• The Art of VFX in Annihilation

    One of the most praised aspects of the film by Alex Garland is its imaginative visual effects, made byDouble Negative Company. VFX supervisor Andrew Whitehurst has been interviewed for Art of VFX about his work in the movie, and the article shows us interesting photos (before and after) of the great work done:
  • Walk with the family

    Natalie was seen walking with her father Avner and Amalia today in Los Feliz. Celebzz has several photos, in which you can clearly see the face of the baby:
  • Annihilation Fan Art

    Annihilation has been almost a week released on Netflix, and many of you will have occasion to see it. Natalie makes a powerful perfomance in it.
    It is, without any doubt, a beautiful film, perhaps irregular and imperfect, but ambitious and with a powerful subtext, which has all the elements to become a cult film. The first step is usually the imagination of the fans, who gives free rein to their creativity in the form of a fan art. Here we have a few posters that show us:
  • Pale Blue Dot News

    After her break due to the birth of Amalia, Natalie continues adding projects to shoot this year. As we already knew a few weeks ago, she will star in the next project of Noah Hawley (Fargo, Legion), astronaut drama Pale Blue Dot. Well, According to Variety, Jon Hamm (Mad Men, Baby Driver) is in negotiations to star opposite Natalie in the film. He will play the male astronaut who she aggressively pursues after returning to Earth:According to this Casting Webpage, production could start shooting
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  • 200,000

    I just noticed we passed 200,000 likes and followers on our Facebook group! Thanks to all who follow us there – Facebook is making it harder for content from pages to show up in the newsfeed so bookmark the page and check it yourself if you want to catch every update.
  • Gina Rodriguez Reveals Origins of the Time's Up Movement: 'We Had to Band Together and It Was Not an Option'

    Gina Rodriguez was a keynote speaker at the “Women to Watch” Day event organized by Create & Cultivate and Fossil in Austin. The Jane the Virgin star talked about supporting the Time’s Up movement in Hollywood, her upcoming movie Annihilation and dealing with anxiety.“Every time I have a problem or go through anxiety, I talk about it,” she said. “Because then it’s either I jump over the mount and finally get over it, or I’m able to see wha
  • Annihilation Thoughts

    Before I give my brief thoughts on Annihilation, if you’ve seen the film please check out this fascinating and fantastic deep dive into the themes of the film.In comparison, mine is going to be surface level impressions at best and with only minor spoilers). So, let’s begin…
    To start with, I am a big Alex Garland fan. I’ve always loved his writing and his first film Ex Machina was my favourite film of the year it was released. I haven’t read the novel, but I was de
  • Annihilation debuts on Netflix Today

    Today is the day: Annihilation debuts on Netflix in all countries except North America and China. As a veteran cinephile who has seen thousands of films in cinemas over the past decades, it´s a real shame to have to see and discover a great movie like this on a television instead of a theater, but, in return, surely a large part of the audience will be able to enjoy it in a short space of time. It´s a sad precedent that can affect future medium budget films, that are risky, or try so
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  • Natalie Portman Gets Metallic on the Beach For 'Vox Lux' Scene

    Natalie Portman is showing off her edgiest look yet while filming Vox Lux!
    The 36-year-old actress was spotted in a metallic blue and purple outfit while filming a scene on Monday (March 5) on a beach in Brooklyn, New York.
    Natalie was joined by her co-star Raffey Cassidy who was wearing the same metallic jacket in a different color.The duo have been spotted filming around New York City the past few weeks, wearing some pretty punk rock outfits.In the musical drama, an unusual set of circumstanc
  • More Hairstyles

    Well… it seems that Vox Lux will give us the most daring look of Natalie seen on screen so far. Here we have new photos from the set today, with a “peculiar” hairstyle:
  • Emma Stone Calls Out the 'Four Men and Greta Gerwig' Nominated for Best Director at the Oscars

    If you ask Emma Stone to introduce the largely-male Best Director field at the 2018 Oscars, she’s going to point out the lack of diversity.
    The actress, 29, gave a short introduction, and called out the “four men and Greta Gerwig” who are nominated for Best Director.
    Gerwig, who wrote and directed Lady Bird, is only the fourth woman to receive a nomination in the category, and the first to get one for their debut film.
    “It is the director whose indelible touch is ref
  • Emma Stone Takes a Cue from Natalie Portman While Presenting Best Director at Oscars 2018!

