• New Searchmetrics Study: How Mobile Marketers Can Win on Google Page One with Universal Search

    Fewer traditional links on page one means mobile marketers must target Google’s universal search boxes including videos, knowledge graphs, direct answers and app suggestionsSan Mateo, March 20, 2018 ‒ Online marketers seeking to follow their customers from desktop to mobile through organic search find fewer opportunities to build their brands and grow revenue as Google’s evolving first page challenges them to feature in search via voice, direct answers, apps, videos and a growi
  • Learn the latest Search and Content Marketing Secrets from Top Brands and Influencers at the Searchmetrics Summit 2018, London

    Searchmetrics the search and content marketing leader is hosting a one day conference and networking event on May 9, 2018 at Tobacco Dock, LondonLondon – March 14, 2018 – Top digital marketing influencers, including speakers from Barclays, Trainline, TSB Bank and a number of leading agencies, will come together to share their successful search and content marketing strategies at the Searchmetrics Summit 2018, a one day conference and networking event hosted in London by Searchmetrics
  • Artesian Customers Realise Significant Performance Gains

    Artesian Solidifies Position as a Market Leader in Sales Intelligence Thanks to Ground Breaking New Capabilities8th March 2018: Artesian Solutions, the powerful Artificial Intelligence driven service that equips client facing teams with the resources they need to succeed in a modern commercial environment, has launched a range of new capabilities. Taking advantage of recent advances in technology and distributed processing techniques, Artesian’s customers are achieving:25x increase in the
  • One Fifth of Brits Would Use A Robot Gift Generator to Choose the Right Valentine’s Gift

    It’s Valentine’s Day, and if you’ve been stressing about what to buy your other half, the results of the latest survey from the folks at InternetRetailing EXPO, Europe’s leading event for digital and multichannel retail (21st-22rd March 2018, NEC), may be of interest to you. To help celebrate, it’s pre-released a couple of statistics from its upcoming Future of Shopping survey, which asked 2000 UK consumers a range of questions about experience of and attitudes...So
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  • LANSA: 2018 Will Be the Year of Low-Code

    With the increasing realisation that Low-Code technology can break the corporate application delivery logjam, the prospects for enterprise grade Low-Code tools are buoyant; particularly with mid-size organisations. Low-Code platform vendor LANSA, believes that 2018 will be the year of Low-Code. Here’s why:The Digital Momentum: The Low-Code development platform market is growing exponentiallyThe Low-Code development market is currently estimated to be worth $3.8 billion and is forecast by F
  • Searchmetrics Study: Online Health Sites Are Long-Winded - And Searchers Couldn't Be Happier

    New Industry-Specific Google Ranking Factors Research Finds Health Industry Bucks Trend of Less is More for Increasing Visibility OnlineSAN MATEO, Calif. (November 15, 2017) ‒ Health-related websites must create highly relevant, long-form content tailored to answer searchers’ questions with more authority and clarity than other industries, according to a new Searchmetrics study that identifies key ranking factors for specific industries.Some 77% of those seeking health-related conten
  • Invenias to become engine room for Bay Street Advisors LLC

    Leading executive search firm specializing in financial services looks to Invenias to help advance its intelligence-driven search and consulting businessNew York, October 2, 2017 Invenias, the leading cloud-based platform for executive and strategic hiring, announced today that boutique executive search firm Bay Street Advisors LLC will implement its technology to help advance its intelligence-driven search and consulting businesses. The legacy system Bay Street Advisors had been using previousl
  • Searchmetrics Study: Did Google Shopping Really Gain an Unfair Advantage over its Competitors in the EU?

