• Recruiting in a Snap

    Big-name companies such as McDonald’s and Goldman Sachs have tested using Snapchat to recruit millennials.
    In April, McDonald’s Corp. showed surprising social media edge when it took its recruiting campaign to Snapchat, the mobile app that lets users exchange videos and images that self-destruct after a few seconds. The initial campaign began in Australia, where they encouraged candidates to use a Snapchat filter to try on virtual uniforms, then upload their own 10-second pitch in li
  • Butt-dial costs man a cushy six-figure job he ‘barely showed up to’

    Here’s some advice for individuals who set the bar low: If you do manage to land that dream job that essentially pays you big bucks to do nothing, don’t ever, under any circumstances, brag about the fact that you have such a job.That’s a lesson Mr. David Bookstaver just learned the hard way.
    According to the New York Post, Mr. Bookstaver was just fired from his longtime job as communications director for the Office of Court Administration. In that position, Mr. Bookstaver had
  • Women Business Leaders Break Glass Ceiling with New Management Book

     Four women are bringing their expertise on human resources, talent management, leadership development and consulting to the pages of their new book, “The Loyalist Team.”Linda Adams, Abby Curnow-Chavez, Audrey Epstein and Rebecca Teasdale, who run The TriSpective Group, which consults with companies including PetSmart, Orbitz and Hallmark, have compiled seven years of business research into their book, which is due out Sept. 12. With additional writing from journalist and author
  • Why Your HR Team Will Love You for Outsourcing Your Customer Service

    The best contact center partner is already well-positioned in the market to attract great people, with the right HR resources available to build a strong employer brand and nurture its workforce. The procurement process for seeking an outsourced contact center is naturally focused on the tangible functionalities, capacities, competencies and capabilities of a potential vendor. These factors are essential, of course, but they do not represent the whole story. The truth is, behind those end result
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  • Top 5 Workplace Marijuana Misconceptions: Seeing Through the Haze

    Eight states and the District of Columbia currently allow recreational marijuana use, and 29 states plus the district permit its use for ostensibly medical purposes.
    Some of marijuana legalization’s negative impacts are well publicized. The sharp increase in marijuana-related automobile fatalities in legalized states like Washington has spurred the American Automobile Association to oppose legalization.
    Like the tobacco industry, the marijuana lobby has invested in downplaying the risks of
  • Time Management Clock Ticks Toward Value and Away From Hourly Pay

    Clocking in, signing time sheets and clocking out are normal occurrences in most standard jobs. Working a certain amount of hours and getting paid for them is how work is documented, but the luster of hourly wages and two-week pay periods may not be the shiny gem of the workday that it once was.
    Being a time watcher at work is taking on a whole new meaning among millennials.
    As technology advances and millennials crave quicker monetary value in their careers, billable time — based on the v
  • Role of HR Technology in Recruitment - HR Technologist

    HR Technologist
    Role of HR Technology in Recruitment
    HR Technologist
    Recruitment or talent acquisition is amongst the most important HR processes in the organization. Recruiters are, after all, the gate keepers of the organization, scrutinizing the quality and quantity of talent inputs and ensuring that it aligns with ...
  • Intuit adds VR to recruitment efforts - HR Dive

    Intuit adds VR to recruitment efforts
    HR Dive
    Financial technology firm Intuit has started using virtual reality (VR) technology as part of its hiring process, reports Fast Company. So far, it's working out well and enabling the company to identify top talent much faster. After receiving negative ...
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  • Finding the Right Balance for Employees in Office Design

    What’s your ideal work environment?
    I posed this question to friends and family and got a variety of answers. A librarian’s assistant enjoyed her job mostly because in the hours spent shelving books, she could listen to music, did not have to interact with other people and was not bothered by the sun. Someone in the audio/video space sometimes felt disconnected from co-workers in his closed office but appreciated that space when knee-deep in the audio-editing process.
    What’s yo
  • You Call It: HR Best Practices or HR Biased Practices?

