• 'Goodbye, Racist!': Passengers Cheer As Unruly Man Gets Booted From Plane

    A passenger was kicked off a United Airlines flight Saturday for allegedly making racist comments about other travelers aboard United Airlines Flight 1118 from Chicago to Houston. 
    The man, who has not been named, asked two passengers in traditional Pakistani clothes if they had a bomb, CBS station KHOU reported.
    When they didn’t hear him ― or tired to ignore him ― he repeated the question, prompting several other passengers to complain to the flight crew, one of
  • This Guy Perfectly Recreated His Disney Photo With Minnie Mouse Decades Later

    In the ‘80s, artist Brian Rush took a photo as a kid with Minnie Mouse at Disneyland. Decades later, he recreated that photo and nailed it.
    When Rush learned his parents wanted to take a family trip to Disney World with their kids and grandkids, he knew he wanted to recreate a photo from his first trip to a Disney park. He told HuffPost he chose one that was taken either in the summer of 1985 or 1986 at Disneyland in California, when he was around the age of 5 or 6.
    “I actually could
  • Video Shows Just How Close Harrison Ford Came To Hitting Another Plane

    This is one of Harrison Ford’s most harrowing moments on film ― and it was real.
    Video obtained Tuesday by TMZ of his recent piloting mishap shows the “Star Wars” actor flying too close for comfort over a passenger jet as he landed on a taxiway.
    The Feb. 13 incident at John Wayne International Airport in Orange County, California, has the 74-year-old Hollywood icon in potential hot water. The FAA is investigating.
    “Was that airliner meant to be underneath me?&r
  • Travel Tips For Traveling With Parents

    For most of us,  the earliest travel memories can be traced back to traveling with our parents as kids. What heady days they were as we pranced around Railway Stations, Airports and Bus Stations without a care in the world as our hassled parents surreptitiously and anxiously kept an eye on our adventurous exploits of discovery!
    The wheel of time has moved since then and today as full grown adults we may roam the world in a swagger of independence. But as and when we travel with our
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  • Art in small spaces

    One of gallerist and interior designer Dylan Thomaz’s guiding principles is that art brings happiness. He believes that everyone should have happiness in the home, so no matter how small your abode, you should consider every inch of wall space – and that includes the bathroom.
    ‘By thinking out of the box, being creative and innovative, you can use your art collection to visually extend the limits of your living area. Your art becomes your window to the world, and even your big
  • Communal eating at The Mess

    Named after the military term for a dining hall, The Mess is anything but martial. With a signature style of tapas inspired by global tastes, the menu features outstanding starters such as squid tacos, beef tataki and brinjal melanzane. There’s a theme of communal eating that runs throughout the restaurant, from the tables able to accommodate large groups to the outdoor terrace lit up in the evening by hundreds of fairy lights.
    Favourites dishes that stood out for us were the flatbre
  • 7 Stunning Beaches That Will Make You Want To Travel To the Caribbean

    Think all Caribbean beaches are the same? Think again. Home to some of the world’s most beautiful and diverse beaches in the world, the Caribbean islands are a feast for the senses. Every shoreline promises a new twist on relaxing in paradise—or cranking up the adventure with world-class water sports.
    We’ve teamed up with global cruise line Royal Caribbean to highlight seven of the most stunning Caribbean beaches that prove there’s a lot more than swaying palm trees, gent
  • Model Who Dangled From Dubai Skyscraper Says She Should Be Compensated

    Let’s all agree: We have to stop doing things for the ‘gram.
    Russian model Viki Odintcova gave the internet collective heart palpitations in early February after she posted an Instagram video of herself dangerously dangling off a 75-story skyscraper in Dubai with no apparent safety gear for a risky photo shoot.
    Odintcova, an Instagram celebrity with some 3 million followers, performed the stunt atop Dubai’s Cayan Tower, also known as the “Twisting Tower,”
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  • Why North Korea Is Suddenly Fascinated By Swedish Architecture

