• 3 Ways for Non-Profit Organisations to Attract Talent

    Charities and non-profits are under an increasing amount of pressure to attract top talent to their organisations. With cuts to government funding, charities now have to rely mainly on their employees and volunteers to help them generate income.
    However, these cuts also mean that recruitment budgets are limited and the salaries on offer in the charity sector are significantly lower than within other sectors. This can make it hard for non-profit organisations to attract the talent they so despera
  • British businesses shedding non-core functions amidst economic uncertainty, says report

    The political and economic uncertainty of the last six months has seen British businesses shed non-core job functions to focus on roles that directly drive revenue, according to research released by online professional network, LinkedIn.
  • Talking politics in the workplace can negatively affect employees

    Talking politics with colleagues can lead to all sorts of problems, particularly when there is a disagreement in political points of view
  • Kevin Brady: Is mobile the future of recruiting?

    Posted inAdViewon05 Dec 2016There’s no getting away from the fact more people than ever before are using mobile and tablets to search for jobs. But what impact does this have on recruitment and what can be done to help facilitate this shift?First of all, it should go without saying that any job sites which aren’t optimised for mobile are shooting themselves in the foot. 2016 was, after all, the year in which the number of mobiles surpassed the number of human
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  • UK Sees Standout Job Growth in the Run Up to Christmas

    …But Salaries and Application Rates Have Taken a KnockPosted inNews archiveon05 Dec 2016
    Company ProfileCV-Library.co.ukView profile »The UK job market continued to strengthen throughout November, with job growth increasing by 13.6% year-on-year and 3.2% month-on-month. This is according to the latest data from the UK’s leading independent job site, CV-Library.   Many cities and industries across the UK saw standout, above-average, job growth in November 2016, when c
  • USG People and Textkernel win Recruitment Tech Award 2016

    USG People and Textkernel have won the Recruitment Tech Award 2016, category Best Case. The award was granted at the Recruitment Tech Event in Utrecht on Thursday November 24th.Posted inNews archiveon05 Dec 2016
    Company ProfileTextkernelView profile »The jury praised the joint case from USG People and Textkernel because of its strong internal component: in order to work cross-brand, a cultural change has to be successfully realised within USG People and a
  • Brand Recruitment Crowned ‘Best SME Recruitment Agency’ at National Awards

    On Wednesday 23rd November, the Brand Recruitment team attended the Marketing and Digital Recruitment Awards 2016, held at the Hilton Metropole Hotel in London. We’re extremely proud to say that Brand were crowned ‘Best SME Recruitment Agency’!Posted inNews archiveon05 Dec 2016
    Company ProfileBrand RecruitmentView profile » It is an accolade that we’re honoured to have received as it recognises us as a key player within the industry; both in terms of being a su
  • CIPD response to ONS migration statistics

    Commenting on today’s ONS labour market Statistics, Gerwyn Davies, Labour Market Adviser at the CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development, says:Posted inOpinionon05 Dec 2016
    Company ProfileCIPDView profile »“Today’s migration figures show that the supply of EU nationals to the UK labour market in the run-up to the referendum grew ever stronger.  However, the feedback from CIPD members suggests that the currency depreciation, among other factors, is al
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  • What does the digital skills gap mean for online recruitment?

    With the UK’s digital skills gap ever-expanding and the number of people looking to enter a career in digital marketing (150,000 digital jobs are predicted by 2020), the future for online recruitment is looking pretty bleak, isn’t it?Posted inStatistics and trendson05 Dec 2016
    Well actually, online recruitment is likely to be the system that thrives the most out of all supply areas within the chain, because as we know, digital recruitment is innovative, adaptive and open to change na
  • AESC Continue Global Partnership with Invenias

    The Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants is delighted to announce its renewed partnership with Invenias, a global leader in cloud-based executive search solutions.Posted inPartnershipson02 Dec 2016
    This is the third year that AESC and Invenias will work together, having strengthened their relationship with the integration of AESC’s BlueSteps database and the Invenias platform last year. The integration facilitates a seamless transfer of confidential candidate informat
  • New festive game offers the ‘prize’ of a merrier Christmas

