• Shawn Wasabi Uses Boba & Popsicles To Make Beats And It’s Super Good

    It wasn’t too long ago that I wrote up an album from Kill Paris which relied heavily on the MIDI Sprout, a device that converted electrical signals from plants into MIDI notes. But that’s not the only way to turn objects that aren’t supposed to make music into musical devices.
    If there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about making music from random things, it’s Shawn Wasabi. One of the foremost experts using the MIDI Fighter in the world, Wasabi gets a kick out of
  • Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Use Musicians For Their Password & It’s Not Safe

    More often than not, people take the easy way out when it comes to passwords. There are so many services that require a password that it’s easier to choose an easy one than a complicated one; but in exchange for ease, you lose security.
    A new survey conducted by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the Department for Digital, Media, and Sport (DCMS) in the UK has found that a staggering number of people actually use musicians and pop culture for their passwords, many of them acro
  • Gesaffelstein Announces Full Tour Following Epic Coachella Performance

    Following the release of his new album and before his first performance at Coachella a week ago, fans were skeptical of Gesaffelstein. Would it be the same sort of poppy mish mash on HYPERION, or would it be a return to his original style, or somewhere in between?
    Thankfully, the answer was about 80/20 in favor of his old style, and his Coachella set was wildly entertaining and impeccably produced. With a very unique vibe in mind and a powerful, techno-laden set that had everyone’s b
  • The Music Festival Paragon: A Coachella 2019 Weekend OneReview

    Music festivals in America are feeling growing pains. Mainstays such as Sasquatch have fallen, and newer events like Okeechobee and Wayhome disappeared as quickly as they appeared. Even the 50th anniversary of Woodstock might not even happen. It’s tough to diagnose the cause of this epidemic, and even the most established festivals have been forced to adapt to survive.
    No festival better epitomizes this evolution to thrive than Coachella. This year the festival reached its 25th year, notic
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  • NuKid Drops Fresh Tune “Lose Yourself”

    It’s always hard to keep up with new music on a major festival weekend. Whether you’re at the festival, watching a live stream, or just taking advantage of LA being empty for once, you’ve got other things on your plate. Thankfully, going back now through my submissions, I found this one from NuKid and it’s curing my post-festival woes.
    “Lose Yourself” starts out as pretty much your typical house tune, with a kick and snare, four on the floor beat. But once th
  • Samsung Delays Galaxy Fold Release Following Negative Reviewer Reports

    After several early units of the Samsung Galaxy Fold were given poor grades from a variety of reviewers, Samsung has made the decision to delay the phone’s release until it can address these concerns. In a statement today, the Korean company confirmed: “We plan to announce the [new] release date in the coming weeks.”
    Samsung addressed issues concerning both the hardware of the phone itself, as well as the protective layer on the screen, which resembles the removable film
  • Martin Garrix’s New Song “Summer Days” With Macklemore & Fall Out Boy Out Thursday

    On Saturday, Martin Garrix, Macklemore, and Fall Out Boy all shared the phrase “I got this feeling on a Summer day” on social media, along with a picture. Between the sameness of the caption and the timing of the posts (all within 10 minutes), it was clear that these three were in cahoots and were teasing something.
    What we didn’t realize at the time was that STMPD RCRDS had already teased the collaboration a couple days prior on YouTube, called “Summer Days.”
  • Woodstock 50 Ticket Sale Delayed Due To Lack Of Proper Permit

    Tickets for Woodstock 50 were intended to go on sale today, but have been indefinitely put on hold. News about the postponement broke this weekend, as booking agents were informed of the delay and brought the news to Billboard.
    Now, according to Pitchfork, the reason for the postponement is due to the lack of a “mass gathering permit” from the village of Watkins Glen, where the festival is supposed to take place. Without a permit, tickets can’t go on sale.
    Writes Pitchfork, &l
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  • Justin Bieber Surprises Coachella with Lip-Sync Performance of Hit Skrillex Collab

