• Bring Me the Horizon Cancel US Tour After Lead Singer Oli Sykes Ruptures Vocal Cord

    Bring Me The Horizon brought emo kids and dance music kids together on their latest album amo, which came out earlier this year. The live tour that followed was similarly magical, replete with mosh pits as well as large anthemic, synth-driven moments. Unfortunately, the tour is being cut short as lead singer Oli Sykes says he has ruptured a vocal cord.
    Thankfully, the band had only a handful of shows left at the time of the announcement: February 15th in Phoenix, Arizona, February 16t
  • Cazztek Drop Epic VIP To His Hit “Came To Get Funky”

    When Cazztek dropped “Came To Get Funky” in 2017, it became an instant hit. In fact, it’s now his most-streamed track on Spotify, and it’s not hard to see why. The funky, bouncy rhythm combined with trap influences is an instant dance party waiting to happen. So we’re ecstatic now that he chose to put out a dope VIP of the mix.
    As any VIP should be, it closely resembles its original mix. The rhythm is a bit different, the synths slightly rearranged — honestly
  • Rival – Lately (ft. Conor Byrne) [Lyric Video]

    I love listening to music that makes my bones feel as if they’re receiving a sonic massage. At the same time, it’s nice to just sit down with a soft, melodic tune that has some powerful lyrics. The latter is true of Rival’s new song “Lately” featuring Conor Byrne.
    “Lately” is out today along with a lyric video so you can follow along. The tone set by the setting, in a dark, empty room, combined with the minimal and melancholy production, is definitely i
  • Bethel Woods Music and Culture Festival Splits Into Three Separate Events

    Bethel Woods Music and Culture Festival, the event celebrating the anniversary of the 1969 Woodstock festival at Bethel Woods (and not the Woodstock 50th anniversary festival, as could be misconstrued), will no longer continue in its initial form.
    BWMCF will now comprise three separate events over three days, as promoter INVNT announces that will no longer be producing the festival. Instead, it will form part of the venue’s Season of Song & Celebration commemorations, a year-long
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  • Illenium Goes On Sudden Response Spree On Twitter, Fans Flood Him With Questions

    Normally if an artist, celebrity, or athlete wants to answer fan questions on the internet, they’ll do a form of AMA: ask me anything. Platforms that support this vary from Reddit, where there’s an actual community for it; Instagram, where there’s a question button built in; or Twitter, where it’s admittedly a bit more messy. Then again, fans can just notice a public figure is answering lots of questions and start flooding the person with more! The latter seems to be the
  • Diplo Announces Full Tracklist & Drop Date For New EP

    Diplo has finally spilled details on his Europa EP, including a drop date and a full tracklist. Hot off a recent Grammy win, the producer is setting himself up for another stellar release.
    So far, we’ve heard “Boom Bye Bye” featuring Niska and “New Shapes” featuring Octavian and that’s only just a glimpse of what’s to come. New artwork reveals six total tracks with a variety of collaborators. Two down, four to go.
    On his collab-heavy California EP,
  • Disciple Artists Turn A Lamborghini Into An EDM Track [WATCH]

    A guitar is a guitar. It can take many shapes, but the basic idea of strings and frets remains consistent whether it’s acoustic, electric, or virtual. EDM, and synthesizers more specifically, are different. Any sound can become any other sound, and that’s why it can often be so fun to create music from nothing; that same characteristic can also make it challenging when you have so many sounds to choose from.
    Thankfully, if you have an idea in mind, you can set out to make it a reali
  • Right-Wing Groups In India Call For Festival Organizer To Face Criminal Charges Over Marshmello Show

    Marshmello just wrapped up a double header in India for Vh1 Supersonic. However, many right-wing residents are angry that the festival allowed performances to continue despite the country’s mourning over the death of 49 CRPF troopers in a terror attack in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama on Thursday, February 14.
    The masked DJ performed in Gurugram, outside of New Delhi, on February 16, two days after the attack, while the country was in mourning. Various militant and/or religi
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  • Mickey Kojak’s cover of “White Flag” by Dido will leave you feeling emotional

    Australian talent Mickey Kojak spent 2018 turning heads. From his Daft Punk and Mac DeMarco covers, to his hit “All That Acid” and a collaboration with k?d, Mickey certainly had a solid year.
    His 2019 campaign starts with an emotional cover of Dido’s classic hit “White Flag.” He states “if you haven’t cried listening to Dido, you’re a god damn liar,” and I’m inclined to believe him. Listen to the sentimental cover below and pick up you
  • BLU J Return With “Faded” ft. Shdws

