• 10 Underrated Female Blues Musicians You Need To Be Following

    In a world that’s obsessed with social media, each of us are shouting into the void of seemingly infinite profiles, and sometimes the good ones get lost. Here are ten relatively unknown, but incredibly gifted blues playing women from around the world whose profiles may have escaped you, but deserve every follow they can get.
    Minnie Marks – @minniemarksofficialSince 1994, Minnie Marks has been playing some of the meanest slide blues, roots, and rock and roll around.
    Hailing from Cresc
  • Wily Bo Walker Weaves Jazz Throughout ‘Almost Transparent Blues’

    Most music fans have wondered what it would sound like if ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons and singer/songwriter Tom Waits had a baby and then had that baby raised in Scotland. Glasgow’s own Wily Bo Walker answers that question, conceptually, if not specifically, on Almost Transparent Blues, the singer/guitarist’s latest album.
    Walker’s voice jumps out at you. It’s raspy, not unlike contemporary Gibbons and all-the-time Waits. Over the course of the album, Walker explores th
  • Shemekia Copeland is ‘America’s Child’

    Shemekia Copeland is indeed America’s child. She was born in Harlem, New York and her first professional gig was at the famed Cotton Club. Her father was Texas bluesman and Blues Hall of Famer, Johnny Copeland. She was crowned new Queen of the Blues in Chicago. Former releases from Copeland were produced by legendary figures from New Orleans (Dr. John) and Memphis (Steve Cropper).
    Her latest offering, America’s Child, via Alligator Records sees Copeland expand her Americanness even f
  • ‘Queen of Soul’ Aretha Franklin Is ‘Gravely Ill’

    The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin is reportedly hospitalized and gravely ill. She is surrounded by family and friends in her native Detroit.
    The 76-year-old legend of soul has battled health issues in recent years including a reported 2010 diagnosis of cancer. A report by BET noted that “Franklin has been battling numerous health problems for years and had to cancel a series of concerts last summer citing ‘doctor’s orders. Her latest performance was on November 2 of last year
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  • Quintessential Juke Joint Po’ Monkey’s Contents to Be Auctioned Off

    Po’ Monkey’s, the quintessential juke joint located just outside of Merigold, Mississippi in Bolivar County was founded in 1961. Its popularity remained strong even 50 years later beckoning to all manner of historians, performers, students and music lovers.
    Formerly sharecropper’s quarters and essentially a one-room “house” in a cotton field, it has metamorphosed into something far bigger, far grander than its appearance would suggest. Like Delta musicians Lit
  • Monster Truck Revs Into Their 10th Year With a New Album and European Tour

    Monster Truck. The name invokes images of a loud, powerful machine rolling over anything in its path. An apt description of the Hamilton, Ontario band that bears the name.The foursome made up of lead singer/bassist Jon Harvey, guitarist Jeremy Widerman, keyboard player Brandon Bliss, and drummer Steve Kiley have been together for 9 years. They’ve paid their dues playing in small bars, opened for artists including Alice in Chains, Nickelback, and Black Stone Cherry, and owned main stage fes
  • Author, Filmmaker Robert Gordon is a Jack of All Blues

    Robert Gordon is a Grammy Award® winning writer and filmmaker from Memphis, Tennessee. His work has focused on the American south—its music, art, and politics—to create an insider’s portrait of his home, both nuanced and ribald.In 2003, Gordon wrote the award-winning Can’t Be Satisfied: The Life and Times of Muddy Waters. Gordon directed and produced Best of Enemies, a behind-the-scenes account of the explosive 1968 televised debates between the liberal Gore Vidal and
  • In Top Form, Boz Scaggs Draws Inspiration From His Early Radio Heroes

    Photo by Chris Phelps
    Boz Scaggs. The name may be a byword for jazz fusion. Or “blue-eyed soul.” Or blues. Or R&B. But to the trained ear, it is all of these forces that converge in such a way to make Boz Scaggs: a man imbued with all the subtle nuances that mean everything to his loyal listeners. He and his guitar started in the folk-blues tradition, and we seem to see Boz circling back to the substratum of his craft as he draws inspiration from his earliest radio heroes. That i
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  • Mark Wenner Brings Us His ‘Blues Warriors’

