• Brexit is making marketers cautious about hiring new staff

    Marketers are becoming more cautious when it comes to hiring new staff, the latest quarterly IPA Bellwether report has claimed.
    Given the uncertain economic impact of Britain leaving the European single market, the latest data suggests an impact on new hires. The net balance of marketers looking to hire new staff in the fourth quarter was 12.7%, down from a score of 16.4% in the third quarter.
    And when asked whether they expected overall employment to be higher, the same or lower at their compa
  • Sainsbury’s confirms departure of marketing director Sarah Warby

    After five year’s leading Sainsbury’s marketing division, Sarah Warby is set to quit the supermarket at the end of this month.
    Sainsbury’s CEO Mike Coupe thanked Warby, the former marketing director of Heineken UK, for her “great support over the years” and said she had “transformed” its approach to marketing. “In her time here she’s led the creation of some of our most memorable campaigns and I wish her all the best for the future,” h
  • The year ahead in marketing and digital: Part 1 – macro trends

    Every year I pick out digital and marketing trends and developments which I think will shape the industry and its planning and thinking in the year ahead. Here are the general industry trends that make the cut in 2017. In part 2, I’ll look at specific marketing trends, and in part 3, digital.
    The F word
    I believe the guiding star for marketing and digital in 2017 will be ‘focus’.
    In part, this is because the economic outlook is uncertain so there is less appetite for risk and
  • Marketing Week is changing to meet your needs

    Describing the virtues of taking time out of the day-to-day running of a marketing department, one marketer recently channelled 80s movie character Ferris Bueller: “Life moves so fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you might just miss it.”
    The life of a senior marketer can be dizzying. It has also never been more exciting. Technology, data, digital disruption, economic vagaries, demand for greater accountability, media fragmentation, evolving societal
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  • Mark Ritson: We should thank Byron Sharp, not attack him

    There’s nothing like starting the year with some heavyweight marketing fisticuffs. That was obviously what was going on in Marie Oldham’s head at the turn of the year as she penned her wonderfully hostile article for advertising trade magazine Campaign.
    Oldham, the esteemed chief strategy officer at VCCP, was meant to be promoting Volume 26 of Advertising Works – the collected case studies of the successful IPA Effectiveness Awards for 2016. But from the very outset of her art
  • HP Enterprise just bought a $1 billion startup for $650 million (HPE)

    HP Enterprise has bought SimpliVity, a Massachussetts-based storage startup, for $650 million in cash.
    At the time of SimpliVity's last fundraising, in March 2015, the company had declared that it was valued at "more than $1 billion." All in all, SimpliVity had raised $276 million from investors like Kleiner Perkins, Accel, and Waypoint Capital.That discounted purchase price is not an encouraging sign for the viability of "unicorn" startups of $1 billion or more. In 2017, companies like&nbs
  • Unilever: More than half of women believe men should lead ‘high stake’ projects

    New research by Unilever has claimed outdated gender stereotypes are not just held by men, but women too.
    The study, which interviewed more than 9,000 men and women across eight countries, shows an overwhelming 77% of men believe a man is the best choice to lead a high stakes projects. But, most surprisingly, more than half (55%) of the women polled believe in this mentality as well.
    READ MORE: Female marketing directors earn 17% less than male peers
    The research also shows men and woman strugg
  • Marketing budgets hold up amid growing uncertainty

    Marketers shrugged off political and economic uncertainty by increasing their ad budget forecasts at the end of 2016, but there are signs of wavering confidence as the government’s Brexit negotiations loom.
    More than a quarter (26.2%) of senior marketers indicated an increase in marketing budgets in the fourth quarter of 2016, compared to 13.4% who signalled a fall, according to the IPA’s quarterly Bellwether report.
    This means the net balance of marketers saying they would increase
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  • UK marketers optimistic on 2017

