• Instagram finally offers two-factor authentication for everyone

    Instagram announced today that two-factor authentication is available to everyone who uses its app, and all we have to say is “Well, it’s about time!” The company first announced this back in February 2016. When we wrote about it at the time, we said “the update is beginning to roll out now.” Apparently that was the start of a very long wait period instead. Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, is an increasingly common security measure to protect accou
  • New Japanese solar cell is closest to reaching maximum efficiency

    Solar energy is the hottest thing in eco-living, and everybody wants in on it. People are installing solar panels in their homes, governments are creating smart grids and companies like Google want to run completely on renewable energy and help people do the same. However, the more we start to depend on solar energy, the better solar panels have to become. That’s where the Osaka-based Kaneka Corporation steps in. It recently presented a new silicon-based solar cell that has reco
  • Get 2TB of lifetime cloud storage for $50!

    Get 2TB of cloud storage for life for $49.99.
    It's becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the ever-changing world of physical information storage. New hard drives and flash drives are constantly hitting the market and obsolescence is inevitable. There has never been a better time to store your data in the cloud, and cloud security has also never been better.Get 2TB of secure cloud storage for $50 Learn moreCloud services, however, can be costly or they just don't offer enough storage. Y
  • Facebook adds Mentions and Reactions to group chats on Messenger

    Facebook is making group conversations in Messenger a lot more like… well, Facebook. You can now use reactions during group conversations, as well as tag specific people using the ‘@’ symbol. The reactions are useful for the same reason they are on Facebook proper: They give you more ways to acknowledge you’ve read a post and express your feelings towards it instead of a generic Like. In fact, Messenger also offers a thumbs down reaction, something you can’t
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  • Why is Apple afraid of forcing users to reset their passwords?

    How much is your data worth to Apple? That’s the question hacking collective Turkish Crime Family seems to be asking by blackmailing Apple to pay thousands of dollars or have millions of iCloud accounts wiped remotely. The story started a few days ago, when Motherboard reporter Joseph Cox wrote about the hackers, who claim to have access to over 600 million compromised Apple accounts. The group is currently demanding a large ransom from Apple to prevent them wiping millions of iPhones cle
  • Apple reimagines the iPhone as a MacBook touchpad

    A patent created by Apple, and unearthed by Apple Insider, shows that the Cupertino giant is playing around with the idea of creating laptop-style docking stations, that can hold an iPhone or iPad. The first shows an iPhone that docks into a laptop, taking the place of a trackpad. In this example, the laptop acts as a dumb terminal, with all the computational leg-work taking place in the iPhone. The other is less outlandish, and shows an iPad acting as the screen on a MacBook. Given that t
  • Apple denies iCloud security breach despite evidence from hackers [Updated]

    The iCloud saga continues as Apple has denied breach allegations made earlier this week by a hacking collective better known as Turkish Crime Family. The company further downplayed any threats that hundreds of millions iPhone devices could be at risk of being remotely wiped clean. But information obtained by The Next Web suggests this might not be entirely true. Following an earlier report from Motherboard, we reached out to Turkish Crime Family, asking f
  • Apple denies iCloud security breach despite evidence from hackers

    The iCloud saga continues as Apple has denied breach allegations made earlier this week by a hacking collective better known as Turkish Crime Family. The company further downplayed any threats that hundreds of millions iPhone devices could be at risk of being remotely wiped clean. But information obtained by The Next Web suggests this might not be entirely true. Following an earlier report from Motherboard, we reached out to Turkish Crime Family, asking f
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  • ABC News learns a hard lesson about Twitter account security

    If there’s someone I definitely wouldn’t want to be right now, it’s the social media manager for ABC News. That’s because in the early hours of this morning, its Twitter account was hacked, with several colorful tweets posted. Several of the tweets linked to an account, @the6clerk, which has since been suspended by Twitter. Others expressed a pro-Donald Trump sentiment, which I’m almost certain was tongue-in-cheek.   It’s not immediately obvious how the
  • Microsoft Spring Sale is LIVE: BIG Savings On Surface Tablets & Windows 10 Laptops