    Analysis of search data shows Google Shopping gained 300% visibility in recent years even as competitor visibility declined. EU’s case may not be clear-cutLondon, U.K., September 28, 2017 - With Google now agreeing to concede to the EU’s antitrust action by creating a standalone unit for its shopping services and allowing rivals to bid for ads shown there, a new study examines whether Google Shopping did in fact gain an illegal advantage over other price...Source: RealWire
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  • Fast-Loading AMP Pages Dominate Google’s First Page Results for Media and News Searches

    Seachmetrics releases Google Ranking Factors Study for the Online Media Sector highlighting the importance of a good user experienceSan Mateo, September 26, 2017 ‒ News and information publishers who enable fast-loading Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)[1] for Google searches now overwhelmingly top mobile search results, suggesting holdouts are increasingly likely to lose readership and advertising revenue, new Searchmetrics research finds.Some 78% of news-related results on the first page of
  • Searchmetrics Announces Microsoft Word Add-in

    Marketers now can create and optimize online content in real time using the Searchmetrics Content Experience™ platform within Microsoft WordSAN MATEO (September 14, 2017) ‒ Searchmetrics today introduced a new Microsoft Word add-in that gives content creators instant access to key features and live data from the company’s Searchmetrics Content Experience™ platform. Within Word, users see real-time insights and recommendations, aiding in the creation of online content that
  • Why Content Marketers Need to Be Their Own SEO’s

    Searchmetrics partners with Content Marketing Institute in joint webinar revealing how search engine optimization unlocks high-performing content marketing SAN MATEO, Calif. (July 19, 2017) ‒ The marriage of content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) couples data insights and best practices for creating high-performing content that resonates with both humans and search engines. On July 26th, 2017, Searchmetrics, the leader in search and content optimization, and Content Marketi
  • Google’s Key Travel Industry-Specific Search Ranking Factors Highlighted in New Searchmetrics Study

    Travel brands rank higher by giving searchers a highly browsable experienceSAN MATEO, Calif. (July 12, 2017) ‒ New research from Searchmetrics identifies the important travel industry-specific search ranking factors that travel agents, airlines, hotel chains and other travel-related brands should consider in order to help improve their visibility in Google searches. A summary of the findings is: Travel brands rank higher by giving searchers a highly browsable experience, helping them easil
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  • LANSA Mitigates the Risks of Shadow IT with Free Consultancy Service

    LANSA (www.LANSA.com), the low-code application development platform vendor, has launched a free consulting service for UK based organisations struggling to manage Shadow IT practices. Shadow IT is any unofficial application development project commissioned or executed outside of the IT department’s formal control or plan. LANSA’s free consulting offer comprises 3 free days of requirements analysis and prototyping to illustrate the speed at which solutions can be delivered through ap
  • WP Engine Unveils Content Performance For Digital Marketers And Publishers

    Content Optimizations That 28% of the Web Can Leverage to Drive Higher Brand Engagement London, UK, June 13, 2017 - WP Engine, the leading WordPress digital experience platform, today announced the launch of Content Performance, the company’s latest Performance Intelligence solution for marketers and publishers looking to drive higher brand engagement with greater agility through WordPress and greater insights into their entire WordPress content with this new offering.While 78 percent of C
  • New Searchmetrics Study provides Financial Brands with industry-specific insights on how to be successful on Google

    Research highlights the Google ranking factors for financial services websites SAN MATEO, Calif. (June 7, 2017) ‒ New research highlights the key industry-specific factors that are commonly found in bank, insurance and other financial services websites that rank higher in Google searches. Among the main findings: having highly relevant content is even more important in financial services than in other sectorstop ranking financial websites use the searched keyword on their site far less tha
  • Invenias Becomes Largest Supplier to Executive Search Sector

    Megabuyte report confirms company revenue and customer footprint surpasses all other suppliers16 May 2017, UK Invenias, the leading cloud-based platform for executive and strategic hiring, grew its revenues to £4.9 million in 2016 and acquired 192 new customers. This means that it surpasses Dillistone Systems’ executive search division, FileFinder, for the first time both in terms of revenue and customer numbers to become the largest supplier to the international executive search sec
  • Searchmetrics Inc. Implements Strategy to Secure Future; Receives Commitment for New Financing