    LONDON: UK marketing budgets were revised upwards in the fourth quarter of 2016, according to the latest IPA Bellwether Report, which also highlights a positive outlook for the coming year.Firms are shrugging off ongoing economic uncertainty and...
  • Time to think screenless

    SEATTLE: The rapid uptake of voice-activated personal assistants means marketers need to start thinking about how they can reach the screenless consumer, a top Microsoft executive has said."For the last decade, the focus in the digital marketing...
  • Social video marches on

    GLOBAL: Social video shows no signs of losing its attraction for marketers who are achieving results through quality content and emotional engagement, and are also tapping into the new possibilities offered by live video, according to a Warc report....
  • Planning insights fuel Yum! Brands

    NEW YORK: Yum! Brands, the owner of restaurant chains including Taco Bell and KFC, is driving progress by calling on the brainpower of a business unit which essentially functions as an in-house planning department.Ken Muench, Chief Marketing...
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  • Only business can rebuild trust

    GLOBAL: People's trust in the institutions of media, government, business and NGOs has fallen in the past year, according to a new study, which suggests that business is best placed to rebuild trust in the system as a whole.The
  • Less money, more purpose for Asia's marketers

    ASIA: Budgetary constraints are forcing Asia's marketers to reconsider their approach, putting greater emphasis on the cost-effectiveness of campaigns and tapping brand purpose to connect with consumers, according to an analysis of entries to the...
  • Demonetisation boosts modern retail

    NEW DELHI: Major retailers, including Future Group and Reliance Retail, have reported that India's demonetisation has been good for business as they have been able to accept payment via electronic means.Fourth quarter figures from Reliance Retail,...
  • Brands gear up for Chinese New Year

    SHANGHAI:Brands such as Alipay are taking age-old Chinese New Year traditions and applying modern technology bringing them to consumers with a modern technology twist for 2017 celebrations.As Year of the Rooster festivities begin around the...
  • Wall Street is witnessing a 'third wave of computerization'

    The race is on.
    Across the fund management and retirement industry, legacy fund management companies are partnering with and buying up roboadvisers. 
    These automated investment services utilize algorithms to manage and allocate people's assets. Since they don't require human beings to operate, they offer much lower fees than traditional advisers while delivering similar returns.And their rapid growth has disrupted the investment space, forcing well-established
  • Morgan Stanley has pulled off a Wall Street magic trick

    It's the magic trick every Wall Street bank dreams of: make costs disappear while retaining the revenues. 
    It looks like Morgan Stanley pulled it off. The US investment bank reported earnings on January 17 that beat on the top and the bottom line. 
    The outperformance was helped by a better-than-expected quarter from the fixed income, currencies and commodities division. Revenues came in at $1.5 billion, well ahead of the $1.01 billion expected by analysts, and down only marginally from
  • Qualcomm allegedly paid Apple billions of dollars in rebates to use its chips (AAPL, QCOM, INTC)

    A newly unsealed antitrust suit from the Federal Trade Commission alleges that Qualcomm entered into an anticompetitive deal with Apple to keep its modem chips in Apple's products, including the iPhone and iPad. 
    The deal allegedly included "substantial incentive payments" on the condition that Apple would continue using Qualcomm's baseband processors "exclusively" in all iPhone and iPad models from 2011 and 2012.
    "In all, Qualcomm’s 2011 and 2013 agreements with Apple provi
  • 'THEY USED THE FACE OF THE COW': Papa John reveals disturbing truth that convinced the pizza chain to make a major change

    The fast-food industry is notorious for some disgusting behind-the-scenes practices.
    So, sticking to the motto of "Better Ingredients. Better Pizza." sometimes means that Papa John's needs to do things differently than competitors.Founder and CEO John Schnatter told Business Insider that utilizing better ingredients has been crucial to Papa John's success since the first restaurant opened in 1985. 
    However, over time, the chain has found areas that could use improve
  • Deutsche Bank will settle with US regulators over mortgage-backed securities for $7.2 billion (DB)

