• 4 contemporary flooring trends that will transform your home

    Fall in love with your floors – again and again – by updating them with one of these modish contemporary flooring trends.
    1. colour
    Incorporate new shades into your interior using innovative finishes, such as stained wood, pigmented concrete or even faux grass in vibrant tones.
    2. texture
    Don’t underestimate the importance of tactile elements in modern surfaces. Fresh takes on stone, timber, tiles an carpets can transform a room in an instant.
    3. pattern
    Personalising your hom
  • modern craft, traditional artistry, curated collaborations: 6 reasons to read our May #HLCraftIssue

    South Africa is home to so many great, skilled artisans. Craft, handiwork and making things from scratch is in our DNA: it informs a rich, tactile product offering that’s seen as exciting and interesting all over the world. In our May issue we peruse this idea of ‘craft’, in its various forms.
    Discover the art of modern craft – organic elements, bright colours and an artful mix of traditional and modern techniques; curated collaborations and craft-centric homes; nat
  • watch: mastering the art of the victorian dream cottage

    The dream of owning a charming Victorian property on Cape Town’s Atlantic Seaboard is one of the reasons why owners Niel Barnard and Lize Viljoen fell for this fixer-upper – and why they put in an offer on a whim. ‘We could see the potential in it and were excited when we found out that the original staircase was intact, but had been covered with a new one to accommodate the needs of the previous homeowner, who was elderly,’ says Lize.A furniture buyer for a homestore bra
  • where to eat in the midlands: la lampara

    La Lampara isn’t exactly the best-known restaurant in the country: in fact, it’s more like one of those best-kept secrets that you always hope will be revealed to you by a local resident when you’re visiting a new place. And among a large number of those in-the-know people in KwaZulu-Natal, La Lampara is – deservedly it turns out – a restaurant with a big reputation.a famous midlands eatery
    When you finally make it to a restaurant you’ve heard rave reviews of
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  • the great escape: a video tour of a luxury llandudno holiday home

    If Johannesburg is this Cameroonian-born business consultant and homeowner’s yin, then Cape Town is his yang. The former is the nucleus of his frenetic work life; the latter, his cocoon, of sorts – a source of calm and release. It was critical, then, that the holiday home he bought four years ago in the cove of Llandudno in the Mother City be the ultimate embodiment of slow living.
    Perched high up on the mountainside, edged by boulders and fynbos, the multilevel residence that stand
  • the great escape: a video tour of a luxury llandadno holiday home

    If Johannesburg is this Cameroonian-born business consultant and homeowner’s yin, then Cape Town is his yang. The former is the nucleus of his frenetic work life; the latter, his cocoon, of sorts – a source of calm and release. It was critical, then, that the holiday home he bought four years ago in the cove of Llandudno in the Mother City be the ultimate embodiment of slow living.
    Perched high up on the mountainside, edged by boulders and fynbos, the multilevel residence that stand
  • Q&A with Shirley Mast of Woodbender

    Clean-lined and refined, Woodbender’s new Cala chair if perfect for contemporary open spaces.
    Top local furniture manufacturing company Woodbender is marking its 30th anniversary with the launch of the sleek new Cala chair – all the more reason to celebrate a new milestone. We chatted to co-owner and co-director Shirley Mast about Woodbender’s past, present and future.
    as a creative business owner, you have access to the latest international design trends. what are the top tren
  • perfect balance: lay out your living room like a pro

    Open to friends, family and offering instant respite, your living room is arguably the most inviting of rooms – as long as you lay out the space correctly. To make the most of your living room, create a layout that combines comfort and style for perfect harmony.
    Alon Sachs, co-owner of Mobelli Furniture + Living, shares a few need-to-know layout tips that are sure to make any homeowner  – and their guests – swoon.
    to start: measure your living room out
    First and foremost,
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  • watch: how to make invisible floating bookshelves

