• Kevin Durant’s road to the NBA Finals chronicled in Nike film by director Brandon Loper

    Kevin Durant was the best NBA player not to win a championship until this year’s historic title with the Golden State Warriors. Now Nike and director Brandon Loper have encapsulated the storybook run-up to Durant’s victory with the launch of the short film Still KD: Through the Noise.
    Produced by San Francisco-based production company Avocados and Coconuts, the 35:35 film (a nod to Durant’s number) is an inspiring look at one of basketball’s greats.
    Loper and Avocados and
  • Broadband companies and government to hold talks over new Google Chrome

    Google's encrypted version of its Chrome browser has sparked concern among a number of internet safety watchdogs and intelligence agencies who fear the move could endanger children's safety online. 
    Critics of the version of the web browser - which is currently available but is not the default version - argue it could make it more difficult to block harmful material, as it will bypass most parental control systems. 
    Currently, harmful material like terrorist propaganda and ch
  • National Lottery docufilm spotlights 'Good Cause' BMX fundraising project

    The National Lottery has unveiled the second film in its content partnership with Jungle Creations' new creative agency, The Wild. As part of its 25th birthday celebrations, the films raise awareness to the various projects the National Lottery organises for 16-25 year-olds.
    As part of the collaboration, 'The Wild' has created an original two-part docu-series, three social videos as well as a number of articles which draws attention to the £30m a week that the National Lotte
  • Publicis launches campaign to raise money for €1bn Notre Dame restoration

    Publicis Conseil has pulled together its resources to develop an international campaign to raise funds for the rebuilding of the Notre Dame Cathedral. 
    Last week, the world watched in disbelief as photos emerged of Paris' crowning glory burning to the ground. Although the damage could have been a lot worse, the full repair for the roof and spire will cost over €1bn (£870m) to restore is back to its former self. 
    With the French government announcing it would only b
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  • ITV unveils visual soliloquy that highlights TV's role in shaping British culture

    ITV has unveiled the next film in its future-facing 'More than TV' advertising campaign - a powerful montage of key moments of TV history that have spoken to viewers over time. 
    'Television' powerfully hits home the integral role of TV throughout the years by provoking viewers to look again at ITV through the prevailing stories it tells which continue to shape British culture today. 
    Created by Uncommon, the film highlights how TV mirrors the world and positions ITV right at the heart
  • 4/20 vision: meet the marketers leaving the mainstream to blaze the cannabis trail

    The gradual process of decriminalization of cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) products across the world has given rise to a highly regulated yet booming new industry – one that needs the creative branding skills of marketers more than most. This 4/20, The Drum speaks to three industry execs forging new ground as CMOs, media moguls and designers in this blazed new world.   
    Marji Chimes is the chief marketing officer of Coda Signature, a manufacturer of premium c
  • Sherwin-Williams translates brainwaves into new paint colors

    Sherwin-Williams is a paint company that prides itself on having one of the widest selections of colors on the planet, but a new experiment shows that they could expand that color selection through the power of thought.
    A new campaign by Wunderman Minneapolis for Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings, titled ‘Thinking in Color,” is the first user-generated content color spectrum ever created. It's an immersive experience that aims to inspire creativity by actua
  • Brazilian bike company uses truck driver strike to show cost savings of bicycle transportation

    Anyone who has lived through a gasoline crisis knows how taxing it can be on pocketbooks and nerves. In Brazil, a spike in the price of diesel fuel caused a national truck strike in protest, which bled over into consumer territory due to distribution issues, causing painful lines and rising costs.
    Brazilian cycling company Caloi offered the bicycle as a unique, low-carbon mobility solution, and it put the cost savings of bike transportation out for all to see — right in front of gas statio
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  • Netflix to bolster marketing operations in New York City

    Netflix is to build out its marketing operations in New York City with the expansion of a Manhattan office staffed by marketers, content executives and production developers.
    The Manhattan space will employ 127 executives in the Flatiron district within the next five years, increasing its current city-based staff by nearly 100. Primed to open on 888 Broadway, the 100,000 square foot office will house marketers alongside executives from the fields of publicity, content acquisition, development, p
  • MGM Resort’s Lilian Tomovich goes Vegas-style big on experience

    Whether you love it or hate it, the one thing you have to admit about Vegas is that it’s exactly as over-the-top as it promises to be. So, if you have a presence in Las Vegas and you’re going to make a brand promise, you had better deliver on it.
    Lilian Tomovich, chief marketing and experience officer for MGM Resorts International, is one person who’s gone all in to ensure that the entertainment behemoth delivers on its promise of wowing its customers not only in Vegas, but als
  • TV viewability remains to be seen in the digital age

