• bob's burgers hamburger landline phone

    Even if you're not inspired by the beloved Beltcher family, who wouldn't want to live in the magical world where your phone is shaped like your favorite food?!?<br>
    I've had this for a very long time and used it maybe 5 times. Sounds great and easy to set up. Price is negotiable.<br>
  • Slow car/huge cargo bike for burning man

    Hello bicycle weirdo!<br>
    I converted a car to be powered by bicycle. As you can see in the pictures, the engine has been replaced by a bike. The original transmission now has a cassette on it, and it still shifts (1-4, R and 5 are gone). The rest of the car has been stripped down, leaving only the rolling bits, exterior, driver's seat, brakes, and steering. I think it currently weighs about 900lbs. On the flats it's easier to pedal than expected-- we biked it up a (tiny) ~12% h
  • Special needs room seeker

    I am so glad you found this ad. You would be perfect for our room. We know you are having financial difficulty and you just need someone to cut you a break. In our home we are not bound by those silly economic rules that everyone else has. We get free cable, electricity, water and our garbage is so good, the city pays us to take it!!!!!! We are just passing the savings on to you. Drama free!<br>
    Our home is spotless clean. It takes no effort on your part to keep it th
  • Gigantic Framed Art Angel Print With Hamburger Thoughts

    This peint is absolutely huge. It's 56 in Long 1 inch thick and 40 in tall.<br>
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  • 95 Honda CBR 900RR

    1995 Honda CBR 900 RR, very unique.Yes it is wrapped with wrinke crush velvet.Slavage title and has a 96 motor in it.Will need tires.We've had the bike since 2001. Cross posted.<br>
  • 1999 Toyota Corolla - Fine AF

    You want a car that gets the job done? You want a car that's hassle free? You want a car that literally no one will ever compliment you on? Well look no further. <br>
    The 1999 Toyota Corolla. <br>
    Let's talk about features. <br>
    Bluetooth: nope<br>
    Sunroof: nope<br>
    Fancy wheels: nope<br>
    Rear view camera: nope...but it's got a transparent rear window and you have a fucking neck that can turn. <br>
    Let me tell you a story
  • My facebook archive

    I decided to cut out the middle man and sell my facebook data directly. By purchasing my facebook archive you can check out what I like, what I love and what makes me cry and market your products and political organizations to me more accurately. Furthermore, you can know who my friends are, which ones I follow and which ones I mute. You can see how far I got in mafia wars and my high score in bubble bobble. How well did I do on that math puzzle that's driving the internet crazy? Find out by pur
  • Free Tree for firewood-Yes, THE famous Hillary Clinton Tree!

    Several years ago Hillary Clinton's motorcade passed by my humble home near Zionsville Road and West 62 street in NW Indy. Apparently she became so displeased that her staff could not move my Ash (tree) from the RIGHT to the LEFT (of my driveway), she smote the tree and it died immediately. It would be a pleasure to donate this corpse of a tree to your next deplorable bonfire gathering. Just cut her down and haul her away. If the ad is still up, the tree is still up, Trump is still President and
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  • Want to watch a live birth on mushrooms

    Hey there,<br>
    My friends and I were trying to figure out the craziest thing we could do on magic mushrooms and realized that watching a live child birth would be, by far, the most incredible, mind-blowing experience that we could think of.<br>
    We are looking for a woman with-child who would permit 5 respectful ~27 year old men to watch her give live birth, while on magic mushrooms.<br>
    Compensation is negotiable, but for sure at least $100 pp a
  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter DIESEL MANUAL SAUNA BANIA

    1991 Mercedes-Benz 410D! <br>
    Removable & Portable Russian bath sauna spa!<br>
    95 HP! <br>
    NO RUST!<br>
    The mileage on the title is exempt by Federal Law (Vehicles over 10 years and older) and the odometer reads 48,440 miles, which is 77,958 km as shown in the pics. <br>
  • Making dirty movies for the county

