• Will Franks Appointed CEO of Wireless Smart City Application Firm Telensa

    Co-founder Will Gibson takes new role of Chief Commercial Officer, as the company takes global growth strategy to next levelCambridge, UK – 6th December 2016 - Telensa, the leader in connected street lighting and Smart City applications, has announced the appointment of Will Franks as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Franks will lead the company’s continued transformation as it embarks upon the next phase of its global growth strategy, building on profitable revenue growth of over...So
  • Democracy, Decentralisation, Divestment: '3D screening' of the EU Energy Package

    How “3D compatible” is the newly released, 1200-page strong “clean energy for all Europeans” package released today by the European Commission? How much does it contribute to a system shift towards more prosperity, legitimacy and leadership on sustainable energy? In other words: how is legitimacy secured by Democratizing the energy system, empowering citizens and communities? How is prosperity brought about, by Divesting funding streams from fossil fuels and reDirecting t
  • Cities heading towards 100% renewable energy

    CLER, Energy Cities and Réseau Action Climat collaborated to prepare this publication. The aim is to provide guidance and solutions to French cities and metropolitan areas anxious to embark on a 100% renewable energy path. This report is based on the knowledge and experience of the authors' networks, as well as on around 30 interviews of councillors and city employees from about fifteen French local governments.
    Five European champions are showing the way forward, all signatories to the (
  • Covenant of Mayors: Transforming Cities into key EU Climate and Energy Actors

    According to the new study "The Role of Cities in Climate and Energy Policies: The Case of the Covenant of Mayors" by David Donnerer from Aarhus University, the Covenant of Mayors has empowered cities in their climate and energy policy-making capacities and their multi-level governance relations to become key EU climate and energy actors.
    Over 7000 cities have joined the Covenant of Mayors since it came into life in 2008. They have been honoring their commitments to the world's leading (...)
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  • The low-carbon future starts in buildings : Display® Campaign presented at COP 22

    While last week's COP22 highlighted the need for stronger North-South cooperation, Energy Cities presented in Marrakech the ADEME-supported Display® Campaign to cities within the Maghreb.
    During this side event titled ‘Display®, let your buildings talk' Ian Turner provided a background of the Display® campaign and the success that it has achieved in Europe over the last decade. He explained how hundreds of cities across Europe have been able to interact with public buildings us
  • The ingredients of sustainability

    The food and beverage industry knows that sustainability matters. Customers increasingly prefer products with good social and environmental credentials. Shareholders want assurances that companies aren’t wasting money by consuming excessive water or energy, or by producing too much waste. Regulators want manufacturing processes that don’t pollute the land, rivers or atmosphere. And, as the UN COP21 treaty demonstrates, the world’s governments are aligned in their commitment to
  • Carbon credits: think local !

    One of the possible financial incentives to foster low-carbon economies is pricing carbon and regulating its quantity through a carbon emissions trading system (ETS). In the European Union, the current system launched in 2005 has generated revenues, but much less than expected for several reasons: the carbon price is hovering around a very low €5/t, and too many permits to pollute have been given away to high-carbon industries.
    In most European countries, local authorities and their (...)
  • Guest Article - "Energising the Sustainable Economy", by Andrea Crump (London Borough of Sutton)

    As populations continue to rise and public purse strings tighten, local authorities are having to balance ever-increasing demands on services with fewer and fewer resources – all of which places significant pressure on our environment.
    By Andrea Crump, Sustainability Manager and London Circular Economy Champion at the London Borough of Sutton
    The London Borough of Sutton recognises that by supporting the development of the sustainable economy local authorities will be able to balance these
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  • Covenant of Mayors: A high-level ceremony to launch the 2nd phase of the initiative in the Eastern Partnership countries

    On 26-27 October, more than 350 representatives of central, regional and local authorities gathered in Yerevan, Armenia, to launch new EU initiatives in support to local sustainable development and economic growth in the Eastern Partnership countries.
    The event was organised by the European Commission, the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development of the Republic of Armenia, the Conference of the Regional and Local Authorities for the Eastern Partnership (CORLEAP) and the EU (...)
  • SKF offers new electric cartridge pump

    Gothenburg, Sweden, 14 November 2016: SKF today announced the introduction of the Electric Cartridge Pump ECP. Developed to lubricate bearings and linear guides in small machines, this reliable pump includes an integrated pressure-relief valve that enables its use in single-line lubrication systems such as SKF MonoFlex.The Electric Cartridge Pump ECP is a cost effective and simple to operate lubrication solution, packaged in a modern, space-saving design. Utilizing easy to exchange 380 ml cartri
  • SKF roller screws offer advantages across the board