    It’s been almost a year since we’ve heard anything from BLU J, but it seems like the duo are back to releasing music. For their first song of the year they’ve teamed up with Shdws for a straight house banger. They also throw in a Kendrick Lamar sample which takes the song to another level.
    Check out “Faded” below and grab your free download here.This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: BLU J Return With “Faded” ft. Shdws
  • Wolfgang Gartner Drops Bombastic Single “Ectoplasm”

    You should know by now that Wolfgang Gartner is back. He spent 2018 dropping fresh material and returning to his roots. He’s continuing on that momentum he built with his first release of 2019, “Ectoplasm.”
    It kicks off with that iconic Wolfgang electro sound before switching into an Earth shattering drop at the end. Wolfgang’s legendary status is already cemented, and he’s not showing any signs of slowing down. Out now via ALT:Vision Records, you can grab your cop
  • Tomorrowland Reveals Radio Show “One World Radio” For 15th Anniversary

    A teaser from Tomorrowland last Friday had people thinking that Swedish House Mafia could soon be added to the lineup this year; however, news from the festival has debunked the rumors, as Tomorrowland has announced its own radio show “One World Radio” for the festival’s 15th anniversary. (Swedish House Mafia might still play Tomorrowland, but this isn’t about that.)
    The radio show is, of course, based in Belgium, and so official streaming began at 4am PST. It was launch
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  • Your EDM Premiere: Space Laces – Phone Tap [Never Say Die]

    Space Laces is, without a doubt, one of the best producers in dubstep right now. Whether you look at sound design, arrangement, or simply outlandish weirdness, Space Laces has the market cornered. Though his prowess has been known for years, his Vaultage 001 mixtape toward the end of 2018 certainly exposed him to a wider audience, and he’s capitalizing on that now in his first release of 2019.
    “Phone Tap” is… well, it’s mayhem in sonic form. It’s distin
  • REPORT: People Are Googling “Is Calvin Harris Dead?” [WTF]

    The BRIT Awards are swiftly approaching and music fans are eager to learn more about the nominees. Google searches have revealed a strange development — Americans seem to wonder if Calvin Harris is dead.
    We can confirm with confidence that the man behind “One Kiss” is alive and well. But, according to a report, there has been an influx of Google inquiries asking the question — Is Calvin Harris dead?
    Other common Google questions include…
    Is Lewis Capaldi
  • Armada's Trance Releases - Week 07 -2019

  • ‘Don’t Kill Live Music’ Petition Racks Up 100,000+ Signatures

    More than 100,000 people are standing up against the NSW Government’s apparent war on live music. The Don’t Kill Live Music petition on change.org has set a goal of 150,000 signatures, a number within close reach.
    The petition starts off suggesting — “Your music is under attack.” This comes as multiple music festivals and events are being downsized or even cancelled. Festivals like Mountain Sounds, which organizers claim was hit with an outrageous fee of $200,
  • JOYRYDE Teases The Announcement We’ve All Been Waiting For

    JOYRYDE is dropping some news on us tomorrow…
    “announcing first record tmrw,” the producer shares in a post below. “I speak with teams & teams of people a day now, but all I can think about is how u all gonna feel them.”
    Not only is he signaling the announce of the leading single for this forthcoming debut album, he’s letting us in on his state of mind when he created it. “wrote it recovering surgery on too many opioids. gone in the [brain]”
  • Ellie Goulding Working On Environmental Anthem For Sir David Attenborough’s New Netflix Series

    Ellie Goulding has collaborated with some of the biggest names in dance music — Calvin Harris, Diplo, and Major Lazer. Now, in an unlikely pairing, she’s working with Sir David Attenborough to bring Our Planet the theme song it deserves.
    According to a report, Sir Attenborough has enlisted in Goulding for his project, a new nature documentary series on Netflix titled Our Planet. The singer is revving up an “environmental anthem” called “In This Toget
  • Illenium Drops Brand New ID During Atlanta Set & We’re In Love [WATCH]

    Brand new Illenium music incoming!
    The video below shares an unreleased ID, captured by a loyal Illenial during the DJ/producer’s tour stop at Believe Music Hall in Atlanta, GA over the weekend. With all the hands and phones in the air, it’s obvious the track was well received by the crowd and fans can’t wait to hear more of the new, euphoric song very soon.
    Not only does the track sound incredible, the visuals Illenium brought to his set really amplified this moment
  • Jean Marie, Flaremode & Matt Joe Team Up For Opera x Psytrance Single, “Dolci Pensieri” [Smash The House]

