• Google now blasts autoplay videos straight into your Search results

    No one asked for this. In a move that is bound to piss off netizens across the globe, Google has enabled autoplay videos in Search. Following a report from The SEM Post, the internet giant confirmed with Search Engine Land it is currently running a small-scale experiment which involves automatically playing videos in search results. Despite this sucky move, one positive thing is that the Big G hasn’t yet decided whether autoplay videos will roll out globally. “We are constantly
  • 5 ways to help developers be more productive

    As much as we’d love it to be true, developers don’t actually spend all day furiously coding new features and functionality. In reality, the majority of a developer’s time is spent on other tasks. Things like meetings, planning sessions, code maintenance, and fixing bugs all interfere with building new code. Companies shouldn’t expect developers to churn out new features and functionality at a constant, breakneck speed without making sacrifices on code quality or overall
  • This smart cross-trainer works your ass off for the right to watch Netflix

    Is your lackadaisical Netflix and Chill routine preventing you from keeping an active and healthy lifestyle? Then the Cycflix might be what you need. Developed by engineering student Ronan Byrne, the Cyxflix is an exercise-powered home entertainment system that takes the guilt out of binge-watching your favorite shows by working your ass off for the right to see them. The DIY cross-trainer works in a simple way: Fill in your workout routine, select the movie or show you want to see, and the dev
  • STUNNING Google Pixel 2 Renders Appear Online

    Richard Goodwin26/07/2017 - 11:04amLooking forward to the Google Pixel 2? I am – but if they look anything like these renders, I will definitely be getting one!The Google Pixel 2 will launch later this year, likely in a rather unceremonious manner. There will probably be a press release and, then, BOOM, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will be official.
    I’ve been using the Google Pixel XL for around 12 months solid now, in between review units that I have tested, and, for the most part, it
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  • Nintendo Classic Mini vs. Nintendo Classic Mini SNES: Retro Gaming is BACK

    Michael Grothaus26/07/2017 - 11:08amWhich retro console is best? The Nintendo Classic Mini or the Nintendo Classic Mini SNES Last year Nintendo announced its Nintendo Classic Mini. This was essentially a scaled-down replica of the original Nintendo Entertainment System from the 1980s that came with built-in classic titles. The Nintendo Classic Mini also had modern HDMI posts so you could plug it into today’s televisions to play those glorious 8-bit games. Needless to say, the Nintendo Clas
  • Apple Watch 3 Might Just Land Alongside iPhone 8

    Richard Goodwin26/07/2017 - 10:27amWell this is surprising – sources in Asia claim the Apple Watch 3 will be announced alongside the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7sIn the run up to the launch of Apple’s iPhone 8, nearly all the talk has been about the handset, what it will look like, and how Apple will take things forward with its iPhone in 2017/18.
    However, a new rumour suggests that Apple will announced its third-generation Apple Watch – AKA the Apple Watch 3 – alongsi
  • Kaspersky now offers a free antivirus for PC, but do you need it?

    Security software firm Kaspersky has just launched a free antivirus for PC users, promising total protection for your files and oversight of your web traffic for malicious activity. The company says it’s happy to offer its service at no charge for those who can’t afford the $50 fee for its paid product – but do you really need a third-party antivirus tool? If, like 500 million others, you’re on Windows 10, you already have Windows Defender built in. Microsoft’s own
  • Rocket League reimagined as a 90s PlayStation 1 game is gloriously lo-fi

    With over 33 million players worldwide, soccer-but-with-cars multiplayer title Rocket League is one of the hottest games on the market right now. And while some fans might have seen its previous avatar as Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars from back in 2008, it’s fun to imagine what it might have looked like a decade before that. That’s exactly what YouTuber 98Demake has done with his latest video, which takes Rocket League back in time to the PlayStation 1 era with jan
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  • Google’s Trusted Contacts app now lets iOS users keep tabs on each other

    Following its launch on Android last December, Google’s Trusted Contacts app has now arrived for iOS. It lets you share your location with others so they know exactly where you are while you’re getting home from a night out or trekking in the woods. You can add any of your existing contacts to begin sharing your whereabouts, or invite new contacts via SMS and email. There’s also an option to automatically share your location with trusted contacts in case you don’t respon
  • Adobe accidentally leaked its upcoming photo editing app for novices

    At its MAX Conference last year, Adobe announced that it was working on Project Nimbus, an all-new photo editing app that included simplified tools, as well as cloud storage and syncing for your files. The folks at MacGeneration noted that the company released it prematurely to some Creative Cloud users on Mac, giving us a sneak peek into how Adobe wants you to tweak your pictures. While the toolkit seems to draw inspiration from Lightroom, it’s a bit streamlined so it might be easie
  • Taco Bell partners with Lyft to better serve drunks

