• walking in memphis: a tour of a mountainside farmhouse

    Occupying one end of the barn-like building is the main bedroom, whose glass facade opens up to the farm beyond and an outdoor seating area with a table and chairs by French designer Philippe Starck.
    Why should a table have four identical legs? Why should laminate veneer be only for the kitchen and bathroom and not for a luxurious living room?’ When Italian architect and designer Ettore Sottsass posed these questions in relation to the Memphis Group, a design movement he spearheaded in Mil
  • style profile: abrima erwiah

    Co-founder and co-creative director of a social enterprise called Studio 189. Abrima Erwiah is a force to be reckoned with. Her Brand Studio 189 promotes African and sustainable fashion. We got to learn more about the New York native when she shared insights into her life and aspirations with us.
    I was born and raised in New York City. I have a brand called Studio 189, which promotes African and sustainable fashion. I love what I do because it brings people together, and it is innovative and ex
  • crescendo of ecstasy: mary sibande wows with virtual installation

    Virtual reality becomes tangible at Mary Sibande’s latest exhibition, A Crescendo of Ecstasy – an extraordinary installation that brings her sculptures to life.
    The exhibit, currently on display at The Mixed Reality Workshop (TMRW) Gallery in Johannesburg, takes one of Sibande’s life-size installations and animates it into a virtual reality adventure. In it, one of her trademark figurines is swarmed by a cloud of alien creatures, which the visitor is haunted by in the video sp
  • recipe: steamed citrus pudding with zesty lemon syrup

    Prep time: 25 mins / Cook time: 90 mins / Serves: 6
    Ingredients150g butter, at room temperature, plus extra for greasing365g caster sugarZest and juice of 2 medium oranges2 eggs210g cake flour, siftedBoiling water, for cooking3 lemons, juiced and zest peeled off (remove all the pith) and blanched in hot waterIcing sugar, to dustLemon slices, to garnish
    MethodGrease and line a 15cm wide and 15cm deep oven-proof bowl. Beat the butter, 165g of the caster sugar and orange zest for five minutes
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  • experience radiance in a Jar

    How do you combat the effects of a dry winter on your skin with moisture? Is it possible to counteract the harshness of the elements with something calm? The answer lies in the Holy Grail of Moisturisers, La Mer’s The Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream.  Let’s have a closer look at the three key ingredients which make this cream the powerhouse it is.
    Miracle Broth
    Miracle Broth, with its water-rich, whipped formula, sinks into your skin and leaves it feeling refreshed. Hand-harvested
  • inspired display: muji materials garden

    Japanese retailer MUJI used an inspired and creative way to celebrate 10 years of existence in the United States. They teamed up with design studio Ladies & Gentlemen and created an installation that showcased their products in a display they called the Materials Garden.
    The result was a minimalist masterpiece that highlighted the brand’s style and put a focus on different materials across the spectrum of MUJI products. The focus of the display was MUJI’s pared-ba
  • #hldiscovery: candles, wine and ramen

    From the world’s oldest candle-making company to a brand-new ramen restaurant in Cape Town, this #HLDiscovery list has some interesting finds from the food, drinks and design world. Whether you are looking for an eloquent statement piece for your home or an exciting place to eat out at, here are our #HLDiscovery picks for the week.
    1. cire trudon candles at artefectArtefect Antique and Interiors is known for bringing together antiques and covetable items from around the world. The la
  • five things you can’t miss at the 2018 venice biennale

    The Venice Biennale is in full swing, and with so much to do in the city, it’s near-impossible to take it all in. So, after a few weeks soaking it all up, here is House and Leisure’s guide to everything you have to see in the floating city this year.
    1. the scandinavian pavilionat the 2018 #venicebiennale, the nordic pavilion presents ‘another generosity’ – an exhibition that explores the relationship between nature and the built environment. curated by eero l
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  • plan a midwinter escape to tintswalo atlantic

