• Artificial intelligence: the next big thing for recruitment

    By Peter Linas, International MD, BullhornPosted inNews archiveon23 Jun 2017
    Company ProfileBullhornView profile »The best thing technology can do for recruiters is let them get on with recruiting. Happily, it is doing exactly that.
    Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) can both transform the industry and give back to recruiters the time they need to perform their essential duties to the best of their ability. They shouldn’t be mistaken for the same thing, of course: the former
  • Young workers at risk of making snap decisions about their career

    Snapchats from friends make young people question their jobsPosted inNews archiveon23 Jun 2017
    Company ProfileMilkroundView profile »YOUNG people at work run the risk of hindering their careers by paying too much attention to Snapchats posted by friends about their jobs, according to new research from Milkround.
    95 per cent of those surveyed admitted that they felt envious of some part of their friends' jobs, with most stating that others' travel opportunities with work is one of the main
  • Brexit must not overshadow fundamental challenges facing UK businesses

    In response to the Queen’s Speech, Ben Willmott, Head of Public Policy at the CIPD, said:Posted inNews archiveon23 Jun 2017
    Company ProfileCIPDView profile »“The Queen’s Speech clearly recognised the challenges facing government on Brexit, but fell short of concrete proposals to address the UK’s productivity deficit, which is key to boosting pay, living standards and the ability of UK businesses to remain competitive outside of the European Union. It’s vital t
  • CMI comments on the Queen's speech: Tackling the Gender Pay gap

    Petra Wilton, Director of Strategy for the Chartered Management Institute, comments:Posted inOpinionon23 Jun 2017
    “It’s a relief to hear the promise to tackle gender and diversity issues front and centre of the Queen’s speech. The evidence is increasingly clear: diversity in the workplace delivers results. After the progress we’ve seen this year in tackling the gender pay gap, it’s encouraging to see the focus extend to addressing racial and other inequality in the
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  • Japanese and Chinese top table of highest paying languages

    Japanese and the Chinese languages were named the most lucrative non-English tongues for UK jobseekers, with an average salary for the languages at £32,355 and £31,119 respectively, according to a study by job search engine Adzuna.co.uk. Posted inStatistics and trendson23 Jun 2017
    Company ProfileAdzunaView profile » Employers invest more in non-European linguists as UK marks Brexit anniversary Japanese and Chinese named most lucrative languages for UK jobseekers Despite th
  • The Peculiarities of Writing a Graduate CV

    The next big thing after graduation is finding a top job, applying and getting hired. But even important is writing a graduate CV that influences the decisions of human resource managers.Posted inNews archiveon23 Jun 2017
    In this article, we will talk about one of the most important tasks to begin with – writing a resume that shines. Writing a Distinctive ResumeThe first thing many of us do after graduation is to write a resume. Many begin with an ordinary CV, improve further with every jo
  • Talent Collective recruits Rant & Rave to measure real-time candidate experience

    Rant & Rave, the UK leader in real-time customer engagement technology, has partnered with global talent acquisition and management firm, Talent Collective (part of Alexander Mann Solutions), to capture real-time candidate feedback.Posted inNews archiveon23 Jun 2017
    Driven by the knowledge that how a candidate is made to feel when going through the recruitment process will heavily influence their propensity to do business with a brand in their personal lives, the innovative partnership is de
  • Study Reveals British Business Leaders Lack Confidence in Digital Transformation

    Cornerstone OnDemand sponsored study finds British business and HR leaders are the least confident in their digital strategies compared to other countries in EuropePosted inStatistics and trendson23 Jun 2017
    Most businesses look to adopt digital business models and deploy new technology, but few British businesses feel like they are best-in-class. A new study conducted by IDC and sponsored by Cornerstone OnDemand (NASDAQ: CSOD), a leader in cloud-based learning and human capital management softw
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  • Eight in 10 businesses recruit for digital transformation

    Organisations are actively creating new positions to facilitate digitalisation efforts within the finance function over the next 12 months, reveals Robert Half’s report Digital transformation and the future of hiringPosted inStatistics and trendson23 Jun 2017
    The majority of UK CFOs (68%) have revealed that finance automation required for digitalisation will drive recruitment as a significant shift in skills is required.
    Overall, eight in 10 (81%) CFOs are planning to recruit to fill the p
  • Be honest – Are you ready to go back to work?

