• Why continuous development is the key to meeting daily demands

    For marketers, training and professional development can be a frequent headache. The fierce competition for the best jobs, combined with the rapidly changing nature of the discipline, puts pressure on everyone in marketing to continually update their skills. That is no easy task when the day-to-day duties of the average marketing job are already extensive and time consuming.
    Marketing Week columnist and professor, Mark Ritson, offered a solution to this challenge last year with the launch o
  • British Gas, Coca-Cola, Google: 5 things that mattered this week

    Google apologises and promises to accelerate review after ad controversyIt was another difficult week for Google as major UK brands continued to pull their advertising following The Times investigation and it was forced to make an apology.Speaking at Advertising Week Europe, its president of EMEA Matt Brittin said the search giant wanted to “raise the bar” for safe advertising. He also said it would ensure brand advertising no longer appeared next to extremist content.
  • What brands are doing for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day

    Maltesers hopes to donate £1m with ‘Bake a million’ campaign
    Fancy yourself the next Mary Berry? You’re in luck. Just like last year, Maltesers is encouraging consumers to get baking and upload a picture of their Red Nose Day bake alongside the hashtag #bakeamillion to social media. For each cake or bake photo uploaded, the brand has promised to donate £5 towards their £1m total donation.
    The #bakeamillion campaign is supported by a digital-led campaign called
  • TRUMP ISSUES ULTIMATUM: Pass this bill or Obamacare stays

    President Donald Trump is giving House Republicans an ultimatum: Pass the American Health Care Act on Friday, or Obamacare stays.
    Mick Mulvaney, the Office of Budget and Management director, made clear to Republicans on Thursday night that Trump wants a vote Friday and that he is done negotiating on the bill to overhaul healthcare. If it is not passed, the president will move on from the bill, reports said.
    The GOP leadership will bring the bill to a vote on the House floor Friday, acc
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  • Top US brands join Google ad boycott

    NEW YORK: Some of the biggest brand advertisers in the US are suspending their marketing campaigns on Google and YouTube as the controversy about ads being served on extremist websites spreads from Europe.First reported by
  • SE Asian consumers want a quick web

    SINGAPORE: Online consumers in Southeast Asia require fast-loading websites if they are to remain engaged and the majority value personalised web experiences, a new report has found.According to Limelight Networks, a US-based content delivery...
  • Programmatic can be improved

    LONDON: Programmatic buying is under the spotlight as never before following news of the placement of ads on inappropriate sites, but a senior executive at Kantar Millward Brown has said there are steps marketers can take to improve the channel. ...
  • Patanjali doesn't fear multinational rivals

    NEW DELHI: Patanjali Ayurved, India's fastest growing FMCG brand, is not worried by its multinational competition, a senior executive has revealed.In less than five years, Patanjali – a homegrown brand with herbal products – has...
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  • MGM Resorts wins with Facebook video

    PHOENIX, AZ:MGM Resorts International, the entertainment and hospitality group, has successfully leveraged digital video as a means of driving engagement on Facebook.Beverly Jackson, VP/Social Media and Content Strategy at MGM Resort...
  • How brands can best manage agencies

    LONDON: With the media landscape becoming ever more complex, brands face difficult choices over whether to go in-house or continue to rely on outside agencies.So if they stick with their agencies – whether a one-stop, network shop or a "best...
  • Consumers like tech, but want control

    ORLANDO, FL: American consumers are open to new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, but brands operating in this field must tread carefully or risk a backlash, a new report has revealed.That is according to...
  • It looks like the writing is on the wall for traditional TV

    Even as the smartphone has exploded in popularity, the television has remained the most viewed screen in most Americans’ lives.
    As this chart from Statista shows, though, its grip is starting to loosen. According to the most recent Total Audience Report from research firm Nielsen, young Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 now spend more time using smartphones than watching TV, with about a five-hour gap between the two.
    Older generations still prefer TV by a good margin, but the younge
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  • The CBO score for the updated version of 'Trumpcare' is out, and it's even worse than the original

