• Mexico threatens trade war over Donald Trump’s wall tax

    Mexico has threatened to retaliate if US President Donald Trump imposes a border tax to pay for his controversial wall. Mr Trump has used almost every post-election speech to reiterate his promise to build a barrier separating his country from its southern neighbour.
  • Meet the terrorist behind the next "Day without a Woman" march

    Here's the left's next great idea for bringing down President Trump: another women's march. Which means another public instance of Trump haters shouting slogans to one another and mistaking it for constructive politics. What progressives need to defeat Trump is outreach, but all they have is outrage.On March 8, organizers seem to be aiming for a different vibe than the librarians-in-pussy-hats element that made the first women's march after Trump's inauguration so adorable.Instead of milling aro
  • 11-tonne sperm whale washes up dead on beach in Carnsore, Ireland

    An 11-tonne whale has been found dead washed up on a rocky beach at Carnsore.Davie Rea, from Our Lady's Island, said the dead whale appeared to be in reasonable condition apart from the battering it had taken coming in over the rocks.'I couldn't believe it when I saw it,' said Davie, who daily walks the shoreline between Nethertown and Carnsore Point.Kevin MacCormick, from the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group, said the dead whale was a sperm whale that weighed around 11 tonnes.
  • Surviving doomsday: Underground condos for the elite in Kansas

    The door to the Survival Condo closes slowly, sending a resounding thud through the concrete parking garage.Those inside have surrounded themselves with walls up to 9 feet thick, ready to withstand a nuclear explosion, the eruption of Yellowstone's supervolcano or an outbreak of avian flu.Larry Hall, project manager and owner of the Luxury Survival Condo Project, says he feels safer with the doors closed.He says he's sold all 12 luxury condos in the former Atlas missile silo — which once h
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  • Upcoming Vatican conference to address species extinction

    One in five species on Earth now faces extinction, and that will rise to 50% by the end of the century unless urgent action is taken. That is the stark view of the world's leading biologists, ecologists and economists who will gather on Monday to determine the social and economic changes needed to save the planet's biosphere."The living fabric of the world is slipping through our fingers without our showing much sign of caring," say the organisers of the Biological Extinction conference held at
  • Hidden laws and guidelines on informed consent could protect children against mandatory vaccination

    Recently, new laws have emerged surrounding the issue of informed consent, both in the UK and the US. However, very few of us know that these laws exist. We believe that this is because these laws have the potential to protect children against mandatory vaccination.In the UK, a recent ruling titled The Montgomery Ruling states that a patient must have sufficient information to make an informed choice about any medical treatmentthat is being offered to them.In 2015, the website Medical Protection
  • World's largest Celtic coin and jewelry hoard found in Jersey

    Last Friday, conservators at Jersey Heritage finally completed separating and meticulously cleaning the largest hoard of Celtic coins and gold jewelry ever discovered. It took nearly three years of effort to go through the mass of treasure."This is a significant milestone for the team. It has been painstaking but thoroughly intriguing work, which has delivered some very unexpected and amazing finds along the way," Neil Mahrer, who led the conservation effort says in a press release. "There is st
  • US may mobilize THAAD missile defense system to S. Korea in June over China's objections

    Washington may deploy its high-tech THAAD antiballistic-missile system in South Korea in June - earlier than expected, local media report. Up to nine truck-mounted launchers, each with eight interceptors, could be mobilized.To deploy the THAAD, the South Korean Defense Ministry plans take over the land in Lotte Skyhill Country Club's golf course in Seongju County, located some 300 kilometers south of Seoul, Yonhap news agency reported on Sunday.While the exact number of launchers has not yet bee
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  • 4K ISIS victims buried in mass grave in Iraqi desert