    It should be a truth universally acknowledged that winter in Cape Town really is better than summer. There’s no howling southeaster, no raging heat and no crowds. Consider winter’s spectacular skies and sunsets, flickering fires and opportunities to enjoy all our favourite comfort food, and it’s obvious why the ‘secret season’ is the best time to enjoy all the finest things the Mother City has to offer.
    One of those things is Tintswalo Atlantic – the quiet an
  • fabri: award-winning and versatile design

    Fabri’s sleek and stylish designs have caught the eye of the European Product Design Awards, with the brand scooping up bronze in the 2018 awards for their ID Collection by lead designer Inês Sabino.
    With the ID Collection, which consists of two shapes with six functions, Fabri’s biggest challenge was designing pieces that have as many functions as possible to fit into the modern home.
    1. serveThe kitchen countertop is the perfect surface for serving drinks and snacks –
  • cucumber trade: with Hendrick’s Gin it’s a thing

    At first thought, a cucumber is a simple food item. But it has the ability to turn an ordinary G and T into a better drink with enhanced flavour. This is something Hendrick’s Gin knows well, thus they have decided to honour the humble cucumber by creating their very own World Cucumber Day, which will fall on 14 June 2018.
    Shaun Stemmett, brand manager for Hendrick’s Gin South Africa, explains that the factor that really sets their product apart is the their array of inspired an
  • social climber: the new alfa romeo stelvio suv

    The Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV has arrived in South Africa. That’s right, Alfa Romeo  has produced an SUV. It’s not the first time, though: back in 2003, the sport-heritage brand released the Kamal concept, but the Alfa Romeo Stelvio is its first ever consumer-focused 4°—4 SUV – an offering that promises to be just as formidable as the Jaguar F-Pace and Porsche Macan.
    Built on the same platform as the successful Giulia, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio is inspired by the icon
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  • shape shifter: architect peter rich’s career-spanning exhibition at venice biennale

    Architect Peter Rich.
    The 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale – which saw 63 countries presenting their expertise across the floating Italian city – featured a space dedicated exclusively to the genre-defying work of South African architect Peter Rich. What opened to the public officially on 26 May, Rich’s career-spanning exhibit formed part of the International Architecture Exhibition that saw 71 architects from around the world responding to the 2018 Biennale’s
  • mirror mind games

    For centuries, mirrors have had the magical ability to trick the eye and make you think twice about what you are seeing. New York-based company Bower Studios has taken advantage of this unique characteristic to create a collection that appears to be three dimensional.
    This series of graphic mirrors feature designs that trick the eye, but are still decorative and functional, adding dimension and texture to any space they occupy. The three-dimensional appearance of the mirrors is an eff
  • local marvels: 5 inspired contemporary buildings in South Africa

    In South African architecture, there’s a growing list of modern structures that transform the spaces they occupy. We look at five inspired contemporary buildings that exemplify how an edifice can stand out, yet complement its surroundings at the same time.
    1. alice lane towers, johannesburg
    Image by Paragon Group.
    Also dubbed the ‘dancing towers’, Alice Lane Towers in Johannesburg is an ultra-modern construction that has notably enhanced the Sandton skyline. Comprising a pair
  • wrap stars: all girl art blankets from something good studio

    The creatives at Something Good Studio have the winter chill covered with their line-up of ‘art blankets’, whose prints are designed by six self-described all-girl illustrators, including the likes of Karabo Poppy Moletsane and Renee Rossouw.
    Celebrating local artistry and South African talent, this curation of iconic art pieces – woven into beautiful and versatile blankets or throws – celebrates the talented illustrators and artists who collectively wish to share a deep
  • exhibition must-see: 20 female artists transforming stereotypes

    ‘Faux Cul VI – X’, Ayana V Jackson, 2017-2018. Photograph: Fanyana Hlabangane
    ‘Stories matter. Many stories matter. Stories have been used to dispossess and to malign, but stories can also be used to empower and humanise.’ So says Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in a 2009 TED talk – the inspiration behind Not a Single Story, the current winter exhibition at Nirox Sculpture Park.
    ALSO READ: Winter Wonderland: Get lost in told and untold stories at the
  • there’s a $2,8-billion reason to add beijing to your bucket list

