• Manchester opens its doors to those stranded by the Arena explosion with #RoomForManchester

    Something awful has happened in Manchester. It’s still early, and the full details aren’t yet known. What we do know is that Greater Manchester Police has confirmed an explosion took place at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, and at least nineteen people are dead. Authorities are treating it as a terrorist incident. It’s almost too hard to think about. The audience would have been packed with young children. Scrolling through the Manchester hashtag, you can see tweet
  • Amazon gives away 1.7M bananas around its headquarters in Seattle

    Amazon’s free fruit stands are making locals and employees go bananas, but businesses in the area are split. Amazon first opened the Community Banana Stand in 2015, and there are now two on it’s sprawling corporate campus. Since then, it’s given away an estimated 1.7 million bananas from two separate stands to employees and non-employees alike. The employees running the stands are called “banistas” and “bananagers,” because Amazon are malevolent go
  • Justice League director Zack Snyder steps down due to family tragedy

    Zack Snyder, who has acted as DC Comics’ directorial visionary on a number of its most ambitious film projects, is stepping down from Justice League due to a family tragedy. The news, announced in an interview published today by The Hollywood Reporter, means Snyder will be handing the reins over to Avengers director and writer Joss Whedon, who will ferry the project through its remaining post-production stage before its November 17th release later this year.Justice League is now in Joss Wh
  • PayPal burns Pandora to the ground in lawsuit over logo similarities

    PayPal is not pleased with music streaming service Pandora, which last October debuted a new simplified logo with a design aesthetic similar to the digital payments company. In a lawsuit filed last week, PayPal lawyers went out of their way to paint Pandora as a struggling has-been tech company with a terrible business model and waning popularity, according to Gizmodo. The suit, filed in Manhattan federal court, says Pandora “has no path to profitability” and “deserted its long
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  • Android O: All the best features in Google’s latest OS update

    With Google I/O come and gone, it’s clear Android O isn’t going to be the most dramatic software update ever, but there’s still plenty to look forward to. Now in its second developer preview, Android O brings a number of performance improvements and new features. While many of these may just be small tweaks, collectively, they’ll make Android a lot more pleasant to use on the whole. We’ll keep this post updated as new features are discovered and announced in v
  • PayPal takes Pandora to court over its big blue P

    PayPal filed a trademark infringement suit against Pandora on Friday, claiming that the radio app’s blue P logo is “unlawfully similar” to PayPal’s own blue double-P icon. Pandora debuted its new sans-serif logo in October of last year as part of an overall company rebrand. Apparently it was too similar to the layered blue P logo that PayPal has been using since 2014, as the payment company claims Pandora is hurting PayPal customers who are confusing the t
  • The Finger Spinner iOS game is about free-to-play monetization, not fidget spinning

    Fidget spinners are the most important thing happening in our culture right now, so it's only natural that a free-to-play iOS game called Finger Spinner is at the top of the charts.
    To save you the trouble of downloading it and finding out: yes, it's bad. It's not just that it’s low quality; it's bad in a moral sense, too.
    A virtual fidget spinner is the top free app in the app store right now.
    pic.twitter.com/gZmQpc6ctm— Troy Osinoff (@yo) May 22, 2017Here are the basics: there's a
  • Amazon Video can now stream in 4K on Xbox One S

    The latest update for the Amazon Video app on Xbox One S enables 4K playback, giving Microsoft’s console another source of UHD content. Many of Amazon’s original shows — Sneaky Pete, Bosch, and The Grand Tour among them — are available to stream in 4K. Netflix, Vudu, and Hulu also offer at least some 4K programming on Xbox One S.Oddly, Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro console doesn’t yet support Amazon Video in 4K; we’ve reached out to Amazon for details on when
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  • Microsoft says this Chinese ‘gaming service’ company is hacking Xbox accounts

    Since 2015, a Chinese gaming website has been hacking Xbox accounts and selling the proceeds on the open market, according to a complaint filed by Microsoft in federal court on Friday.
    On its website, iGSKY presents itself as a gaming service company, offering players a way to pay for in-game credits and rare items — but according to Microsoft, many of those credits were coming from someone else’s wallet. The complaint alleges that the company made nearly $2 million in purchases thro
  • Instagram eliminated Swarm & Flickr integration and no one noticed

