• Bands You’ll Like: Phish

    As I see it, if you love the blues, you love music that makes you FEEL. Feel bad, feel good, feel pain, freedom, hate, and love, often all at the same time. When you add in superb, maybe even otherworldly, musicianship into that mix you get a potent cocktail of blues that can transcend tradition and achieve a higher consciousness. It can also just straight up melt your face.
    And for those reasons, dear friends, I offer up this first ever installment of “Bands You’ll Like” to co
  • Blues Foundation Board of Directors Seeks Nominees for At-Large Positions

    Memphis, TN – The Blues Foundation is currently seeking qualified candidates interested in serving on The Blues Foundation Board of Directors. The nomination process is now open and concludes on July 3rd, 2018. All newly elected board members will be expected to serve a three year term, beginning on October 1st, 2018.
    Like any charitable arts organization, The Blues Foundation asks board members for some combination of time, talent, and financial support commensurate with their personal re
  • The Keeshea Pratt Band Will Make You ‘Believe’

    The Keeshea Pratt Band took home the “Best Band” honors at the 2018 International Blues Challenge in January, and they had only been together eight months. That’s saying a lot when competing against some of the hottest acts on the planet. What’s saying even more is that four months later, their album Believe hit the streets, destined to be one of the top soul blues albums of the year.
    The self-released Believe is a dozen tracks that conjure a profusion of musical genres.
  • Debut From Russ Green is Windy ‘City Soul’

    On City Soul, Russ Green creates a smooth blues album. It’s the blues, but there are no rough edges. Instead, it’s a solid album of great harmonica playing and solid vocals, both courtesy of Green. The debut works because Green avoids standard blues cliches, instead crafting a sound that is part blues and part jazz.
    Green’s voice bares a resemblance to Muddy Waters in tone, but it has a sweetness and versatility that Muddy never developed. Green can flat-out sing in a way none
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  • Boogie Kings Perform Two Special Shows of Boogie Stomp!

    Bob Bardolia & Arthur Migliazza Photo courtesy of Lynn Orman Weiss
    Two of the greatest exponents of boogie-woogie piano currently working in the field will team up later this month for two special concerts that are sure to delight connoisseurs of the genre. “Boogie” Bob Baldori and Arthur Migliazza, known when they work together as the Boogie Kings, will reprise selections from their widely acclaimed off-Broadway production Boogie Stomp! at the Summer Solstice Jazz Festival in do
  • Matt “Guitar” Murphy Dead at 88

    One of the greatest sidemen in the history of blues music, Matt “Guitar” Murphy died last night. He was 88. Murphy’s death was confirmed by his nephew, Floyd Murphy, Jr. in a Facebook post:
    Well they say when it rains it pours…i was just told that my uncle Matt Guitar Murphy passed away last night. I can’t feel a freaking thing in my body now but I must stay strong cause he was a strong man that lived a long long fruitful life that poured his heart out in every gui
  • The Delta Saints Deliver the Goods ‘Live From the AB’

    The Delta Saints are an interesting band with a more interesting sound. Rooted in the blues, and roots rock, The Saints come to us by way of Nashville (Johnny Cashville). As I am new to the band and NOT from Nashville, allow me to crib directly from their own Spotify bio, “…formed in 2007 by singer and dobro guitarist Ben Ringel and bassist David Supica, both of who were students at Belmont University at the time. Ringel and Supica teamed up with guitarist Dylan Fitch, and with the
  • The BluesBones – ‘Chasing Shadows’ and Capturing Fans

    Blues acts from the US have been taking their live shows to Europe for decades. The British Invasion was in no small part, Europe’s answer. Both sides saw dramatic record sale increases and garnered fans across the pond. We can now add The BluesBones to that list, with their latest release, Chasing Shadows.
    The BluesBones hail from Belgium, a country so in love with blues music that they support over two dozen roots and blues festivals every year. The band tours all over Europe, and if the
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  • Brant Buckley Interviews Blues Guardian Keith Dixon Nelson

    Keith Dixon Nelson is the grandson of legendary musician Willie Dixon. He works at The Blues Heaven Foundation in Chicago. Located at 2120 South Michigan Ave, Blues Heaven resides in the old Chess Records building. Dixon gives tours of the studio space and educates artists. His goal is to create a blues resurgence by bringing the genre to a younger audience.
    Keith with his grandfather, Willie Dixon Photo: Mary Katherine Aldin
    Brant Buckley:
    Could you talk about the Blues Heaven Foundation? What
  • 12 Women Who Changed The Blues