    China’s capital and its surrounding regions have long been filled with cultural treasures, but from 2019 the area is set to become a $2,8-billion art epicentre. Here’s why you need to add Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei to your bucket list.
    A lot is on the cards for China’s Beijing and its northern region. In 2019, the brand new Beijing Daxing International Airport is set to open, promising high-speed rail connections to the surrounding areas and a 144-hour visa-free entry for internati
  • illuminating art: 4 international contemporary lighting designs

    Lighting is more than merely functional. It’s art. Designers across the globe have raised the bar on lighting with sophisticated, quirky and stunning features that sometimes don’t even look like a light source. They draw inspiration everywhere – jewellery, colours, nature, science – the list is endless.
    ida & pingala by farrah sitWhen it come to design, Farrah Sit focuses on creating simple, yet striking designs. Her Ida & Pingala lighting is testament to this. T
  • #hldiscovery: food, fabrics and design

    With all the impressive product launches and trends happening in the home and lifestyle spaces, it’s difficult to keep track. Resultantly, HL has decided to do a weekly round-up of interesting stories discovered in this space. Every Monday, we’ll share three to five #HLDiscovery items with you; from new menus or products, to interesting designs, trends – anything new and exciting!
    Here is the first #HLDiscovery list.
    1. fior di latte cheese barFior di Latte Cheese Ba
  • light on design: jacques cronje releases new minima collection

    What started as a series of sketches, a prototype in 2012 and a first range launched in 2014 at Design Indaba, minima‘s Scandi-inspired lighting range buoyed into a glowing business. 
    Founder and designer Jacques Cronje recently launched the brand’s latest collection: three modern lights – Echo, Cubic and Mosaic. Best described as ‘shweshwe meets neat angularity’, the woven bamboo lighting range is made up of digitally-cut birch plywood and
  • set in stone: tour a minimalist hillside weekend home in morcote, switzerland

    Located on a hillside above Lake Lugano in Morcote, Switzerland, this clean-lined abode by Swiss studio Wespi de Meuron Romeo Architects blends seamlessly into its picturesque surrounds and provides the ideal weekend retreat for a couple from Basel. 
    When a couple from Basel, Switzerland, began looking for a weekend home with a ‘discreet presence’ in a quiet location, it was only natural that they turned to the small, peaceful town of Morcote, a former fishing settlement nestled
  • lucy le roux is the face of shf for june

    Meet Lucy le Roux: home stager, wife, proud South African and the next on the growing list of dynamic #shfdefineyourself ambassadors. With a dash of business savvy and originality to boot, Lucy is the ideal face of the new generation of SHF style icons.
    For Lucy, inspiration can be found everywhere – during a walk on the beach or any time she looks up and is struck by God’s grandeur in the asymmetrical beauty of nature. It is this abundance of inspiration that energised her innovati
  • romantic uk getaways from the highlands to london

    The Lookout at the Pig on the Beach Hotel in Devon is a double-storey dovecote overlooking the hotel’s vast kitchen garden and the coast. The room has a double bed, freestanding bath and monsoon shower. The restaurant takes pride in local microseasonal food, with a menu that includes savoury delights such as haunch of Purbeck venison, crispy Jurassic Coast gurnard and braised pork cheek, as well as chocolate gingerbread and smoked chilli-chocolate sauce. There’s an impressive wine l
  • style profile: architect-cum-novelist Lesley Lokko

    Photograph: Deborah Hurford Brown
    Known for expressing themes around cultural and racial identity, Ghanaian-Scottish architect, academic, and novelist Lesley Lokko is a vision. She caught up with House and Leisure‘s story editor Garreth Van Niekerk for a glimpse into her world of books and architecture and travel.
    I was born in Dundee, Scotland, but raised in Ghana, West Africa. I left Ghana because I was sent to an English boarding school. And there was a coup d’etat.
  • recipe: sicilian-style stuffed squid with risotto

