• When You Use the Word Victim …

    Whenever I see the word “victim” in a diversity context I always want to roll my eyes. Not because it’s completely false, but because historically discriminated against groups are already behind the eight ball in so many ways; why slap that pitiful label on us, too?
    Labels have power. They prompt negative and positive associations — usually negative — and when it comes to diversity, labels can have layers of bias attached to them as well. The word victim inspires cr
  • Bring Me the Head of Employment at Will

    At his always excellent Connecticut Employment Law Blog, Dan Schwartz recently asked the following question: “What Does ‘At Will’ Employment Really Mean?”
    Dan argues that while employment at will is still a valid legal doctrine, if a judge or jury cannot view your termination as “fair”, then they will look for another (illegal) justification for your decision. That examination may not go your way.
    Dan is 100 percent correct.
    As I wrote a year ago:
    Employment a
  • You’re Sick? Go Home!

    Some 85 percent of workers say that they have gone to the office while sick, according to one recent survey.
    An IT guy at a San Francisco tech startup comes to work looking like death warmed over near the end of flu season. He is visibly ill and sweating. Unfortunately, he’s also responsible for installing vital software to everyone’s computers in the office and doesn’t want to take off sick in the middle of the upgrade.
    His colleagues beg him to go home, telling him they&
  • A Supreme Case on Arbitration

    In AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion, the United States Supreme Court held that a business could compel a group of individuals to waive their right to file a class-action lawsuit and instead arbitrate their collective dispute. Employers rejoiced, believing that they finally had the weapon they needed to battle the scourge of wage-and-hour class actions. 
    The National Labor Relations Board, however, had different ideas.
    In its seminal 2012 decision, D.R. Horton Inc., the NLRB held that an arbi
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  • National origin, religious bias cases still rank high on EEOC agenda

    National origin and religion are highly sensitive topics in American culture and politics these days. And the workplace is no exception — check out these two recent cases from the EEOC.  
    The first case involves KASCO, LLC, a St. Louis company which manufactures and sells butcher supplies and meat processing equipment. KASCO, charged by the EEOC with retaliation and discrimination based on national origin and religion, has agreed to pay $110,000 and furnish other relief to s
  • One missing punctuation mark cost this company $10 million

    A single comma will end up costing one employer $10 million in unpaid overtime.  
    Drivers for the Maine-based Oakhurst Dairy are getting $10 million in overtime back following a class-action lawsuit.
    List of conditions
    Specifically, a missing comma in the following list of conditions of when OT doesn’t apply sunk the company:
    “… marketing, storing, packing for shipment or distribution of productions.”
    Lawyers for the class argued that a comma before the word “
  • Busting Millennial Myths

    Millennials in the workforce are here to stay (except for when they leave you for better growth opportunities). So it’s time to stop taking the same approach to hiring and retaining talent that we used 15, 10 or even just a few years ago, instead, do something that’ll really work. In this Ebook, we’ll show you what really wins over Millennials. Things like opportunities for growth, mentorship, transparency, and your company’s mission.
    Learn more! 
  • A Great First Day: The First Step of Smart Onboarding

    What makes a great first day? How do you ensure new employees feel welcomed, ready to work, and happy they chose to join your organization? Find out in this eBook.Learn more!
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  • Serco uses HR technology to cut recruitment bill - ComputerWeekly.com

    Serco uses HR technology to cut recruitment bill
    Serco, the £3.1bn services company, aims to save millions in recruitment costs each year after deploying human resources (HR) technology that will reduce its need to use recruitment agencies and to pay to advertise vacancies. Download this free guide ...
  • New ban on agency staff will ‘remove a lifeline’ from the NHS

    The NHS staffing crisis will get worse because of new measures to restrict trusts from hiring agency nurses and locum doctors who are also employed as substantive staff in the NHS, the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) has warned.Posted inNews archiveon24 Mar 2017
    A recent survey of 199 healthcare recruitment businesses found that in 48 per cent of agencies, more than half of the temporary nurses, doctors, and allied health professionals on their books are also employed substantiv
  • Men more confident than women about Brexit, employment survey finds