    Throughout history countless women have given the blues a unique stamp, and fought their way to the front of the testosterone saturated genre, oftentimes with little praise.
    Here are twelve of those women. These blueswomen paved the way for the musicians of today, or currently carry on the torch, while most likely intimidating the living hell out of their male counterparts.
    1. Sister Rosetta TharpeSister Rosetta Tharpe, also referred to as the “Godmother of Rock and Roll,” is one of
  • WORLD PREMIERE Track From Bob Corritore & Friends “Willie Mae”

    The new release from Bob Corritore & Friends, Don’t Let the Devil Ride, will be released via Southwest Musical Arts Foundation Records in conjunction with VizzTone Label Group on June 22nd.
    Bob Corritore is one of the most active and highly regarded blues harmonica players on the scene today. His style passionately carries forward the old school style of playing that Corritore learned as a young man directly from many of original pioneers of Chicago Blues.
    Born in Chicago, Bo
  • Kerri Powers Shares Her Essence on ‘Starseeds’

    Kerri Powers was a teen artist who, like many before her, left music to get married and raise a family. Unlike some others, she returned to music (following a tough divorce). Starseeds is her second album, a follow-up to her 2014 self-titled debut, and it shows an artist comfortable with herself and with her sound.
    Starseeds is organic. There’s no pretense or ulterior motives. The album sounds classic and timeless in a very natural way. Songs unfold and Powers’ voice cuts through the
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  • Have Mercy: The Gospel According to Paul Cauthen

    “I’m a singer not a preacher, but these songs are my sermon,” says Texas troubadour Paul Cauthen. “We’re ripping each other apart out there, and forgiveness and mercy are what’s going to get us through. I want to use my voice the best I can to spread that message while I’m here on this Earth.”
    Cauthen is describing his latest EP, Have Mercy, scheduled for release on June 22nd, via Lightning Rod Records. Building off the success his breakout debut M
  • The Sheepdogs Are ‘Changing Colours’

    The Sheepdogs are the band you know intimately but probably have never heard. They produce a sound that is full of contradictions: it’s old yet fresh, loud yet welcoming, easy going yet ass kicking. They’re a band that isn’t really like anything else around right now, and yet a band that feels like they could have been in your dad’s hi-fi record system – when it was the ONLY way to play music (only because it was actually the only way, not only like a hipster talkin
  • Eddy Clearwater to be Honored During Chicago Blues Festival

    Blues Hall of Fame inductee Eddy “The Chief” Clearwater was scheduled to perform at Buddy Guy’s Legends on Friday June 8th. He was also planning to appear at the annual Blues For Breakfast on Sunday June 10th. With his recent passing, Clearwater will be honored at both events.
    Eddy Clearwater in his Skokie, Illinois back yard. Photo: ©Steven I Wolf
    “Blues For Breakfast,” is a song penned by Clearwater for his 1980 album, The Chief. The charity event of the same
  • Blues Today Symposium at Buddy Guy’s Legends June 7th

    Chicago, IL – As part of Buddy Guy’s Legends Blues Fest, the Blues Today Symposium will kick off at 2:30 pm (CDT) on Thursday, June 7th.
    The symposium will be moderated by Dr. Dan Ivankovich and participants will include:
    Matt Marshall – CEO of Bluescentric.com, the shop for Blues Soul Rock n RollKate Moss – Album Cover DesignerScottt “Hambone” Hammer – Host of Hambone’s Blues Party on WDCBLynne Jordan – Chicago Blues Artist
    Festivities begin
  • WORLD PREMIERE Song – Billy Price “39 Steps”

    The newest offering from Billy Price, Reckoning, will be released via the VizzTone Label Group on June 15th. Produced by Christoffer “Kid” Andersen and recorded at his Greaseland Studios, it is Price’s first release since Alive and Strange in 2017.
    Price first attracted national attention in the mid-1970s during his three-year collaboration with blues guitarist Roy Buchanan. Since that time he’s released no fewer that 15 albums, CDs, and DVDs. His efforts have won him a P
  • Terry Abrahamson: Witness to History