    Gear up for one of this years hottest tracks coming from a few of the most talented producers around, Jean Marie, Flaremode, and Matt Joe creating the iconic “Dolci Pensieri”. It features a sensational vocal performance over a electrifying arrangement, cementing this single as a true anthem.
    “Dolci Pensieri” translates to “sweet thoughts” and the song lives up to the expectation. It’s Italian Opera and Psytrance all in one, and achieved with sheer perfe
  • Play As Steve Aoki In New Star Trek Fleet Command Video Game

    Steve Aoki is not only a superstar DJ/producer… he’s a Romulan Officer in Star Trek Fleet Command.
    Anyone familiar with Aoki’s brand knows he has the ability to seize whatever opportunity is in front of him. This time, he’s daring to boldly go where no man has gone before. The new Star Trek Fleet Command game for iOS is a dangerous universe — and Steve Aoki is taking over.
    Players must summon skills in “strategy, combat, diplomacy, and le
  • Hex Cougar Releases New Single “Silence” with Sara Skinner

    In case you haven’t been paying attention, Hex Cougar is starting off 2019 with a bang. After remixing Illenium’s “God Damnit” with Call Me Karizma and putting out “Glass Hearts” with graves and Lil Naria, he’s back with another new original in fashion. This time, he teams up with the ever popular Sara Skinner for “Silence.”
    There’s a lot to unpack from this track, from the production itself to the vocals, even to the track art. The tr
  • Lost Frequencies feat. The NGHBRS - Like I Love You (Acoustic Version) [Official Video]

  • Terror Reid Drops New Song “Buried Alive” feat Eliozie

    Of any artist’s alias, Getter’s Terror Reid has to be our absolute favorite. The producer’s hip hop alter ego blends classic ’90s style hip hop beat with a distinctly unique character, personality, and flow.
    We’ve been craving some new Terror Reid tunes, and he’s delivered with “Buried Alive” featuring Eliozie. It is everything we love about the project plus a music video that tells exactly the story you’d expect from the track’s title
  • Plea Deal May Leave Tekashi 6ix9ine Without Any Prison Time

    The story of Tekashi 6ix9ine’s arrest and eventual flop on his co-conspirators is about as anti-gang as it gets. For an individual whose own lawyer claimed that his gangster image was just a facade as part of his defense, I definitely believe it now.
    As it turns out, Tekashi might not even serve any time as part of a new plea deal, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York. As of the beginning of February, Tekashi was still facing a minimum of
  • Feed Me Unleashes 2nd Single Ahead Of ‘High Street Creeps’ Album Release [LISTEN]

    Feed Me just hit us with another spectacular production off his forthcoming album High Street Creeps.
    “Sleepless” marks the second single off his sophomore full length project and it’s an entirely different vibe than his leading single, “Feel Love.” Haunting lyrics and intense melodies are interwoven with Feed Me’s signature, heavy-hitting electro sound. The result is a thrilling ride, which leaves us eager to hear more.
    Feed Me promises even more variet
  • International Dance Music Awards (IDMA) Shares Full List Of Categories for 33rd Annual Event

    It’s that time again — the International Dance Music Awards (IDMA) returns for its 33rd annual event and voting is open in a variety of categories.
    IDMA is busy gathering its nominees now, which will be determined in collaboration with IDMA Advisory Board and Viberate, the “world’s biggest crowdsourced platform for listing and mapping the live music industry.”
    In addition, IDMA just revealed the full list of categories, including the categories in which winners wil
  • FIRST LISTEN: Slander & Said The Sky Tease New Collaboration “Potions”

    Slander made a name for themselves with heaven trap. Said The Sky has made a name for himself with heavenly melodies and future bass frequencies. The two artists aren’t typically at the top of fan’s most obvious collaborations, but when you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.
    Now, it’s becoming a reality. Slander and Said The Sky have a new collaboration called “Potions,” and it’s coming soon, according to a tweet from Slander. Slander brought out Said T
  • Trump Tweet Removed By Twitter After Artist Files Copyright Complaint

    Since he started campaigning for President and long thereafter, musicians have been disapproving of Donald Trump using their music at rallies. Rihanna sent Trump a cease & desist; Neil Young said that Trump wasn’t authorized to use “Rockin’ in the Free World,” to which Trump’s team essentially responded with a “too bad”; Adele, The Rolling Stones, Pharrell Williams, Queen, and more have also expressed disapproval over Trump using their music.
  • JOYRYDE Quietly Announces Drop Date For First Album Single

