• 14 U.S. Cities With A European Vibe

    Transatlantic flights can be expensive, but you can get a taste of European culture in America.
  • a laboratory: this parisian apartment showcases its owner’s unique sense of style

    Nothing ever stays in place for long in art director Jean- Christophe Aumas’ apartment. ‘Things are never fixed,’ he says. ‘It’s always a work in progress. That really is my leitmotif.’ More than anything, Jean- Christophe sees his interiors as a ‘laboratory’, a means of experimentation. His approach, he says, is intrinsically linked to his profession: ‘I can’t disassociate my work from my home.’
    Jean-Christophe specialises in or
  • #hldiscovery: air plants, wine, steak and flooring

    From floors and plants to dining out, this week’s #HLDiscovery list has something for your home and your entertainment. In new discoveries this week, we look at timber floor tiles, a light pendant you can assemble yourself and the newest wine from Nederburg.
    1. air plantsMicro gardens and water-wise plants are the responsible way to go in water-scarce times, and air plants tick both these boxes. A diverse range of subtropical species that derive most of their moisture (as the name suggest
  • what we’re drinking: wine picks from the country’s top sommeliers

    It’s no secret that if you want to do something well, you go to an expert. And if you want to drink well, you go to a sommelier. South Africa is truly experiencing a wine renaissance of sorts, and not only are we producing some incredible bottles of wine, but we have some of the most talented sommeliers pouring these vintages all over the country. We chatted to some of them to find out what they’re currently sipping on.
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    brenda karamba: majeka ho
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  • sibonelo chiliza: beyond botanical art

    Drawing plant specimens takes on an additional level of historical and political abstraction when it comes to the botanical art of Sibonelo Chiliza — a little-known, but exceptionally talented illustrator from Port Elizabeth, whose work subtly considers the complex realities of representing the natural environment in South Africa.
    ALSO READ: A living legacy: artist Nic Bladen casts indigenous botanicals into bronze and silverView this post on InstagramBotanical artist Sibonelo Chiliza meas
  • industry insider: jean-pierre de la chaumette’s eponymous new range

    With 20 years working in publicity internationally, specialising in decor, as well as a growing interior design business and an extensive network of network of creative talents in his contact list, it was an inevitable next step for Jean-Pierre de la Chaumette to develop his own product line. The result, Chaumette, is inspired by Africa, but informed by a global design sensibility and a convergence of form and function.
    Taking two humble materials integral to the continent’s industrial and
  • moody hues: the home designer & decorator dicey du toit longed for

    When Dicey and Tom du Toit swapped their Bauhaus home in Paarl, in the heart of South Africa’s Cape Winelands, for a 1970s house on the southern coast of the country in Port Elizabeth, it came with some celebration for Dicey. The self-taught designer and decorator was relieved that she could finally allow her own interior style to flourish.
    ‘Tom is an engineer, so he loved the Paarl house,’ she says of their former home, which was built by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe protég
  • 5 go-to nurseries for the indoor-greenery trend

    In a world where our lives are heavily tech-focused, we’re finding a balance by bringing nature into our homes. Plants breathe life into a space in a way that simply can’t be replicated. Here are five key places in South Africa to pick up supplies for the indoor-greening trend. 
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    Supernature Nursery
    A Joburg-based nursery that specialises in unusual and hard-to-find indoor plants.Visit @supernature_nursery.
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  • italy meets sa at ayama wines

    Michela and Attilio Dalpiaz were brought together in Italy though the mutual affinity for wine production. Hailing from Italy, they fell in love with South Africa thanks to our history, people and beautiful natural environment. They decided to move here, and when they saw the Slent Farm on the Paardeberg Mountain, they found their home. Thus Ayama Wines was born.
    the farm
    ‘Ayama’ is Xhosa and roughly translates to ‘someone to lean on’. This resonated with
  • porto calling

    A view of the Douro River alongside Portoʼs Old City.
    All around the old, historical city of Porto, seagulls wheel and cry in the skies above – Porto is situated along the estuary of the Douro River, where it meets the Atlantic Ocean. The city is one of Europe’s oldest, and it isn’t very large (fewer than 250 000 people live in the central metropolitan area). And, of course, it’s the home of the Port wine ‘lodges’, where for hundreds of years, the renowne
  • fresh take: plant-based recipes for light summer dining