    The books you own are more than mere reading material. They convey a sense of you who are and what you love – all the more reason to display them proudly in your home. Incorporate books as part of your decor using eye-catching floating bookshelves. It’s a magical way to highlight the many authors, stories and characters in your life.Customise your floating shelves using two or three stacks of books spread across the wall space, complemented by other framed prints or artworks. Th
  • 6 timeless pieces of furniture that are always in style

    A stylish home doesn’t mean a new furniture overhaul with each changing trend. When decorating your spaces, it helps to lay the foundation with classic items that will move with most interior trends. These can be standalone statement pieces or a base on which you can experiment and switch up as you please.
    Here are our top picks that will stand the test of time.
    1. a solid coffee tableOften the central focus of a living space, a coffee table should be bold enough to stand on its own yet re
  • italy dreaming: the bold, design-driven home of patrizia moroso

    The house’s ‘public’ spaces contain artfully arranged furniture and objets, many of which are by Moroso designers, such as the large Tord Boontje vases atop a Chinese console table, and the ‘Capital’ stool by Rajiv Saini beyond the sofa.
    Situated in north-eastern Italy between the Adriatic Sea and the Alps is Udine, the city where Patrizia Moroso, the idiosyncratic owner of renowned Italian furniture brand Moroso, has lived for many years. (It’s also where her
  • body of work: lucie de moyencourt

    Bold, detailed and diverse. The artworks of Lucie de Moyencourt have gained her a strong following – and for good reason.
    Armed with pen and ink everywhere she goes, this fearless Cape Town-based painter and illustrator creates dreamy, much-coveted figurative drawings and paintings. She sat down with us to give us insights into her world. 
    I follow my nose in all my work. My intuition and instinct drive the direction. My ideas come quickly at the beginning of a commission
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  • street life in jægersborggade copenhagen

    The problem with travel guides is that sometimes, they send you trekking across cities from one cool spot to another. The result? You end up spending more time experiencing the public transportation system than anything else… Which is why we love ‘shopping streets’ – places like SA’s own Juta Street, in Braamfontein, Joburg, or Bree Street, in Cape Town. In these streets, you can start your day at a great breakfast spot and then wander in and out of a few cool sto
  • new lindt fruit sensation is a snacking delight

    When thinking of luxury chocolate, one immediately thinks of Lindt. The Swiss chocolatier has introduced us to a variety of interesting chocolate combinations, some unusual, some expected but all of them delicious.
    Now, Lindt is taking snacking to the next level with its newest range: Fruit Sensation. After Europe, South Africa is the one of the first countries to launch this product. It’s the chocolatier’s answer to the increasing local demand for premium chocolate and dark ch
  • cold front

    Ice cream is more delicious, varied in flavour and cooler (pardon the pun) than ever. It’s no longer a seasonal summer afternoon’s dessert; it’s a year-round sweet scoop of nostalgia. Satisfy your sweet tooth with these homemade ice creams and sorbet that look almost too good to eat.
    blueberry marbled ice cream
    Ingredients2 cups fresh blueberries, keeping a few aside for garnish1 cup sugar¼ cup water1T lemon juice1×2L tub of store-bought vanilla ice cream
  • think pink: Dokter and Misses share their vision for 99 Juta

    Already a stalwart on the relatively young contemporary South African design scene, Katy Taplin and Adriaan Hugo of Dokter and Misses have called vibrant Braamfontein home for just under a decade. Now cementing their love for the area with a new design development that reflects their urban upbeat style, they’re inviting other creatives to join and enjoy all the dynamism the area offers in the form of 99 Juta.
    what is 99 Juta – who are the players, and how did it come about?
    99 Juta&
  • order at the (Publik Wine) bar

    After walking into the ‘new’ Publik, the feeling is instant nostalgia. Cape Town’s Publik is back.
    ‘It never really went anywhere, we were always here. Our purpose was just different,’ says owner David Cope of the new Kloofnek Road locale, who between owning a wine bar, a distribution centre and his own wine label, Alphabetical, has a cult following of wine lovers intent on exploring the world of unusual wines.
    Choosing to endorse the increasingly favoured phi
  • 8 examples of incredible sustainable architecture

