• Brexit: EU condemns May’s ‘blackmail’ over security cooperation

    Prime minister’s remarks in article 50 letter prompt reply that other member states will not accept security collaboration as bargaining chip
    Theresa May warned European leaders that failure to reach a comprehensive Brexit agreement will result in a weakening of cooperation on crime and security, triggering accusations that her remarks amounted to blackmail.Senior figures in Brussels complained about the prime minister’s remarks, while critics in Westminster also piled in, arguing th
  • Three-Quarters of Orgs Fear Insider Threats

    Three-Quarters of Orgs Fear Insider ThreatsDespite spending increases and investments in deterrence tactics and detection tools, nearly three-quarters (74%) of organizations feel vulnerable to insider threats, a significant 7% increase over last year.“Ask any cybersecurity specialist to name the biggest security threat to an organization and they’ll tell you it’s people,” said Bryan Ware CEO at Haystax Technology, which conducted the survey. Yet despite increased funding
  • 4bn Leaked Records, 10K New Vulns: 2016 Was a Massive Year for Cybercrime

    4bn Leaked Records, 10K New Vulns: 2016 Was a Massive Year for Cybercrime2016: ‘Twas a banner year for cybercrime, as records breached increased 556% from 2015, with more than 4 billion records leaked in 2016. There were just 600 million compromised the year before.That’s according to IBM’s 2017 X-Force Threat Intelligence Index, which also documented more than 10,000 software vulnerabilities in 2016—the highest single-year number in IBM X-Force’s 20-year history.&n
  • 40% of ICS, Critical Infrastructure Targeted by Cyberattacks

    40% of ICS, Critical Infrastructure Targeted by Cyberattacks Industrial control systems (ICS) and critical infrastructure are common targets for cybercrime, with almost 40% of them facing a cyber-attack at some point in the second half of last year.According to Kaspersky Lab ICS research, the percentage of industrial computers under attack grew from 17% in July 2016 to more than 24% in December 2016. Every fourth targeted-attack detected by Kaspersky Lab in 2016 was aimed at industrial targets.T
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  • Queues in question

    The Westminster terror attack of March 22 raises security and safety questions about a place city-goers take for granted more than any other; the pavement, writes Mark Rowe.
    Any gathering or concentration of people - such as a queue - may feel vulnerable to being rammed, after the attacks with a lorry in Nice and Berlin, and in London. That can be tourists and others waiting for one of the South Kensington museums to open; crowds hanging around outside a stadium before a match; and queues of...
  • Digital doorkey

    Two tech entrepreneurs from Lebanon are crowdfunding for their new digital doorkey start-up, Smarke. It's a hardware and software concept that lets users close and open their door locks usingan app on their smartphones, instead of physical keys.
    Founders Charly Bousaid and Hady Abdelnour came up with the idea of a Bluetooth and WiFi enabled lock that could be accessed from your phone. It'll mean users have fewer things to physically carry with them; and property owners can also remotely ha...
  • Industrial attention

    As the technology and corporate networks of industrial enterprises become increasingly integrated, more and more cybercriminals are turning their attention to industrial enterprises as potential targets. By exploiting vulnerabilities in the networks and software used by these enterprises, attackers could steal information related to the production process or even bring down manufacturing operations. That is according to IT security product company Kaspersky Lab’s report “Threat Lands
  • Tips for online

    Despite a push from the UK Government and private sector companies to educate the public on the basics of cybersecurity, Brits are still failing to take simple precautions to protect their data, a new report from Avast has suggested.Although over half (55 per cent) of Brits feel confident their online data is safe, well over the global average of 38pc, they are guilty of demonstrating poor understanding of cyber security fundamentals, the IT security product company says. Findings of the rep...
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  • Safe public Wi-Fi

    As an internet-reliant society, we depend on finding network connections whilst we are on the move. The majority of us connect to public Wi-Fi when we are outside of the home or office environment. A large number of public Wi-Fi points, however, remain unencrypted, and this creates opportunities for cybercriminals to gain access to our personal information, writes Dirk Gates, pictured, the founder of the cloud and network management product company, Xirrus.
    Recognising these threats, Xirrus ...
  • Key account director

    Axis Security, the UK manned guarding and electronic security group, has appointed Waleed Eltayib, pictured, as Key Account Director. His role includes overseeing the account teams at the company’s largest sites in London and the South East, and ensuring the delivery of a customer-centric approach and optimum service.
    Waleed has worked for Axis Security for the past three years at the Crown Estate St James’ Portfolio managed by BNP Paribas Real Estate. Before, Waleed held senior cont
  • Hostile takeover of CCTV