    For Architectural Digest, by Nick Mafi.In many respects, Sweden and North Korea couldn't be more different. On one end of the spectrum, the Nordic country is governed by a democratically elected prime minister, boasts a capital city that's among the fastest growing in Europe, and is perennially ranked by National Geographic as one of the "Top 10 Happiest Countries in the World." North Korea, by contrast, is run by a Supreme Leader and keeps its borders firmly closed to most of the world, while t
  • Bjarke Ingels Reveals Designs For A Futuristic San Pellegrino Headquarters

    For Architectural Digest, by Carrie Hojnicki.Honoring the history of a beloved 118-year-old Italian brand is no small task. But for Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), the Copenhagen-based firm known for game-changing designs throughout Europe and North America, it’s just another challenge.
    It was announced today that BIG won the coveted commission to design sparkling water producer San Pellegrino’s new flagship headquarters in the alpine town of San Pellegrino Terme, Italy. The building, par
  • Oneika The Traveller Shares 5 Tips For Jumpstarting Your Travel Agenda

    Blogger and travel connoisseur Oneika Raymond, who popularly goes by Oneika The Traveller, stopped by The Huffington Post Black Voices’ bi-weekly talk show the “BV Breakdown” ― a Facebook Live show that discusses hot topics, current events and self-care tips ― on Thursday to share some of her travel savvy.
    Black Voices’ Senior Editor Lilly Workneh and Associate Editor Taryn Finley sat down with Oneika, who was also joined by financial
  • Lindsay Lohan Claims She Was Profiled While Wearing A Headscarf

    Lindsay Lohan alleges she was profiled at London’s Heathrow Airport on Monday while wearing a headscarf. 
    The actress, who has been reading and studying the Quran, claimed she was stopped by an airport employee during an interview with “Good Morning Britain” Tuesday. 
    “When I was flying to New York recently, I was wearing headscarf and I got stopped,” she said. “She [an airport official] opened my passport and saw ‘Lindsay Lohan’ and sta
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  • Anything but ordinary

    Founded in Milan in 2003, Dimore Studio is the brainchild of Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran. Combining their individual experience in art, design and fashion, the pair has created an aesthetic unlike any other, with Salci hailing from Italy and Moran from the US.
    On page 36 of the House and Leisure March 2017 issue, we profile this dynamic duo, and here we take a closer look at their brilliant interior work.Aēsop, Milan
    Aēsop’s second signature store in Milan on the fa
  • 5 reasons to own House and Leisure’s Small Spaces issue

    In House and Leisure‘s March 2017 issue we focus on small spaces, rounding up four of South Africa’s coolest compact homes. We also zone in on prints and patterns for new ways to liven up your living space. Here’s a taste of what to expect in this month’s magazine.
    1. An eclectic take on compact living
    Size doesn’t matter – it’s what you do with it that counts. The proof is in the pages of House and Leisure‘s Small Spaces issue, whi
  • 5 Reasons Why You Need A Chip And Pin Card For International Travel

    Chip-embedded credit cards have just recently been issued to every American credit card user despite some merchants still only accepting credit and debit card transactions with the traditional magnetic swipe. While this technology is still relatively new to this side of the Atlantic, chip & pin cards have been commonplace across the world for years or decades now.  
    Here are 5 reasons why you need a chip & pin card for international travel.
    #1: A Chip & Pin Card Isn’t a Ch
  • Trump Administration Proposes Social Media Checks On Chinese Visitors

    A new proposal from the Trump administration would increase screenings on visitors from China. 
    The notice from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection details a proposition to ask Chinese visitors on business or tourism visas for their social media handles before they travel to the country. 
    Customs and Border Patrol officers could use the social media information, which is optional to disclose, for examination. 
    “This data will be used for vetting purposes, as ne
  • Vegan flapjack stack

