• These 3 words just cost an employer $50K

    A recent lawsuit taught managers what not to say as the EEOC showed, once again, that a small comment can end up costing an employer big. 
    Diverse Lynx, an IT staffing firm in Princeton, NJ, was slapped with an age discrimination suit after rejecting a older applicant.
    ‘Age will matter’
    According to the EEOC, after learning how old a job applicant was, the company emailed him saying he would no longer be considered for the position because he was born in 1945. The email said &l
  • ‘No donuts, except on Fridays’ and 8 other crazy workplace rules

    Every workplace has some annoying or outdated rules, but there are some office rules that are downright ridiculous. 
    HR Grapevine has collected nine of the strangest, strictest and most oddly specific workplace rules they could find.
    What were they thinking?One business didn’t let their employees use the copier without approval from a supervisor. Apparently, the company was afraid employees would make personal copies, so its solution was to have workers get permission every time they
  • HR departments that focus on branding receive more recruitment funding - HR Dive

    HR departments that focus on branding receive more recruitment funding
    HR Dive
    In a survey that polled over 500 companies, Beamery's "State of Recruitment Marketing 2018" verifies what many companies believe: employer branding is critical to successful recruitment. Not surprisingly, 77% of respondents believe recruitment ...
  • HR & Recruitment Internship - EU-Startups (press release) (blog)

    HR & Recruitment Internship
    EU-Startups (press release) (blog)
    Full-time (no part-time considered unfortunately, for this please check our other opportunities), for current second or final year students, or recent graduates. At Jump.Work our mission is to empower businesses to make the best hires for their team ...
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  • Harassment Training Is about Creating a Culture, Not Checking a Box

    Bloomberg reports that demand for anti-harassment training videos has surged in the #MeToo era.Here’s the problem, however. The Bloomberg article talks about training videos, the absolute worst kind of training.
    Anti-harassment training is all about creating an anti-harassment culture in your workplace—about employees understanding what harassment is, how to complain about it, and that your company does not ever accept it.
    If you plop your employees in front of a
  • Sector Report: The Bright Shine of Dental Benefits

    Anyone who’s ever had a root canal or a teenager with crooked teeth knows how expensive dental care can be, which is what makes dental benefits so appealing. According to MetLife’s 15th annual “U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Study,” dental insurance is among the must-have benefits for employees, behind medical insurance, prescription drug coverage and 401(k) plans. That interest spans the gamut from millennials to baby boomers. “Dental benefits meet the unique needs
  • The New Retirement: 4 Ideas to Help HR With Its Mature-Age Employees

    Not only are people working longer into the traditional retirement years, but the vision of retirement and what it means to retire is evolving altogether.
    Such factors are creating challenges for HR leaders who are now tasked with finding ways to help mature-age workers discover the next phase of their lives while developing initiatives that allow the organization to utilize the talent and experience of workers who hold years of vital knowledge.HR leaders are seeking creative retirement program
  • Plagued by presenteeism? 3 ways to get employees back on track

    You’ve seen it before: an employee comes into work, but gets so little done they might as well have stayed home. These unproductive days can really add up.
    Every year, employers lose about $255 in productivity per employee due to presenteeism. This is the issue of workers being on the job, but — because of illness or some distraction —  not fully functioning.
    Often, these employees are just going through the motions of their jobs. Not only can this result in reduced produc
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  • Bosses will take part in March Madness, but don’t want their staff to do the same

    More than 70% of bosses and managers will take part in some type of March Madness pool this season, but many of these same managers have some serious reservations about allowing or encouraging their direct reports to do the same.In fact, more than 50% of the managers who participate in March Madness are unsure whether it’s wise to encourage or invite their employees to join in.
    That’s one of the more puzzling takeaways from a recent report by Seyfarth Shaw at Work (SSAW).
    Such findi
  • Bosses revel in March Madness, but don’t trust their own staffers to do the same

    More than 70% of bosses and managers will take part in some type of March Madness pool this season, but many of these same managers have some serious reservations about allowing or encouraging their direct reports to do the same.In fact, more than 50% of the managers who participate in March Madness are unsure whether it’s wise to encourage or invite their employees to join in.
    That’s one of the more puzzling takeaways from a recent report by Seyfarth Shaw at Work (SSAW).
    Such findi
  • What Is Scheduled for Employers With Predictive Scheduling

    Following a wave of paid sick leave laws across the country, predictive scheduling is among the newest issues confronting employers. A recent measure in Oregon is scheduled to take effect July 1. 
    The development gives Oregon the first statewide predictive scheduling measure, also known as a “fair workweek” law, but it comes after similar municipal laws were approved in Seattle, San Francisco and New York City.
    Under the new measure, large employers will lose some flexibility ar
  • The Role of Family and Employers in Financial Decisions

