• I Can't Believe I Ate That On Alabama's Gulf Coast

    The trouble with eating raw oyster isn’t the taste (it’s delicious) or knowing where it’s been (filtering water on the bottom of the bay) but that it’s alive.
    “If you open it right, you can still see the heart beating,” says oyster farmer Lane Zirlott, who co-owns the perhaps appropriately named Murder Point Oysters in Bayou La Batre, Ala.
    Zirlott pries open a fresh oyster, recently scooped out of Portersville Bay, and shows my kids the soft, white flesh, poi
  • The Last Of Manhattan's Gilded Age Mansions Is On The Market For $50 Million

    For Architectural Digest, by Melissa Minton.In 1873, Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner dubbed their era the Gilded Age in America, characterizing the display of new wealth in America after the Civil War. Impressive homes like this one, now on the market for $50 million, were built for magnates like Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, and Cornelius Vanderbilt at the end of the 1800s. In fact, Vanderbilt’s granddaughter once owned this mansion — the last of its kind in New York Ci
  • One Of America's Most Historic Small Towns Is Getting A Redesign

    For Architectural Digest, by Sara Tardiff.
    Founded in 1733, Savannah, Georgia, was the country’s first planned city. With an elaborate design that boasted public squares, neoclassical architecture, and a road system that allowed the urban market to flourish, the city was ahead of its time. Today, the historic downtown is known for its unique infrastructure and breadth of architectural gems, attracting millions of visitors each year. Although the city will always lovingly celebrate its past
  • Kenny G Surprises Airline Passengers With Charity Performance

    After weeks of stressful airline news, it’s good to know you can count of Kenny G.
    The Grammy-winning saxophonist gave a surprise performance to passengers on board a Delta flight out of Tampa, Florida, on Saturday, while reportedly raising $2,000 for Relay for Life.
    The “Songbird” star was filmed walking up and down the aisle smiling at passengers as he played some smooth jazz as they flew to Los Angeles, WFLA reported.Thanks @kennyg for the impromptu concert to help us r
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  • style profile: john jacob zwiegelaar

    Well-known for creating highly bespoke, glamorous work underpinned by attention to detail, John Jacob Zwiegelaar has successfully headed John Jacob Interiors since 2005. We chat to him about his backstory and inspiration for his bold and luxurious interior design style.
    I was brought up on a farm in Elgin. My mom had the most amazing garden and house. She took us on trips to Europe to show me, my brother and sister gardens and architecture, the most memorable of which was the Château de V
  • a family home by the sea

    Since its renovation in 2006, fashion designer Craig Port’s Bakoven ranch-style house has metamorphosed into an authentic home for Craig, his partner Bryan D Hellmann, their six-year-old twins Khloe and Luke, and the family dog Rocco. Each year, the couple have commissioned different artist friends, using various mediums, to mark the twins’ birthday: on display throughout the house are paintings by Tracy Payne, work by ceramicist Martine Jackson, bronzes by Otto du Plessis and mixed
  • 9 U.S. Beach Towns Where You'll Come For Summer But Stay Forever

    Beach trips are great and all, but sometimes the post-vacation blues hit so hard that we start searching for ways to call the coast our permanent home. 
    Enter these charming options from Coastal Living magazine’s list of the 20 Best Places to Live on the Coast. We sifted through and chose 10 U.S. destinations that strike the perfect balance between city and seaside life. Whether bigger (like Santa Barbara) or smaller (like Langley, Washington), each
  • United CEO Oscar Munoz Thought He Would Be Chairman. Not Anymore.

