• Necurs is Back and Ready to DDoS Someone

    Necurs is Back and Ready to DDoS SomeoneThe Necurs botnet has resurfaced, with some new tricks. Notably, it’s taking a page from Mirai, and setting itself up to act as infrastructure for DDoS attacks.According to Anubis Networks, the bot showed up about six months ago communicating with a set of IPs on a different port that the usual port 80. It also uses what appears to be a different protocol.It’s also loading a new module—indicating that it can add new capabilities at any ti
  • Fleet management for EU missions

    Two EU peacekeeping bodies have deployed SafeFleet Telematics fleet management, which includes Globalstar’s SmartOne device.The European Union Monitoring Mission in Georgia (EUMM) and EU Rule of Law Mission (EULEX) both chose SafeFleet Telematics to track and manage fleets, monitor driver behaviour, and safeguard personnel and civilian passengers in Georgia and Kosovo respectively. Both missions maintain law and order, as well as carrying out judiciary, policing duties and border patrol.
  • Charity golf date

    Monday, September 25 is the date for the annual SSR Personnel charity gold day, this year at Bentley Golf Club, writes organiser Peter French of the security recruitment consultancy.The club, established in 1972 and designed by the Swan family, purchased by the members in 2004, continues to host a number of county events including the Essex County Championship and is also a regular venue for the Essex Captains. The course has attained a silver ranking in the HSBC regional course rankings; la...
  • Travel data advice

    Whether in transit, or at their destination, business travellers – and by extension their corporate networks – are potentially more vulnerable to malicious cyber and physical information security threats, a medical and security emergency advice and assistance contractor suggests. International SOS says thieves are becoming increasingly sophisticated and audacious in their methods of accessing travellers’ confidential corporate information.It is now standard practice for employe
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  • Scots council tenders

    Two closed bid tenders with Clackmannanshire Council in Scotland have gone to installer SPIE UK.A project requires secure door entry and door entry replacement and common area upgrades including security installation and refurbishment works within social housing. Carrying a £540,000 budget, the works will run over four years. Another, worth £200,000, sees the replacement of fire and security alarms at ten schools in the district.SPIE reports a long established working relationship wi
  • Shopping centre updates

    A case study of the CCTV at SouthGate Shopping Centre, the outdoor retail district in the centre of Bath. Opened in 2009 it has 96 shops, restaurants, and underground car parks.
    Peter Parkinson, SouthGate’s deputy general manager says: “Hikvision fulfills our CCTV needs completely. With the platinum service any maintenance or call-outs are included in the package, which makes Hikvision more cost effective. With its wide range of products, the underground car parks, cash points, shops
  • Five things to consider before deploying an auditing solution

    IT departments may opt for auditing solutions for a number of reasons; whether it be to increase security, streamline systems management or meet increasingly stringent compliance demands. Whatever the driver may be, once you’ve decided to deploy a third-party solution, you need to ensure you have considered these five points to ensure that you’ve made the correct choice.
    1. Make sure the solution meets your requirementsThe chosen auditing solution needs to be able to meet all your au
  • Security Awareness Training to Explode in Next 10 Years

    Security Awareness Training to Explode in Next 10 YearsSecurity awareness training is the most underspent sector of the cybersecurity market, but it’s poised to become a multi-billion-dollar industry in 2017.That’s according to a report from Cybersecurity Ventures, which also said that the market will top $10 billion by 2027.According to Steve Morgan, founder and editor-in-chief at Cybersecurity Ventures, Fortune 500 and Global 2000 corporations will consider security awareness train
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  • Email Compromises, Phishing Top Insider Threats

    Email Compromises, Phishing Top Insider ThreatsSecurity and risk (S&R) pros have the challenging task of using finite resources (including budget, time, and people) to protect their businesses from every possible attack type. But they can zero in on the employee threat, given that more than a third of firms have experienced some information loss, theft or attack via email within the past two years, with phishing attacks being most common.According to Forrester Consulting research, S&R de
  • Russia Admits Major Info Warfare Mission

