• 10 reasons to get your hands on the new #hldesignissue

    The June 2017 edition of House and Leisure is now on shelves, and it’s a special one. Edited by founders of The Guild Group, Trevyn and Julian McGowan, this issue is jam-packed with trailblazing local creatives, innovative design and beautifully curated spaces. From established designers to the new kids on the block, exciting collaborations and a showcase of one of the most important design cities in the world, read on for a sneak peek inside the #HLDesignIssue.
    1. guest-edited by tw
  • Stephen Colbert Imagines Another Batch Of Donald Trump's Postcards Home

    Donald Trump has got the postcard-writing bug. Kind of.
    On Friday’s “Late Show,” Stephen Colbert imagined another batch of notes that Trump has been sending back to his family members and allies during his first big trip abroad as president.
    “The Pope has a Golden Throne too!” he writes to his son, Donald Trump Jr., in one of his missives, referencing meeting Pope Francis at the Vatican.
    “But for some reason, his doesn’t flush,” he adds.Check
  • 2 new co-working spaces to try in Joburg

    Gathere co-working space in Kramerville, Johannesburg
    For freelancers and small teams, co-working is an excellent option. It provides much-needed structure, the opportunity to network and, if you’re lucky, an unlimited supply of coffee… all without having to pay regular rent. Tapping into the increasing demand for co-working spaces in Johannesburg, two new spots have recently opened their doors, joining the ranks of popular shared workspaces like MESH Club, Nomads & Co and
  • if you go out to the veld today

    Image credit: Truffle Pig
    In Khoisan mythology, there’s a tale that speaks of buried treasures that appear every few years in the shallow, sandy soils of the arid Kalahari Desert after a thunderstorm or following good seasonal rains. To the San people, these treasures are the rare eggs of the ‘lightning bird’; to the gastronomic connoisseur, they are delicacies more commonly known as Kalahari truffles or !naba.
    Found nowhere else in the world, the Kalahari truffle res
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  • How Technology Helps Us Navigate The Airport

    I've written previously about a number of fascinating innovations in the airport sector, whether it's robotic baggage handlers, AI security systems, driverless transportation, runways capable of de-icing themselves or facial recognition scanners. The latest innovation comes by way of Gatwick Airport in the UK, whohave installed augmented reality beacons throughout the airport to helppeople find their way around.
    The system, which is the first foran airport in the world, aims to fill in the
  • lucie de moyencourt illustrates the cannes film festival

    You might recognise Lucie de Moyencourt for her work on the Cape Palampore, a giant tiled mural at Bosjes Wine Estate (pictured below), or for her playful art that merges a Parisian aesthetic with South African subject matter. Now she’s attending the Cannes Film Festival, and her humorous sketches are giving us a glimpse inside the world-famous event.A true creative through and through, Lucie has experience in an array of fields, from architecture and set designing to
  • This Device Holds Your Head Up So You Can Nap Hands-Free

    One of the most annoying problems with napping on a plane happens when your head lolls about and you can’t find a comfortable and considerate way to prop it up. Inventors have offered up various fixes over the years, from inflatable hoodies to a head hammock, but this solution looks more promising than any we’ve seen in a long time. 
    The JetComfy is a cushioned platform for your head that attaches to an armrest and extends to your desired height. While other
  • Gay Dad Plans To Sue United Airlines After Being Accused Of Molesting Son On Flight

    A North Carolina man is “devastated” after he says a United Airlines flight attendant accused him of inappropriately touching his son’s genitals. 
    Henry Amador-Batten said he and his 5-year-old son, Ben, were greeted at Raleigh–Durham International Airport on Friday by a group of police officers, The Durham Herald-Sun reported. He soon learned that a flight attendant had seen him cuddling with his son on their flight from Newark, New Jersey, and felt that his hand r
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  • Siesta Beach Is The Best In The U.S., According To Dr. Beach

