• GCHQ targets teenage girls to find cyber spies of the future

    Girls aged 13 to 15 invited to test tech skills in competition as part of effort to inspire more women to join fight against online crimeTeenage girls are being invited to put their technology skills to the test in a competition that could unearth the cyber spies of the future.The contest has been set up by GCHQ’s new National Cyber Security Centre as part of efforts to inspire more women to join the fight against online crime. Only 10% of the global cyber workforce are female, the intelli
  • Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning's Sentence

    Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning's SentencePresident Obama has commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning, the transgendered former US Army intelligence analyst who was serving 35 years in prison for leaking state secrets.
    On the eve of the inauguration of the deeply polarizing President-elect Donald Trump, Obama overrode his secretary of defense and issued an order that will allow Manning to walk free. The move does not pardon her however, and she remains convicted of her crimes, which include
  • New Mac Malware Uses Ancient Code to Spy on Biotech Firms

    New Mac Malware Uses Ancient Code to Spy on Biotech FirmsA Mac-based espionage malware that Apple calls “Fruitfly” is making the rounds, targeting biomedical research facilities.Malwarebytes, which recently spotted the bug, said that the malware specializes in screen captures and webcam access, and can also determine screen size and mouse cursor position, change the mouse position, and simulate mouse clicks and key presses in a kind of rudimentary remote control functionality.Malware
  • (ISC)² Names New Board Members

    (ISC)² Names New Board Members(ISC)² has announced the newly elected officers for its board of directors.
    The 13-member board provides governance and oversight for the organization, grants certifications to qualifying candidates, and enforces adherence to the (ISC)² Code of Ethics.Effective January 14, the following individuals assumed board officer positions:Chairperson:  Wim Remes, CISSP (Belgium) Vice Chairperson:  Jennifer Minella, CISSP (USA) Treasurer:  Alliso
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  • Enterprise IT trends

    Are you ready for 2017?‎ asks Joe Siegrist, pictured, VP and GM at password management product company LastPass.
    News of security breaches hardly left the headlines last year. It might not come as surprise to know that personal data from 2.7 billion user accounts were left open to potential hackers. While major names such as Yahoo, MySpace and LinkedIn have not been immune, businesses of all sizes will have to up their security game in 2017 to keep data secure. In light of this, we’ve
  • FM for Reed

    A three year contract to provide cleaning and security services for Reed Exhibitions at its UK headquarters at Gateway House in Richmond, west London, has gone to Incentive FM Group.Incentive QAS will be providing daily office cleaning and janitorial services, periodic deep cleans, internal window cleaning and washroom services at the 42,000 square foot building which holds around 560 staff. Incentive Lynx will provide daytime reception services and overnight manned guarding.Martin Reed...
  • Carbanak Uses Google for C&C Comms

    Carbanak Uses Google for C&C CommsThe infamous Russian Carbanak cybercrime gang has begun using various Google services for its command and control (C&C) communications, enabling it to hide in plain sight, according to Forcepoint.The cybersecurity firm recently investigated a weaponized RTF document which, when opened, uses social engineering to trick the recipient into clicking on an envelope image to “unlock the contents.”However, doing so brings up a dialog box asking if t
  • BYOD threat to SMEs

    The proliferation and use of devices such as personal smart phones and tablets at work, known as bring your own device (BYOD), is one the biggest cybersecurity threats faced by SMEs, according to Kevin Timms, COO and co-founder of IT services provider, Streamwire. This and a general lack of awareness at the board level are the primary issues that need to be tackled in 2017, he said.
    Kevin said: “In the past year, it seems a day hasn’t gone past where a high-profile cyber breach is do
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  • Somerset report

    Somerset Businesses Against Crime (SBAC) recorded their highest number of incidents from local businesses in 2016, reports the independently run business crime reduction partnership.
    Incidents reported rose from 324 to 413 based on the previous year’s figures, an increase of 27pc. This is echoed in the number of offenders on the SBAC database, which rose from 267 to 343. The bulk of incidents reported were based on shop theft or where businesses successfully deterred offences from happenin
  • Veracity at San Diego

    Veracity, the IP video transmission, storage and display company, is delivering a paper on the critical differences between IT data and video data. Veracity will be presenting and exhibiting at the San Diego Security Show, at the Town and Country Convention Center in San Diego, California, on January 25 and 26, 2017.John Kampfhenkel, Director of Technical Sales for Veracity says: “Larger numbers of cameras, generating greater image quality and longer retention times for today’s safer
  • Amnesty: Snoopers’ Charter Violates Basic Human Rights