    If you’ve tried sharing your Instagram posts to other social media accounts in the last day or two, you may have noticed the available sharing options trimmed down slightly. As it stands, there are options for Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, and nothing else. Do you get the feeling something’s missing, but aren’t sure what exactly? Let me save you some time: the Swarm and Flickr options are gone. Foursquare Swarm, the check-in app that lets you earn points for every time you ch
  • Netflix's next big movie is inspired by this viral photo of Rihanna and Lupita Nyong’o

    In what might be one of the biggest stories to come out of the Cannes Film Festival, Entertainment Weekly reports that Netflix has landed a project that will star Rihanna and Lupita Nyong’o in a story based on a viral meme. The untitled film will be directed by Ava DuVernay (Selma, the upcoming A Wrinkle in Time). Insecure creator Issa Rae is in talks to write the script.
    The concept originations from a photo of the two celebrities back in 2014 at the Miu Miu show during Paris Fashion Week
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 delayed until spring 2018

    Rockstar Games just announced that Red Dead Redemption 2 — the long-awaited sequel to 2010’s Red Dead Redemption — has been delayed from the original fall 2017 release date to spring 2018.Rockstar apologized for delay in a statement on its website explaining that “some extra time is necessary to ensure that we can deliver the best experience possible for our fans.” To make up for the delay, the company also released a new batch of screenshots from Red Dead Redemptio
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  • Twin Peaks Top 3: Agent Cooper got the worst end of the Freaky Friday deal

    Welcome to Twin Peaks Top 3, where I look at last night’s episode(s) of Showtime’s Twin Peaks revival and draw bad fan art of the top three most baffling moments that made an impression on me. If you’re looking for actual analysis and fan theories, we’ve got a big Question Club conversation for you to read instead, because you won’t find any of that here. Twin Peaks has always been a polarizing show, making even fans like myself question their loyalty at times. At t
  • Question Club: Should the new season of Twin Peaks even be called Twin Peaks?

    On May 21st, David Lynch’s Twin Peaks returned to television, nearly 27 years after the end of its second season. About the only predictable thing about the revived show was that it was wildly unpredictable. Right at the top, audiences learned that FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper is still trapped in the mysterious Black Lodge, and that his doppelgänger — a snakeskin-wearing thug inhabited by the evil spirit Bob — is loose in the world, creating havoc and mischief. But everyt
  • Tom Holland will play young Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie

    Spider-Man: Homecoming star Tom Holland has signed on to star in the upcoming Uncharted film, playing the role of young Nathan Drake. Deadline reports that the role is based on a sequence in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, turning the film into a prequel to the game series as opposed to the straightforward adaptation that was originally planned.
    The Uncharted film will focus on Drake’s youth and his pivotal meeting with treasure-hunting businessman Victor “Sully” Sullivan
  • YouTube TV now supports AirPlay, so you can use it with your Apple TV

    YouTube TV, Google’s over-the-top streaming service, just got an update for its iOS application that adds support for Apple’s AirPlay functionality.When it launched a few weeks ago, YouTube TV didn’t offer any apps for set-top boxes, meaning that the only way to get YouTube TV content on a television was through Google’s Chromecast. The addition of AirPlay support means that, in lieu of a native Apple TV app, that there’s at least an option now to use the streaming
  • Far Cry 5 takes the series to the Montana mountains

    Ubisoft just dropped the teaser trailer for Far Cry 5. As Abhi predicted, it’s on the way and set in Montana, either in the modern day or in the relatively-recent past. The trailer doesn’t show much besides the sweeping countryside and picturesque mountains of Big Sky Country. But that in and of itself is a big gear change for the series. Far Cry has run mostly on exoticized depictions of non-Western settings. Here’s the laundry list: Far Cry 1: Micronesia Far C
  • AlphaGo Is Back to Battle Mere Humans—and It’s Smarter Than Ever

    Google's Go-playing AI is in China to take on the world's top-ranked player, and WIRED will be there for every move. The post AlphaGo Is Back to Battle Mere Humans—and It's Smarter Than Ever appeared first on WIRED.
  • HBO’s Silicon Valley perfectly skewers the industry’s lust to live forever