    SKF roller screws continue to be specified in a diversity of industrial applications – proving that many customers are willing to pay a premium for superior performance.Roller screws are a higher cost than ball screws because they are manufactured to more precise tolerances, and use greater numbers of precision components. This means that they offer many advantages: greater load carrying capacity; superior power density; faster speed and acceleration; greater reliability; and, higher posit
  • SKF adds electric motor monitoring to its service portfolio

    Responding to a growing trend by industry to adopt more predictive as opposed to reactive maintenance procedures, SKF has extended its predictive maintenance offering with the addition of an electric motor monitoring service. The new service, which makes use of purpose-designed equipment manufactured by SKF’s Fort Collins product and design centre based in USA, covers the entire range of motor condition monitoring applications, including static electric motor and generator analysis, dynami
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  • People powered cities: from the UN climate talks to energy democracy

    Developing real solutions to climate and energy challenges will require imagination, determination and inspiration. Inspiration may come from the many cities, communities and even countries that are working hard to make the energy sector democratic, equitable and based on renewable sources.
    By Lavinia Steinfort, Transnational Institute
    COP22 has kicked off in Marrakesh, Morocco. This “action COP” will focus on implementing the Paris agreement, which came into effect on November 4th.
  • Retained benefits

    Automotive transmission bearings must meet many conflicting goals. They are expected to carry high loads, offer a service life in excess of 300,000km, be robust enough to tolerate abusive operation, and stiff enough to minimise NVH issues. At the same time, transmission makers are looking for compact dimensions, low friction to combat CO2 emissions, and for cost-effective and globally available solutions. These demands are encouraging the adoption of some novel approaches to bearing systems desi
  • Aspect Partners With Sapient Global Markets To Meet Growing Demand For E/CTRM

    Aspect, a leading provider of multi-commodity trade, risk and operations management applications delivered in the cloud, today announces a new strategic global partnership with Sapient Global Markets, a leading global provider of business technology and consulting services for the financial and commodity markets. Aspect, which recently announced record sales for the first half of 2016, addresses the needs of commodity traders of all sizes who - in the face of increasing regulatory and shareholde
  • SKF offers new shaft alignment tool

    Gothenburg, Sweden, 7 November 2016: SKF today announced the introduction of its SKF Shaft Alignment Tool TKSA 71. Designed for professional alignment in harsh industrial environments, the TKSA 71 provides superior alignment performance and long service life.The tool’s easy-to-use, dedicated software applications enable different types of alignments: shaft alignment, soft foot correction, vertical shaft alignment, spacer shaft alignment, machine train shaft alignment and dial gauge values.
  • SKF donates ÂŁ3,470 to children’s charity Charlie House

    SKF has donated nearly £3,500 to children’s organisation The Charlie House Appeal, which was selected as its nominated charity of the year. Staff at the firm’s Aberdeen facility organised a series of fundraising activities, including bake sales, a football sweeper, merchandise sales and a raffle at its Meet The World football tournament, for the local cause. The money made from the events was matched by SKF to take the total amount raised to £3,470.The Charlie House Appea
  • Blockchain and energy : a paradigm shift ?

    On 26 October, the conference office on studies of Tecsol "Photovoltaic self-consumption and Blockchain" was held in Paris. At this symposium, the Tecsol design office engineers unveiled the mysteries of self-consumption and the use of blockchain for the service distribution network. This article will provide you with an insight into the Blockchain concept and its applications in the energy field.
    What is the Blockchain when applied to the field of energy ?
    According to Wikipedia, it is (...)
  • $3.5bn Petroleum/Petrochem Specialist InterChem Closes Cloud CTRM Deal With Aspect

    The independent global petroleum and petrochemicals trader, InterChem, has chosen the AspectCTRM cloud trade and risk management solution to support activities at its London, Rotterdam, Houston and Singapore offices. Based entirely in the cloud and not grounded around on-premises servers or networks, the AspectCTRM platform is perfectly positioned for companies working out of multiple locations.The InterChem deal comes at a time when traditional client-server CTRM vendors are consistently losing
  • 1st Touch Launches iAppoint Scheduling For Social Landlords

    1st Touch (www.1sttouch.com), the UK’s leading system innovator for the social housing sector, has announced the launch of iAppoint. The all-new self-service module will help social landlords to streamline customer appointment scheduling by speeding up and enhancing the processes involved. In addition, as online services cost only a fraction of call centre responses, the potential cost savings for landlords are also significant.As iAppoint is linked to the landlord’s back office syst
  • Prysmian Group Improves Its Business Sustainability