    Richard Goodwin23/03/2017 - 9:32amThe Microsoft SPRING SALE is happening RIGHT NOW – BIG savings to be had on Surface Pro & Windows 10 laptopsI’ll admit this to you right now: I had no idea, until very recently, just how well stocked the Microsoft Store was with goodies. I knew it existed but I just figured it’d be Microsoft stuff – consoles, Surfaces and the like.
    I was wrong, though. The Microsoft Store has all kinds of Windows-powered gadgets and gizmos inside
  • Get these nice Android icon packs free of charge today

    If you love to customize your Android phone, you might be pleased to hear that several icon packs that are usually paid are now available for free on Google Play. Typically, the price of these icon packs is $1 or more, but now its possible to download them free of charge for a limited time. 
    This assortment should give you some ideas for your next custom home screen masterpiece, just make sure you pick a nice wallpaper to match. If you're struggling, worry not - you can always look for ins
  • Apple bought excellent automation app Workflow and is making it free on the App Store

    Apple has acquired automation app Workflow, which is one of the best productivity apps currently available on iOS, and the three-person developer team behind the app will be heading to Cupertino, California, to work on currently-unspecified projects for Apple.The acquisition has been closed for an undisclosed sum, TechCrunch reports, but unlike other similar scenarios where a tech giant buys out an app solely for the developer talent behind it and then shuts down the initial service, Apple plan
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  • Congress could soon allow ISPs to sell your browsing history without your consent

    Last year, former US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman Tom Wheeler proposed a rule that would prevent internet providers from selling customers’ private data to third parties without their consent; the rule passed in October 2016 with clear guidelines for how ISPs must secure permission before sharing information like browsing history and location data with advertisers. Now, that ruling is under threat, as the Senate is set to vote on Thursday on whether to roll it back and
  • Samsung gives refunds for Galaxy S8?, Google Maps Shares Your Location

  • BlackBerry’s clever new Android app keeps people from peeping at your screen

    There are lots of times when people around us can see what’s on our phone screens, and that can make it tricky to read confidential texts or emails. Thankfully, BlackBerry has a smart solution to that problem for Android users. Its new Privacy Shade app lets you black out your screen, save for a rectangular or circular area that you can resize and move around. While it’s activated, you can use your phone as normal to navigate to apps and individual messages. You can turn it on or of
  • Google’s bringing audio-only calls to Duo at last, but I’ll probably never use it

    Seven months since its launch, Google’s Duo video calling app is finally adding support for voice-only calls. The feature is rolling out first in Brazil, where Google announced the update at a São Paulo event; it’ll become available elsewhere in the world in the coming days. Unfortunately, I can’t say I’m excited about it at this point. I already use WhatsApp for most of my essential messaging and calls these days, and I don’t see the need to invite my conta
  • Google Recent is now here, allowing you to check older searches or flick them away

    Slide out the navigation drawer to the Google app on your Android phone and the top choice on top should be the new Recent tab. You can go back (with an assist from the timeline on the bottom if needed) and find old search topics you looked for using Google. You can even compare search results side by side if necessary. And if you want to delete a Recent search result, simply swipe up and it is gone. A tutorial is available when you first open Recent, and viewing it should give you all of the in
  • Apple acquires automation app Workflow and makes it free

    Apple has acquired Workflow, an automation app for iOS that lets you connect apps and create quick shortcuts to actions like texting a contact to let them know you’ll be late for your appointment, find a convenience store near you, make PDFs from Web pages and record an audio note to yourself that’s accessible in the Reminders app. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. Interestingly, Apple isn’t killing off the product; in addition to adding the Workflow team of three into
  • Nintendo releases ‘Super Mario Run’ on Android a day early

    For the unfortunate Android fans that had to wait their turn to play Mario on a smartphone — especially those that didn’t realize you could just grab an emulator and play all the old Mario games — today is your day. Nintendo officially announced last Friday the game would drop on March 23rd (tomorrow), but apparently decided to kick things off a day early. Super Mario Run is available now in the Google Play Store, free*. In case you’re wondering, those that swi
  • Google Gives Devs First Look at Android O

    Google on Tuesday unveiled a developer preview of the latest version of its mobile operating system, code named "Android O." The new OS is designed to improve on battery life and interactive performance of devices, according to Dave Burke, vice president of engineering, Android, at Google.
    The new release puts automatic limits on what applications do in the background in three areas: implicit broadcasts, background services and location updates. Updated developer previews will become available i
  • Ev Williams has lost his goddamn mind

