• DisplayPort 2.0 brings support for dual 8K monitors at 120Hz

    Many of us don’t even have 4K displays yet, but that isn’t stopping technology from moving on. Today the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) announced DisplayPort 2.0, heralding the arrival of 16K displays in the years to come. While the idea of a 16K monitor is almost laughable, the increased bandwidth – 80 Gbps, up from the 32.4 Gbps – will allow a variety of new monitor configurations. Here are some of them: Single display resolutions -One 16K (15360&t
  • The first AI capable of simulating the universe works so well it’s scary

    A team of researchers recently pioneered the world’s first AI universe simulator. It’s fast; it’s accurate; and its creators are baffled by its ability to understand things about the cosmos that it shouldn’t. Scientists have used computer simulations to try and digitally reverse-engineer the origin and evolution of our universe for decades. The best traditional methods using modern technology take minutes and produce okay results. The world’s first AI universe simu
  • Review: The Microsoft Pro Intellimouse is a really, really lovely mouse

    I know you come to this site for deep, contemplative thought on the technological issues of the day, but sod it: the Microsoft Pro Intellimouse is really bloody lovely, and if you need a new mouse, you should buy this one. Job done. Time to go to the pub? Not quite. I suppose I should delve into why I think the Microsoft Pro Intellimouse is such a stellar peripheral worthy of your hard-earned cash. It’s simple: Microsoft got the fundamentals spot-on It’s time to party like it’
  • Duolingo finally adds Arabic to its repertoire

    Duolingo’s stable of languages expanded today to include Arabic — both the spoken and written word. With this, Duolingo now teaches five of the world’s most common tongues, and TNW got the chance to look at the course a few days early. We also spoke with some of the people behind the course, who revealed what kinds of stumbling blocks they faced bringing the language to the West. Arabic can be difficult for non-native speakers — I’m not shy to a
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  • Chinese Hackers Linked to Global Attacks on Telcos

    Chinese hackers likely are behind a series of cyberattacks against telecommunications companies around the world, security researchers have reported. The campaign, dubbed "Operation Soft Cell," has been active since 2012, according to Cybereason. There is some evidence suggesting even earlier activity against the telecommunications providers, all of whom were outside North America. The attackers attempted to steal all data stored in the active directory servers of the organizations, including al
  • Watch the replay of BlackBerry's 2019 Annual General Meeting

    If you missed out on BlackBerry's 2019 Annual General Meeting conference call, you can now take in the video replay.While today was all about BlackBerry's earnings report, BlackBerry also held its Annual General Meeting this week and if you missed out on the conference call, you can now take in the video replay, which includes all the slides and data to help break things down.Read More »
  • Review: The Roborock S5 robo-vacuum is fast, powerful, and quiet(ish)

    Robot vacuum cleaners were, a long time ago, the preserve of the cashed-up early adopter. Back in 2002, if you had deep pockets and wanted to make your gaff look like the set of The Jetsons, you could spend an ungodly amount of money on an iRobot Roomba. Flash forward to 2019, and the robot vacuum cleaner is a lot more competitive – and dare I say, exciting? There’s a lot of competition from upstart brands like Eufy, Neato, and DEEBOT, as well as legacy players like Shark and iRobot
  • Amazon brings Alexa to Android TV, Sony Bravias get it first

    Amazon promised a few months ago that it will bring Alexa to Sony's TVs running Android, despite the issues the US retailer has with Google when it comes to access to their TV platforms. Today, a first sign that Amazon fulfilled that promise has just popped up in the Google Play Store in the form of a new app.AndroidPolice reports Amazon recently published a new Alexa app in the Google Play Store, which specifies that it's meant for Sony Bravia TVs powered by Android. The new Amazon Alexa app al
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  • The best way to transcribe an interview without having to do shit

    Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, guides, and advice on how to easily get the most out of your gadgets, apps, and other stuff. Transcribing interviews is a pain, there’s no doubt about it. Listening back to the conversation, it becomes painfully obvious how often people sniff, how incoherent their sentences are, and how awful your own voice sounds. Add on top of that hours of manually transcribing each word and you’ve got yourself a hellish day. Luckily, we’re here
  • Like the Windows 10 calculator? You can now add it to your Android handset or iPhone

    What can be more unsexy than a calculator app? Yet, it does serve a purpose. Then again, so does cardboard. If you're not happy with the calculator on your phone, you can always go into the App Store or Google Play Store to find a third-party one. But there are so many choices, it might be hard to find one that you like. If you happen to enjoy using the calculator on your Windows 10 PC, you can install it on your Android handset or iPhone right now.
    It seems that Microsoft open sourced the Windo
  • The notchless Meizu 16s is a rock-solid flagship for the budget conscious