    Russia Admits Major Info Warfare MissionRussia has admitted for the first time its significant investment in information warfare.Defense minister, Sergey Shoigu, made the claims when addressing the lower house of the country’s parliament (Duma) this week, according to local reports.He said a cyber army had been established within the Russian military, according to the state-controlled TASS news agency."The information operations forces have been established, that are expected to be a far m
  • Tech Firms Urge Government to Cut Encryption Red Tape

    Tech Firms Urge Government to Cut Encryption Red TapeTechnology trade association techUK has called on government ministers to cut export red tape on products incorporating encryption in order to make the UK more competitive, as a separate white paper urges the European Commission to revise its stance on cybersecurity export controls.With the digital economy responsible for roughly a quarter of the UK’s exports, the nation’s firms can’t afford the lengthy license approvals proc
  • CSyP discussed

    Recently a security manager I’ve known for some years, ‘Mike Topham’ who was keen to discuss pursuing the CSyP journey contacted me. He wanted to know more about the whole subject of CSyP, so we agreed to meet, writes Peter Speight.
    I have known and worked with Mike for many years and he has held a number of security management positions. I expected a relaxing cup of coffee and a general conversation with a couple of questions about CSyP thrown in … ‘how wrong I wa
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  • Fixed, varifocal lens options

    Eneo’s new 2MP IP camera range comprises indoor domes, outdoor vandal domes and outdoor bullets.
    Each has a fixed or varifocal megapixel lens option. The fixed focal lens option is 3.6mm and the varifocal lens option is 2.8 to 12.0 mm, with a 4x optical and 16x digital zoom.All the eneo IP camera models feature a Full HD, 2MP (1920 x 1080p) progressive scan, 1 / 2.8-inch Sony IMX322 CMOS sensor with triple video streams (2x H.264 and 1x MJPEG). The cameras also feature digital wide dyn...
  • Uni pay rise scam

    The City of London Police’s National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) is urging university staff to beware after the NFIB received more than 100 reports from victims about bogus pay rise emails.In an alert issued by the NFIB, part of City of London Police, ‘phishing’ emails claiming to be from university HR departments are being used by fraudsters. Their aim; to gather financial details by suggesting that university staff recipients are due a pay rise.However, when recipients c
  • US Oil and Gas Firms Woefully Exposed to Cyber Threats

    US Oil and Gas Firms Woefully Exposed to Cyber ThreatsThe US oil and gas industry is failing to keep pace with the growing threat from cyberspace, with two-thirds (68%) of organizations suffering a major security breach in the past year, according to a new study.Industrial control systems manufacturer Siemens commissioned the Ponemon Institute to interview over 370 people responsible for securing or overseeing cyber risk in the operational technology (OT) environment of oil and gas companies.It
  • Access control for Close

    A case study of the access control from Intratone in security fitted by Added Security Technology (AST) London for residents to the premises in Elton Close, Teddington, west London.Elton Close is a five-block development, with a total of 68 flats, car access, parking and garages. AST was recom mended to the management who required access control of people to the residential buildings and preventing vehicles from parking illegally in the Close.People are managed through the use of a fob-b...
  • Pinkerton open Stockholm office

    The US-based investigations and corporate risk management services company Pinkerton has officially entered the Swedish market.The firm, which also offers security consulting, executive protection, employment screening, and protective intelligence, has a new office in Stockholm.This comes less than a month after Pinkerton announced its intentions to enter the Swedish market with the acquisition of Stockholm-based risk and security consulting services provider Seccredo AB; which has off...
  • To rule the waves: US eyes large-scale navy revamp plan

    According to US military and defense experts, the country’s navy needs a deep modernization in order to be able to counter the emerging threats and challenges. During a recent visit to United...
  • USAF C-5Ms deliver Army helicopters to Europe

    A contingent of Army AH-64 Apache helicopters, delivered by two Air Mobility Command C-5M Super Galaxies, arrived here Feb. 22 in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve. OAR is a tangible...
  • RAAF to Test Skills in High-End Air Warfare Exercise