    JOYRYDE promised an album rollout in 2019 and it looks like we’re finally getting it.
    The producer updated his cover photo on Facebook yesterday, with an important heads up. The artwork doesn’t suggest the name of a single or anything — just a date. He previously announced he’d drop the first single from his debut album this month.
    Whatever JOYRYDE has in store, it’s releasing February 22. That’s next Friday.
    With this, a message: for the last year and a
  • Calvin Harris & Rag’n’Bone Man Perform “Giant” Live On Graham Norton Show [WATCH]

    Calvin Harris and Rag’n’Bone Man went live on The Graham Norton Show to perform their new single together, “Giant.”
    The stage was dark and the mood was right. Calvin Harris and Rag’n’Bone Man were joined by a choir to amplify the song in all the right ways. If it weren’t for the screens all around, we would have literally thought this performance took place in the woods somewhere.
    Strong metaphors within the song, such as “we’ll be
  • Martin Garrix Spills Details On New Collab Dropping Next Week

    Martin Garrix is gearing up for another collaboration!
    This time, it’s “No Sleep” featuring Bonn.
    The only bad thing about knowing a collab is nearing is the fact that you’ll have to wait to hear it. Thankfully, this production is dropping next week so that’s a reasonable amount of time to anticipate the new release. Of course, his fan base is already going crazy for “No Sleep” — a sequel to “High On Life,” also featuring Bonn.
    In the
  • Amon Tobin Releases New Single, Announces Forthcoming Album & Label

    On April 26, electronic music pioneer Amon Tobin will release Fear in a Handful of Dust – his first album in eight years since his triumphant ISAM. The first single off the album, “On a Hilltop Sat the Moon,” is out now.
    “Hilltop” is an impeccable representation of Tobin’s ability to entrance listeners with expertly crafted sound design. Listen carefully, and you’ll likely notice something a little off about the track, and something almost entirely
  • Asteria Brings Disciple Records, Feed Me & More To Florida This Spring

    For the third year running, it’s the tale of the little festival that could. Asteria Arts & Music Festival returns to central Florida in 2019 with a new, better venue, greater accommodations, and a stellar lineup. To refresh your memory, last year Asteria brought badXchannels, Dr Ozi, Mark The Beast, Emalkay, Chime, Pixel Terror, and more.
    And while it was a stellar lineup, it was missing a sense of curation.
    Well, this year, you can count on crazy curated lineups each night. April 19
  • Florida Court Rejects Rapture Music Festival’s Amended Appeal With Prejudice

    Rapture Music Festival has been doing everything in its power to try and regain the weekend in March on Virginia Key that was given, rightfully, by the Miami City Council to Ultra Music Festival. Rapture began selling tickets to its third annual festival on Virginia Key before the venue was allocated to Ultra for March 29-31, 2019.
    In the time since, Rapture has issued a cease & desist as well as filed an official lawsuit to try and get their dates back. During the whole ordeal, Rapture con
  • Netsky Teams Up With Lil Wayne & Bazzi For New Genre Bending Single, “I Don’t Even Know You Anymore”

    The title of NETSKY’s new single, “I Don’t Even Know You Anymore,” probably wasn’t intended to be self-referential, but that’s sure how it feels. The “Iron Heart” and “Jetlag Funk” producer has been steadily moving away from his roots, especially on his last album 3. Now, as he releases singles from forthcoming two-part project Palmtrees & Powerlines, we see him team up with the unlikely duo of Lil Wayne and Bazzi.
    “I Do
  • Kygo Drops New Single For Valentine’s Day, “Think About You”

    Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but you don’t need the greeting card industry to dictate when it’s appropriate to shower your SO with a little extra TLC. Yesterday, Kygo put out a new track for the lovers out there called “Think About You.”
    Teaming up with Valerie Broussard, Kygo drops a song about lost love and unrequited feelings. We all have that one person who got away, who creeps up in our thoughts with no explanation – “Think About You&rdq
  • KSHMR Teases New Track With Krewella & Yves V, “No Regrets”

    India, Pakistan, and Belgium combine on this new collaboration, set to come out from KSHMR, Krewella, and Yves V. The teaser shared earlier this week shows a music video already finished for the new single called “No Regrets,” out March 1.
    The blend of styles and countries of origin is readily apparent in the song’s character and melody, with a swinging rhythm, bright synths, and colorful vocals. “No Regrets” absolutely qualifies as an anthem, as the lyrics lead in
  • 45 Kilos of MDMA & Ecstasy Confiscated By U.S. Customs At New Jersey Mail Center

    An international mailing facility in New Jersey intercepted a whopping 45 kilos of MDMA and ecstasy since October. The drugs held a street value worth nearly $800,000.
    Officials from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) revealed the news to reporters on Wednesday. The drugs, received in powder and pill forms, were typically sent in vacuum-sealed bags, hidden within toys or candy and other food products over the holiday season.
    The dr
  • ODESZA Release 6 Dazzling Official Remixes for ‘A Moment Apart’ [LISTEN]