    Harmonica master Mark Wenner goes non-stop. As the founder/leader of the blues and roots rock band, The Nighthawks, he’s been kicking out great music for over 45 years. The Nighthawks have amassed a release collection of nearly 30 albums, and Wenner has released four solo projects. Now, he brings us Mark Wenner’s Blues Warriors.
    First off, don’t panic, The Hawks are alive, well, and still touring. The Blues Warriors is a different breed of music is all.
    “This band is actu
  • Whitney Shay Professes ‘A Woman Rules the World’

    Whitney Shay is what most people would refer to as a phenom. The young songstress from San Diego, California has been performing on stage since the age of three. Just nine years ago, she made the leap from theatrical performance to fronting a blues, jazz, and swing band. Her latest release, A Woman Rules the World begins to showcase her songwriting abilities as well. Shay is the youthful embodiment of an old soul, bringing her performances in a powerful, sassy, and seductive way.
    A Woman Rules t
  • The Record Company’s ‘All of This Life’ Is Solid

    There are many theories about the dreaded sophomore slump. One is that while a band has, essentially, an infinite amount of time to write their debut album, they have a much tighter turnaround for their second. Another is that touring behind a debut album doesn’t leave much time to write.
    But a personal and less popular theory is that expectations are the real challenge of a second album. If a band deviates too far from the sound of the first album—especially a successful one—
  • Guitars Through the Eyes of Howard Paul and Robert Benedetto

    Howard Paul shares with the audience    Photo by Barry Kerzner
    In the world of guitars, those that are coveted most by players are the custom-made instruments. Even more revered and sought after are those instruments that are entirely made by hand. Each of these is as much a work of art as it is a working instrument. In this realm, the name Benedetto represents the pinnacle of handmade archtop guitars.
    So, to be able to attend a lecture this past Sunday afternoon with Howard Paul, Pres
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  • Buddy Guy & Jonny Lang Play “The Cap”

    Young and old. Black and white. Rhythm and blues. Pain and happiness. Smiles and tears. Sunshine and rain. The power of the blues is that it is rooted in spirituality and that spirituality stemmed from the most brutal of all conditions. Out of that brutality came a music that carried with it the essence of the human condition – duality, or as Matthew Modine put it in Full Metal Jacket, “that Jungian thing.”
    (L-R) Jonny Lang & Buddy Guy from 2016 – Photo from Jonny Lan
  • The Rolling Stones Lend a Hand Gathering Tracks by Blues Pioneers on ‘Confessin’ The Blues’

    LONDON, U.K. – As well as being the biggest band in the world, The Rolling Stones are also the biggest champions of the blues, so who better to curate a compilation of the music that inspired them throughout their career?
    Confessin’ The Blues collects the greatest bluesmen ever and provides a perfect study of the genre. The tracks on the various formats of the release have been chosen by the Rolling Stones in collaboration with BMG and Universal. The sets are due out from BMG on Nov
  • Joe Bonamassa Out with ‘Redemption’ in September

    Joe Bonamassa is not one to rest on his accomplishments. The twice Grammy-nominated blues rocker is always pushing the envelope on what is considered blues and blues-inspired rock. His 13th solo studio album Redemption will be released on September 21st on his own J&R Adventures record label.
    Redemption features 12 new songs including the title track which rock and roll icon Dion DiMucci lends a hand on. They are the result of an awaking and rebirth that Bonamassa is in the midst of. He exp
  • Rev. Jimmie Smith Plays Jimmy Smith ‘Live in Music City’

    Gather ye for a tale of two Smiths. Rev. Jimmie Smith is co-founder and lead pastor at Effective Life Church in Conyers, Georgia. The late Jimmy Smith was a master of the Hammond B3 organ who changed the face of improvisational jazz by mixing it with soul and R&B. The B3, and an unadulterated love of music is what the two Smiths have in common. That and the soon to be released album, Live in Music City: Jimmie Smith Plays Jimmy Smith.
    We were fortunate enough to receive an advance copy from
  • New Release From Jon Cleary is ‘Dyna-Mite’

    Jon Cleary is the total package. The Grammy® winning singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist may have been born and raised in England, but his soul belongs to New Orleans. Cleary plays nearly every instrument he lays hands on, but has a particular talent for gathering the best-of-the-best to complete projects like his latest, Dyna-Mite.
    Released July 13th on his own FHQ Records label, Dyna-Mite is a medley of all things great about New Orleans music. Cleary brings blues, soul
  • What Guitars Did Chuck Berry Play?