    The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office released its revised estimate for the Republican healthcare bill on Thursday, and it could put House GOP leaders on even worse footing than the office's original assessment.
    The report from the CBO on the amendments added on Monday to the American Health Care Act show that 24 million more Americans could be uninsured by  2026 compared to the current healthcare system.
    The most significant change in the CBO's score was that the reduc
  • There could be a $3 trillion shift in investing, and it poses a huge problem for mutual funds

    Exchange-traded funds could gain a further $2 trillion to $3 trillion in assets in the next three to five years, according to a report by Morgan Stanley and Oliver Wyman
    The rise of ETFs has put pressure on mutual fund fees, forcing many funds to cut costs
    In response, mutual funds are expected to invest heavily in ETFs to save money
    A dramatic shift is underway in the investment world.
    Passive investment products like exchange-traded funds have hoovered up assets at a fast clip in recent years
  • 'I call it the triple-headed monster': A 27-year-old realtor and landlord explains her favorite strategy for making money in real estate

    You could call it a happy accident: At just 23 years old, Dana Bull and her now-husband became landlords when they rented out their newly purchased condo in Salem, Massachusetts. They had relocated to Boston and needed extra cash to cover their living expenses.
    Despite experiencing some early mishaps as landlords, including a mouse problem, Bull, now 27 and a realtor with Sotheby's International, says they quickly uncovered a passion for real estate investing.
    "[U]ltimately, we were like 'You kn
  • GameStop tanks after missing on sales and signaling it will close some stores this year (GME)

    GameStop on Thursday reported fourth-quarter profits that topped analysts' expectations, but sales that missed forecasts amid weaker demand for its gaming consoles. 
    In its earnings release, the video-game retailer said its core category was weak, especially in the second half of last year, as the console cycle aged with a dearth of new hardware releases. A previous update on holiday sales showed that top gaming titles did not sell well in the fo
  • Some Mexicans want to retaliate against Trump by boycotting a $2.5 billion export

    Many in Mexico have contemplated how Mexico could retaliate against President Donald Trump since he debuted his anti-Mexican rhetoric during the campaign.
    In the weeks after Trump's election, as his hardline on trade relations and immigration remained firm, Mexico's government appeared to outline how it could rebuke the US government should it install hostile policies.
    "If they place on us a tax on Mexican exports," Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray told the Chamber of Deputies in late February,
  • GE chief Jeff Immelt has an 'added incentive' to slash costs (GE)

    UBS analyst Shannon O'Callaghan says GE's stock price could be due for a boost and that CEO Jeff Immelt has "added incentive" to cut costs. 
    GE outlined some changes to its incentive structure for top executives in an 8K filing on March 22, following discussions with Trian Fund Management, the investment firm that purchased a $2.5 billion stake in the industrial company in October 2015.
    In a note to clients sent out on March 23, O'Callaghan said the
  • Republicans delay vote on 'Trumpcare' after struggling to reach an agreement on the bill

    Multiple sources told Business Insider that the Thursday vote on the House Republicans healthcare-reform bill would be postponed because party leaders failed to reach an agreement on the bill.
    One of the sources, who spoke with multiple Hill Republicans, said the vote on the American Health Care Act — the GOP leadership's bill to repeal and replace Obamacare — would be pushed to a later date.
    The impasse between Republicans came as hardline conservative members of the GOP in the Hou
  • Here are the fastest growing and shrinking counties in America

    Florida and Utah are growing quickly, while shale country lost people last year.
    The US Census Bureau releases annual estimates of the populations of each of America's 3,142 counties and county equivalents. Using those estimates, we found the percent change in each county's population between July 1, 2015 and July 1, 2016, the Census Bureau's reference dates.
    Continuing a trend that has been ongoing for decades, the South and West are growing rapidly. Most counties in the Northeast and Midw
  • 'No deal': Hardline conservatives threaten to sink 'Trumpcare'