    Siesta Beach in Sarasota, Florida is the best beach in the country right now, according to the prestigious annual rankings from “Dr. Beach.”
    Every year, Florida International University professor Stephen P. Leatherman, aka Dr. Beach, ranks U.S. coastlines on 50 criteria including water temperature, sand quality and upkeep of the natural environment. Siesta Beach is the only one to top his rankings twice in their 26-year history: It previously won the honor in 201
  • inner-city rooftop gardens inspire Skinny laMinx’s new collection

    Hidden behind Skinny laMinx’s Cape Town store, a steel fire escape leads to their production studio via a hot, bleak city rooftop. Over time Heather Moore has been transforming this scorched space with a growing collection of heat-loving aloes, cacti, euphorbia and more. The shapes, colours and shadows of this spiky rooftop garden formed the inspiration for Skinny laMinx’s brand-new collection. ‘The three colourways – Rio, Cairo and Miami – are named for
  • Explore America’s Stunning Marine Sanctuaries Without Getting Wet

    The United States is home to many underwater treasures: the haunting shipwrecks of Thunder Bay, the colorful corals of Gray’s Reef, the barnacle-covered statue of Christ in the Florida Keys.
    For most Americans, however, these sights are out of reach. Though half of the U.S. population lives within 50 miles of a coast, only a tiny fraction — fewer than 5 percent, according to some industry estimates — actively dive or snorkel.
    But thanks to an online project spearheaded by the N
  • design icons: a master of modernism

    The Wassily chair
    After receiving the Museum of Modern Art Award in 1968 and recognition as a ‘Work of Art’ in Germany in 1982, the Wassily chair has become an iconic design piece.
    Who? Marcel Breuer was an architect and furniture designer who worked for the avant-garde German design studio Bauhaus and was known as a master of Modernism. Pioneering the use of strong and lightweight tubular steel, Breuer reasoned that if it could be bent into handlebars
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  • wolfgat: between land and sea

    Chef Kobus van der Merwe forages daily for indigenous herbs, flowers and succulents to use in the innovative dishes he creates at his new restaurant, Wolfgat.
    Straddling the dining and open kitchen areas at Kobus van der Merwe’s Paternoster restaurant, Wolfgat, on the West Coast, is a glass-fronted display fridge. It’s the same as those we see in supermarkets and fast-food outlets, but its contents couldn’t be more different.
    Inside, elegantly displayed in glass beakers like th
  • where to go for the best work lunches in cape town

    When you’re chained to your desk at your 9-5, lunch is often an afterthought – whether you opt for a greasy takeaway meal or a lacklustre sandwich you threw together in the morning. Because we’ve been there too, we decided to list our favourite spots for grabbing a delicious and healthy midday bite in the Mother City. Give them a go; you won’t be sorry.
    Image credit: Eat Out
    On Loop Street is where you’ll find Bardough, brought to you by
  • 4 Things To Tell Yourself When You’re Going Through Turbulence

    We’ve all been there – sitting comfortably mid-flight and all of a sudden you feel like your plane is being shaken in a tin can. You hang tight onto your drink, look out the window and see…nothing. What you’re experiencing is turbulent air. I’ve been flying a lot so I’ve become much more comfortable when my plane is going through turbulence, but I still have my moments where I become incredibly dramatic and ask myself “what if I die right now?”He
  • How To Plan Your First Visit To Europe For Summer 2017

    Europe is one of the most popular travel destinations for Americans. Its varied cultures and easy-to-use transportation methods enable visitors to travel to multiple countries within a few days. If you're planning a trip to Europe in 2017, keep these six tips in mind to make sure you have the best experience possible.Order Currency Ahead of Time
    Travel is expensive, and one of the best ways to avoid getting overwhelmed with costs is to book and pay for as much as you can ahead of time. If you&rs
  • This Couple's Splash Mountain Proposal Is A Disney Fantasy Come True

