• Companies' Stock Value Dropped 7.5% after Data Breaches

    Companies' Stock Value Dropped 7.5% after Data BreachesAfter analyzing the top three breaches from the past three years, Bitglass found that in the aftermath of a data breach, a decrease in stock price was a notable repercussion identifiable for publicly traded companies.The report, Kings of the Monster Breaches, identified the extensive damage done by improper security by looking specifically at the Marriott breach of 2018, the Equifax breach of 2017 and the Yahoo! breach of 2016. These to
  • IT Decision-Makers Willing to Share Threat Intel

    IT Decision-Makers Willing to Share Threat IntelThe sharing mentality is starting to take hold across the cybersecurity industry, with the vast majority of security decision-makers confessing that they would be willing to share threat intelligence, according to a new publication by IronNet.The report, Collective Offense Calls for Collective Defense: A Reality Check for Cybersecurity Decision Makers, surveyed 200 U.S. security IT decision-makers. Of those, 94% stated that their organization would
  • Boost Mobile Alerts Customers of Security Incident

    Boost Mobile Alerts Customers of Security IncidentCustomers of Boost Mobile are being urged to change their passwords and PINs after the company announced that it detected unauthorized activity from a third party.“On March 14, 2019, Boost.com experienced unauthorized online account activity in which an unauthorized person accessed your account through your Boost phone number and Boost.com PIN code,” the notice of a security incident said.“The Boost Mobile fraud team discov
  • Hospitals Failing on Cybersecurity Hygiene

    Hospitals Failing on Cybersecurity HygieneHealthcare organizations (HCOs) are increasingly at risk from legacy operating systems, device complexity and the use of commonly exploited protocols, according to a new study from Forescout.The security vendor analyzed 75 healthcare deployments running over 1.5 million devices across 10,000 virtual local area networks (VLANs).It found that although less than 1% were running unsupported operating systems, 71% of Windows devices were on Windows 7, Windows
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  • UK government security decisions can be challenged in court, judges rule

    Supreme court says GCHQ’s hacking powers should be subject to judicial reviewGovernment security decisions will in future be open to challenge in the courts after judges ruled that a secretive intelligence tribunal could not be exempt from legal action.By a 4-3 majority, supreme court justices declared that the extent of GCHQ’s powers to hack into internet services should be subject to judicial review. Related: GCHQ discloses secret location of former London officeContinue reading...
  • “Wormable” Bug Could Enable Another WannaCry

    “Wormable” Bug Could Enable Another WannaCryMicrosoft released fixes for 79 unique vulnerabilities yesterday, including 22 critical bugs — one of which could be used to spread malware around the globe.Microsoft detailed the potential impact of CVE-2019-0708 in a separate blog post on Tuesday.This is a flaw in Remote Desktop Services (RDS) which could allow an attacker to remotely execute arbitrary code on a target system after connecting using RDP.Even worse, according to Micro
  • ZombieLoad Bugs Expose Intel Machines to Data Theft

    ZombieLoad Bugs Expose Intel Machines to Data TheftResearchers have discovered a major new set of vulnerabilities in nearly all post-2011 Intel chips which could enable side-channel attacks targeting sensitive information.ZombieLoad is reminiscent of Spectre and Meltdown bugs reported in January 2018 in that it affects not only desktop and laptop machines but also cloud servers. Like them, it exploits the speculative execution process to enable attackers to steal data from the processor.Tec
  • Police chiefs in row over definition of Islamophobia

    Muslim groups contest claim that proposed definition could undermine counter-terror fight Police chiefs have been accused of misunderstanding a cross-party effort to fight anti-Muslim prejudice after they publicly warned it risked undermining the fight against terrorism and hampering free speech.The row centres on a proposed new definition of Islamophobia by a group of parliamentarians who say they consulted extensively before writing it, including with some police officers. Continue reading...
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