• Leading in the Age of Trump and #BlackLivesMatter

    Leaders must help establish a balance between politics and the workplace.
    With the election just a couple of weeks away, one thing seems certain regardless of the outcome: It’s tough being American right now. Anxieties and tensions are high, and most of us feel threatened by the political rhetoric and what’s at stake, not to mention regular news about police shootings and other violence.
    As we grapple with redefining ourselves as a nation, forward-thinking leaders in organizations ar
  • Just Because It Might Be Legal Doesn’t Make It Right

    The plaintiff in Tennial v. UPS [pdf], a former UPS manager, claimed that his manager placed him on a performance improvement plan, and ultimately demoted him, because of his race.
    In support of this claim, he relied in part on: 1) his manager’s alleged use of the word “n*****” in referencing another, nonparty UPS employee, and (2) a district president’s use of the word “boys” in reference to Tennial’s black co-workers.
    The 6th Circuit concluded tha
  • Jobandtalent Reinvents Labour Market with First Completely App-based Hiring and Employee Management Tool

    Jobandtalent today announced the release of a suite of new features designed to simplify and accelerate employee selection, the hiring process and the ongoing management of staff. This is the only end-to-end, digital solution of its kind available today, and reinforces Jobandtalent’s commitment to revolutionising the job market.Posted inLaunchon25 Oct 2016
    Company Profilejobandtalent View profile »In addition to publishing jobs, shortlisting and chatting to suitable candidates, compa
  • E.ON announces 100 new apprenticeships

    E.ON has today (MON) announced that it is taking on 100 new apprentices over the next 12 months as it continues to roll out its award winning apprenticeship programme.Posted inNews archiveon25 Oct 2016
    The energy company will be creating 100 new apprenticeships which will be based on a scheme that launched in 2014 and last year won the award for Youth Engagement Initiative of the Year at the National Skills Academy for Power Annual Awards. The apprenticeship programme has also received Platinum
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  • Starting a Webcast? Check out These Preparation Tips

    While in the past, brands would often control the market and tell consumers what they needed and wanted, our modern age revolves more around the consumer, as brands have realized that if they don’t give people what they want, a competitor will step up and take their place.Posted inNews archiveon25 Oct 2016
    As such, you need to accommodate the ever-growing need for instant gratification, and one such way is the online webcast, which is live, interactive and designed to help consumers form s
  • UK’s leading employee perks & benefits scheme announces an equity round on Seedrs

    Today, Perkbox announces its first equity crowdfunding round, a £1.5m raise on the Seedrs platform, to scale the hyper-growth tech business to its next level of expansion.Posted inNews archiveon25 Oct 2016Innovative tech startup Perkbox launches crowdfunding campaign to fund expansion The UK’s leading perks and benefits scheme estimates the global potential for the sector is around £22 billion Growing 50% each quarter, Perkbox is the UK’s largest and only cloud-based digi
  • Step Into My (Virtual Reality) Shoes

    I’ve often thought it might help to curtail police brutality and murder if white and black, or white and some other minority, officers were routinely paired as partners.
    Partners spend lots of time together each day. They eat together, travel together, and they act in concert, often in dangerous situations where their safety — and the safety of innocent civilians around them — depends on how well they have each other’s back. Essentially, I thought, if a white officer got
  • Lessons From a Job Interview

    Last week, Steven Colbert conducted a mock job interview for President Obama. During the course of the interview, he asked the president questions that referred both to his age and the national origin of his birth.
    What lessons can employers learn from these few moments of late-night frivolity?
    Many interview questions may seem innocuous enough, but create serious discrimination problems.
    The following is just a sample of some exemplar questions that are problematic, as compared to legitim
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  • Ernst & Young Pilots Program to Tap Into Autistic Talents

    Consultancy EY’s program is identifying autistic individuals skilled in data crunching, pattern recognition and paying close attention to detail.
    Autism spectrum disorders affect 1 out of every 68 people nationwide, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, limiting their ability to socialize and communicate.
    However, individuals on the autism spectrum are also known to be particularly detail-oriented, task-driven and analytical, qualities that global business consultanc
  • Age discrimination still rife, say jobseekers