    The Republican effort to overhaul the US healthcare system faces its biggest test yet Thursday as members of the House of Representatives are expected to vote on the American Health Care Act.
    Despite a push from President Donald Trump and administration officials, Republicans from both the conservative and moderate wings of the party have come out against the bill, saying it either does not go far enough in its repeal of or does not make enough improvements to the Affordable Care Act, the health
  • Amazon has a new weapon in its war on brick-and-mortar retail (AMZN)

    The environment for brick-and-mortar stores is abysmal.
    The rise of e-commerce and titanic shifts in how shoppers spend their money has hit malls and stores hard. Visits to malls declined by 50% between 2010 and 2013, according to the real-estate research firm Cushman & Wakefield.
    Amazon in contrast has continued to eat up market share. The company accounted for 53% of onlines sales growth in the US in 2016, according to market research firm Slice Intelligence. In other words, for 
  • Hardline conservatives are demanding 'Trumpcare' repeal the most popular parts of Obamacare, and it might sink the bill

    As Republicans near a vote in the House of Representatives on their healthcare bill, some hardline conservatives are driving a hard bargain that may sink the legislation.
    The House Freedom Caucus, a group of very conservative House lawmakers, reportedly is demanding that the American Health Care Act strip key, popular provisions of Obamacare — officially known as the Affordable Care Act.
    On Wednesday night, reports said that President Donald Trump and the White House ha
  • M&S wants a ‘single front door to the brand’ as it looks to promote inclusivity

    Marks & Spencer (M&S) will promote a “shared attitude” that connects with consumers regardless of age or demographic in a bid to promote itself as an “inclusive brand”.
    Global brand and marketing director Rob Weston believes M&S needs to express its values of inclusivity, quality and sustainability, which he admits have not always been clearly communicated in the past.
    “Moving forward we want to make sure we have a single front door to the brand. We want
  • One of the biggest hedge fund launches of all time is shutting down

    Eton Park Capital Management is shutting down.
    In a letter sent to investors on Thursday, founder Eric Mindich wrote:
    "A combination of industry headwinds, a difficult market environment and, importantly, our own disappointing 2016 results have challenged our ability to continue to maintain the scale and scope we believe necessary to pursue our investment program consistent with our founding principles. ... We have made the very difficult decision to return your capital, from a position of relat
  • Whole Foods is losing at its own game (WFM)

    It wasn't too long ago that John Mackey was considered a pioneer.
    The Whole Foods CEO was at the forefront of a new movement in organic produce when he opened his first store in 1980 and went on to create the largest organic supermarket chain in the US.
    But today it's a very different story for Whole Foods. 
    "While Whole Foods has done so much to inspire, create, and revolutionize the market for natural and organic products, we now see it being the victim of its own success," UBS wrote in a
  • How much cigarettes cost in the 10 most expensive cities in the world

    The Economist Intelligence Unit recently released a report on the most expensive cities in the world.
    Singapore, Hong Kong, and Zurich once again topped the list, according to the survey. New York was the sole American city to crack the top ten.
    Still, the ranking alone doesn't really give a sense of how much folks living in these cities pay for everyday goods.
    We put together a chart showing how much it costs to buy a pack of 20 branded cigarettes in the world's ten most expensive cities in ter
  • Here's how much money Wall Street banks have made advising on deals so far this year

    We're fast approaching the end of the first quarter, and that means it's league table time on Wall Street.
    Wall Street banks care a lot about how they stack up against their rivals. At the top of their earnings statements, they tout where they placed in each line of business, and those rankings appear in just about every pitch book they hand out.
    Global dealmaking revenue stands at $17.1 billion for the year to date, up from a weak first quarter of 2016.US fees are up 19% at $8.8
  • $1.4 BILLION HEDGE FUND: 'We are now in the early part of a major M&A wave that will be more intense than any period' (ORCL, IBM)

    A $1.4 billion hedge fund expects a new wave of tech M&A, particularly in software, as new kinds of buyers come to the fore.
    "The types of companies looking to acquire software businesses have expanded well beyond ... traditional acquirers" like private equity firms and Oracle and IBM, Praesidium Investment Management wrote in a letter to clients last week.  
    Enterprise software makes up 40% of the fund's portfolio, according to the letter.
    "We believe that we are now in the e
  • Watch: Our AdWeek Europe panel on the agency of the future