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like being a witness to history? While we all are witnessing history every day, what if you were there when Robert Johnson recorded the sides that still to this day are the very foundation for much of the blues and rock and roll? What if you were there at Carnegie Hall that cold January evening in 1938 when Benny Goodman and company brought jazz into the mainstream and it became “respectable”? What if you were there when Muddy Waters first plug
  • Dan McKinnon Gives Us Blues with a Groove on ‘The Cleaner’

    Great blues is about the groove, not the guitar solo. On The Cleaner, Toronto’s own Dan McKinnon shows a great understanding of that concept. While The Cleaner has plenty of nice guitar playing and solid vocals courtesy of McKinnon, the album works because of the tight grooves beneath each song.
    McKinnon has taken a lot from garage rock, both historic and contemporary. You hear a lot of Black Keys-esque sounds and grooves throughout the album but he also reaches back further. For instance
  • Blind Boys of Alabama Founding Member Clarence Fountain Dead at 88

    Clarence Fountain, founding member and longtime leader of the iconic gospel group Blind Boys of Alabama died on Sunday, June 3rd in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was 88. His passing was confirmed by group manager Charles Driebe.
    Clarence Fountain Photo: Adam McCullough
    Born in Tyler, Alabama on November 28th, 1929, Fountain grew up in a churchgoing and musical family in Selma. At age eight he was enrolled at the Alabama Institute for the Negro Deaf and Blind in Talladega. There he joined a large bo
  • Ally Venable Steps Up on ‘Puppet Show’

    It’s easy to be skeptical of teen music prodigies. A certain amount of creating art is experience, and most teens don’t have the amount of experience required to create compelling art.
    Ally Venable is 18-years-old, but she is also a talented singer and guitarist who proves that looks and assumptions can be deceiving on Puppet Show, her sophomore album. She might be young but she is far beyond her years in ability.
    Venable is an old-school rock singer and guitarist. Her playing moves
  • Blues Hall of Famer Eddy “The Chief” Clearwater Dead at 83

    Eddy “The Chief” Clearwater passed away this morning from heart failure. His death was confirmed by long-time publicist and “adopted niece,” Lynn Orman Weiss. Clearwater was 83.
    Eddy Clearwater Live Photo: Roman Sobus
    Ironically, in an April interview with American Blues Scene, Clearwater stated that he had recently visited his cardiologist, who gave him a clean bill of health. “In fact, last Tuesday I saw my cardiologist, and he gave me a high five, saying I was in
  • CeCe Teneal & Soul Kamotion Give it All For ‘#5or5000’

    CeCe Teneal & Soul Kamotion are far from being newcomers to the Southern soul music scene. Captivating audiences with original, live music for over 16 years, they now bring their powerful live performances to our homes with their new release, #5or500.
    The album title reflects the group’s mission of giving the same show, and a hundred percent of themselves, whether there are five or five thousand people in the audience. Recorded live at the Blue Bamboo Arts Center in Orlando, Florida, S
  • WORLD PREMIERE VIDEO: Eli Cook Celebrates Furry Lewis’ “Turn Your Money Green”

    Eli Cook   Photo by Jill Kettles
    Eli Cook is a force of nature. One can not experience his music and not be at once moved, shaken, roused, and alive. The Atlanta Auditory Association said of him, “His songs have as much in common with Howlin’ Wolf as they do with Steve Earle.”
    His self-produced album High-Dollar Gospel out last August on C.R.8 Records, was a revelation but is not for the tame or the meek. Think John Campbell meets Bob Dylan and that will get the unini
  • Jack White Gives Surprise Concert at DC High School

    Jack White at Woodrow Wilson HS in DC    -YouTube (Jordan Grobe for The Anthem)
    Grammy Award-winning rocker and preservationist Jack White surprised Woodrow Wilson High School students in the District of Columbia with a spontaneous off-the-cuff lunchtime performance today. White is between shows at The Anthem and just showed up with his band, set up, and played a set that lasted about 45 minutes.
    White and company will continue touring including stops at the Governors Ball in
  • The Devon Allman Project Lights Up The Music Instrument Museum