    There are multitude ways to live more sustainably. One could use renewable energy, recycle or grow one’s own produce. But some people are taking it a step further, using sustainable architecture in the built environment.
    This design focus seeks to minimise the negative environmental impact of buildings, achieved through efficiency and moderate use of materials, energy, development space and the ecosystem at large. There are new materials, techniques and ideas that are still in the experim
  • past times: an old westcliff garden is transformed into a botanical delight

    Let’s be honest – there are few locations to beat than Westcliff’s angled, leafy roads; in particular, this elevated street with its perilously sloped sites that unfurl beneath the Parktown ridge in Johannesburg. Theresa and Mark Cotterrell moved here 17 years ago, taking on a neglected 1905 home and its rambling garden. ‘The property had been used as a shebeen,’ explains Theresa, ‘and the garden was a complete forest of self-seeded Celtis trees.’
  • meet backsberg winemaker Alicia Rechner

    Winemaker Alicia Rechner is a graduate of Stellenbosch University and has been working at one of South Africa’s best-known wineries, Backsberg, for many years. We chatted to her about her journey as a winemaker as well as her favourite varietals, top harvesting insights and more.
    where and what did you study and how did you get started in the wine business?
    I graduated from Stellenbosch University with a BSc Agriculture in Oenology. I started my career working at small wineries in Roberts
  • style profile: didi mogashoa

    Foundation finder, art collector and frequent flyer, Didi Mogashoa is a total style icon. Her charity Didi and Friends is dedicated to improving the quality of life for children and adults in South Africa with the fundamental belief that together we are catalysts of hope and possibility. Beautiful both inside and out, we get better acquainted with Didi in 20+ questions.
    I was born and raised in Mamelodi, Pretoria, moved to Joburg for university and have been living here since. I’m the fou
  • recipe: delicate quince bellinis

    If you are want to preserve summer a little longer or looking for a delicious drink – this quince bellini will definitely hit the spot.
    Prep time: 15 minutes / Cook time: 10 minutes / Serves: 6
    2 quinces, peeled and coredpinch of salt75g white sugar750ml Prosecco or sparkling wine, well chilled250ml soda water
    Place quinces and salt into a saucepan and add a cup of water. Cover with a lid and simmer until quince is soft. Add sugar and cook another two or three minu
  • Before&After Reader’s Renovation: the results are in

    Every year, our readers enter their upgraded homes into our annual renovations competition. This year’s finalists were simply brilliant. The winners, determined by reader votes, are as follows…
    The winning house renovation is House #1, Liezl and Dawie Spangenberg’s modern family home in Victory Park, Johannesburg. Find it on page 22 of the Before& After issue or online, here. 
    The winning room renovation is Room #2, Anna and Benjamin Winters’ spa-like bathroom
  • the enviable london townhouse of a fashion and design maven

    Despite her pint-sized frame, there’s nothing diminutive about the way in which the owner of this London home lives her life. A curious nature and irreverent attitude have stood her in good stead against the vagaries of the fashion industry for more than a quarter of a century.It’s a sensibility that is evident in the 1820s Regency townhouse in Marylebone that she shares with her husband, who is also her former business partner. The grandeur of its high ceilings, neutral walls, chev
  • 8 plants that thrive in the bathroom

    Plants have the wonderful ability to add beauty to a home. They work in virtually any room – yet we seldom find them in bathrooms.
    Although to some plants bathroom moisture may be too much, there are plants that thrive in a moist environment: high humidity and warmth of the bathroom is what tropical plants thrive off. And for Capetonians in the throes of drought, this is a discerning water-saving way to keep plants beautifying your home. Over and above, it adds a fresh touch to one of the
  • a breath of fresh air at vensterklip guest farm