    Employers Must Increase Transparency Around Internal Opportunities and Better Communicate Benefits to Retain Top Talent, According to CEBPosted inNews archiveon24 Mar 2017
    UK workers are defying Brexit gloom thanks to rising confidence in the jobs market, though men are significantly more optimistic than women about the future, according to CEB (NYSE: CEB), a best practice insight and technology company.
    CEB’s Global Talent Monitor indicates that while the business outlook has been improvi
  • 6 words turned age bias lawsuit into a $922K payout

    A western PA-based employer probably regrets that one of its managers uttered just six words to a shift supervisor. 
    The manager approached Rudolph Karlo, who’d been brought in through a subcontractor, and said Karlo would be considered for a full-time position if he “made the whole thing go away.”
    The “thing” the manager was referring to was an age discrimination lawsuit Karlo filed against the employer, Pittsburgh Glass Works.
    Laid off aft
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  • The 8th Nominee for Worst Employer of 2017 Is … the Cancerous Boss

    “Jon, you write a management-side blog. Why are you running a contest to find the worst employer of 2017?”
    Because of employers like this one (via Courthouse News):
    Plaintiff was diagnosed with kidney cancer and required immediate surgery to remove the tumor. Defendant Slutskaya denied his request for a 10-day leave of absence and told plaintiff she doesn’t “need people with cancer working in her office” and further stated, “this is America and in America you
  • Britain to embrace artificial intelligence in the workplace

    New research by job board Jobsite shows that despite media reports of AI impacting jobs, the UK is optimistic about the potential of artificial intelligence in the workplace.Posted inNews archiveon23 Mar 2017Jobsite findings show that 76% of workers are not uneasy about automation in the workplace Over half of employers see automation as an opportunity not a threat
    A recent survey of over 4000 Jobsite users showed overwhelmingly positive attitudes to automation with 54% believing advances will a
  • Mum’s the word: UK professionals rely on their mum to help them decide whether to accept a job offer

    …As workers reveal the top ways their mum prepared them for working lifePosted inStatistics and trendson23 Mar 2017
    Company ProfileCV-Library.co.ukView profile »Despite fleeing the nest, the majority of UK workers are still reliant on their mums’ wisdom throughout their careers, with over half (54.6%) admitting that their mum has helped them to decide whether to accept a job offer or not. This is according to the latest research from the UK’s leading independent job boar
  • CIPD responds to the Cridland Review on state pension age

    Responding to the publication of the Cridland Review on the State Pension age, Charles Cotton, performance and reward adviser at the CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development, said:Posted inOpinionon23 Mar 2017
    Company ProfileCIPDView profile »“Ensuring we build a pensions system that is both affordable and sustainable is an ongoing challenge and we welcome the report’s honest insights into the challenges that the pensions system faces. Raising the state pension
  • Social Media: How can recruiters use it as a helpful tool for finding candidates?

    By Toby Conibear, Global Sales Director at Bond International Software Posted inNews archiveon23 Mar 2017
    Company ProfileBond International SoftwareView profile »In recent research Bond International Software found that only 25% of candidates have used social media to find a job, and of these, only 14% found it helpful. While this highlights that social media isn’t a popular platform for candidates to find a job, the use of social media varies between demographics and age groups. The
  • Hireserve shortlisted at National Technology Awards

    Leading recruitment software provider Hireserve has been announced as a finalist in the ‘Cloud Product of the Year’ category at the 2017 National Technology Awards.Posted inNews archiveon23 Mar 2017
    Company ProfileHireserve LimitedView profile »Hireserve’s core applicant tracking technology has been used by in-house recruiters for years as a traditional ATS. Due to its flexibility, however, Hireserve ATS has also been used to fulfil a range of alternative functions: as an
  • Recruit my way: how you want to search for jobs

    Our approach to recruitment is that of building strong relationships with candidates.Posted inNews archiveon23 Mar 2017
    It’s incredibly important to understand someone before you can even presume to send them the ‘perfect job’. Similarly, we want candidates to be honest and open with us. We also want to make sure we’re recruiting in a way that suits them.
    With that in mind, we ran a survey. ‘Recruit my way’ was designed to establish your thoughts on
  • Employers predict below-inflation 2% pay award