    The bodies of some 4,000 Islamic State victims have been buried in the Khasfa sinkhole in Iraq's desert, making it the country's largest mass grave, according to locals, police, and activists, as cited by The Telegraph.The sinkhole is located near the Baghdad-Mosul highway, only eight kilometers from Mosul, the daily reports.Witnesses and police, as well as human rights organizations, say that Islamic State (IS, Daesh, formerly ISIS/ISIL) murdered and dumped the bodies of thousands of Iraqi troo
  • Wyoming police officers charged with 'extreme' and 'militant' child abuse

    Two Casper police officers could face prison time after allegedly subjecting two adopted special-needs children to "extreme," "militant" and "demeaning" physical and emotional abuse over roughly the past decade.Laura Starnes-Wells, a former school resource officer at Centennial Junior High School, is wanted on one count of felony child abuse. She could face up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine if convicted.Sgt. Aaron Shatto of the Natrona County Sheriff's Office, which conducted the inves
  • Sunday's 'Ring of fire' eclipse visible in the southern half of our planet is a treat or omen of upheaval? (Video)

    Space nerds are in for a treat on Sunday when the moon blocks out the sun in an annual solar eclipse that will cloak more than two dozen countries and three continents in momentary darkness.Astronomers can see the cosmic display from 8:16am ET (US), but, unfortunately for northern hemisphere stargazers, the eclipse will only be visible in the southern half of our planet, moving across South America, the Atlantic Ocean, Antarctica, and Africa.
  • Trump accuses NY Times of fabricating story about Russian contacts

    President Trump accuses The New York Times of inventing sources for its story of contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia.US President Donald Trump is making what is perhaps the most serious accusation against The New York Times in its recent history, which is that it at least in part fabricated its story of multiple contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian intelligence of 13th February 2017 by attributing it to briefings provided to The New York Times by anonymous officials who don
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  • Public trust in Google drops after it bans Natural News

    Google's insidious censorship of the entire NaturalNews.com website has set off a firestorm of outrage across the independent media, with a wave of readers expressing astonishment and disgust at Google's indiscriminate banning of the entire NaturalNews.com website for no justifiable reason. (They are now claiming a "violation of Webmaster Guidelines" which could mean anything they want it to mean.)As the censorship against Natural News continues, people everywhere are declaring their intention t
  • Donald Trump was right not to attend the White House Correspondents' Dinner. Here's why

    Given the extent of the information war the media is currently waging against President Trump, with more and more essentially fake stories being published in order to discredit him, he would have been extremely unwise to sit down with his mortal enemies and have dinner with them.The battle between the media and the Trump administration continues to heat up.President Trump has asked the Justice Department to order the FBI to carry out an investigation into the illegal leaks from the US intelligen
  • 'Bloomberg drug culture': Former saleswoman sues for $20 million after alleged rape by high-level executive

    A former Bloomberg LP sales executive drugged and raped a saleswoman on his staff twice over a number of weeks, an explosive lawsuit claims.The attacks by Nick Ferris, a former global business development head at the company, happened after work in February and March 2013 at his Manhattan apartment, the lawsuit claims.The first attack happened after Ferris and his 22-year-old subordinate enjoyed drinks at a business dinner and then downed vodka and smoked pot at his apartment, the suit alleges.T
  • Homeopathy can reverse the effects of lead poisoning and other environmental toxins

    When Big Sean, a Grammy Award-nominated and BET award-winning hip-hop artist, appeared on the Daily Show in late January, 2017, he talked about his upbringing in Michigan. Big Sean told the audience that his mother was one of many exposed to lead in the drinking water. But in her case, he added, "holistic care and homeopathic remedies" enabled her "to reverse a lot of the effects of the lead poisoning."In envi­ronmental health issues, prevention is always best; but it is important to ask wha
  • Jodie Foster leads anti-Trump protest ahead of Oscars. Her $11.7M mansion is home to how many refugees?