    4th Place in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and Score B in CDP Italy Included in the STOXX® Global ESG Leaders Index and the Carbon Clean 200 Milan, 2 November 2016 - Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cables and systems industry, has improved its ranking in several international sustainability indices, thus receiving recognition for its commitment in all Corporate Social Responsibility segments.The Group has reported a significant improvement in the assessment...Sour
  • Improved productivity and performance with automated lubrication

    “If there’s a bushing, bearing or gear, something that is rotating or sliding in agricultural, construction and mining machines, it’s going to require lubrication,” says Peter Laucis, Director of Portfolio Management – ALS Products, SKF Lubrication Business Unit. “And the heavier the loads, the more aggressive and dirty the environment, the greater the need for lubrication.”While manual lubrication is still the norm in many applications, use of automated
  • SpeedCast to Acquire Harris CapRock

    SpeedCast acquisition of Harris CapRock creates a global and diversified leader in remote communications and network servicesSydney, Australia, November 1, 2016 – SpeedCast International Limited (ASX: SDA), a leading global satellite communications and network service provider, today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Harris CapRock in a cash transaction valued at US$425 million. Harris CapRock is a global leader in the Energy and Maritime segments. The acquisi
  • SeaPlanner Ltd. To Release Tender for South East Asia Reseller Agreement

    UK based company, SeaPlanner Ltd. are to launch an international tender for businesses in the South East Asia offshore wind market, interested in entering a reseller agreement for its leading marine management software solution. SeaPlanner™ is an established management and monitoring system in Europe having been selected to support the construction of 26 wind farms in UK, Germany, Belgium and Netherlands. This equates to one third of all operational offshore wind turbines in Europe which..
  • #DIVEST - 3 steps to create your fossil-fuel free investment portfolio

    A large part of our financial system is currently nourishing unsustainable production and consumption patterns, intensive in carbon and natural resources. Making radical changes by redirecting money flows, that is the aim of the fossil fuel divestment campaign. It is gaining traction all across the world. The international 350.org platform already counts more than 1,000 local divestment initiatives, including several Energy Cities members like La Rochelle in France or Christchurch in New (...)
  • First Net Zero Energy Buildings in Hadera (Israel), an example to follow

    Hadera, our first member in Israel, is known in its country as an energy city because it hosts critical energy infrastructures such as two national power stations and the world's biggest desalination plant. But recently, Mayor of Hadera Tzvika Gendelman decided to build an innovative type of building : the "KAYMA" kindergarten is the first Net Zero Building (NZEB) in Israel.
    Hadera's vision is to rais awareness amongst children about sustainability, energy efficiency and how they can protect (..
  • Smart Street Lighting Leader Telensa Appoints David Brown as VP Sales EMEA

    Expands team in response to sharp increase in demand as LED & controls projects proliferateCambridge, UK - 20th October 2016 - Telensa, the leader in connected street lighting and smart city applications, has appointed David Brown as VP Sales EMEA. David leads a team enhanced to respond to a surge in demand, as cities around the world switch to energy-efficient LED streetlights equipped with smart controls. He joins Telensa from Echelon, the industrial control networking...Source: RealWire
  • Traditional CTRM/ETRM Vendors Hurting As Perfect Storm Hits Industry, Claims Aspect

    Traditional trade and risk management software vendors in the commodity and energy trading sectors are taking a battering from a perfect storm of dwindling sales, customer abandonment and better, lower cost solutions. That’s the view from cloud vendor Aspect as it continues to take large enterprise business away from the industry heavyweights that once called the market their own.Aspect’s claim follows a series of missed revenue targets, profit warnings, workforce layoffs, downsized
  • New Study: Biomass Costlier, Dirtier Than Wind, Solar for Replacing Coal Power in the UK

    New economic analysis shows that wind and solar are likely to be the least-cost way to power the UK over the next decade, as costs for clean wind and solar energy decline and biomass uncertainty growsLONDON (October 17, 2016) – Wind and solar power are likely to be less expensive than burning trees in order to replace coal in the United Kingdom, according to a new study released today by the Natural Resources Defense Council...Source: RealWire
  • Statistical approach improves wind farm remote condition monitoring

    The cost of operating and maintaining onshore wind farms in Europe is significant. According to the European Wind Energy Association, Operating and Maintenance (O&M) costs account for around 20 percent of the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) for onshore wind farms. As such, any measures that can be taken to reduce this cost directly translate into improved returns for investors.This is not to say that asset owners can scrimp on O&M expenses. Inadequate O&M can lead to minor faults or
  • The Brussels Green Loan: another incentive encouraging Brussels citizens to energy retrofit their homes