    Emma Stone steps out on stage to present the award for Best Director at the 2018 Academy Awards held at the Dolby Theatre on Sunday (March 4) in Hollywood.
    The 28-year-old actress took a cue from what Natalie Portman did while presenting the same award at the Golden Globes in January.
    Natalie called out the all-male lineup of nominees by saying, “And here are the all-male nominees.”
    At the Oscars, the committee nominated Greta Gerwig this year and is only the fifth woman to receive
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  • More Vox Lux Photos

    Natalie’s look on the set of Vox Lux has been one of the most commented topics in social media the last days. Taking into account that Brady Corbet’s film narrates the life of a pop star for twenty years, presumably we will see Natalie wearing a wide variety of costume styles. Gotceleb has a new batch of photos of her shooting a scene in the streets of New York:
  • Next Patreon Reward Incoming

    Tomorrow I’ll be sending out the next Patreon reward for the $10 tier patrons. Learn about the next reward here.We are now just one or two patrons away from being able to move forward with our new server plans. A massive thank you to all who have donated and a friendly jab to the ribs for those of you who haven’t come aboard yet.You’re only allowed to be lazy if you look this good.
  • New Annihilation Featurette

    Paramount released a new Annihilation featurette yesterday, focused on adapting the book to the screen. In the video, we can see new images of the film, and a few concept arts as well:
  • Natalie Portman Goes Punk Rock for 'Vox Lux' Filming in NYC

    Natalie Portman flashed some midriff while shooting her new movie Vox Lux.
    The 36-year-old Annihilation actress was spotted on set on Wednesday (February 28) in New York City.PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Natalie Portman
    She was joined by her co-star Raffey Cassidy.
    Natalie donned an edgy punk rocker look featuring a tied-up tee, black leather jacket, ripped jeans, and studded black lace-up boots, along with a metallic choker and a short hairdo.
    Raffey also rocked a studded black leather
  • More On Set Photos

    Today we can see a couple of new photos from the Vox Lux set in New York City. This time Natalie is accompanied by Raffey Cassidy:
  • Natalie Portman Looks Edgy With Short Hair While Filming 'Vox Lux' in NYC!

    Natalie Portman is sporting an edgy look while filming her newest movie.
    The 36-yaer-old actress was seen filming for Vox Lux on Tuesday (February 27) in New York City.
    PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Natalie Portman
    Natalie rocked short hair in torn jeans and a coat while filming her scenes in uptown Manhattan. Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jude Law are also set to co-star in the movie.
    Here’s a plot summary for the movie: an unusual set of circumstances brings unexpected success to a po
  • Filming Vox Lux

    We can finally see the look of Natalie in Vox Lux, the new film by Brady Corbet. These are the first pictures of her on the set…. and wow, what a haircut!
  • Annihilation Articles Round-Up

    Alex Garland’s movie is giving a lot to talk about: its suggestive images and scenography have generated many interesting articles in the specialized media. These are the best (most of them with spoilers, so be careful those who have not seen the movie):
    Rolling Stone: In Praise of ‘Annihilation’ and the Modern ‘Weird’ Sci-Fi Renaissance
    The Hollywood Reporter: What ‘Annihilation’ Gets Right About Scientific Horror
    Yahoo News: What is Area X and the Shi
  • Black Panther Does It Again! Here's How Much The Record-Breaking Movie Grossed In Its Second Weekend…