    Devon Allman
    On the first anniversary of Gregg Allman’s passing, Devon Allman and friends took to the stage at The Music Instrument Museum, in Phoenix, Arizona. The MIM, a collection of instruments from all over the world is a must see if you’re into the music scene and definitely a bucket list item. Make sure to give yourself time to experience this incredible find, and you won’t be disappointed.
    Devon Allman started things off and had the crowd in the palm of his hand in in s
  • EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIERE Video: “Gimme a Pigfoot and a Bottle of Beer” by Rory Block

    The thing that sets Rory Block apart from other players is that she is a walking, breathing, knowing and playing encyclopedia of the acoustic masters of yesteryear. From Robert Johnson and Mississippi Fred McDowell to Rev. Gary Davis, Son House, Skip James, and Mississippi John Hurt, Block can bring out the best in their music every time she brings that music to an audience.
    Can we even imagine a girl from New York City not yet 16, being taught by the great Reverend Gary Davis in his home? Or,
  • EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIERE Song: “Gimme a Pigfoot and a Bottle of Beer” by Rory Block

    The thing that sets Rory Block apart from other players is that she is a walking, breathing, knowing and playing encyclopedia of the acoustic masters of yesteryear. From Robert Johnson and Mississippi Fred McDowell to Rev. Gary Davis, Son House, Skip James, and Mississippi John Hurt, Block can bring out the best in their music every time she brings that music to an audience.
    Can we even imagine a girl from New York City not yet 16, being taught by the great Reverend Gary Davis in his home? Or,
  • WORLD PREMIERE Video: “Heal My Soul” by Tas Cru

    Tas Cru’s latest offering, Memphis Song on Subcat Records is scheduled for release on June 1st. As someone who can’t be put neatly in this or that category box, he enjoys keeping things interesting.
    Sure, he plays the blues, but what he does with blues is always expanding the vernacular. Memphis Song has been described as completing a trifecta of Tas Cru’s creativity that includes Cru’s two previous albums, 2014’s You Keep the Money and 2016’s Simme
  • John Mayall Cancels Tour Dates Due to Health Issues

    John Mayall with his Strat -Photo by Jeff Fasano
    John Mayall, “The Godfather of British Blues” has canceled remaining shows for May and his June shows as well. The 84-year-old blues patriarch has been battling pneumonia and is recovering.
    A May 25th post on his Facebook page reads:
    “We are very sorry to announce that John Mayall has to reschedule his upcoming May/June shows due to needing continued medical care after a bout of pneumonia. For those of you who have bought
  • The 20 Best Lines In Songs

    How many times have you been listening to a song and thought to yourself, “Man, that’s a really great line!” We have too, so we brought together 20 songs that feature great lyric lines. Here they are for your edification.
    1.  “I Asked For Water (She Gave Me Gasoline)” by  Howlin’ Wolf.
    “Oh, I asked her for water, oh, she brought me gasolineOh, I asked her for water, oh, she brought me gasolineThat’s the troublingest womanThat I ever seen&
  • What Guitars Did Duane Allman Play?

    Duane Allman, a.k.a. Skydog was best known for playing Gibson Les Pauls throughout his career. While Les Pauls may have been his favored musical companions, he used over 30 different guitars between 1961 and 1971.
    Allman’s first guitar was a 1959 Gibson Les Paul Jr that he purchased in ’61. He used it until ‘65 when he supposedly pawned it.
    Duane’s Gibson Les Paul Jr
    Delaney Bramlett later said that he purchased a red Les Paul Jr from a pawn shop, and when he showed it to
  • WORLD PREMIERE Video: “You Left It Behind” by The Lucky Losers

    With their 2016 album In Any Town, The Lucky Losers, featuring Cathy Lemons and Phil Berkowitz backed by their incredible four-piece band, cemented their position as top tier performers and left us wanting more.
    Join us as we premiere “You Left It Behind,” the latest video from the band. It’s a tongue-in-cheek look at forgetfulness and the trials of being on the road, with a swing feel. Cathy Lemons tells us:
    “This is the first song Phil and I ever wrote together with our
  • ‘Wisdom & Decay’ From Jeff Jensen: His Most Soulful Yet