    A free online Christmas game, which challenges you to create a winter wonderland by clicking on smiling snowflakes, has the potential to make the festive season merrier for you, your family, your friends and your work colleagues. Posted inNews archiveon02 Dec 2016
    Company Profilecut-eView profile »Created by cut-e, the international talent and assessment specialist, the game shows a winter snow scene in which snowflakes fall from the top of the screen, either with smiling faces or frowns.
  • NHS Employers welcomes focus on leadership and workforce

    Responding to the Health Secretary’s speech at NHS Providers’ annual conference, Danny Mortimer, Chief Executive, NHS Employers, said:Posted inNews archiveon02 Dec 2016
    “We welcome Mr Hunt's focus on leadership and our workforce.  Employers across the NHS are committed to improving the working environment for their people and recognise the importance of providing rewarding careers supported by greater flexibility and effective team-working.  The opportunities to devel
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  • Lidl to give lowest-paid staff pay rise to £8.45 an hour

    Supermarket Lidl will next year increase wages for thousands of its British staff by 2.4 percent, meaning that a quarter of supermarket’s workforce will benefit from  an hourly rate above that of the government-mandated National Living Wage.
  • 69% of business services do not see Brexit as a threat, new data from RSA shows

    Leading commercial insurer RSA has today released a report, Future Impacts, which assesses the effects of economic events such as Brexit on business growth, as well as the risks that businesses face and how they are managing those risks.Posted inNews archiveon01 Dec 2016But if hit with an unexpected £50,000 bill, 28% of business services SMEs said they would go out of business. 73% of SMEs across the UK identified new risks that were not present when they started but 82% have not altered t
  • Government outlines executive pay plans

    Tom Castley, VP EMEA, XactlyPosted inNews archiveon01 Dec 2016
    “It’s very positive that the government is taking measures to make companies justify how much they pay their chief executives. High executive salaries and bonuses have attracted public criticism for many years. However, workers aren’t simply angry because bosses are highly paid; it’s because often executive bonuses are awarded without any clear link to value. Moreover, while bosses receive huge bonuses, many w
  • Apprentice levy to hit recruitment supply agencies unfairly, says ARC

    The Association of Recruitment Consultancies (ARC) is calling for the government urgently to review the basis of charging of the apprenticeship levy, following evidence that it disproportionately impacts on recruitment supply agencies.Posted inNews archiveon01 Dec 2016
    Company ProfileThe Association of Recruitment Consultancies - ARCView profile »Commenting on the decision to challenge the current implementation of the levy, Adrian Marlowe, chairman of ARC said “Whilst we welcome the
  • CIPD welcomes first steps in repairing UK’s broken executive pay system

    Reacting to the Government’s announcement on executive pay and corporate governance, Charles Cotton, Pay and Reward Adviser at the CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development, said:Posted inStatistics and trendson01 Dec 2016
    Company ProfileCIPDView profile »“The publication of pay ratios is a welcome first step in addressing the broken system of executive pay. Alongside the presence of employees on remuneration committees, they will help build greater transparency
  • Three-quarters of accounting graduates are worried about automation threat

    Three in four graduates looking to pursue a career in accounting are concerned that automation could make their role redundant within two decades, new research suggests.Posted inNews archiveon30 Nov 2016
    Graduate jobs forum WikiJob surveyed its members who had previously expressed an interest in an accounting career, and discovered that three-quarters of them (74%) were ‘concerned’ or ‘very concerned’ that robots might replace the accounting roles they were considering.
  • 85% of employers believe workplace automation will create more jobs than it will replace

    Research shows main benefits of automation to businesses and employees are enhanced productivity and new skills developmentPosted inNews archiveon30 Nov 2016
    A major new report launched today by Capita Resourcing, reveals that 85% of employers believe workplace automation will create more jobs than it will replace in their organisation in 10 years’ time. The main benefits to businesses and employees over this period are likely to be enhanced productivity (76%) and new skills development (5
  • The numbers add up for Berry Recruitment

    Berry Recruitment based in Falmouth has expanded its operations in response to a growing demand for workers in the office and financial sector.Posted inNews archiveon30 Nov 2016
    The branch has created a ‘commercial’ desk to service an increasing number of clients looking for accountants, bookkeepers and office staff.
    The desk provides temporary and permanent workers for all office-based roles, but the growth of positions in the financial area indicates that the economy is doing well.
  • Bond International Software 2017 Predictions