    As a brand that’s committed to promoting wellbeing, Wellness Warehouse manages to makeeven the most sinful of sweet treats wholesome. Take this flapjack stack, for example – it’s vegan, dairy free, high in fibre, yet still delicious.
    11⁄2 cups Wellness rolled oats1 cup Almond Breeze almond milk 1 ripe banana1⁄2t cinnamon1t Wellness chia seeds1⁄2 cup Le Coquin coconut milk yoghurt1t baking powder1t coconut sugar, plus extra for garnishin
  • Paris, my love

    We feature the home of Spree creative director, Chris Viljoen, and creative lead of visual merchandising at Woolworths, Christan Boshoff, in our March 2017 issue. As avid travellers, fashion aficionados and collectors, they have ticked many cities off their travel wish list, but they always – always – return to the City of Lights. They share their Paris must-dos with us, here.‘For us, Paris is definitely on the top of our list when it comes to travel. It’s the best city
  • Man Dies After Breaching TSA Checkpoint At Honolulu Airport

    Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNLAn unarmed man died after running past a TSA security checkpoint at the commuter terminal of the Honolulu International Airport early Saturday morning. 
    The man, who was in his 40s and did not have a ticket, pushed a security official and forced his way through the exit lane of the security checkpoint, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported. He then ran out through doors that led to the airport operations area, where airplanes are parked.
  • 'Crazed' Man Dies After Breaching TSA Checkpoint At Honolulu Airport

    Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNLAn unarmed man died after running past a TSA security checkpoint at the commuter terminal of the Honolulu International Airport early Saturday morning. 
    The man, who was in his 40s and did not have a ticket, pushed a security official and forced his way through the exit lane of the security checkpoint, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported. He then ran out through doors that led to the Airport Operations Area, where airplanes are parked.
  • 20 Incredible Facts About The Philippines

    1. The entire landmass of the Philippines is made up islands, making it the second-largest archipelago in the world. In fact, the Philippines has approximately 7,500 islands with only 2,000 of them inhabited and nearly 5,000 still unnamed on global maps. (Source)2. There are about 175 languages spoken in the Philippines, with 171 of them considered “living,” while four tribal dialects have no known living speakers. The country’s official languages are Filipino (based on Tagalo
  • Delta Air Lines Is Bringing Back Free Meals

    Peace out, peanuts.
    Delta is bringing back free economy-class meals on some of its longest domestic flights. Starting next month, economy travelers on designated cross-country routes will be able to nibble wraps, cookies and cheese plates at no extra charge.Delta’s new meal service will launch March 1 on flights from JFK Airport to San Francisco and Los Angeles, according to a press release. In April, it will expand to 10 more routes including Boston to Seattle and Washington, D.
  • All-Inclusive Resorts For Your Next Vacay — No Passport Required

    The way we see it, there are two kinds of vacations: the kind where you’re running around sightseeing and scouring the internet for tips on where to go and what to eat, and the kind where you don’t have to make any plans because everything is taken care of. If you're in the market for the latter, an all-inclusive getaway can be a great option. Especially if you want to go into it knowing exactly how much the whole trip will cost. Of course, places like Mexico and Jamaica offer excel
  • 7 impressions from the Cape Town Art Fair

    This weekend the Cape Town International Convention Centre has been taken over by the annual Cape Town Art Fair in association with Fiera Milano. With many well-known galleries participating, there’s a large and impressive selection of local and international artists on show. New to this year’s offering, the Unframed division is dedicated to large-scale works that encourage visitor interaction. We experienced Katharien De Villiers’ allegorical installation entit
  • Hawaii May Be America's Wildest Island

    There’s no doubt Hawaii is a wildly gorgeous paradise, but every once in a while, a video of the islands gives us a whole new appreciation for the Aloha State.
    And “Hawaii ― The Pace Of Formation,” the video above, does just that.
    Filmed by a team of Los Angeles-based videographers, this video features stunning footage of Hawaii’s Big Island, including moments of mesmerizing time lapse. It’s a soothing four minutes of oozing molten lava, rushing wat
  • A labour of love: The art of Lizette Chirrime