    Settled on the shores of Verlorenvlei, just inland from the small town of Elands Bay, Vensterklip Guest Farm caters to travellers searching for more than just surf, sand and sunshine.
    Presided over by the sandstone hills that herald the beginning of the Cederberg, Vensterklip offers guests a selection of self-catering accommodation and camping. Getting its unique name from a rock formation further up the valley that resembles a window cut into the living rock, the guest farm has been a popular
  • 8 design rules to creating a chic interior inspired by the french aesthetic

    There is a reason many people wish to emulate French style and design in their homes. Everything from the art on the walls to the details in the furniture are the epitome of effortless sophistication.
    If you’re interested in making your home’s interior look and feel like you are living in Paris, here’re eight French design rules to live by.
    1. respect the space
    Whether you live in a modern building or an old, historic home, it’s important to respect the space you’r
  • secret garden: 6 outdoor chill zones to enjoy

    A chill zone is not merely a tool for instant garden cool – it’s a daily lifestyle enhancer that draws you out of the house and into your private open airspace more often. Whether a courtyard, a themed nook, a shaded eating area or an outdoor room, ‘the same design sensibilities apply as to indoor spaces – with a few extras’ that take weather into account, says interior designer André Kleynhans.
    Start by thinking about how and when the space will be used, an
  • garden state: 3 delicious recipes that make herbs the star

    Whether used as a garnish or to flavour, herbs are a winner in any dish – and work for each season. Here’re three irresistible herb-centric recipes to try.
    herb salad with blueberries and a buttermilk dressingPrep time: 15 minutes / Cook time: 10 minutes / Serves: 4
    2T poppy seed3 spring onions200g snow peas200ml buttermilk2t blossom honey2T lemon juice4t olive oil1 cucumber, sliced lengthwise into thin slices2 handfuls Asian salad greens1 handful red basil2T tarragon2T
  • combining design with endurance at The Tool Room

    Conceptualised after blacksmith, sculptor and artist Conrad Hicks required a set of pans for home use, The Tool Room came into being as a small range sold at Cape Town’s Oranjezicht City Farm market by son Leo and daughter Frieda as a way to learn about the business and make some extra income.Since joining forces with his father, Leo and Conrad have changed the original design of the pans slightly to something more aesthetically pleasing and efficient. Leo creates other implements too, su
  • in the kitchen with executive chef jenny ward

    Before working as sous chef at Bizerca Bistro in Cape Town, Jenny Ward took to the task of executive chef at Chefs, a unique and celebrated dining concept. Known for creating a daily changing menu of three dishes per day, Jenny’s true love is cooking honest food using traditional techniques and raw ingredients from reliable suppliers. Seemingly simple, each dish features intriguing flavour nuances brought about by her skilled use of her wood-fired masonry oven.
    In the April Kitc
  • noxi ntshaba is the face of shf for april

    Meet Noxi Ntshaba. This bright and empowered tastemaker is the SHF ambassador for April. She embodies the SHF’s uncluttered aesthetic with her pared down uncomplicated style. She oozes authenticity and an infectious sense of adventure, making her a wonderful addition to the #shfdefineyourself hall of fame!
    Whether she is in the jungles of Ciudad Perdida or the corridors of the United Nations buildings in New York City, Noxi is right at home. Regal a
  • style shack’s charlotte collins talks kitchen decor inspiration

    Charlotte Collins of The Style Shack is an advertising stylist whose extensive decor experience includes tackling the renovations and interiors of many homes. After growing up in Johannesburg, UK-born Charlotte came to Cape Town 10 years ago. Having renovated seven homes for herself, she started doing the same for friends and then, inevitably, for clients.
    On a visit to the rural village of Greyton in the Western Cape, where she’d been looking for a place to transform and later sell, she
  • Q&A with handmade designer collar-wear founder nicole reichlin