    Ev Williams is a brilliant man. His vision for online publishing offers up a near-utopian vision of what a democratized internet looks like in Medium. He also once ran a couple of other businesses you may have heard of: Twitter, which he co-founded, and Odeo, a popular podcast app that may have actually launched before the public was ready for it, and years prior to the new podcast boom. And then he lost his goddamn mind. Earlier this year, Williams laid off 50 staff members. He
  • Super Mario Run now available for Android!

    Apparently, Nintendo couldn't wait to launch Super Mario Run for Android and decided to go ahead and surprise all those waiting for March 23, the previously announced launch date on Android, by rolling out the game a day early.
    The Nintendo nostalgia machine is strong hereApparently, Nintendo couldn't wait to launch Super Mario Run for Android and decided to go ahead and surprise all those waiting for March 23, the previously announced launch date on Android, by rolling out the game a day early.
  • Did Trump order a teenager to take down a kitten website?

    One teenager in San Francisco got a letter from the President … and probably not the kind that looks good framed on a wall. Lucy is an aspiring web developer who wanted to make a cute, simple website to show off on her resume. She made a little site where kitten paws slap the face of Donald Trump. It was called TrumpScratch.com — apparently one of the few “Trump” domain names he forgot to buy. Sounds harmless right? Apparently not everyone thought so. Thr
  • Google Photos update brings additional backup option, faster sharing

    Google Photos is one of the several apps that have been updated by Mountain View company this week. The application got two new features that will soon be available to all users on Android and iOS devices.The first one concerns the backup features of the Google Photos, which have been expanded with one more option. To make it easier for users living in areas with poor network coverage, Google added a new feature that allows the app to backup photos automatically in a lightweight preview qua
  • Huawei Watch 2 Review

  • BlackBerry KEYone finally checks in at the FCC

    For whatever reason, there has been a small subset of folks out there concerned about how long it has taken for the BlackBerry KEYone to check in at the FCC, but finally, we can put their worries to rest.
    For whatever reason, there has been a small subset of folks out there concerned about how long it has taken for the BlackBerry KEYone to check in at the FCC, but finally, we can put their worries to rest. Some of the confidentiality agreements have now expired and the KEYone and some of the FCC
  • You can now share your real-time location from Google Maps on Android and iOS

    Google has finally added the option to share real-time location in Maps. Starting today, the new feature will be rolled out to Google Maps users worldwide on both Android and iOS platforms.Whenever you are asked where you are or when exactly you'll arrive at your destination, you will be able to reply by sharing your real-time location. The people you're sharing the information with will be able to see your location on Android, iPhone, mobile web, and even desktop.Sharing your real-time locatio
  • Nintendo offers fix for Switch but won’t admit it’s broken

    Nintendo, officially, doesn’t have a problem with Switch Joy-Cons. It does, however, have a fix for the problem it, uh, doesn’t have? By and large, the Switch is a big hit — Nintendo is even doubling production to get more consoles on the shelves. But it has had its problems, including the widespread issue with the left Joy-Con, which de-syncs from the console randomly. Of course, Nintendo isn’t calling it a “problem” or any other wor
  • Bitcoin is tanking (again)

    After reaching an all-time high earlier this month, Bitcoin prices are coming back to earth. The current price (as of this writing) of $998 a coin is down more than 20-percent from its previous high, and down 10-percent today alone. As with all Bitcoin peaks, the fall is typically just as dramatic as the rise, and often just as quick. Bitcoin is a volatile currency, so ebbs and flows — and often dramatic ones — are par the course. This fall, however, may have been due
  • Google is letting celebs speak directly to fans via search results

    Google is going to allow sports teams and celebs to “Post” status updates directly into search results. The company today announced it’s opening Posts up to organizations. Specifically, it’s including “museums, sports teams, sports leagues, movies” and in Brazil: musicians. Posts are an experiment to allow participants to post updates directly in Google’s search results. If you think you’re about to see Google turn into a social site, you’ll
  • Google Duo updated with audio-only calls option, Allo gets the ability to share files