    Research released by totaljobs has revealed that almost two-thirds (63%) of 55-64 year olds have said they have felt discriminated against by a prospective employer because of their age. Worryingly, only 6% of the same age group see their age as an advantage when applying for a job.Posted inOpinionon24 Oct 2016
    Company ProfileTotaljobsView profile » Almost two-thirds (63%) of 55-64 year olds have said they have felt discriminated against by a prospective employer because of their age Just
  • Want To Be More Liked At Work? These Are the Personality Traits You Need to Adopt

    …But Don’t Be Overly Nice, Cry or Lose Your TemperPosted inNews archiveon24 Oct 2016
    Company ProfileCV-Library.co.ukView profile »Want to be a hit with your colleagues? Well, according to new research from the UK’s leading independent job site, CV-Library, the majority of employees (94.2%) believe there are key personality traits which make a person more likeable in the workplace, including being positive (61.8%), approachable (40.8%) and having a sense of humour (39.8%)
  • GetMyFirstJob announced as ‘Best of British’ Apprenticeship Service

    GetMyFirstJob, the UK’s leading apprenticeship matching service, has been ranked as one of the best British businesses to work for, following an independent study conducted by the Sun newspaper.Posted inNews archiveon24 Oct 2016
    This nationwide survey, which involved interviewing members of staff up and down the country from large corporations to small start-ups, was initiated to find the UK employers that have their employees’ best interests at heart.
    GetMyFirstJob, who themselves e
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  • Scottish IT recruiter celebrates a year of international success

    Posted inNews archiveCathcart Associates is celebrating one year in Bangkok after becoming the first UK based IT recruitment firm to open a branch in the Thai capital.on24 Oct 2016
    The Edinburgh-based company opened its first international office in Bangkok in October 2015 and is currently one of only a handful of dedicated IT recruiters in the country.
    In the past 12 months, Cathcart Associates’ Thai team has doubled its number of dedicated consultants, all offeri
  • EEOC issues 2017 enforcement plan: 6 areas it’s targeting next

    The EEOC just issued its second-ever Strategic Enforcement Plan. This is a big deal. Here’s why. 
    The plan will dictate where the agency will focus its compliance enforcement efforts from 2017 through 2021. In other words, if the agency investigates or sues an employer, chances are it’ll be in one of the primary enforcement areas outlined in its new Strategic Enforcement Plan.
    For example, in the EEOC’s previous enforcement plan, which covered fiscal years 2013 thoug
  • The tricky connection between FMLA and overtime

    If your company requires employees to work mandatory overtime, it’s important to factor those extra hours into your calculations when determining employees’ FMLA entitlement.  
    And a recent court ruling provided a timely reminder of what can happen when employers fail to do so.
    That’s one of the key takeaways from Hernandez v. Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations.
    Mandatory overtime
    Some background: When employee Lucas Hernandez was working for Bridgestone, he took intermi
  • Status report: How employees feel about their benefits

    Employees are ill-prepared for a medical emergency, interested in expanded insurance offerings and willing to take pay cuts for better benefits.  
    These are just some of the highlights from the 2016 Aflac WorkForces Report, which was unveiled at ebn’s 29th Annual Benefits Forum & Expo in Nashville.
    The findings give HR pros some good insight into how their employees feel about their overall benefits as well as what employers can do to help.
    Top 10 Findings
    The research says employ
  • Cybersecurity: It’s Mission Critical for Business

    Richard A. Spires has an extensive background in security issues.
    Richard A. Spires may now be the CEO of Learning Tree International, but his background in cybersecurity goes much deeper. Having spent more than 30 years in IT, Spires was chief information officer of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, as well as CIO for the Internal Revenue Service. He also served as the vice chairman of the Federal Government CIO Council and as the co-chairman of the Committee for National Security Syste
  • Kevin Brady: Why job boards still have a role to play in recruitment

    Posted inAdViewon21 Oct 2016We all know that the ways in which people apply for jobs are evolving rapidly.You’ll probably also be aware that there’s now more job boards online than ever before. I’m talking tens of thousands. So what does this mean for job seekers and recruitment? Can we predict any future trends?
    The first thing to say is that contrary to popular belief, job boards aren’t dead. However, the continued rise of job aggregators does still beg the question: ca
  • New Glassdoor Index Reveals UK Labour Market is Strong