    You’ve taken some time off work, you think you’re ready to jump back into the workforce but are you?Posted inNews archiveon23 Jun 2017
    This predicament faces women in particular who take maternity leave and think they’re ready to return to work but may have not thought through all the factors.
    It’s something that Lauren Jeffery Recruitment Consultant at Kingfisher Recruitment sees often when she’s interviewing clients and candidates returning from maternity or pater
  • The Onrec Online Recruitment Trade Conference 2017 - AIRS, Osborne Clarke, SAFERjobs, Madgex and Adzuna all speaking

    12th July 2017 - Friends House, Euston, LondonPosted inNews archiveon21 Jun 2017
    Onrec will be hosting an afternoon Onrec Trade Conference which will give online recruitment suppliers, job boards and other online recruitment professionals a fantastic learning and networking opportunity.
    This event will be of interest to owners, directors, senior management of job boards, online recruitment industry suppliers from applicant tracking and aggregators to video recruiters. By attending the
  • UK businesses urged to let employees work flexibly as school summer holidays approach

    The Smarter Working Initiative returns for a second year to champion flexible workingPosted inNews archiveon21 Jun 2017
    Business leaders across the UK are being called on to encourage their employees to work flexibly for one day as part of the Smarter Working Initiative, a campaign taking place on the first day of the school summer holidays.
    The awareness day on Monday 24th July asks companies to give their staff the opportunity to spend one day working from any location and at the hours that su
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  • Barclays ‘Reserves’ Opportunities for Graduates through Innovative Entry Programme

    Until recently, graduates wanting to serve in the Armed Forces have often had to put a civilian career on hold while they pursue their military career.Posted inNews archiveon21 Jun 2017Barclays encourages university graduates to pursue a civilian career while being able to continue military service with the Army Reserves Students who have passed their University Officers’ Training Corps (UOTC) Army Officer Selection board can fast track straight to the final interview round at Barclays&nbs
  • Self-employment means more fathers miss out on paternity pay

    More and more fathers are missing out on paternity pay because they are self employed, new figures from the TUC suggest.
  • Bank of England tells insurers to better boardroom diversity

    British insurers should widen the range of people that sit on their boards in order to avoid the symptoms of ‘groupthink', the Bank of England has warned. 
  • Google partners with market-leading job board software provider Madgex on a new job listing feature launching in the US today

    Google has teamed up with Madgex, the technology provider behind many of the top-flight publisher job boards such as Guardian Jobs, to test and launch a new search experience to help people find jobs more quickly and efficiently.Posted inPartnershipson20 Jun 2017
    Company ProfileMadgexView profile »Now when people search for jobs on Google in the US, they’ll see an immersive experience that allows them to explore jobs from across the web and refine their search to meet their unique ne
  • New test assesses the listening and multitasking abilities of flight crews

    A new multitasking test which assesses the listening, concentration and reaction abilities of captains, first officers and cadets has been launched by cut-e, the international assessment specialist.Posted inNews archiveon20 Jun 2017
    Company Profilecut-eView profile »Called scales mt (sonic), the new five-minute test combines a checking task, involving hand-eye coordination; a calculating task, in which the candidate has to decide whether the sums displayed are correct or incorrect, and an
  • PIXID named one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies in prestigious FT report

    PIXID, the cloud based temporary workforce management and recruitment solutions provider, has been included in the Financial Times’ prestigious FT1000 report.Posted inNews archiveon20 Jun 2017
    The list collects together the 1,000 companies in Europe that have achieved the highest percentage growth in revenues between 2012 and 2015. Revenue growth of 165% over that time period sees PIXID sit 613th on the high-profile directory.
    Seventy-eight of the companies on the list are based in London,
  • Business owners are baffled by employment law jargon

    54% of business owners don’t know their employment law jargonPosted inNews archiveon20 Jun 2017
    The modern workplace is awash with clichés, buzzwords and industry jargon, so it is no surprise that they often lead to confusion from business owners. A survey of 250 business owners by Attest market research for HR and employment law specialist Peninsula discovered that 54% of business owners were baffled by employment law jargon with many thinking the human resource management method &
  • New tests added to Skillsarena skill testing suite