    It used to be that a mid-range phone would give you, well, a middling performance, but now? Devices like the $599 Meizu 16s show that you can have your cake and eat it. Take that, Marie Antoinette. I’ve been using the Meizu 16s for the past couple of weeks and found it to be a rock solid, feature-rich phone — especially for the price. Is it perfect? No, but it comes pretty close. Let’s start with the basics, what specs does the Meizu 16s have? For the cost (around $600),
  • Review: Oculus Quest is exactly what VR needs to hit the mainstream

    Wanna feel old? It’s been seven years since Doom-creator John Carmack first unveiled his ski-goggles contraption that would eventually become the Oculus Rift. A lot has happened in the years that have since passed, including Oculus’ 2 billion dollar acquisition by Facebook. What was then only a finicky but promising prototype, is now a multi-billion dollar industry.  However, virtual reality still isn’t very accessible or mainstream. Sure you can get a PlayStation VR head
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  • Bitcoin ransomers claim second victory as Florida town pays $500,000

    A second town in Florida has paid over $500,000 in Bitcoin to hackers following a ransomware attack. Officials in Lake City paid the hackers after their computer systems were down for two weeks. IT staff are thought to have disconnected their computers within minutes of the attack beginning, but their efforts proved too little, too late. As a result of the attack, employees lost access to email accounts and citizens were unable to make municipal payments online.  The hackers contacted the
  • Take down cybercriminals with this $39 ethical hacking training bundle

    With cybercrime an ever-expanding global threat, the need for ethical hackers -- men and women who spot network weaknesses and help stop illegal incursions -- has never been greater.
  • Swedish court fines Facebook group admin for failing to delete hate speech

    Patrik Markström, an administrator of the Facebook group “Stå Upp För Sverige” (Stand Up For Sweden), has been fined by a Swedish court for not regulating and deleting eight “grossly offensive comments” that other people had posted on the Facebook page.  Markström denied responsibility claiming he had not seen the comments on the group before. Despite this, yesterday the Eskilstuna District Court found him guilty after agreeing with the prosecut
  • CHEAP: Summon the BASS GOD with $100 off this 3-piece Amazon Echo subwoofer set-up

    Welcome to CHEAP, our series about things that are good, but most of all, cheap. CHEAP! Having an Alexa-powered speaker in your home is cool. But you know what’s cooler? A super system of Echo speakers with a sub-woofer. Right now, you can get a bundle of two 2nd-gen Echo speakers and an Echo Sub for just $229, down from $329. Buying this trio means you’ll get the perfect 2.1 wireless speaker system you always wanted. Echo speakers will deliver a room-filling sound with a 0.6-i
  • BlackBerry and LG expand connected and autonomous vehicle partnership

    BlackBerry and LG Electronics have announced an expansion of their partnership which will see them working together to speed up deployment of connected and autonomous vehicle technology across multiple OEMs and suppliers.BlackBerry and LG Electronics have announced an expansion of their partnership which will see them working together to speed up deployment of connected and autonomous vehicle technology across multiple OEMs and suppliers. As part of the agreement expansion, LG Electronics will u
  • BlackBerry announces Fiscal Year 2020 Q1 results

    "We are off to a good start to achieve our financial outlook for fiscal 2020," said John Chen, Executive Chairman and CEO, BlackBerry.BlackBerry today announced first quarter fiscal 2020 results while BlackBerry CEO John Chen re-affirmed the fiscal 2020 outlook with Cylance integration being ahead of schedule, investments taking place and over 30 new secure communication products and services coming this year.First Quarter Fiscal 2020:Read More »
  • Meth-smoking football coach who blew $2.1M on Bitcoin: ‘I’m still a believer’

    Disgraced football coach Mark “Bomber” Thompson has admitted to abusing crystal meth and obsessively trading cryptocurrency for 12 hours a day in the lead-up to his arrest, reports the Sydney Morning Herald. Today, Thompson (53) told Melbourne Magistrates Court that cryptocurrency was something he’d “been looking for” since the end of his career, and that he’d been consumed by watching YouTube tutorials. This, combined with methamphetamine intake, is said to
  • Here’s why you need to consider a Samsung Chromebook for under $100

