• Pay awards confirmed as losing pace with inflation

    Employers have given a median 2% pay award to their employees over the three months to the end of May 2017, according to the latest data from pay analysts at XpertHR.Posted inNews archiveon29 Jun 2017
    This is the sixth consecutive rolling quarter that pay awards have stood at 2%. Although this is an improvement on the rate of increase seen over the autumn 2016 months, it continues to demonstrate the lack of movement back to pay award levels from before the recession. In the run-up to 2009, pay a
  • Immersive Virtual Reality Recruitment As The Future of Job Market

    Whether we agree with it or not, VR is taking the market by the storm. Virtual Reality peripherals have moved beyond their initial popular use as a gaming device and slowly moved into the corporate industry.Posted inNews archiveon29 Jun 2017
    More and more companies opt for VR interviews and recruitment rather than traditional conversational means. What does this new technology bring to the table and how does it differentiate from current recruitment models that many people in the corporate spher
  • Hundreds of thousands of UK businesses at risk of huge fines by not complying with forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    Hundreds of thousands of UK businesses will be potentially at risk of huge fines (up to 4% of a firm’s global annual turnover)by not complying with the forthcoming EU General Data Protection (GDPR)next May, according to latest research published by UK’s first fully compliant GDPR job board CareersinCyberSecurity.co.uk and London law firm Hamlins LLP. Posted inNews archiveon29 Jun 2017
    Company ProfileCareers in AuditView profile »The research, which was conducted in between Apri
  • Raising the Bar for Responsible Recruitment

    Recruitment specialist Evo Services Ltd is supporting the development of a new global certification scheme aimed at raising the standards of labour providers.Posted inNews archiveon29 Jun 2017
    Clearview, due to launch in October 2017, is a business-led scheme that will formally recognise best practice and improve safety and working conditions for workers recruited and supplied by labour providers in domestic and global supply chains.
    Spearheaded by the Association of Labour Providers (ALP) and N
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  • The return of Opinion Letters: DOL brings back key compliance tool for HR

    Good news: HR pros will once again have one of the most useful DOL resources at their disposal to help with an array of tricky compliance issues.
    That’s because the DOL just announced it will bring back the popular Opinion Letter.
    Opinion Letters had been an invaluable tool for everyone from HR pros to employment law attorneys for complying with federal law enforced by the DOL’s Wage and Hour Division (FMLA, FLSA, etc.).
    ‘Official, written opinion’ by the DOL
    Why were th
  • More on Why Holding Lawyers Liable for Retaliation to a Client’s Employee is a Bad Ruling

    Yesterday’s post discussing Arias v. Raimondo as the worst employment-law decision of 2017 was way more controversial than I imagined. To me, it’s a no-brainer.
    It’s dangerous for courts to hold an employer’s lawyer liable for retaliation against the employees of the lawyer’s client. It will chill an attorney’s ability to give proper advice to one’s client, because anything that remotely could result in an employee suffering an a
  • Find the Best 2017 Applicant Tracking Software – Get FREE Custom Price Quotes

    The recruitment process can be arduous for both employers and candidates. From sourcing candidates to tracking current applicants and ultimately hiring the ideal candidate, an ATS will reduce the time and expense of hiring new employees for both HR departments as well as recruiting and staffing agencies. There are hundreds of ATS solutions currently on the market, with different solutions for organizations of different sizes, industries and hiring models. Software Advice’s team of independ
  • How to find a job on your smartphone

    Whether you’re a new graduate looking for your first job or looking to switch up your career, finding a job can be a tough challenge.Posted inNews archiveon28 Jun 2017
    To make the process of applying for jobs much easier, and to give you more time to improve your skills, Mobiles.co.uk has put together a few simple tips on how find a job using your smartphone. Download apps to help with your job hunt
    Smartphones are fast becoming the ea
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  • The true cost of running a franchise

    Infographic by FranchiseInfoPosted inNews archiveon28 Jun 2017www.franchiseinfo.co.uk
  • What Kind of Job Is Suitable for You According to Your Zodiac?