    The findings of a new report by the IPA and Econsultancy into the agency of the future was the subject of debate at AdWeek Europe yesterday (23 March).
    READ MORE: What brands need to know about the future of agencies
    Marketing Week editor Russell Parsons was joined on stage by a panel of experts  including Amelia Torode, formerly of TBWALondon, Joydeep Bhattacharya from Accenture Interactive, Leigh Thomas from Facebook, George Prest from Blood, and&n
  • Watch online now: Our AdWeek Europe panel on the agency of the future

    He will be joined by a panel of experts, including Amelia Torode, formerly of TBWALondon, Joydeep Bhattacharya from Accenture Interactive, Leigh Thomas from Facebook, George Prest from Blood, and Liz Wilson from Karmarama, to discuss how agencies are evolving and what that means for brands.
    The panel is taking place on the IPA Centenary Stage at Advertising Week Europe from 4pm, when this video will start.The post Watch online now: Our
  • International bulletin: Adidas uses robots to knit personalised jumpers and Miller Lite tests mobile ordering

    Miller Lite tests push-button beer ordering
    Lazy beer drinkers have another reason not to get up from the sofa – MillerCoors is offering US consumers the chance to order beer with the touch of a button or a simple voice command.
    The brewer has teamed up with IPG Mediabrands for the new suite of connected home services called ‘Miller Lite On-Demand’ that will allow consumers to stock their fridge using a voice-activated Amazon Alexa command, or by using a programmable button kno
  • Curious, accountable and collaborative: The key characteristics a marketer must possess

    Marketers must be curious, collaborative and accountable, in order to influence key stakeholders in their business and make a difference, according to Mark Evans, marketing director at Direct Line Group and Annabel Venner, global brand director at Hiscox.
    When looking at how marketing teams might be structured in the future, meanwhile, Zoe Harris, group marketing director at Trinity Mirror says leaders will have to take into account the different pace teams work at, particularly
  • Coca-Cola ditches global CMO role in leadership shake-up

    Coca-Cola is getting rid of its global chief marketing officer function by merging it with ‘customer and commercial leadership as well as strategy’ to create a new ‘chief growth officer’ role. As a result, current chief marketing officer Marcos de Quinto is set to retire after a near 35-year career at the company.
    The change comes as the soft drink giant announced a number of senior leadership appointments today (23 March), which look to drive its ongoing transformation i
  • Starbucks on why ‘conversational commerce’ is the future

    Starbucks says its heavy focus on technology is enabling it to embrace conversational commerce “very rapidly”, allowing consumers to order coffee at home or in their car using smart devices such as Amazon Echo.
    Speaking at its annual meeting of Shareholders yesterday (22 March), the company’s chief technology officer Gerri Martin-Flickinger spoke about how the ways in which consumers are interacting with technology is radically changing. While young people currently “use
  • BT and RBS on why marketers should kill off the word ‘digital’

    BT’s top marketer has called for marketers to stop using the word ‘digital’. Speaking on a Marketing Society panel at Ad Week Europe yesterday (22 March), its chief brand and marketing officer Zaid Al-Qassab claimed that by prioritising digital, marketers only weaken their advertising and chase all the wrong metrics.
    “We need to stop saying the word digital. When marketing was growing in the first half of the 20th century, particularly around print, we didn’t call t
  • What brands need to know about the future of agencies

    What does the future hold for marketing agencies? It’s an increasingly urgent question as a variety of factors – such as technological change, pressures on margins and tighter time-scales – prompt agencies to reconfigure the way they work. Everything is on the table and up for renegotiation, from operating models to remuneration and approaches to talent.
    These issues are explored in a new report entitled ‘The Future of Agencies’ by the IPA and Marketing Week sister
  • UK advertisers consider in-house merits