    Jeff Jensen‘s sixth album release, Wisdom & Decay, takes us on a journey through Memphis and beyond. Produced by Jensen himself, the soul of The River City oozes from every track.
    Wisdom & Decay was recorded at Ardent Studios. But that’s not where the history ends. To create a truly Memphis flavored soul blues album, Jensen brought in a horn section and a string quartet. Both additions were recorded at the legendary Sam Phillips Recording Studio.
    Jensen is billed as an eccent
  • Southern Avenue’s Ori Naftaly Has Gear Stolen From His Home

    Ori Naftaly with his sticker adorned 2001 Fender Stratocaster -Photo by Marilyn Stringer
    Memphis, TN — According to a post on his Facebook page, Southern Avenue’s guitarist Ori Naftaly is reporting that the house he shares with Tierinii Jackson in Memphis was broken into this past weekend and his gear has been stolen.
    Ori’s post from last night reads, “Update: our house was broken into several times. These people ate from our fridge, cooked chicken, and came back several
  • Mike Zito: What’s New and What’s Next

    Mike Zito ‘First Class Life’ album cover
    It took a while, but were able to have a chat with Mike Zito. Guitarist, singer, song-writer, and producer, Zito is one of the busiest artists on the circuit today. He has a brand new album, a very recent Blues Music Award, and tours almost non-stop. He’s also a genuinely humble and generous man.
    We spoke about the music on First Class Life, what being Rock Blues Artist of the year means to him, and what’s next for Mike Zito.
    JD Na
  • ‘Problem Child’ by Dany Franchi Is Texas Flavored Joy

    Every now and again the universe does us a solid and we find something different, exciting, even inspiring upon our doorstep. There’s nothing like hitting “play” and having our senses rewarded with cleansing, animated music that revives us. And so it was when we discovered the treasures awaiting us on Problem Child by Dany Franchi, out on Kara Grainger’s new label, Station House Records.
    There are three covers on the album: Eddie Taylor’s “Big Town Playboy,&rd
  • 10 More Things You Didn’t Know About Joe Cocker

    Cocker playing air guitar in Florida 2003    -Photo by Carl Lender
    Joe Cocker’s gravel toned soul voice was one of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s greatest.
    From his infamous on stage movements, drug and alcohol addictions in the seventies, to life on “Mad Dog Ranch,” Cocker’s life was nothing short of extraordinary.
    On what would’ve been his 74th birthday we look at ten of the most interesting facts from the life, and times of Britain’s etern
  • Newest Blues Albums to our Auto DJ

    Here is a list of our most recent additions to “Otto” – our Automated DJ. More than 200 songs added from some of the absolute best Blues artists around! If you click on the links you’ll be able to purchase their music, and support BluesMusicFan Radio at the same time!
    AJ Ghent [a-jent] – The Neo Blues ProjectAlly Venable Band – Puppet ShowBad Temper Joe – Ain’t Worth a DamnBear Williams – Water of LoveBees Deluxe – Voice of DogBen Harpe
  • Tas Cru Sings Us His ‘Memphis Song’

    The music of Memphis can’t be pigeon-holed. Blues, R&B, Soul, Rock and Roll, Rockabilly, Jazz, and more all have deep roots in the Bluff City, and the combination is what creates the Memphis sound. Tas Cru understands that concept better than most, and pays homage to the true “music city” in his new Subcat Records release, Memphis Song.Cru flew headlong into the radar in 2014, with You Keep the Money. It wasn’t his first album, but it sure got the attention of blues l
  • Tyler Childers Nominated For “Emerging Artist of the Year” at 2018 Americana Honors & Awards

    Nashville, TN – Tyler Childers is nominated for “Emerging Artist of the Year” at the 2018 Americana Music Association Honors & Awards. The annual awards show will take place on September 12th at Nashville’s historic Ryman Auditorium.
    The nomination follows a breakthrough year for Childers, which saw the release of his critically acclaimed debut album, Purgatory. The record—produced by Sturgill Simpson and David Ferguson—landed on multiple “Best of 20
  • Stevie Saves the Music

    You know Steven Van Zandt as Little Steven or perhaps Miami Steve. You know he is a founding member of both Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band and Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes. You know he is Silvio on The Sopranos. But do you think of staunch activism upon hearing his name? You should. If you recall, Stevie founded Artists United Against Apartheid in 1985. Every true rock and roll patriot from Bob Dylan to Lou Reed to Joey Ramone made their appearance on “Sun City” w
  • Noel Webster: Restoring History, and Giving Chess Records a New Start – Part One