    Jodie Foster spoke to a crowd of two thousand globalists at hollywood's anti-Trump rally: 'It's Time to Engage'.Oscar award winning actress Jodie Foster addressed a crowd of hollywood's finest at talent agency UTA's "United Voices" event in protest of President Trump.Industry pros, entertainers and civilians gathered for the anti-Trump, pro-immigration rally outside United Talent Agency's Beverly Hills headquarters.
  • Early contact? Mayan calendar similar to ancient Chinese

    Ancient Mayan and Chinese calendar systems share so many similarities, it is unlikely they developed independently, according to the late David H. Kelley, whose paper on the subject was published posthumously in August.Kelley was a Harvard-educated archaeologist and epigrapher at the University of Calgary in Canada. He earned fame in the 1960s for major contributions toward deciphering the Mayan script. His article, titled "Asian Components in the Invention of the Mayan Calendar," was written 30
  • Nexit looming? Netherlands to hold inquiry into whether it can ditch euro

    The Dutch parliament is to hold an inquiry on whether it could ditch the euro, amid growing skepticism of the European single currency.MPs voted unanimously to conduct the report over concerns the European Central Bank's low interest rates are hurting savers in the Netherlands. It will examine whether it is technically possible for the Netherlands to withdraw from the currency.The inquiry's results are not due until after parliamentary elections in March, when Geert Wilders's Eurosceptic anti-Is
  • Cuban government says it foiled plot to destabilize country, slams dissidents and OAS

    Communist-ruled Cuba on Wednesday said it had foiled a serious plot aiming to destabilize the country by preventing the chief of the Organization of American States traveling to the island to attend an award ceremony organized by dissidents.The opposition group, which the government called "anti-Cuban and illegal," had invited OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro to Havana to honor him for shining a light on violations of human rights in the Americas.Cuba, which views the Washington-based OAS as a
  • Google claims 'website violation' in Natural News banning

    A Google webmaster violation is the reason this website was penalized by Google, not its controversial nature.Natural News, a controversial alternative medicine website, according to Wikipedia, has been delisted from Google. The news site confirmed being removed from Google and recently claimed Google banned them because the site was pro-Trump.Google has confirmed the site was not removed for its political views but rather because of a webmaster guidelines violation. A Google spokesperson told S
  • Japan urging Fukushima disaster survivors to move back to radioactive homes'

    Fukushima survivors are being urged to return to the nuclear disaster site by the Japanese government despite radiation levels similar to Chernobyl, say Greenpeace.Officials are planning to slash housing support for 6,000 people from the village of Iitate on March 31, when the evacuation order is due to be lifted just six years on from the reactor meltdown, reports rt.com.The risk to health is on a par with the exclusion zone around the former Soviet reactor Chernobyl in what is now Ukraine - mo
  • Indonesia: Russia's ticket to successful cooperation with ASEAN

    In recent years, Russia has been actively developing its ties with the states of the South East Asian (SEA) region, that remains one of the fastest growing parts of the world. A considerable progress has been achieved in improving ties with Indonesia, a powerful member of the Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).Indonesia-one of the leading countries of Southeast Asia, that has eighth largest economy in the world in terms of GDP, while being in the top five in terms of population. Its success lies in
  • Teacher's removal marks third sex scandal at elite Brooklyn Tech

    A third sex scandal in two years has hit elite Brooklyn Technical HS with the ouster of a music teacher accused of having an "inappropriate relationship" with her male student, The Post has learned.The married Marisa Cazanave, 33, and the teen both denied any sexual contact, but dozens of texts and e-mails found by the boy's mom revealed the pair was in love and planned a rendezvous, the city's Special Commissioner of Investigation reported.In an May 7 e-mail to the teen, Cazanave gushed, "You m
  • Why Food is Actually INFORMATION

    Food, while being the condition for the possibility of all life itself, is rarely appreciated for its true power. Far beyond its conventionally defined role as a source of energy and building blocks for the body-machine, new discoveries on the frontiers of science reveal that food is also a powerful source of information.We are all hardwired to be deeply concerned with food when hungry, an interest which rapidly extinguishes the moment we are satiated. But as an object of everyday interest and s
  • Australian children's author Mem Fox detained by US border control