    Just as strong as ever in its second weekend, Black Panther keeps on rolling!!!In its sophomore outing in theaters this weekend, the Ryan Coogler-directed superhero flick took home an astonishing $108 million from more than 4,000 theaters across North America!That's the second-best second weekend of all time -- lagging only ...
  • Annihilation Review: In depth and with spoilers

     The latest science fiction thriller by the extraordinary Alex Garland is definitely not going to be for everyone. It is a massive risk taker whose results will enchant or alienate any that watch it. This review is for those who have watched it, so you can either relive the experience, or perhaps see why some critics and viewers are obsessed with what is being called a very different film. Here is my take on Annihilation, and why it is sensational. Of course, be aware that there are fully
  • More Annihilation Tidbits

    This is the “Annihilation” week in Natland, and we have a few more news about Alex Garland’s film…
    -Here are a few more great stills and behind the scenes images of the movie:–Slashfilm has a great story about Natalie’s career, and how she is becoming one of the most interesting actresses of her generation.
    –Buzzfeed has also an interesting article on the film (with some spoilers, so warning if you aren´t seen the movie):
    Annihilation is some head
  • Annihilation Opens Today

    Annihilation opens today in 2,012 theaters in the USA and Canada. If you are a North American fan of Natalie, you should not miss the opportunity to see this movie in theaters. It’s without a doubt a unique experience. We await your opinions in the comments section. While we wait for it, we have a new featurette and a film clip:
  • 8 Ways Celebrities Have Used Style to Hide Their Pregnancies 

    It all started with Grace Kelly — the iconic actress-turned-princess (a.k.a the OG Meghan Markle) concealed her pregnancy with an Hermes bag strategically placed in front of her bump way back when and the rest was history! From Kylie’s T-shirt move to Sarah Jessica Parker’s bathing suit cover-up trick, see how the stars including Khloe Kardashian, Nicole Kidman and Natalie Portman have used fashion to cover up their pregnancies!
  • Is There an 'Annihilation' End Credits Scene?

    Annihilation is getting great reviews ahead of it’s debut at the box office this weekend and fans are going to want to know if they should stay in their seats for anything after the credits.
    Well, there’s no extra scenes after the credits begin to roll so feel free to leave!
    Currently, the movie has a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes. Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson, Tuva Novotny and Oscar Isaac star in the film.
    The film has been accused of whitewashing
  • Natalie Portman’s 'Stellar' Thriller ‘Annihilation’ Gets 3.5 Stars

    3.5 stars (out of 4)
    Several months from now, there will a daily heat index to monitor and baseball to watch and weekend beach trips to plan. And you’ll still be thinking about the closing moment of Annihilation.
    I would not dare delve into it, only to say that it’s one of the sci-fi thriller’s many searing images. This is the brand of film that moviegoers should crave: Cerebral in its story and heart-stopping in its pacing. You thought Alex Garland’s previous film, Ex Ma
  • Netflix Poster & Trailer for Annihilation

    For all of us who live outside of North America and China, our only chance to see Annihilation is on Netflix. Today, the well-known streaming platform has become official the film’s release date overseas (March 12), and has launched a new poster and trailer. Here they are:
  • Natalie Portman Reacts to Millie Bobby Brown Being Her Lookalike

    Natalie Portman has something to say to anyone who thinks Millie Bobby Brown is her doppelganger!
    Fans on Twitter have been noting the similarities between the 36-year-old Annihilation actress and the 14-year-old Stranger Things star, and the comparisons are pretty uncanny.Natalie even portrayed Millie’s character Eleven during a recent Saturday Night Live skit.
    Besides shaving their heads for roles, the duo also both started acting at young ages and have both tackled the sci-fi genre.
  • Yes, Natalie Portman Regrets Signing The Petition To Release Alleged Rapist Roman Polanski

    Everyone has regrets.For Natalie Portman, it was signing a petition to release Roman Polanski from Swiss custody in 2009 after he was arrested for an old warrant connected to the rape of a 13-year-old girl.Video: Ellen DeGeneres Won A Bet For Guessing The Sex Of Natalie's Baby!In a new interview ...
  • Annihilation: First Reviews