    Google Duo, the application that many though it would replace Hangouts, has just received a small but meaningful update today. Alongside Duo, another Google app, Allo received the same treatment on the Android platform.At a dedicated event in Brazil, Google made several announcements about how it plans to make the internet easier to reach and its products to work better in markets where coverage is scarce.
    Google launched Duo last year in an attempt to bring high-quality video calling to users
  • A closer look at the BlackBerry Privacy Shade app

    I love seeing new productivity and security apps from BlackBerry. One such app is the recently released BlackBerry Privacy Shade app. This Android app is simple in concept yet extremely practical in use.
    I love seeing new productivity and security apps from BlackBerry. As BlackBerry takes on a pivot to software and services, it's sometimes hard to connect the dots as to what that means for general consumers. If you look closely, however, you'll see ample signs of the quiet innovations in softwar
  • Samsung Unpacked app receives update pertaining to Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ unveiling event

    The Samsung Unpacked 2017 app has been updated in the Google Play Store. With a proper invitation code, the app will produce a QR code that will allow you to view in person the New York City or London events where the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ will be introduced. If you can't make it to either location, the app will be streaming the festivities live on March 29th.Right now, the app carries a countdown timer ticking down toward the big day. It also will show you some of the recent
  • Instagram will let businesses add a ‘book appointment’ button

    Instagram is going to become something of a Yelp competitor soon. In an announcement saying it had reached 1 million advertisers, the company also briefly shared plans to bring a booking feature to the app. Say you want to get a haircut. A new “Book” option on your salon or barbershop’s business profile would let you choose the style of haircut and set a time and date for your visit. You can see a video of the tool in action on Instagram’s blog post.
  • Human bias is making AI racist

    When you perform a Google search for every day queries, you don’t typically expect systemic racism to rear its ugly head. Yet, if you’re a woman searching for a hairstyle, that’s exactly what you might find. A simple Google image search for ‘women’s professional hairstyles’ returns the following: Here, you’ll find hairstyles, generally done in a professional setting by stylists. It’s the nature of Google. It returns what it thinks you’re loo
  • Apple Unveils Budget-Friendly iPad, Dresses iPhone in Red

    Apple has announced an iPad update, a red iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and a new video-editing app for iOS. The iPad upgrade has a 9.7-inch, 2048 x 1536-pixel Retina display and Apple's A9 64-bit processor. The unit will come in silver, gold and space gray with a starting price of $329 for 32 gigabytes of storage and WiFi-only support. It will cost $459 for a 32-GB unit with WiFi and cellular support. As with prior models, the battery life for the new iPad is 10 hours. It has an 8-megapixel rear-facing
  • Sorry Apple, but the iMessage App Store sucks

    You might not realize it, but the iMessage App Store is pretty awful. When announced, it was one of my favorite new features, and personally I still love it. Crazy sticker packs and lightweight apps aren’t life-changing, but when used in the right situation they breathe life into text message conversations. Unfortunately, this breath probably isn’t enough to resuscitate the iMessage App Store itself. Design The problems are numerous, but we can start with design. As a desi
  • Facebook now lets anyone go Live from a desktop

    After bringing live streaming to mobile and quickly dominating the space, Facebook is now doing the same for desktops and laptops. Starting today, anyone can stream through Facebook’s web interface. The feature has actually been available on Pages for some time, but I’m sure plenty of everyday users want to stream whatever mundane thing they’re doing at their desks as well. In all seriousness, desktop support opens up Facebook to whole new kinda of livestreaming. Cur
  • OnePlus 3T now comes in a stealthy Midnight Black color option

    Though I thought the gunmetal OnePlus 3T was quite the looker in my review, some people just need their phones to be pitch black for maximum stealth cred. Fret no more, goths, as OnePlus has introduced a limited edition Midnight Black model. Truth be told, OnePlus already announced a black model last week through a partnership with French retailer Colette, which was selling it in a single retail location in Paris, adorned with its own logo. Given most of the world doesn’t l
  • Hate speech leads to thousands in donations for girl coders