    Unemployment is at an 11-year low according to the most recent figures – and that is despite the uncertainty caused by Brexit. Toby Conibear, European Business Development Director at Bond International Software gives his view on what 2017 holds for the recruitment industry?Posted inNews archiveon30 Nov 2016 Global Uncertainty
    From Brexit to the unexpected election of Donald Trump as the next US President, the political situation globally has changed. The resultant drop in company confiden
  • 10 Reasons Why Your Recruitment Advertising Campaign Isn’t Working

    You’re mid-way through your latest recruitment advertising campaign and you’re struggling to attract any suitable candidates.
    What’s going wrong?
    When hiring for a new member of staff, there are a number of factors that can affect the outcome of your recruitment campaign. If you find that you’re not getting the response that you need, it’s worth checking if you’re making any of the following mistakes:
    1. You’ve chosen the wrong job boards
    The selection o
  • ILM calls on businesses to address “leadership lag” post-Brexit

    Businesses must address the ‘leadership lag’ as a key priority in 2017, in order to boost success as the UK embarks on its post-Brexit journey, according to ILM’s leadership manifesto and research launched today.Posted inNews archiveon30 Nov 2016ILM, the ‘leader in leadership’ calls for businesses to boost leadership at all levels of the workplace in its manifesto Research reveals employees lack confidence and inspiration from leaders at work, with UK PLC refocusing
  • Public sector job satisfaction hits four-year high

    CIPD/Halogen survey finds post-referendum optimism among UK employees, but more work needed on development and career progression.Posted inNews archiveon30 Nov 2016
    Company ProfileCIPDView profile »Job satisfaction in the public sector is at its highest level in four years and wider post-referendum optimism is evident among UK employees. However, there is still ample room for improvement in employee development and career progression which employers must address quickly so as not to lose v
  • Lack of sleep costing UK economy up to £40 billion a year

    Sleep deprivation increases the risk of mortality by 13 per cent and leads to the UK losing around 200,000 working days a year.
  • Should you hire a lead generation specialist to assist with your recruitment strategy?

    With the job market becoming more crowded than ever before, the importance of generating high-quality candidate leads has never been more important. Employers need to be able to quickly and easily find the right candidates for the vacancies they have, without having to trawl through hundreds of unsuitable applicants.
    Lead generation is a resource-heavy exercise. In fact, a report by Holger Schulze found that over 53% of companies spend over half of their marketing budget on lead generation.
  • New guide offers best practice on retesting job applicants

    A new guide for recruiters - offering best practice on how and when to retest job applicants - has been published by cut-e, the international talent and assessment specialist.Posted inNews archiveon29 Nov 2016
    Company Profilecut-eView profile »Called ‘Guidelines for retesting job candidates’, it explains ‘when’ retesting is appropriate, ‘what’ to retest and ‘how’ to do it, as well as how to interpret the results and how to communicate effecti
  • Growth in vacancies surges in October

    Total advertised vacancies soared 2.6% in October to 1,162,342 in comparison to 1,132,844 in September, according to the latest UK Job Market Report from Adzuna.co.uk.Posted inStatistics and trendson29 Nov 2016
    Company ProfileAdzunaView profile » Total advertised vacancies increased 2.6% to 1,162,342 in October in comparison to 1,132,844 in September Average salaries in the retail sector surprisingly declined by 8.8% ahead of the Christmas rush Healthcare & Nursing climbs the ranks to
  • How employee engagement on social media can help when recruiting staff

    Social media no doubt provides one of the most effective ways to get people to engage with your brand, and it should form a key part of any 21st-century marketing strategy.
    However, while your business might spend thousands creating branded posts, you should not overlook the benefits of encouraging your employees to help out by spreading the word about what it’s like to work at your company.
    Employee engagement creates loyalty
    There are often a couple of key hurdles that stop your employee
  • New Career Site Launches for Women In Technology

    New career advice site womenintech.co.uk launchedPosted inLaunchon29 Nov 2016
    Due to the huge demand for Women working in technology, Technojobs are excited to announce the launch of their new site: www.womenintech.co.uk.
    There is a clear lack of female professionals working in the IT and Tech sector. Just 17% of the IT and Technology work force in the UK are women.
    WomeninTech.co.uk is a website dedicated to women already in or looking to start their career in the tech sector. It provides speci
  • REC and Croner announce new ‘Strategic Alliance’ to provide legal insurance for members