    Glassdoor Labour Market Index shows Europe’s labour markets are improving despite considerable diversity by country Posted inStatistics and trendson21 Oct 2016
    Company ProfileGlassdoorView profile »The UK labour market is in a strong position compared to the rest of Europe and is improving at a quicker rate since the financial crisis, according to a new index developed by  Glassdoor Economic Research. The Glassdoor Labour Market Index (GLMI) reveals that labour market conditions
  • LinkedIn reveals UK's most in-demand skills and week of free learning

    UK’s most in-demand ‘soft’ skills also revealed as ‘ownership’, ‘strategic thinking’, ‘communication’ and ‘persistence’Posted inNews archiveon21 Oct 2016
    LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, today unveiled the Top Skills of 2016, ranking both the technical and soft skills that are most sought after by employers. And to help professionals upskill, it revealed the Week of Learning will take place next week, givi
  • Industry veterans offer recruiters business growth through innovative support model

    A new consultancy launched which aims to help recruitment businesses adapt and thrive in a challenging market by combining strategic expertise with hands-on change delivery.Posted inLaunchon21 Oct 2016
    Elite Squared is the result of a merger between Carter Squared and Elite Leaders, and provides owners and directors with the operational insight and interim support to transform their talent and business model.
    The concept was developed by Carter Squared’s Founder Steve Carter in response to
  • Adzuna comment on ONS Labour Market Stats- October 2016

    Doug Monro, co-founder of Adzuna, comments:Posted inOpinionon21 Oct 2016
    Company ProfileAdzunaView profile »“Although Brexit plans won’t be fully disclosed until Spring 2017, employment figures haven’t been negatively impacted as the percentage of people in work holds steady. However, the unemployment rate has also increased, suggesting that a tough road may potentially lie ahead once Brexit plans are set in stone.
    “In the last week alone, Fujitsu, Travis Perkins an
  • 'Match-making' for employers as tech entrepreneur launches recruitment app with global ambitions

    Posted inLaunchScottish technology entrepreneur Mike Hughes is this month (October) launching a new venture which he predicts will revolutionise the world of recruitment, especially for businesses with small numbers of staff.on21 Oct 2016
    After nearly two years of intensive development and testing, he is unveiling Hiire, (correct) an app-based recruitment solution which matches job-seekers to employers by mobile phone in the style of an internet dating site.
    It has already been adopted by more t
  • UK Unemployment data - "Employment figures have taken Brexit shock in their stride, but more insidious threat is shrinking real wages" - reaction from Indeed

    Mariano Mamertino, economist at the world's biggest job site, Indeed, comments:Posted inOpinionon21 Oct 2016
    Company ProfileIndeedView profile »“While the employment figures have largely taken the shock of the Brexit result in their stride, the economy is facing a more insidious threat - the prospect of shrinking real wages.
    “With consumer inflation at its highest level for two years, alarm bells are ringing at Britain’s slowing pace of wage growth, which has now slipped
  • What the future holds for recruitment technology - HR Dive

    HR Dive
    What the future holds for recruitment technology
    HR Dive
    Elaine Orler, CEO of Talent Function, advised HR leaders to take the focus off of their organization's immediate talent needs and instead put it on the capabilities that the organization will need in the near future during a speech at the HR Technology ...
  • Zenefits Woos Human Resources With App Store Approach

    Zenefits wants to be the iPhone of human resources.
    At its Z2 user conference in San Francisco, the HR and benefits technology startup announced Oct. 18 that it will launch a revamped user interface and offer the first online “app store” for HR services including recruiting, expenses and productivity.
    While continuing to offer its core solutions in-house, the new Zenefits platform will allow users to download additional applications that can access employee information directly throu
  • IBM Workers Get an Assist From Watson to Fight Cancer

    IBM is offering its Watson supercomputer services as an employee benefit to find the best cancer treatment options. It will be available beginning in January 2017 to any employee eligible for the company’s self-insured medical plan, IBM said.
    The services include Watson for Oncology, which gives doctors personalized, evidence-based treatment recommendations; Watson for Genomics, which analyzes a patient’s tumor, creates a genomic profile and identifies possible cancer causing mutatio
  • Is Recruiting Via Social Media Discriminatory?