    Posted inNews archiveDepending on your Zodiac sign, you may or may not have landed a career that suits you perfectly. While it’s not as trustworthy as your job counselor or the academic studies that you have attended, knowing what your Zodiac sign says about your career is very useful and important. Take a look at what job is suitable for you according to Zodiac.on28 Jun 2017
    Aries: Aries blooms and strives from creativity and leadership. As a natural born leader, you are ready for executi
  • NRG shows continuing growth and development

    NRG 2016 ResultsPosted inNews archiveon28 Jun 2017
    NRG (Northern Recruitment Group) results demonstrate year on year growth with uplift in revenue and operating profit (21%).
    The business with significant expertise in Executive Search & Selection and professional staffing for both interim and permanent appointments and RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) delivers recruitment solutions across a breadth of industry sectors.
    The flexibility of our operating model enables us to integrate with
  • Retirement Income Gender Gap Grows by £1,000

    The gap between women’s and men’s annual average expected retirement incomes in 2017 has grown by £1,000 in the last year, according to new research from Prudential.Posted inNews archiveon28 Jun 2017Women retiring in 2017 will be £6,400 a year worse off than men The annual retirement income gender gap has grown by  £1,000, from a gap of £5,400  in 2016 Women’s expected retirement incomes stagnate while men’s continue to grow
    The gap betwe
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  • Market growth and strategy development are the main challenges facing global senior executives

    Market growth and strategy development are the major challenges facing global senior business executives, according to the 2017 Corporate Learning Pulse global survey.Posted inNews archiveon28 Jun 2017
    Conducted on behalf of Financial Times | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance (www.ftiecla.com), the survey considers the future direction of leadership development.
    Research was conducted among almost 1000 senior professionals across multiple business sectors in China, France, GCC count
  • Flexi-phobia: fear factor means one in five employees dare not ask about flexible working options, despite their legal right to do so

    Over one in five (21%) UK private sector employees – equivalent to 5.5m nationally¹ – are too afraid to discuss flexible working with their boss because they think they will say no, Aviva’s Working Lives report shows.Posted inNews archiveon28 Jun 20175.5m workers in the private sector are afraid of asking for flexible working as they expect their employer to say ‘no’[1] Reluctance comes despite employees having the legal right to make a request to their employe
  • AGR report: employers accelerate degree apprenticeships to address skills gaps and social mobility

    A report launched today (26 June 2017) by the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) shows acceleration in developing degree apprenticeships as a result of the Apprenticeship Levy.Posted inNews archiveon28 Jun 2017
    Developing Degree Apprenticeships: the Employer Perspective is funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) to better understand the strategies deployed by a range of employers of different sizes and sectors1.
    It showed that almost half (44%) of employers have
  • Overcoming difficulties in business: Improving revenue growth and ensuring maximum customer experience

    Business gas comparison site Love Energy Savingsdiscuss the difficulties UK SMEs and larger businesses face – and made it their mission to help them.Posted inNews archiveon28 Jun 2017
    Managing Director at Love Energy Savings, Phil Foster, works to implement sustainable improvements to ensure revenue growth and opticccmum customer experience:
    “Focusing on your customers wants and needs is the first step to improving revenue growth. Instead of immediately looking to your profit margins
  • Top 4 phrases HR pros should avoid during performance conversations

    For many managers, especially newer ones, performance-based conversations are uncomfortable.But these conversations are a critical part of the job and saying the wrong thing during these conversations can demoralize employees – especially if those staffers are already struggling.
    That’s why managers need to pay close attention to the specific language these use.
    According to Vip Sandhir, the founder and CEO of employee engagement software firm HighGround, these are four phrases manag
  • 9th Circuit’s Arias v. Raimondo Ruling May Be the Year’s Worst Employment Law Decision

    I’ll be vacationing in California with my family the first two weeks of July.
    After reading the 9th Circuit Court’s decision in Arias v. Raimondo — holding an employer’s attorney liable for FLSA retaliation against his client’s employee because the employee sued his client for unpaid overtime — I’m thinking of adding the 9th Circuit to my list of tourist stops in San Francisco to see if courthouse resembles a Salvador Dali painting. Becau
  • Last Thoughts on SHRM17 and Tropical Storm Cindy

    SHRM attendees shared what perks they enjoy on a whiteboard. Answers included education assistance, massages, good leadership and better opportunities to move up.
    During the last day of the Society for Human Resource Management’s 2017 conference in New Orleans, Tropical Storm Cindy was freaking out a lot of people. But locals I spoke to did not seem as concerned. It was almost concern, maybe? My point is, we all made it home and have had some time to think about what we learned.
    These are
  • The 12th Nominee for the ‘Worst Employer of 2017’ is … the Parental Stereotyper

    Derek Rotondo, a dad of two young children, filed a sex discrimination charge with the EEOC against his employer of seven years, J.P. Morgan. Why? I’ll let Derek explain, in a blog he wrote for the ACLU. 
    Last week, my wife and I were overjoyed to welcome our second child into this world. … As the due date for our second child approached, I reached out to J.P. Morgan’s Human Resources Department to request parental leave. J.P. Morgan gives “primary caregivers&r
  • Understanding The Gig Economy: Why is it so popular?

