.That alone would be enough to earn this employer (Vivint Solar) a nomination as the worst employer of 2018, but it’s just the tip of the racist iceberg.At least according to Teshawn Solomon, the plaintiff in a recently filed lawsuit.Solomon alleges that in addition to the “White only” sign, spra
  • Senior Living Facility Employees Benefit from Art Therapy

    Elder Care Alliance Employees participate in creative activities in the Create Art at Work program. Photo courtesy of Dr. Erin Partridge.Last month I asked you readers if your company has ever incorporated something creative or art-based in your wellness program. One organization, Elder Care Alliance, a nonprofit senior living organization based in California, responded with a unique program they launched a year ago called Create Art at Work. I enjoyed this as a mini-case study and hope that you
  • Consider Fresh Air and Relaxed Hikes to Combat Work Stress

    My mind has been in the mountains recently.Bonhij, a valley in Triglav National Park. Photo from August, 2014. Photo credit: Andie Burjek.Specifically, a mountain called Triglav in Slovenia, where many of my extended family members and I will be hiking in mid-July. I’ve slowly been accumulating everything I need, from hiking boots to a new wind-proof jacket. I’ve also started to get outside more, even for a long lakeshore walk or a casual neighborhood stroll. It’s not technical
  • 8 Things to Expect From a Highly Competent Diversity Consultant

    For 20 years, I’ve been a diversity trainer and consultant — as an internal employee, subcontractor for other firms and president of my own company.Aside from providing excellent value to my clients, my goal has been to improve the reputation of my field by raising the bar on what organizations expect from diversity and inclusion work and D&I professionals. One way I do this is to educate potential clients about what they should look for in a consultant, and how to engage with th
  • Public Agencies Go Gigging for Influx of Workers

    State and local governments have reported they are having recruitment and retention challenges. According to a new survey, these agencies are turning toward an unlikely source of labor — the gig economy.“State and Local Government Workforce: 2018 Data and 10 Year Trends” was conducted by a partnership between the Center for State and Local Government Excellence, the International Public Management Associate for Human Resources and the National Association of State Personnel Exe

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