    Abbey Road Studios, Hitsville U.S.A. (now the Motown Museum), Muscle Shoals Sound Studio, Chess, Sun Recording Studio: Speak these names and immediately the ghosts of legends are summoned to the forefront of our imagination.
    Whether it’s the Funk Brothers making Motown magic, Little Walter and Willie Dixon building the foundations of modern blues, the Beatles turning music on its head, Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis capturing the raw energy of early rock and roll, or The Swampers reinventing r
  • Directorship of Roots N Blues N BBQ Changes Hands

    Columbia, MO – There are some major changes in the Columbia, Missouri music scene. Julie King Dworski will be departing from her position as Director of Festival Operations for the Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival, a popular music festival in Columbia.
    Dworski will continue in her position until June 4th, when incoming director Tracy Lane will take her place at the helm.
    Roots N Blues N BBQ has grown significantly over the years, and many colleagues of Dworski have credited her with that
  • Low Cut Connie Heralds the Return of Rock n Roll

    “What we are is a rock and roll band,” says Low Cut Connie frontman Adam Weiner. “Not a rock band, but a rock and roll band.”
    Low Cut Connie Live Photo: Luke Awtry
    We recently spoke to the piano pounding songwriter, and took a listen to the group’s fifth album, Dirty Pictures (Part 2). Scheduled for release on May 18th via Contender Records, Part 2 is a step up from LCC’s grimy take on American life. The new album is more introspective, more character driven,
  • Kara Grainger Is Enjoying Her Journey and Her Music

    What if you grew up in a country on the other side of the world — like the fabled land of Australia? Growing up there you come to admire the music of the finest women songwriters including Joni Mitchell, and Joan Baez. Later your brother and his friends expose you to blues and funk. You discover the wonder that is Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed, and of course Stevie Ray Vaughan. Later still as with all guitarists, you are informed by the work of Eric Clapton.
    Naturally  you begin to perform
  • Victor Wainwright: Pushing the Envelope With The Train

    The multiple award winning, boogie-woogie piano pounding Victor Wainwright has been at it again. His band’s latest semblance is The Train, and their eponymous album was released on March 9th via Ruf Records.
    Victor Wainwright – Photo: Austin Britt
    A disciple of the old barrelhouse school, Wainwright is pushing the blues into a new direction. He wrote all 12 tracks on the new release, and co-produced the album with Dave Gross. Experimenting with the rhythms of their collective areas,
  • BREAKING: Blues Music Awards winners announced; Taj Mahal & Keb’ Mo’s ‘TajMo’ wins seven awards

    Blues Music Awards winners announced!
    TAJMO COLLABORATORS TAJ MAHAL AND KEB’ MO’ TEAM UP AGAIN TO WIN SEVEN AWARDS COMBINED AT THE BLUES FOUNDATION’S 39TH ANNUAL BLUES MUSIC AWARDSRick Estrin scored a trio of honors too at blues music’s big night, with Mavis Staples, Trombone Shorty, and Robert Cray also among the winners. Photo by Joseph A. RosenPhoto by Jeff Fasano
    Photo by Joseph A. Rosen
    MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The 39th annual Blues Music Award
  • Here Are Your 2018 Blues Music Award Winners

    Memphis, TN – It’s the biggest night of Blues Music Week. The annual Blues Music Awards. Nominees, presenters, and performing artists gather to recognize the year’s best. 135 nominees in 26 categories share one thing – their love of blues music.
    Winners are in bold blue type.
    39th Blues Music Award Winners:
    Acoustic Album of the Year:
    Catfish Keith – Mississippi River BluesDoug MacLeod – Break the ChainGuy Davis & Fabrizio Poggi – Sonny & Brownie
  • Paul Loren’s Birthday Gift to Billy Joel “Tell Her About It”

    “Tell Her About It” Cover. Photo: Shervin Lainez
    Today the pop music, piano loving world celebrates the 69th birthday of Billy Joel. Fellow New Yorker, Paul Loren has a special gift for the piano man. A cover of his #1 hit song, “Tell Her About It.”
    It was the summer of 1983, and the music of Billy Joel’s An Innocent Man permeated the airwaves. An Innocent Man was a concept album, paying tribute to the popular musical genres of Joel’s adolescence. Of the 10 tr

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