    Al fresco gatherings with friends call for light and easy plant-based dishes that celebrate beautiful – and delicious – vegetables.
    layered green slaw with coconut and lime dressingFor the dressing250ml coconut milkJuice and zest of 1 lime1T soy sauce2t honey62.5ml good-qualitycoriander pesto½t chilli flakes1T shredded, peeled gingerFor the slaw¾ Chinese or regular cabbage, finely sliced1 fennel bulb, shaved2 green apples, cut into matchsticks2 cups micro whol
  • again & again – excellence and inspiration in perpetuity

    In a unique collaboration, Sanlam Private Wealth has partnered with a new generation of creators, taking select pieces from the vast Sanlam art collection on a journey into the future by reinterpreting them in new, unique ways. They’ve called this journey ‘Again and Again – Inspiration and Excellence in Perpetuity’.
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    This journey is a visual representation of the important aim both the worlds of art and wealth ma
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  • Introducing HuffPost Life

    A new design and a new mission for HuffPost’s “no-B.S. guide to modern life”
  • lush life: mastering the art of the fern

    Chris Myburgh needed a break from suburban Pretoria. He was a student in radiology, working as a GP in Joburg, and had an urge to get out of the capital city. So he got into his car and drove down to Mpumalanga – where, in the middle of the mists of Sabie, he saw a plant that would change his life. ‘I just thought “Wow, I must have one”,’ he says.After going to a local nursery and asking around, he discovered that the plant in question was an indigenous tree fe
  • lush life: mastering the art of ferns

    Chris Myburgh needed a break from suburban Pretoria. He was a student in radiology, working as a GP in Joburg, and had an urge to get out of the capital city. So he got into his car and drove down to Mpumalanga – where, in the middle of the mists of Sabie, he saw a plant that would change his life. ‘I just thought “Wow, I must have one”,’ he says.After going to a local nursery and asking around, he discovered that the plant in question was an indigenous tree fe
  • go east: where natural objects meet high design

    A historical horticultural show garden, built at the highest point in Johannesburg, has found new life in the hands of Jonty Mark, a sports editor, and husband Vincent Truter, a curator and creative director. The immense property includes a manor house, two charming stone cottages – built from the stone of the quarry below it in Bezuidenhout Valley – and, at its acme, a pale-pink 1950s ‘summer pavilion’.
    Today, Lightning’s Nest seamlessly combines the coup
  • cabin fever

    The Elgin Valley is the apple-growing centre of South Africa. Filled with orchards as well as cool-climate vineyards, the valley is surrounded by mountains and nature reserves, including the protected Kogelberg Biosphere. It’s also less than an hour’s drive from Cape Town, which makes it the ideal weekend escape from the city. That’s why hotelier and entrepreneur Jody Aufrichtig chose it for his delightfully eccentric farm lodge, the Old Mac Daddy, where the rooms are luxurious
  • living paper: your reading just became shoppable

    Although home is always at House and Leisure‘s heart, and decor inspiration can be found within its pages, our focus has evolved to innovation too – with the reader experience in mind. In an effort to bring some of South Africa’s most stylish homes, products, trends and objets to life, we’re making our pages shoppable.
    If you like what you see on the curated pages of HL, it’s now possible to shop them. Use a QR reader (available in the App store or searchable
  • a trio of places to see, eat and shop in berlin, germany

    Berlin has to be one of the planet’s most multifarious places: you can visit the city and just explore museums full of ancient cultural artefacts, or spend all your time clubbing, or only immerse yourself in the huge variety of classical music concerts on offer. Next time you visit, aim to spend at least a day or two ambling about rather like a local – take in a memorial to one of the most momentous events of the 20th century, enjoy a peaceful lunch surrounded by some of the city&rsq
  • small wonders: 4 examples of micro gardens

    As we inhabit smaller and more efficient spaces, so we lose out on having big gardens to cultivate and mould to our liking. But that doesn’t mean that gardening is reserved for big, open spaces – people have been introducing greenery into their apartments in cute and inventive ways, all thanks to the concept of micro gardening.
    Micro gardening is essentially food ‘farming’ in containers and well-designed, small urban spaces, but most people apply the term to small-scale
  • moonchild sanelly: the tracklist

    The musician, fashion designer, Gcom pioneer and ‘girl with the blue hair’ uses her body to form her creations. While getting to know her ‘Body of Work’ in the October #HLIndoorOutdoor2018 issue, she shares her latest tracks.
    F-BoyzOsikapa: Moonchild Sanelly, DJ Tira, Patoranking, DJ Neptune & Eternal AfricaWeh MamehGuestlistMidnightThe post moonchild sanelly: the tracklist appeared first on House and Leisure.
  • #hldiscovery: personalised gin, moonshine and air water