    Nothing quite says true love like a thrilling plunge down a waterfall ― at least for Eugene Williams and his new fiancé, Chris.
    Williams popped the question during the couple’s Monday visit to Disneyland, and his proposal was not for the faint at heart. While many couples opt to use Sleeping Beauty Castle or other Disney landmarks as a backdrop for the big moment, Williams asked Chris to marry him with a handmade sign on Splash Mountain’s climactic, 50-foot drop, and mad
  • The Upsetting Reason Millennial Women Take Less Vacation Than Men

    According to a recently released study from the U.S. Travel Association’s “Project: Time Off,” America saw its biggest uptick in people taking vacation days in the past 15 years. But there’s a discouraging trend in how many vacation days women take.
    Despite the fact that more women than men ranked vacation as “extremely” important to them in the survey, it remains that 48 percent of men used up all of their vacation days in 2016, compared to just 44
  • How To Make The Most Of A 3-Day Weekend

    The weather is finally heating up in many areas of the country, just in time for Memorial Day. A season of lake trips, barbecues and sunny days is on the horizon. So, to spend the first long weekend in front of the television would be almost criminal. 
    “If we don’t plan our weekends, they just kind of go by,” Phoenix-based productivity expert Nicole Bandes told HuffPost. “Be intentional with the time you’re going to have for the three days.”
    The key here
  • how to get the winter look

    With winter fast approaching, it’s time to update your decor to create a stylish and cosy feel. The easiest way is to add rough textures in warm, rich colours such as ochres, deep reds, greys and navy blues.
    Our material board inspiration for the week holds a sumptuous selection of fabrics from Hertex, Skinny laMinx and St Leger & Viney. The tiles are all from Douglas Jones, and the patterned surface is a beautiful new tile range from Italtile that features strands of fabric that are i
  • The Most Popular American Cities, According To The World's Travelers

    With an endless stream of travel inspiration pouring into our social media feeds, it could get overwhelming trying to choose just one place to visit this summer.
    That’s where following the crowd could pay off.
    The folks at 360 Chicago just made travel planning a whole lot easier for the indecisive traveler by gathering data from each state’s convention visitor bureau to find out which American destinations people love to go to. 
    Turns out, international travelers
  • Trump's Policies May Cost The U.S. $1.3 Billion, And That's Just In Travel

    The U.S. will likely miss out on more than $1.3 billion in travel-related expenditures this year, in part due to the Trump administration’s policies, one international business travel group predicts.
    A loss in that range could mean thousands of lost jobs, and some other analysts project the overall monetary losses will be much higher.
    Political events like Brexit, President Donald Trump’s executive order “travel bans,” new laptop bans in the U.S. and
  • Is It Safe To Travel Abroad In The Donald Trump Era?

    Heather Gorawski says she never lied about her nationality when she visited Nicaragua recently. But she didn't go out of her way to reveal she was American, either.
    "When I struck up a conversation with a local, I would use a Canadian reference," she says. Later, though, the truth would come out: Gorawski is from New Hampshire.
    And that's when Donald Trump comments would start: The president is a liar, a racist, and a con-man. And what's with you Americans, anyway? How could you elect someone l
  • The Best Beaches In New England

    For Condé Nast Traveler, by Paul Rubio.Summer is right around the corner, so it’s best to start planning your weekend getaways now. Although New England is better known for its charming small towns and scenic vistas (famously one of the best places to see fall’s foliage), it’s also home to some of the best beaches. Here, our favorite sandy swaths along New England’s coastline and its surrounding islands.
    1. Mohegan Bluffs Beach, Rhode Island
    Little Block Island, of
  • 5 Reasons To Visit Hawaii Right Now

    For Condé Nast Traveler, by Caitlin Morton.Few places in the world inspire as much sheet wanderlust as the islands of Hawaii. Home to eight national parks, 400-plus beaches, and countless scenic hikes, the state is a goldmine of staggering natural beauty. But there’s more to the islands than Instagram-worthy views. From fresh food to world-class surfing to incredible wildlife, here are 5 reasons to start planning your next Hawaiian getaway.
    1. The rugged, blissfully crowd-free regio
  • sweden has listed the entire country on airbnb