    Interested in work in the vast sewer industry here in Atlanta then you just got the lottery, I'm hiring helpers to do video inspections with sonar in large diameter sewer, will train and certify in confined space. Look at it this way everybody's got to eat, sleep, sh!t and die so there will always be a need for this type of work. If interested email resume<br>
  • Full Size Wax Figures Dressed in Amish Wardrobe-40 Different Sizes/Ages-Male/Fem

    Selling 40 full-sized wax figures/vinyl in Amish wardrobe from the Amish Farm and House tourist attraction. Originally from the Lancaster Wax Museum in a barn raising scene.Mostly all of them believed to be made by Dorfman Museum Figures out of Baltimore.The infant has a stamp from a different manufacturer. <br>
    Varying sizes, ages and details on these figures. The wardrobe can be exchanged to suit your historical or theatrical needs. There are 5 female figures, 3 children figures, about 3
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  • FS: Gently Used Orbital Launch Vehicle

    Gently used orbital rocket in good condition. Fully loaded with onboard flight computer, launch and landing hardware. Take off and land anywhere! 9X Merlin engines each capable of producing 200k lb.ft of thrust. Just fuel it up and it's ready to go. Says Falcon 9 on the body, slight burnt paint can be buffed out. <br>
    Must bring own tug boat, no shipping. Asking $9,900,000 or best offer. Do not lowball, this is an orbital capable autonomous rocket. You will not find another one
  • Graveyard Vigilante Slayer - w4m

    I knew we were meant to be the moment you said Hillary Clinton was a lizard person. I didn't care that you liked wearing socks with your flip flops, or that you like to dress in all black leather. I didn't judge you for being #Team Edward, or Bernie. Truth is, you make me laugh to the point my chapped lips bleed. <br>
    As I lay at night awake writing in my pink and purple "My Little Pony" journal, I snuggle up to my waifu pillow and wish it was you. I vision you standing there wit
  • This RSS feed URL is deprecated

    This RSS feed URL is deprecated, please update.New URLs can be found in the footers at https://news.google.com/news
  • Looking for the best cat on earth? Well you found him(updated).

    I am probably the only person on Craiglist right now posting an ad about a pet like this one. You will realize this cat is so much more than a pet. He is someone special. This is a big novel so if you have 15 minutes sit back and relax and read my story. I want to tell you the whole thing so you know where I am coming from. <br>
    Pardon my terrible grammar I typed this all on a phone and am not going back to proofread it.<br>
    My cat's name is Oskar. Wi
  • Osteologist near Clark Park - w4w

    You are studying osteology, but I think not in Philly.You and your girlfriend admired the plastic dog skeleton on my porch, and you thought it was extremely amusing that its scapulae were on backwards.We tried unsuccessfully to repair it.If that's not enough for you to know I'm talking about you, then you will also remember that you identified a mysterious skull I found in the ocean. I forget now what kind of fish it's from, so please tell me again what it is, though this is not why I am trying
  • Update Lost home in fire

    "Update" Thank to everyone who has graciously offered my parents a place to stay. Luckily my brother's home has survived, and they have decided to stay with him while they rebuild their lives.<br>
    When this first happened my mom said she felt she had been erased and no one noticed. She has been in much better spirits seeing these responses.<br>
    My parents lost their home in the Tubbs fire yesterday. They almost did not make it out alive and left with their dogs a
  • Vintage Chuck E Cheese Showbiz Pizza Animatronic Band w/ Stage

    This is a 4 piece Beach Bowzer's Band on a Cabaret stage. Hasn't been used in a few years. Have Cyberamics Control System Parts Manual, Preventative Maintenance Program Outline, Tech Manual.Tapes include Beach Bowzer's Ed Sullivan Cabaret,Beagles #3 Cabaret, and Beach Bowzer's Diagnostics Cabaret. Tapes are dated 1985. Don't know how to operate. As is.<br>
  • Beautiful Italian Paperweight!

    Don't need a 16k Paperweight? Of course you don't!How about an Italian money toilet!<br>
    Some of you may recognize this as a 2004 Maserati Coupe' (also known as the 4200 GT).Don't let that gorgeous Italian body fool you though, this car is Satan's chariot to Hell (or bankruptcy).<br>
    I do not exaggerate when I say that this car has been in the shop HALF the time I have owned it.In the last 6 months, I have put ELEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS into it in parts and labor a
  • A trip down Analog Lane- 27 years of video taping American history!!