     Straight off a long weekend of celebrating, we thought we’d keep the merriment going with a round up of new and interesting drinks and experiences. From blending your own gin to water bottled from air, this is what’s on the #HLDiscovery list this week.
    wilderer rogue apple pie moonshinePrimarily known for their award-winning grappa and gin, local brand Wilderer has just released a tantalising new drink that is full of flavour. Rogue Apple Pie Moonshine is a sweet and spicy
  • recipe: a fresh take on crispy lavoush

    Al fresco gatherings with friends call for light and easy plant-based dishes that celebrate beautiful – and delicious – vegetables. Inspired by the flavours of the Middle East, make crispy lavoush with garlicky yoghurt as an easy appetiser.
    crispy lavoushIngredients
    250ml plain flour250ml wholewheat flour1T Maldon salt, plus extra for sprinkling1t sumac2T za’atar spice250ml water62.5ml olive oil1T sesame seed oil
    Preheat the oven to 165ºC. Line two baking sheets wit
  • Berman Contemporary hosts artists Elsa Duault and Akudze Elsie Chiwa

    Berman Contemporary, the second gallery to be established by art curator, Candice Berman, recently opened its doors at 11 Alice Lane, the heart of the Sandton precinct. The work of French artist, Elsa Duault filled the walls of Berman Contemporary with splashes of colour in a solo exhibition that showcased the burgeoning talent of this young creative.
    Molecular painting is how Duault describes her signature technique. Her circular canvases swirl with colour and character, juxtaposing dynamic mo
  • let’s get rowdy!

    In 2012, when Nick Meinert was still a student, he kept coming across the same problem – there were no well-designed, durable leather bags to use for his trips around campus. And so, quite simply, he decided to start making them himself. Fast-forward to 2018, and Nick’s brand ROWDY has grown to become one of South Africa’s go-to producers for beautiful, affordable leather bags. While the offering initially began with just the iconic ROWDY backpack, the range has since expa
  • a review of anatoli, the cookbook

    Established way back in 1984, Anatoli is a culinary institution in Cape Town – the place where generations of customers have sampled Turkish food for the first time. And, of course, definitely not the last.From its richly decorated interior to the huge wooden trays on which waiters bear the restaurant’s 22 delectable mezze with which every meal there begins, Anatoli has for many years been a very special experience for Capetonians, and one that replete food lovers return to agai
  • q&a: five minutes with designer-decorator dicey du toit

    After moving to Port Elizabeth from Paarl, architectural heritage specialist Dicey du Toit delighted in the opportunity to experiment with colour, paint, fabric, flooring and greenery in her new space – Dicey and husband Tom’s former home, an all-white Bauhaus abode, had been ‘all about clean spaces, minimalism and no clutter’.
    To express her instinctive penchant for colour and texture, she opened a decor and interior-design practice in PE’s Richmond Hill called The
  • light box: fashion designer rich mnisi’s sunsplashed apartment

    ‘I always start with the most flamboyant, the most elaborate piece – like this blue sofa. This is where I get my visual cues. And then I either dress it up – like I did with the green daybed and the blue rug – or pull it back a bit.’ That’s how fashion designer Fumani Rich Mnisi describes the way he created his new space in Johannesburg’s Maboneng district: ‘It’s the same way I design my collections.’
    The LISOF fashion graduate founded
  • meet the maker: karoo dreaming with designer frances van hasselt

    It all began on the southern edge of the Great Karoo. This semi-arid region of the Western Cape is where Frances van Hasselt spent her childhood. It is what inspires her – and it’s the birthplace of the world’s finest mohair.
    Working with the luxurious yarn was always on the cards for Frances, who developed a love for it early on. ‘I grew up on a farm with a family who is passionate about Angora goats, which produce mohair. ‘I’ve always wanted to cre
  • Bali To Tourists: Please Stop Posing Disrespectfully At Our Hindu Temples

    Officials from the Indonesian island are seeking to curtail rude behavior near ancient sacred sites.
  • Shop FAQs

    When is your new issue available?
    The October issues will be on shelf from 24th September 2018. The magazines are packaged in brightly coloured bags with a QR code with the words Ready To Shop on.
    I can’t find your new issue in xxx store.
    Look out for the magazine in a (insert COLOUR per brand) bag with a large QR code with the words READY TO SHOP on the front. The name of the magazine will be above the QR code.
    What is on the cover of your October issue?
    We have p
  • artist wim botha explores transformation of light in exhibition