    The Australian children's book author Mem Fox has suggested she might never return to the US after she was detained and insulted by border control agents at Los Angeles airport.Fox, who is famous worldwide for her best-selling books including Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes and Possum Magic, was en route to a conference in Milwaukee earlier this month when she was stopped.She told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation she was questioned by border agents for two hours in front of a room
  • UK's Jewish Labour Movement's intimidation campaign against journalists

    Jewish Labour Movement chair Jeremy Newmark apparently wants people to believe he is unconcerned by The Electronic Intifada's reporting on his organization's pro-Israel advocacy within the UK's opposition Labour Party.While he feigns nonchalance in public, Newmark's organization had its lawyers send a "private and confidential" letter to my colleague Asa Winstanley in a blatant attempt to intimidate him-and The Electronic Intifada-from doing our work as journalists.But before I get to that, let'
  • Cops pummel small boy as he curls in fetal position

    A deeply disturbing video has emerged and is going viral on social media platforms. It shows what appears to be a 16-yr-old boy being viciously attacked by adult police officers.The boy had been threatened by another student. Instead of fighting the student, he chose not to get involved and went to sit on a curb, according to reports.The 16-yr-old, Alonzo Cox, was actually a victim of an aggressive student, witnesses say.
  • Chaos! 40 diners go wild during 'all-out-brawl' in New York City restaurant (VIDEO)

    An out-of-control brawl was caught on video this week at a Bronx restaurant, and calls for action were mounting Friday night in the wake of the incident.As CBS2's Tracee Carrasco reported, chairs flew and punches were thrown in the all-out brawl involving nearly 40 customers, which was caught on cellphone video Thursday night inside the popular Seafood City restaurant on City Island.One woman was described her experience as the fight broke out when she was eating dinner.
  • Russian Aeroflot flight from Zurich to Moscow diverts back to Zurich due to 'unforeseen' difficulties

    A Russian Aeroflot passenger plane flying from Zurich to Moscow has diverted back to Zurich due to "unforeseen" difficulties, said a spokesman for Kloten airport, Maurus Stocker, as quoted by local media. Fire brigades are reportedly at the scene.
  • Machete massacre in Eastern Congo DRC 25 dead

    Twenty-five civilians were killed, most beheaded, in an ethnic attack in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.The Mai-Mai Mazembe militia perpetrated the violence against Hutus in and around the village of Kyaghala, a majority-Hutu area, Francis Bakundakabo, the local representative of the governor of North Kivu province, told AFP.The Mai-Mai Mazembe militia, which killed 30 civilians in November, is made up of members of the Congo's Nande, Hunde and Kobo communities. It is only one of many such
  • European hypocrisy: While castigating Trump, EU only pretends to welcome immigrants

    It has become an article of faith among liberals that Donald Trump is the world's biggest enemy to refugees and Muslims, while the EU somehow offers them a safe harbour. After all, with the words "We can do it" Angela Merkel invited a million Syrian refugees into Germany, while Trump's travel ban has slammed shut America's door to some of the world's most vulnerable displaced people. In today's liberal mindset, it is Brexit that has stirred up hostility against migrants, while the EU is a bulwar
  • Bridge damage severs Big Sur's ties to outside world

    Storms have wreaked hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage to California's roads and bridges, but nowhere is the problem more obvious than on a stretch of Highway 1 just south of Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, where the last link to the rest of civilization is about to slide down a hillside.The Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge spans a valley that has exploded with the cracking of falling redwood trees and the crash of rocks as the condemned bridge slides slowly toward the sea.Two weeks ago, local J
  • Kansas' fiscal implosion bodes ill for Trump tax plans