    San Mateo, CA – [May 8, 2017] – Searchmetrics Inc., a leading search engine optimization (“SEO”) and online content development provider in the United States, announced today that it has filed a voluntary petition for relief under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code in Wilmington, Delaware, together with a proposed plan of reorganization that contemplates payment in full of all obligations recognized by the bankruptcy court. The implementation of the Company’s st
  • Searchmetrics Content Experience Creates New Paradigm For Online Storytelling and Content Creation

    Guided creation and optimisation helps marketers and writers deliver engaging, compliant-safe and revenue-producing content. Companies now can scale at ease by connecting content to audiences at the right time and in the right voice. London, April 25, 2017 ‒ Searchmetrics today launched the world’s first agile content development platform, delivering a new paradigm for online marketers to produce content that resonates with audiences and drives predictable results.The Searchmetrics C
  • Google Takes Fact-Checking Worldwide

    Hillary Clinton has personally ordered several assassinations; Donald Trump once referred to Republican voters as “the dumbest…in the country”; and literally everyone is a Russian agent.FAKE NEWS is everywhere.
    The sheer quantity of misinformation on the internet is as evident as the need to do something about it. Luckily Google, along with its sister think-tank Jigsaw, is attempting just that.
    Google first started tagging certain bits of content as fact-checked in October las
  • Google Sets Inaccurate & Offensive Content in its Crosshairs

    Google’s latest quality raters’ guidelines have been released, and have been updated to give raters new ways of flagging sites with content that could be considered upsetting, offensive or inaccurate.
    That there is upsetting, offensive or harmful content on the internet should be abundantly clear to anyone who’s ever innocently searched for the best way to celebrate a particularly bountiful lemon harvest; for how, as just one man, you should tackle opening one tricky jar; or fo
  • Absolute Digital Media Reviews SEO Strategies For The Gambling Industry

    15/03/2017 - The award-winning digital marketing agency are reviewing the SEO strategies for the gambling industry, in order to help ensure that they are keeping up to date with the latest industry changes. The gambling sector is one of the most niche and competitive markets, making SEO practices a lot harder to be successful, but Absolute Digital Media are at the top of their game with the methods they use. Whether it’s online casinos or...Source: RealWire
  • WP Engine Announces PHP 7 Availability For All Customers

    Promise Of Incredible Speed And Performance Benefits To 60,000 Customers WorldwideLondon, UK — March 6, 2017 — WP Engine, the world’s leading WordPress digital experience platform, today announced it is making the PHP 7 environment available and an easy upgrade process for all existing and new customers. WP Engine conducted extensive testing to ensure that all of the company’s 60,000 customers have a path to adopt PHP 7, which offers dramatically improved website performa
  • Nokia Re-Releases the 3310… Sort Of

    It’s out with the new and in with the old as once-great Finnish mobile manufacturer Nokia takes us back to the halcyon days of slow texting, long battery life and phones that can stop a bullet. That’s right, the 3310 is back.Except that’s not quite true.
    It’s not really the 3310. It’s just a similar looking plastic phone.
    And it’s not really a statement of intent for the wistful (or even the ironic) luddite, it being announced alongside two new very-much-smart
  • YouTube Waves Goodbye to Non-Skippable 30-Sec Ads

    And why this is good news for advertisers
    From 2018 onwards, advertisers will no longer be able to prevent users from skipping 30-second ads they place at the beginning of videos on YouTube.
    Shorter videos (up to 20 seconds) will still be able to be made non-skippable.
    The decision was made in the name of making advertising work better for more people; ensuring that advertisers can get their point across while users do not feel disadvantaged or inconvenienced.
    A Google spokesperson said: “
  • Searchmetrics Ranking Factors: Rethinking Search Results Based on Google’s Deep Learning and Content Relevance

    Searchmetrics’ annual study of top Google ranking factors undergoes radical format shift to match industry-specific needs and resultsSAN MATEO, Calif., December 13, 2016 ‒ Today’s search results are shifting dramatically to match answers to the perceived intent of a search, as Google and other search engines increasingly employ deep learning techniques to understand the motivation behind a query, according to key findings in a new Searchmetrics study.Findings from the latest Se
  • The Not-So Certain Future of Internet Privacy