    NEW YORK — Deutsche Bank will settle with US regulators for $7.2 billion over financial crisis-era residential mortgage-backed securities.
    The $7.2 billion figure was announced in December by the bank, and confirmed on Tuesday by the Department of Justice.
    The settlement comes after months of wrangling between the bank and regulators. The original settlement was reported to be around $14 billion, which sent Deutsche Bank's stock into a tail spin in September 2016.
    After talk of a poss
  • Theranos just made another major leadership change

    Theranos just made another major leadership change.
    The embattled blood-testing company recruited a technology advisory board, which will serve alongside Theranos' existing scientific and medical advisory board. Theranos also recently revamped its boards of directors and counselors, and notable names including Henry Kissinger, George Shultz, and James Mattis have left the board. 
    The newly-formed board of eight will be responsible for reviewing the company's technology initiatives
  • Morgan Stanley cuts Apple estimates and predicts an iPhone 7 sales slump for 2017 (AAPL)

    Morgan Stanley believes that Apple will face "weaker iPhone 7 demand" in the coming months, analysts wrote in a note recently distributed to clients.
    Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Hubert and the team's internal models now show "weaker iPhone shipments as buyers start anticipating new iPhones," they wrote in the note.
    "We lower iPhone revenue estimates in fiscal 2017 by 3% to reflect weak demand ahead of the supercycle," Huberty writes.
    The "supercycle" is an Apple investment thesis that
  • Qualcomm's stock falls after report says company faces US anti-trust case (QCOM)

    Chipmaker Qualcomm's stock dropped as much as 4% on Tuesday after the FTC filed an anti-trust complaint against the company.
    Qualcomm's chips appear in just about every major mobile device in the world. The FTC alleges that Qualcomm used anticompetitive tactics when licensing its technology. The FTC also claimed that Qualcomm paid Apple billions of dollars in rebates to use its chips in the iPhone and iPad.
    Qualcomm vigorously refuted the premise of the FTC's claims against it, sa
  • Claire's withdraws its IPO

    The accessory retailer Claire's has withdrawn its plans to go public, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing.
    The company said it had "decided not to proceed with the offering at this time."
    Claire's, which sells fashion accessories and jewelry, had filed to go public in May 2013.
    This is not the first IPO withdrawal from a retailer this year.
    Earlier this month, Neiman Marcus pulled its IPO, for which it had filed in August 2015. That company said it had "determined
  • A bunch of funds just got fined by the SEC for violating 'pay-to-play' rules

    The Securities and Exchange Commission has fined 10 investment firms for violating pay-to-play rules.
    Bill Ackman's Pershing Square Capital Management is among them and has agreed to pay $75,000 over a $500 political donation, the SEC said on Tuesday.
    Here's what happened, according to the SEC: In 2013, an employee at Pershing Square made a $500 campaign contribution to a candidate for governor of Massachusetts. Such a donation was not allowed because that candidate, if elected, had the ability
  • Obamacare is more popular than ever before

    The Affordable Care Act, the healthcare law better known as Obamacare, has never been more popular, according to a new poll.
    According to the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, for the first time more Americans think the ACA was a good idea than a bad one. Forty-five percent of Americans surveyed said that the law was a good idea, while 41% said it was a bad one.
    This is the highest percentage of respondents saying it was a good idea since NBC News and The Wall Street Journal started asking the
  • Hedge fund legend David Einhorn is making a big bet on GM (GM)

    David Einhorn is buying more General Motors stock.
    The Greenlight Capital founder said his hedge fund had "dramatically increased" its GM position, according to the firm's latest quarterly investor letter, which was viewed by Business Insider.
    Here's Einhorn's logic:
    "While the bears have been screaming 'peak auto' for the last couple of years, we think a strengthening job market will sustain the current upcycle and lead to better than expected credit performance at GM's finance subsid
  • EINHORN: Here's how to play the Trump presidency