    Recruitment agencies that are Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) members will save up to £10,000 per year thanks to a new ‘Strategic Alliance’ between the REC and Croner.Posted inPartnershipson29 Nov 2016
    Company ProfileRECView profile »From 1 January 2017, recruitment firms with a turnover of up to £10 million will automatically receive Croner Legal Expenses Insurance as part of their REC membership. This means that 97 per cent of REC members will ben
  • “How I built a job search website in 24 hours that actually makes money”

    A short while ago, a friend asked if I could aid him on a PHP project for his sports news website. The request involved turning his static website into a place where people could search for jobs passively while catching the latest sports gossip.Posted inAdViewon29 Nov 2016
    Company ProfileAdView.co.ukView profile »The request sounded easy until he said: “Ben, I also want to make extra revenue from these job listings”. You’d be forgiven for thinking that making money from a
  • AndersElite announces management buyout

    Recruitment firm AndersElite has secured a £10million facility from Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking to complete a management buyout and provide on-going working capital.Posted inNews archiveon29 Nov 2016
    AndersElite, established in 1986, operates eight offices across the UK. The company works with property, engineering and IT professionals working in industries such as manufacturing, construction and rail, and offers temporary, contract and full-time roles.
    The working capital facility has
  • Men still paid vastly more than women in the UK

    Men are still paid vastly more than women across many jobs and regions despite firms attempting to try to close the gap, according to a report.
  • Civil Aviation Authority On Board To Become More Inclusive

    In order to access the pool of largely untapped talent that disabled people offer, the Civil Aviation Authority is now advertising their vacancies on Evenbreak.Posted inNews archiveon29 Nov 2016
    Company ProfileEvenbreakView profile »This not-for-profit specialist online job board, run by and for disabled people, helps genuinely inclusive employers attract more talented disabled candidates.
    Cara Roberts, Resourcing Manager for the CAA, said, “We want to ensure that we hire the very be
  • Contractors role in “match-fit” UK overlooked says contracting specialist

    A leading contracting specialist says contractors will be crucial to a “match-fit” UK economy and that the Autumn Statement has missed a vital opportunity.Posted inOpinionon29 Nov 2016
    Company ProfileNova ContractingView profile »Nova Contracting Director Marcus Green comments: “The Chancellor has missed a real opportunity to demonstrate that the Government understands modern working patterns and recognises the vital role of temporary workforce to the UK economy.
  • Autumn Statement: Workers' pay growth prospects dreadful, says IFS

    Tom Castley, Vice President EMEA at Xactly:Posted inOpinionon29 Nov 2016
    “The IFS’ prediction that employees will earn less in real terms in 2021 than 2008 is not only worrying for workers – it’s very bad news for UK businesses. For companies to be productive and profitable, they need engaged employees and both salary and bonuses are a vital part of that. Our recent research found that, for over a quarter of UK employees, a financial bonus is their main motivator, yet a l
  • McCann London launches ‘Open Hour’ initiative

    Posted inLaunch‘Open Hour’ aims to drive social and economic diversity in the advertising industryon29 Nov 2016
    McCann London has launched a new initiative which aims to diversify its next generation of employees by encouraging a broader spectrum of prospective candidates to consider a career in advertising.
    ‘Open Hour’ is a weekly hour-long session of 15-minute one-on-one Skype calls, initially with CCOs and Co-Presidents of McCann London, Rob Doubal and Laurence (Lol) T
  • Education recruitment expert responds to looming headteacher crisis

    Following research by three education leadership organisations, which has found that schools in England could face a shortage of almost 20,000 heads by 2022, education recruitment expert, Baljinder Kuller, has outlined possible reasons behind failing talent pipelines.Posted inNews archiveon29 Nov 2016
    The report, by the Future Leaders Trust, Teaching Leaders and TeachFirst, concluded that England could be facing a shortage of up to 19,000 senior teachers by 2022 if action is not taken to plug th
  • Business leaders challenge PM’s pay proposals

    A report by the Big Innovation Centre backed by company bosses that opposes government proposals on pay ratios and annual binding shareholder votes to rein in excess boardroom pay.
  • The Onrec Online Recruitment Awards 2017 - Nominations are open!