    Have HR’s best practices of the past become biased practices in today’s shifting workforce?
    People in human resources often refer to certain methods as their “best practices.”
    The term best practice is somewhat misleading since it is not possible to find a method that is best for every company’s culture and industry. Nevertheless, it is commonly used when referring to HR practices that are widely accepted as “the way we do things.” These tend to be tradi
  • Diversity Training Under Scrutiny Following Fallout With Google Employee

    D&I is usually focused on the experiences of minority groups. One of the downsides is that it sets up white males to feel discriminated against, as well.
    Former Google employee James Damore’s 3,000-word assertion that women land fewer tech jobs because of biological differences rather than skills sparked a lot of conversation, particularly about the state of diversity training.
    Organizations use diversity and inclusion training to prevent hostility and build inclusive, respectful work
  • 5MM: Googling Gender Diversity

    In this week’s edition of 5 Minutes of Management, Workforce editors Frank Kalman and Rick Bell discuss ongoing diversity saga in Silicon Valley and what 1st Amendment rights employees actually when speaking their mind. Additionally, recent jobs numbers and declining layoffs look good. Or do they? And finally shedding a little light on the solar eclipse.For more 5 Minutes of Management, check out our YouTube channel.
    The post 5MM: Googling Gender Diversity appeared firs
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  • How Much Wasted Work Time Is Too Much?

    According to a recent survey conducted by OfficeTeam, on average, employees spend eight hours per workweek on nonwork activities.
    What does this non-work time look like?
    Personal emails: 30 percent
    Social networks: 28 percent
    Sports sites: 8 percent
    Mobile games: 6 percent
    Online shopping: 5 percent
    Entertainment sites: 3 percent
    Moreover, try as they might to regulate this activity, employers fail. The same survey reports that 58 percent of employees simply use their personal mobile d
  • IRS issues strong warnings about ACA compliance: Should HR be worried?

    Despite lots of warnings, the IRS has yet to impose any non-compliance penalties on employers during the two years the ACA reporting provisions have been mandatory. And with all of the efforts to kill or water down Obamacare, many employers are wondering if they should even make ACA compliance a priority at all.Now, the agency is reminding folks that the ACA reporting mandate is still in full effect and compliance isn’t optional. It’s also assuring skeptical businesses it’s re
  • Why Vetting for Work Martyrs During the Hiring Process Isn’t the Answer

    Remember, logging extra hours or being on call during evenings and weekends does not guarantee results. It can lead to burnout and diminished productivity.
    Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini has become the latest victim of public scrutiny after telling the New York Times in July about a test she uses to measure a candidate’s commitment during the hiring process. Her system involves texting at an odd hour of the weekend to see how quickly the candidate will respond.
    Not surprisingly, the int
  • Forget paternity leave, ‘paw-ternity’ leave is the recruiting benefit of the future

    Many employers don’t even offer paternity leave to employees, but one organization offers this benefit for both human and fur babies.The latter is called “paw-ternity” leave, and it’s a benefit in a class all its own.
    It’s also a perk one Scottish brewery recently opened up to its 1,000 employees. BrewDog offers new dog owners one week off with pay to get their pet acclimated to their new homes.
    On top of its canine-related leave, which aims to make the animal adopt
  • Does a LinkedIn Request Violate a Non-solicitation Agreement?

    In Bankers Life and Casualty Company v. American Senior Benefits (Ill. Ct. App. 8/7/17), Bankers Life sued a former sales manager, Gregory Gelineau, for violating the following non-solicitation agreement after he jumped ship to American Senior Benefits, a competitor:
    During the term of this Contract and for 24 months thereafter, within the territory regularly serviced by the Manager’s branch sales office, the Manager shall not, personally or through the efforts of others, in
  • Mapping Out Maternity Leave