    Amnesty: Snoopers’ Charter Violates Basic Human RightsAmnesty International has launched another broadside on the UK government, claiming that when it comes into force the Investigatory Powers Act (IPA) could have “devastating consequences” for human rights.The colloquially titled ‘Snoopers’ Charter’ was criticized during its passage through parliament by rights groups, technology and legal experts, three separate committees and even former NSA technical direc
  • Personal safety awards

    The annual National Personal Safety Awards mark the work done across the UK to keep people safe from violence and aggression.
    The Suzy Lamplugh Trust, the personal safety charity, seeks to recognise best practice in the field across sectors. This year the awards, presented with Peoplesafe, a provider of lone worker services, will be announced on the afternoon of Thursday, March 23, 2017 at the Church House Conference Centre in central London. Shortlisted nominees will be announced before the...
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  • Terror rights report

    Laws and amendments passed at speed are undermining fundamental freedoms and dismantling human rights protections, says the campaign group Amnesty International. It's brought out a report, Dangerously disproportionate: The ever-expanding national security state in Europe.John Dalhuisen, Amnesty International’s Director for Europe, said: “In the wake of a series of appalling attacks, from Paris to Berlin, governments have rushed through a raft of disproportionate and discriminatory la
  • Oracle Admins Faced with 270 Fixes this Quarter

    Oracle Admins Faced with 270 Fixes this QuarterOracle has released its first quarterly security advisory for the year and it’s one of the biggest ever, fixing a whopping 270 vulnerabilities.The firm made it clear admins should prioritize this update as soon as possible:“Oracle continues to periodically receive reports of attempts to maliciously exploit vulnerabilities for which Oracle has already released fixes. In some instances, it has been reported that attackers have been success
  • Compliance challenge for IT

    UK IT departments are some of the most likely in Europe to identify security and compliance as the biggest challenge they are facing and, as a result, they are also some of the most likely to host their applications internally, it's claimed.Vanson Bourne surveyed 900 end user IT leaders from mid-market businesses in the six markets in which IT services management company Claranet operates (Germany, Benelux, France, Spain, Portugal, and the UK). It found that 57 per cent of UK organisations...
  • Lone working safety trainer

    Ahead of the Lone Worker Safety Expo, we speak to the event organiser. Nicole Vazquez, pictured, of Worthwhile Training. Here as background she tells us about some of the training that her company offers.It can include ‘drama-based workshops’, actors helping to deliver scenarios of conflict situations typical to what those doing the training encounter. For as Nicole points out, it’s one thing to say how you would react to a situation; when it’s there realistically and lit
  • Standard Framework Addresses Mobile/IoT Trusted Applications

    Standard Framework Addresses Mobile/IoT Trusted ApplicationsMobile applications and the internet of things (IoT) are presenting new issues in cybersecurity as time goes on, but a new framework is addressing the issue of trusted applications.
    Technical standards body GlobalPlatform has published a framework which details how trusted applications hosted on a GlobalPlatform-compliant Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) can be remotely and dynamically managed.The framework is applicable to any type
  • (ISC)² Names SANS Vet as North American Director

    (ISC)² Names SANS Vet as North American Director (ISC)² has named former SANS Institute executive Brian Correia as director of business development for the North America region, a newly created position. 
    Correia is the former director of Business Development and Venue Planning at SANS Institute.  Mr. Correia worked at SANS for 16 years, and was involved in divisions responsible for sales, partner relationships, event management, contracts and marketing campaigns. He also dev
  • Families seek justice for Scottish soldiers killed in IRA 'honey trap'

    Relatives of Dougald McCaughey and brothers John and Joseph McCaig say suspects living openly in Irish Republic The families of three Scottish soldiers murdered by the Provisional IRA at the beginning of the Troubles in Northern Ireland have launched a campaign to expose their killers.The Three Scottish Soldiers Campaign for Justice group wants three suspects it says are still living openly in the Irish Republic brought to justice.Continue reading...
  • Consumers Hold Businesses, Not Themselves, Responsible for Data Breaches