    The CCTV camera can work 24 hours and prevent and deter crime. However, thanks to poor cyber security, our sentinels watching over us may actually be the very route into our most treasured data, says Martin Wellsted, Regional Manager Northern Territory at network security product company EfficientIP.The hostile takeover of CCTV cameras, routers, and DVRs via the Mirai botnet follows attacks on the cloud DNS provider Dyn and the French hosting service OVH in October 2016, according to a repor...
  • Identity verification

    Equifax, the consumer credit checking company, has launched a bespoke Document Verifier product to provide identity authentication for financial product applications, using facial recognition.The developers say that the product can verify whether an applicant is genuine in a matter of seconds by comparing a live image of the applicant with a photograph of passport or driving licence, taken on a smartphone or webcam enabled device. The automation it is claimed can recognise potential tamperi...
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  • Carnegie covered

    At Carnegie Hall, the New York music venue, Siemens fire safety, electronic security and building automation products are in use.The multi-national product company also supports emerging talent worldwide via the Siemens Arts Programme. İlkin Alpay, pictured, came to prominence last year as the winner of the Siemens Opera Contest in Turkey and now the young soprano has appeared at Carnegie Hall.New systems were installed as part of an infrastructure upgrade to Carnegie Hall’s Studio To
  • Thermal view

    Thermal cameras result in fewer false alarms. This means operators in the Securitas security operation centre (SCC) do not need to evaluate as many incoming alarm calls and therefore become more time-efficient, says Jonas Bergström, Business Development Manager at Securitas. For more on thermals, see the Axis Communications website.The multi-national security contractor uses thermal cameras as perimeter protection. An intelligent video application is integrated into the cameras and forms a
  • Challenges of managing info-assets

    UK councils are struggling to become compliant with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This shouldn’t come as a surprise given the challenges they experience managing information assets on a daily basis, according to Julian Cook, VP of UK Business at the information management software company M-Files.
    A survey from the data protection regulator the ICO suggested that many councils have work to do, to comply with the new GDPR that will come into effect in May 201
  • PAS for safety barriers

    BSI, the business standards company, has published Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 13, Code of practice for safety barriers used in traffic management at workplaces, with test methods for impact resilience.According to the regulator the Health and Safety Executive about 50 people are killed each year, and more than 5,000 injured, in UK accidents involving workplace transport. PAS 13 outlines good practice in traffic management procedures for a workplace and provides a standard for the...
  • Foremost ops coordinator

    Foremost Security Limited, the East Midlands-based guarding company, employs over 100. Their latest recruit is Jordan Milner, pictured, who joins as their new Operations Coordinator. Previously he worked at the Leicester-based event security and stewarding contractor Showsec International as an Operations Manager.
    Working at Nottingham-based Foremost Security since January 2017, Jordan has settled into his role and is responsible for coordination of operations. His daily tasks include site v...
  • Bank cyber risk study

    Financial Institutions Security Risks 2016, a survey of finance people on the security challenges for banks and financial institutions and the financial costs of specific cyberattacks, found costs are rising as organisations face increasingly sophisticated threats. The most-costly type of incident for financial organisations are threats that exploit vulnerabilities in point-of-sale (POS) systems, in which an organisation typically loses £1,658,161. Attacks on mobile devices are the second
  • Critical infrastructure site

    In February as featured in the March 2017 print issue of Professional Security magazine, the United Nations Security Council urged joint measures to protect ‘critical infrastructure’ from terrorist attacks.Given the importance of critical infrastructure, and against the backdrop of increasingly diverse physical and cyber threats from terrorist groups, the UN Security Council underlined the need for international collaboration – both domestically and across borders – to en
  • Fencing installer scheme

    The perimeter fencing manufacturer Zaun Limited reports approved installers for its intruder-resistant fencing ArmaWeave, produced on the world’s largest steel loom at the company’s West Midlands factory. Crime & Fire Defence Systems engineers were trained in the installation of the product and have installed kilometres of the woven fencing at utilities sites across the country over the last two years.Zaun has formally accredited Wakefield-based Crime & Fire as approved insta
  • Virtualisation trends

    Vitaly Mzokov, Solution Business Lead, Data Centre and Virtualisation Security at the IT security product company Kaspersky Lab, offers five virtualisation security trends.When it comes to security solutions for VDI and virtualised servers, I predict that enterprises will pay more attention to the smooth integration between various systems instead of simply examining product features under a microscope. Security solutions that can be integrated into the virtualisation infrastructure at a s...
  • Dark side of business IoT