    Buildings are responsible for 72% of the energy consumed in the area of Brussels-Capital Region. Since 2004, the region has launched a number of incentives, encouraging homeowners to improve energy performance of their dwellings. After an ‘energy grant' and a ‘renovation grant', the region has recently launched a revamped Brussels Green Loan.
    What do I do if I am a homeowner or tenant residing in the Brussels Capital region and want to make my home more comfortable and healthier whil
  • SKF supplies eight-tonne bearing for mining application

    Gothenburg, Sweden, 7 October 2016: SKF has manufactured and supplied its largest ever spherical roller bearing (bore diameter 1,25 metres) to be used within the mining industry. The bearing was manufactured at SKF’s factory in Gothenburg, Sweden.“SKF is a world leader in spherical roller bearings, manufacturing bearings of all sizes and series – from the smallest, with a 20 mm bore size, to this large size bearing that weighs close to eight tonnes” says Petra Öberg
  • Spotlight on innovation and reinvention as 3,500 technology experts converge on Frankfurt

    Geneva, Switzerland/ Frankfurt, Germany 2016-10-06 – More than 3,500 experts from over 70 countries are due in Frankfurt am Main from 10 to 14 October, 2016, to discuss and develop the technical foundation for innovation and sustainability. They are participating in the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) 80th General Meeting organized by the IEC National Committee of Germany, DKE. In electrotechnology, harmonized technical rules are more important today than ever before. Elect
  • Porto: Fighting energy poverty through deep renovation of buildings

    The deep renovation of the neighbourhood of Rainha Dona Leonor resulted in a significant reduction of energy consumption, an increased production of renewable energy, reduction of CO2 emissions and an increased quality of life for local residents.
    Rainha Dona Leonor is a neighbourhood of 150 multi-family dwellings built in 1953. The buildings, made up of concrete structure, brick walls and light weight slabs, had never been upgraded, which led to a profound state of degradation of the (...)
  • Smart homes still overpriced, undersold and misunderstood says Beecham Research

    New report says that a lack of awareness and knowledge of smart home products and their benefits is holding back market growth but still predicts healthy revenues4 October 2016: High price tags continue to put smart homes beyond the reach of most home owners and many who can afford to pay are not being sold on the benefits, according to a report from Beecham Research released today. While new home comforts and easy living remain...Source: RealWire
  • Driving the green revolution

    While politicians, diplomats and other high-ranking dignitaries have made promises and commitments, and agreed challenging targets, it is industry that will do the spadework by putting many of these commitments into practice – from improving energy efficiency to investing in low carbon technologies.Industry will play a massive role in transforming our carbon-based world – that is wasteful with energy – into one that generates energy without any greenhouse gases, while using it
  • Nordic markets positioning as European Data Hub with massive renewable power resources

    London – September 29 2016 - New research from BroadGroup suggests that the Nordic markets are positioning as a giant European Data Hub based on the abundance of green power available supported by low energy taxation, increased connectivity and a stable economic environment.In the new report, Datacentre Nordic II (www.broad-group.com/reports/data-center-nordics-ii) the research consultancy reviewed current data center developments revealing a changing picture over the past twelve months an
  • Prysmian To Launch The Most Powerful Cable Solution Ever For Power Transmission Grids

    New P-Laser 600 kV HVDC System Allows A Cost Reduction Of Up To 30% Per Transmitted MWP-Laser Is The First Fully Recyclable Environmentally Friendly HVDC Cable SystemMilan, 29 September 2016 - Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, is ready to launch a new breakthrough cable technology for the development of power transmission grids that will ensure higher electrical performances, lower costs and better environmental sustainability. The Group announces tod
  • Academic collaborations help drive industry development

    To outsiders, collaboration between industry and academia appears straightforward and one-dimensional: the company has a problem, and pays the university for its expertise in solving it. In reality, however, the interaction between the two goes far deeper than this – encompassing training, recruitment, branding and other shared benefits.“By working with universities, we get access to their competence and knowledge, which we would otherwise have to spend lots of time acquiring,”
  • In Barcelona, trees temper the Mediterranean city climate

    As a Mediterranean coastal city, Barcelona is particularly vulnerable to climate change. Its high population density also magnifies the local heat island effect which causes an array of health and environmental challenges. Climate change projections include a rise in average temperature and a significant decrease in rainfall, with expected lasting droughts and intense heat waves.
    In response, Barcelona has committed to becoming a global model of a sustainable city combating urban (...)
  • SKF technology keeps Metsä Group’s pioneering bioproduct mill moving forward