    Skillsarena, the Chelmsford-based online talent management solutions provider has announced that they have added new assessments to their suite of online skills tests.Posted inNews archiveon20 Jun 2017
    Company ProfileSkillsarena LimitedView profile »Skillsarena, the Chelmsford-based online talent management solutions provider has announced that they have added new assessments to their suite of online skills tests. One brand new assessment is Call Centre Audio that falls under the Call Cent
  • Get back to work! UK professionals want more support to return to work after a career break

    Should businesses embrace the rising trend of the returnship?Posted inNews archiveon20 Jun 2017
    Company ProfileCV-Library.co.ukView profile »Returnships are on the rise in the UK, with 79% of the nation’s workers admitting they would be more inclined to join a company that offered a returnship programme. That’s according to a recent study data from CV-Library , the UK’s leading independent job board, which also found that 73% agree that it’s difficult to get ba
  • Brightwork helps young people of Scotland get themselves Career Ready

    Brightwork, the Glasgow and Edinburgh-based recruitment firm renowned for its commitment to a policy of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), has become the most recent business to link-up as a partner with Career Ready, the UK-wide charity which links employers with schools and colleges to open up the world of work to young people.Posted inNews archiveon20 Jun 2017
    Multiple award-winning Brightwork is already a member of both the Movement to Work initiative and the Investing in Youth programme
  • Two fifths of UK workers experience bias in workplace

    Two in five workers in the UK claim that they have experienced workplace bias in relation to their age, a disability, their social background or their sexuality.
  • Reducing gender gaps would significantly benefit women, society and the economy

    New International Labour Organisation report shows closing gender gaps at work by 25 per cent by 2025 could add US$ 5.8 trillion to the global economy and boost tax revenue.
  • Scaling new heights with vertical networks - The Onrec Online Recruitment Trade Conference 2017

    AIRS will be speaking at the upcoming Onrec Online Recruitment Trade Conference on the 12th July 2017 in LondonPosted inNews archiveon19 Jun 2017
    Onrec will be hosting an afternoon Onrec Trade Conference which will give online recruitment suppliers, job boards and other online recruitment professionals a fantastic learning and networking opportunity.  One of our sessions is titled Scaling new heights with vertical networks Laura Stoker, Executive Director of Global Training, AIRS, Powe
  • Actonomy to launch adaptive semantic search technology learning from the user behaviour

    Developing semantic technology for HRM applications over the last 10 years, Actonomy now brings semantic search to a next level by learning what the user is looking for.Posted inNews archiveon19 Jun 2017
    Company ProfileActonomyView profile »Users often use search keywords that are not recognized by semantic systems leading to no results.  By learning from the user search behavior, Actonomy now solves this problem : all new or unknown search terms are automatically added using machine
  • Businesses sound the alarm over immigration as Brexit negotiations begin

    New CIPD/NIESR research highlights need for flexible, affordable and straightforward immigration systemPosted inNews archiveon19 Jun 2017
    Company ProfileCIPDView profile » The main reason employers recruit EU nationals is because they cannot fill low or semi-skilled jobs with UK-born applicants, cited by 35% of low-wage industry firms 25% of organisations say a requirement for a job offer for EU migrants would have a negative impact on them. One in ten (11%) of businesses say the number of
  • Half of UK office workers say their workplace has a negative impact on their wellbeing

    Employers struggling to match benefits schemes with employee wellness goalsPosted inStatistics and trendson19 Jun 2017
    Half of UK employees say their workplace has a negative impact on their physical, mental and financial wellbeing according to the latest research from Thomsons Online Benefits.
    However, the Global Employee Benefits Watch 2017/18, surveying over 2,000 office workers around the world, indicates that multinational organisations are not using benefits effectively to improve employee
  • UK workers are following their dad’s career path

    New research from CV-Library gets the nation’s workers feeling sentimental about their dads this Father’s DayPosted inNews archiveon19 Jun 2017
    Company ProfileCV-Library.co.ukView profile »New research from the UK’s leading independent job board, CV-Library has found that nearly one in five (18.7%) professionals were influenced by their dad when deciding which career path to take, rising to 29.4% amongst those under the age of 18.
    The survey, which questioned 1,
  • Brexit: Opportunity to revitalise freelancer confidence with ‘softer Brexit’

    With just 18% of freelancers and contractors expecting Brexit to improve their business performance, Qdos Contractor has supported calls for a ‘softer Brexit’ to revitalise struggling freelancer confidence.Posted inNews archiveon19 Jun 2017
    Research into 1350 UK freelancers and contractors from leading tax adviser, Qdos Contractor, highlighted:18% of freelancers and contractors believe Brexit will have a positive impact on their business performance 44% do not believe their business
  • TestLodge launches career support platform