    ‘Time Machine’, 2012: wood, paint and fluorescent tubes
    Light is remarkable. It can blind, amplify, encourage and destroy. For something so intangible, it can have a massive impact. Light and how it transforms is the subject of renowned South African contemporary artist Wim Botha’s latest exhibition. On display at Norval Foundation from Saturday, 29 September 2018, until 24 January 2019, Heliostat:Wim Botha brings together key works in the artist’s car
  • 8 top indie bars you have to visit in joburg

    From hipster-clad neighbourhood bars to intoxicating five-star establishments (pardon the pun), we’ve rounded up some of Joburg’s favourite new watering holes for thirsty travellers and inquisitive residents.
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    mooteeIt may be only a year old, but Melville newcomer Mootee has just been recognised as one of this year’s top 10 best new cocktail bars in the world by the Spirited Awards – cal
  • magnificent seven: stellenbosh hills reveal their latest vintages

    For over seven decades, Stellenbosch Hills has quietly been producing award-winning vintages. Under the careful eye of cellarmaster PG Slabbert and winemaker James Ochse, the winery sources grapes grown in some of the Stellenbosch region’s most exclusive vineyards, to produce a range of wines that are top-notch yet easy on the pocket.
    Dubbed ‘the magnificent seven’, the estate has released their eponymous range that includes vintages from 2016 and 2018.
  • new look: mungo refurbishes its jhb store

    What started as a pop-up shop at 44 Stanley in Johannesburg’s Braamfontein has blossomed into a thriving Mungo store. After two and a half years, the store – which stocks the full range of Mungo’s locally woven, natural fibre homeware textiles – has been refurbished.
    Inspired by the industrial feel of 44 Stanley, which houses a curation of office spaces, eateries and lifestyle retailers, Mungo spent months remodelling its store to capture the essences of its su
  • dark matters: a mix of old and new in this romantic parktown north home

    There’s something undeniably romantic about Christian van der Walt and Anli Jones’ Parktown North home in Johannesburg. Part of that impression is created by the surprise of finding it where it is: at the end of a long, narrow, bumpy driveway, the entrance to which is hidden in plain sight among shops, offices and restaurants that are situated on one of the suburb’s busiest streets.Arriving there is a little like slipping through a chink in the fabric of ordinary life, and sudd
  • publik wine fair is taking on joburg

    Following a very successful inaugural Publik Wine Fair in Cape Town – Publik Wine is offering Joburg oenophiles and wine enthusiasts the chance to experience more than 100 lesser known wines at the iconic Turbine Hall. Dedicated to finding and sharing wines from sustainably farmed vineyards and made with minimal intervention in the cellar, this artisan wine tasting is a unique chance to not only discover new wines, but meet the passionate winemakers creating them.
    A first for Joh
  • l’atelier des lumières – paris’ first digital museum of fine art

    In part response to the digital-driven age, and in part acknowledgement of the unique ways in which technology can influence or enhance our experience of art, Chemin-Vert foundry in Paris’ 11th arrondissement has been transformed into the French capital’s first digital fine- art museum.
    Following a storied history since its foundation in 1835, and extensive work in the last four years – overseen by leading cultural crusader, Culturespace – Atelier des
  • 5 remarkable vases that will liven up a room

    Big or small, muted or bright, plain or patterned – vases are one of those items that you find in virtually any space. Whether they are used for functional or decorative purposes they have become an essential part of making a house feel like a home.
    We have curated five of the most beautiful, bold and best vases from our Pinterest to admire and inspire.
    1. colour me inPlain solid coloured vases can still make for a dynamic look when curated properly. This mix of different shapes, size
  • 5 remarkable vase looks that will liven up a room

    Big or small, muted or bright, plain or patterned – vases are items that you’ll find in virtually any space. Whether they are used for functional or decorative purposes, they’ve become an essential part of making a house feel like a home.
    We’ve curated five of the most beautiful, bold vase looks from our Pinterest boards to admire and inspire.
    1. colour crewPlain vases in solid hues can create a dynamic look when curated tastefully. This arrangement of different-shaped, -
  • tim atkin hails two sa vintages as arguably the best ever