    David Einhorn's latest investment letter just dropped.
    The hedge fund legend and founder of Greenlight Capital returned 4.5% in the fourth quarter, taking the year-to-date return to 8.4%, according to the letter. The fund has now returned 2,090% since its inception in 1996, or 16.1% annualized.
    "Since Election Day, the market appears to have changed its macroeconomic outlook and is re-evaluating the prospects for many companies accordingly," the letter said. "This change in tone has been favora
  • The 10 best stock pickers that you should have listened to in 2016 (REI, ECA, GNW, SIVB, TBK, AMD, GNMK, FMSA, CDE, AMBR)

    Wall Street's sell-side analysts publish piles of recommendations on which stocks to buy, sell, or hold every day.
    In retrospect, and for the trader with a shorter time horizon, only a few of those calls were worth listening to in 2016.
    TipRanks, a website that tracks and ranks analyst recommendations, compiled a list of stock pickers who had the most success last year.
    After scanning hundreds of thousands of recommendations, TipRanks graded them by average return and success rate, whi
  • AT&T CEO says he won't need to spin off CNN for the $85 billion Time Warner merger to go through (T, TWX)

    AT&T doesn't need to get rid of CNN in order for its proposed $85 billion merger with Time Warner to go through, according to AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson.
    In an interview with CNBC, Stephenson said spinning off CNN "doesn't seem relevant to approving a deal like this."
    Stephenson continued with his argument that the deal is a vertical integration, meaning two different types of companies coming together without removing competition from the market.
    "The market concentrations are the same
  • CBO: The GOP's Obamacare repeal could leave 27 million people without health insurance and cause premiums to skyrocket

    The Congressional Budget Office, the nonpartisan office within the legislature that provides research on the impact of possible policies, said in a report released Tuesday that a partial repeal of the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, would have huge effects on the US healthcare system.
    According to the report, the partial repeal proposed by Republicans would lead to a huge increase in the number of uninsured Americans and skyrocketing premiums for those in the individual insurance
  • O2’s Weve on why 2017 is the year marketers must ‘clean up their act’

    This year should be all about “cleaning up the ad industry,” according to Weve’s commercial director Tom Pearman.
    Pearman says marketers needs to take charge and use bodies such as the IAB to create a greater awareness around ad blocking and the need to produce higher quality ads.
    He tells Marketing Week: “In 2017 there will be a lot of cleaning up the industry and as the industry improves, there will be less need to have an ad blocker. There is also a need for industry
  • O2’s Weve on why 2017 is the year advertising must clean up its act

    This year should be all about “cleaning up the ad industry,” according to Weve’s commercial director Tom Pearman.
    Pearman says marketers needs to take charge and use bodies such as the IAB to create a greater awareness around ad blocking and the need to produce higher quality ads.
    He tells Marketing Week: “In 2017 there will be a lot of cleaning up the industry and as the industry improves, there will be less need to have an ad blocker. There is also a need for industry
  • April-Six: Creative Director

    Competitive + Benefits:April-Six:
    We are looking for an inspiring, talented and driven Creative Leader for our Head Quarters...
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  • Toyota expects Amazon to start selling cars ‘soon’

    Toyota’s GB marketing director Andrew Cullis says he wouldn’t be surprised if Amazon starts selling cars soon.
    Speaking around the launch of its “biggest ever” UK ad campaign for Toyota’s new C-HR vehicle (pictured), Cullis suggested buying habits around cars will fundamentally change.
    He told Marketing Week: “There’s no reason why Amazon won’t soon start selling cars. We do a lot of customer research and it’s clear a more simple ecommerce b
  • Toyota expects Amazon to start selling cars