    Defined as: ‘a labour market characterised by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work as opposed to permanent jobs’, the gig economy represents a social, cultural, and business evolution in attitudes towards permanent, fixed employment, in favour of more flexible and temporary staffing arrangements.Posted inNews archiveon26 Jun 2017
    The reality is, as more and more workers fluctuate between different positions and alternate working hours to accommodate their lifestyl
  • Champion of Diversity, Carol Rosati OBE joins The Chemistry Group to give everyone the opportunity to be brilliant

    Carol Rosati OBE, former Director of Inclusion at Harvey Nash and founder of Inspire, a network connecting 8,000 senior businesswomen across four continents, has joined the people performance predictors The Chemistry Group (Chemistry) to help more people find the role they’d be brilliant in, regardless of who they are.Posted inNews archiveon26 Jun 2017
    Chemistry believes that everyone should have the opportunity to be brilliant at work and provides organisations with scientifically proven
  • Brexit talks begin, with citizens’ rights top of the agenda for HR

    Nick Goldberg, CEO UK & Ireland of Lee Hecht Harrison | PennaPosted inNews archiveon26 Jun 2017
    Brexit negotiations are finally underway, beginning one year to the week after the UK voted to leave the European Union. David Davis and Michel Barnier were placatory in their press conference on Monday, having agreed terms of reference and a schedule for the talks. Employers hope that the status of their EU staff can be settled quickly. Although no-one thinks that current staff will need to leave
  • Do HR and the Gig Economy Have a Future?

    Caroline Griffiths, is Managing Director of Bradfield HR and is a Chatered Fellow of the CIPD, and has almost 40 years experience in the industry. Caroline set up Bradfield in 1989Posted inNews archiveon26 Jun 2017
    When you take the gig economy at face-value, it seems to be one of the most desirable forms of employment, with employees seemingly gaining freedom to work the hours they wish, often in a quirky office, and for an innovative, forward-thinking company.
    Despite gig economy employers bei
  • Modern slavery compliance - think your agency’s exempt? Think again!

    From April 2016, all businesses with an annual turnover above £36m are obliged by the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (MSA) to publish Slavery and Human Trafficking statements (SHTs).Posted inNews archiveon26 Jun 2017
    Company ProfileLawspeed LtdView profile »These statements must set out the steps (if any) a business has taken to combat modern slavery within its organisation and supply chains (including the recruitment agencies they use). Agencies under increased scrutiny
    Following last week
  • 7 simple steps to create a successful staff training plan

    Training your team is an investment – and one well worth making. Employees who lack skills or knowledge are likely to struggle in a role they aren’t properly equipped for, causing demotivation, anxiety and underperformance.Posted inNews archiveon26 Jun 2017
    But planning an effective staff training plan takes time and effort. It’s critical to understand each team member’s individual needs and to set training targets that match your business goals.
    A good training plan isn&
  • UK recruiters reveal their biggest interview bugbears

    From turning up too early, to not dressing appropriately, CV-Library reveals the key turnoffs that are putting hiring professionals off of candidatesPosted inNews archiveon26 Jun 2017
    Company ProfileCV-Library.co.ukView profile »New research from the UK’s leading independent job board, CV-Library has found that nearly three quarters (74.5%) of recruiters say that there are certain areas that would put them off a candidate, with some of these key pet peeves cropping up durin
  • 2017 Game Changer: Jonathan DeGraff

    Jonathan DeGraff is a model for transformation in the HR function, wrote Nicholas Campagna, regional HR manager at IBM, in his award nomination.
    DeGraff’s accomplishments at IBM have been large and varied, including leading a successful employee engagement program, adopting social technologies to advance business, leading an executive shadow program and recruiting at Cornell University. A particularly notable HR intern program he led saw a record 86 percent job offer acceptance rate.
  • 2017 Game Changer: Jay Fortuna

    Jay Fortuna, president and chief learning officer, JADO Solutions, Chicago
    When Jay Fortuna stepped into his role as director of training and development at The Horton Group, he didn’t just carry on with business as usual. Fortuna, 32, wanted to be transformative. No stranger to a challenge many insurance companies face, Horton Group dealt with difficulties attracting and developing new insurance agents and brokers. Without an ability to effectively develop talent organically, keeping
  • 2017 Game Changer: Sha’Carla Petty