    Since the release of his breakthrough single “Maybellene” in 1955 guitarists around the world have been attempting to emulate and master the songs Chuck Berry and his guitars so effortlessly yielded. From Angus Young to Keith Richards, every rock guitarist to ever strap on a six-string is in debt to Berry and his musical innovation.
    Chuck Berry playing his Kay Thin Twin guitar
    Throughout his long career the granddaddy of rock ‘n’ roll was renowned for playing Gibson guita
  • Video Premiere: “Straitjacket” by Jeremiah Johnson

    The fact that Jeremiah Johnson has been around is a good thing for him and for his fans. Everything he’s learned along the way he’s put into his upcoming album Straitjacket, out via Ruf Records on August 18th. St. Louis, and Houston (because hey, what’s blues without a wee bit of Texas in there somewhere?) flavor his blues. Rock and Roll and Country can clearly be heard in there as well.
    What makes Johnson’s music worth its salt is that it’s honest, and it’s
  • Crystal Shawanda Breaks Into the Blues with ‘Voodoo Woman’

    There are times we are truly taken by surprise, and this is one of those times. Pulling a CD mailer out of the box, it was the latest release from Crystal Shawanda. Our first thought was, “Oh yeah, this is that Canadian country singer.” We were right, then again we were oh, so wrong. Voodoo Woman knocked us out of our blues lovin’ socks from the second we pushed play.
    It was a cathartic, holy shit, Jesus is back in Chicago moment. With a child’s giggle and some pre-show t
  • Premiere Video: Gina Sicilia “Ready For Love”

    Things happen fast in the world of Gina Sicilia. She began writing songs at age 12. By 21 she had released her debut album, Allow Me to Confess, which garnered her a BMA nomination. Fast forward a dozen more years and Sicilia is on the precipice of releasing her eighth studio album, Heard the Lie, on August 31st via Blue Elan Records.
    Ever evolving, Sicilia integrates down-to-the-roots inspirations seamlessly within the blues. It’s long been her trademark style, as we always say, “If
  • John Clifton’s ‘Nightlife’ Is Raw and Powerful

    Some things are so ugly they’re beautiful. Wood, for example. The uglier it gets—darker, gnarled, knotty—the more interesting and enjoyable it is to look at and to feel. Music is no different. It doesn’t need to be sweet and pretty to be a great listen. There’s beauty in the unmade-up rawness of a performance. And that’s the beauty of John Clifton’s Nightlife, a wonderfully raw album of harmonica-driven blues.
    Just to be perfectly clear, this album is m
  • Breezy Rodio Declares ‘Sometimes the Blues Got Me’

    One of the hottest tickets coming out of Chicago these days is Breezy Rodio. Much like one of his idols, B.B. King, Rodio has been touring over 300 days per year for the last decade. He joined the Linsey Alexander Band in 2007, and in 2011 released his first solo blues album. Rodio’s first release on Delmark Records is Sometimes the Blues Got Me, and it sure enough got us too.
    Sometimes the Blues Got Me is seventeen tracks of true Chicago blues. Eleven of the songs are originals, and the s
  • Sebastian Lane Talks About His Debut Album, Working With Eric Gales, And His Grandfather Jimmy Rogers

    Since birth, Sebastian Lane has been surrounded by the blues. As the grandson of Chicago blues legend Jimmy Rogers and the son of contemporary Chicago blues hotshot Jimmy D Lane, there was practically no escaping life in the genre. Fast forward 25 years, a few guitar tips from dad, and hundreds of shows, and the third-generation bluesman has released his debut album Walkin’ By Myself.
    The album, featuring Eric Gales, and Christone “Kingfish” Ingram, was recorded, produced, mixe
  • Billy F. Gibbons’ Solo Album ‘The Big Bad Blues’ Coming in September