    ‘Whether it’s a liberating run on the beach, a socialised trip to the park, an adventurous mountain trail, or a casual city stroll, our genuine handcrafted leather collar-wear is made for dogs who get out,’ says Hunter Bennington founder and designer Nicole Reichlin. Based in Cape Town, Nicole uses only top-grade vegetable tanned leather, solid hardware and age-old hand tooling methods. The result is long-lasting, functional collars and leads that are singular by design &ndash
  • Q&A with designer collar-wear founder nicole reichlin

    ‘Whether it’s a liberating run on the beach, a socialised trip to the park, an adventurous mountain trail, or a casual city stroll, our genuine handcrafted leather collar-wear is made for dogs who get out,’ says Hunter Bennington founder and designer Nicole Reichlin. Based in Cape Town, Nicole uses only top-grade vegetable tanned leather, solid hardware and age-old hand tooling methods. The result is long-lasting, functional collars and leads that are singular by design &ndash
  • a chic durban estate home is inspired by the Bahamas

    A muted palette of black and white accompanied by natural textures gives the patio a contemporary tropical feel. The dining table is from SHF and the Malawi chairs and lights are from Amatuli.
    The updated island style popular in the chic coastal resorts of such fabled spots as Nassau in the Bahamas was Kim Rowan’s inspiration for the home she shares with her husband, Sean, and son, Hunter, in Mount Edgecombe, Durban. Kim’s a huge fan of style maven India Hicks, whose lifestyle is the
  • feel creatively inspired at tiny empire – a new co-working space in cape town

    Every empire has small beginnings – all you need is an idea, dedication and a space in which to work. Tiny Empire could be that space.
    As the newest co-working spot in Cape Town, Tiny Empire combines beautiful design with practicality to create a focused working environment. Housed in a 100-year-old tea warehouse, the building hosts everyone from entrepreneurs to business gurus.
    work spaces
    Upon entering 37 Buitenkant Street, you’ll find yourself in the Work Lobby, featuring a
  • the ties that bind: a video tour of a bishopscourt farmhouse

    No matter in which space you stand, there’s a distinct sense of connectedness permeating Liz and Dirk’s Bishopscourt abode in Cape Town. Carefully engineered by Johann Slee and Yvonne Onderweegs of Stellenbosch-based architectural firm Slee+Co, every room offers glimpses of the surrounding landscape. Of course, this quiet suburb, known for its sylvan-like greenery, has no shortage of breathtaking natural views, so when Liz and Dirk first alighted on the plot – with its aboundi
  • Let Summer Linger with La Grange

    It’s a bittersweet realisation that in just the blink of an eye, winter will be here. To soften the blow, we suggest making the most of the next few months soaking up the autumnal sunshine on beautiful La Grange outdoor furniture.
    let summer linger with La Grange
    The outdoor furniture collection is a mixture of timeless and innovative designs in a combination of reclaimed teak and extremely durable woven polyethylene elements. La Grange furniture is crafted by highly skilled Bel
  • 5 reasons to read our April kitchen issue

    For HL‘s Kitchen Issue, we decided to create something different to our ‘usual’. We gathered, obsessed and collaborated on the content. A few things we agreed upon, that influenced the rest of the issue…
    nature is key
    The days of fitted, cookie-cutter kitchens are over. We are seeing a looser arrangement of furniture, with natural materials such as bronze, wood and stone – as well as blue and white ceramics – featuring strongly.
    a creatively-charged col
  • green at heart: boschendal’s visionary food garden

    At Boschendal Estate’s bio-friendly food garden, chard flourishes alongside cornflowers, and celery with African marigolds that chase away soil nematodes.
    With eight hectares of organically grown fruit, vegetables, herbs, cut flowers and more than 40 species of edible flowers, it’s exactly what Boschendal’s new owners, led by Sam and Rob Lundie, envisaged in 2013 when they began turning the farm into a socially and environmentally conscious producer of food.
    Today, wine grapes
  • marrakech 101 – practical tips for a happy visit