    An ugly case of harassment had an unexpected silver lining this week, when it started a donation train to fund a camp for future female game designers. Girls Make Games is a series of camps and workshops aimed at teaching young women the basics of game design, including coding, modeling, and artwork. The camps are sponsored by LearnDesign, a company in California, and a portion of donations received go towards financial aid for potential students. Apparently the catalyst for the giving spr
  • Instagram hits 1 million advertisers, double the amount it had 6 months ago

    Instagram is in demand as a platform for advertisers. Since September, the number of companies that actively advertise on the picture and video sharing app has doubled to one million. A year ago, that number was 200,000. Advertising on Instagram can be quite fruitful for these firms, especially since as many as 400 million people are using the app every day. James Quarles, who is the head of advertising at Instagram, says the appeal of the site goes beyond the raw numbers.According to Quarles, 8
  • iPhone lorded over the smartphone industry last year, Samsung came in second

    New research indicates that last year Apple left the entire smartphone industry in the dust with its iPhone, shipping more units than any other manufacturer – including Samsung. The iPhone 6S topped the charts with a total of around 60 million units shipped, followed by the iPhone 7, 7 Plus and the 6S Plus, according to a recent report from intelligence firm IHS Markit. For more context, the research takes into account quarterly shipment data for more than 350 smartphone models.
  • Looking Forwards To Microsoft’s Surface Pro 5

    Michael Grothaus22/03/2017 - 4:42pmWe round up all the latest rumors about Microsoft's incoming Surface Pro 5 Microsoft’s Surface Pro is one of the most popular hybrids out there. It’s what many people with the iPad Pro would be: a tablet that also runs a full desktop OS, and can easily be docked with a keyboard to use as a full-featured, professional grade laptop. The current Surface Pro 4 has some desirable specs including a 12.3in 2736 x 1824 pixel at 267 pixels per inch; 128GB, 2
  • Google Maps now lets you share your location with your friends

    The Google Maps team is on a bit of a roll. Fresh after adding shareable bucket lists and parking reminders, Maps can now share your location in real time as well. It’s a pretty nifty implementation. Open the side menu or tap on the blue dot indicating where you are, and you’ll see a new “Share location” option. Pick a few people to share with, and they’ll be able to see where you are in real time right on their own Maps app. You can set your location to
  • iPad (2017) vs iPad mini 4 (2017): A Look At Apple's New iPads

    Michael Grothaus22/03/2017 - 2:53pmApple's latest tablets – the New iPad and iPad Mini – FACE OFF When Apple took its online store offline on March 21 many suspected that the company was set to introduce a slew of new iPad models. However, a new, much rumored, 10.1in iPad Pro didn’t materialize. Neither did any kind of update to the iPad Pro line at all. What Apple did do, however, was to get rid of the iPad mini 2 and bump up the storage on the iPad mini 4, which is
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Review

  • A nightmare future of AR is closer than we think

    Is AR going to make our life better or turn it into a nightmare reality overlaid with incessant ads? At SXSW we watched the short film HYPER-REALITY by Keiichi Matsuda with Galit Ariel, who’s publishing a book on our AR future: Augmenting Alice. Matsuda’s film shows a possible dystopian future of AR and we wanted to know if Ariel thought it might be coming true. Spoiler: it already is. Many thanks to Keiichi Matusda, who kindly allowed us use his film, and to New Dutch Wave and Corr
  • Lithuanian scammer posed as Asian contractor to swindle US tech giants out of $100M

    Online scam artists are getting smarter by the day. One cunning Lithuanian phisher has reportedly managed to rip off two American tech firms for a staggering $100 million in total, according to a recent indictment by the US Department of Justice. The scammer purportedly orchestrated an intricate phishing scheme, which involved masquerading as an Asian computer hardware manufacturer, to trick the two unnamed companies into wiring him the hefty sum. The attacker has since been identified as
  • Review: Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 is a premium (if flawed) Android tablet experience

    As potent and popular as Android phones may be, Android tablets have never quite captured the simplicity, power, and design chops of the iPad. That’s not for lack of trying. Google’s Pixel C arguably came closest, but was hampered by an OS poorly optimized for a larger screen (Nougat helped, though it was too late by then ). But no one has tried harder than Samsung has with its Galaxy Tab Series. This time around the company is approaching its tablet line a little bit differently, a

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