    Coming this Thursday, Lyft will roll-out an “after hours” feature called Taco Mode, which will allow users to catch a Lyft to the nearest Taco Bell on their way to their destination between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. The Taco Bell-Lyft partnership is a power move by both companies because it almost guarantees a million drunken Crunch Wrap Supreme purchases. According to Foursquare’s data, 14.8-percent of Taco Bell’s customers visited between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. Needless to sa
  • Automattic continues its commitment to transparency by publishing National Security Letters

    Automattic, the company behind WordPress, Akismet, and Gravatar, today unveiled the National Security Letters (NSLs) from the FBI, in an attempt to show cast light on what these secretive letters are and what kind of information they request. Paul Sieminski, general counsel for Automattic, explained that NSLs are hard to talk about, due to the fact they often come with non-disclosure clauses. Regardless, he says Automattic has concerns about the NSLs and what they contain: …we take our c
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  • We're giving away CrackBerry prize packs! Enter your photo and you could be a winner!

    Our next BlackBerry KEYone giveaway is right around the corner, but in the meantime we wanted to do something fun and a little different! Check it out!
    Our next BlackBerry KEYone giveaway is right around the corner, but in the meantime, we wanted to do something fun and a little different!We want to see your photos, shot on the BlackBerry KEYone or another BlackBerry.All you have to do to enter is share your photos on Instagram or Twitter, with the hashtag #shotonKEYone and #contest or #shotonBl
  • PlayStation Vue is luring sports fans away from cable

    Sony is trying to make cords go extinct by addressing one of the biggest concerns that holdouts have: live sporting events. The entertainment giant today announced that its PlayStation Vue television streaming service now has a new Sports Pack upgrade option. Aside from technophobes and others who are “set in their ways,” the only demographic that streaming services haven’t cracked is sports fans. The new package available with PlayStation Vue brings NFL Redzone, MLB Strike Zo
  • Moto Z2 Force Hands-on: Still modular and unbreakable, but a little less exciting

    After months of rumors and speculation, Motorola announced the Z2 Force earlier today. I had the chance to play with it for a while, and, well, it’s pretty much what we expected. That’s both good and bad. If you want to read more about its specs and numbers check out our original post here; what follows are just my first impressions after actually using the device. The Z2 Force looks a lot like the original Moto Z. That’s no surprisee, as Motorola needs to maintain the same ov
  • Microsoft Releases Long-Awaited Security Tool, Sets Linux Preview

    Microsoft has released its long-awaited cloud-based bug detection tool, previously code-named "Project Springfield." The Windows version became generally available, and a new Linux version became available as a preview last week. The tool, Microsoft Security Risk Detection, uses artificial intelligence to hunt down security vulnerabilities in software that is about to be released. Microsoft Security Risk Detection will help developers do fuzz testing, said David Molnar, the Microsoft researcher
  • Adobe is ending Flash support in 2020, tells everyone to jump ship

    Adobe today announced it would be killing off Flash by the end of 2020, and it called on several major sites for help with the hit. It’s not the first time we’ve talked about Flash’s impending doom — from Chrome killing Flash, to Mozilla killing Flash, to the death of Flash. Reports of Flash’s death were greatly exaggerated, apparently, because it’s stuck around somehow. But this time it looks like the end has come for real. Adobe says: Specifically, we
  • 6 handy GIF-making apps you need in 2017

    GIFs are fun to share. It feels like there’s one for almost every different set of circumstances. But did you know that it’s not particularly difficult to create your own moving pictures? This is equally true for mobile devices, as there’s a wealth of GIF-making apps for Android and iOS. Giphy GIF Maker (free) Giphy’s GIF Maker tool first graced our desktops back in 2015. It allows you to create your own animated GIFs from YouTube links, or from your own content. Now, it
  • Microsoft’s AI chip teaches HoloLens how to understand you

    Microsoft presented HoloLens 2.0 on Sunday at an event in Hawaii. The company, known mostly for its software, revealed the newest iteration of its AR headset would contain a Microsoft-made AI co-processor. This marked the company’s entry into the design and manufacture AI chip-sets. Microsoft designed its new AI chip to handle complex speech and gesture interactions specifically for HoloLens 2.0. Google has its own AI chips, designed to train and administrate neural networks. The AI
  • Microsoft Adds AI to HoloLens Silicon