    **** 9-16-2017Attention everyone!Video collection now appears to have an owner (also from Beaverton) and awaiting an appointment for him to come and have the collection hauled off.Thank you to all who've participated.And I'll try to find you that Texas Chainsaw Massacre video tape Ryan from Arkansas! ****<br>
    Greetings all!<br>
    My name is Don; from Feb, 1987 [left the Navy in January,'87 USS Saginaw (LST-1188)- I got my 1st VCR from Circuit
  • U was da ultrasound tek at Bronson Cox hospital - w4w

    It was Thursday night I had a UTI and you was like hermione from Harry Potter with your ultrasound wand and cast a spell on me. I was there with my boyfriend but would leav him for u cuz you know how to work it girl. If you wanna go get mcdonalds sometime hmu. Tell me how big the cyst on my ovary was so I know it's you<br>
  • Wanted woman who wants to conceive child during totality eclipse in OR

    I am 40 years of age, caucasian male from Europe. My heritage is strong and pure.<br>
    My looks, instincts, knowledge and strength is 100% pure and 100% lethal.<br>
    I am looking for a worthy female with strong genes, beauty and smarts. To join me - to experience the totality eclipse in Oregon. <br>
    Exact place not set. <br>
    If we have chemistry, I would like for us to make love while the eclipse is happening. <br>
  • Man of my dreams! - w4m

    This afternoon, you pulled up Bayou Beer Garden in your kayak just to grab a cold one. You sir, are the man of my dreams. You're not the kind of guy who just throws in the towel on perfectly good day off. No! You're the kinda man that grabs the bull by the horns and carpes the shit out of the diem. Have that beer baby. You deserve it. While airbnbers cower in their shotguns, awaiting word from the national guard, you sir, glide through the streets like a gondolier in the canals of Venice; a beac
  • Lets Move To ALASKA - m4w

    I am a 55 year old man or I should say young guy I am looking for a wonderful woman to move to Alaska with me and live off the land let's make our own reality show come join me in the wilderness hopefully you're into freaky sex call if you're interested also must love children come on girl let's do this call your future hubby think about it wouldn't Alaska be awesome we build it all on our own we fuk our brains out and have a blast and maybe some children will come out of the situation it's nice
  • To The Father Of My Husband

    To the Father of my Husband:<br>
    My husband was conceived in San Francisco. His mother doesn't remember much more than that due to brain damage from epileptic seizures. He will be 28 years old this October.<br>
    I am not writing to try to find you.<br>
    I am writing to let you know that he is doing fantastic and has turned into a pretty amazing human being, no thanks to you.<br>
    His mother moved to Yuba City where she gave birth to him and then over the next few
  • An Open Letter To All Posting In Housing

    Vermonters, please understand the following: <br>
  • Learn to impersonate Tom Cruise!

    Would you like to wow friends and family with your uncanny Tom Cruise impersonation?<br>
    Now you can learn how to be Tom Cruise, in just one afternoon! A PROFESSIONAL Tom Cruise impersonator is developing a one-hour crash course where you can learn to do YOUR OWN impression of the TOP GUN star. He needs "beta testers" who are eager to learn the tricks of the Tom-Cruise-impersonator trade.<br>
    ALL genders/body types/ethnicities are welcome. You don't ha
  • Cadillac DeVille SMOKER!