    The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) has deployed to Guam to participate in Exercise Cope North 2017—a high end air combat and humanitarian assistance exercise. Up to 12 F/A-18A Hornets from Number...
  • UAE to Order Locally-Produced Armored Vehicles

    NIMR Automotive, a subsidiary of Emirates Defense Industries Company (EDIC), the UAE’s integrated defence manufacturing and services platform, today announced that the UAE Armed Forces intends...
  • Top US general readies ‘full range’ of Syria options for Trump

    The Pentagon’s top officer on Thursday would not say if US ground forces will deploy to Syria to fight Daesh terrorists, observing only that he is readying a “full range of options” for President...
  • China continues ‘steady pattern’ of South China Sea militarization: experts

    Recent satellite imagery appears to show China is completing structures intended to house surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) on a series of artificial islands in the South China Sea, a Washington...
  • Directed energy atmospheric lens could revolutionise future battlefields

    ithin the next fifty years, scientists at BAE Systems believe that battlefield commanders could deploy a new type of directed energy laser and lens system, called a Laser Developed Atmospheric Lens...
  • Google Research Brings End to SHA-1

    Google Research Brings End to SHA-1Google has announced research that it hopes will begin the sunset process on the SHA-1 encryption hash.Released alongside the CWI Institute in Amsterdam, the “Shattered research” culminates two years’ work to create a practical technique for generating a collision. In a blog post, the project which was authored by Google’s Marc Stevens and Elie Bursztein, who collaborated on making Marc’s cryptanalytic attacks against SHA-1 practic
  • War games 360: Your first-hand combat drills experience

    War games 360: Your first-hand combat drills experience
  • Body-worn video certified

    SSAIB, the UK and Ireland security, fire and telecare certification body, reports that two police forces have pioneered the introduction of body-worn video (BWV) in accordance with the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice.
    After certification to the Code, completed by the inspectorate's auditors, Greater Manchester Police and Metropolitan Police are now using devices in a variety of applications.BWV is now being used to capture police operational activity first hand, using helmet or vest...
  • NHS assault figures

    Some 70,555 assaults were recorded by the central body for security and fraud management in the National Health Service, NHS Protect - but most of those assaults were not done out of malice.
    Some 52,704 were judged to have had 'medical factors'; defined by NHS Protect as the perpetrator did not know what they were doing, or did not know what they were doing was wrong due to medical illness, mental ill health, severe learning disability or treatment. That left 17,851 as not involving medicine...
  • Stoke and Copeland byelections voters go to the polls - as it happened

    Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen 4.56pm GMTThanks for following the blog today. Andrew will be back with a special byelections result blog later when the polls close. In the meantime here is a summary of the day’s events 4.28pm GMTGraphs from betting exchange Smarkets show how the odds on tonights byelections have moved. In Stoke, it currently gives Labour a 68% chance of winning, with Ukip rated at 28% and the Tories at 5%. Ukip has tailed off sign
  • Door convergence

    Jeffrey Bennett, pictured, Commercial Leader for Allegion in the Middle East, Africa and Turkey, discusses why we are seeing a convergence of electronics into mechanical door hardware.‘Electromechanical’ is still quite a new term in the door hardware industry, and the convergence of electronics and mechanical hardware that has given rise to this word’s popularity in the industry has only recently truly taken off. What we are seeing now is security, facilities and buildings mana
  • Stoke and Copeland byelections voters go to the polls - Politics live

    Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen 4.28pm GMTGraphs from betting exchange Smarkets show how the odds on tonights byelections have moved. In Stoke, it currently gives Labour a 68% chance of winning, with Ukip rated at 28% and the Tories at 5%. Ukip has tailed off significantly recently, coinciding with the adverse publicity suffered by Paul Nuttall in relation to Hillsborough.4.01pm GMTA Labour MP has called for Theresa May to appear before parliament to exp
  • Banking phishing schemes