    “I am most honored that I am able to serve people and help them achieve their American dream,” said Sha’Carla Petty, Program director, East Mississippi Community College.
    Sha’Carla Petty is passionate about improving her community and her team. Colleagues describe her as a compassionate, innovative and humble person dedicated to helping people find meaningful work in her community. The programs she’s implemented show she knows how to turn her passion into action.
  • 2017 Game Changer: S. Cameron Cox

    S. Cameron Cox, managing director of talent and culture at Atlantic Media in Washington, D.C.
    It’s not easy being a media company these days.
    It’s even more difficult, one might argue, to be a media company experiencing seismic transformational change. So is the case of Atlantic Media, publisher of the 159-year-old Atlantic magazine. S. Cameron Cox isn’t an editor or writer at any of the company’s esteemed publications, but ask any of his colleagues and it’s easy to
  • 2017 Game Changer: Kellie Glaser

    Kellie Glaser, program manager at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California
    Kellie Glaser has made a significant impact on engaging Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory employees as program manager.
    Glaser, 26, dedicated the past two years to improving the work-life balance of more than 6,000 employees. Her innovative programs include on-site cooking and language classes, wellness initiatives such as a holiday maintain/no-gain program and the community-supported agricultu
  • 2017 Game Changer: David Ziebler

    As a certified organizational development specialist, David Ziebler works to enhance the onboarding and assimilation of team members at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. Ziebler has been credited with kick-starting and implementing an organizational development curriculum available to staff and faculty across the entire university.
    David Ziebler, HR associate, organizational development specialist, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, Springfield, Illinois
    After four
  • 2017 Game Changer: David Holden

    David Holden, director of HR technology, benefits and administration at Crowley Maritime, in Jacksonville, Florida
    Being tasked with heading HR technology, benefits or administration for a company of 5,000 people would be a full-time job for most anybody.
    Apparently David Holden isn’t just anybody, though. Holden, 39, is responsible for all three disciplines — HR tech, benefits and employee programs — as well as compensation.
    His estimable workload hasn’t gone unnoticed,
  • 2017 Game Changer: Christopher Willis

    Christopher Willis is in the business of building things. His construction company, SDI Gas, serves such complex industries as energy, geotechnical construction, waterway development and civil engineering on a global scale.
    Christopher Willis, director of human resources and marketing, SDI Gas LLC, Mount Morris, Pennsylvania
    Arguably his most profound construction project started in 2009 when, along with his supervisor, he began building a world-class HR function that touched on policy, st
  • 2017 Game Changer: Brian Monahan

    Brian Monahan, co-founder and chief idea guy, GoodHire LLC, Redwood City, California 
    Brian Monahan is no stranger to entrepreneurship.
    At 19, he and his brother started his first company, Inflection Inc., the parent firm of PeopleSmart, a search engine designed to track down people anywhere in the world. It wasn’t long after the product’s launch that employers began using it to search for individuals’ court records as part of their background screening process.
    Monahan, 2
  • 2017 Game Changer: Amy Klose

    Amy Klose, director of HR and compliance, Undisclosed, Plantation, Florida
    After first starting at the city of Miami in 2012 as the equal opportunity and diversity programs administrator, Amy Klose immediately began bringing forth new ideas by way of diversity, training and customer service.
    She was promoted to director of human resources in 2014 when her innovation in employee development and her natural ability to bring unity to a group was recognized as a critical asset to the organization.
  • Senate’s new ACA repeal bill: What’s different from the House version?

    Want to discuss the Senate’s new “discussion draft” of its ACA repeal bill with upper management but don’t have time to sift through the 142-page document? We’ve got you covered.The “Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017,” the Senate’s version of an ACA repeal and replace bill is slated to go to vote as early as this week.
    From an employer perspective, the Senate bill is very similar — and in many cases identical — to the version the
  • Buyer’s Guide for Simplifying HR and Payroll

    Are you no longer sure your current HR and payroll provider is the right partner? Maybe you already have a payroll solution, but are hesitant about how well it fits. Download this guide to learn how to address your various HR and payroll issues with a more simple solution.
    Learn more! 
  • HR / Recruitment Administrator - B31 Voices

    B31 Voices
    HR / Recruitment Administrator
    B31 Voices
    We have an exciting opportunity for you to join us full time for 9 months, as a HR Shared Services Administrator within the Recruitment Hub. We'd like you to deliver a high quality professional service to our managers and external candidates. It is a ...
  • When Social Media Meets Employer Branding: Your Guide to Doing it Right