    With its rose-tinted architecture, rich history and fascinating contrasts, the city of Marrakech has a solid foundation as Morocco’s cultural capital. Following her recent trip to the medina, HL‘s Mariola Fouché shares her top tips for travelling in this multifaceted city.
    walk the medinaThe old, walled city can be a little overwhelming for the first-timer and inevitably you’ll lose your way in the tangle of alleyways. Your best bet for a brief visit is to explore on fo
  • groundwork: indigenus’ new collaborative ranges

    An increasing theme in the South African design landscape is the willingness of designers to collaborate – with one another and with brands. Where this becomes particularly exciting, and bears the most interesting fruit, is when designers from various disciplines get together to create something that offers a new perspective.
    Peter van der Post from Indigenus has applied a progressive approach to his outdoor planters from day one when he launched the brand, injecting new life into what ha
  • watch: a video tour of chef jacques erasmus’ Karoo home

    You can’t help but be drawn to the ochre-coloured gabled house on the edge of the road in a pretty Klein Karoo town under the mountains. It’s the area’s oldest inhabited home, predated only by the museum. Heart-liftingly rural in its simplicity, it has baroque-style holbol gables – that clean-cut Cape Dutch design whose wavy contours alternate between hollowed and rounded – and has been painted the same warm hue as when it was first built in 1854 by a young
  • meeting mr chandler

    He’s an artist, curator, illustrator and the owner of Cape Town’s Chandler House and its Voorkamer Gallery – and we love Michael Chandler’s work. As soon as we began to discuss this year’s Kitchen Issue, we knew that Michael would be the ideal collaborator for us.
    ‘I think the one aspect I love about blue and white ceramics the most – apart from the immediate positive stimulation they give me – is their rich and complex history,’ says Michae
  • recipe: mediterranean mussels with fennel, thyme & parmesan

    Of any varietal of seafood, or for that matter protein, the mussel takes the lead in being the most sustainable of all. Whether farmed or harvested by hand, the Mediterranean mussel grows in abundance around South Africa’s coastline and helps to clean the ocean as it’s unique filter-feeding system purifies the water it lives in.
    Farmed prolifically in the sheltered waters of Saldanha Bay on the Cape West Coast, the bivalves make for an easy aquaculture crop; ropes are suspended from
  • a paris-inspired joburg home is a dream in art and design

    The interiors of this double-storey house in Atholl, Joburg, draw inspiration from French architect Joseph Dirand and feature an array of South African design and art. Interiors expert Fanie van Zyl and the owner selected the pieces on display as and formulated colour palette and textural finishes. In the sitting room, patterned chairs by Anatomy Design for Southern Guild echo the use of marble elsewhere in the home, such as in the fireplace mantel.
    ‘My dream was always to live in Paris in
  • When Architecture Meets Nature: Inside The New Amazon Spheres

    In a world rapidly being deforested, cities are building living green zones between tall skyscrapers and bustling highways. The recently opened Amazon Spheres is one such sanctuary. Situated in the heart of Seattle on the west coast of the United States, commerce giant Amazon.com constructed a breathtaking office space that houses 40 000 plants from more than 50 countries around the world. It’s quite literally a peaceful oasis in the centre of one of America’s busiest cities.
  • this fresnay apartment is three levels of open plan perfection

    The words interesting, achingly cool and unexpectedly chic come to mind when considering Daniel Brown’s compact abode. The one-bedroomed bachelor pad in Fresnaye is designed over three levels and completely open plan. It’s as uncontrived as it’s owner, and you can just tell that the interior choices and combinations are reflections of someone who knows the value of good design and it’s overarching mantra of ‘less is more’.
    The fact that Daniel’s good fr
  • master strokes: 6 paint ideas that will transform any room

    Applied with imagination and a little know-how, paint can quickly take a room from zero to hero. Here are six very special looks that deliver maximum impact.
    Dream TimeTo create this dreamy result, use a wide, soft brush and make your strokes rounded, organic and cloud-like, deliberately overlapping in places to create this cloud-like texture. It’s most easily achieved using natural paints, washes or suede effects.
    Fine LineFor a graphic effect, use timber mouldings to create a simple patt

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