    Almost half of all phishing attacks (fraudulent email messages or copycat websites that appear legitimate) registered in 2016 by an IT security firm’s heuristic detection technologies were aimed at stealing their victim’s money, according to an analysis of the financial threat landscape by the company, Kaspersky Lab.Compared to 2015, the amount of financial phishing attacks increased 13.14 percentage points in 2016 to comprise 47.48 per cent of all phishing attacks blocked by heurist
  • Corruption call to G20

    Five G20 countries are failing to meet commitments to publish data that helps tackle corruption, says an anti-corruption pressure group. If the data was publicly available it could be used to curb criminal activities, including money laundering and tax evasion.In 2015 the G20 agreed that to help stop corruption, governments should publish data on open data platforms so that civil society could monitor the use of public resources, including how taxes are spent, how contracts are awarded and h...
  • Apprenticeship trailblazer launched

    The fire, emergency and security systems apprenticeship trailblazer was officially launched this week at an industry event, pictured, at the UBM offices in London. Most candidates are now expected to formally start their apprenticeship in September this year.The event was jointly organised by the apprenticeship employers group, alongside the Fire and Security Association (FSA), the Fire Industry Association (FIA) and the British Security Industry Association (BSIA).The launch event inc...
  • CCTV range

    Panasonic has introduced what it calls a premium range of security products, elite.The cameras all feature smart coding compression and secure communication encryption. All the range also offer a minimum resolution of Full HD, with a selection at 4K; vandal resistance; weatherproofing and the rain wash coating, unique to Panasonic.
    Gerard Figols, European Product Marketing Manager, said: “The Elite Range demonstrates the excellence of Panasonic security cameras. It’s a small selectio
  • What hackers say

    Most (88pc) of hackers can break through cybersecurity defences and into the systems they target within 12 hours, while four in five, 81pc say they can identify and take valuable data within another 12 hours, even though the breach may not be discovered for hundreds of days. This is according to research by Nuix, the eDiscovery and cyber investigations software firm.The Nuix Black Report airs the results of a confidential survey of 70 hackers and penetration testers at DEFCON, the US-based h...
  • Security minister tries very hard to say nothing about Jamal al-Harith | John Crace

    Ben Wallace twitched uneasily as he stood in for Amber Rudd to answer questions about the alleged suicide bomberOne of the advantages of being a cabinet minister is that you have juniors to take the flak. So it was no great surprise to find that the home secretary, Amber Rudd, was nowhere in sight – a self-imposed detention had never seemed so attractive – to answer an urgent question about the alleged British suicide bomber, Jamal al-Harith. In her place was the rather downtrodden-l
  • Connected home security

    RISCO Group has launched RISCO Smart Home – what the security manufacturer calls its first complete connected home security solution.The aim; to provide end-users with a security system with home automation; combining video monitoring, energy management, smart access and control of lighting. Managed from the intuitive iRISCO smartphone app, the product can be integrated as an add-on to all RISCO systems via the Microsoft Azure powered RISCO Cloud, with no extra training necessary, the firm
  • Cyber division

    The voice and data communications product company Spectra Group (UK) reports it's extending its Cyber Security division. The firm says it aims to give SMEs similar options available to its Government, defence and public customers.The company has identified cyber services as the ‘next huge growth area’ and heralds the launch of Spectra Cyber Security Solutions as a natural progression for the company. The Herefordshire-based company points to experience designing, delivering and maint
  • Most Hackers Can Compromise You in 12 Hours or Less

    Most Hackers Can Compromise You in 12 Hours or LessMore than two-thirds of hackers can break through cybersecurity defenses and into the systems they target within 12 hours. A full 81% say they can identify and take valuable data with 24 hours.That’s according to The Black Report, assembled by Chris Pogue, CISO of Nuix. At DEFCON, he gathered a room full of hackers and handed them a paper survey with the intent to help CISO/CSOs and enterprise security teams understand which security count
  • Securing summer

    As summer approaches, it’s even more important to ensure you’re getting the most out of the security measures you’ve been considering. Whether you’re securing a festival, fundraiser or sports event, you need the best of the coverage, communication and protection equipment available – but that doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank to get it. Zycomm, a communications product company, offers sometips.1. Draw up a plan
    Before you do anything, establish a clea
  • 950,000 Coachella Festival Credentials For Sale on Dark Web