    Why not save depreciation cash by buying an almost new computer at a used price?You can do just that right now with this deal on a refurbished Samsung Chromebook. It’s a $599 value priced for the budget-conscious (read: everybody) at just $99.99 right now from TNW Deals.
  • In a first, Facebook will hand over hate speech data to France

    Facebook has agreed to hand over identifying information on French users suspected of using hate speech on its platform, making it the first deal of its kind between the social media giant and a government. According to Reuters, the decision appears to have been a result of successive meetings between Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg and French President Emmanuel Macron. “This is huge news, it means that the judicial process will be able to run normally,” Cédric O, France&
  • Mt. Gox founder facing lawsuit for losing 80,000 BTC

    Serial entrepreneur Jed McCaleb, and creator of the now-defunct Mt. Gox, is facing a lawsuit over his handling of the failed cryptocurrency exchange.  Former Mt. Gox traders Joseph Jones and Peter Steinmetz allege McCaleb was “fraudulent” and “negligent” in his representation of the exchange, partly leading to the loss of their Bitcoin when it was hacked in the notorious hacking incident from 2014, CoinDesk reports. The complaint, submitted on May 19, clai
  • There are now over 5,000 cryptocurrency ATMs around the world

    The number of cryptocurrency ATMs worldwide continues to grow. The 5,000 milestone appears to have been reached in the past few weeks. As of June 1, there were 4,858 cryptocurrency ATMs. According to data from CoinATMradar.com, there are now 5,011 of the machines around the world, at the time of writing. The cryptocurrency ATM manufacturer General Bytes is responsible for most of this growth, having installed 69 new machines since the start of the month. Genesis Coin put 24 new BATMs online, wh
  • Android Auto is getting a redesigned interface and Dark Mode

    Google last month announced an update for Android Auto that would change the way the app looks and works, and it is now finally rolling out to some regions. Google says that the refreshed interface was "built to help you get on the road faster, show more useful information at a glance and simplify common tasks while driving."
    To streamline the experience and to make common tasks even easier to perform while driving, the latest Android Auto update introduces a redesigned bottom navigation ba
  • Razer drops streamer for tweeting ‘men are trash’ in response to sexual harassment

    Gaming hardware brand Razer announced that it won’t renew Gabriela Cattuzzo’s contract, a popular Brazilianvideo game streamer with almost 90k followers on Twitch. The decision comes after Cattuzzo posted a series of tweets stating that “men are trash” in response to the online sexual harassment she has faced — which Razer Brazil considers to be “extremism.”  Cattuzzo’s ‘extremist’ remarks were in response to a male Twitter u
  • Facebook admits red dot notifications are annoying, may soon let you disable them

    Facebook is rumored to be working on reducing the number of red dot notifications in the Facebook mobile app. The company is testing tools that allow users to customize what types of in-app notifications they see – i.e. for the Watch, Profile, and Groups tabs nested in the top bar of the app. Of course, disabling them outright won't be possible, but it's still going to be better than having to tap each one to clear it.
    There's no official word on why this is being done, but a Facebook rep
  • We can’t recycle black plastic, but now we can use its carbon for renewable energy

    The big problem with plastics is that though they last for a very long time, most are thrown away after only one use. Since plastics were invented in the 1950s, about 8,300m metric tonnes (Mt) have been made, but over half (4,900 Mt) is already in landfill or has been lost to the environment. In 2010 alone, an estimated 4.8 to 12.7 Mt went into the oceans. Only a small proportion of the hundreds of types of plastics can be recycled by conventional technology. But there are other things we can d
  • The Wayback Machine can now highlight changes in copy on websites

    Since its launch in 2001, the Wayback Machine has been a very useful digital archive of the World Wide Web. By frequently crawling and caching pages for the archive, the Wayback Machine has amassed over 366 billion web pages, 20 million books and texts, 4 million videos, and tons of software programs. Now the Internet Archive, the San Francisco-based nonprofit behind the tool, is making it easier to track changes between two snapshots. The new feature, called “Changes,” lets yo
  • Oppo reveals the world’s first under-the-display selfie camera

    Oppo just unveiled its first phone with under-the-display selfie camera at Mobile World Congress Shangai. A few weeks ago, the Chinese company had shown its concept of hosting a camera under the display via a tweet. This technology is the latest attempt from the company at hiding components to make for a bezel-less front fascia. Previously, it has attempted a sliding mechanism and a wedge-shaped pop-up selfie camera as an antidote to the notch. OPPO's brand new solution for full-screen dis
  • Facebook’s Libra partners remain cautious amid growing scrutiny from regulators