    Incognito can’t save you now
    With a series of decisions so far described variously as ‘Orwellian’, ‘draconian’, and ‘terrifying’, the British government appears hell-bent on adding your online freedom and privacy to the ever growing list of casualties of 2016.
    But is it all as bad as it seems? Let’s have a look.
    Snooper’s Charter
    Last week, the Investigatory Powers Bill – an evolved form of Theresa May’s now six-year-old brainchil
  • Snooper’s Charter and the Digital Economy Bill: INCOGNITO CAN’T SAVE YOU NOW….

    First they came for the Marmite, and I did not speak out – because I don’t really like Marmite.
    Then, they came for the Toblerone, and I did not speak out – because I never really buy Toblerones to be perfectly honest.
    Then they came for my freedom to watch porn anonymously…
    With a series of decisions so far described variously as Orwellian, draconian, and terrifying, the British go
  • Incognito Can’t Save You Now

    First they came for the marmite…
    With a series of decisions so far described variously as ‘Orwellian’, ‘draconian’, and ‘terrifying’, the British government appears hell-bent on adding your online freedom and privacy to the ever growing list of casualties of 2016.
    But is it all as bad as it seems? Let’s have a look.
    Snooper’s Charter
    Last week, the Investigatory Powers Bill – an evolved form of Theresa May’s now six-year-old brai
  • TRUMPED: how to win an election in 140 characters or fewer

    Donald Trump soared to success on the wings of a campaign that didn’t just court controversy but slapped a dog collar on it and rode it all the way to the white house. And through it all, one vessel shone through, one medium that was so perfectly suited to the kind of message that Trump wanted to spread that in hindsight his victory seems almost fated.
    Keep your friends close, and… just keep your friends close.
    Trump, the self professed “Hemingway of 140 characters”, owe
  • LSO gears up for most important year in its history, and re-appoints Velo for digital strategy

    London - As the London Symphony Orchestra announces its new 2016/17 season of events and gears up for one of the most important years in its history - with Sir Simon Rattle taking over as Music Director in September 2017 - it has re-appointed Velo to look after its paid digital media. The agency has been selected again as the LSO’s digital full service paid media agency for the fifth consecutive year. Velo look after...Source: RealWire
  • Searchmetrics Research Cloud™ creates Chinese online market transparency for the first time

    Detailed information on website performance, growth potential and competition analysis opens new opportunities for strategic business planning in China Data from the largest online market in the world is based on Baidu, China's most important search engineSAN MATEO, Calif. (October 27, 2016) - In a worldwide first, Searchmetrics Inc. is now providing comprehensive on-demand research data on search and content performance from China, giving Searchmetrics customers a way to analyze their market po
  • Searchmetrics Content Experience Creates New Paradigm For Online Storytelling

    Guided Creation and Optimization Helps Deliver Revenue-Producing ContentSAN MATEO, Calif. (Oct. 24) – Searchmetrics today expanded its pilot program for the world’s first agile content development platform, delivering a new paradigm for online marketers to produce content that resonates with audiences and drives predictable results.The Searchmetrics Content Experience is pathfinding software that lets users create content optimized to stand atop search page rankings. Driven by deep l
  • WP Engine Brings Improved SEO And Security To 50,000 Customers With Free SSL/TLS Certificates

    LONDON, UK - October 20, 2016 - WP Engine today announced that it has made Let’s Encrypt™ SSL/TLS certificates freely available to all customers. This means for every single one of the company’s 50,000 customers setting up a secure site is simple, automated, and completely free.Let’s Encrypt is an open certificate authority whose purpose is to make HTTPS ubiquitous on the internet through free SSL/TLS certificates. These certificates are recognised by all modern browsers
  • WP Engine Boosts SEO and Security Across All Customer Sites with Free SSL/TLS Certificates