    Silicon Valley is Mike Judge and Alec Berg’s biting comedy about the American tech industry, now in its fourth season. Every week, we’ll be taking one idea, scene, or joke and explain how it ties to the real Silicon Valley and speaks to an issue at the heart of the industry and its everlasting goal to change the world — and make boatloads of money in the process.
    Spoilers ahead for the fifth episode of season 4, “The Blood Boy.”
    Silicon Valley’s biggest streng
  • Sperm stored in space makes healthy baby mice on Earth

    Lengthy stays on board the International Space Station don’t seem to hurt sperm fertility. In a new study, mice on Earth successfully gave birth to litters of pups after being fertilized with sperm that had been freeze-dried for nearly a year on the ISS. It’s potentially good news if, one day, animals and people will have to reproduce beyond Earth. But experts say there is still a lot more research that needs to be done to fully understand how the space environment affects reproducti
  • A 3.3-million-year-old fossil with a missing rib tells us a lot about human evolution

    Our spinal column is different from that of apes because — yes, you guessed that right — we walk upright on two feet. But when did our distinctive back structure first evolve? The skeleton of an early human ancestor found in Africa shows that some features were already established at least 3.3 million years ago, earlier than previously thought.The fossil was found to have only 12 rib-bearing vertebrae, the same number as modern humans — and one fewer than most apes. That featur
  • Ford Replacing CEO Mark Fields Doesn’t Clarify Its Hazy Future

    If automakers want to survive, "mobility" has to be more than a buzzword. The post Ford Replacing CEO Mark Fields Doesn't Clarify Its Hazy Future appeared first on WIRED.
  • Robot cop begins patrolling the streets of Dubai tomorrow night

    A robotic police officer is making its debut on the streets of Dubai tomorrow night — and I hope everyone there has watched Robocop. The uniformed bot greeted visitors to the Gulf Information Security and Expo Conference. After the conference wraps on Tuesday, it will be deployed to the streets of Dubai. The robot rolls around on wheels. It can salute, bow, speak in multiple languages, and recognize hand gestures from up to 1.5 meters away, according to the Khaleej Times. I
  • Facebook disabled more than 14,000 accounts in one month for revenge porn and sexual extortion

    In January, Facebook disabled more than 14,000 accounts for revenge porn and sexual extortion, and 33 of those incidents involved children, according to a report from The Guardian. The outlet also reported that Facebook moderators escalated tens of thousands of potential cases that month.
    Rules allow “moderate displays of sexuality”
    Other documents on moderation rules obtained by the outlet reportedly make clear that, as long as the content is between adults, Facebook allows content
  • Samsung is offering a buy one, get one free offer on the Galaxy S8

    Samsung is offering a new deal for the Galaxy S8 that’s pretty appealing if you’re a T-Mobile customer: buy one S8 from Samsung’s website, get a second one free after a instant rebate.
    Samsung’s deal is refreshingly simple and free of fine print
    There have been a few deals for the Galaxy S8 offering a second, free phone from carriers (including T-Mobile), but Samsung’s deal is refreshingly simple and free of fine print. Unlike other deals, where you had to activate
  • The world’s first self-sailing, electric cargo ship set to replace 40,000 diesel trucks

    Two companies are taking autonomous vehicles to the next level with self-sailing ships. Norwegian companies Yara International and Kongsberg Maritime are teaming up to create the world’s first autonomous, fully-electric, zero-emission cargo ship. The battery-driven vessel will be able to haul 100 containers up to 65 nautical miles, according to The Journal. Yara and Kongsberg believe this should cut down on 40,000 truck journeys per year. Yara, a fertilizer company, ordinarily n
  • Take your email game to the next level with MailBird Pro – just $19

    There’s always a moment of dread when your check your email – because for every new email you receive, it probably comes with a new task you need to put on your personal radar. The feature-packed Mailbird will not only streamline your inbox, it’ll help get your life running more smoothly and efficiently. Right now, you can get lifetime access to Mailbird’s host of tools for only $19, 75 percent off, from TNW Deals. On its most basic level, Mailbird handles all the email
  • Microsoft all but confirms new Surface Pro (and Type Covers)

