• Oliver Heldens Teases New Chainsmokers Remix On Snapchat

    The Chainsmokers are gearing up to release their sophmore EP next month, but most of us are still stuck on their most recent track “All We Know” with Phoebe Ryan. It wasn’t too long ago that it was released, even, and The Chainsmokers are already moving on to the next thing.
    For the rest of us, Oliver Heldens included, “All We Know” is still on the brain. Heldens just recently shared a teaser of a remix he was doing for the track on Snapchat, showing off a more deep
  • k?d – Mortem [Free Download]

    Most people know this producer for his absolutely incredible remix of “Doin It Right” by Daft Punk. His signature style blending nostalgic instrumentation with cutting edge future bass influence has sky rocketed this k?d‘s success as a producer. After gaining a lot of traction with that release, k?d continued on that path of delivering hit track after hit track with his signature nostalgic future bass sound. However, this new track shows a darker side to the producer, a side&nb
  • HI-LO-WEEN IN NYC [Ticket Giveaway]

    Halloween in New York City is always the best time of year, bringing out the wildest looks and rowdiest parties. The dark and gritty sounds paired with Oliver Heldens’ alias, HI-LO make it all the better. Get ready to embrace the darker sounds when HI-LO-WEEN takes over a secret warehouse In Brooklyn, New York this upcoming friday the 28th.
    Courtesy of RPM Presents, Your EDM is giving away 2 tickets for the HI-LO’s debut Brooklyn show with none other than Hotel Garuda & Wax
  • Infuze – Alive feat. Brave [Fool’s Gold]

    I’m a real sucker for melodic bass so when I stumbled across this single from Fool’s Gold by Infuze, I couldn’t help but share it with the world.
    First off, there’s a bit of a throwback kind of vibe with this song which really only adds to the coolness of it all. Infuze really brings this song to life, showing off a sweeter, more melodic approach to bass music compared to most others in the game. That’s not to say that the track is soft; “Alive&
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  • Zo Grand x Sammy Wilk – Running Away [Your EDM Premiere]

    Upcoming electronic act Zo Grand, most known for his remix of Gnash & Olivia O’brien’s “I hate u, I love u” releases his latest work “Running Away”. Working with singer / songwriter Sammy Wilk, who’s accolades include work with Jack & Jack, Ky-mani Marley, and more, the collaborative effort between the two yields a breezy and fresh tropical house anthem and is nothing short of spellbinding and arguably a new favorite of the genre. The mellow voc
  • Showtek Played A New ID From AMF & We’re In Love

    Showtek: they started out as hardstyle legends, moved onto big room during its height in 2012-2013, and now they’re making… laidback moombahton? You might think it sounds weird, and it does, but honestly this new one from Showtek has us dancing in all kinds of embarrassing ways.
    As far as we can tell, this is Showtek’s first time playing this out. The “Lean On” vibes are strong, but the strong brass line and percussion give this tune an identity all its own…
  • Celebrate The Tenth Anniversary of Deadmau5′ “Faxing Berlin”

    Oh, how time flies.
    It has been exactly 10 years since deadmau5 released “Faxing Berlin,” a track that would later become one of the most iconic and celebrated works in his career. Included on his debut mau5trap album, Random Album Title, the song came along such classics as “I Remember,” “Alone With You” and “Complications.”
    The album remained on Billboard‘s dance music charts for 12 weeks following its release, and peaked a
  • Le Bataclan Set To Re-Open Mid November With Set From Laurent Garnier

    The events that occurred November of last year at the now notorious Paris club Le Bataclan shook the world to its core. Hoping to foster a bigger, stronger community, Le Bataclan has announced that it will be reopening its doors this November to host a slew of new shows. Pete Doherty will be one of the first to play the venue, in light of his recent release inspired by the tragic events, on November 16th and 17th.
    A week after the opening night with Doherty, French DJ and pro
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  • Marshmello’s “Ritual” With Wrabel Is Coming November 1st

    It’s been a little over 3 months since Marshmello last teased his track “Ritual” on social media, but now we finally have a release date, and it’s coming up soon.
    Marshmello’s biggest release to date will come out November 1, in just one week. The new track with Wrabel has been driving fans crazy for months now and was even the namesake of his current tour. Finally, fans will be able to play it at their leisure without having to scrounge through low quality live set
  • FiASKO Debuts Latest Original Piece