    Facebook‘s Libra partners have reportedly signed non-binding agreements, meaning they’re not obliged to promote or use the digital token and can abandon the project if they decide to do so. According to the New York Times, which cites anonymous executives from seven of Facebook‘s partners, some of the companies are being cautious about associating themselves too closely with Libra due to the company’s ongoing issues with regulators. The technology giant made headlin
  • Cyber criminals steal $27M in Bitcoin by impersonating popular cryptocurrency exchange

    Police agencies from the UK and the Netherlands have arrested six people in connection with the theft of €24 million ($27 million) worth of cryptocurrency. According to a statement, the gang stole Bitcoin from at least 4,000 victims across 12 countries. This is likely just the start, as more are beleived to have been affected; victims continue to come forward. Following a 14-month long investigation, the group of five men and one woman were arrested at their homes in the south of England,
  • Twitter’s bringing lists to the home screen and I’m jumping with joy

    Twitter is considered to be a handy tool for journalists looking to stay on top of the news – I”ve written some great news stories based on tips and leads from the social network. However, I’m always bummed out that Twitter’s lists feature, that lets me curate different feeds to cater to my interest, is buried deep in the app and is hard to access. The company’s finally addressing that: Twitter said that it’s currently rolling out a feature for some users tha
  • Lightyear unveils its solar car prototype with a 725km range and $170,000 price tag

    Dutch automotive firm Lightyear has unveiled a prototype of the One, a solar-powered car that can travel up to 725km (450 miles) on a full charge. You can juice it up via electric charging stations, or just leave it out in the sun. The five-seater sedan is designed to be light and aerodynamic for maximum range, so you’ll feel comfortable taking it out for long road trips. It features five square meters of solar panels beneath safety glass on its roof and hood to draw power, and four motor
  • Opera officially launches its blockchain-ready browser for the iPhone

    Earlier this year, Opera launched its cryptocurrency and blockchain-ready browser for Android and PC users. Today, it’s finally launching its equivalent for iPhone, Opera Touch. With the launch, Opera Touch for iOS provides the same Web 3.0 and cryptocurrency wallet integration as its Android and PC-based counterpart. Opera says that it allows users to interact directly and seamlessly with Web 3.o (read: decentralized) applications on the Ethereum blockchain. Typically, users would need a
  • Vivo claims its new 120W tech can charge your phone in just 13 minutes

    Vivo said it just showed off its new charging tech at Mobile World Congress Shangai that can juice up your phone in just 13 minutes. The Chinese phone maker said that phones with this technology can support charging at 120W.  The new method, called Super FlashCharge 120W, uses Vivo‘s custom USB-C cable and travel charger. The company tested this method with a 4,000 mAh battery in the lab and was able to charge from 0 to 50 percent in just five minutes – and subse
  • How to update your iPhone to iOS 13 right now

    Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, guides, and advice on how to easily get the most out of your gadgets, apps, and other stuff. Apple’s latest mobile operating system doesn’t officially drop until September. But, if you’re willing to deal with a few bugs in a Public Beta offering, you can get iOS 13 now. It’s worth noting that the bugs range from minor inconveniences to things that could significantly alter the way you use certain apps, or the device itsel
  • GameClub wants to preserve forgotten iPhone games for a new generation

    Ever wonder what happened to the iPhone games that you can no longer find, that one day just disappeared from the App Store with no explanation? While mobile gaming in recent years has blown up, and the more popular games have spawned bonafide franchises — Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Monument Valley — the early years of App Store game development were a bit more Wild West than Hollywood, and, like the former, traces of its existence have vanished into the ether. A devel
  • Microsoft makes OneDrive more secure with Personal Vault for Android and iOS

    Microsoft has just announced it's making OneDrive more secure with the addition of Personal Vault, a protected area that can only be accessed by the owner of the account, which features a strong authentication method or a second step of identity verification.The new OneDrive Personal Vault is only accessible through the following authentication methods: fingerprint, face, PIN or code sent via email or SMS. On top of that, Microsoft says that all locked files in Personal Vault have an extra layer
  • EMUI 10 Leak: Huawei P30 Pro Android Q Features!