    When I found out I was pregnant, I was elated. I couldn’t wait to tell friends, register for baby stuff I wouldn’t need, sign up for Amazon Prime diaper delivery, and start the so-called “nesting” phase. But then, anxiety about balancing a new baby and work hit me like a bad wave of morning sickness.
    Most working parents, moms especially, will admit that it’s intimidating to tell their employer they are expecting.
    As an HR leader and a mother-to-be, Gretchen Va
  • When You Discover That You Employ a Nazi

    In the wake of Friday and Saturday’s horrific, evil events in Charlottesville, the the twitter account YesYoureRacist posted many riot photos and identified many of the rioters. And, as a result, some have lost their jobs.
    Yes, You’re Racist @YesYoureRacist
    Replying to @YesYoureRacist
    UPDATE: Cole White, the first person I exposed, no longer has a job  #GoodNightColeWhite #ExposeTheAltRight#CharlottesvilleQuestion: Does one participating in a N
  • Firing staffer for ‘gender stereotypes’ memo sets off Google’s free speech nightmare

    When Google fired a software engineer over a memo he wrote criticizing the company’s diversity efforts, little did it know it would set off a chain of events that put it smack dab in the middle of a national media frenzy — and an HR nightmare.The engineer, James Damore, initially published a 10-page memo, “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber,” on the company’s internal message board. Some sites are calling the memo an anti-diversity manifesto,
    ‘Implicit a
  • Namely Sells Its HR Technology Platform as a Managed Service

    Namely CEO Matt Straz.
    To make it easier for resource-strapped small and midsized companies to set-up HR systems, Namely Inc. is borrowing from the past and selling its existing cloud-based HR technology platform as a managed service.
    The New York-based company on Aug. 9 said it is offering a managed version of its HR technology platform called Managed Services, including core functions such as payroll, benefits and compliance along with features such as time keeping. Customers will have dedicat
  • Does Over-Automation in Recruitment Help? - HR Technologist

    HR Technologist
    Does Over-Automation in Recruitment Help?
    HR Technologist
    Technology is pervading each and every aspect of an organization. With advanced technologies, the number of new applications innovated and introduced as seen an overwhelming rise. Today, we see different apps/solutions that take care and automate ...and more »
  • Apparently Labor Rights of Strikers Top Non-harassment Rights of Workers

    There exists only one workplace environment in which a white employee can keep his job after yelling the following at a group of African-American employees.
    “Hey, did you bring enough KFC for everyone?”
    “Go back to Africa, you bunch of f***ing losers.”
    “Hey anybody smell that? I smell fried chicken and watermelon.”
    A gold star for you if you answered a picket line, when the comments are made by striking workers and are directed at a group of replacements cross
  • 5MM: You’ve Been Microchipped!

    In this week’s edition of 5 Minutes of Management, Workforce editors Frank Kalman and Rick Bell discuss the pros and cons of a voluntary program at one Wisconsin company to insert microchips in its workforce. They also harken back to a time when asking for job candidates’ social media passwords was thought to be a sound recruiting tactic.For more 5 Minutes of Management, check out our YouTube channel.
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  • Could a Smart Mirror Make Us More Productive or Invade Our Privacy?

    When you hear about a smart mirror, you think it’s a future endeavor. Then you hear it’s a real thing happening right now, and others have created similar tools — like HiMirror, a smart mirror that tracks your skin health. Or the one with a personal and business application — MirroCool, a personal assistant smart mirror and camera.
    When I got an email about MirroCool, which uses facial recognition technology and keeps track of your calendar events and to-do lists, my mout
  • Game-changing ruling on marijuana has major implications for HR pros everywhere

    Do you have to accommodate employees’ use of medical marijuana even if you have a drug policy that follows federal law and prohibits illegal substances including marijuana?Maybe.
    A recent landmark court ruling shows just how tricky it can be for HR pros when state and federal marijuana laws collide.
    The case, Barbuto v. Advantage Sales & Marketing, LLC, centered around a newly hired employee who was brought on to promote products at local supermarkets, her debilitating health conditio
  • As the Google Case Shows, Diversity Is Not an Ideology