    This track is a first to usher in a new sound for socal artist FiASKO (formerly 3-time Discovery Project Winner Fiasko Daniels). Consisting of heavy sound design, Japanese influenced vocal samples and a reworked anime themed overhaul within the project itself, the music and branding really speaks for itself. FiASKO has always been one to create original music with quality sound design, staples of his trademark vowel basses and high energy melodies. “Count With Me” follows this formu
  • Leaks Confirm Apple’s New MacBook Pro Will Have A Touch Strip

    Apple has opened themselves up to relentless criticism over the last couple years, if not for their lack of innovation, then for the removal of hardware that we’re not yet ready to part with.
    Now, days before the expected announcement of a new MacBook Pro, images have leaked regarding one catching new feature: the Magic Toolbar.We can’t say for sure that it’ll be called the Magic Toolbar, but Brian Conroy has sighted a trademark filing for the name and traced it back to Ap
  • Patty Crash & Kronic – Pictures

    One of my favorite tracks I’ve discovered all month doesn’t come from one of the DJ Mags Top 100, but from Grammy nominated singer / songwriter Patty Crash, known mostly for her work in the hip hop realm. “Pictures” produced by hip hop artists Kronic and Mike Jerz, provides a pleasant and familiar listening experience for fans of trap and hip hop, accentuated by Patty Crash’s dark and deep vocal work. A must have for fans of trap and bass but also those who reside
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  • HYDDE & MOONZz – Anything You Want (Sean Turk Remix)

    With over 10 million plays and collaborations with some of the world’s best producers, singer, songwriter MOONZz has been enjoying a stellar year. Before releasing her new EP, she offered Sean Turk first dibs on remixing one of the tracks, and what could be a better platform to build his trademark bedroom bass than “Anything You Want.”
    Coming from a hip-hop and R&B background, Turk is no stranger to the sensual basslines and gyrating ambience required to
  • STMPD RCRDS To Finally Branch Out From Martin Garrix’s Own Material

    Martin Garrix just wrapped up an unprecedented release binge, and now his STMPD RCRDS imprint is looking to keep the momentum rolling with LIØNE’s debut original production.
    Scheduled for release on October 28th, the upcoming track is called “Leave This Place,” and though it certainly bears resemblance to the work of Porter Robinson, the song is crafted in an unique style that’s simply gorgeous.
    The visual clip sports a Neo-Tokyo future aesthetic, while t
  • The Newest Volume Of Snails’ SNAILEDIT! Mix Series Is Out & Just As Crazy As Ever

    It’s that time of year again! Well… not technically, since the SNAILEDIT! mix isn’t actually an annual thing, but it gets the point across all the same. However, the previous mix was 11 months ago, so why not?
    Either way, SNAILEDIT! Volume 4 is out now and just as crazy as ever. He’s continued his tradition of letting loose an insane amount of IDs in the mix, and, like before, he will begin revealing everything at 150k plays. One ID track name will be revealed after ever
  • [Premiere] DOOXS — Dirt [Urple Eeple Remix] [OO Records]

    Dutch electronica duo, DOOXS, just found their way into our ears and we can’t get enough. Though the project was only formed last year, producer Aniek and singer & songwriter Djoeke are already turning heads with their unique style. Unafraid to blend genres and bend the rules, these two create soulful sonic fusions sitting somewhere between ambient IDM, indie-folk, and R&B.
    With that being said, it’s no wonder they enlisted the talents of Bay Area audio wizard,
  • $uicideboy$ & Getter’s Collab Features A Sample Straight From A Pack

    Another day, another controversy for rap group $uicideboy$. The rappers were in hot water recently from deadmau5 who discovered that they had ripped the melody straight from his collaboration with Kaskade, “I Remember,” for one of their new songs. That song has since been scrubbed from the internet.
    Now, a much lesser but still rather interesting controversy for the group, it’s been discovered that their collaboration with Getter which came out in July, “Stop Calling
  • Your EDM Premiere: Twofold & Sudden Death – Dissolution [Firepower]

    It’s that time of year again: Firepower Records is set to release Flatline Vol. 4, the annual compilation of bangers that makes your heart go, “Wait. What was that?”
    We’re happy to help Firepower premiere the newest collaboration from Twofold and Sudden Death, entitled “Dissolution.” If you’re a fan of heavy bass and relatively little melody, this track is definitely for you. The atonal bass hits your chest like a cannon, but come on, that’s d
  • Bobby Nourmand – D E E P in NY (feat. DOC & Goodmorning)