    Love to travel on the cheap and always up for an adventure? Well, it just became easier – and more interesting – than ever to visit Sweden, arguably one of the most socially progressive countries in the world. This is thanks to a recent decision by the Swedish Tourism Board to list all publicly-owned land on popular home-sharing platform Airbnb.
    Sweden’s core philosophy of Allemansrätten (or the freedom to roam), which is actually protected by law, means that the whole of
  • 4 things to do in chefchaouen, morocco’s blue city

    Intricate moulding in Chefchaouen. Image credit: From Morocco with Love
    Built in 1471 by Moulay Ali Ben Moussa Ben Rached El Alami to fight the Portuguese invasions of northern Morocco, the fortress town of Chefchaouen is now one of Morocco’s best-kept secrets – and a relaxing place for a breather after the hustle and bustle of Marrakesh and Fes.
    Chefchaouen is awash in pastel blue, mirroring the cloudless Moroccan sky, in solid contrast with its arid surroundings. But it wasn’
  • 5 ways to revamp your kitchen

    When it comes to efficiency, function, style and versatility, the kitchen is king. Turn to these five examples for ideas on how to update yours today.
    1. The New York KitchenIf you’re after a masculine cooking area with all the bells and whistles, invest in high-quality stainless steel, anodised aluminium, textured granite and raw slate.
    2. The Tokyo KitchenAchieve understated glamour by pairing clean lines and dark tones with natural materials and brass accents. You want a space that play
  • Stephen Colbert Imagines Donald Trump's Postcards Home

    President Donald Trump’s (spoof) postcards are something to write home about.
    On Monday’s “Late Show,” Stephen Colbert imagined the kind of missives that Trump is sending back to his friends and family in the U.S. during his nine-day jaunt to the Middle East and Western Europe.
    “I keep getting ‘Hamas’ and ‘Hummus’ confused,” he pens to National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster.
    Check out the rest of the postcards in th
  • The Pan Am Experience: Uniting The Unfriendly Skies

    I’ve always been told Pan Am was in my blood. My grandfather was a Pan Am station master. My dad grew up flying Pan Am and planned on becoming a pilot. But I was born two years after they went out of business and was raised on my dad’s wistful tales of the company’s heyday: a time of dining carts, spiral staircases, and true luxury in flight. I distinctly recall rolling my eyes, writing it off as a bunch of tall tales told through a nostalgia-warped lens. It wasn’t until
  • Gay Dads Say Southwest Discriminated Against Them During 'Family Boarding'

    A New York family says they were denied family boarding privileges on a Southwest flight over the weekend because the couple are same-sex partners.
    Grant Morse flew from Buffalo to Fort Lauderdale on Saturday with his husband, their three children and the children’s grandmother. But when the group stepped up for “family boarding,” they were denied, Morse told HuffPost.
    A Southwest gate agent told them their entire group couldn’t board, though Morse said the agent was
  • 'Women Photograph' Honors The Female Photojournalists Documenting Our World

    Photojournalism is far removed from its glory days ― the so-called Golden Age of the 1930s to 1960s ― when photographers toted Leicas and experimented with the first flash bulbs. Back then, behemoths like Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa and other founding members of Magnum Photos dominated the field, delivering onto the public historic images of military events, far-away countries, and images of the world people would otherwise never see.
    Decades later, after magazines began to d
  • The 14 Cutest Small Towns In The South

    We all know the American south is full of charm. And if you’re looking for the most charm, seek out the tinier towns ― the ones with history, culture and some pretty phenomenal food. To kick-start your search, here are (in our humble opinion) the 14 most picture-perfect towns down south.
    Related: These Are the 50 Most Instagrammed Spots in Every StateBEAUFORT, SC
    The second oldest town in South Carolina is just as sweet as you’d expect. Think: a tranquil waterfront, a historic
  • Pippa Middleton Is Honeymooning On Barack Obama's Island Of Choice