    Consumers Hold Businesses, Not Themselves, Responsible for Data BreachesConsumers are increasingly aware of online security risks, but mainly hold businesses responsible for data breaches.According to Gemalto’s 2016 Data Breaches and Customer Loyalty report, about 58% of consumers fear they will be victims of an online data breach—and 66% of them say they would be unlikely to do business with organizations responsible for exposing financial and sensitive information. Overall, respond
  • Mercury partner

    Vanderbilt, the US security product company recently completed its integration with Mercury Security and is now an Authentic Mercury partner.The integration means Vanderbilt devices support Mercury Security’s hardware controllers and peripheral panels. For Vanderbilt’s installer partners, an open-architecture approach supports technology deployments, providing freedom to choose solutions that work best for a specific deployment, an end user’s needs and infrastructure requiremen
  • Coventry survey

    People in Coventry are being invited to take part in a survey to find out about crime concerns in the city. The city’s Police and Crime Board, police and Coventry City Council are seeking views on community priorities, engagement and perceptions of safety and security in the city.The survey is aiming to capture the views of the community. The Police and Crime Board is hoping to gain a wide variety of suggestions and ideas that people have for the city. The authorities say that the informat
  • Body camera certification

    Greater Manchester Police (GMP) has become one of the first police forces to gain the Surveillance Camera Commissioner's certification for its use of body worn cameras. GMP had to show that it complies with all 12 of the guiding principles of the surveillance camera code of practice.Auditors had to judge GMP on such principles as an individual’s right to privacy, safeguards against unauthorised access and to ensure that all surveillance materials are destroyed when no longer required.G...
  • Vehicle liaison

    Simon Ashton has joined the forensic marking product company Selectamark as Vehicle Industry Liaison.
    Simon will help promote the company's visible and covert marking solutions, including its forensic marking SelectaDNA (www.selectadna.co.uk, pictured). The range includes a Vehicle Marking Kit for use as a theft deterrent on cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, quad bikes, marine craft, caravans, trailers and farm and construction plant.As a former Metropolitan Police office...
  • Predictions for 2017

    International malware mayhem is among the predictions for 2017 from email and cloud security product company Glasswall Solutions.As 2017 approaches, the scale and sophistication of cyber-threats seems only destined to grow as criminals and state-backed groups learn how to exploit the weak-points in businesses and governmental organisations around the globe, writes Greg Sim, CEO, Glasswall Solutions.
    If 2016 is anything to go by, unless enterprises change their approaches to cyber-securit...
  • Data storage trends

    The last several years in data recovery and data storage technology have seen faster flash storage, growth in adoption of hyper-converged storage and the proliferation of ransomware cases, according to the data recovery company Kroll Ontrack. In 2017, and beyond, look out for continued changes to technology used in data centers, more data encryption and an increased emphasis on enterprise information security, the firm says.As our personal devices get smaller and are able to store even more ...
  • Smart install survey

    Almost four in 10 clients (39 per cent) say that they don’t take any steps to protect smart installations in buildings from cyber threats, according to a new survey from the Electrical Contractors' Association (ECA) and the Scottish electrical trade body SELECT.Half of respondents to the survey (49 per cent) said that the risk of hacking, and its impact on unsecured networks, was a potential barrier to installing connected technology, highlighting the inherent cyber threats to buildings i.
  • Cyber view

    In the World Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Risks Report, cyber threats have been labelled as one of the key threats to worldwide economic stability. Despite this, too many businesses are still adopting an attitude of intransigence when it comes to maintaining adequate cybersecurity, according to an IT security firm.
    According to the WEF report, the danger of massive incidents of data fraud or theft ranks amongst the top five most prominent global risks in terms of likelihood for 2017. Altho
  • School access

    Wellington School in the Somerset countryside is a co-educational, day and boarding school, with 750 pupils aged from two to 18, including 160 sixth form students.Jim Pendleton, Estates Manager at Wellington, has been responsible for the recent upgrade of doors from digital keypads to wire-free smart access control for building security and better control of movement of staff and students around the campus.
    Installed by local SALTO dealer TLS Security was the XS4 platform. Fifty-plus doo...
  • Wireless appointment

    The wireless CCTV technology company Vemotion reports the appointment of CriticalStreaming.com as its first specialist solution provider, specifically for the transport and logistics sectors. wireless CCTV streaming will see CriticalStreaming.com operate solely as a delivery mechanism to provide Vemotion products and services to the public and private transport industries.CriticalStreaming.com supplies live streaming to service the specific requirements of the transport sector, for passen...
  • 30% of NHS Trusts Hit by Ransomware