    The next version of Microsoft's HoloLens may be better at navigating reality than the current version of the mixed-reality headset, thanks to a new coprocessor the company announced Sunday. The second version of HoloLens' custom multiprocessor -- called a "holographic processing unit," or HPU -- will incorporate artificial intelligence technology, Harry Shum, executive vice president of the Artificial Intelligence and Research Group, said at the annual CVPR computer vision event. The new HPU wil
  • The Wait is OVER: Nokia 8 Will Launch On August 16

    Paul Briden25/07/2017 - 5:07pmThe Nokia 8 is finally arriving on August 16We finally have it - we have a date for when the Nokia 8 flagship will arrive; August 16.
    Event invitations have been sent out for the August 16 date. TechRadar reports that the invites read; "HMD Global invites you to an exclusive gathering to unveil the next milestone for Nokia phones."
    For a long while now there have been many rumours surrounding the HMD/Nokia flagship and much of it has been confusing. It's been variou
  • The Wait is OVER! Nokia 8 WILL Launch August 16

    Paul Briden25/07/2017 - 8:50pmThe Nokia 8 is finally arriving on August 16We finally have it - we have a date for when the Nokia 8 flagship will arrive; August 16.
    Event invitations have been sent out for the August 16 date. TechRadar reports that the invites read; "HMD Global invites you to an exclusive gathering to unveil the next milestone for Nokia phones."
    For a long while now there have been many rumours surrounding the HMD/Nokia flagship and much of it has been confusing. It's been variou
  • It's OFFICIAL! Nokia 8 WILL Launch August 16

    Paul Briden26/07/2017 - 9:09amThe Nokia 8 is finally arriving on August 16We finally have it - we have a date for when the Nokia 8 flagship will arrive; August 16.
    Event invitations have been sent out for the August 16 date. TechRadar reports that the invites read; "HMD Global invites you to an exclusive gathering to unveil the next milestone for Nokia phones."
    For a long while now there have been many rumours surrounding the HMD/Nokia flagship and much of it has been confusing. It's been variou
  • Twitch’s most-watched clip is a jump scare, because of course it is

    A relatively-unknown Twitch streamer is in the spotlight as a clip of him playing a horror game is now the most-watched clip in the site’s history. In the clip, JurassicJunkieLive is playing Outlast 2. In case you aren’t aware, that’s one of the most recent horror games to sweep the internet, in which the main character is trying to rescue his wife from the clutches of a crazed Arizona death cult. You know, the usual. According to Jurassic himself, his partner sent his 2-
  • Secure your accounts and important login information for only $29!

    A password manager is an excellent way to make sure your creating complex and difficult passwords to keep all your data secure; however, plenty of password managers cost a pretty penny. What if we told you, you didn't have to spend a fortune?
    In today's online world, you can't be running around with weak passwords. There are too many people out there trying to get a hold of your personal information for a variety of nefarious reasons and your standard "Passw0rd" password is not going to protect
  • Moto Z2 Force is now official with dual cameras and multi-carrier availability

    When Motorola announced the Z2 Play last month, we all knew its more powerful sibling couldn’t be far off. Now it’s official: The Motorola Z2 Force will be available on August 10, sporting flagship specs and a dual camera system. And of course, it’s as modular as ever. The internals are about what you’d expect from a high-end smartphone in 2017: Snapdragon 835 4GB RAM (US) / 6GB of RAM (Everywhere else) 5.5-inch QHD display Shattershield screen (scratches easily, but is
  • Google Maps accidentally caught a satellite image of an airplane mid-flight

    Random photos of airplanes tend to be rather boring – unless they happen to be mid-flight satellite shots caught on Google Maps. Browsing through the endless depths of Maps, Redditors have stumbled upon a gorgeous satellite image that captures an airliner flying across South Downs National Park in the UK, situated between the cities of Portsmouth and Brighton. Zooming in on the image reveals that the aircraft belongs to British-owned airline Virgin Atlantic. Judging by the satellite
  • Here’s how blockchain can potentially end global poverty

    “Are you ready for Isaac?” I attended a startup and tech conference four years ago, and one of the presenters asked this as the main argument of his keynote about fintech. Back then, the industry wasn’t yet widely known as fintech. But the presenter, Scott Bales, had a vision for the banking system, and that is for tech firms to give better access to the millions and millions of unbanked and underbanked individuals across the globe through democratized financial services that
  • Facebook Live 360 streams can now be watched in 4K and VR

    Facebook today announced several new features meant to improve the experience of watching and making Live 360 video. Live streaming is an integral part of the modern Facebook experience, so the company wants to make sure you’re engaged. First up, Facebook is introducing a ‘Live 360 Ready’ program, which is essentially a stamp of approval for 360-degree cameras and software. Facebook says that these products will offer the best Live 360 experience, with native integration of Fa
  • Patients Can Now Contact Their Doctor With An App