    Newlyweds Pippa Middleton and James Matthews are reportedly heading to an island in the South Pacific for an uber luxurious honeymoon ― and their destination couldn’t be hotter these days. 
    A day after their wedding in Englefield, England, E! reports the couple braved security lines at Los Angeles International Airport Sunday evening on their way to Tetiaroa, French Polynesia. It’s the same private island where Barack Obama recently spent a month working on
  • 2 student architects to keep an eye on

    May’s First Thursdays in Cape Town was packed with product launches, new spaces, rising artists and contemporary galleries. But what caught our eye the most was the UCT Honours architectural students’ showcase at The Architect pop-up gallery on Hout Street.
    The entire exhibition was a result of five group projects: each group was given a site to study between Signal Hill and Vredehoek and conceptualise a design that captures some of the ‘withdrawn’ qualities.
    This idea o
  • 5 must-visit restaurants designed by El Equipo Creativo

    Barcelona-based interior design studio El Equipo Creativo has been featured numerous times for its creative, playful and innovative restaurant designs. From fairytale escapes to chic, conservatory-style spaces, we’ve chosen 5 of our favourite restaurant interiors by this forward-thinking team.
    OneOcean ClubWith a brief to create a restaurant that’s both relaxed and sophisticated, El Equipo Creativo chose to inject a Mediterranean atmosphere into OneOcean Club. The
  • warm up this winter at these cosy restaurants

    South Africa, winter is on our doorstep, and all we’ve got on our minds is tucking into a steaming hot, hearty meal in front of a crackling fire. To this end we’ve collected some of the cosiest – and most delicious – eateries across Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg that are sure to keep you happy during the cooler months to come. Also keep an eye out for our round-up of the top winter menus, coming soon!
    Cape Town
    AzureImage credit: The Twelve Apostl
  • Congressman Expertly Trolls Donald Trump With Cheat Sheet For First Big Trip Abroad

    Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) majestically trolled Donald Trump by tweeting him a cheat sheet for his first big trip abroad as president.
    As Trump jetted off for his 9 day jaunt to the Middle East and Western Europe on Friday, Lieu thought it prudent to give the president some advice to ensure he stays out of trouble whilst overseas.
    “DON’T leak classified information,” was his top tip. He also felt compelled to state that Israel is an ally of the U.S., and Russia is not.To: @POTUS
  • Man Arrested After Attempting To Breach Cockpit During Flight To Honolulu

    A man was arrested on Friday morning at an airport in Honolulu after a disturbance occurred during an American Airlines flight bound for Hawaii. 
    A spokesperson for the airline confirmed to HuffPost that crew members on American Airlines Flight 31, which departed from Los Angeles, requested law enforcement to meet the aircraft at the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport “due to a disturbance.”
    In response to the crew members’ disturbance report, U.S. Pacific Command dep
  • Donald Trump May Be Causing Problems For Disney World

    Well, maybe this is one way to get President Donald Trump to stop talking.
    Disney World, which traditionally has given speaking roles to presidential robots in its Hall of Presidents, is reportedly considering a non-speaking Trump to avoid offending visitors.
    The Florida resort’s Hall of Presidents, currently closed, features robotic versions of all previous American presidents. A robot Trump will join the ranks when the hall reopens later this year.
    The animatronic Trump was to have
  • The Best Islands In Thailand For Every Traveler

    For Condé Nast Traveler, by Andrew Parks.Off of its two coasts, there are literally hundreds of islands to choose from on a trip to Thailand. There’s something for just about every type of tourist, too; the trouble is in knowing the difference between carefully developed areas that could host picturesque weddings and the untamed isles ripe for the adventurer. Here’s a primer on the Thai islands for every type of traveler.
    1. Ko Samui
    Between the Six Senses’s peerless inf
  • 'Bacon Camp' Is Real And It's 5 Days Long

    Bacon fans, prepare to pork out. 
    Camp Bacon is an annual food festival in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This year’s upcoming five-day event features every activity a bacon lover could want, from bacon baking classes to a pig roast to bacon-based meals and talks with food journalists and chefs. It’s pretty much heaven for hog lovers, and the fresh-cooked bacon almost never stops flowing.Zingerman’s, a collective of Ann Arbor food companies, will run Camp Bacon from May 3
  • You Can Get Trump's Voice On Your GPS Now Because We're All Masochists