    How do you top bringing out NSYNC as your special guest at Coachella? In the ’90s, you couldn’t — but nowadays, Justin Bieber will do the trick. Ariana Grande closed the annual festival out for the second weekend last night with a guest appearance from Bieber, which “by all accounts” says Consequence of Sound, wasn’t planned.
    Bieber performed his hit “Sorry,” which was co-produced by Skrillex, but it was really more of an appearance than a perform
  • Reports Of Racial Divide And Rampant Disorganization Comes Forth From Coachella Security

    Weekend two of Coachella wraps up tonight, and with it, the epic Coachella season. Stagecoach will return next weekend as the next Goldenvoice festival in the area, along with Staff Pro event security. However, reports of contracted security experiencing race inequality, abhorrent living conditions, and little to no accommodations from staff have begun to spread after a couple of workers became fed up.
    Antonio Cannady, who worked as festival security under Staff Pro, subcontracted to BMW Nation
  • You Can Now Add Music To Your Facebook Profile Like You Did On MySpace

    One of the coolest things about MySpace was the ability to add a song to your profile that would auto-play when anyone visited your page. It was your own badge of singular identity, even though only a handful of songs were typically chosen to be represented and regularly went viral.
    In the modern age, Facebook reigns — and it’s quiet. However, a new beta feature being rolled out to select accounts this weekend lets users at least pick a featured song to share on their profile. News
  • Martin Garrix, Macklemore & Fall Out Boy Definitely Just Secretly Announced A Collab

    There are a lot of things that could be considered coincidence, and then there are things that just can’t. Yesterday, within the span of ten minutes, Martin Garrix, Macklemore, and Fall Out Boy all posted pictures with the caption, “I got this feeling on a Summer day,” with the ‘S’ capitalized in “summer” in each of them. (For the record, the names of seasons are not capitalized.)
    None of these artists have hinted at working with any of the others prior
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  • Kanye West Performs Sunday Service At Coachella

    Kanye West appeared at Coachella this morning for the first ever public Sunday Service and those in attendance were able to witness one of the most unique performances of the year. Bringing along Chance the Rapper, as well as DMX, for the performance, West conducted a diverse 28-song set that ranged from covers to originals.
    According to observers, West left most of the actual vocals to the choir, “though he did take the mic for ‘All Falls Down’ and ‘Jesus Walk,'”
  • Gordon Ramsay Surprises Everyone & Comes Out for Loud Luxury DJ Set

    It’s not every day you see Gordon Ramsay hop behind the decks and put on a pair of headphones. In fact, I’m pretty sure this happened for the very first time last night alongside Loud Luxury. He might not have actually DJ’d at all, but it was one hell of an epic special guest appearance nonetheless.
    Watch below and FOMO with me on this one.so this happened last night @GordonRamsay pic.twitter.com/tIq4hl0v3L
    — LOUD LUXURY (@LoudLuxury) April 21, 2019This article
  • Illenium Cancels Tour Leg After His Girlfriend Experiences “A Major Health Issue”

    Illenium is well known as one of the nicest, most genuine artists in EDM. So, upon having to cancel his recent tour leg, Nick aka Illenium has taken to social media to explain why to disappointed fans.
    In his post, he explains that his girlfriend suffered a “major health issue” that left her hospitalized for 5 nights. Refusing to leave her behind, Illenium was forced to cancel his shows but insists they will be rescheduled soon!
    We stan a man who takes care of his women. Hope s
  • Kid Cudi Brings Out Kanye West At Coachella Weekend 2 [VIDEO]

    This weekend the guest appearance making all the headlines comes in the way of Kanye West surprising everyone during Kid Cudi’s set to perform as Kids See Ghosts, their collaborative project.
    Don’t worry if you missed the live stream or weren’t at Coachella, we have the video for you below.KANYE WEST & KID CUDI – GHOST TOWN @ COACHELLA pic.twitter.com/kYg03VnXS8
    — Scoopty (@ScooptyWhooop) April 21, 2019This article was first published on Your EDM
  • Rodg - Fate [OUT NOW] [Mini Mix]

  • Gareth Emery & Ashley Wallbridge feat. PollyAnna - Lionheart (Acoustic Video)