    For the final recipe in our SASSI-inspired sustainable seafood series, the humble Cape Hope squid is used in a classic Sicilian dish with a twist – stuffed with inky risotto and served with a piquant tomato salad.
    While most species of squid are sustainably caught, our local Cape Hope Squid makes the best choice when it comes to their carbon footprint. Cape Hope Squid are caught off South Africa’s southern coast through a fishing method called ‘jigging’. Colourful barbed
  • fully floored: 7 tips to choose the perfect floor

    Choosing a floor can be overwhelming, especially so with the wide selection of choices available to consumers today.  Design in a Box founder and designer Analise de Beer gives the lowdown on today’s top flooring trends. Look at the tips below to see the latest trends, what flooring to use in certain spaces and what will maintain well.
    1. your budget
    Choose a floor that will fit your budget, while keeping in mind its longevity. If you’re on a tight budget, but want the war
  • There’s harmony in repetition: Chris Soal’s ‘Orbits of Relating’

    In city environments, where so much of our material encounters are made up of metal, concrete, barbed wire and more, taking the time to slow down and focus on our personal relationships with those around us can be a challenging thing. In Chris Soal’s debut solo exhibition, he reminds us to do just that.
    Titled Orbits of Relating and currently on show at No End Contemporary Gallery, Soal’s body of work features – amongst other things – works comprised of toothpicks, bottl
  • terracotta delights by nm designs

    Unusual and beautiful: these are perhaps the best way to describe the terracotta light fixtures from NM Design, crafted by Paarl-based founder and interior designer Nelia Naude.
    nm designs
    Naude grew up with creative parents; an architect father and ceramicist mother who worked with clay in her own studio. For her, getting into interior design seemed a natural fit. After cutting her teeth at a local design firm, she founded NM Design.
    Her love for interiors blossomed into a love for d
  • samesyn: transforming food photography into functional art

    Food has the incredible ability to bring people together. Families gather for meals, friends go out for lunch, couples learn about each other over dinner. Just looking at a picture of food or a garden harvest can spark up nostalgia and conjure up memories of being surrounded by loved ones. It is this social connection and camaraderie that gave way to Samesyn, a new brand that prints originally styled food photography on durable raw linen.
    the beginning‘Samesyn’, which means tog
  • curated collaborations: a Couth collective

    ‘Turkey was my comfort zone, and I find comfort zones uncomfortable,’ says Yelda Bayraktar, sounding out each syllable of the word in her accented English as if to emphasise her distaste for a simple, easy-going existence. The notion of curiosity strongly resonates with the Turkey native, who fled Istanbul for life in Africa – from Morocco to Dakar, Nigeria to South Africa – 17 years ago and who, as an experienced interior designer and buyer, never saw herself launching
  • playing with clay: the organic creations of klomp ceramics

    Ceramicist Alexia Klompje creates a range of bespoke homeware and jewellery from her spacious studio in Paarden Eiland. We caught up with the creative behind Klomp Ceramics to find out where the inspiration behind her distinctive style comes from…
    Having dabbled with clay her entire life, ceramics naturally became Alexia’s profession of choice. After suffering from a brain tumour six years ago, she found solace and comfort in clay – using the medium as a way to express how sh
  • clay play: the organic creations of klomp ceramics

    Ceramicist Alexia Klompje creates a range of bespoke homeware and jewellery from her spacious studio in Paarden Eiland. We caught up with the creative behind Klomp Ceramics to find out where the inspiration behind her distinctive style comes from…
    Having dabbled with clay her entire life, ceramics naturally became Alexia’s profession of choice. After suffering from a brain tumour six years ago, she found solace and comfort in clay – using the medium as a way to express how sh
  • little wonder: the jaguar e-pace is your design dream for the taking

    After last year’s release of Jaguar’s first ever SUV – the F-Pace – the brand has launched a compact version that promises to be just as great a seller as its big brother. The Jaguar E-Pace (not to be confused with Jaguar’s electric offering, the I-Pace, which will be out later this year) might be considered a baby F-Pace, but it has its own distinct design language that is largely inspired by the sporty F-Type model.
    This new SUV has been affectionately labelled &
  • if a drawing could feel like a dance, what would that look like?