    We know Microsoft is hosting a Surface event in Shanghai tomorrow, and leaks basically confirm it’s a new Surface Pro. Now it seems Microsoft isn’t particularly intent on keeping the device a surprise, given Panos Panay tweeted an image of a bunch of new keyboards last night. You might’ve noticed the Type Covers featured in the tweet are basically identical to the new colors and Alcantara material used on the new Surface Laptop, though it’s worth noting the Surface
  • Acer Predator 21 X review: overpowered overkill

    The best gaming laptop $9,000 can buyContinue reading…
  • Mophie is releasing a battery pack for the Google Pixel XL

    Nearly eight months after the phone was announced, Mophie is introducing a battery pack for the Google Pixel XL. The juice pack will extend talk time on the Pixel XL past 50 hours, thanks to a 2,950mAh rechargeable battery, which can be wirelessly charged using any Qi charging solution. The pack can also be charged using a USB-C cable.
    The juice pack comes with Mophie’s usual slate of features, including prioritizing phone charging before the battery pack, the ability to shut the pack off
  • A Curious Plan to Save the Environment With the Blockchain

    An ecologist argues that cryptographically-sealed databases could starve out inefficiencies that are ruining the environment. The post A Curious Plan to Save the Environment With the Blockchain appeared first on WIRED.
  • GitHub launches Marketplace to help developers find the tools they need

    Source code management platform GitHub is making it easier for developers to find the right tools to improve and fine-tune their existing workflows. In a blog post, the company announced it is launching a new Marketplace to help its members effortlessly discover and purchase apps to use across the overall development process – “from continuous integration to project management and code review.” The freshly introduced platform essentially makes it possible for developers t
  • Why privacy policies are just sophisticated traps

    In all great magic tricks, it is misdirection that convinces the audience that something magical took place. You can say the same for the privacy policies of various tech companies as it’s like a mirage where you think that your privacy is safe and secure but it’s far from it. Piracy policy is an important piece of document that most of us gloss over or decide not to read at all. According to Mikko Hypponen, the Chief Research Officer (CRO) at F-Secure, “It doesn’t matte
  • Review: HP Spectre x360 13

    HP delivers a super-slim machine with solid specs. The post Review: HP Spectre x360 13 appeared first on WIRED.
  • Why every public speaker needs a tablet computer

    Sales of tablet computers are in a death spiral. It seems the novelty of the devices has long expired, and people have realized that if you want to do something other than watch Netflix, they aren’t especially useful. But then again, maybe not. I just got back from TNW Conference, in the gorgeous splendor of Amsterdam’s Westergasfabriek. The two day event featured an impressive lineup of international speakers, including Kevin Rose, Ryan Hoover, David Karp, and other tech luminaries
  • How Anker is beating Apple and Samsung at their own accessory game

    Steven Yang quit his job at Google in the summer of 2011 to build the products he felt the world needed: a line of reasonably priced accessories that would be better than the ones you could buy from Apple and other big-name brands. These accessories — batteries, cables, chargers — would solve our most persistent gadget problem by letting us stay powered on at all times. There were just a few problems: Yang knew nothing about starting a company, building consumer electronics, or selli
  • Nike’s new Apple Watch bands match their sneaker counterparts

    Nike has unveiled a new collection of Apple Watch bands that match with corresponding pairs of Nike sneakers. Called "Day to Night,” the collection features four different colors of sport bands that include perforated holes to air out your sweat. Despite the name, the new Nike bands don’t glow in the dark, do anything literally transformative, or are meant to be appropriate attire from morning workouts to cocktail hour — Nike says the inspiration actually comes from the various
  • Your Handy Field Guide to the Many Factions of the Far Right, From the Proud Boys to Identity Evropa

    So many bigots, so little sense. Still, we did what we could. The post Your Handy Field Guide to the Many Factions of the Far Right, From the Proud Boys to Identity Evropa appeared first on WIRED.
  • What happened to Mastodon after its moment in the spotlight?

    In early April, open-source social platform Mastodon had its 15 minutes of fame. The service has been compared ad nauseam to Twitter, from which it borrows its basic structure: short messages from users, retweets (or retoots, in its parlance), chronological timelines updating in real-time, and so on. Mastodon’s layout even cops a basic version of Tweetdeck, the popular third-party Twitter software.Creator Eugen Rochko made Mastodon as a way of improving on Twitter’s formula; the open
  • How about an Android Pro?