    950,000 Coachella Festival Credentials For Sale on Dark WebA Dark Web data trader claims to be selling more than 950,000 user accounts for the website of popular US music festival Coachella, including email addresses, usernames and hashed passwords. It opens the door for a rash of follow-on phishing attacks.Motherboard is reporting that the data is being sold for a mere $300 on the Tochka marketplace."Coachella complete database dump from this month," said the hacker, who uses the handle Berkut,
  • What’s new at IFSEC 2017

    If you thought IFSEC was just wall to wall CCTV – think again, say the show organisers.IFSEC is launching several new features and revamping some existing favourites for its 2017 edition. The security industry is evolving fast in terms of technology (eg the rise of IP, cyber security and the internet of things), the threat landscape (eg growing terror and cyber threats) and how the supply chain does business. Based on the changing audience, IFSEC 2016 will introduce new services, technolog
  • One-Quarter of Americans Have Had Medical Info Stolen

    One-Quarter of Americans Have Had Medical Info StolenOne in four US consumers (26%) have had their personal medical information stolen from technology systems, according to results of a survey from Accenture.The findings show that half (50%) of those who experienced a breach were victims of medical identity theft and had to pay approximately $2,500 in out-of-pocket costs per incident, on average.In addition, the survey found that the breaches were most likely to occur in hospitals—the loca
  • Yvette Cooper asks urgent Commons question on Jamal al-Harith - Politics live

    Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen 11.54am GMTAt the Number 10 lobby briefing the prime minister’s spokesman described the immigration figures as “encouraging” but insisted the government was not complacent about the downward move in immigration numbers. He told reporters:If you look at the figures in the round, clearly we have seen a fall in net migration, which obviously we welcome, but we are not complacent about this. We are very clear
  • Minister says he cannot reveal details about 'British suicide bomber'

    Ben Wallace answers question on former Guantánamo Bay detainee Jamal al-Harith, who apparently blew himself up in IraqA Home Office minister has said the government cannot reveal details about the fate of Jamal al-Harith, the former Guantánamo Bay detainee who appears to have blown himself up in Iraq.Challenged by Yvette Cooper, the Labour chair of the home affairs select committee, about the case of Harith, Ben Wallace cited “the longstanding policy of successive governments
  • Hospitals Under Attack for Lucrative Patient Data

    Hospitals Under Attack for Lucrative Patient DataNorth American hospitals are the most exposed to cyber-threats in the world, according to a new Trend Micro study revealing a thriving black market in the Electronic Health Records (EHRs).Its latest report, Cybercrime and Other Threats Faced by the Healthcare Industry, uses Shodan searches to reveal that patient data is at risk thanks to internet-connected but unsecured devices.It revealed that Canada (53%) and the US (36%) are the two countr
  • Courts uphold our decision to refuse ACS status to Extreme Security Solutions Limited

    On 21 February we successfully defended an appeal by Extreme Security Solutions Limited against a decision to refuse the company's application for ACS status.
  • Unsupported Software Exposes UK PC Users

    Unsupported Software Exposes UK PC UsersAround 7% of programs on the average UK user’s PC are unsupported and unpatched, leaving them exposed to exploits, according to the latest data from Flexera Software.The firm’s Secunia Research division released its latest country reports for the fourth quarter of 2016 and it wasn’t good news for the UK.Of the average 72 programs from 25 vendors installed on PCs, 6.7% are so-called “end-of-life” versions for which vendor patch
  • British 'suicide bomber': Theresa May urged to restore control orders

    PM urged to consider stronger monitoring of terror suspects after reports that Jamal al-Harith carried out suicide bombing for Isis in IraqFormer home secretary David Blunkett has called on Theresa May to consider restoring control orders after a British ex-inmate of Guantánamo is believed to have carried out a suicide bombing for Islamic State in Iraq.A minister will face questions in the Commons about the case of Jamal al-Harith after Yvette Cooper, the Labour chair of the home affairs

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