    London, UK - October 13, 2016 - WP Engine today announced that it has made Let’s Encrypt™ SSL/TLS certificates freely available to all customers. This means for every single one of our 50,000 customers setting up a secure site is simple, automated, and completely free. Let’s Encrypt is an open certificate authority whose purpose is to make HTTPS ubiquitous on the internet through free SSL/TLS certificates. These certificates are recognized by all modern browsers and...Source: R
  • Searchmetrics Study: Page One of Google shows fewer Results, but Marketers can Target Search in growing number of ways

    Images, Videos, App Packs, Direct Answers and other integrations are opportunities for marketers to appear on Google’s first pageLondon, October 06, 2016 - While the number of traditional organic links displayed on page one of Google has now fallen from 10 to around 8.5 links[1], new research suggests there are more opportunities than ever for marketers to give their content a chance of appearing in search results in other ways. Almost every search query today...Source: RealWire
  • Searchmetrics Announces Verdane Capital Becomes Key Shareholder

    Verdane Capital acquires shares of Neuhaus PartnersBusiness development in 2016 continues to be very positiveProduct innovation based on deep-learning technologyBerlin, October 5, 2016 ‒ Searchmetrics today announced Verdane Capital has become a principal investor in the world’s largest search and content optimization provider, replacing longtime partner and investor Neuhaus Partners.“With Verdane Capital, we are bringing a new partner onboard who fits perfectly into our conten
  • NetBooster Group acquires UK agency 4Ps Marketing and strengthens its European footprint

    NetBooster (FR0000079683 – ALNBT – PEA-PME eligible) the leading independent European agency in digital performance marketing, announces the acquisition of one of the UK’s top digital agencies, 4Ps Marketing Ltd, based in London. With this new acquisition, NetBooster Group is now the biggest independent Performance Marketing player in Europe’s three core markets and, along with its US partner, has 850+ employees across 25 locations worldwide.NetBooster Group’s prese
  • Sinequa to Present and Exhibit at Gartner Digital Workplace Summit 2016

    Session to Explore “Delivering Insight to People at their Digital Workplace”London UK – September 13, 2016 – Sinequa, a leader in Cognitive Search and Analytics, today announced that it will be participating in the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit 2016. The session, “Delivering Insight to People at their Digital Workplace,” will be given by Sinequa CMO Hans-Josef Jeanrond at 9:30 a.m. on the second day of the September 21-22 event at the Park Plaza Westminster
  • The Miles Partnership moves to Invenias to maintain its leadership position

    UK Top 20 retained executive search firm impressed by progressive platform Invenias, the leading cloud-based platform for executive and strategic hiring, has announced today that The Miles Partnership has deployed its platform as it seeks to extend its leadership position in a highly competitive market. The Miles Partnership focuses on executive and board level search, interim management and leadership consulting. The firm built its success of delivering results across a diverse range of industr
  • Applying The Big Idea Concept To Data-Driven Storytelling

    Sure, data-driven storytelling is the next big thing in content marketing. But how do you create that narrative?Recently, Moz has established that data
    is meaningless without a story. MarketingLand has published an article
    detailing what a data-driven story should contain in order to go viral. Google
    is preaching
    the power of telling meaningful stories with data.It is now generally knowledge in the industry that there needs to be a story driving all marketing initiatives for them to be successfu
  • Sinequa Appoints StĂ©phane Kirchacker Vice President, Sales EMEA

    Sinequa Expands Leadership Team in Response to Rapidly Increasing Demand for its Cognitive Search & Analytics PlatformNEW YORK – July 6, 2016 – Sinequa, a leader in Cognitive Search and Analytics, today announced that it has expanded its executive team with the addition of Stéphane Kirchacker who joins the company as Vice President, Sales EMEA. A seasoned software-industry veteran with a strong international background, Kirchacker brings deep expertise in streamlining sale
  • Best Practices: Bloggers Guide to Samples