    My first full-time job out of college, and the first beat I’m put on as a professional writer is workplace benefits. At first that was daunting, but of course that’s proven to be very useful and practical in my personal life as well. I’d love to forget about things like retirement, which can be stressful sometimes and seem way too far off in the future, but I can’t. I literally get paid to talk to experts and tell you what experts say.
    With this in mind, I’ve been w
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  • Tattoos at Work: More Acceptance, Yet Still Some Legal Risk

    I am not a tattoo person. Yet, a whole lot of people are. And the numbers are increasing.
    In fact, according to one recent survey, 3 in 10 Americans have at least one tattoo, up 50% in just four years. And, the younger you are, the more likely you are to sport a tattoo: 47% of millennials have a tattoo, as compared to 36% of gen Xers and only 13% of baby boomers.
    With tattoos becoming more prevalent, it appears employers are becoming more accepting. The same poll revealed that tattoos are
  • Promising Drop in Financial Stress Does a Troubling 180

    After six years of reporting increasing confidence in their financial situation, workers’ attitudes took a serious nosedive when thinking about their money issues and how they affect their lives, a recent biannual survey found.
    Steve Nyce
    According to the 2017 “Global Benefits Attitudes Survey” by consulting group Willis Towers Watson, one-third of U.S. workers said their financial problems are negatively impacting their lives, compared to only 21 percent making this statement
  • By the Numbers: Retirement Trends and Expectations

    Each month Workforce looks at important stats in the human resources sector. Here’s the topic we’re keeping an eye on for March 2018: retirement. How many employees have access to a public pension plan or 401(k)? How many people expect to have enough money in retirement? And how much of the workforce plans on working past retirement age?  Comment below or email editors@workforce.com. Follow Workforce on Twitter at @workforcenews.[To check out &ldquo
  • When 26 Becomes the New 30 — Millennials Grow Up at Work

    For millennial workers these days, there’s another important milestone between turning a quarter-century old and hitting the big 3-0.
    For many, 26 marks the age they must move off their parents’ health insurance plan and start building their own financial future. Many will turn to their employer-sponsored health plans, but this is just the start of providing millennials with the financial security they seek.
    Once the medical plan is in place, it’s time to help 20-somethings und
  • Department of Labor Trying to Get Employees PAID for Inadvertent FLSA Violations

    For almost as long as I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve been preaching the proactive benefits of wage and hour audits for employers (e.g., here and here).
    It appears that the Department of Labor agrees.
    Last week, it announced a nationwide pilot program—the Payroll Audit Independent Determination (PAID) program—which will permit employers to self-report FLSA violations to the Department of Labor without risk of litigation or enforcement proceedings. It enab
  • HR 'must do more to stop unfair recruitment practices' - People Management Magazine

    People Management Magazine
    HR 'must do more to stop unfair recruitment practices'
    People Management Magazine
    Employers needs to consider how to reduce unconscious bias at each stage of recruitment to reframe the issue of inequality – from job adverts and choice of vocabulary to selection processes – industry experts in diversity have advised. At an event held ...
  • 5 ways HR can win over skeptics in the C-Suite

    One of the biggest challenges HR pros face is getting upper management to view them as trusted, vital partners – not a department that’s essentially an ever-expanding expense item and necessary evil.‘Speaking C-Suite’
    During a presentation at the National Business Group on Health’s Workforce Strategy 2017 Conference, Comcast’s executive VP of HR, Bill Strahan, pulled back the curtain on his own strategy and offered some invaluable tips on how HR and benefits
  • Study: Most employees think they deserve extra vacation days for not smoking

    Though the number of smokers in the U.S. is continually shrinking, there are still enough workers taking smoke breaks to cause some problems with non-smoking employees. 
    More employees now believe that smokers get an unfair amount of break time to indulge their habit. And research shows that when you add it all up, the average smoker wastes about six days a year on smoke breaks.
    A study by Halo, an e-cigarette manufacturer, surveyed 1,000 U.S. workers. It reveals how both smoking and non-sm
  • Vizag Steel MT Recruitment through UGC NET July 2018 – 14 HR, Marketing Vacancies - The Siasat Daily

    Vizag Steel MT Recruitment through UGC NET July 2018 – 14 HR, Marketing Vacancies
    The Siasat Daily
    Vizag Steel Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited (RINL) requires Young, Dynamic, Energetic Professionals as Management Trainees (HR & Marketing) through UGC-NET Examination of July-2018. The Vizag Steel MT UGC NET 2018 online registration start from 25th June ...
  • YourForce: HR Activism and Retirement Planning