    Imagine a scenario where some malevolent being has gained access to Earth’s secrets and data by controlling all our 50 billion network connected devices. This might be an extreme analogy but it’s a good way to highlight the way in which our increasingly connected world has left us closer yet more vulnerable than ever, writes Ian Parker, pictured, professional services consultant, at network product company Axians.It’s useful to think of your business as a castle with strong per
  • ASIS UK charity date

    The UK chapter of the security management body ASIS is raising money for the counselling charity PTSD Resolution to help them support sufferers of PTSD in the UK. A drinks and canapes event runs at RBS, 250 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 4RB on Wednesday evening, April 5 from 6.30pm. Tickets are £35.As organisers say, with an estimated 35,000 suspected suffers in the UK, many of whom have to turned to alcohol, drugs and entered the downward spiral to a place where there is 'no hope' and in some
  • Defibrillators marked

    Bransgore Community First Responders and Heartstart Bransgore New Forest have marked 11 defibrillators with SelectaDNA, a forensic marking product. That will enable the police to identify where the public access defibrillators have come from if they are stolen and recovered.The defibrillators are housed in distinctive yellow cabinets and are ready to be used in cases of cardiac arrest. Local residents are within eight minutes reach of this vital piece of equipment.Community First Respo...
  • Biometrics at ISC West

    FST Biometrics, the Israeli visual identification product company, will show at next week’s ISC West exhibition in the United States strategic elements of IMID Access 4.0, a new biometric visual identification product. The makers say it's incorporating deep learning to enhance flexibility, accuracy, fraud prevention and user experience.IMID Access 4.0, commercially available this month, uses a fusion of biometrics-based technologies for applications including access control, employee time-
  • Access control mitigation

    The physical security and locking product manufacturer Abloy UK is advising companies to secure remote sites and minimise the risk of fines using access control technology. This advice follows Thames Water’s recent record fine of over £20m for polluting the River Thames with 1.4 billion litres of raw sewage.The water company was functioning with reduced operational resources, resulting in unmanned sites. When alarms were raised signaling issues, they were not attended to immediately
  • CREST member

    The business standards company BSI has become a member of the security testing standards body CREST. BSI joins seven organisations (Cisco, Context Information Security, Deloitte Touche Tomatsu, Gotham Digital Science Ltd, NCC Group, PwC, Trustwave SpiderLabs) who can offer clients across EMEA, the Americas, Asia and Australasia the assurances synonymous with CREST.BSI has also consolidated its CREST accredited services with recently acquired CREST member companies Espion and Info-Assure. The f..
  • Russian Hacker Pleads Guilty to Ebury Botnet Role

    Russian Hacker Pleads Guilty to Ebury Botnet RoleA Russian hacker has pleaded guilty to playing a major role in building the infamous Ebury botnet, which helped to fraudulently generate millions of dollars.Maxim Senakh, 41, of Velikii Novgorod, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to conspiracy to violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and to commit wire fraud.Along with co-conspirators, Senakh is said to have helped develop the Ebury malware, which targeted the log-ins of servers running Solaris, Linux
  • Hong Kong’s 3.7 Million Voters Exposed in Massive Breach

    Hong Kong’s 3.7 Million Voters Exposed in Massive BreachHong Kong might just have experienced its biggest ever data breach after the personal details of the Special Administrative Region (SAR)’s 3.7 million voters were stolen on two laptops.The details are said to have included ID card numbers, addresses and mobile phone numbers.They were stored on two laptops in a locked room at the AsiaWorld-Expo conference center near the airport.The center is said to be the “back-
  • Tributes Flood in as Industry Veteran Genes Passes Away

    Tributes Flood in as Industry Veteran Genes Passes AwayTrend Micro CTO, Raimund Genes, passed away suddenly over the weekend aged 54 at his family home in Germany.An industry veteran of over three decades, Genes was a major driving force behind the success of Trend Micro, joining the firm 21 years ago from his distributor business.After founding Trend Micro Deutschland GmbH he went on to numerous roles in the business, including head of sales marketing and sales Europe, president of European ope
  • Westminster attack: MPs and peers to question security procedures