    Oscar Munoz, the CEO of United Airlines, apparently won’t become the chairman of the company as planned.
    Munoz has decided to leave “future determinations related to the Chairman position to the discretion of the Board,” according to a regulatory filing on Friday. He was set to become chairman next year.MORE: United says CEO Munoz initiated the change to his contract that granted him the chairmanship of the company in 2018.— CNBC (@CNBC) April 21, 2017
    The sudden change c
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  • The First House Antoni Gaudí Ever Designed Is Now An Incredible Museum

    Antoni Gaudí is known to many as the genius behind Sagrada Família, the monumental church in Barcelona, Spain, that has been called “the most extraordinary personal interpretation of Gothic architecture since the Middle Ages.”
    Originally commissioned in 1882, Gaudí became the lead architect of Sagrada Família in 1883, working on the astonishingly detailed project right up until his death in 1926. The massive structure was famously only a quarter of i
  • U.S. Cities To Watch In 2017

    For Condé Nast Traveler, by CNT Editors.When it comes to American cities, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles dominate the market — and the conversation. Yet the Big Three continuing to grow more crowded (and more expensive) has proved advantageous to other cities across the country, which attract people with cheaper rents, space to create, and local cultural and culinary movements. And whether these “runway cities” are new to the tarmac, have been taxiing for some time,
  • The Most Beautiful Churches in the World

    For Condé Nast Traveler, by Caitlin Morton.Whether it’s a Gaudí-designed masterpiece in Barcelona, an underground cathedral in Ethiopia, or a tiny stone chapel in New Zealand, there’s no denying the aesthetic draw of churches—and these 20 incredible structures draw extra attention for their angles. Here, proof that a little faith (and a lot of artistic genius) goes a long way.
    See our list of the most beautiful synagogues in the world.
    1. St. Basil’s Cathedr
  • The Best Rooftop Bars In The World

    For Condé Nast Traveler, by Paul Rubio.From the 118th floor of a Hong Kong skyscraper to old Quito’s best-kept secret, these cocktail bars — and their spectacular rooftop views — are worth a trip across the world.
    1. Flair Rooftop Restaurant Bar, Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, China
    Discover the best views — and drinks — in Shanghai on the summit of the Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong, 58 floors above the bustling metropolis and overlooking the Huangpu River, the Bund,
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  • The Best Rooftop Bars In The U.S.

    For Condé Nast Traveler, by Paul Rubio.Well-made cocktails and Instagram-worthy views go hand in hand at our favorite hotel rooftop bars around the country.
    1. Sugar at East, Miami, Florida
    A highlight of downtown Miami’s futuristic transformation is this hyper-cool, sky-scraping rooftop bar that crowns the East, Miami, an Asian-influenced hotel that’s part of the billion-dollar Brickell City Centre complex. Take in 270-degree views of the Magic City’s growing skyline fr
  • Best New Hotels In The World

    For Condé Nast Traveler, by CNT Editors.Our editors vetted hundreds of recently opened hotels and resorts, from West Africa to Miami, and found that what stands out are the properties that combine old-school extravagance and service with just the right measure of modernity. Here is a sampling of the best new hotels in the world. View as a list.
    See our list of the Best New Hotels in the U.S. and Canada: Hot List 2017.1. 11 Howard, New York, N.Y.
    There’s a huge mural spearheaded by K
  • Best New Hotels In The U.S. And Canada

    For Condé Nast Traveler, by CNT Editors.In this year’s list of the top new hotel openings around the world, the U.S. and Canada lay claim to 22 hot properties, including some surprises in smaller cities (hello, Marfa and Nashville!) and a Charleston, SC charmer that had multiple editors clamoring for yet another weekend away.
    1. 11 Howard, New York, N.Y.
    There’s a huge mural spearheaded by Koons, a Calder mobile in the lobby, the buzzy street-level restaurant Le Coucou, all be
  • United Airlines Has A Bigger Problem Than You Think

    United has a big, stupid, obvious mess on its hands.
    Big because it dragged a bloodied, ticketed passenger off a plane for the simple crime of wanting to go where he paid to go. Stupid, because it was entirely avoidable. Obvious, because for all our shock, nobody was particularly floored to learn that a major airline had mistreated a paying customer in such a ridiculously over-the-top way.
    We live in an era in which everything transpires in real time; communication is immediate and asymmetric. I
  • A Flight Attendant’s Jet Lag Survival Guide