    Cadillac Deville Smoker<br>
    ONE OF A KIND!!!!!<br>
    This is an custom homemade BBQ trailer grill. 1988 Cadillac Deville Smoker weight 2600 capacity 1300 heavy duty & gagged steel great for parties, weddings or family unions. Has it's own hitch to pull anywhere. Great investment! SERIOUS buyers only!!!<br>
    Thank you!!!!<br>

    Beer seeds available for purchase. SPRING SPECIAL - 10 for $5.00 !<br>
    Pick-up in Lakewood or shipping available.<br>
    Email for more info.<br>
    Have a great day !<br>
    (results not typical but fun to try)<br>
  • Preds Catfish Thrower Needed (Will Pay)

    Wanted: Catfish Thrower for 5/16 or 5/18 Preds Home Game<br>
    Background:I unwisely bet against my wise colleagues that if the Preds made it to the 3rd round, I would throw a catfish on the ice.However, when the time came to become an immortal, I backed down and realized I was deathly allergic to catfish - unwilling to make good on the bet and grab the brass ring of celebrity.I was offered a choice:catfish trampstamp, or hire a catfish thrower.I chose the latter.<br>
  • Free 18' Sailboat

    Free 18' Sailboat. Grandpa was a sailor, missed the open water and so he hired a crane to drop a sailboat in his swimming pool. Time to get the boat out. Free to anyone who can remove the boat without damaging the block wall or landscaping. Serious inquires only. No trailer, no boom, no sails or rigging. Rudder? Yes. Still free. Thank you.<br>
  • Glorious Starter Potato

    In spring cleaning, I was cleaning out a back cabinet and found a glorious starter potato.I feel sad just chucking him since he has made such an impression in attempt at life and propagation.If you have a yard, or garden, and would be willing to take this glorious plant from my hands, I'd be happy, knowing he is able to live his dreams.<br>
    I've included photos, to show his gnarly awesomeness, and I hope you can help provide him a great loving home aka fertile soil to grow.<b
  • Does mold turn you on? - w4w

    Do you like to get down and dirty around decay? Do you wanna fuck among some fungi? The title says it all. I'm just a cold babe livin a moldy bedroom lookin for a lady. The jury's out on whether or not this musty love nest might be hazardous, but what's the fun in doin it without a little danger? The mattress isn't directly on the composting carpet so while you won't be manhandling the mildew, you'll still be having sex while swimming in spores.<br>
    You bring a jacket, I'll make a mix tape
  • Overly Aggressive Couch/Futon

    Get this satanic fucking couch out of my home. It's free and has made multiple sexual advances on me at times. There is a spring poking out the one end through the fabric and it will give you dirty looks when you are alone with it. Dry clean only, house broken. Email for mission briefing.<br>
  • Tomato cages/giant eyeball pokers

    On the strip of grass next to the street, I've put out 4 tomato cages, which you could poke out some serious eyes with, should you so wish.*<br>
    3 appear to be galvanized steel, the other appears to be rusty.<br>
    Free for the taking, on the curb.And you don't even have to listen to my Amway sales pitch!<br>
    I'll remove this ad when they've disappeared.<br>
    *I do not endorse or recommend poking eyes. Any consequences of eye pokin
  • Looking for Smash hater from 1991 WWF House Show

    Dear sir,<br>
    You were at this show (which must have been of the last pre-Repo Man performances for Smash) in about 1991 or so; the main event was Ultimate Warrior vs The Undertaker... which roughly lines up with that years Summerslam and the WWF's then-habit of just recycling those main events for months after on house shows.<br>
    Anyway, Smash was on the card as a low midcarder, having seen the Demolition push completely destroyed by the arrival of LOD/Road War
  • FUNKY LAWN SEX ... (just kidding it's a yard sale)

    Ahhh, Spring in Georgia!The weather is infuriatingly unpredictable, ants are preparing their assaults on our kitchens, and pollen has us by the nads.
    So we're having a yardsale!
    Or really, Mom is having a yard sale and I get to write the CraigsList ad. They used to let me make signs, too, but I kept zoning out and writing "YARD SARD" by accident and wasting all their poster board.
    Seriously, fam...Mom has an entire storage building primarily allocated just for all the crap she doesn't need but r
  • 20 lbs of FREE BACON

    I am a vegan and my (soon to be ex wife) went out and purchased 20 lbs of bacon as some sort of sick joke and I need it out of my fridge TODAY!! I don't want to throw away that much bacon but I will if it's not gone asap. Located in midtown. Call/text for address<br>
  • Pet Spider