    At Google I/O this past week, I got my first taste of the next version of Android and I enjoyed almost everything about it. Android has gotten to the stage where improvements come in only incremental steps, and Google is mostly making the right ones with its annual updates. But I have an underlying worry about where this is all going: as Android grows more proactive and assistive, I fear it might end up alienating its more technically inclined users.
    So here’s a radical thought: maybe ther
  • Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Active looks like a rugged LG G6

    It’s getting close to the time of year when Samsung usually introduces a rugged version of its latest Galaxy S smartphone. And a new leak from the Wireless Power Consortium reveals a lot about what the S8 Active is going to look like.
    It’s only a single photo, but the image lets us know three key things about the S8 Active. First, the display: the S8 Active won’t have curved edges, like the regular S8.
    The S8 Active has some serious corners
    The big question this year was what S
  • Ringly exchanges gems for stones on its latest smart bracelet

    Ringly is launching a new version of its smart bracelet with an updated look, all the same features, and a lower price.
    The new model is called the Ringly Go, and its biggest difference is its looks. The new model puts a large stone in the middle of a leather strap, instead of a large gem in the middle of a metal bracelet like most of the original models. It’s a much more subdued look, and I think I like it more than the older design.
    It’s basically just a style choice at this point
  • I Can Gripe About My Ride-Sharing Company to Passengers, Right?

    In which our etiquette expert ponders dishing with customers about your gig economy employer. The post I Can Gripe About My Ride-Sharing Company to Passengers, Right? appeared first on WIRED.
  • Leaked Facebook guidelines say posts about ‘beating up fat kids’ are OK

    Facebook has long struggled to adequately moderate its platform for potentially violent and abusive content. And a series of recently leaked guidelines and policies of its internal monitoring practices reveals all the chaos that goes behind the company’s efforts to curb harassment. The Guardian has published a massive trove of internal documents used to train Facebook moderators how to appropriately deal with potentially offensive messages and imagery on its platf
  • Iceland Is Beautiful Except for the 2 Million Tourists

    Cheap flights and 'Game of Thrones' conspired to make Iceland a trendy vacation destination. And the country's struggling to keep up. The post Iceland Is Beautiful Except for the 2 Million Tourists appeared first on WIRED.
  • Your Camera Wants to Kill the Keyboard

    We're interacting with our computers in more natural and emotive ways, which could mean using your camera more and your keyboard a lot less. The post Your Camera Wants to Kill the Keyboard appeared first on WIRED.
  • Medicine Is Going Digital. The FDA Is Racing to Catch Up

    The regulatory agency for drugs and medical devices is creating a new unit dedicated strictly to digital health. The post Medicine Is Going Digital. The FDA Is Racing to Catch Up appeared first on WIRED.
  • Google explains the Syrian refugee crisis with a new interactive website

    The United Nations’ refugee agency has partnered with Google to launch a new website aimed at answering the five most common questions about the Syrian refugee crisis. The “Searching for Syria” site launched on Monday and will be featured on the Google home page “in selected countries,” according to a press release from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).
    Searching for Syria combines data from the UNHCR and Google to answer five questions: “what was
  • UberPool is getting smarter in New York City — and less convenient

    While cheaper and increasingly popular with riders, UberPool continues to be stressful service for everyone involved. Riders are lured in by dirt-cheap prices, only to become aggravated by frequent detours to pick up new passengers. Drivers complain that UberPool often means more work without necessarily more pay. And Uber’s engineers have been wrestling with how to make the service that’s core to the company’s mission a more seamless and frictionless experience.riders are bein
  • Boundary is a modular, magnetic backpack for work, travel, and photography

    The great white whale of backpacks is the one pack that fits any occasion. Buy a bag that's perfect for the daily commute and it probably won't fit all your camera gear. Buy a backpack big enough for a weekend getaway and it'll look like a deflated corpse of canvas on your way to the office. That's where the promise of modularity comes in.
    What is it?Your browser does not support HTML5 video.
    The Boundary Prima System is a backpack built around the idea of adaptability. It's centered around a 25