    By now, you’ve likely heard about the male Google employee (James Damore) who circulated within the company a 10-page memo titled, “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber.”
    In this memo, he critiqued Google’s efforts at maintaining gender diversity within the ranks of its employees, arguing that women are underrepresented in tech not because of workplaces biases and discrimination, but because of inherent psychological differences between the sexes.
    To quote from the&nbs
  • 4 Templates to Enhance Your Candidate Experience

    Let your employer brand shine through your entire hiring process. Your candidate experience can make or break your company’s reputation. Yes, really—43% of candidates who have a negative candidate experience will sever their business with a company. So, it’s more important than ever to communicate clearly and consistently with potential employees, from the moment they submit their application to the moment they’re told whether or not they got the job.The good news is, we&
  • The Importance of Developmental Screening for HR & Benefits Directors

    Health screenings play a vital role in workplace core benefits, but do you know the latest type of screening employers are adopting? With 30% of employees having children, many employers now realize the advantages of adding child development screenings. Companies who have embraced developmental screenings are seeing reduced health care costs, reduced absenteeism and increased productivity.
    Learn more! 
  • Identifying Opportunities to Automate Recruitment - HR Technologist

    HR Technologist
    Identifying Opportunities to Automate Recruitment
    HR Technologist
    The new digital age of recruitment is here to stay. With the fierce talent competition, recruiters today are under immense pressure to fill positions in time, and as per quality norms. In such a scenario, tracking candidates manually for sourcing by ...
  • Rash of Food Allergies Prompts Education Push

    Food allergies are on the rise — particularly among children — and that poses challenges to employers who are likely to see more employees struggling to manage their symptoms in the workplace
    Laurel Francoeur, attorney and founder of the blog Allergy Law Project
    Approximately 15 million Americans have food allergies and their numbers are growing each year, according to Food Allergy Research and Education, or FARE, a national advocacy group. Food allergies among children increased abo
  • Do employers take hourly workers for granted? 3 ways to prevent engagement problems

    The turnover rate among hourly workers is a whooping 49% on average, according to some research. When turnover is that high, it almost always means engagement is precipitously low.And in many cases, engagement among hourly workers is suffering because execs tend to focus their efforts on salaried staffers and, in particularly bad cases, actually look at hourly workers as a renewable resource that can always be replaced.
    That’s a mistake for many reasons, especially when you consider h
  • Don’t Let Off-the-clock Overtime Claims Become a Game of Rock, Paper, Scissors

    Defending claims for off-the-clock work is one of the most difficult tasks employers face under the Fair Labor Standards Act.
    An employee (or worse, group of employees) says, “I (we) worked, without compensation, before our shift, after our shift, or during our lunch; pay me (us).” Often, these employees have their own personal, detailed logs supporting their claims. And the employer has bupkis. It then must prove a negative (“You weren’t really working when you say you w
  • Technology Recruitment Lead - The HR Director Magazine

    Technology Recruitment Lead
    The HR Director Magazine
    As the Lead Technology Recruiter, you will partner with key stakeholders to determine recruitment requirements and create strategies for different teams. The organisation has recently gone through a transformation and the ideal candidate will be ...
  • Worker violated drug policy, so how the heck did company lose in court?

    Yes, employers can — and should — enforce drug policies that prohibit employees from working under the influence of drugs that impact performance and safety, even if the substances are legally prescribed prescription drugs. However, there is another a caveat to even the most black-and-white policies employers must keep in mind.That caveat involves the intersection of the ADA’s reasonable accommodation process with a company’s drug policy. And a recent lawsuit highlighted
  • 5MM: Talking Trump’s Transgender Ban

    In this week’s edition of 5 Minutes of Management, Workforce editors Frank Kalman and Rick Bell talk diversity and inclusion in the workplace — particularly President Donald Trump’s recent ban on transgender people in the military. They also talk about indications that the cost of higher education could potentially level off.For more 5 Minutes of Management, check out our YouTube channel.
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  • Talent10x: What Goes Into a Company Re-Brand?