    30% of NHS Trusts Hit by RansomwareNew research from SentinelOne has revealed that 30% of NHS Trusts have suffered a ransomware attack, potentially placing patient data and lives at risk.In the Freedom of Information study that the firm made to 129 NHS Trusts, responses were received from 94 whilst three refused to answer, stating that their response could harm their commercial interests. One Trust – Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust – admitting to suffering an attack 19 times in
  • Dutch Cops Warn 20,000 of Email Account Hack

    Dutch Cops Warn 20,000 of Email Account HackPolice in the Netherlands are set to email 20,000 possible fraud victims urging them to change their account details, after discovering their credentials had been stolen by a man arrested last year on suspicion of multiple cybercrime offences.Police revealed the arrest of the 35-year-old man last October. He was cuffed on suspicion of hacking, fraud and identity theft after he allegedly posed as a webmaster to siphon off users’ online credentials
  • Veracity at Intersec 2017

    Veracity, the IP video transmission, storage and display product company, reports an enlarged company stand at this year’s Intersec show in Dubai.Veracity says it has seen considerable growth in 2016 across not only the Middle East but also Africa, India and Sri Lanka and will be demonstrating its products with three partners during Intersec 2017, which runs from January 22 to 24 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Veracity products will be showcased at the company stand (SA-H24), Mayflex (SA
  • Drone guide

    The key to flying drones safely is education, says ConsortiQ. Georgina Connaughton, Operations Executive at ConsortiQ says: “Drones are no longer a mysterious technology and they are becoming a viable part of many business models. What’s more, they are now a widespread consumer item used for entertainment purposes. ...
  • Broadway safety

    A recently opened shopping centre in Bradford is using a range of life safety systems from Hochiki Europe. The Broadway Shopping Centre, a mall in the centre of the West Yorkshire city operated by Westfield Corporation, was opened to the public in November 2015 and contains 77 restaurants, cafes and shops.As a large retail space containing more than 570,000 square feet, The Broadway required a multi-networked fire detection system which could be quickly and easily accessed from a number of ...
  • More Cybercrime Than Physical Crime in North Wales

    More Cybercrime Than Physical Crime in North WalesThere are now more cybercrimes being recorded in north Wales than those in the offline world, according to the local police and crime commissioner (PCC) for the area.North Wales PCC Arfon Jones claimed that while traditional crimes such as burglary and shoplifting had decreased over the past decade, online crime has made up for the shortfall.Businesses are most at risk, with ransomware in particular soaring, he told the North Wales Business Club
  • Scam call recorded

    A cyber scammer called the wrong man when they cold-called Matt Horan of C3IA Solutions. Realising the crooks were trying to take control of his computer, Matt put the call on speakerphone and asked a colleague to record it.After stringing out the conversation for 35 minutes - during which he was passed to more senior ‘helpers’ as he posed as an ignorant computer user – Matt, pictured, informed the caller that he had no internet connection. This prompted the fraudster to use an
  • Modular panel growth

    The security modular panel systems manufacturer Securiclad reports that its sales rose by 58 per cent in 2016, its highest ever increase in sales. The firm based in North Tyneside says last year it secured major contracts in the data centre, water utilities, nuclear and defence sectors. The physical security product is in use against the threats of terrorism, theft and vandalism, and certified to Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) 1175 Security Rating (SR) 4; and approved for UK Government use by th
  • UK's Security Skills Shortage Second Worst Globally

    UK's Security Skills Shortage Second Worst GloballyThe UK has a cybersecurity skills gap second only to Israel, putting the country’s critical infrastructure and businesses potentially at risk, according to Indeed.The recruitment site analyzed the number of roles advertised versus the number of searches for those roles in Q3 2016 and found a huge difference in the extent of skills shortages around the world.Israel (28.4%) had the biggest gap, with the number of cybersecurity job searches j
  • Hikvision appointments

    Hikvision UK & Ireland have added to their Business Development Team with the appointment of Jeremy Furze and Scott Davis, as Senior Business Development Managers.Jeremy’s experience in the security industry stretches over 20 years with positions at a number of security manufacturers and national installers.
    Scott also brings over ten years of industry experience having worked in security distribution for a number of years and also in security manufacturing.
    Jeremy, pictured, said:...
  • UK counter-terror laws most Orwellian in Europe, says Amnesty