    Posted inLaunchOne of the top emerging software testing tools to come out of the UK has launched a new platform designed to support those pursuing a career in software testing - a growing industry worth $3bn a year.on19 Jun 2017
    South Wales-based TestLodge has launched SoftwareTester.Careers, a new site that combines useful tips, advice and information about software testing with active job listings from across the world.
    Founder of TestLodge, Scott Sherwood said they came up with the idea
  • Partnership to place employee wellbeing top of the HR agenda

    HR software provider The Access Group is partnering with employee engagement and wellbeing specialist WeThrive to develop new solutions for SME’s, based around their respective HR management and employee wellbeing tools.Posted inNews archiveon19 Jun 2017
    WeThrive is an online tool that examines organisations’ employee experience to improve staff wellbeing, retention and absenteeism, whereas The Access Group is one of the UK’s leading authors of integrated business management HR
  • The power of NICE in the workplace

    Monarch reveals “nice” people make a happier and more productive workforcePosted inStatistics and trendson19 Jun 2017 Key findings:Nice people are happier at work - Those who describe themselves as “almost always nice” rate themselves 7/10 for happiness whereas those who describe themselves as “rarely/never nice” rate themselves a 3/10 for happiness Nice people are more productive at work - Those who describe themselves as “almost always nice&r
  • Complacent workforce set for rise in unemployment, says report

    Employees in Britain are becoming increasingly idle at work, according to a new report.
  • XpertHR launches new guide to help HR prepare for the General Data Protection Regulation

    XpertHR is marking the one-year countdown to the introduction of the EU’s wide-ranging General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by launching a practical guide to help HR begin their preparations.Posted inLaunchon15 Jun 2017
    The new Regulation – which will come into force on 25th May 2018 – replaces the Data Protection Act 1998 in the UK and marks the start of a radical new data protection landscape, with significant penalties for non-compliance.
    The GDPR will introduce a syste
  • Real wages fall at fastest pace in nearly three years

    Data released  by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows that wages have once again failed to keep pace with inflation, leaving hundreds of thousands of people on low pay struggling to make ends meet.
  • TempBuddy honoured with award promoted by the European Commission

    TempBuddy, contingent workforce software innovator,is named the best European Social StartUp at the StartUp Europe Awards 2016.Posted inNews archiveon15 Jun 2017
    Company ProfileTempBuddyView profile »The StartUp Europe Awards (SEUA) are promoted by the European Commission, supported by the President of the Committee of the Regions, several members of the European Parliament and implemented by Finnova Foundation in collaboration with Startup Europe. The goal is to recognise the effort of Eu
  • Don’t spend a fortune – staff want early finish Fridays and flexible hours

    New research on office workers show the perks people want and getPosted inNews archiveon15 Jun 2017A quarter of office workers say that the simple ‘early finish Fridays’ would motivate them the most More than 1 in 10 office workers don’t get any perks More than a third of office workers would consider changing jobs due to the perks on offer
    A lot of employers have the perception that offering staff benefits has to cost a fortune, but new research from Paymentsense shows that it
  • 5 Common Misconceptions About Employer Branding

    Employer branding is a phrase that’s frequently thrown around when discussing what companies can do to attract talent to their business.
    However, there’s still confusion about what employer branding actually means, and why it’s so important in your recruitment efforts. As such, there are a lot of misconceptions floating around (for example, that employer branding is the same as corporate branding or that it’s just a fad), which aren’t strictly true.
    In an attempt to
  • Online Recruitment Market Overview - In-depth analysis of 500 job boards - The Onrec Online Recruitment Trade Conference 2017

    Madgex will be speaking at the upcoming Onrec Online Recruitment Trade Conference on the 12th July 2017 in LondonPosted inNews archiveon14 Jun 2017
    Onrec will be hosting an afternoon Onrec Trade Conference which will give online recruitment suppliers, job boards and other online recruitment professionals a fantastic learning and networking opportunity.  One of our sessions is titled Online Recruitment Market Overview - In-depth analysis of 500 job boards
    The talk will be the learnings
  • ONS unemployment figures - Jobsite reacts