    Bobby Nourmand is quickly becoming a household name with recent mentions from DJ Mag and Mixmag as one of the ‘Hottest New Artists.’ With this buzz, Nourmand has released a new track in hopes of keeping the ball rolling. The track, “D E E P in NY,” has already seen heavy rotation on Sirius XM’s Chill Station, making this track a must listen for all deep house lovers.
    The track employs the help of DOC and Goodmorning, two NY based rappers for this NY inspir
  • Excision Releases His Third Studio Album, “Virus”

    Albums usually release on Fridays now, but there’s no reason why an album can’t release on a Tuesday, and Excision is the last person we’d expect to stick to convention.
    Virus is Excision’s biggest album to date, spanning 16 tracks – 6 more than X Rated and 5 more than Codename X, his album that came out last year. There was a three-year gap between his first and second albums, so the announcement of a third so soon after the second took everyone by s
  • Shazam NOW to find out more!

  • Lliam + Latroit – ‘TO YOU’ ft CHARLZ

    Are you a fan of soft melodies? Do you like sultry female vocals? Do you long for the days of ’80s synth pop, but you wish it had a more modern touch? If you answered yes to all these things, you’re going to love “To You” by Lliam + Latroit featuring CHARLZ.
    The vocal chops that have become the focal point of so many songs in 2016 are here in full effect, but at least they’re supplanted by legitimately incredible vocals from CHARLZ, who is able to channel this pseud
  • Learn How REZZ Found Her Sound + Brand New Featured Mix

    REZZ has steadily been climbing the ranks of electronic dance, and backed by mau5trap’s stamp of approval and an ever-growing base of dedicated fans, the bass queen’s meteoric rise is only just beginning.
    Mixmag recently caught up with REZZ to get an idea of what she thinks about the dance world embracing her sound and hear her thoughts on where she’s going next. We’ve rounded up some of the highlights, but be sure to check out the full interview here,
  • Listen To Tiësto’s Monumental 6-Hour DJ Set Celebration

    Tiësto is one of dance music’s many legends, and since 2007, the Dutch producer has been hosting Club Life, a weekly radio show featuring the most hyped records as curated by Tiësto himself.
    Club Life just wrapped up its historic 500th episode, and to celebrate the momentous occasion, Tiësto played a throwback six-hour set at the Ziggo Dome. He’s stated in recent interviews that he misses the musical journey of a six-hour format, a st
  • Jai Wolf Releases Forthcoming EP’s First Single

    Wow. Jai Wolf is back in an absolutely huge way with a brand new single, “Like It’s Over,” on Mom+Pop. Unlike both of its predecessors “Indian Summer” and “Drive,” there’s a more crossover feel to this song in addition to the very ‘cinematic’ sound that Jai Wolf seems to have perfected.
    “Like It’s Over” is the debut single off of Jai Wolf’s upcoming EP, Kindred Spirits, and having listened to
  • Watch Axwell Λ Ingrosso Destroy Amsterdam With 2 New Unreleased Tracks

    Axwell Λ Ingrosso just wrapped up another stint at Amsterdam Music Festival, and apart from coming out to one of the most insane entrance sequences ever, the duo kicked off with a brand new ID that has us feeling all kinds of awesome.
    But they didn’t stop at one. No, Heineken Music Hall got treated to two new ID’s from Axwell and Ingrosso. The introductory tune is called “How Do You Feel Right Now,” and it’s built as a heavy instrumental arrangement
  • Next MacBook Pros Rumored to Lack Old USB Ports

    “Out with the old and in with the new” is usually a good saying, but Apple doesn’t seem to know which old stuff to keep around. Macotakara, the website that accurately predicted the demise of the headphone jack in the iPhone 7, has issued a new report that the old USB port on the new MacBook 12″ is going to meet the same fate.
    It is rumored that the old USB ports will be replaced with new USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 ports on the new 12″ MacBook. Alongside thes
  • Lights Years Away – Ain’t Talking About Love [Play Me Records]

    How far down the rabbit hole must we venture before we realize that sometimes it’s okay to just make a dope tune that everyone will vibe to? The tune I’m describing is one of a three-piece EP entitled Xenon Eyes on the legendary Play Me Records. The reason I prefer this tune from the bunch, is the pure classical electronica energy to it. It doesn’t sound like 80% of the bass house or EDM coming out of so many of these artists. It doesn’t sound forced. It do
  • Watch As Marshmello & Tiësto Plan Their Big Prank From EDC Las Vegas 2016 [Exclusive]