    Comissions to raise concerns about evacuation policy and security at main parliament gate after London terror attackMPs and peers are to raise concerns about evacuation procedures and security at the main entrance to parliament, as the authorities responsible for running the Palace of Westminster gather to discuss last week’s terror attack.Wednesday’s meeting of the Lords and Commons commissions has been convened to discuss inquiries into the attack in London committed by Khalid Maso
  • Westminster security a key issue for parliament

    Parliamentary meeting, in wake of Masood atrocity, ‘needs to examine readiness for any attack and evacuation policy’ MPs and peers are to raise concerns about evacuation procedures and security at the main entrance to parliament, as the authorities responsible for running the Palace of Westminster gather to discuss last week’s terror attack.Wednesday’s meeting of the Lords and Commons commissions has been convened to discuss inquiries into the atrocity in London committed
  • Westminster terrorist Khalid Masood wasn't an extremist, says ex boss

    Killer was open about violent past but showed no interest in local radical groups, says Luton language school directorWestminster terrorist Khalid Masood was an “apolitical” man who showed no interest in radical Islam in the two years he lived in Luton, his former boss said. Farasat Latif, a director at language school Elas UK where Masood worked between 2010 and summer 2012, said he knew Masood as a charming, friendly and professional employee who was open about getting his life bac
  • London terrorist Khalid Masood showed no extremist tendencies, says ex-boss

    Killer was open about violent past but showed no interest in local radical groups, says Luton language school directorWestminster terrorist Khalid Masood was an “apolitical” man who showed no interest in radical Islam in the two years he lived in Luton, his former boss said. Farasat Latif, a director at language school Elas UK where Masood worked between 2010 and summer 2012, said he knew Masood as a charming, friendly and professional employee who was open about getting his life bac
  • Apple iPhone Users in Crosshairs of a Scareware Campaign

    Apple iPhone Users in Crosshairs of a Scareware CampaignA scareware attack is targeting Apple iPhone and iPad users, “locking” their browsers unless they pay a ransom.
    According to Lookout Inc., “the attack would block use of the Safari browser on iOS until the victim pays the attacker money in the form of an iTunes Gift Card. During the lockout, the attackers displayed threatening messaging in an attempt to scare and coerce victims into paying,” the firm explained in a b
  • Our neighbour Les was salt of the earth | Letters

    Carol Birch’s article (The cruelty of a me-first age that makes the lonely invisible, 27 March) struck a chord in the days after our neighbour and helpful pensioner, Les Rhodes, was hit by the car on Westminster Bridge and subsequently died. His life was a busy one, still working well into his 70s, though his cleaning jobs at places like Chartwell were well in the past. The anonymity of big cities like London can be difficult for young and old alike. Opportunities to engage with other peop
  • AI, Machine Learning: Not Ready for Prime Time

    AI, Machine Learning: Not Ready for Prime TimeArtificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have been marketed as game-changing technologies amid the climbing number of breaches, increased prevalence of non-malware attacks and the waning efficacy of legacy antivirus (AV). Yet doubts still persist, especially when they’re used in siloes. For now, it appears to be a fledgling space.According to Carbon Black’s Behind the Hype report on the subject, nearly two-thirds (64%) of se
  • Led by AdultFriendFinder, Breached Records Spike 86%

    Led by AdultFriendFinder, Breached Records Spike 86%In case anyone doubted that data breaches are in full-court press mode, research from Gemalto has revealed that a full 1,792 data breaches led to almost 1.4 billion data records being compromised worldwide during 2016. Big events like the AdultFriendFinder breach contributed significantly to the spike.
    That represents a whopping increase of 86% compared to 2015, according to Gemalto’s Breach Level Index. And further, more than 7 billion d
  • What do many lone attackers have in common? Domestic violence | Hadley Freeman

    Desperate attempts to profile Khalid Masood after the Westminster attacks blame Islam, Kent or even drunk teenagers, but the common thread in terrorism is often misogynyThe reactions to Khalid Masood’s attack last week played out with script-like predictability: rightwing commentators tried desperately to blame the actions of this Kent native on immigration, while the media pored over whatever anecdotes they could find from neighbours and schoolmates. All The Day Today cliches were ticked
  • Apple Dials Up Encryption as Mobile Threats Soar

    Apple Dials Up Encryption as Mobile Threats SoarThe monthly smartphone infection rate in the second half of 2016 jumped 83% from the first six months, with overall infections in mobile networks reaching an all-time high in October, according to new data from Nokia.The infection rate in mobile networks – which includes Windows/PC systems connected by dongle and mobile IoT devices – rose “steadily” during the year to hit a new high of 1.35% in October.The vast majority of i
  • LastPass Races to Fix Yet Another Serious Flaw