    Human rights group says Britain is leading ‘race to the bottom’ with measures that threaten rights and freedomsThe UK is leading a Europe-wide “race to the bottom” with Orwellian counter-terrorism measures that seriously threaten human rights, according to a comparative survey of security laws by Amnesty International.A 70-page report, entitled Dangerously disproportionate: The ever-expanding national security state in Europe, alleges that Britain has introduced powers in
  • Warning: Europe is entering a permanent state of emergency | John Dalhuisen

    Governments across the continent are assuming sweeping powers over all their citizens in response to the threat of terrorism. This endangers our way of lifeHundreds have been killed and wounded in a spate of terror attacks across Europe in the past two years. These callous crimes have not just targeted individuals, they are also attacks on our societies, our freedoms and our way of life. The need to protect people from such wanton violence is clear, but this is not something that can be achieved
  • Digital currency date

    Threats posed by transnational criminal networks using digital currencies for money laundering and terrorism financing are topics at the first Global Conference on Money Laundering and Digital Currencies, set up by the international police bodies Interpol and Europol, and the Basel Institute on Governance, with the Qatar National Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Committee. Thethree-day (January 16 to 18) meeting brought together 400 from law enforcement and private industry in 60 ..
  • Arms trafficking MoU

    The World Customs Organization (WCO), through its Secretary General, Dr Kunio Mikuriya and the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA) through its Under-Secretary General and High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, Kim Won-soo signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on December 23, 2016. That was to formalise cooperation on cross-border arms regulation, with a view to combating small arms and light weapons (SALW) trafficking.The international bodies say that the illicit...
  • UK supreme court to rule on government responsibility for alleged rendition

    Judgments on alleged treatment of jihadi suspects could define extent of human rights protections overseasGovernment responsibility for alleged torture, rendition and illegal detention of jihadi suspects will finally be decided by the UK’s highest court in a series of judgments that may define the extent of human rights protections overseas.One of the six cases to be decided, that of the Libyan dissident Abdel Hakim Belhaj, has been under consideration for 15 months – the longest the
  • Traveller summit

    The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson is holding a summit on February 10 about unauthorised travellers encampments.The PCC seeks to bringing together local councils, the police, concerned residents and traveller groups to work on a solution to unauthorised encampments. He's also invited neighbouring shire councils to work on a regional approach so unauthorised camps do not simply move.The summit will look at the issues the West Midlands is facing, what is working...
  • System for shopping development

    Friars Walk is the new, £117m retail and leisure development in Newport, South Wales. Besides 30 new shops, the 390,000 sq ft complex, pictured, houses a dozen restaurants, an eight-screen Cineworld multiplex cinema, a 12-lane Superbowl UK, Laser Quest and a Crazy Club soft play, plus a 350 space car park and bus station. The site opened its doors in November 2015, developed by Queensberry Real Estate with Newport City Council. The developers sought a modern and robust fire and access syst
  • McDonald's Website Flaws were Disclosed During Christmas

    McDonald's Website Flaws were Disclosed During ChristmasA cross-site scripting flaw in McDonald’s website could allow an attacker to steal and decrypt a password from a registered user.According to the research published on 6th January by Tijme Gommers, by abusing an insecure cryptographic storage vulnerability and a reflected server cross-site-scripting vulnerability, it is possible to steal and decrypt a password, while personal details like the user's name, address and contact details c
  • Apartment install

    Windsor House is a new collection of luxurious apartments for students in Cardiff, beside an on-site cinema, games room and VIP bar. To provide a safe and secure student residence, and complement the high-spec design of the apartments, an access control system with integrated CCTV was required.
    Working with the local installer Protectorcomms, the distributor Oprema supplied over 70 high definition IP CCTV cameras and a networked Salto access control system with intercom. This allows use of e...
  • No place for trust

    With consumers’ personal data being compromised on a near daily basis, it is unsurprising that the EU is preparing to get tough on businesses that do not protect their customers, writes Dan Panesar, VP EMEA at the security software company Certes.
    The result is that as of May 2018 any company handling the data of EU citizens must comply with EU General Data Protection Regulation, which demands that companies collecting, using and storing personal data must have adequate protections and con

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