    I think we all remember the moment from EDC Las Vegas this year when Marshmello “revealed” himself to be Tiësto during his performance at cosmicMEADOW. Even today, some fans are convinced that Tiësto is Marshmello – and the rest of us allow them to continue believing that, because honestly it’s just amusing.
    But what actually went into planning the whole charade? It was really pretty simple. Tiësto and Marshmello, along with the latter’s manager, Moe
  • Martin Garrix Will Perform Live At 2016 MTV EMAs

    After the week Martin Garrix has had, it’s hard to see him going any bigger. But somehow, he’s about to do just that. Having been nominated for both Best Electronic Act and Best World Stage at this year’s MTV EMAs, Martin Garrix will perform LIVE at the ceremonies.
    Martin Garrix debuted a live performance on The Tonight Show in August when he performed “In The Name Of Love” with Bebe Rexha. This will be his second ever live performance.
    The question then is –
  • Your EDM Premiere: Excision – Neck Brace ft. Messinian [Forthcoming “Virus” LP]

    Excision fans, rejoice! The Virus LP is set to drop tomorrow, but we have one last little premiere to help you whet your whistle… okay, it’s really not all that little. It’s the newest collaboration between Excision and Messinian. The MC who most famously said “I’m XXX bitch, triple X-rated” is back with “Neck Brace.”
    What can I say about this track other than to take the title with caution because you’re going to be hurting your n
  • Dubstep’s Top 100 For 2016 Surfaces Online & It’s Creating Some Heated Discussion

    Alright, so the DJ Mag Top 100 was a week ago. We can finally go back to our normal daily routines of listening to music that we like without having to bow down before an autocratic list that dictates our listening habits… phew, right?
    A random Facebook page called Dubstep Online has released its own list of Top 100 DJs just for dubstep. You wouldn’t think there were that many actual dubstep DJs, but you’d be wrong. Pioneers like Lo
  • Holly x Taptone — Wonder [Heroic.]

    At this point, you’re likely living under a rock if Holly isn’t on your radar. His output is truly prodigious and most of it is utterly phenomenal.
    This time around, he’s teamed up with Switzerland’s Taptone to create a glorious hybrid banger. Entitled ‘Wonder’, the tune is a perfect blend of the duo’s unique styles of production. It draws clear influence from both drum & bass and electronic trap music; a match made in sonic heaven, if you
  • Tim Gunter – First Breath [All Good Recs]

    A lot of times, producers write songs based around a specific time in their life. With how the music industry works, these tracks unfortunately can’t be released just as soon as they’re finished, and they might lose context in the grander sense – in those cases, we hope the music is strong enough to speak for itself.
    Tim Gunter wrote this track in the spring, and it is now nearly winter. Interestingly enough, you could almost equate the progression of the song to that of the se
  • Tim Gunter – First Breath

    A lot of times, producers write songs based around a specific time in their life. With how the music industry works, these tracks unfortunately can’t be released just as soon as they’re finished, and they might lose context in the grander sense – in those cases, we hope the music is strong enough to speak for itself.
    Tim Gunter wrote this track in the spring, and it is now nearly winter. Interestingly enough, you could almost equate the progression of the song to that of the se
  • Justice Skolnik – You Could Be Down

    Justice Skolnik is back with another astonishing release, but that’s really no surprise. The San Francisco-based producer has had a slew of hits already, his most recent being a phenomenal remix of Matoma’s “False Alarm.” With a quickly growing catalogue of popular tracks, Skolnik has solidified his place an up and coming talent to watch out for this coming year. The new track, “You Could Be Down,” released today, further pushes Skolnik to the forefr
  • The Chainsmokers’ Official Music Video For “Closer” With Halsey Is Here

    The Chainsmokers and Halsey have finally released the music video for their hit track “Closer” today, and it’s actually one of the better music videos that have come out this year – at least for EDM. It’s nothing like Sia’s incredibly artistic music video for “Elastic Heart,” but the emotional content is still there.
    You can tell from the lyrics what the video would be about before you even see it, but the direction of the video is pretty stunning,
  • Review: Plantronics Backbeat PRO 2 Headphones Expertly Balance Convenience & Class

    Before trying out Plantronics‘ brand new Backbeat PRO 2 headphones, my knowledge of the company was extremely limited. As someone who rarely researches new electronics until my current versions are dysfunctional, I had no idea what kind of strides the more than 50-year-old organization had made since its time providing headsets for Neil Armstrong during his iconic moon landing. Their extensive catalogue of products, ranging from business-focused headsets to gaming headphones, is
  • Apple Rumored to Remove Old-School USB Ports on Next Macbook Pro