    Toyota’s GB marketing director Andrew Cullis says he wouldn’t be surprised if Amazon starts selling cars.
    Speaking around the launch of its “biggest ever” UK ad campaign for Toyota’s new C-HR vehicle (pictured), Cullis suggested buying habits around cars will fundamentally change.
    He told Marketing Week: “There’s no reason why Amazon won’t soon start selling cars. We do a lot of customer research and it’s clear a more simple ecommerce buying
  • EasyJet creates new roles to focus on customer experience and digital

    EasyJet is restructuring its team to promote head of marketing communications and brand Ian Cairns to the new role of director of customer. Meanwhile, head of digital James Millett will take on the newly combined role of director of digital and marketing.
    Cairns will be responsible for driving the brand’s business strategy. This is in addition to taking responsibility for all customer contact at the airline, including its contact centres.
    The brands head of business, Anthony Drury, has de
  • Dot-Gap: Senior PPC Executive

    Senior PPC Executive role at the most exciting media agency in the UK. Support and develop strategy for clients and even ownership of accounts! 
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  • Sainsbury’s, John Lewis and M&S: The Top 10 YouTube ads for 2016

    1. Sainsbury’s – The Greatest Gift It comes as little surprise that Sainsbury’s festive campaign has been voted 2016’s number one YouTube ad, having been announced as the platform’s most popular Christmas ad just last month. This year the supermarket moved away from CGI Mog and instead focused on stop-animation puppet Dave, who wants to spend as much time with his family as possible over the festive period, so decides to clone himself. With 17,291,872 views in
  • Twitch takes on YouTube

    SAN FRANCISCO: Twitch is looking to expand beyond its e-sports origins while new features put it in direct competition with the likes of YouTube, and marketers ought to take notice, an industry figure has said.Last month, the Amazon-owned...
  • Samsung engulfed by scandal in Korea

    SEOUL: After a difficult 2016, Samsung Electronics is facing another hit as the corruption scandal engulfing the South Korean government spreads to a top company executive.According to multiple news reports, special prosecutors in Seoul have
  • Price war boosts Africa pay-TV

    JOHANNESBURG: The number of pay-TV subscribers in sub-Saharan Africa is projected to almost double over the next five years, with the figures having been given a boost during 2016 as the leading operators were drawn into a price war.A study by...
  • Foster Grant sees benefits of emotion

    BOCA RATON, FL: Foster Grant, the eyewear brand, has successfully shown the power of emotional engagement by tapping into the deep-rooted feelings many consumers associate with wearing reading glasses.Gina Lazaro, EVP Marketing/CMO at FGX...
  • E-commerce isn't just about shopping

    IRVINE, CA: Most interactions with a brand's website do not end in conversion, according to a study which observes that 92% of first-time visitors are there for reasons other than making a purchase.Episerver, a provider of digital marketing...
  • Chinese brands gain strength

    BEIJING: Lenovo, the computer firm, Huawei, the phone manufacturer, and Alibaba, the internet giant, head a list of Chinese brands that are successfully establishing themselves in overseas markets, according to a new report.The BrandZ Top 30...
  • Bricks and mortar 'amplify' online

    LONDON: Christmas trading figures suggest that 'click and collect' has become an important driver of sales, with more than half of online orders at some of the UK's most successful retailers being processed in this way."We'd love shoppers to...
  • Aussie OOH growth continues apace

    SYDNEY: The Australian Out-of-Home (OOH) industry reported a seventh consecutive year of revenue growth in 2016 and its top executive is bullish about the prospects for the year ahead.Figures from the
  • Secret Marketer: Marketing as a series of tools and methodologies is the platform for long-term success

    Prepping for the annual sales kick-off (SKO) can be tricky. How do you pitch your campaign idea? How can you get buy-in without having a campaign redesigned in front of you? Should you be more aggressive and suggest you can deliver more revenue than in the budget? How can you get the sales team to stick to the plan and not run off to do their own thing?
    These are the challenges we face as marketers, and I’m facing them as I prepare for this year’s SKO. Working in a process-driven env
  • DNA Recruit: UX and Experience Account Director - Digital Agency - London

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