    Private-sector employers are forecasting a pay award of just 2% for their employees over the coming year, the latest data from pay analysts at XpertHR reveals.Posted inStatistics and trendson23 Mar 2017
    This figure comes as retail prices index (RPI) inflation (still the most favoured measure of inflation for pay awards purposes) jumped to 3.2% in February 2017, a rise of 0.6 percentage points from January.
    Based on data from 212 organisations, XpertHR research suggests that only 8.5% of pay awar
  • The ultimate guide to implementing a collaborative hiring process

    Includes the benefits of collaborative hiring, how to hire as a team and an implementation checklist.Posted inNews archiveon23 Mar 2017
    Company ProfileRecruitee View profile »Free White Paper: Collaborative HiringSpeed up your business growth with a collaborative hiring process. Discover the benefits of collaborative hiring. Includes compiled research of proven results. Contains a practical checklist to put this into practice!Click here for more information
  • Turns out HR pros & managers can be liable (personally) for FMLA violations

    Courts have ruled that managers and supervisors can be held personally liable for FLSA violations. And now, in a new twist, courts are saying they can be individually liable for FMLA violations as well. Here’s why and when. 
    In a nutshell, the FMLA says that an employer can be:
    “… any person who acts, directly or indirectly, in the interest of an employer to any of the employees of such employer …
    And employers can be held liable for FMLA violations — even i
  • SCOTUS Takes Largely Meaningless Swipe at Obama’s NLRB Legacy

    There is little doubt that under President Obama, the NLRB reinvented itself into an agency about which all employers must pay attention. One can trace much of this reinvention back to Lafe Solomon (a man with whom I once shared an NRP microphone), the NLRB’s acting general counsel from June 2010 through October 2013.
    Yesterday, however, in NLRB v. SW General, Inc. [pdf], the Supreme Court held that Mr. Solomon’s tenure from January 5, 2011, through October 29, 2013, was unlawful, as
  • Employer Branding 101

    Whether you have a robust employer branding strategy or you’re only beginning to think about it, we have top tips for you in this 30+ page Ebook. We looked at the companies with the best employer branding in the world to show you how to create and share your own story. As a bonus, this Ebook contains a free assessment you can take to see how your employer brand stacks up.
    Learn more! 
  • 6 Things Your Employees Will Fail Without

    Are you bringing on top candidates only to have them become average employees? Sometimes we forget how important it is to coach our employees to be successful as individuals. In this eBook, learn how to identify when your employees need more engagement and how you can impact your employees’ success for the long term.
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  • ARC welcomes changes to IR35 in the public sector, but believes the plan still flawed

    Today, 20th March, the government published the Finance Bill as being laid before Parliament. The bill contains a number of amendments and, crucially for the agency sector, for the first time makes the public sector hirer liable if it fails to take reasonable care when making a decision as to whether IR35 applies.Posted inNews archiveon22 Mar 2017
    Company ProfileThe Association of Recruitment Consultancies - ARCView profile »“This is very welcome” says Adrian Marlowe, chairman
  • Leadership Changes at the Higher Education Careers Services Unit and Graduate Prospects

    Mike Hill has announced that he will retire from the Higher Education Careers Services Unit (HECSU) and its subsidiary Graduate Prospects in the late summer after 17 years as the Chief Executive.Posted inNews archiveon22 Mar 2017
    Company ProfileProspectsView profile »In the years that he has been at the helm, Mike has led the transition from print publisher to multimedia organisation. Graduate Prospects now has a portfolio of 12 digital and print publications supported by market leading st
  • Business as usual during Brexit process

    Prime Minister Theresa May has announced that she will trigger Article 50 on Wednesday 29th March, starting the two year process of Britain's withdrawal from the EU.Posted inNews archiveon22 Mar 2017
    While there is a lot of uncertainty ahead as the country's exit from the EU is negotiated, ELAS legal services manager Geoff Isherwood says, for now, it is business as usual.
    He says: "During the Brexit process all current laws and regulations will remain in place. Britain remains a member of the EU
  • Amoria Bond grows business using RDB ProNet

    The global recruitment consultancy Amoria Bond talks about the success they have had with Access software across their entire business.Posted inNews archiveon22 Mar 2017
    Company ProfileFirst Choice SoftwareView profile » Global recruitment consultancy Amoria Bond is interviewed about their success with Access software Stretching over four countries they needed a robust system Amoria Bond passionate about Access CRM, analytics and finance software  Watch the interview
    The global recrui
  • Half of UK employees introduce wellbeing schemes to combat stress