    Back in March bloggers were confronted with manual penalty
    notices from Google citing ‘unnatural outbound links’.
    This was directly linked to a warning Google had issued a
    few weeks before in regards to disclosure of reviews in return for free
    products. Understandably this worried and confused some bloggers, however there
    are some simple best practices that can be followed going forward. Best PracticesNofollow vs followed? First and foremost, if you have received a sample i
  • YouTube Analytics: Using Data to Optimise Your Video Strategy

    As the world’s largest video search engine, YouTube
    represents a rich vein of potential to businesses both in terms of building
    brand awareness and driving sales. Despite this, it’s not uncommon to find that
    developing an effective YouTube strategy can pose a challenge to even the
    largest of ecommerce companies.Unfortunately, creating high-quality video content is far
    from an exact science, and is almost always more expensive than its text
    counterpart; as a result, it’s easy to
  • IS Solutions Enhances Data Analytics Expertise Through Partnership with Search-Driven Analytics Leader ThoughtSpot

    Monday 6th June 2016, Sunbury-on-Thames, UK: IS Solutions Plc, a leading AIM-listed data solutions provider, has announced that it has become a channel partner for ThoughtSpot, the leader in search-driven analytics in the enterprise. ThoughtSpot’s relational search technology – providing instant answers to business questions through search-driven analytics – is pivotal to IS Solutions’ stated aim of placing data in the hands of the users that can best drive value from it.
  • Google PPC Announcements 2016

    The Google Summit aired last night, and our PPC, Analytics and CRO experts were watching it live. In this post, we’ll round up the latest PPC and AdWords news from the announcement.The FactsGoogle started the summit with some pretty impressive facts, and the running theme throughout the presentation was mobile. We’re not waiting for the move to mobile -it has already happened.Over half of the trillion searches that happened on Google last year are from mobile devices, and smartphones
  • Searchmetrics Raises $8 Million In New Financing To Fuel Enterprise Suite Initiatives And Growth

    SAN MATEO, Calif. – May 23, 2016 - Searchmetrics today announced it has secured nearly $8 million in new financing to fuel new growth opportunities and initiatives for the company’s award-winning search optimization and content performance software suite.Searchmetrics, a leading vendor of global SEO software and analytics tools, has raised more than $31 million in equity funding over five rounds since it was founded in late 2007. Major investors include Holtzbrinck Digital and Iris C
  • Circus PPC awarded etyres PPC advertising contract

    Circus PPC has been selected by tyre retail and fitting service, etyres, to manage their online PPC advertising accounts.Having managed their own PPC accounts internally over the last few years etyres reached out to Circus PPC to review and compile a strategy that could deliver the efficiencies & growth demanded by the business and the franchisees.etyres felt they had reached a point where they now needed an expert agency to deliver on those goals.“We are...Source: RealWire
  • UK Company 'Circus PPC' Wins Google's Prestigious EMEA Ready To Rock Award

    In the First Award of its Kind, UK Based PPC Agency 'Circus PPC' wins over European & Middle East Competition With a lavish presentation at Berlins Motorwerks in May, Circus PPC were recognised for their dedication to quality, effectiveness and growth in AdWords advertising.The Ready to Rock competition was an AdWords competition open to all Google Partner Agencies across the whole EMEA. By analysing accounts, looking for technical excellence, growth and development, Circus PPC’s accou
  • SearchYourCloud Leads Advanced Search Results with Latest Patent

    De-duplication delivers accurate, single search result set, eliminating need for multiple queriesSearchYourCloud (SYC), provider of real-time federated search for enterprise, today announces it has been granted a new patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for the sorting and de-duplication of a search query from multiple sources into a single search result. SYC’s new patent specifically allows for a search engine to receive multiple search results from one search q
  • Google Adwords Redesign to be Unveiled in May

    Google have announced that they will live streaming a demo of the brand new, re-designed Adwords interface on 24th of May 12pm EST (4pm for us in the UK).
    The revamp was first announced back in March, and was conceived as a way to make the platform’s interface more up to date, combining and integrating all of the many features that have been added in the 15 years since it was first introduced.This is the first major redesign of the Adwords interface and promises a much more cohesive user e

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