    The state was supposed to offer a model for trickle-down economics. Instead, Republicans are raising taxes.An ambitious effort by a Republican governor to drastically cut his state's taxes is crumbling—and that's a bad omen for Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress who are hoping to slash tax rates at the national level.Shortly after he became governor of Kansas in 2011, Sam Brownback went to work on rewriting the state's tax code. Together with the Republican-dominated legislature, he
  • 153 French MPs sign open letter to Hollande to officially recognize the State of Palestine

    So far, 153 French parliamentarians have signed an open letter to Francois Hollande urging the outgoing French president to officially recognize the State of Palestine before his 5-year term ends."France must demonstrate its determination to break the deadlock on this conflict [between Israel and Palestine] by solemnly reaffirming, in the name of the uniform right to self-determination, that the Palestinian people have the right to be granted the title of a State. It is a matter of respect for i
  • State Department officials leak memo advising them to 'stop leaking info'

    An internal State Department document explaining the rationale for clamping down on government agency leaks, a stated priority for Donald Trump's administration, has ironically itself been leaked."If the Department is going to be able to influence policy deliberations, we need to have a reputation for engaging responsibly in those deliberations," says the four-page memo, titled 'SBU: Protecting Privileged Information,' from State Department acting legal adviser Richard Visek to Secretary of Stat
  • EU member states call on UK to pay multibillion-euro Brexit 'divorce bill'

    A number of EU states, including Germany, Italy, France and the Czech Republic have expressed their approval for the European Commission's plan to demand that the UK pays a hefty compensation bill before the Brexit talks will even start.French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, Italian Minister for EU affairs Sandro Gozi and a number of senior German diplomats have backed the European Commission's calls for the UK to come to an arrangement on the "divorce settlement" before any negotiations on th
  • Iran stages massive navy drill over 2mn km²

    Iranian naval forces have staged large-scale military drills over an area covering some two million square kilometers amid rising tensions with the US.The latest exercise, stretching from the Strait of Hormuz and Oman Sea to north of the Indian Ocean, marks the last phase of war games that started in 2016, Iran's Tasnim news agency reported.The drills, codenamed 'Velayat 95', kicked off in Iran's south following an order from Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari.
  • US plans for 'regime change' in Syria started in 1949 and haven't stopped since

    The CIA backed a right-wing coup in Syria in 1949. Douglas Little, Professor, Department of Clark University History professor Douglas Little notes:Recently declassified records... confirm that beginning on November 30, 1948, [CIA operative Stephen] Meade met secretly with Colonel Zaim at least six times to discuss the "possibility [of an] army supported dictatorship." ["Cold War and Covert Action: The United States and Syria, 1945-1958," Middle East Journal, Winter 1990, p. 55]***As early as 19
  • After Trump trolls Perez on Twitter, new Democrat leader vows to be 'Trump's worst nightmare'

    For an indication of the current state of US political discourse, look no further than twitter.Shortly after Democratic establishment favorite Tom Perez defeated Keith Ellison as the new DNC Chair, the Republican National Committee issued a statement slamming Democrats for being out of touch with the American people, a sentiment shared once again by many Bernie Sanders supporters, who saw the loss of Ellison as a symbolic perpetuation of the status quo."By selecting a D.C. insider, Democrats onl
  • Hillary Clinton calls for resistance in new video: 'We need to stay engaged... I'll be with you every step of the way'

    Last month we noted that Hillary Clinton is looking to start her own "fabulous" TV show in an effort to remain relevant following a disastrous Presidential election loss in 2016. The show, according to an insider, would be "completely controlled" and will likely focus on undermining the efforts of President Donald Trump, while whipping her supporters into a frenzy.Now, in a three minute video address to fellow Democrats, the former Secretary of State says she is going to keep the fight going wit
  • Kap Dwa, the Twelve-Foot-Tall, Two-Headed Giant from Patagonia