    If you already have a miserable commute and feel inclined to make it worse for yourself, then Karta GPS has an offering for you: The navigation company has recently added a Donald Trump impersonator to its repertoire.
    Meaning that if you want someone to tell you “go straight ahead, it’s tremendous!” or “You have reached your destination, let’s make navigation great again!”, you’re in luck. (Seriously, these are real quotes from the device.)
    We have abso
  • 5 Epic California Road Trip Stops

    For Condé Nast Traveler, by Paul Rubio.Unless time is no object, don’t expect to cover the entirety of Cali in a single road trip (the state spans 163,696 square miles, after all). A better bet is to map out key routes with stops along the Golden State’s 900-mile coastline, and head inland for the best national parks and the wonders of wine country. Here, five places to consider hitting up on your West Coast road trip, from gallery going in swanky Monterey to vineyard hopping
  • The 4 Best Italian Road Trips

    For Condé Nast Traveler, by Krisanne Fordham.With its lush countryside, plunging coastlines, snow-capped peaks, and glittering lakes, Italy offers epic driving experiences for every kind of traveler. Here, we’ve put together our favorite Italian road trip itineraries — including where to stop, where to stay, and what you’ll see along the way.
    1. Amalfi Coast
    Known for its dramatic bluffs, pastel-hued villages, and cliff-hugging roads, the Amalfi Coast is arguably Italy&r
  • Kristen Bell Shares Clever Diaper Hack For Parents In A Bind

    Kristen Bell doesn’t hesitate to share the lessons she’s learned as a mom. And that includes parenting hacks.
    On Thursday, the actress posted a photo on Instagram of a diaper hack she figured out during a plane ride.
    “Quick fix for a broken pull up when you’re on an airplane?” she wrote in the caption. “Hair tie. BOOM. Next question.” Bell also added the hashtag “#mom.”Quick fix for a broken pull up when you're on an airplane? Hair
  • PotterCon Is The Adult Harry Potter Conference Of Your Muggle Dreams

    These Harry Potter fans know how to party.
    PotterCon is a traveling day-long Harry Potter conference for fans 18 or 21 and older. This year, it’s being held in 14 cities around the U.S., and events are already underway. PotterCon started in New York in 2013 as an “adult-oriented fan convention” where Pottheads could mix and mingle while engaging in cosplay and imbibing Harry Potter-themed alcoholic drinks. This year, it’s being held in 14 cities including B
  • Pregnant Serena Williams Is Definitely Living Her Best Life

    Summer is almost here and Serena Williams is living her best life. 
    The tennis superstar, who is pregnant with her first child with fiancé Alexis Ohanian, shared a collection of Instagram photos on Thursday that were taken aboard a yacht. In the pics, she is dressed in a tiered black swimsuit and looking fabulous. A post shared by Serena Williams (@serenawilliams) on May 19, 2017 at 6:09am PDT
    The 35-year-old headed down to Miami to celebrate her bridal party with
  • judging a book by its spine

    Polpo by Russell Norman | Apartamento | Monocole | Wallpaper* | Patterns by Peter Koepke | Penguin Little Black Classics | Michou bowl with platinum R4 252, Stable | Tile 89/7028 wallpaper from the Frontier collection by Cole & Son. 
    The terms ‘pattern and print’ are often casually thrown around and misused. Print is a design – it could be an illustration, an abstract drawing, florals or even an assortment of random colours or shapes. It is less organised than a p
  • stylish solutions to living with pets

    We don’t automatically factor in pets when designing or decorating our homes, but much like children, they come with their own requirements. Thankfully, designers around the world are developing clever products to make living with pets easier – and more stylish than ever before. Never mind those old plastic dog kennels you scramble to hide when guests come over; spoil your furry companions with one of these adorable options instead.
    Thinking DesignT

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