  • DJs Remember Avicii One Year After Death

    Our hearts ache today, exactly one year after Tim Bergling, famously known as Avicii left this world behind. The beloved DJ/producer suddenly and tragically passed away on April 20, 2018, taking his own life.
    Coping with death is never easy, but it’s especially difficult to lose someone so intensely admired and cherished to suicide. Today, our deepest sympathy goes out to his family, friends, collaborators, and anyone who had the privilege of knowing Tim on a real level.
    His music has tou
  • REPORT: Woodstock Cancellation Looms As Ticket On-Sale Pushed Back Indefinitely

    Woodstock’s 50th anniversary is set up to be absolutely legendary, with a stacked and diverse lineup. However, there’s also a fear setting in that this too-good-to-be-true event will flop.
    First red flag: The Black Keys dropped out.
    Second red flag: The official on sale has been pushed back to an undisclosed date.
    According to Billboard, Booking agents were informed of the delay, which was set for April 22 — “There is currently a hold on the Woodstock 50 on-sale date.&rd
  • Will Smith Comes Out As Surprise Guest During Jaden’s Coachella Set

    In the realm of all things possible, Will Smith coming out as a special guest for Jaden Smith’s set at Coachella isn’t particularly surprising. But, it’s still pretty damn cool.
    The Fresh Prince himself came out to perform “Icon” with his son at the Sahara stage on Friday. A longtime supporter of his son, not just his music endeavors, Will happily joined Jaden on stage to perform the track. Willow also reprised her appearance from weekend 1 and Jada looked on from
  • Lost Lands Starts Rolling Out Lineup For 2019

    Lost Lands is five months out, and finally the festival is starting to slowly leak out the lineup. Excision already shared that he was going back to back with Illenium earlier this month, elating fans, but it also raised questions about who else is playing.
    Over the past couple days, we’ve learned of a few more artists playing the festival, and they’re names that people are excited for.
    Slander b2b Spag HeddyPeekabooBoogie T & Boogie T.Rio
    Liquid Stranger (+ Wakaan Sound Camp Ta
  • NFL Player Calls Zedd A “Scrawny F*ck” After He’s Seen With His Supermodel Ex-Girlfriend

    Earlier this week, it was reported that Zedd might have a new love interest, as he was seen cozying up to model Olivia Culpo during Ariana Grande’s set at Coachella last Sunday. Turns out, Culpo’s ex, Detroit Lions wide receiver Danny Amendola, isn’t taking too kindly to the news.
    Amendola posted and then deleted on Instagram a lengthy rant about the situation, including disapproval of Culpo’s possible new man.
    “Not sure what’s in the future but the only thin

    We’ve been waiting for this! Just a few months ago, Skrillex had denied rumors of a new album, rumors started by Diplo, but it seems that’s all changing now. In a flurry of tweets the OWSLA head just semi-announced a new album – or a new project at least (he doesn’t know what to call it yet).
    The dance music community has been awaiting this for years so check out his tweets below and get hype, it seems this is just the beginning of Skrillex‘s resurge

    If you couldn’t make it to weekend 1 of Coachella, thankfully there was still the live stream to count on. With three channels, over 60 artists, and a professional camera team, it often felt like we were getting a better show than we would have if we were really there in person. (Case in point: Billie Eilish, whose crowd we would not have wanted to try and get through.)
    This year, Coachella will live stream weekend 2 for the first time ever. Previously, the stream on weekend 2 would consi
  • Alison Wonderland Opens Up About Women In Dance/Electronic Music

    Alison Wonderland is one of the reigning queens of electronic music — and she really wants to see more women on the Billboard Dance 100.
    It took years of hard work for Wonderland to get where she is. A relentless passion for music and her natural gift for making it have finally earned her the recognition she deserves. The DJ/producer ranked on DJ Mag’s coveted Top 100 list in 2018 — and she’s already proven in 2019 that she’s not going anywhere.
    Most recently,
  • Tomorrowland Radio Will Dedicate All Of Saturday’s Programming To Avicii

    As we approach the one year anniversary of Avicii’s death tomorrow, we begin to think back on the producer/DJ’s massive impact on not only dance music, but the world as a whole. While he’s certainly not the first artist who’s ended their own life, the loss of Avicii nonetheless stoked the fire under a lot of people to finally do something about it.
    In tribute to Avicii, Tomorrowland Radio tomorrow will be dedicating an entire day to remembering the beloved Swedish D
  • Bensley’s Back, Baby! Check Out Some Island DnB Vibes With ‘Kilauea’ [RAM]