    Healthcare has come leaps and bounds thanks to modern technological advances. Robots are assisting in surgery, and telemedicine provides services to remote areas. Now, there’s an app that allows patients to interact with their doctor from home. India Virtual Hospital (IVH) Patient Care is a new mobile application launched early in July to help patients stay in touch with their medical providers without traveling to the clinic or hospital. This India-based technology is an incredible innov
  • Best Android Phones of 2017 (So Far)

  • Google will keep people safe with real-time SOS Alerts in Search and Maps

    Google wants to provide people with easy access to actionable information in times of crisis. The internet giant is launching a new feature to help netizens promptly and effortlessly figure out how they can stay safe when natural disaster strikes. The so-called SOS Alerts initiative will introduce numerous help tools to Search and Maps. Designed to keep users safe, the new addition will display top stories, authoritative local information, emergency hotlines and websites, as well as various tra
  • Best Cheap Headphones For The Discerning Gym Rat

    Richard Goodwin25/07/2017 - 1:53pmIf you go the gym regularly, chances are you’ve broken a fair few pair of headphones. So what are the best headphones for the gym? If you go the gym regularly, chances are you’ve broken a fair few pair of headphones.
    I’ve killed multiple pairs in my time, either by drowning them in sweat until they gave up and died or by ripping one of the wires out of the actual earphone during an ill-fated rep.
    There are many ways to ruin a good pair of headp
  • The 3 fundamentals of long-term ecommerce success

    Maybe it was the freedom to connect to your customers from a laptop that keeps your business going. Or, perhaps you’ve come up with the greatest thing since sliced bread. With ecommerce sales breaking well into the trillions, the opportunity for success in the online business world is staggering. And so is the competition. That being said, you must constantly be working to maintain the edge over your competitors. Here are three key areas in ecommerce you should focus your efforts on. Use&
  • Estonia’s new e-residents are surpassing the country’s birth rate

    Estonia is the first country in the world to offer an ‘e-Residency‘ to people of any nationality. If you become an e-resident, you get a governmentally issued digital identity like other Estonians, that you can use to set up your own company in Estonia — completely remotely. The program has steadily gained popularity since its inception, and it seems that it might even become more popular than making new baby Estonians. Will #Estonia‘s #eResidency “birth rate&
  • This map uses open data to show you the safest places to park your car

    The UK’s Co-Op Insurance wants you to be able to park your car without it getting stolen. The best way to accomplish that is to make an informed decision about where is safe. With that in mind, it’s released a new web-based tool called Park Smart, which uses open data published by the Home Office, in order to show you car-crime hotspots. The data covers England, Northern Ireland, and Wales, the period from November 2016 to April 2017, and is regularly updated. Unfortunately, there&r
  • India wants to hit the brakes on self-driving cars before even starting the engine

    On a misguided mission to protect jobs in India, the country’s Union Road Transport and Highways minister Nitin Gadkari said on Tuesday, “We won’t allow driverless cars in India. I am very clear on this. We won’t allow any technology that takes away jobs. In a country where you have unemployment, you can’t have a technology that ends up taking people’s jobs.” It’s interesting and worrying to think about how a government can fight a major technolog
  • iPhone 8 "Final" Design LEAKS; Price? A MASSIVE $1,200

    Paul Briden25/07/2017 - 1:26pmApple's iPhone 8 design is allegedly final, with a fingerprint scanner inside the power keyThe alleged "final" design of the iPhone 8 has now leaked in a set of renders.
    There has been A LOT of talk, leaks and speculation about the iPhone 8 for, well… as long as most of us can remember. The handset will be the first time Apple has changed its industrial design since 2014, however, so hype was always going to be off the charts.
    But all these design changes &nd
  • iPhone 8 "Final" Design LEAKS In Renders - Priced @ $1,200

    Paul Briden25/07/2017 - 10:26amApple's iPhone 8 design is allegedly final, with a fingerprint scanner inside the power keyThe alleged "final" design of the iPhone 8 has now leaked in a set of renders.
    There's been much back and forth on the subject of the iPhone 8's design, with many reports saying Apple is yet to pick a final configuration from its many prototypes. This comes off the back of multiple reports around the issue of implementing major new designs and features, such as the Touch ID f
  • The UK’s online porn crackdown could harm young people more than it helps

    Won’t somebody please think of the children!?” The UK government seems to be using this catchphrase from The Simpsons as the basis for its proposed new pornography laws. Its recently announced plan to force pornographic websites to verify users’ ages suggests it thinks it can use a blunt technological tool to stop under 18s watching online porn. Anyone as tech-savvy as the average teenager will tell you how unlikely this is. The move is part of a barrage of recent measures to
  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk says Zuckerberg’s understanding of AI is ‘limited’