    LastPass Races to Fix Yet Another Serious FlawLastPass engineers have Google researcher Tavis Ormandy to thank yet again for another busy few days after the British white hat found a second critical bug in the password manager.Ormandy tweeted over the weekend that he began ‘working’ on the research in an unusual location:“Ah-ha, I had an epiphany in the shower this morning and realized how to get codeexec in LastPass 4.1.43. Full report and exploit on the way.”On Monday,
  • Experts Hit Back at Rudd's 'Cheap' WhatsApp Shot

    Experts Hit Back at Rudd's 'Cheap' WhatsApp ShotRights groups, former military bosses and law enforcers have dismissed the home secretary’s attack on end-to-end encryption, claiming she already has some of the most sweeping surveillance powers of any state at her disposal.Amber Rudd took to the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday to criticize firms like WhatsApp and Facebook, which use encryption to secure messages for their users, as aiding terrorists.“We need to make sure that organisations
  • FBI Warns on FTP Attacks to Access Medical, Dental Info

    FBI Warns on FTP Attacks to Access Medical, Dental InfoThe FBI is warning of an concerted effort on the part of cyber-criminals to target medical and dental facilities via their File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers.Criminals are accessing protected health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII) in order to intimidate, harass and blackmail business owners. The Feds said that the Bureau is aware of criminal actors who are actively targeting such facilities via insecure FTPs
  • Kaspersky: Criminals Make 95% Profit on DDoS

    Kaspersky: Criminals Make 95% Profit on DDoSOrdering a DDoS attack has become as easy as ordering the latest bestseller from Amazon—and can offer incredible return on investment for the attacker.
    According to Kaspersky Lab, DDoS-for-hire services are generally self-service, eliminating the need for direct contact between the organizer and the customer. Customers can make payments, get reports on work done and so on, all online. In fact, Kaspersky said that the order page “looks more
  • Hackers Access Job Seeker SSNs, DOBs

    Hackers Access Job Seeker SSNs, DOBsHackers have accessed job-seeker information from America’s JobLink (AJL), a multi-state web-based system that links job seekers with employers.AJL works with various state governments and the US Department of Labor to act as a national resource for employment opportunities. The organization said that an outside source exploited a vulnerability in the AJL application code to view the names, Social Security numbers, and dates of birth of job seekers in th
  • The Guardian view on counter-terrorism: strong encryption makes us all safer | Editorial

    There are many things the web giants could do to help combat terrorism, but weakening privacy protection is not one of themThe home secretary has made a hash – or what she would call “a hashtag” – of her efforts to appear to be doing something in the wake of last week’s Westminster terror attack. Amber Rudd’s demand that the big digital companies weaken the encryption they use on their messages is unrealistic and – if it ever became real – self-def
  • Amber Rudd seeks more EU action over online extremism

    Green MEP Jan Philipp Albrecht says home secretary’s ideas would ‘dramatically weaken internet security’Amber Rudd has called for more EU action to tackle online extremism, as she steps up pressure on tech firms to make it harder for terrorists to use the internet.Related: Why political rebels love WhatsAppRelated: The Guardian view on counter-terrorism: strong encryption makes us all safer | EditorialContinue reading...
  • Evidence-based date

    What is evidence-based policing and how can it help me? Those were questions for a University of Leicester conference of more than 100 people. Presentations were made by academics and police officers on subject areas including:• how data from previous crimes can be used to predict future demand• how effective sport is in reducing youth crime and antisocial behaviour• techniques the police can use to increase public engagement via social media• the impact of body-worn video on
  • Aylesbury campus

    Buckinghamshire Thames Valley Local Enterprise Partnership (BTVLEP) is providing £1.3m in capital funds to University Campus Aylesbury Vale to create a Digital Innovation Hub.The aim is to make University Campus Aylesbury Vale, in Walton Street, Aylesbury, a centre for start-up businesses in the digital sector, with facilities including a cyber-security suite and virtual reality engineering design studio. An aim is for small and early-stage businesses to access advice, support and incubati
  • Elder fraud

    More than nine out of ten people believe that being older and living alone makes people more vulnerable to fraud, according to a survey of 3,200 Sussex residents.Most, 86pc of respondents felt that older people are targeted by fraudsters more frequently than other age groups while more than eight out of ten agree that older people who live alone are targeted by fraudsters more frequently than those who live with a companion.The Sussex Elders’ Commission and Neighbourhood Watch survey a...

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