    Gothenburg, Sweden, 28 September 2016: SKF’s industry leading lubrication technology and system engineering support is being used to help ensure optimal operational performance on the world's first next generation bioproduct mill. The groundbreaking mill, which is being built by Metsä Fibre, part of Metsä Group, in the Finnish town of Äänekoski, will use 100 per cent of the raw materials and run solely on renewable energy.The new mill is the largest ever single investme
  • Seal of duty

    Fluid power systems are only as good as their seals. Hydraulic cylinders have long been the standard approach for motion applications that require high power density and reliable service in tough operating conditions, such as the construction mining, agriculture and forestry sectors. But the successful operation of hydraulic machinery relies on its ability to permit motion while containing the oil within the components of the system.Seal failures have a lot of undesirable consequences, including
  • SKF to showcase oil and gas innovations at ADIPEC 2016

    Gothenburg, Sweden, 28 September: SKF will exhibit at ADIPEC 2016 to showcase its comprehensive range of efficiency and reliability enhancing technologies for applications in the oil and gas industry. From proven bearings and seals for top drives to sophisticated maintenance innovations, SKF’s range of products and services has been specifically designed to dramatically improve the performance and availability of vital equipment across the sector.Among the technologies on show will be SKF&
  • New Alfa Romeo Giulia rolls on SKF hub bearing units

    Gothenburg, Sweden, 27 September 2016: The SKF HBU3 units selected for the FCA’s recently launched Alfa Romeo Giulia offer a range of compelling advantages over conventional wheel bearing designs. These include faster, more straightforward assembly and a longer service life. Bearing preload is set during the manufacture of the units, minimizing play and guaranteeing exceptionally low levels of noise and vibration.Beyond improved reliability, drivers will benefit from improved ride and hand
  • SKF to launch innovative wind turbine spherical roller bearings at WindEnergy Hamburg 2016

    Gothenburg, Sweden, 27 September, 2016: SKF will be appearing at WindEnergy Hamburg 2016 to launch its new spherical roller bearings for wind turbine main shafts. Manufactured to deliver outstanding reliability, these self-aligning bearings provide exceptional performance and meet service life needs of more than 25 years.SKF’s standard spherical roller bearings are already the most used bearing type in wind turbine main shaft arrangements, with more than 100,000 installations worldwide. Ho
  • SKF cuts the cost of condition monitoring

    SKF has announced an extension of its Remote Monitoring Service for the manufacturing, process and industrial sectors. The service has been developed to help companies cut the cost of condition monitoring, especially in critical applications, by providing a dedicated off-site team of specialists capable of providing round-the-clock monitoring.To date, the SKF Remote Monitoring Service has been deployed extensively in the marine sector, where it is used to optimise the performance of a wide range
  • SKF helps Alexander Dennis Limited deliver comfort for bus passengers in demanding global markets

    Engineering expertise from SKF is helping the UK’s largest bus and coach manufacturer build vehicles for challenging operating environments around the world.When Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL) received an order for 250 buses from Go Transit in Toronto, its engineers faced a challenge: To keep passengers comfortable year round in a city where temperatures can vary from -25 ºC in the winter and more than 35 ºC during hot summer spells, the customer specified an uprated heating and
  • Prysmian To Display Innovative, Sustainable And Cost Effective Cable Solutions For The Offshore Wind Industry At WindEnergy Hamburg 2016

    Focus On EPR Technology For Inter-Array Applications Up To 66 kV, Enabling Up To 15% Cost Reduction Of Offshore Wind FarmsStrengthened Installation Capabilities With 3rd Prysmian Cable-Laying Vessel, UlisseMilan, 26 September, 2016 – Prysmian Group, world leader in energy and telecom cable systems, will showcase its state-of-the-art range of products and services for offshore wind at the 2016 edition of the WindEnergy Hamburg event in Germany. From September 26 to 30, hall B6 booth 562....
  • A basic guide to bearing housing selection

    Modern bearings are highly engineered components that are the end result of extensive research into materials and bearing geometries, but their ultimate performance depends very much on how they are supported in duty - in other words, how they are housed. In this article, David Oliver, Channel and Platform Development Manager for Bearings at SKF describes the different types of bearing housings and their applications, as well as important design criteria such as seal selection and lubrication.Be
  • SKF at IZB: helping the automotive industry meet the challenges of electric powertrains

    Gothenburg, Sweden, 23 September 2016: At the International Suppliers fair (IZB) in Wolfsburg, Germany from 18 to 20 October 2016, SKF will showcase a range of solutions developed to meet the demands of automotive electric powertrains.   Pure electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid vehicles are reaching the automotive mainstream. By 2020, higher production volumes and technological advances will mean electric vehicles are likely to be cost-competitive with their gasoline equivalents. B

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