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk is not convinced that Facebook’s boss Mark Zuckerberg fully comprehends the basic tenets of artificial intelligence (AI). Chilling in his Palo Alto backyard, this weekend Zuckerberg hosted an impromptu Facebook Live Q&A session where the young boss answered a series of questions from fans – including some inquiries about his vision of the future of AI. Live grilling in my backyard. Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Sunday, July 23, 2017 “I watched a recent i
  • China’s forcing its citizens to install a terrifying Big Brother app on their phones – or go to jail

    Governments wanting to spy on the people they’re meant to serve is hardly new – but China is taking things to a whole new level by injecting itself into citizens’ phones. Based on articles from Radio Free Asia, Mashable reported last week that authorities in the autonomous region of Xinjiang – home to a majority Muslim population including millions of Uyghurs who have roots in Turkey – sent out a notice instructing citizens to install a ‘surveillance app&rsqu
  • This Google-backed startup wants to make millennials read local news

    Millennials are voracious consumers of news. One UK survey shows that half of those aged 18 to 35 prefer to get their current affairs fix from a newspaper or magazine. A separate Associated Press survey shows that two-thirds of those aged 18 to 34 regularly consume news online. So, why aren’t they interested in what’s happening in their local communities? Perhaps it’s the medium. Struggling local newspapers tend to be a sorry affair, with more adverts for used cars and funeral
  • Microsoft Paint isn’t dead yet

    The internet lost its collective mind when news began doing the rounds yesterday about Microsoft killing off its beloved Paint app after 32 years. If you’re nostalgic about the doodling app that enthralled a couple of generations of Windows fans, you’ll be glad to know it’s not actually going away entirely. Instead of being bundled with Windows 10, it’ll henceforth be available as a free download from the Windows Store. Meanwhile, Paint 3D, which arrived on the OS with t
  • Google Pixel 2 Snapdragon 836, Apple's Siri + The Rock & more - Pocketnow Daily

  • The internet is pissed that Michael Phelps wasn’t actually racing a shark

    “Phelps vs. Shark” had viewers on the edge of their seat. The promos featured the five-time Olympian taking to the water to put it all on the line against a great white. And then Discovery pulled the rug out from under them. The Discovery Channel had the race hyped as one for the ages: Does #TeamPhelps or #TeamShark win the battle for ocean supremacy? Let's find out. Phelps vs. Shark starts NOW on @Discovery. #SharkWeek pic.twitter.com/PwpG2HYOnD — Shark Week (@SharkWeek) July
  • iRobot wants to sell your floor plan data to Amazon, Apple or Facebook

    Roomba was the futuristic cleaning bot each of our 12-year-old selves once dreamed of. Today it’s a commodity in a space full of cheaper and (arguably) just-as-good competitors. Luckily for iRobot (Roomba’s parent company), its future is less about the dirt on your floor, and more about the dirt it can sell to Amazon, Apple, and Google. According to a report from Reuters, iRobot plans to begin collecting (and selling) floor plans for its users’ homes. The data collected would
  • Real-time rendering is the future of computer animation

    Epic Games, the company behind Unreal Engine 4, is showing off its brand-new real-time rendering technology, and with it the future of game and animation development. The company is set to unleash two real-time production videos next week at SIGGRAPH, a computer graphics event. You might not be familiar with Unreal Engine 4, but you’re probably aware of it’s work. Video games like Fortnite, Kingdom Hearts III, and Sea of Thieves are built with it. Movies like War For The Planet of T
  • Snopes needs your help to keep the lights on

    Fact-checking site Snopes has become center of an ugly legal battle, and it’s asking for monetary help to keep the lights on. Unfortunately, it’s looking like donations might not be enough to help in the long run. Snopes’ reputation is such that it was chosen to work with Facebook to factcheck alleged fake news on social media. Even I’ve been there multiple times to find alternate perspectives to popular stories — if nothing else, it’s a place to engage. Snop
  • Reminder: Follow BlackBerry Mobile on your favorite social media!

    July has buzzed on by but it's not too late to catch up with BlackBerry Mobile and all social happenings.
    July has buzzed on by but it's not too late to catch up with BlackBerry Mobile and all social happenings. BBMobile has been crushing their Instagram game with a regular cadence of stories, videos, and posts. Right now there's actually a community call to action around the #ShotOnKEYone hashtag - so share your best summer photos shot on the BlackBerry KEYone for a chance to be featured on the

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