    What do you get when you cross tropical, tribal vibes with surf rock and drum and bass? The DnB world is about to find out with Bensley’s new single “Kilauea,” out today April 19 on RAM. While essentially a teaser single for his upcoming Muskoka LP due out in July, “Kilauea” brings heavy vibes on its own.A lot of DnB fans would never thought they’d hear a track opening with ukulele but in this genre, never say never. That indeed is what much of the
  • Sultan + Shepard x Showtek - We Found Love

  • Kygo & Rita Ora Team Up For “Carry On” From Detective Pikachu Soundtrack

    Detective Pikachu, the hotly anticipated movie with Ryan Reynolds and Justice Smith, comes out soon on May 10! But before we get to that, the soundtrack for the film has begun to come out, starting with a new song from Kygo and Rita Ora, “Carry On.”
    It’s actually kind of crazy to think that it took a major motion picture to finally get these two on a track together, yet here we are. “Carry On” features Kygo’s predictable soft piano melodies, tambourine, and s
  • Francesca Lombardo - Rain (Remixes) [MiniMix]

  • Avicii Billboard Pops Up In LA Remembering His Legacy

    Avicii lives on through his music and in our hearts — forever. A new billboard just popped up in Los Angeles, in memory of the deeply missed legend and the sight is tear-jerking to say the least.
    Simple yet effective, the black and white billboard includes Avicii’s logo and simply reads:
    With Coachella still in full effect, dance music lovers are flocking to the area traveling to and from the music festival just hours away. The lucky ones will c
  • Illenium Drops Remixes For Latest Single “Pray” With Blanke, Frequent, & Sam Lamar

    After going pretty pop in his first original single of 2019, “Crashing,” Illenium came back with the more EDM-influenced and sonically powerful new track “Pray,” featuring Kameron Alexander. Now, a little under a month later, Illenium has dropped a remix pack with new cuts from Blanke, Frequent, & Sam Lamar.
    The three remixes in the pack are intensely varied, not only in genre but even in length. It ranges from the just-shy-of-four-minute Blanke remix to the sur
  • Zack Martino & Dyson - Mood (Official Music Video)

  • Your EDM Premiere: Sliipow – Cups Up ft. Langston Hues

    Released today via Quality Goods Records is the super sharp new single from Sliipow. Based in Indonesia, the production and DJ duo are incredibly active on the Asian bass scene, winning DJ Battle Indonesia a years back and playing at ULTRA Bali.
    They have joined up with Detroit’s very own Langston Hues for the atmospheric ‘Cups Up,’ which is the ideal way to get the weekend properly kicked off. Hues’ bars are crisp and dynamic over this rhythmical trap cut – and it
  • Mielo revamps Nervo’s fresh single “Habit” [Thrive Music]

    Chicago native Mielo has been generating some serious buzz with his debut EP Anywhere But Here. Following up with his signature synth-pop remix of Nervo’s new single titled “Habit.” The song has an appealing twist of euphoric sounds that are catchy and addicting yet not too cheesy. The fresh producer showcases his polished pop production skills and creates a completely new atmosphere around the track.
    “It was really cool getting asked to do a remix for Nervo. T
  • Manatee Commune – Growing Pains (feat. Samuel Eisen-Meyers)

    What a beautiful Friday morning it is… the sun is out, the birds are singing, you wake up on time and with an extra pep in your step, ready for your first cup of coffee and some piping hot scrambled eggs, maybe with a side of bacon. What are you going to listen to? Something nice and chill, hopefully. Manatee Commune is here with “Growing Pains” to be the soundtrack for your peaceful mornings or chill, afternoon walks.
    And yet, if you listen to the lyrics, it also gets quite
  • Morgan Page feat. Pex L - Gone My Way (BRKLYN Remix)