    Yesterday, I noted that the EEOC is examining the impact of big data on how employers reach employment decisions.
    Looking at an issue and doing something about it, however, are two entirely different animals. I wonder what business the EEOC has looking at this issue at all. The EEOC’s mission is to eliminate discrimination from the workplace. Certainly, there is no claim that neutral data points intentionally or invidiously discriminate based on protected classes.
    In that case, the only pu
  • Rising inflation could lead to pay squeeze, says CIPD

    Commenting on the latest labour market statistics from the ONS, CIPD Acting Chief Economist Ian Brinkley said:Posted inOpinionon20 Oct 2016
    Company ProfileCIPDView profile »"Overall job growth has been strong, so in the short term the labour market remains resilient. There are some underlying weaknesses with most of the new jobs being part time and there has also been an increase in temporary work.
    "The overall unemployment rate remains stable, but there has been a decrease in the number o
  • “Employers can play a vital role in keeping young people out of prison”, says Business in the Community

    UK charity Business in the Community (BITC) is using the third anniversary of its Ban the Box campaign to call on employers to rethink the way they treat young job applicants with criminal convictions.Posted inNews archiveon20 Oct 2016
    To date, 75 employers have signed up to the campaign and removed the criminal record tick box from job application forms - taking the total number of jobs covered by Ban the Box to over 700,000. Companies to pledge their support over the past year include Virgin T
  • 5MM: Face-to-Face Meetings; HR Tech Show Recap

    Workforce editors Rick Bell and Frank Kalman discuss a new study showing that holding face-to-face meetings with clients results in substantial amount of money in the form of new business. Also, some thoughts and takeaways from this year’s HR Technology & Exposition in Chicago; and what job tops the American Staffing Association’s most difficult positions to fill list? Hint: It’s not journalist …
    Tags: client meetings, HR Tech, job market, Optimas, wom
  • Don’t use this company’s approach to cutting OT costs

    With the DOL looking to make another four million employees OT-eligible this December, many employers will be looking for ways to limit their OT exposure. Just don’t try the method this company used. 
    One of DuPont’s manufacturing plants in Towanda, PA, was sued by three employees claiming they weren’t being fully compensated for their OT work.
    DuPont had a company-wide policy that it called “shift relief.” At the end of each shift, each employee was requ
  • Expedited ruling requested in cases seeking to block OT rules

    There’s a chance a federal judge may put a stop to the Obama administration’s new OT rules after all. 
    As you remember, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce joined with dozens of other business groups in a lawsuit seeking to block the Dec. 1 implementation of the new OT rules, which would raise the overtime salary threshold from $23, 600 to $47,500 per year. A similar suit was filed in the same Texas federal district court by a consortium of states.
    At the time, many observers opined th
  • ACA compliance: 4 hidden penalty triggers to avoid

    Here’s a compelling reason to review your ACA compliance efforts ASAP.  
    By the end of 2018, the DOL intends to audit every applicable U.S. employer for ACA compliance.
    Whether the agency can make good on that goal is up for debate. But the implication is clear: Most employers will have their ACA practices put under the microscope.
    And while there is no shortage of guidance (40,000-plus pages) from the feds, sifting through – and making sense of it – can seem impossible.
  • EEOC Reiterates Its Enforcement Priorities for the Next Four Years

    The EEOC earlier this week announced its updated Strategic Enforcement Plan for 2017-2021.
    So, what issues must employers have on their radar? From the EEOC’s press release:
    Eliminating barriers in recruitment and hiring.
    Protecting vulnerable workers, including immigrant and migrant workers, and underserved communities from discrimination.
    Addressing selected emerging and developing issues.
    Ensuring equal pay protections for all workers.
    Preserving access to the legal system.
    Preventing s
  • 5 Ways to Help Gen Zers Succeed in the Workplace

    Gen Zers are entering the workforce in droves, and that means managers need to be equipped to handle them. Be prepared to guide and mentor these new employees from the start using these five strategies to help Gen Zers succeed at work.
    Learn more! 
  • Coaching Employees

    Coaching is a must for sports teams, but many growing businesses don’t understand the importance of developing its employees through coaching. Whether you want to ensure success for your newest employees, develop struggling employees, or bring out the best in your C-suite, coaching is a proven technique to help your business grow and prosper. Download this infographic to learn more!
    Learn more! 
  • Does ‘ban the box’ spark discrimination? 2 studies’ surprising findings