    The embargo is over, and finally we have the first Annihilation reviews, and they are mostly great!Variety: Alex Garland follows up ‘Ex Machina’ with a visually stunning, imagination-tickling sci-fi thriller in which Natalie Portman investigates an extra-terrestrial threat
    The Hollywood Reporter: “Scary and beautiful”
    IndieWire: Annihilation’ Review: Natalie Portman Stars in a Stunning Sci-Fi Thriller From the Director of ‘Ex Machina’
    The Guardian: Natal
  • Natalie Portman on Millie Bobby Brown Being Her Lookalike: She's Her 'Own Magical Person'

    Ever since a Twitter user placed a photo of Natalie Portman next to one of Millie Bobby Brown, fans haven’t been able to shake it: the Stranger Things star looks like a Portman clone!
    The Annihilation star only fueled the comparisons further while portraying Brown’s beloved character, Eleven, during a recent skit on Saturday Night Live.
    Despite the obvious similarities – both have shaved their heads for roles, started in the acting b
  • Natalie Portman Has Best Response to Woody Allen Question

    Natalie Portman had a great response when she was asked a question about director Woody Allen, who she worked with on the 1996 movie Everyone Says I Love You.
    The 36-year-old Annihilation actress was asked by a BuzzFeed reporter if she felt “time may be up for Woody Allen” and she redirected the question for her answer.
    “I don’t think that’s what the conversation should be about. I think it should be about: Why didn’t Elaine May make a movie every year? Why d
  • Natalie Portman ‘Very Much Regrets’ Signing Roman Polanski Petition

    Living with regret. Natalie Portman admitted that she made a mistake when she signed a petition to release Roman Polanski from Swiss custody in 2009 after he was arrested for an old warrant relating to the rape of a 13-year-old girl. Hollywood’s Sexual Misconduct Scandals
    “I very much regret it. I take responsibility for not thinking about it enough,” Portman began in an interview with Buzzfeed on Tuesday, February 20. “Someone I respected gave it to me, and said, ‘
  • Time Off Magazine

    Natalie is on the cover of Time Off magazine, which includes in its next issue an interview with the cast of Annihilation. Here is the cover and, after the jump, the article:
  • Time Magazine

    Natalie is on the cover of Time magazine, which includes in its next issue an interview with the cast of Annihilation. Here is the cover and after the jump, the article and a behind the scenes photo:
  • Natalie Portman Mistakenly Thought Her Water Broke - Find Out Why!

    Natalie Portman is opening up about how she thought her water broke!
    The 36-year-old Annihilation actress appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night (February 15).
    PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Natalie Portman
    During her appearance, Natalie talked about bringing her 6-year-old son to the show to meet Nick Foles and Kyrie Irving, missing the 2017 Oscars because she was very pregnant, and she revealed why she mistakenly thought her water broke.
    She also talked about visiting the Star
  • LA Times Article on Annihilation

    Los Angeles Times has an excellent article/interview with Natalie, Tessa Thompson and Gina Rodriguez about the film. It comes with a couple of great photos of them:
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live Show

    Natalie attended the Jimmy Kimmel Show last night, and we already have some excerpts of her television appearance:
  • Here's How Natalie Portman Responded to 'Annihilation' Whitewashing Questions

    Natalie Portman was asked about the allegations of whitewashing in her new movie Annihilation.It’s revealed in the second book in the “Annihilation” series that Natalie‘s character is of Asian descent.
    “Well, that does sound problematic, but I’m hearing it here first,” Natalie responded when asked by Yahoo.“We need more representation of Asians on film, of Hispanics on film, of blacks on film, women and particularly women of color, Native American
  • Natalie Portman Calls Annihilation Whitewashing Accusations 'Problematic'

    Natalie Portman has responded to claims of whitewashing in her upcoming film Annihilation.
    When asked about the controversy during an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Portman and her costar Jennifer Jason Leigh said they were unaware of the original race of their characters.
    “Well, that does sound problematic, but I’m hearing it here first,” said Portman.
    Jason Leigh also agreed, adding, “It’s probably a valid criticism. I didn’t know that.”
    In the se
  • Annihilation Premiere Videos

    We saw stunning photos of the Annihilation Premiere yesterday. Today we have a couple of great videos with interviews on the red carpet:
  • Natalie Portman Reveals Ellen DeGeneres Won A Big Bet For Guessing The Sex Of Her Second Baby!