    Like a tree falling in an uninhabited forest, do TV advertisements make an impact if viewers aren’t in the room?
    According to a study by IPG Media Lab and MAGNA Global, more than $59 billion will be spent on ads for television in the US, but there’s no guarantee they’ll be seen. In fact, the study found that only 71% of TV ads are viewable. In terms of TV, a viewable ad impression means the viewer must be physically present in the room for at least two seconds while a
  • Ad Council partners with Snapchat to expand on bullying prevention campaign with Lens Challenge

    Snapchat teamed with the Ad Council last October to support Bullying Prevention Month, with Snapchat creating filters, stickers and Snap Ads to raise awareness about bullying. Now, the social media company is continuing the partnership to prevent bullying through the ‘Because of You’ campaign.
    Snapchat is launching the first-ever social impact Lens Challenge, which prompts Snapchatters to describe a time when someone had a positive impact on their respective lives. The ‘Because
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  • Customer data security is a marketing problem, too

    Data breaches and leaks have climbed to an all-time high over the past two years. What was once seen as the unfortunate cost of transitioning to the digital age has become a global epidemic. As with any crisis, the time for fretting is long past. It’s time for action. 
    And it’s not just the IT team that needs to take action. Marketers should get involved in protecting customer data, as well. 
    Many of the vulnerabilities that threaten customer data em
  • Cadbury promotes ‘grown up’ Darkmilk chocolate with 80s stars Jason Donovan and Kim Wilde

    Do you remember Jason Donovan and Kim Wilde from the 80s? Cadbury is banking on your nostalgic knowledge to promote its new Cadbury Darkmilk bar.
    Cadbury has unveiled a nostalgic campaign to celebrate all things ‘grown up’ with 80s and 90s icons Jason Donovan and Kim Wilde to speak directly to those familiar with pop culture from both decades – and invite them to try out the new chocolate bar.
    The campaign speaks “solely to those” who remember Jason’s mul
  • ‘It’s genuine, you know?’: why the online influencer industry is going ‘authentic’ – podcast

    Calamities such as Fyre festival have tarnished the booming business of YouTube and Instagram stars. Now the industry’s top tastemakers have a new plan: keeping it realRead the text version here Continue reading...
  • Unilever ups ad spend by €300m in 2 years thanks to agency cutbacks

    Savings from Unilever's ongoing business efficiency drive have helped the Marmite and Dove owner reinvest in marketing to the tune of €300m over the past two years.
    The figure has increased by some €50m on the same period last year, when the business revealed it had spent an additional €250m on media in 2017 after slashing the number of agencies it worked with and bringing certain elements of its marketing mix in-house via its U-Studio and U-Entertainment hubs.
  • Ancestry.com pulls ad accused of 'whitewashing' slavery

    Genealogy website Ancestory.com has pulled an ad that depicted a white man romantically pursuing a black woman during the era of slavery in the American south. 
    Titled 'Inseparable', the spot was part of a wider campaign from the DNA testing company and showed a pair of 'lovers' attempting to covertly run through the streets to find a secret spot.
    When they arrive somewhere secluded, the man is shown pulling a gold ring from his pocket and telling the woman: "Abigail, we can escape to
  • What we can learn from Burger King’s chopsticks blunder

    The fat hit the fryer with Burger King this week, when it launched an Instagram campaign for its new 'Vietnamese-style' Burger in New Zealand.
    The campaign, which featured white actors attempting to eat a burger while using chopsticks incorrectly, was quickly removed by the fast food giant, after social media users from a diverse range of East Asian backgrounds pointed out that it was racist and offensive.
    It’s not the first time we’ve seen huge brands use chopsticks as a semiotic si
  • A ‘Pollution Souvenir’ of canned air from Chiang Mai calls attention to smog problem

    Thailand is a top global tourist destination, but it has recently entered a severe pollution crisis, especially in Chiang Mai, Thailand’s second largest city and the north’s main tourist hub. To call attention to the problem, a dirty ‘souvenir’ has been created.
    Just as Switzerland sells fresh air in a can, small local businesses at the heart of Chiang Mai’s tourist district got together to create the ‘Pollution Souvenir’ – canned air with a label
  • Leica film featuring Tiananmen Square 'Tank Man' image angers Chinese

    Leica Camera is attempting to distance the German photography brand from a promotional film depicting the events of Tiananmen Square.
    The five-minute film, called The Hunt, depicts a series of conflict situations and highlights the role of photographers in capturing these moments.
    Among the events is the story of a Western journalist who encounters Chinese soldiers in a Beijing hotel in 1989 as the events of the infamous pro-democracy protests occur outside. The film ends with the man capturing
  • Bytedance to launch Spotify-like music streaming app