  • Life can theoretically exist in a 2D universe

    The wild and wacky world of physics just keeps getting stranger. A UC Davis physicist recently published research demonstrating the possibility for complex lifeforms to exist in a two-dimensional universe. Philosophers and scientists have long dealt with a lack of information about our universe by viewing it through the prism of us, the observers. This is called the Anthropic Principle. The argument is that the basic framework of our universe – the existence of three dimensions of space a
  • Inside Shopify’s brave API gamble

    A platform-as-a-service company is only as good as its APIs, and Shopify has dozens of them. These expose a specific part of the Shopify’s product to third-party developers, who can then incorporate them into their own applications. And last week, at the annual Shopify Unite summit, the company announced it was moving away from traditional REST-based APIs to Facebook’s GraphQL technology. While REST isn’t going away, much of the internal development interest will be focused on
  • Review: The SVS Prime Elevation are Atmos speakers that can do it all

    There are few things you can do to upgrade your home theater experience like adding a pair of height speakers. Whether you’re listening to Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, or Auro 3D, the added vertical dimension makes the sound more immersive and helps transport you to the scenes on film. But while most speakers designed for Atmos compromise on the acoustics, SVS’ $400 Prime Elevation are good enough to deserve a spot in almost any part of your home theater setup. Dolby Atmos speakers usually f
  • BlackBerry Hub+ beta app updates bring 'stability fixes' across the board

    A new batch of BlackBerry Hub+ beta app updates has now arrived through the Google Play Store for those of you out there who are about that beta life.A new batch of BlackBerry Hub+ beta app updates has now arrived through the Google Play Store for those of you out there who are about that beta life. Hub+ Inbox, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes all have updates, but the changelogs have been kept small this time around and highlight 'stability fixes' across the board.Read More »
  • Hurry and claim your free four-month Apple Music subscription right now at Groupon (new users only)

    It's definitely not every day that you get the chance to claim a free four-month subscription to the world's second most popular music streaming platform, but believe it or not, that's precisely the amazing deal Groupon is offering for the second time in just a little over a month.
    Once again, you only have a "limited time" to act and hit the "buy" button at the source link below, although you won't actually need to buy anything (as in, cough up any money) to become a "paying" Apple Music subscr
  • AT&T releases June update for the BlackBerry KEYone

    Although it's not listed on their support page as of yet, AT&T has now released their June software update for BlackBerry KEYone owners who purchased their device from the carrier.Although it's not listed on their support page as of yet, AT&T has now released their June software update for BlackBerry KEYone owners who purchased their device from the carrier. The update is coming through as ABX992 and features all the security patches for June.Read More »
  • This IBM Code Pattern makes it easy to create your own object recognition AI

    IBM developer Nicholas Bourdakos recently created a new Code Pattern that lets just about anyone develop and train an AI model to recognize objects using computer vision. Bourdakos’ Code Pattern, called “Create a real-time object detection app using Watson Machine Learning,” relies on a tool called Cloud Annotations. It’s basically a blueprint for training an AI model to recognize whatever objects you train it on, with a tool that makes labeling your data dead simpl
  • Next-Gen Raspberry Pi 4 Packs Power Plus Potential

    The next big Raspberry Pi thing is now here, with lots more computing power and more options. The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced the availability of Raspberry Pi 4, a comprehensive upgrade that touches nearly every element of the computing platform. Raspberry Pi 4 offers users a choice of three memory capacities. The entry-level 1 GB RAM retains the signature $35 price; 2 GB costs $45; 4 GB sells for $55. Prices exclude sales tax, import duty and shipping.
  • Update allows you to share self-destructing images through the Google Duo app

    Back in 2012 when Snapchat launched, its claim to fame was that members could take a photo that would "self-destruct" in ten seconds or less once viewed by the recipient. Of course, there were many references to the self-destructing tapes seen on the Mission Impossible television show. You'd never recognize Snapchat all these years later after it has added Lenses, Stories, and many other new features.
    Sending photographs that disappear may indeed seem so 2012, but according to Android Police, Go
  • Hackers target major UK supermarket’s Twitter with phoney Bill Gates Bitcoin scam

    Hackers took control of British multinational retailer Tesco’s Twitter account yesterday, urging followers to send Bitcoin to a wallet address and promising to return twice the value received. Luckily, though, Tesco’s followers did not fall for the Bitcoin scheme as no funds were deposited in the wallet address shared by the hackers.  According to Bleeping Computer, the tweet was sent from Tesco’s official account, which boasts over 500,000 followers.  Hackers also d
  • Create and manage your business's e-commerce platform for $49 with fesh.

    Fesh. makes it easy to setup an e-commerce platform that boosts return customers and automates your marketing efforts.Whether you’re an amateur hobbyist selling projects on the side or an established brand servicing millions of customers, you need a powerful and flexible e-commerce platform to sell your goods online. There are countless apps and services that’ll help you accomplish this, but if your time is focused on running your online business, your e-commerce platform should be a

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