    Due to the three year drought, winemakers in the Cape have had to adapt and be innovative in their process of creating world class wine. All this hard work has paid off. Award-winning British journalist and ‘Master of Wine’ Tim Atkin has proclaimed that the 2015 and 2017 vintages have produced a brilliant series of wines that surpass anything in the country’s long history.
    In his seventh annual guide to South Africa, Atkin says that these two years have produced 
  • river run: the ultimate cruise upstream china’s yangzi river

    Like gods and criminals, the Yangzi River has many names, some of them aliases, none of them definitive. In China it’s thought of as two rivers rather than one: the Golden Sand River begins at the glaciers of Tibet and trickles to the city of Yibin, then the Long River flows the rest of the way to Shanghai. It is too long then even for the name Long River. Excessively big is the standard scale in China, where the taxi ranks stretch to the horizon, the apartment blocks look like cities, and
  • joburg city guide: rosebank offers the best of both worlds

    Photo: StudioMAS
    Rosebank is not the suburb it was just three years ago. As new office buildings, apartments and retail extensions spring up, it has become the go-to spot in Joburg for all things delectable, covetable and Instagram-worthy.
    The pedestrian-friendly Keyes Art Mile hub heaves to bursting during the monthly First Thursdays after-hours events, and the newly developed Park Corner on Bolton Road and Jan Smuts Avenue buzzes every night of the week, injecting energy into the original Rose
  • Ready To Shop – See it. Scan it. Shop it.

    The post Ready To Shop – See it. Scan it. Shop it. appeared first on House and Leisure.
  • 13 excellent chenin blancs from the breedekloof valley

    Linked by winding roads, farm dams dot the picturesque, mountain-flanked Breede River Valley in the Western Cape. It is also home to a host of wineries that have come together to elevate their craft, and their surroundings. The group, going by the moniker of Breedekloof Makers, has decided to make this area the go-to for Chenin Blanc wines.
    Chenin Blanc was the cultivar of choice for Breedekloof Makers (who started the collective in 2014) because of the region’s climate and geography, whi
  • a quiet place: tour this serene home at the base of signal hill

    For Nick and Robyn Gluckman, a calm and serene environment to come home to at the end of each day is of utmost importance. As soon as you step into their five-bedroom house at the base of Signal Hill in Cape Town, it’s evident that they have got their wish. Light streams in from the floor-to-ceiling steel-framed windows that encircle the lower floor of the abode. The space flows seamlessly from the open-plan kitchen to the lounge below and out onto a sunny deck at the rear, which is e
  • inside sanlam’s extraordinary century of art collecting

    A new exhibition currently up at the Sanlam Art Lounge at 11 Alice Lane in Sandton, Johannesburg, reveals the story of 100 years of the Sanlam Art Collection — one of the country’s most comprehensive, and valuable, art collections.
    Centennial showcases some of the standout pieces from the collection, including works by William Kentridge, Elza Botha, Gerard Sekoto, George Pemba, Leonard Matsoso, Ndindikumbule Ngquinambe, Dumile Fenie, David Koloane, Helen Sebidi, Richard Mudariki, Mag
  • spring in your step: special items and experiences that are on our radar right now

    Spring is the season of fresh beginnings, new experiences and changes. Seizing the renewed energy in the air, here’s what’s on our radar this week.
    spier 21 gables chenin blanc‘Tis the season of white wine, and if you’re going to be sipping on some vino, why not enjoy one of the best? Just released, Spier 21 Gables Chenin Blanc 2017 has been recognised as one of SA’s best Chenin Blancs. It was listed in the Standard Bank Chenin Blanc Top 10 Challenge,
  • #HLcrushoftheweek: mungo design’s fresh new tawulo in soleil

    Created from pure cotton and designed, woven and made entirely in South Africa at Mungo Design’s mill just outside Plettenberg Bay in the Western Cape, the subtly patterned Tawulo towel has been one of Mungo’s many instant hits. And now it’s available in a new colourway – bright and breezy Soleil.
    Tawulos make brilliant beach and swimming towels, and this understated yet cheerful shade of yellow will add a touch of sunny optimism to any bathroom.
    Cost R250&ndash
  • kitchen cool

    From the latest cook’s gadgets to sleek new finishes, here are two kitchen looks we love. Shop online to instantly update your cooking space in style.
    industrial graphic
    Be inspired by industrial kitchens and choose gleaming silver-toned finishes and appliances.
    Photo: Camilla Banks Interior DesignBreville Café Venezia coffee machine from @home.R3 499. Shop home.co.za. Alum Crystal mosaic sheet in Winter Hexagon from Douglas Jones.R250/sheet. Shop douglasjones.co.za.F
17 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018

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