    Bytedance, the Chinese company behind short-video platform TikTok, plans to launch a Spotify-like music streaming app.
    According to reports by South China Morning Post, the company has dedicated 100 staff to the project and plans to launch the app “soon”.
    The news comes as the company faces pressure from music labels such as Universal Music, Sony Music and Warner Music, which are demanding Bytedance pay more for its music licensing deals.  
    Bytedance is also under pressure in In
  • Amazon will continue to invest in China, as it withdraws e-commerce business

    Amazon has said its commitment to China remains strong and it will continue to invest in the market, despite confirming plans to shut its local e-commerce business.
    The e-commerce giant confirmed it would close its Amazon.cn marketplace on July 18 but would continue to operate other business units including its Kindle store and cross-border sales offering.
    “Over the past few years, we have been evolving our China online retail business to increasingly emphasize cross-border sales, and in r
  • Why accessibility works for SEO

    Website accessibility is about much more than due diligence and ‘doing the right thing’ - it can seriously boost your bottom line.
    The web is a democratic space that’s built on principles of inclusivity and it stands to reason that access to a bigger market is good for business. However, you might be surprised to read that the principles of website accessibility mirror the principles of SEO and accessibility can be great for your search rankings.
    According to the RNIB more
  • Are brands making the most of pop-up spaces?

    There is little doubt about the rise in popularity of ‘pop-ups’ and it’s clear there is a role and desire for these in our towns and cities across the UK. Pop-ups are now seen not only as a retailing but also a marketing opportunity for brands. There are a number of factors contributing to their rise in popularity, which are mainly as a result of the changing face of retail on our high streets:
    Shorter term leases:As more traditional retail models are struggling there has been
  • Your approach to purpose branding is all wrong - the rise of movement strategy

    “What are you going to do when your purpose strategy fails?” It is a simple question but coming from one of our most respected branding strategists, Chip Walker, head of strategy at StrawberryFrog, it felt like a powerful punch to the gut. Our client nodded in agreement and physically winced at the same time. We were doing due diligence on a corporate purpose. As if on cue, the client nervously laughed and then let us know in plain terms that she had failed to make the corporate purp
  • US Army National Guard recruitment shows the frontlines are in our backyards

    Most people think about the US Army as being a force that fights on the frontlines overseas. The US Army National Guard takes a different approach with its recruitment campaign, showing that the frontlines are often found at home.
    The campaign from McCann New York for the US Army National Guard, ‘Hometown Heroes,’ takes a cinematic approach to show prospective recruits that soldiers in the National Guard have the opportunity to serve by fighting increasingly dangerous enemies here at
  • Tangent appoints new business director

    Digital experience agency, Tangent, has welcomed George Read to the company as its new business director.
    Read joins following a number of new business wins at Tangent including global law firm Taylor Wessing and the UK provider of air traffic control, NATS. He will work alongside the newly formed senior management team to grow existing accounts as well as work on new business opportunities. 
    Prior to the role, Read held stints at creative technology agency, Rehab, and brand commerce a
  • Donald Glover and Adidas launch shoe collaboration with irreverent mini-episodes

    Coming off the heels of a creative partnership with Beyoncé, Adidas is now launching a footwear collection with actor and musician Donald Glover.
    The two have teamed up to release the 'Donald Glover Presents' footwear line, which imbues three classic sneaker styles – the Nizza, Continental 80 and Lacombe – with Glover's "personal narrative".
    "Rich is a concept,” said Glover. “With this project, I wanted to encourage people to think about ho
  • Don’t let your agency tell you it’s complicated

    Clients look to agencies to help them navigate the noisy world of digital marketing. The last thing they need is an agency who only adds to that noise.
    Yet many agencies are doing their clients a disservice by veiling their expertise in overly technical language, complicated models and intricate process diagrams.
    I have personal experience of this, having moved from digital agency to client-side in the charity sector and back again. I’ve seen agencies make digital marketing seem inaccessib
  • Mockumentary tells of Xbox’s move to the ‘digital age’ with all-digital console

    In a world that is rapidly shifting digitally, Xbox also looks to make a bold move to take gaming to the all-digital realm – with tongue planted firmly in cheek.
    The reality is that Xbox simply removed the disc drive, but the brand decided to have some fun with it, with a film stating it has transformed the landscape of disc-free gaming by creating the first-ever all-digital console – the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition.
    The accompanying mockumentary-style spot from 215 McCann, &lsquo

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