    The summer I turned 19, having dropped out of college amid some personal upheaval, I decided to apply to be a flight attendant. I wanted to get out into the world, meet interesting people, and gaze at the ocean from the other side. 
    I quickly realized being a flight attendant is a very difficult and physically taxing job.
    I started working at JMC Airlines, a now-shuttered short-haul carrier. In a regular shift, I would travel through 2 to 3 time zones and experience two takeoffs
  • United Airlines Skips Senate Deadline To Explain Passenger-Dragging Incident

    When Senate members asked United Airlines and the Chicago Department of Aviation to explain why a passenger was violently dragged off an airplane, they set a deadline for April 20. That deadline was not met.
    Sens. John Thune (R-S.D.) and Bill Nelson (D-Fla.), ranking members of the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, demanded answers from United following the incident earlier this month when passenger David Dao was violently dragged off a flight. Dao’s lawyer said the
  • top 5 romantic gardens in italy

    Image credit: Jesper Storgaard Jensen/House of Pictures
    The world-renowned Garden of Ninfa is an Italian natural wonder created by the Caetani family – and, more especially, by three generations of remarkable women. Read more about it in our May issue – on shelves now.
    We’ve outlined five of our top romantic gardens in Italy for more renaissance-style inspiration.
    1. Isola Bella
    Image credit: Happy Holiday Homes
    Borromeo villa, on a small rocky island in Lake Maggiore, houses a
  • living stylishly with kids

    When designing a kid-friendly space, make your purchases count by choosing furniture and accessories that’ll look good as your child grows up. The Scandi aesthetic is on trend right now and offers plenty of inspiration for incorporating materials like painted steel and resilient plywood to create a clean yet playful look that stands the test of time. Keep reading for more tips and product ideas for living stylishly with children.
    convert itThe perfect com
  • Iceberg Stops By Canadian Town, Just To Chill

    A town in Newfoundland received a high-profile visitor this month: a massive iceberg that has turned the little community of Ferryland into a tourist hotspot. 
    While the region is known for icebergs during this time of year, Canadian Press reported that this one drew hundreds of people over the weekend. 
    “It’s a huge iceberg and it’s in so close that people can get a good photograph of it,” Ferryland Mayor Adrian Kavanagh told the news agency. “It&rsq
  • Trump Is Even Less Popular Than United Airlines

    United Airlines received a rare bit of good news this week: As unpopular as the carrier is, it’s still doing better in the court of public opinion than President Donald Trump. 
    United made headlines earlier this month after a passenger was violently dragged off a flight to make room for an employee. Now a new poll from the left-leaning Public Policy Polling found that the airline had a slightly higher approval rating than the president.
    When asked if they had a higher opinio
  • The Story Behind These Viral Photos Of A Starstruck 7-Year-Old Meeting Belle

    April 14 marked the first day of a week-long magical adventure for 7-year-old Daisy Perez, and the highlight of her trip was the day she met Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” at Walt Disney World.Daisy, her mother, her aunt, her brother and her sister traveled from Dallas to Orlando, Florida, last week with help from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, an organization that grants “wishes” to kids with life-threatening illnesses. Daisy’s aunt, Patricia Chavez, told The Huffi
  • the ultimate bachelor pad in fresnaye

    Daniel Brown’s entire Fresnaye apartment in Cape Town is one big space separated by a central steel structure that creates a web of public and private nodes.
    Entering Daniel Brown’s ground-floor apartment while he makes a cup of coffee in his efficient, timber-clad kitchen, you can’t help but acknowledge that if some people look like their dogs or partners (the subject of many a photo series), then there’s something to be said for the personification of homes that look ju
  • These Are The 10 Best U.S. Cities For Millennials

    For millennials on the move, figuring out where to put down roots is always a tough choice. And as many a think piece has pointed out, millennials want it all ― a fulfilling job, nice house, great beer scene ― you name it. 
    Luckily, our friends over at Nestpick, a Berlin-based company that aggregates listings of furnished apartments, recently put together a list of the 100 best cities for millennials. The company looked at cities all around the globe and rank
  • Jordan Fisher Reveals The 'Hamilton' Cast Tradition For Each King George