    Lizette Chirrime‘s art is autobiographical. Having left behind a troubled family life, which influenced her emotive work, the Mozambican-born artist uses interwoven materials to speak to inner turmoil, identity and self-acceptance. Lizette favours fabric as her medium of choice and her talent for hand-stitching intricate patterns generates artworks that resemble complex quilts and are layered with meaning. She uses fabric to personify her own struggles, and maintains t
  • Surface appeal

    ‘The food is delicious! And the people, so nice! So friendly!’ My bloke jokes that no matter where we go on holiday, we always say this upon our return and he speculates that maybe food tastes better and people are nicer because we’re more likely to notice these things when we step outside of our everyday routine and our senses wake up to what life has to offer.
    When I arrive in Lisbon, my feet are the first to awaken. My winter-chilled tootsies are loving sandal life, bu
  • The 8 Most Memorable Island Cocktails To Try On Your Next Caribbean Adventure

    While the white sand beaches and turquoise seas of the Caribbean islands always pair well with piña coladas and strawberry daiquiris, locals will tell you that there’s plenty more to happy hour here. Featuring recipes that utilize fresh local ingredients and liquors steeped in a rich island history, raising a toast with a round of authentic Caribbean drinks is as much a cultural experience as a treat for your taste buds.
    We’ve joined forces with global cruise line Royal Caribbe
  • 5 Reasons Why Oman Should Be On Your Radar

    With its dreamy natural landscapes, hospitable people and tasty food -- Oman is one of the most fascinating countries to visit in the Middle East.
    I had the opportunity to visit Oman at the tail end of my trip around the G.C.C. (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries of Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE.Without question, Oman was my favorite place out of the bunch and I think the country doesn't get nearly as much hype or credit as it deserves.
    Tucked away on the Southeastern corner of the Arabian Pe
  • Is Bristol the new London?

    Situated on the River Avon in the South West of the UK, many people may not have thought to, or even have heard of the city of Bristol.London, but of course. Manchester, yes.Liverpool, quite possibly (who doesn't know that The Beatles hail from there?).But Bristol?Why's this city, with a population of roughly 429,000, a recommended place to visit?Could it possibly be the 'new London'?
    London is an obvious destination for tourists to flock to when they visit the UK.It's got everything: Museums, G
  • This Austrian Cafe Charges Extra For People To Charge Their Phones

    Grumpy waiter service is as traditional as apple strudel in Vienna, but a cafe in one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks has caused disquiet with what seems to be an Austrian first: charging customers for charging their phones.
    Tired of tourists powering up batteries for hours, cafe owner Galina Pokorny has introduced a 1 euro ($1.06) fee for those who plug in their mobiles for too long.
    “Tourists - always electricity, electricity, electricity. Sorry but who is going to pay m
  • Early-Blooming Cherry Trees Have Made This Town A Colorful Wonderland

    The Japanese town that’s home to a special variety of early-blooming cherry blossoms is bursting with the gorgeous pink blossoms this week.The early blooming cherry blossoms started to bloom河津桜満開A post shared by Genta (@gnta) on Feb 16, 2017 at 12:45am PST
    Kawazu, which is about a 3-hour train ride from Tokyo, is known for the Kawazu sakura cherry blossoms. They start blooming in February, around a month before most of the cherry blossoms in the rest of
  • Feast with a view

    Following a renovation that’s opened up its first-floor space to some great people-watching on the Camps Bay beachfront, plus a delicious menu redesign, La Parada del Mar has shot to the top of our list of Cape Town spots at which to spend some late-summer quality time. Order a selection of tapas and one of their excellent gin and tonics (served Spanish-style in big goblets) then simply sit back and enjoy the passing parade. Standouts among the tapas dishes include the seared sesame-cruste
  • ‘Tis the season to sow a veggie patch