    When a company re-brands, what happens?
    That’s the focus of this week’s episode of Talent10x, as Talent Economy‘s Frank Kalman and Workforce’s Rick Bell interview Joe Weinlick, senior vice president of marketing of Nexxt — formally Beyond.com — about the company’s recent re-branding effort and what it meant for the company’s ability to recruit and retain talent, as well as its positioning in the market.
  • Designing the Candidate Experience

    Strategic minded companies and leaders know that a good candidate experience can lead to great employee engagement and future customer referrals. As a result, companies are taking a closer look at the job candidate experience through their recruitment process.
    Learn more! 
  • The Human Resources Management Kit August 2017

    The Human Resources Management Kit – August 2017 brings together the latest information, coverage of important developments, and expert commentary to help with your Human Resources Management related decisions.
    Learn more! 
  • This Week in Controversial Workplace Benefits

    Writing about benefits can get dry sometimes.
    “Employees like health care,” some survey found. OK, cool. I agree.
    Then there’s a week where you come across a lot wild, timely, meaty stories that bring up a lot of questions and frustration. And this isn’t even including everything that’s happened in the U.S. health care space.
    I’ve Got You Under My Skin: The most controversial benefits story I’ve seen this past week is regarding a Wisconsin-based tech com
  • Talent10x: What Trump’s Transgender Military Ban Means for the Workforce

    This week’s episode of Talent10x features Workforce editor Rick Bell as he and Talent Economy Managing Editor Frank Kalman interview employment lawyer and Workforce columnist Jon Hyman about President Donald Trump’s call to ban all transgender people from the military and the potential implications for the private sector workforce.
    Talent10x is a podcast originally posted on Workforce’s sister publication Talent Economy. 
    Listen her
  • Would You Let Your Employer Microchip You?

    Our family dog, Loula, is microchipped. Our vet offered it to us as a service when Loula first joined our family. It provides some peace of mind in the sad event that Loula goes missing and ends up in a shelter or vet office. They would be able to read the rice-grain-sized RFID chip embedded in her leg, discover that she belonged to us, and return her.Loula, however, is a dog, she’s not an employee. Which is why I’m troubled that a Wisconsin employer has decided to offer microchip im
  • Is Recruitment Going Virtual? - HR Technologist

    HR Technologist
    Is Recruitment Going Virtual?
    HR Technologist
    Finding top talent that delivers to the company vision is a priority for every organization today, and in the changing landscape, they often have to hire the desired skills from outside. As a result, recruitment is becoming a mission-critical process ...
  • Employee Wrongfully Terminated for Online Rant

    Hernan Perez was a server for Pier Sixty LLC, a catering company, for 13 years. During a tense union organizing drive and following what Perez viewed as disrespectful treatment, Perez posted a message on his personal Facebook page calling his supervisor a “NASTY MOTHER F—ER” and “a LOSER,” saying “f— his mother and his entire f—ing family,” and then concluding by urging co-workers to vote for unionization. Perez was terminated when management
  • DOL flirting with radical change to OT rules: What it would mean for you

    In its quest to find a suitable alternative to the OT rule changes created during the Obama administration, the Acosta-led DOL is considering a change that would address one of the chief complaints about the previous administration’s changes.When the DOL issued a formal Request For Information (RFI) on the OT rule recently, it also suggested some alternatives to a uniform salary threshold change.
    The agency suggested having multiple salary levels based on the varying costs of living in di
  • Employees Say They Like the Roth 401(k)

    Brenda Mackey has been saving in a Roth Individual Retirement Account since she was 22 years old. She had no idea she could save this way in her 401(k) plan at work until she saw the option on her plan menu when signing up for benefits in her new job.“I didn’t know Roth 401(k) existed,” Mackey said. “I knew the benefits of Roth, but I didn’t do it at first” in the 401(k) plan.
    A few months into her job as a content marketing specialist at Indianapolis-based bu

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