    7tales.netThe Fortean world is the epicenter of the world’s the strangest stories, most of them starting out as side show attractions. The notorious politician and showman P.T. Barnum contributed much to this charade, since he was renowned for his skills in taxidermy.His famous creations were known as gaffs, (the result of rogue taxidermy), offering the world creatures straight out of legends and fiction, shaped by patching together the preserved corpses of various animals emerging into wh
  • Selfie opportunity becomes fatal as elephant tramples man in Zimbabwe

    A Zimbabwean man, Moses Ndlovu, lost his life whiles attempting to get a selfie opportunity with a male elephant. His two friends, however, escaped unhurt.The body of Moses was found with multiple injuries after the incident which police confirmed happened last Saturday. The incident occurred in Plumtree, a town located in the Bulilimamangwe district in southwestern Zimbabwe.The state-owned Chronicle newspaper reports that the deceased in the company of two other friends, Mutheseli Sibanda and M
  • Left-wing front groups make anti-Trump money untraceable

    'Fiscal sponsors' add layer of opacity to liberal dark money groups fighting Trump nominationsDark money advocacy groups are required to disclose little about their donors, but two left-wing organizations fighting President Donald Trump's cabinet nominations are using a tax law loophole to make their finances even more opaque.Allied Progress claimed credit on Wednesday for Andy Puzder's withdrawal as Trump's nominee for labor secretary. It has also battled Trump nominees to lead the Department o
  • Saudi Arabia reveals number of airstrikes against Daesh in Syria

    Saudi Arabia conducted over 340 airstrikes against the targets of Daesh terrorist group in Syria since the establishment of the US-led international coalition, Brig. Gen. Ahmad Asiri, a military adviser to Saudi Arabia's Defense Ministry, said Sunday.The international coalition, comprising 68 countries, was created in 2014."Saudi fighter aircraft carried out 341 strikes since the beginning of the international campaign against Daesh, and all of them were directed against Daesh targets in Syria,"
  • Police quiz girlfriend over British UFO researcher's death; laptop, cellphone wiped clean

    A science fiction writer will be quizzed by police on suspicion of killing a British conspiracy theorist who died suddenly on her sofa.Max Spiers, 39, sought to expose government cover-ups and investigated UFO sightings — after, his mum says, he saw "the darker side" as a child.The dad-of-two, from Canterbury, Kent, visited Poland to speak at a conference before he died at partner Monika Duval's home 24 hours later in July 2016.He vomited two litres of a black fluid before he died, his inq
  • Study finds link between vivid thoughts of death and authenticity

    Being able to vividly recall experiences related to your own mortality may cause you to be more fully engaged in life, according to research published in the journal Motivation and Emotion.The research, which included 457 participants, found a link between authenticity and the vividness of experiences that made them think about mortality. People who were better able to vividly recall death-related experiences tended to also be more authentic, meaning they were more likely to feel true to themsel
  • Study finds link between contemplation of one's death and authenticity

    Being able to vividly recall experiences related to your own mortality may cause you to be more fully engaged in life, according to research published in the journal Motivation and Emotion.The research, which included 457 participants, found a link between authenticity and the vividness of experiences that made them think about mortality. People who were better able to vividly recall death-related experiences tended to also be more authentic, meaning they were more likely to feel true to themsel
  • Putin on Lenin and Communism: 'WW1 and Bolshevik Revolution destroyed Russia'

    Putin's critics often deride him for 'wishing to recreate the Soviet Union'. But is that really what he's thinking? In the following video, you'll meet a younger Putin denounce communist ideology and Lenin. The year was 1991, Putin had recently returned to newly reconstituted 'Russia' after being stationed during the 1980s in East Germany with the USSR's Foreign Intelligence service, and he was just getting started as an assistant to the mayor of St Petersburg.The first part is a bit weird becau
  • Hawking: Aliens Will Come Conquer Earth, Colonize It… and EXPLOIT the Hell Out Of It!

    Stephen Hawking thinks that extra-terrestrial contact might be a bad thing for planet Earth ...

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