    Billy F. Gibbons, guitarist and vocalist for that “Little Ol’ Band from Texas” aka ZZ Top, is releasing his second solo album in September. The Big Bad Blues will hit the street on September 21st on Concord Records.
    The album’s 11 tracks are a mix of Gibbons’ original tunes along with covers of classics including Muddy Waters‘ “Standing Around Crying” and “Rollin’ and Tumblin’,” along with Bo Diddley favorites as well with &
  • Premiere Video: Matt Andersen “Coal Mining Blues”

    We’ve been noticing an upturn in the amount of great blues music coming from Canada of late. One of the artists from the Great White North  constantly making waves in the blues world  is Matt Andersen.
    A soulful powerhouse vocalist, Andersen has built a formidable following the old fashioned way. He tours worldwide and lets the converted audiences and his devotees spread his reputation through word of mouth. His methods have unquestionably paid off. Andersen holds nine Maple Blue
  • Boz Scaggs Gives Us Masterful ‘Out of the Blues’

    Boz Scaggs   Photo by Chris Phelps
    Boz Scaggs has always added a touch of class to whatever he does whether that be performing, recording, or producing. He conjures up drama when he sings and his delivery begs us to join him on his journey. And let us not forget that he can play intensely emotive and nimble guitar lines seemingly effortlessly.
    Listening to the “trilogy” as most refer to it, it is immediately apparent that Scaggs is at ease and enjoying himself tremendously.
  • Greta Van Fleet Releases New Single: “When the Curtain Falls”

    Greta Van Fleet – 3 words that sum up the continuation of rock n roll. The four piece group from Frankenmuth, Michigan, have had a meteoric rise to stardom. Today, they released their newest single, “When the Curtain Falls.”
    Formed in 2012, the band’s current lineup consists of twin brothers Josh (vocals) and Jake (guitar) Kiszka, their younger brother Sam (bass/keys), and best friend Danny Wagner (drums).
    It’s important to note that in the last year alone, Greta Va
  • A Day in the Life of Buddy Guy’s Guitar Tech – Part Two

    Chris Bynum with Buddy Guy’s Polka Dot guitars   Photo by Bradley Cook
    Since his time with Buddy began in 2015 Chris Bynum has traveled the world with the blues master and his black and white polka dot Strat, playing all kinds of gigs in all sorts of places but it was Buddy’s two sets at Byron Bay Bluesfest in 2017 that Bynum remembers as his favorites.
    “Byron Bay Bluesfest was a really great gig, and that’s because it was such a great festival. Of all the festivals
  • Vanja Sky Debuts on Ruf Records With ‘Bad Penny’

    Thomas Ruf has one of the best picker-outers in the business. Collaborating with Luther Allison a couple decades ago led to the birth of Ruf Records, a label that can rightly brag the brightest stars in the blues-rock world. This year Thomas added another formidable young artist, Vanja Sky to his famous stable with her debut release Bad Penny.
    “We named it after the Rory Gallagher song, which I also cover on the album,” Sky says. “Rory is one of my favorite players. He has a sp
  • Ten Essential Chess Records Albums

    Anyone who has ever listened to, loved or played rock and roll has Chess Records and their groundbreaking artists to thank.
    The label, which was founded in 1950 by brothers Phil and Leonard Chess played a huge role in the musical revolution of the mid-20th century. Not only was the label home to artists such as Etta James, Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Little Walter, Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley, it helped to shape the future of rock and roll by inspiring The Rolling Stones, L
  • Chicago Blues Greats Join Mick Jagger and Keith Richards on ‘Chicago Plays the Stones’

    The bond between the Rolling Stones and Chicago blues has always been a special one. The Stones have included Chicago blues on their own albums, recorded music at Chess Records, toured with Buddy Guy and Junior Wells and performed with Muddy Waters and his band at The Checkerboard Lounge in Chicago itself.
    On September 14th Raisin’ Music Records will release Chicago Plays the Stones, a project that sees Buddy Guy, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards join numerous Chicago blues artists to celebrate
  • Little Freddie King Serves Up Some ‘Fried Rice & Chicken’

    Country blues guitarist and New Orleans fixture Little Freddie King is back with a sweet compilation album. Fried Rice & Chicken, on the Orleans Records label, contains some of his best work from two previous Orleans releases.
    Born Fread Eugene Martin in McComb, Mississippi, King has been playing guitar since he could hold one. Taught the Delta blues style by his father, he hopped a train for New Orleans at age 14, where he began mixing his sound with the likes of Slim Harpo and Champion Jac
  • The Lucky Losers Triumph with ‘Blind Spot’