    While getting tickets to “Hamilton” still seems fairly impossible (someone help us, please), visitors to New York can head a few miles north of Broadway and quietly hum “It’s Quiet Uptown” or “Hurricane” while visiting Alexander Hamilton’s old digs. 
    “Grease: Live” and “Liv and Maddie” actor Jordan Fisher, who took on the dual roles of John Laurens and Philip Hamilton for Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical in late
  • Kids Who Crashed Dad's BBC Interview Get Their Own Show

    In March, political science professor Robert Kelly and his family became international sensations, thanks to a viral BBC segment during which Kelly’s adorable children interrupted his video interview. In the media frenzy that followed, the world fell in love with his kids, 4-year-old Marion and 8-month-old James.
    Now, the Kelly kids are getting their very own show.
    On April 17, Hans House Productions released the first episode of “The Adventures of Mina and Jack” 
  • 6 Of The Best-Designed Marijuana Shops Across America

    For Architectural Digest, by Nick Mafi.
    With each passing year, it seems the societal taboos around marijuana are slowly fading into thin air. Consider, for example, the following fact: According to a recent Gallup Poll, support for cannabis legalization in the U.S. is up to 60 percent — an all-time high. What’s more, 28 states and the District of Columbia have recently legalized medical marijuana. With that, of course, comes the potential windfall of new business for cannabis grower
  • Oprah Only Gave One Tiny Detail About Vacationing With The Obamas

    What happens with Oprah, stays with Oprah. At least when you’re on vacation together in French Polynesia. 
    The media mogul recently sailed away on a star-studded vacation with Barack and Michelle Obama, Bruce Springsteen, Patti Scialfa, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. Though a few photos popped up from their time on a massive yacht owned by billionaire David Geffen, Oprah refused to reveal much about what actually went down on the “boat.” 
    “What h
  • 5 reasons to own the #HLFamilyIssue

    The May 2017 edition of House and Leisure is now on shelves, and we’ve turned our attention to modern family living to bring you the latest trends, ideas and inspiration. From top SA designers sharing their family-friendly homes to a city break with kids in Berlin, read on for a sneak peek inside the #HLFamilyIssue.
    1. a first look at the new Silo Hotel
    Inside an old grain-storage facility, an architecturally innovative hotel emerges as one of Cape Town’s top guest addresses. D
  • 5 South African ceramicists on our radar

    In the new May issue of House and Leisure we shine a spotlight on a few South African ceramicists creating collectable treasures that are coveted around the world. Here, we take a closer look at five local ceramicists worth keeping an eye on.
    Lisa Firer
    Image credit: Heal’s
    Given her surname, it’s almost as though Lisa Firer was born to be a ceramicist. Working out of a Woodstock studio in Cape Town with a small team, her unique porcelain pieces – which have been wide
  • From Sea To Shining Sea, A Solar System 'Road Trip' With Astronaut Chris Hadfield

    Sure, we sort of all know some of the names of the planets in our solar system, and sure, we kind of know what many of those planets look like, right? But have you ever wondered what it would be like to see the main planets in our cosmic neighborhood as if they were always hovering in the air right above major cities?
    Now that would be something. So get ready for “Miniverse,” the most unusual road trip you’ll ever experience.
    The actual distances between the planets are so vast
  • 10 Tips For Taking Kids On Overnight Flights

    Vacation is all about fun and relaxation, but first you have to get there. Your flight should be stress-free, but if it is several hours long, it could be quite the task to entertain your kids. An overnight flight may be the solution to your problem. With a little planning, your flight can be a relaxing start to your family vacation. Here are my top 10 tips for taking an overnight flight with kids.
    1. BE COMFY: Buttons can be your worst enemy on an overnight flight. My girls love to dress in yo
  • Emirates Airlines Cuts Flights Due To Trump's Travel Bans