    Ruby Onyinyechi Amanze is tired of people asking about her identity in relation to her work. Sure, she’s got an interesting one – the 36-year-old is Nigerian born, British raised, American based – but that’s not what her art is about. ‘None of this is about me as an individual or about the identity of these characters,’ Amanze explains, pointing to artworks that display her signature graphite, ink, coloured pencils and photo transfers on paper, with burs
  • 10 items we can’t wait to see at design joburg

    Design Joburg kicks off today (25 May); a weekend showcasing the best of the best in local decor and design. The second instalment of Design Joburg featuring Rooms on View at the Sandton Convention Centre is on for your viewing pleasure (and inspiration) until 27 May 2018.
    Expect to see alluring room sets, never-before-seen collaborative exhibits and uniquely curated installations. In anticipation, here’re the 10 designer items we can’t wait to see.
    ALSO READ: Design of th
  • franschhoek dreaming at akademie street boutique hotel

    A myriad number of hospitality awards greet you as you approach the front door of Akademie Street Boutique Hotel in Franschhoek, two of which include TripAdvisor’s World’s Best Boutique Hotel and World’s Most Romantic Hotel – both bestowed last year – and are the newest accolades to join the profusion of achievements garnered since the establishment’s opening. A weekend at the hotel solidifies these achievements: it is faultless.
    This boon of well-deserv
  • royal academy of arts sees a David Chipperfield upgrade

    ‘Run by artists since 1768, we’re celebrating 250 years by opening up like never before. Step inside a new home for art and ideas,’ says the welcome blurb on the website of the Royal Academy of Arts (RA), London’s premier exhibition space and champion of the arts. And indeed, with British architect David Chipperfield at the helm of its most recent upgrade, a new and impressive home it is.
    In an effort to promote not just the appreciation and understanding
  • 4 extraordinary destinations to visit

    When thinking about your next overseas trip, why not opt for a destination that is out of the ordinary? Planning a holiday is made so much easier with specialist travel agencies such as Pentravel.
    If you’re in the mood for adventure, but are undecided about where to travel to, here are four extraordinary destinations you may want to consider adding to your bucket list.
    1. cuba
    Vintage car on a beach in Cuba
    There is a reason why Ernest Hemingway decided to make Cuba his home. This&nb
  • silencio, please: an exploration of david lynch’s members club

    Likened in part to Andy Warhol’s New York studio The Factory – a space to celebrate, share, experiment and collaborate – Silencio, a private members club in Paris’ 18th arrondissement, is a culture-rich hub for creative communities.
    Opened by avant-garde filmmaker David Lynch, the club lives in the basement of 142 rue de Montmartre, a former publishing press steeped in history. Built in 1883 by architect Ferdinand Bal, and successively home to leftwing newspape
  • a taste of italy with puglia cheese

    Operating out of an unassuming shopping complex in Table View, owner and cheesemaker Davide Ostuni creates an array of deliciously authentic Italian cheeses. Coupled with the Ital Emporio deli run by his wife Ursula, Davide retails Puglia Cheese at Spar Vredehoek, Sea Point and Cape Quarter, as well as Giovanni’s in Green Point, Continental Food Deli in Camps Bay, Olive Branch Deli in Lifestyle on Kloof and Vineyard Deli in Durbanville.
    Having run Puglia Cheese for several years
  • out of the ordinary: 5 recipes from the shortmarket club’s wes randles

    The Shortmarket Club in Cape Town is know for its extraordinary dishes, both experimental and delicious. Head chef Wesley Randles pushes the culinary envelope with food that celebrates unusual tastes and textures – it’s all about quality, sustainability and flavour.
    ALSO READ: We caught up with Wes to learn about his food philosophy.
    To make sure you see all of House and Leisure’s video content, click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel.The five recipes you can try a
  • søvn revamp marries scandinavian heritage with african living