    LONDON: A growing need for agility and ongoing concerns about data confidentiality and transparency are motivating a significant proportion of UK advertisers to find in-house and on-site solutions for their marketing strategies, a new study has...
  • Marketers assess the potential of GIFs

    NEW YORK: Marketers are paying more attention to GIFs, those short looped videos that have become prevalent on social media, and are trying to work out how best to use them for brand communications.In a bid to gain insight into the impact of GIFs...
  • Ford's tips for in-car marketing

    AUSTIN, TX: Targeted audio ads and voice-based "personal assistants" will be among the main opportunities for in-car marketing in the future, according to a leading executive from Ford.Scott Burnell, Ford's Global Lead/Business Development and...
  • Binge-watching booms in USA

    NEW YORK: Americans love their media and the extent to which they stream, binge-watch and use social networks has been revealed in a new report from Deloitte.The professional services firm surveyed more than 2,100 US consumers about their...
  • Alibaba will build e-hub in Malaysia

    KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia has become the first country outside of China to take part in Alibaba's electronic world trade platform (eWTP) initiative, which envisions digital free-trade zones for small and medium-sized businesses.The bilateral...
  • Airbnb rebrands for push into China

    SHANGHAI: Airbnb, the online accommodation marketplace, has unveiled a new Chinese brand name while announcing plans to double investment and triple its local workforce in China.The US company, which currently has just 80,000 listings in China...
  • Advertisers call for higher standards

    BRUSSELS/WASHINGTON DC: A transatlantic coalition of advertising trade bodies, agencies, global brands and media companies has released new guidance to help the industry improve the standards of desktop and mobile ads.The Coalition for Better Ads...
  • Dixons Carphone on tackling unconscious bias and rejecting ‘macho culture’

    Dixons Carphone is on a mission to create a team as diverse as possible, as the brand says it has been “proven beyond any reasonable doubt” that inclusivity improves the quality of decision-making and the outcome for the customer.
    Speaking at a session at Advertising Week Europe today (22 March) around business transformation, the brand’s CEO of services, Feilim Mackle, said he dislikes “boysy and macho culture”, and instead is looking to create a team that is both
  • Facebook launches header bidding to create a ‘safer environment’ for programmatic

    Facebook has put its backing to header bidding, an advanced programmatic bidding technique that is said to be more profitable for publishers and brands.
    Header bidding works by allowing publishers to offer inventory to multiple ad exchanges simultaneously before making the final call to ad servers such as DoubleClick.
    According to Yoav Arnstein, head of audience network for Facebook in EMEA, by allowing multiple demand sources to bid on the same inventory simultaneously, the result means publish
  • Why brands need to transform to win: Watch live now

    The panel is taking place on the Shutterstock Stage at Advertising Week Europe from 2pm, when this video will start.The post Why brands need to transform to win: Watch live now appeared first on Marketing Week.
  • Coca-Cola says its marketing is about more than just ‘big budgets’

    Coca-Cola says despite common perceptions, the company is not all about “big marketing budgets” as it claims it still has a lot to learn from startups.
    Speaking on a panel at the Youth Marketing Summit this morning (22 March), the soft drink giant’s new marketing director for the UK and Ireland Aedamar Howlett explained how the business is “much broader than people are aware”.
    “We have a lot to learn from startup and development brands. I worked on launch
  • Coca-Cola on why its marketing is about more than just ‘big budgets’

    Coca-Cola says despite common perceptions, the company is not all about “big marketing budgets” as it claims it still has a lot to learn from startups.
    Speaking on a panel at the Youth Marketing Summit this morning (22 March), the soft drink giant’s new marketing director for the UK and Ireland Aedamar Howlett explained how the business is “much broader than people are aware”.
    “We have a lot to learn from startup and development brands. I worked on launch
  • Marketoonist on one-to-one marketing

    Tom Fishburne is founder of Marketoon Studios. Follow his work at marketoonist.com or on Twitter @tomfishburne
    See more of the Marketoonist here
    The post Marketoonist on one-to-one marketing appeared first on Marketing Week.

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