    By Madison Margolin
  • Listen To The Last Unreleased Chainsmokers Track Off Of New EP [STREAM]

    This week, The Chainsmokers unveiled the final tracklist for their highly anticipated upcoming EP, Collage. Among songs like “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Closer” was one unreleased song that will serve as the leading number off of the EP, “Setting Fires.” Despite knowing that it will feature vocals from singer XYLØ, very slim amounts of information have been given about the work. That is, until now.
    During their recent set at ADE, The Chainsmoker
  • Watch KSHMR Slay Amsterdam Music Festival’s Mainstage [FULL VIDEO]

    This weekend, the annual Amsterdam Music Festival saw a whirlwind group of the most prolific DJs in EDM take the stage in front of an immense, international crowd for some of the wildest sets of the season. Held in the massive Amsterdam Arena, the stage production, lighting and pyrotechnics only added to the unmistakable vibe, allowing the DJs to bring their very best to the fans in attendance.
    For your viewing enjoyment, we now have a complete video of KSHMR‘s weekend set to share. Comple
  • Skrillex Surprises Getter Fans With Unexpected B2B For Wat The Frick Tour

    Getter fans were in for a treat the other night at this LA show where the one-and-only Skrillex surprised those in attendance with an unexpected B2B performance. Getter’s Wat The Frick tour has been well-received far and wide, featuring a wide variety of raucous acts, and Skrillex showing up randomly only increases the expectation for future shows to come.
    Check out some videos of the B2B below and get tickets to see #WTFrick near you.
    Getter brought SKRILLEX TOO ! pic.twitt
  • The Zedd True Colors Movie Is Here

    By Angus Thomas Paterson
  • The Chainsmokers Go Triple Platinum On Three Records

    The Chainsmokers are back at it again breaking new ground for EDM. Last week the New York-based duo gleefully shared the news that all three of their top charting singles of the past year, “Roses”, “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Closer” have all been certified triple platinum status by the RIAA (Recording IndAssociationcation of America).
    Platinum status is achieved once a single sells 1 million copies or reaches the equivalent with the streaming conversi
  • Justice’s New Single, Alakazam, Is A Glorious Throwback

    Justice has a new album on the way, and Woman is shaping up to be everything we could want in a return LP from the iconic duo. Now, after playing a free show with Boys Noize and Daniel Wang at Berlin’s Kreuzberg Chalet, a new single called “Alakazam” has surfaced.
    Familiar sound designs of † (Cross) are tucked neatly amongst the new arrangement, with a delicious bassline to drive the piece forward, and chocked full of grooving retro elements. By all a
  • Get Ready To Streamline Your Facebook Experience Through Purchasing Tickets In App

    With Facebook’s ever-evolving features and updates to their social media platform, they’ve been able to constantly remain above their competition. With continual integration into the Facebook mobile app itself, individualized activities are becoming more streamlined and convenient all within the app.
    In a new update coming to Facebook developers, you will be able to order food via Delivery.com and Slice, get a professional services quote, and buy a movie or event
  • Reddit User Claims “Don’t Let Me Down” Is Sampled From German Rap Song [VIDEOS]

    Here we go again, folks.
    Back in September, The Chainsmokers quietly added credits from The Fray’s Isaac Slade and Joe King to “Closer” after it was found that the piano from the track “Over My Head (Cable Car)” sounded extremely similar to the main melody from the new dance track. After what could have been an impending lawsuit, one critic speculated that the credits had been added by The Chainsmokers as part of a settlement.
    Now, it appears the electronic duo may
  • Listen to Clean Bandit's Sparkling Remix of Flume's "Say It"

    This remix of Flume's hit with Tove Lo deserves a listen
  • How a Techno Party is Making Tbilisi a Rave Destination

    By Zviad Gelbakhiani and Tato Getia
  • SoundCloud Reveals Helpful New Feature That It Should’ve Had Years Ago

    Soundcloud has just added a brand new feature to its arsenal of listening tools, coming as one of the only updates to the popular streaming site in recent times that hasn’t brought with it a load of controversy.
    By checking the right-hand column on the Soundcloud home page, users will now see a section called Listening history near the bottom. While on the home page, the previous three songs that were listened to will show up for quick access.On the History tab itself, a complete