    I'm looking for a new home for my pet spider, it lost its mate and it's been lonely and depressed lately. It's an easy keeper and very quiet. Comes with a cardboard home. Offered to a good home only. Message me if interested.<br>
  • Curb Alert - if you're lonely

    Curb alert! Saw this little lady hanging out.<br>
  • Polar Pop cup collection

    I have 1060( close estimate) of42-44 oz Polar Pop cups that I have saved. These are at my office and now my boss has decided I need to get rid of them.I don't need that kind of negativity, but, he is a really cool boss, so I will accommodate.<br>
    I dunno if someone has ause for them, I mean we made a cool arch way that contains 100 cups to achieve, so, with a 1060, you can make 10 of them for a typical interior door.<br>
    These are all clean.I would get my daily

    Damaged ANTIQUE DOLL 1800s GERMAN BISQUE SLEEPING EYES Composition Body. Beautiful face. Measures 8-1/2". Back of head damaged ( see pics). Left leg wire hook has come off the string.<br>
  • Shop truck

    For sale is our shop truck.It used to be a pretty nice truck but now it's not so great.its not so great because I have beaten on it and done zero oil changes since I bought it and because one night some buddies and I got blasted ass drunk and drove it through the field.At one point we jumped it off a deck which tore some front end components off and ripped the steering apart.The hood, grill, and steering parts were replaced and I un wrapped the other front end stuff from around the drive shaft.e
  • 99 (empty) bottles of beer

    I've been collecting 99 unique bottles of beer over the last few years, but I've finally hit my goal and now am ready to pass them along, be it to recycling or to a good home! Bottles are boxed and ready to go when you are.<br>
    Some possible uses:<br>
    -If you homebrew and want to bottle your beer - the vast, vast majority are pry-off caps, so easy enough to re-bottle.<br>
    -If you're planning a trip to Michigan and want to get an astounding rate of return o
  • I adopted your dog in 2009 his name was Biscuit.

    In 2009 I adopted a pom mix from a family that lived in Greystone Subdivision in St. Charles. Your daughter was so heart broken but what ever your reasons were you had to re home him so you put an ad on Craigslist and I had responded. You said it was between and someone who maybe wanted to breed him. You chose me!! On Feb 13 2009 I came to your home to pick him up. I promised your daughter I would love him and give him a good life. I promised I would keep you updated on him and fully intended to
  • Hoverboard Kart

    This one-of-a-kind, awesome "Scooter Kart" is sure to be an attention-grabber! Made from an old grocery cart frame, a 2-wheeled self-balancing board, and some ingenuity (lol). Use it to cruise to your favorite fishing hole or campsite, without the hassle of having to lug everything yourself, making trip after trip. To be sold "AS IS". Details:<br>
    --sturdy metal frame<br>
    --(2) rear hard rubber wheels<br>
    --(2) mid-section caster wheels<br>

    Howdy Dowdy Charlie McCarthy Danny O'Day Mortimer Snerd Laurel and Hardy Old vintage composition can not receive text on phone check emails twice a day make offers will trade for Godzilla stuff old lunchboxes guitars all most anything<br>
  • Splorch (Incredibly Rare Adult Novelty Toy)

    Perfect for Easter<br>
    This has never been used in a sexual manner. I understand the awkward nature of this posting so please be mature. This is known as an ovipositor. It shoots ice/gelatin eggs. I purchased item with the intention of using with female partners I had at the time. I do not have them in my life anymore and this never got any use (unrelated). These things are custom made and take several months to arrive at your door. If you like this one you could avoid that process all tog
  • Cards Against Humanity is hiring a CEO!

    Cards Against Humanity, the #1 best-selling party game, is hiring a new CEO!
    Let's face it: we have no idea what we're doing. This year, we wasted an enormous amount of time and 
energy trying to get Hillary Clinton elected President, and on Black Friday we dug a huge hole in the 
ground because we wanted to find out if it would be funny. It's been a great run, but now it's time 
for real adult leadership.Requirements
    We are seeking a highly qualified executive to run our compa
17 Jul 2018