    Jobsite CEO, Nick Gold said:Posted inOpinionon14 Jun 2017
    Company Profile JobsiteView profile »“It’s no surprise to see unemployment numbers continue to fall, as we’ve seen vacancy numbers thriving in the second quarter of 2017. Despite job seekers having more choice, we’re still seeing job application numbers continue to increase at a significant rate. This is great news for recruiters because it means there is a larger pool of talent to choose from and ultimately
  • Recruitive and Security Jobs and Careers Join Forces

    Recruitive Software has joined forces and announced the integration between their market leading Cloud-based recruitment software and leading Security Jobs careers portal SJC123.Posted inNews archiveon14 Jun 2017
    Company ProfileRecruitiveView profile »SJC123 is a leading Security Jobs and Careers Web portal at the very forefront of careers in the UK Private Security Industry.
    Scott Wilson, Client Advisor at SJC123 comments: “SJC123 has insider access to the latest security jobs and a
  • REC commission of employment experts to help recruitment industry plan for the future

    As UK businesses consider the implications of last week’s general election result, the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) has today announced the ‘Future of Jobs commission’, a strategic review to help recruiters and employers prepare for emerging labour market challenges.Posted inNews archiveon14 Jun 2017
    Company ProfileRECView profile »Chaired by former employment minister and now Member of Parliament for Tatton, The Rt Hon Esther McVey MP, the Future of j
  • Growth via acquisition: the secrets of success

    The acquisition of cut-e by Aon is a further example of the consolidation that’s occurring in the global assessment market.Posted inNews archiveon14 Jun 2017
    Company Profilecut-eView profile »The fact that several assessment providers have recently been bought tells us two things: firstly, these companies have a value that goes beyond their assessment portfolio. And, secondly, it is very difficult for a European-based or a US-based assessment provider to become a truly global player
  • Count the pennies and the pounds look after themselves

    Liam Butler, VP of EMEA Sales at SumtotalPosted inNews archiveon14 Jun 2017
    After the National Living Wage for over 25s was raised from £7.20 to £7.50 per hour last month, a great deal of discussion has been taking place around the potential impact that the additional £0.30 an hour can have on both British workers and UK businesses.
    Most are likely to agree that the social impact of the increase will predominantly be positive: with roughly 2.3 million people directly affected,
  • HR Trends that are Becoming Best Practices

    Human resources play an important role in developing company culture. As society changes human resource managers must implement policies that will attract and retain valuable employees.Posted inFeatureson14 Jun 2017
    Every generation reassess the relationship of work in their life. New trends emerge that must respond to these realities.
    Over the last several years a generational shift and new technologies has lead to new human resource trends that are now becoming best practices. Ideas that were
  • Are work perks the secret to workplace success? Study reveals a third (36%) of Brits feel happier in the workplace when receiving perks

    Posted inNews archiveWork perks are revolutionising the way the British workforce views the workplace, according to new research by BankingRefunds.co.ukon14 Jun 201740% of Brits feel they are getting a better deal when offered a ‘perk’ Private healthcare is the most sought after work perk (45%) 18 – 24 year olds expect jobs to come with work perks
    Work perks are revolutionising the way the British workforce views the workplace, according to new research by BankingRefunds.c
  • Is your watch watching you? Worker worries over ‘big brother’ wearables

    Posted inNews archiveIn an Office Genie survey of 1,000 people currently working in Britain, half (51%) believe wearables are beneficial in the workplace.on14 Jun 2017Majority of workers (51%) in favour of workplace wearables However significant fears over ‘big brother’ surveillance and data hacks Employee wellness voted top potential benefit, not without doubts Concerns over impact on stress and mental healthIn an Office Genie survey of 1,000 people currently working in Britain, hal
  • Reality HR Appoints new HR Consultant

    Posted inAppointmentsWith the business continuing to grow from strength-to-strength, Basingstoke-based Reality HR has appointed a new experienced HR Consultant to support its growing client base.on14 Jun 2017
    Kathryn is an ‘all round’ HR professional having started her HR career in the corporate world of banking, finance and IT services, before moving more recently into the Construction sector. She thrives on building effective, strong relationships at a senior level and enjoys desig
  • Theresa May sacks apprentice minister Robert Halfon in reshuffle

    The ex Apprenticeships Minister Robert Halfon was asked to leave by the PM and revealed she did not give a reason for her decision, adding: “The Prime Minister has to make these decisions, I wasn’t really given a reason”.

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