  • ARTY - Avalanche

  • Off The Record 102

  • Hardwell On Air 413

  • DJ Snake Hints At Huge Collab In the Works with Khalid

    DJ Snake is always up to something and has an endless amount of collabs up his sleeve. It now appears he and Khalid have something in the works.
    When famous artists upload photos together, our minds immediately jump to one thing — collaboration. We already know DJ Snake is constantly seeking out new artists to work with and Khalid is no stranger to the EDM scene.
    Marshmello previously enlisted in Khalid for their mega hit “Silence.” The collab was remixed by some of the best i
  • REPORT: Instagram Hides Likes In New Leaked Design

    Instagram is toying with the idea of changing the “like” system as we know it…
    Since its launch, the social media giant has based much of its livelihood on double taps. Influencers and Instagram famous users have flourished with the like system — the more the better. And, posts with a lot of likes are generally rewarded with even more likes.
    Newer developments with the algorithm have pushed posts with more likes to the top of feeds and into the discovery tab. Instead of
  • Samsung Responds To Reports of Galaxy Fold Screen Damage

    The hype surrounding Samsung‘s forthcoming Galaxy Fold has been unreal. Just this week, the company enlisted in superstar influencers including Steve Aoki to unbox the new device for the first time. The response was initially overwhelmingly positive — until the screens started breaking.
    Some early reviewers have experienced cracking of the screen after just light or moderate use. Apparently the Galaxy Fold comes equipped with a protective layer meant to prevent scratches on the
  • Dillon Francis Is Getting His Own Animated Show ‘Gerald’s World’ [DETAILS]

    Dillon Francis is getting his own animated comedy — ‘Gerald’s World‘ — and we’re 100% here for this.
    Not only has the DJ/producer made a name for himself as a fun loving, practical jokester in the music industry, his comedic side has brought laughs to millions across the world in other forms. His multiple personalities (i.e. DJ Hanzel) hilarious vlog updates (like this one), and his vital role in ‘What Would Diplo Do?‘, are just a few fine example
  • Check Out the Stellar Aftermovie for the World Club Dome: Winter Edition

    About a week ago the famed World Club Dome released their aftermovie showcasing the winter installment that took place in Düsseldorf, Germany in November of last year. Nearly 90,000 attendees descended onto the three day event at the MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA, transforming it into the largest club in the world.
    While the main stage played host to some of the largest names in electronic music – The Chainsmokers, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Marshmello, Nervo, Ingrosso, and more – it
  • Beta Nightclub Promises It’s Returning This Summer

    The scene lost something special when Beta Nightclub in Denver shut down earlier this year. However, the venue, known as one of the best in the country for bass music, is already planning its epic return. From the sounds of it — Beta 2.0 will be back and better than ever.
    In a recent interview club partner Mike McCray revealed the nature of the extensive renovations Beta is going through with. “We’re going to be using at least 260 LED screen panels throughout th
  • NGHTMRE Debuts Surprise New Collab with ZHU [VIDEO]

    Okay, this just made my day.
    I just heard NGHTMRE‘s new collab with ZHU debuted at Space Yacht last night and it’s an absolutely perfect blend of the two artist’s individual styles. The lead vocal from ZHU sounds like an instant-hit, and the build and drop production perfectly compliments an incredible chorus and hook. The track is further completed by a hip hop breakdown that adds an entire extra dimension to the collab.
    Judging from this one Twitter video alon
  • REPORT: Hulu & Netflix Could Face Subpoenas Over Fyre Festival Documentaries

    It’s been two years now since the historic scam that was Fyre Festival, but the shock waves are still emanating. Now, both major streaming services behind the popular documentaries about the event could be subpoenaed for their collection of behind-the-scenes footage that was used by Netflix and Hulu respectively.
    Gregory Messer, the trustee responsible for the Fyre Festival estate, said
    “In order to create the documentaries, both Hulu and Netflix used unique behind-the-scenes f
  • Swedish House Mafia Online Pop-Up Shop Goes Live Soon

    Swedish House Mafia fans rejoice! The iconic dance music trio is opening a pop-up merch shop online within the hour that you’re not going to want to miss. Despite some issues with their previous merch runs, which we hope are sorted out by now, we expect them to move a ton of merchandise over the three hours this pop-up is online.
    Click here to get in on the action.
    This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Swedish House Mafia Online Pop-Up Shop Goes Live Soon

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