    Emirates Airlines, the largest international airline by passenger traffic, said on Wednesday it was cutting flights on five U.S. routes after restrictions imposed by President Donald Trump’s administration on some air travel had weakened demand.
    Since taking office, Trump has twice signed executive orders banning refugees and citizens from some Muslim-majority countries from visiting the United States. Although both moves were blocked by U.S. judges, some travelers have been deterred
  • A Guide For First-Time Solo Travelers

    It was 2011 when I embarked on my first solo traveling adventure. I was in my late 20s, working as a middle manager in a secondary school, a mortgage, nice car, serious boyfriend - all of the things that you fantasise about when you are younger that should make for a happy adult life. I often day dreamed about going to see more of the world. People like me, with responsibilities and financial commitments, don’t up and leave their life to embark on a journey of travel though - so it remain
  • The Best Beaches In Africa

    For Condé Nast Traveler, by CNT Editors.When you think of beautiful surf, your mind may not necessarily envision Africa — but it should. The continent is home to paradisiacal stretches of sand and water, whether on the Atlantic or Indian Oceans, or even near freshwater lakes. These standouts span from the Ivory Coast to the Seychelles, and all the way down to South Africa.
    1. Bazaruto, Mozambique
    A dune-filled island off the coast of Mozambique, Bazaruto sits within a marine park in
  • nm design’s evocative new furniture range

    Melk Stoel
    Interior designer Nelia Malherbe of NM Design recently launched her impressive new furniture range, A Matter of Time, at Cape Town’s 99 Loop gallery. Revisiting the classic elements of Cape Dutch-style furniture in a clean and contemporary manner, Nelia’s creations have a real sense of heimwee – an Afrikaans word that’s quite difficult to translate but loosely means feeling nostalgic for something that may not have existed in
  • And Then... A Scorpion: United Airlines And How (Not) To Handle A Crisis

    By now most Americans know what happened to Dr. Dao on United Airlines. At this point, a good portion of the planet probably does. But every day the story gets a little worse. Seeing the video of the United passenger being dragged of the plane was bad enough, but United made it worse when the external response differed from its memo to employees.
    Externally, United posted a standby statement attributed to its CEO, Oscar Munoz stating that, “This is an upsetting event to all of us here at
  • 11 secrets of irene, centurion

    The Irene Dairy Farm
    With its eclectic design, the pattern-filled, earth-toned home of Mpho and Harald Vackier is built around easygoing family living – an ethos that perfectly suits the area in which they’ve chosen to reside. Here, Mpho lists her favourite things about living in Irene, Centurion.
    The best thing about living in Irene is the fact that we are just five minutes away from Irene Dairy Farm, which is a great place for a walk in nature amongs cows, bunnies and chickens
  • first look: the new silo hotel

    Having fallen into disuse in 2001, the centuries-old band of grain silos – once the tallest in the city – became a hollow network of tubes and tunnels. They stood dormant until three years ago when British architect Thomas Heatherwick decided to turn the bulky construction into a hub of contemporary culture. Fragmented puffs of glass replaced boxy windows, and the old towers were transformed into the chic new Silo Hotel. Contrasting with the urban exterior, the interiors are a treas
  • ancient grains get a modern update

    High in fibre, rich in minerals and full of nutrients, Khanya Mzongwana gives age-old ancient grains  a modern update in these delicious dishes.
    For more recipes like this, check out the May 2017 issue of House and Leisure.
    groundnut and mint hummusGroundnuts really hold their own in this delectable and unusual version of a classic Middle Eastern spread.
    200g groundnuts, cooked and shelled40ml extra-virgin olive oil1t sesame oil1t cumin, ground1t coriander seeds, ground1t
  • California's Rare 'Super Bloom' Flowers Are Migrating North

    For Architectural Digest, by Nick Mafi.Perhaps nothing announces spring better than a valley of blooming wild flowers. And that is just what residents and visitors of California's Central Valley have experienced this week. After the Bureau of Land Management posted an Instagram picture of the lush landscape yesterday, the Internet took notice as images began spreading throughout the web. "The show is simply indescribable...like something out of a storybook," the Bureau's caption read. "The Valle
  • 9 Of The Most Spectacular Hotel Residences On The Planet