    During the State of the Union address this year, a group of HR professionals took to Twitter for a little HR activism.Using #HRSOTU, they advocated for priorities like immigration, workplace flexibility, apprenticeships and health care.But in the hallowed halls of Congress policy takes a back seat to politics. HR can’t wait for lawmakers.The #MeToo movement and rising wave of sexual harassment allegations are a prime example. It’s causing some to take a hard look at HR’s role a
  • Clampdown on Refugees Conflicts With Push for Employment

    As immigration issues swirl around businesses seeking to hire foreign talent, a new guide published by the Tent Foundation is still touting the benefits of hiring refugees.The “U.S. Employers’ Guide to Hiring Refugees” highlights the positive aspects businesses reap when hiring refugees. Diversity tops the list of what refugees bring to the workplace, according to Gideon Maltz, executive director of Tent Foundation, a nonprofit organization that works with businesses to help th
  • UnitedHealthcare Reconsiders Drug Rebate System for Some Employee Customers

    UnitedHealthcare announced on Tuesday, March 6, that starting January 1, 2019, it will pass along drug rebates to customers who have fully insured coverage through their employer. This move will impact 7 million of the total 49 million people the major health insurer covers, according to The New York Times.“People use their pharmacy benefit more frequently than any other type of benefit, which means pharmacy provides the greatest opportunity for us to understand and meet their needs,&rdquo
  • HR 1313 Updates and Genetic Testing Controversies Over Time

    Genetic tech has entered the workplace. Some companies are offering genetic testing as a perk.I recently was reminded of just how new the field of genetics is and how the discussions about genetic privacy are fascinating and relevant in the workplace. That’s where genetic-testing benefits or perks are sometimes touted as a way for employees to learn about genetic risks they have and plan for them accordingly.I finally started reading The Gene — a New York Times bestseller by Siddhart
  • 6th Circuit Concludes That Title VII Prohibits LGBT Discrimination

    Yesterday, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals joined a growing number of federal appellate courts to hold that Title VII’s prohibition against sex discrimination expressly covers LGBT employees.The claimant in EEOC v. R.G. &. G.R. Harris Funeral Homes [pdf], Aimee Stevens (formerly known as Anthony Stephens) was born biologically male, and presented as such when hired. The funeral home’s owner and operator, Thomas Rost, fired her shortly after she informed him that she intended to
  • DOL Eyes Easing of Health-Plan Groups

    A proposed rule by the U.S. Department of Labor that makes it easier for small businesses to join together to create health plans is eliciting mixed reactions from employers that are unsure of what this could mean for their health care costs.
    The proposal issued in early January would make it easier for small-business owners, sole proprietors and other self-employed people to buy insurance as a group, giving them more purchasing power and lower premiums. These plans, called association health pl
  • Employers get PAID: But is DOL’s new program as good as it sounds?

    When it comes to FLSA enforcement, the notion of a more employer-friendly DOL is quite foreign to HR pros. But with the agency’s latest move, it seems like that’s exactly what it’s going for.The DOL just announced a new pilot program called the Payroll Audit Independent Determination (PAID) program.
    Employer benefits
    Under PAID, employers would conduct self-audits of its FLSA compliance and, if they discover wage-and-hour violations, come forward to the DOL to correct mistakes
  • Measure Twice, Cut Once and Don’t Email Porn to Everyone on Your Company’s Contact List

    In what may be the greatest (or, depending on your perspective, worst) employee mistake of all time, the Utah State Bar emailed a photo of a topless woman to more than 11,000 of its members.
    For its part, the Bar has apologized, and has said it is investigating how the incident occurred and will publicize its findings.
    Speculation on the cause of the unfortunate email ranges from hackers to a disgruntled employee.
    It’s neither.
    Readers, let me break this case for you.
    This i
  • PIA Seeks Participants in Hiring, HR and Recruitment Study - Printing Impressions

    PIA Seeks Participants in Hiring, HR and Recruitment Study
    Printing Impressions
    study PITTSBURGH - March 7, 2018 - Printing Industries of America (PIA) Center for Print Economics and Management and the Department of Management at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) are partnering on a new Management Study exploring recruiting ...and more »
  • Health and Retirement Benefits Under One Umbrella

    Eastman Chemical Co. has helped its employees stay healthy for nearly two decades.
    The company, whose heritage traces back to World War I, is a modern-day wellness wonder. It has fitness centers, holds seminars on healthy eating, provides monetary rewards for fit lifestyle habits and even offers free access to health coaches.
    But in 2016, top management at the Kingsport, Tennessee-based Fortune 500 company began pondering whether its 14,000 employees had life solutions beyond the health equation
  • 5 simple ways to make your work interactions more meaningful