    When staying in a guesthouse in Cape Town, all you really want is for the space to be as beautiful as the setting around it. Søvn Experience+Lifestyle, a boutique guesthouse in Camps Bay, has revamped its premises to do just that. Partnering with several industry professionals to create an inspired design setting, the refurbished space integrates Scandinavian heritage with African living.
    Some of the style masters involved in the collaboration include James Mudge,&nbs
  • how to pot your own succulents

    As the whether patterns have changed, particularly in the Cape, we have come to appreciate resilient plants like succulents even more. They come in great variety, are fairly easy to maintain and are beautiful additions to any garden or home. In the #HLArchitectureIssue, we profiled master botanist Dr Ernst van Jaarsveld. He works amid hundreds of potted succulents in the gorgeous gardens of Babylonstoren, in the  Cape Winelands.
    You do not have to be a master botanist to pot your own succu
  • pause for thought: a snapshot of our #HLArchitectureIssue ‘Curate’ shoot

    The House and Leisure June Architecture and Design issue is a testament to structures and spaces that reveal themselves slowly and react to their surrounds in a gentle way — grand-because-they-are-not-grand spaces made with honest materials. Simple, uncomplicated forms. 
    For your interiors, create a decor scheme that pairs soft leather and crisp canvas in natural hues with tactile terracotta and glazed ceramics for a look that speaks volumes about your space.
  • a model brick: a literary history of the brick in johannesburg

    The rectangular clay brick has been a recurring subject of writing about Johannesburg since the discovery of a huge gold-bearing reef on the Langlaagte farm in 1886. Largely unremarked upon as a collective body of work, this writing encompasses perfunctory cataloguing, journalistic description, experimental fiction and quasi scientific treatises published in defunct journals like The British Clay Worker and Chicago-based Clay Record. This archive of uncollected texts represents a
  • 6 reasons you’ll love our #HLArchitectureIssue

    Each month when we sit down as a team to plan our initial outline for an upcoming issue, I already have a few clear notions about what I’d like it to contain. But when the time came to brainstorm this Architecture & Design issue, I had no idea how we should tackle the theme. I knew what I did not want, however – a magazine dedicated to megastructures and ego. And so the conversation quickly turned to domed buildings and ‘softer’ spaces. The team were u
  • recipe: sake with grapefruit and ginger

    Pulses and grains combine with veggies and fruit in cool-weather dishes that deliver on colour, flavour and texture. In our #HLArchitectureIssue, experiential food artist Caro de Waal creates five standout dishes for you to recreate at home. To pair with all five, try this sake cocktail featuring grapefruit and ginger.
    sake with grapefruit and ginger
    Ingredients1 large thumb of ginger800ml sake1 grapefruit, quarteredIce
    MethodPeel and slice half the ginger into very thin slices and se
  • makgati molebatsi’s melville home showcases her love for art

    When art consultant Makgati Molebatsi needs to brush up on some reading and research, a reliable go-to is Art of the Twentieth Century by Karl Ruhrberg, Manfred Schneckenburge, Christiane Fricke and K Honnef (Taschen, 1998).
    A statuesque and smiling Makgati Molebatsi opens a bright red-orange door to reveal the modern, industrial-style home she has been living in for the past 14 years in Melville, Johannesburg. Previously owned by South African architect Xavier Huyberechts, Makgati’s abode
  • where to eat, drink and sleep in puglia, italy

    Salento lies at the southernmost tip of the long coastal peninsula of Puglia, in Italy, at the confluence of the Adriatic and the Ionian seas. Hot and dry, the area is known for its olive groves, forest-clad plateaus and towns embellished with intricately carved stone facades.
    The region’s proximity to Greece and the Balkans has made it coveted territory since classical antiquity. The Mycenaean Greeks were followed by the Romans, then a long line of other invaders: Lombards, Byzantines, S

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