    Vegetable gardening is becoming an increasingly popular pastime, with more people choosing to grow their own organic produce instead of opting for shop-bought variants. It may require a little more effort than a quick trip to the grocery store, but the work and results are rewarding, you’ll save money in the long run and you’ll sleep easy knowing that what you’re putting in your body is completely chemical free. It doesn’t get more wholesome than home-grown and there
  • Yosemite's 'Firefall' Is Even Larger Thanks To Raging Rain

    Every year in February, Yosemite National Park’s Horsetail Falls in California pours out a fiery blood-orange for two weeks in a natural wonder that has come to be known as the Firefall.
    And, this year, its glittering effects are even more brilliant thanks to the increased rain and snow in the state.
    “The waterfall is bigger than it has been in a long time due to all the rain and snow we have received,” National Park Service spokesman Scott Gediman told CNN. 
    In fact, thi
  • Disney Sets Opening Date For New 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Ride

    Suit up, superheroes: Disney’s new “Guardians of the Galaxy” ride will open on May 27 at Disney California Adventure park, according to the Disney Parks Blog.
    Last month, the Tower of Terror ride closed for transformation into a new attraction based on the popular Marvel comic books and movie.A host of other superhero experiences will open on the same day as the ride, including visits with Marvel superhero characters. And from May 27 through Sept. 10, there will
  • To Protest Trump's Travel Ban, Museum Will Temporarily Remove All Work By Immigrant Artists

    Museums around the country have responded in big and small ways to President Donald Trump’s highly contested travel ban, which bars immigrants from seven Muslim-majority nations and indefinitely blocks Syrian refugees from entering the U.S. 
    The Davis Museum at Wellesley College in Massachusetts is just the latest.
    On Wednesday, the museum announced that it will be de-installing or shrouding all artwork by immigrants, as well as any art given to the museum by immigrants.
  • To Protest Trump's Travel Ban, Museum Temporarily Removes All Work By Immigrant Artists

    Museums around the country have responded in big and small ways to President Donald Trump’s highly contested travel ban, which bars immigrants from seven Muslim-majority nations and indefinitely blocks Syrian refugees from entering the U.S. 
    The Davis Museum at Wellesley College in Massachusetts is just the latest.
    On Wednesday, the museum announced that it will be de-installing or shrouding all artwork by immigrants, as well as any art given to the museum by immigrants.The
  • Wow Air Is Offering $69 Flights To Europe From San Francisco, Miami And Boston

    Pack your bags, travelers: We’re going to Europe for cheap.
    Budget airline Wow Air is offering $69 one-way flights to a handful of European cities from San Francisco, Miami and Boston. And we’re clicking fast, because there’s no telling how long this deal will last.
    To score a $69 one-way ticket, you also need to book a return flight with Wow (about $170 to $250, according to our tests). Although the return flight is more expensive, the round-trip package is likely way cheaper
  • Tips If You're Visiting Greece

    1. Learning to Love a Malaka
    Although the word Malaka isn't "nice" sometimes it's meant to be friendly. Malaka means "jerkoff" but in Greece we use it as a term of endearment. People might say, "Hey jerkoff," but don't worry. You'll be able to tell if they mean it by their tone of voice. Use your better judgment and go with the flow.2.Most everything closes at noon for a few hours.No soup for you.In Spain its called "siesta" and they have it in Greece too. In some of the more touristy areas you'
  • At a glance guide to the temples of Angkor Wat

    Known the world over, Angkor Wat is now one of the most popular tourist spots in Asia. With 1.6 million square metres of temples, tundra and tourists, knowing where to start can be tricky.Armed with a tuk-tuk, map and pen, I spent a couple of days seeing the world's largest religious monument, and pulling together this guide on what to see - and what to skip - during your Cambodian adventure.
    Must-seeAngkor Wat:The site's namesake, this temple alone covers over a kilometre with the central tower
  • Is This Now The World's Best Ski Resort?