    Natalie Portman made a $1K bet with Ellen DeGeneres she knew she couldn't win!!Related: Cardi B's Team Has Been Telling People She's Pregnant!Revealing the two wagered on the sex of her unborn baby, the A-lister explained how she had to pony up by making a donation to the comedienne's charity ...
  • Natalie in the Ellen Show Tonight

    Natalie will attend the Ellen DeGeneres Show this Wednesday, and Just Jared has a preview of the program, in which Natalie says she is “terrible” playing tennis.
    People also has an article in which they say that Ellen won the bet she made with Natalie about the sex of the baby last year. the money has been donated to the Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund.
    Stay tuned tonight…
  • Natalie Portman Is Taking Tennis Lessons, Says She's Terrible!

    Natalie Portman sits down for an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, airing on Wednesday (February 14).
    The 36-year-old Annihilation actress talked about how she is taking tennis lessons with her best friend, but is pretty terrible at the sport.
    Natalie told a story about when she hit the ball once and couldn’t figure out where the ball went. She then discovered that the ball got stuck in the little triangle in the tennis racket!
    Natalie also blamed paparazzi who are moving in the bush
  • Natalie Portman Reveals Ellen DeGeneres Won a $1,000 Bet for Guessing the Sex of Her Second Child

    Ellen DeGeneres has a good track record when it comes to guessing details about celebrities’ yet-to-be-born babies – and so was the case with Natalie Portman‘s second pregnancy.
    It’s been over a year since the Annihilation actress, 36, made her last appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in December 2016, and since then Portman has welcomed another child with husband Benjamin Millepied.
    Recalling her pregnant body as “enormous” during Wednesday&
  • Natalie Portman & Gina Rodriguez Stun at 'Annihilation' Premiere

    Natalie Portman stuns at the premiere of her new movie Annihilation on Tuesday night (February 13) at the Regency Village Theatre in Westwood, Calif.
    The 36-year-old Oscar-winning looked stunning in a black-tulle ball gown as she was joined at the premiere by her co-star Gina Rodriguez.
    PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Natalie Portman
    Joining the ladies at the premiere were their fellow co-stars Oscar Isaac, Tessa Thompson, and Jennifer Jason Leigh along with singer Janelle Monae.
  • Annihilation Premiere

    Natalie has attended the Premiere of Annihilation at the Regency Village Theatre in Westwood, California, tonight. She joined Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tuva Novotny, director Alex Garland and Jeff VanderMeer, among others. These are the first photos of the event:
  • More Rewards Ahoy

    If you haven’t become a patron yet – now is the time. We’re about 5 monthly donations short of being able to move forward on the new server.And later tonight I will be sending out the first Completionist Reward. These rewards are over 700 photos from shoots in 2007 and 2008 – most of which have never been published.Because they are from the actual photographer’s roll, you get some stunning shots like this.
    And some funny outtakes like this.
    If you go here and pledge
  • Press Junket Tidbits

    The Press Junket of Annihilation, held this weekend, has given us a few tidbits:
    -ET Online has a video with Natalie and Oscar Isaac, in which they joke and she explains how the SNL Rap video #2 was made:
    –ET Online has another Natalie´s video, in which she tells how Reese Witherspoon has teaching her the “ways of modernity”:-On the other hand, Screenrant has a brief quote from Natalie, in which she says she is open to returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    Screen Ra

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