    Nearly two thirds (63%) of UK employees experience stress in their jobs1, according to research into workplace happiness by Happiness Works on behalf of Robert Half UK. Of those who find their roles demanding, nearly one in 10 said their job was very stressful.Posted inNews archiveon22 Mar 2017
    Given the high-levels of stress among UK employees, organisations are introducing wellbeing initiatives to support the physical and mental health of employees at work. Nearly half (48%) of businesses offe
  • Workingmums.co.uk launches 2017 Best Practice Report

    Including men in the debate around gender equality and embedding flexible working from recruitment onwards are key trends in best practice, according to the Workingmums.co.uk’s Best Practice Report 2017.Posted inNews archiveon22 Mar 2017
    The Report is an in-depth look at what the most progressive companies are doing with regard to gender diversity and flexible working. It includes detailed interviews with the winners of the Workingmusm.co.uk’s Top Employer Awards as well as
  • How to make analytics modernization work in practice

    We like to think of analytics as a logical discipline, where investment decisions are consistently rational and predictable. Not so. Posted inNews archiveon22 Mar 2017
    Customer organisations are driven by all the usual complex and sometimes contradictory forces. Business users want analytics to help them make good customer facing decisions as quickly as possible, while the legal team wants assurances that data usage meets regulatory, legal and ethical standards. The challenge for organisations i
  • Only 50 percent of people say they are productive at work

    Junior members of the workforce are most likely to be disengaged, demotivated and lacklustre about work according to survey on happiness in the UK workplacePosted inNews archiveon22 Mar 2017 Survey highlights include:48 percent of UK employees surveyed are not happy at work Yet happy workers are 12 per cent more productive Only 39 percent of junior team members feel positive about whether their job is important and worthwhile The over 50s most want to get to work in the mornings, while the 18-29
  • EEOC Offers Sage Advice on Following Checklists for Harassment Compliance

    The EEOC last June issued a comprehensive, bipartisan report on harassment in the workplace. The report’s stated purpose was to “reboot workplace harassment prevention efforts” by focusing on efforts employers can take “in designing effective anti-harassment policies; developing training curricula; implementing complaint, reporting, and investigation procedures; creating an organizational culture in which harassment is not tolerated; ensuring employees are held accountabl
  • Sector Report: Workplace Wellness Programs Continue Healthy Ascent

    Wellness programs have been gaining popularity as a way to attract top talent with the potential to lower health care costs through healthy living. Larger companies in particular have embraced this trend, with 60 percent providing comprehensive programs including cash incentives, gamified challenges and custom programming.
    It’s a natural extension of health benefits programming and a desire to create a more productive and engaged workforce, said Michael Maniccia, specialist leader for Delo
  • New Wellness Bill HR 1313 Gets Flak for Genetic Privacy Concerns

    A new workplace wellness bill is coming under fire.
    A bill in Congress could slap penalties on workers who don’t participate in corporate wellness programs.
    The House Education and the Workforce Committee passed the proposal for the Preserving Employee Wellness Programs Act on March 8. Introduced by panel chairwoman U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-North Carolina, HR 1313 would “reaffirm existing law to allow employee wellness programs to be tied to responsible financial incentives,”
  • Recruiters Tug on Lever to Gauge Hiring Success

    Recruiters need to track their recruiting conversion funnel.
    Recruiting software provider Lever recently conducted hiring research that collected data from more than 600 small- and medium-sized businesses for over a year. The data was collected to help “startups and SMBs understand whether what they’re seeing unfold in their hiring practices is typical,” said Amanda Bell, director of recruiting at San Francisco-based Lever.
    According to Bell, a data-driven recruiter analyzes th
  • Diversity Should Be Selfish

    What the h-e-double hockey sticks with this headline, right? Why on earth would I promote the idea that diversity should be selfish? What about inclusion? Unity? Collaboration? Equality? It all depends on who’s being selfish and why.
    Earlier this month I found this article on Forbes.com. In it staffer Katheryn Thayer detailed the story of Dots, a 4-year-old mobile app gaming company helmed by co-founder and CEO Paul Murphy. According to the article, he built his company to “make
  • Swapping DNA for Lower Insurance Costs Is One Wellness Step Too Far