    ODESZA‘s album A Moment Apart has been taking breaths away since it first dropped in September 2017. This past November, the due introduced the deluxe version, which stirred a newfound excitement for the release with eight new tracks.
    Now, music fans can experience A Moment Apart in six new ways thanks to remixes from Chet Porter, MEMBA, Running Touch, Mild Minds. Kodak to Graph, and ford. Each uncovers a fresh new vibe that compliments the body of work ODESZA first released over a year a
  • Marshmello’s Fortnite Extended Set Just Debuted At No. 1 On Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Chart

    Marshmello‘s Fortnite Extended Set has debuted atop Billboard‘s Dance/Electronic Albums Chart.
    The DJ/producer recently defied all odds with his in-game concert that brought in 10 million players. Following the viral performance, Marshmello has been making headlines for seeing an astronomical spike in social media engagement, boosts in streams, and for jumping higher on the Hot 100 with “Happier.”
    Now, for this huge Billboard achievement… Marshmello currently
  • Hardwell On Air 404

  • 21 Savage Speaks Out For The First Time Since Arrest [WATCH]

    Fans were stunned to learn that 21 Savage was born in the UK. The rapper, real name Sha Yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, was believed to be from Atlanta before being taken into custody by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) as part of a targeted investigation concerning his immigration status.
    Savage well-overstayed a visa that expired 13 years ago. He was just 7 when his parents moved the family to Atlanta — and he claims it’s all he knows.
  • REZZ Rocks II Sold Out In Less Than An Hour

    REZZ Rocks II has completely sold out, under an hour after the on-sale!
    The event, set for September 22 of this year, marks Rezz’s headlining return to one of the most iconic venues in the world. Fans are obviously just as hyped to be there as she is to play there again.
    “REZZ ROCKS 2 HAS SOLD OUT …….” Rezz exclaims on social media. “They’ve been on sale for less than an hour.” With this, the only appropriate reaction — “Wttfydh
  • Is Tomorrowland Hinting At Swedish House Mafia?

    Tomorrowland wrapped up its first week of artist announcements a couple weeks ago, but there’s still plenty more to be announced. In fact, it seems one major announcement is on its way rather soon. A teaser posted to Tomorrowland’s socials this morning seems to suggest that a certain Swedish trio could be coming to Belgium this summer.
    The 15-second teaser from Tomorrowland has stirred up a lot of debate from curious attendees, but the general consensus points to one name: Swedish H
  • GRiZ Drops Incredible New Song with A Message, “A New Day” ft. Matisyahu [LISTEN]

    GRiZ has unleashed the fourth single off his forthcoming full-length album, Ride Waves. “A New Day” featuring Matisyahu is a song with a message — their cry to end senseless gun violence.
    The song was written just days after last year’s tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. GRiZ and Matisyahu couldn’t get the horrible event off their minds. Instead of pushing their thoughts to the side, they wrote “A New Day” t
  • 20-Year-Old Festival Attendee Pleads Guilty After Getting Caught with 114 Pills In Her Underwear

    A hopeful attendee of Defqon 1 recently pled guilty after trying to smuggle 114 capsules of MDMA into the music festival. She wasn’t let past the front gate when drug dogs sniffed her out and authorities found her in possession of drugs — which were stuffed inside of a condom, hidden in her underwear.
    It was 20-year-old Tracy Nguyen of Sydney, Australia. As the report goes, she became “erratic” around police and authorities became suspicious of her. A
  • Ekali & 1788-L Drop Brand New Collaboration “R U I N”

    Ekali and 1788-L make their return with new music in 2019 together, on the glitchy and beautiful “R U I N.”
    1788-L has been supporting Ekali on tour, and Ekali has been a supporter of 1788-L’s tunes since nearly the beginning, so a collaboration like this was only a matter of time. The result is a spectacular display of sound design, filth, and beauty.
    I often say that juxtaposition is one of my favorite elements in music, placing two opposing sounds or forces against each oth
  • Your EDM Premiere: Leyah – Na Na Na [Official Video]

    The Romanian pop starlet Leyah is releasing her brand new single today. Making a striking debut, the empowering ‘Na Na Na’ is the perfect introduction to the singer’s sound. Coming from a family of musicians, Leyah is busy carving out her own path using her extensive background in various styles.
    We have the premiere of the official video to ‘Na Na Na’ today, which features Leyah herself. It’s a magnificently shot visual switching between colour and monochrom
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