    The law of unintended consequences strikes again. 
    This time, it’s with “ban the box” laws.
    The intent of such laws, which have been adopted by nearly 100 cities and nearly two dozen states, is clear: provide individuals with criminal records a better chance of reentering the workforce.
    After all, if employers can’t ask a job candidate about his or her criminal history until much later in the hiring process, the chances of the employer not putting much weight on
  • Top Media Jobs launch on JobBoard.com

    An exciting new job board has been launched to target the media industry and they have taken advantage of the speedy solution from HotLizard’s JobBoard.com.Posted inLaunchon19 Oct 2016
    Company ProfileJobboard.comView profile »The design has been tailored to meet the specific branding requirements of Top Media Jobs, including the clear promotion of their advertisers via featured jobs and featured clients.  The clear calls to action have also been refined to ensure that they are o
  • Unemployment falls YOY: ONS Commentary from totaljobs

    By John Salt, Group Sales Director, TotaljobsPosted inOpinionon19 Oct 2016
    Company ProfileTotaljobsView profile »“In the face of plenty of turmoil surrounding the fall of the pound, the ONS figures continue to provide a reassuring perspective on the state of the economy. Businesses are continuing to hire – and this is reinforced by our Totaljobs Employment Index, which showed that the number of jobs posted on the site in September is up an impressive 7% year-on-year.
  • Glassdoor reveals highest paying part-time jobs

    Lecturers, Business Analysts and Research Assistants take top three spotsPosted inStatistics and trendson19 Oct 2016
    Company ProfileGlassdoorView profile »Glassdoor®, the world’s most transparent jobs and recruiting marketplace, today identifies the UK’s highest paying part-time jobs.
    According to Glassdoor’s new report, University Lecturer is the highest paying job if working part-time in the UK. This  role could net an employee an annual salary of anything up t
  • Xactly and Miller Heiman Group Partner to Deliver Sales-Altering Intelligence to Customers

    Leaders in Sales Excellence Provide Customers the Data-Driven Insights Needed to Design and Execute Compensation Programs Optimised for ResultsPosted inPartnershipson19 Oct 2016
    Xactly (NYSE: XTLY), a leading provider of cloud-based incentive solutions, and Miller Heiman Group, one of the largest and most impactful sales and service performance companies in the world, are partnering to deliver sales-altering insights to customers.
    Miller Heiman Group combines some of best sales, service, trainin
  • UK Organisations Risk Retention Crisis Due to a Lack of Digital Working Practices

    Study by Sungard Availability Services finds that offering the right digital tools is a crucial aspect of attracting and retaining talent for today’s organisationsPosted inNews archiveon19 Oct 2016
    Research from Sungard Availability Services® (Sungard AS), a leading provider of information availability through managed IT, cloud and recovery services,  has revealed that UK employees are leaving their current employers if digital expectations are not met.
    The study found that having
  • AllAboutSchoolLeavers to host inaugural School Leaver Conference

    Relationships between schools and employers are set to become more effective in helping young people make better career choices, with the launch of the School Leaver Conference. Posted inNews archiveon19 Oct 2016In-depth, data-driven research on the school leaver market The Apprenticeship Levy Schools and employers working together Decision-making for young people Corporate responsibility and diversity
    Relationships between schools and employers are set to become more effective in helping young
  • Board appointments still made within closed networks

    Harvey Nash/LBS Leadership Institute report reveals boards not fit for 21st Century purposePosted inNews archiveon19 Oct 2016
    Four in ten board appointments are made without any formal process, and more than half go to candidates already known to the organisation. This is despite almost two-thirds of boards prioritising widening the skillset of board members, especially in digital, according to the Harvey Nash Board Report 2016/17 in association with London Business School’s Leadership Ins
  • Missed call: Young people and recruiters not connecting

    Students and graduates are not making the right work-place choices and employers are struggling to identify the right ‘fit’ for their businesses.Posted inStatistics and trendson19 Oct 201673% of employers not reaching their potential young hires 68% of graduates admit joining the wrong employer 28% of graduates leave their employers within 12 months
    Students and graduates are not making the right workplace choices and employers are struggling to identify the right ‘fit’ f

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