    Nominations close on the 14th December 2016. Don't miss out. Nominate your company today.Posted inNews archiveon28 Nov 2016
    The Onrec Online Recruitment Awards Ceremony will be returning again on 9th March 2017, held at The Grange Hotel, St Pauls. An evening not to be missed celebrating the success, growth, innovation, talent and achievements within the Online Recruitment Industry.
    This prestigious Awards Ceremony now in its 13th year has cemented itself in the calendar as the industries must at
  • REC and DWP renew partnership to champion good recruitment

    The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) welcomed Minister for Employment Damian Hinds MP this week (Wednesday 23 November) to meet recruitment industry leaders and to re-sign the Partnership Agreement between the REC and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).Posted inPartnershipson28 Nov 2016
    Company ProfileRECView profile »Originally established in 2012, the Agreement sets out practical ways to share knowledge between the public and private sectors, to benefit employers
  • Adzuna comment on today's ONS Young people not in education, employment or training (NEET)

    Doug Monro, co-founder of Adzuna, comments:Posted inOpinionon28 Nov 2016
    Company ProfileAdzunaView profile »“With youth unemployment on the rise, this core feature of the job market deserves more attention, and more importantly, concrete action, to follow up the encouraging tone of yesterday's Autumn Statement. As competition for jobs falls, new opportunities have opened up for young jobseekers to enter into booming sectors such as property, charity and voluntary as well as healthcar
  • Why the National Living Wage rise is less generous to low paid workers than it appears - comments from Mark Crail, Content Director, Xpert HR

    XpertHR’s content director Mark Crailsays, “The increase in the National Living Wage from £7.20 to £7.50 next April is considerably less generous to the low paid than it first appears.Posted inOpinionon28 Nov 2016
    At the time the National Living Wage was introduced in April of this year, it was forecast to rise to £7.64 in April 2017, and then again year on year until it hit £9.16 or 60% of median earnings in April 2020. But earnings are now expected to rise c
  • Recruitment agency Brightwork dances the night away for Maggie’s and raises £50,000

    An impressive £50,000 was raised for the Maggie’s Centre charity at an annual Strictly Come Dancing-themed event held at Glasgow’s Crowne Plaza Hotel on Saturday 19th November which was supported by Brightwork, the Glasgow and Edinburgh-based recruitment agency.Posted inNews archiveon28 Nov 2016
    A recent winner of a UK-wide award for Best Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative, Brightwork staff helped arrange the evening and donated £3500 on the night.
    The event
  • ARC comment on the Autumn Statement 2016

    It is clear that many of the measures announced by the Chancellor today in his Autumn Statement will have some impact on the recruitment sector and on labour relations.Posted inOpinionon28 Nov 2016
    Company ProfileThe Association of Recruitment Consultancies - ARCView profile »Ben Grover, External Policy Adviser for the Association of Recruitment Consultancies (ARC) said “As always, the devil will be in the detail and we shall comment further once legislation and guidance has been pub
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  • Is getting a CV professionally written actually worth it?

    In an age of automation, zero hour contracts and the job market becoming ever more competitive, job seekers are increasingly looking to get the edge in their online job search.Posted inNews archiveon25 Nov 2016
    It’s no surprise then that professional CV writing services has burgeoned as an industry since the recession. 
    From one person freelance operations to large companies generating significant revenues, the internet is awash with people offering up their CV writing crede
  • Why are Audits so important? Infographic from Bywater

    Regular audits are key to improving business performance in all industries and can facilitate the achievement of many other goals that a particular organisation may have in their sights. Posted inNews archiveon25 Nov 2016 One of the main reasons that audits should be carried out on a regular basis is to ensure that corporate quality management systems are ISO 9001 compliant. In fact, the audits themselves are a requirement of this international QMS standard, which means external audits must
  • Adzuna comment on today's Autumn Statement

    Doug Monro, co-founder of Adzuna, comments:Posted inStatistics and trendson25 Nov 2016
    Company ProfileAdzunaView profile »“It’s encouraging to see the Chancellor placing jobseekers and employees at the heart of his Autumn Statement and offering them some reassurance during a period of economic uncertainty. The increase to the National Living Wage may give more households some financial breathing space, but the impact on employers has to be considered too as we don’t want

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