    There’s that great scene in The Beatles A Hard Day’s Night where the band is riding a train with Paul’s grandfather, who’s nursing a broken heart. John leans in to Paul and says, “He’s a nice old man, isn’t he?” and Paul comes back with “He’s really…,” pausing imperceptibly, before finishing “…clean.” Calling a band tight is the music review equivalent of calling Paul’s grandfather clean. It’
  • Michael Kaeshammer Brings Us ‘Something New’

    Canada based pianist/singer/songwriter Michael Kaeshammer has been at it for over two decades. His infectious boogie-woogie meets jazz style has enthralled audiences the world over, and garnered him a fistful of West Coast Music Awards and Juno Award nominations. His latest release via Linus Entertainment is Something New.
    Something New bridges the gap between the Pacific Northwest and New Orleans. Sound like a stretch? It did to us too, until we pushed play.
    The very first track, “Scenic
  • Premiere Track From Tony Joe White – “Boom Boom”

    Swamp rocker Tony Joe White claims he’s a blues man at heart. The music he listened to growing up on a cotton farm were the blues of Lightnin’ Hopkins, John Lee Hooker, Charley Patton, Jimmy Reed and others. His upcoming release, Bad Mouthin’ is an unadorned tribute to those early heroes.
    White gained world-wide fame 50 years ago with a pair of songs he penned. “Polk Salad Annie,” was a hit for both him and Elvis, while “Rainy Night in Georgia,” was a ru
  • Career Spanning Tom Petty Box Set Coming in September

    Tom Petty Image Courtesy of Sacks & Co.   Photo by Mark Seliger
    Reprise Records will release a career spanning 60 track box set of Tom Petty material on September 28th. An American Treasure will feature previously unreleased recordings, alternate versions of favorite songs, rarities, live performances and more. This will be the first release of music by Tom Petty material since his death in October of 2017.
    The previously unreleased 1982 recording “Keep A Little Soul” i

    Hey everyone, we have some really exciting news!! As of July 14, BluesMusicFan Radio is moving our stream to higher capacity streams, allowing higher quality sound and awesome mobile streaming. It is going to take some time for everyone to catch up to us, but the first step is RIGHT HERE! Click on the “Listen Now” button after we move, and you’ll be hooked into our awesome station once again!!
    Thank you for all your support and your help in spreading the word will be much appr

    Hey everyone, we have some really exciting news!! BluesMusicFan Radio is moving our stream to higher capacity streams, allowing higher quality sound and awesome mobile streaming. It is going to take some time for everyone to catch up to us, but the first step is RIGHT HERE! Click on the “Listen Now” button after we move, and you’ll be hooked into our awesome station once again!!
    Thank you for all your support and your help in spreading the word will be much appreciated!!

    Hey everyone, we have some really exciting news!! BluesMusicFan Radio is moving our stream to higher capacity streams, allowing higher quality sound and awesome mobile streaming. It is going to take some time for everyone to catch up to us, but the first step is RIGHT HERE! Click on the “Listen Now” button after we move, and you’ll be hooked into our awesome station once again!!
    Thank you for all your support and your help in spreading the word will be much appreciated!!
  • The Devil Didn’t Make Him Do It – Debunking the Robert Johnson Myth

    Robert Johnson may be the most misunderstood blues artist of the 20th century. During his lifetime his only “hit” record was “Terraplane Blues” which sold about 5000 copies. He recorded only 29 songs, was active on the chitlin circuit for about three years and died in 1938 at age 27 from pneumonia, the result of being poisoned by a club owner angry that Johnson had made love to his wife. That was 80 years ago.
    Yet in death, he has become the blues messiah. Blues guitarist
  • Elvin Bishop’s Big Fun Trio – ‘Something Smells Funky ‘Round Here’