    A strong and authentic online presence can mean big things for your company’s employer branding, from driving employee engagement and advocacy to showing potential candidates how awesome your culture is. Not sure where to begin? That’s okay! We created this quick and easy guide to help you get started with the basics.
    Learn more! 
  • Artificial intelligence: the next big thing for recruitment

    By Peter Linas, International MD, BullhornPosted inNews archiveon23 Jun 2017
    Company ProfileBullhornView profile »The best thing technology can do for recruiters is let them get on with recruiting. Happily, it is doing exactly that.
    Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) can both transform the industry and give back to recruiters the time they need to perform their essential duties to the best of their ability. They shouldn’t be mistaken for the same thing, of course: the former
  • Young workers at risk of making snap decisions about their career

    Snapchats from friends make young people question their jobsPosted inNews archiveon23 Jun 2017
    Company ProfileMilkroundView profile »YOUNG people at work run the risk of hindering their careers by paying too much attention to Snapchats posted by friends about their jobs, according to new research from Milkround.
    95 per cent of those surveyed admitted that they felt envious of some part of their friends' jobs, with most stating that others' travel opportunities with work is one of the main
  • Brexit must not overshadow fundamental challenges facing UK businesses

    In response to the Queen’s Speech, Ben Willmott, Head of Public Policy at the CIPD, said:Posted inNews archiveon23 Jun 2017
    Company ProfileCIPDView profile »“The Queen’s Speech clearly recognised the challenges facing government on Brexit, but fell short of concrete proposals to address the UK’s productivity deficit, which is key to boosting pay, living standards and the ability of UK businesses to remain competitive outside of the European Union. It’s vital t
  • CMI comments on the Queen's speech: Tackling the Gender Pay gap

    Petra Wilton, Director of Strategy for the Chartered Management Institute, comments:Posted inOpinionon23 Jun 2017
    “It’s a relief to hear the promise to tackle gender and diversity issues front and centre of the Queen’s speech. The evidence is increasingly clear: diversity in the workplace delivers results. After the progress we’ve seen this year in tackling the gender pay gap, it’s encouraging to see the focus extend to addressing racial and other inequality in the
  • Japanese and Chinese top table of highest paying languages

    Japanese and the Chinese languages were named the most lucrative non-English tongues for UK jobseekers, with an average salary for the languages at £32,355 and £31,119 respectively, according to a study by job search engine Adzuna.co.uk. Posted inStatistics and trendson23 Jun 2017
    Company ProfileAdzunaView profile » Employers invest more in non-European linguists as UK marks Brexit anniversary Japanese and Chinese named most lucrative languages for UK jobseekers Despite th
  • The Peculiarities of Writing a Graduate CV

    The next big thing after graduation is finding a top job, applying and getting hired. But even important is writing a graduate CV that influences the decisions of human resource managers.Posted inNews archiveon23 Jun 2017
    In this article, we will talk about one of the most important tasks to begin with – writing a resume that shines. Writing a Distinctive ResumeThe first thing many of us do after graduation is to write a resume. Many begin with an ordinary CV, improve further with every jo
  • Talent Collective recruits Rant & Rave to measure real-time candidate experience

    Rant & Rave, the UK leader in real-time customer engagement technology, has partnered with global talent acquisition and management firm, Talent Collective (part of Alexander Mann Solutions), to capture real-time candidate feedback.Posted inNews archiveon23 Jun 2017
    Driven by the knowledge that how a candidate is made to feel when going through the recruitment process will heavily influence their propensity to do business with a brand in their personal lives, the innovative partnership is de
  • Study Reveals British Business Leaders Lack Confidence in Digital Transformation

    Cornerstone OnDemand sponsored study finds British business and HR leaders are the least confident in their digital strategies compared to other countries in EuropePosted inStatistics and trendson23 Jun 2017
    Most businesses look to adopt digital business models and deploy new technology, but few British businesses feel like they are best-in-class. A new study conducted by IDC and sponsored by Cornerstone OnDemand (NASDAQ: CSOD), a leader in cloud-based learning and human capital management softw
  • Eight in 10 businesses recruit for digital transformation

    Organisations are actively creating new positions to facilitate digitalisation efforts within the finance function over the next 12 months, reveals Robert Half’s report Digital transformation and the future of hiringPosted inStatistics and trendson23 Jun 2017
    The majority of UK CFOs (68%) have revealed that finance automation required for digitalisation will drive recruitment as a significant shift in skills is required.
    Overall, eight in 10 (81%) CFOs are planning to recruit to fill the p

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