    On a typical work day, co-workers have many interactions with each other, but a lot of these conversations are insincere and don’t go past pleasantries. 
    These surface-level interactions are all missed opportunities to build stronger connections with your colleagues, and TLNT contributor Dianna Booher says it’s pretty easy to change this.
    Here are five simple ways to start having more meaningful interactions with your employees.
    1. Personalized greetings
    Everyone’s had thi
  • Teaching Meditation to Employees Could Have Big Benefits

    Top business leaders, actors and celebrities including Arianna Huffington, Ellen DeGeneres and Martin Scorsese swear by one technique to reduce stress and calm their mind: meditation. To be more specific, transcendental meditation.The practice has been growing in the financial services industry. Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates, the largest hedge fund in the world, introduced transcendental meditation to his company nearly 10 years ago. Since then, the technique has expanded to compa
  • The Legal Implications of Employee Tracking Devices

    I once knew of company (not a client) at which its CEO would sit in his office all day and watch a bank of monitors connected to cameras all over the workplace so that he could track the productivity of his employees.
    He even had one outside the bathrooms to record how frequently and for how long his employees were taking potty breaks. Needless to say, morale among his employees was not great.
    Monitoring of employees has gone even more high tech. The Chicago Tribune reports that Amazon
  • Shrinking American Workforce plus Lower Unemployment, Major Obstacles to HR Recruitment - PR Web (press release)

    Shrinking American Workforce plus Lower Unemployment, Major Obstacles to HR Recruitment
    PR Web (press release)
    Current low U.S. unemployment numbers (1) are obscuring the real story for HR directors—the steadily shrinking workforce and resultant tight job market are bringing extremely difficult recruitment problems. Knowing how to hire correctly and wisely is ...
  • Meeting the New Faces Who Are Shaping Employee Retirement

    Kevin McGrain has prepped well for his golden years. He saved diligently, invested wisely and now at age 63, he enjoys traveling with his wife, spending time at their new North Carolina home near the mountains and visiting with his grandkids.
    Life has been good since McGrain left his job last year at an online retailer in Boston. But like many people his age, McGrain is nagged by the fear of running out of money.
    “My in-laws are going through this right now,” he said. “My fathe
  • A Lesson on How to Terminate an Employee, Courtesy of David Brent

    In my opinion, the original British version of The Office is far superior to its American counterpart, in large part because David Brent is so much more cringe-worthy than Michael Scott.
    I thought I’d start the week off with a little humor (and a little lesson), care of David Brent, via one of the most awkward employee terminations ever.
    This meeting violates one of the cardinal rules of terminating an employee:
    Don’t debate the decision or supply a lengthy explanation
  • Remodeling Retirement for the 21st Century

    There’s a finality to the concrete definition of retirement. It’s the conclusion of one part of a person’s life and the commencement of the next, the solid boundary separating work and rest, a figurative brick wall marking a definite point between an employee’s and retiree’s timeline.
    That brick wall has crumbled in recent years prompting an impassioned debate over who is responsible for life beyond the workplace. For decades, many employees retired to a generous pe
  • Gamification reinvents HR: Pakistan's first 3D recruitment game is here! - Daily Pakistan

    Daily Pakistan
    Gamification reinvents HR: Pakistan's first 3D recruitment game is here!
    Daily Pakistan
    LAHORE – Gamification (the application of typical elements of game playing as online marketing technique) has become quite the sensation with Pakistani recruiters in recent times. Since 2015, corporate giants such as Unilever, PTCL, ICI, Nestle ...
  • 20-state lawsuit claims ACA just became ‘unconstitutional’: What now?

    Just when you thought the fight to kill the ACA was finally over, a brand new chapter of the Obamacare-repeal saga has emerged. And on the surface, this chapter looks like it could potentially be the last for the controversial law.Earlier this week, a 20-state coalition of attorneys general (AGs) filed a lawsuit against the federal government — specifically the IRS and HHS — over the Affordable Care Act (ACA).
    The claim: The ACA is no longer constitutional after the repeal of tax th
  • How-to HR: Onboarding New Hires

    How-to HR, Workforce’s new monthly video series, takes a look at the do’s and don’ts of on boarding new employees. An employee’s first day can be a disaster or a dream. Your onboarding program needs to be viewed as a process, not just a single event. Include retention strategies and management support that goes beyond the initial first-day experience.Ashley Househ: Everybody can relate to their first day on the job. You can only make a first impression once

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