    It’s been nearly three years since Elvin Bishop put together the Big Fun Trio. Last year their eponymous debut album received a Grammy nomination. Now, the blues threesome is set to release Something Smells Funky ‘Round Here via Alligator records.
    Bishop couldn’t have put together a better group if they’d been handed down from heaven on a silver platter. Elvin is Rock and Roll and Blues Hall of Fame inductee who first came to light with the Paul Butterfield Blues Band ove
  • Johnny Winter Animated Video “Illustrated Man”

    Monday, July 16th, marks four years since the world’s greatest and most influential blues rock guitarist, Johnny Winter left this world. To celebrate his life, long-time friend and guitarist Paul Nelson has released an amazing animated video of Johnny playing “Illustrated Man.”The song comes from Winter’s 1991 Grammy® nominated album Let Me In and showcases his lightning speed. Incredible computer generated (CG) graphics were supplied by artists Laurent Mercier &
  • A Day in the Life of Buddy Guy’s Guitar Tech – Part One

    Chris Bynum with Buddy Guy’s Polka Dot Guitars   Photo by Bradley Cook
    For the past two and a half years Chris Bynum has been living every guitar techs dream, working alongside blues guitar legend, Buddy Guy.
    Born and raised in Texas, Bynum’s love of music was ignited by an all-star New Year’s Eve concert in Houston that saw Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and Leon Russell take to the stage. Country music quickly became his go to, and it wasn’t until he had left
  • Song Preview: Cyril Neville – “New Orleans Cookin'”

    Cyril Neville has been around the block. He’s been writing, performing, and producing music for over fifty years. Being the wise and experienced artist that he is, Neville owns and controls all of his music. He is proud to be the first artist on World Order Entertainment, the label started by his son, Omari Neville.
    Early on Neville flourished as a member of the Meters, and later, the Neville Brothers. Both groups had a profound impact on funk, jazz, soul, and rock that continues to this
  • Elvis Costello Cancels Tour Dates Following Tumor Removal

    Elvis Costello at Riot Fest in 2016
    Declan Patrick MacManus, aka, Elvis Costello has revealed he has cancer as cancels his remaining European tour dates. After his doctor had advised him to rest and take a break from touring and having a go at continuing, he canceled the remaining 6 dates of his current European tour on medical grounds.
    Costello himself says, “Six weeks ago my specialist called me and said, ‘You should start playing the Lotto.’ He had rarely, if ever, seen such
  • John Coltrane Scores First Ever UK Top 20 Album

    There is new music out from jazz legend John Coltrane. The album is titled Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album. It’s release via Impulse! Records/Decca on June 29th, 2018 came as a result of a very fortunate find. It’s also taking the jazz world by storm, giving Trane his first Top 20 Album spot on the UK’s Official Album Chart.
    Charting at #15, it’s the highest chart position of Coltrane’s career, and his biggest opening week sales. Recorded by Trane’s Cl
  • Premiere Track: Elvin Bishop’s Big Fun Trio “Another Mule”

    Elvin Bishop’s Big Fun Trio has been around for almost three years now. Bishop formed the group with his friends Bob Welsh on piano and guitar, and Willy Jordan on cajón and vocals. After playing just a handful of live dates, the group’s instantly crowd-pleasing music and undeniable chemistry took the blues world by storm.
    The operative word in the group’s name is fun. These guys are legitimately having a good time. One can hear it through their music, and feel it in the
  • Tommy Z Celebrates 4th of July with Blues in Apopka

    Tommy Z is in the zone
    The East Coast has been wrapped in a heat wave that just won’t quit. In Florida, this is complicated by the rainy season where there are showers almost every day throughout the state.
    The weather almost put a kibosh on the planned 4th of July celebration in Apopka, Florida. Due to hit the stage at 6 PM, the Tommy Z Band couldn’t even begin placing their equipment onstage until after 5 PM, when the rain had moved out, and the stage became somewhat dry again.
  • New Eliza Neals Single “Love Dr. Love”

    It’s been nearly a year and a half since Eliza Neals dropped 10,000 Feet Below. Since then she’s been enjoying the fruits of her labors by working her ass off, touring the world over. Now the Motown Mojo Queen brings us a fresh new single on the E-H Records label; “Love Dr. Love.”
    A pilgrimage to New Orleans, and a visit to the resting place of Marie Laveau inspired Neals to write a contemporary blues party song. But it bends more genres than can be counted on one hand. &

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