    Ski journalists get asked a lot of questions. Probably the most popular (after "How are your knees?") is: "What's your favourite resort?"
    This invariably results in a lot of chin-scratching, and humming and hawing, but in my experience there is one answer that comes up a lot, and that's St Anton.
    Why? Well, firstly, St Anton has a great snow record and some of the best skiing in the world - both on and off piste. No question. But also, it's a pretty village in the Austrian Tirol with a genuine
  • Master of her craft: Shay Stark

    There’s a beauty in the way buildings are designed. Colossal iron, glass and stone structures that vary from big to small, straight to contorted – all the result of extensive research, planning and calculations carried out by a mysterious visionary who largely remains in the shadows of their creations.
    One such person is SHF‘s visual architect Shay Stark, whose own office reflects a mixture of creativity and logic. A pinboard filled with inspiration sits near a pile of busines
  • Harrison Ford Under Investigation After Close Call With Passenger Plane

    The Federal Aviation Administration is reportedly investigating an incident involving Harrison Ford after the actor, a vintage plane enthusiast, reportedly had a close call with a passenger plane at a Southern California airport Monday.
    According to NBC News, the 74-year-old actor was piloting a private plane when he mistakenly landed on a taxiway after flying over a passenger aircraft that was stopped in front of a runway and was carrying 110 passengers and six crew members at John Wayne
  • Perfect Pair

    As if the Pair chair by Layer design firm weren’t impressive enough, it now offers the possibility of a star base with two back-rest options, two other leg options, a moulded plywood seat that’s available in a choice of five colours and the choice of a seat cushion (available in 40 colours) – meaning that it now has over 8 000 possible variations. Not bad for a design that also combines cool Mid-Century curves with the latest technological innovation. As Benjamin Hubert, t
  • How to Open Yourself Up to New Adventures

    The beauty of travel is that it has the potential to open you up to new adventures, a possibility that is both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. Deciding to set off and explore a new culture with a different set of customs, habits and tastes requires challenging yourself to accept that you may feel uneasy as you shed your preconceptions about your destination. With a little courage, though, you can face new ideas and perhaps even discover the life that you were meant to live through
  • 6 Places to be in Love in America's National Parks

    If you keep your eyes peeled, you will find that there are natural hearts all throughout America's National Parks. This one found in Zion in Utah. Photo credit: Stefanie PayneWhether your idea of romance is relaxing in a serene lake setting, watching a technicolor sunrise or sunset, wandering among trees that reach into the heavens, swimming with sea life, or enjoying a paradise beach that has been called one of the ten most beautiful in the world--there are plenty of places in America's nation
  • 3 Reasons Why Life Is Better For Americans Abroad

    Each day, more Americans believe that life may be better abroad. With the recent presidential election, many people have stated their intention of moving to Canada as a better alternative.
    What if we removed the Trump equation? Would people be so anxious to live abroad if Hillary Clinton won the election?
    Americans decide to live abroad for many reasons. 35% of American expats are looking for an adventure, while 31% simply enjoy living abroad. As an expat entrepreneur, I have lived abroad for a
  • A taste of New York at Mulberry & Prince

    The oh-so-Instagrammable Mulberry & Prince is Cape Town’s answer to the Soho-style eatery. Dusty pink double doors lead you into an interior that pairs tasteful minimalism with retro Scandinavian pieces in a colour palette of grey marble, muted pink and reflective bronze. Through both the decor and the food, co-owner Cynthia Rivera has brought her native New York to the inner-city space, while her business partner Cornel Mostert has balanced this brilliantly with distinctly
  • Zana’s Robyn Britz shows us her workspace

    Amid the collection of Zana’s kaleidoscopic prints, Robyn Britz’s studio features a monochromatic base of white walls, polished concrete floors and large aluminium windows that draw light up to the white rafters of the open-plan space.
    Swatches of potential new designs and fabrics are pinned on display and twinkling fairy lights festoon a large mirror; various photographs, blown up and framed in white, decorate the otherwise minimalist area. Biscuit the French bulldog provides the cu

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