    It is no secret that health care costs for employers and their employees are out of control. Many employers have attempted to hold down these rising costs by offering wellness-program incentives.
    The EEOC has signed off on these programs as legal as long as employee participation remains voluntary, which the agency defines as financial incentives for employee participation at or below 30 percent of the cost of coverage. Thus, employees have a choice — participate in the wellness program or
  • Weighing the Value of Workplace Wellness

    In terms of workplace initiatives, corporate wellness is a relatively new concept that didn’t begin developing until the late 20th century. And for a relatively young industry, it has witnessed impressive growth since its inception in the 1980s.
    Experts contend that employers must offer wellness benefits to attract and retain employees.
    Employers have plenty of options to choose from, as 951 companies specifically specialize in corporate wellness, according to IBISWorld’s industry re
  • Totaljobs launches £3.6 million out of home advertising campaign

    Posted inLaunchTotaljobs has today launched a £3.6 million out of home advertising campaign, alongside a multi-million pound online traffic strategy, called #TheElevatorPitch, which will address common pressures and stumbling blocks around the interview process.on20 Mar 2017
    Company ProfileTotaljobsView profile » Campaign will focus on the fact that totaljobs provides more candidates for interview per job ad, on average, than any other UK job board OOH advertising across London, Manc
  • Alexander Mann Solutions launches Consulting group: Talent Collective

    Global talent acquisition and management firm, Alexander Mann Solutions, has unveiled its new Consulting group, Talent Collective.Posted inLaunchon20 Mar 2017
    Company ProfileAlexander Mann SolutionsView profile »While the company has provided a strong and comprehensive consulting offering as part of its talent solutions within Alexander Mann Solutions, the differentiation of a dedicated consulting brand will formally enable it to provide greater end-to-end talent solutions for clients glob
  • How much does happiness pay? Salaries of 10 Dream Jobs revealed by Indeed

    It’s a thought that crosses many a commuter’s mind on a grey Monday morning: what if I ditched the daily grind for a dream job?Posted inNews archiveon20 Mar 2017
    Company ProfileIndeedView profile » Swapping the daily grind for job joy can pay surprisingly well according to job site  Indeed Six dream jobs pay more than the national average salary Sommeliers can toast £43k a year, while marine biologists can splash out with £36k
    It’s a thought that crosses
  • cut-e creates strategic technology partnership with Greenhouse Software

    International assessment specialist cut-e today announced a strategic partnership with technology company Greenhouse Software, which will enable clients of both companies to run seamless assessments as part of their recruitment process. Posted inPartnershipson20 Mar 2017
    Company Profilecut-eView profile »Greenhouse Software - which works with over 1,500 clients including Airbnb, Lyft and Snap Inc - provides a recruiting optimisation platform which makes it easier for organisations to sourc
  • "For the self- employed, the boat was temporarily rocked": Adzuna comment on the national insurance increase for the self-employed

    Doug Monro, co-founder of Adzuna, comments:Posted inOpinionon20 Mar 2017
    Company ProfileAdzunaView profile »“The Spring Budget 2017 brought good news for the jobs market, fell in National Apprenticeship Week and focused on clearing the path for 16-19 year olds into work and T-Levels, as well as increased support for ‘returnships’ for those going back into work. However, for the self- employed, the boat was temporarily rocked, following the news of a National Insurance inc
  • HireRight MENA Team Grows with the Appointment of Account Director

    Posted inAppointmentsHireRight, the leading global candidate due diligence company, has strengthened its Business Development team in the Middle East region, with the appointment of Carl Simington as Account Director.on20 Mar 2017
    Company ProfileHireRightView profile »Simington joins the team from Hospitality People, where he managed the business to deliver recruitment solutions for clients within the hospitality sector. Before that he had a background stretching 14 years within the Engine
  • Prospects launches guide to degree apprenticeships

    Leading graduate careers experts Prospects has launched a Guide to Degree Apprenticeships for Employers.Posted inNews archiveon20 Mar 2017
    Company ProfileProspectsView profile »The new digital publication is intended to provide information and guidance to support employers in light of the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy on 6 April 2017.
    The Guide to Degree Apprenticeships for Employers follows a poll by City & Guilds that showed 33% of employers eligible to pay the new levy are

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