    For Architectural Digest, by Carrie Hojnicki.The appeal of a hotel residence is singular — turn-key luxury managed by the most trusted names in hospitality. It’s no wonder then that top hotel brands continue to include homes in their ambitious projects, and that the global jet-set keeps on buying. A particularly exciting addition to the space is the West Enclave, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve Residence (the Ritz’s “reserve” designation is granted only to the brand’s
  • Dubai Will Have Drone Taxis By The Summer

    For Architectural Digest, by Nick Mafi.Dubai is a city that loves superlatives: world's tallest skyscraper (Burj Khalifa), world's largest indoor ski resort (Ski Dubai), or world's fastest police force (who drive Bugatti Veyrons), to name a few. Now, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates will carry the distinction of yet another record: the world's most extreme taxi ride.
    It was recently announced that by the summer of 2017, Dubai will be the first location in the world to allow passenger
  • 9 Gorgeous Fields Of Flowers Worth Traveling To See

    For Architectural Digest, by Lindsey Mather.
    Fresh flowers instantly brighten up a home, so imagine being surrounded by millions of them. These nine fields of flowers around the world offer spectacular, mood-lifting views of narcissi, poppies, tulips, bluebonnets, sweet peas, wildflowers, and other stunning varieties, en masse and in every color imaginable. Winter doesn’t seem so bad when a trip to one of these beautiful gardens or farms is on the books for late spring, when most are in fu
  • The World's Most Dangerous Path Is Reopening To Hikers

    For Architectural Digest, by Chelsea Stone.On the hunt for a summer vacation that will really get your blood pumping? Look no further than southern Spain’s Caminito del Rey, dubbed “the most dangerous path in the world,” which is set to reopen to daredevils for the summer.
    This is only the third season that thrill seekers have been allowed to make the three-to-four-hour walk along the three-foot-wide, nearly five-mile-long wooden footpath, which is situated above a 300-foot dro
  • scan, shop, share: snap up a copy of this cosy cookbook

    Be part of the SnapScan revolution with an exclusive shopping offer in House and Leisure‘s May issue (page 90). Scan, shop and share a cosy recipe book that will inspire you to come together with loved ones to share delicious dishes like chutney chicken and lemon meringue pie.
    In For Friends & Family, Nicky Stubbs shares some of her best recipes, from childhood favourites and special festive treats to modern twists on family-style classics. Celebrating the people who ha
  • Club 33 Is Coming To Disney World And You'll Want To Join Immediately

    Club 33, Disneyland’s famously exclusive members-only hangout, is expanding with four new clubs at Disney World parks, a spokesperson confirmed to HuffPost.
    The original Club 33 is hidden at the top of a staircase in Disneyland’s New Orleans Square, where it was originally intended as a hideaway for Walt Disney to host elite park guests. Becoming a member nowadays is nearly impossible, even if you’re ready to foot the rumored $25,000 memb
  • in living colour

    LEFT: Christan Boshoff and Chris Viljoen in the doorway of their home in Green Point, Cape Town. RIGHT: The original fireplace is flanked by Marcel Breuer’s Wassily Chairs from Decade and plinths from Antiques on Kloof.
    Step into Chris Viljoen and Christan Boshoff’s living space in their Green Point home in Cape Town and it is immediately clear that they are both keen travellers who collect beautiful things wherever they go. ‘One of the biggest draw cards of our place is that b
  • This Site Tracks How Much Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Trips Are Costing You

    A new website is taking a dig at President Donald Trump’s frequent, costly trips to his Mar-a-Lago resort and suggesting how the money might be better spent.
    The site IsTrumpAtMarALago.org, launched on Friday by the Center for American Progress Action Fund, tracks how many weekends Trump has spent there and what the estimated cost has been for taxpayers. As of Monday morning, he had gone to the resort seven out of his 13 weekends as president, costing taxpayers an estimated $25 million.

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