• How Work & Co supported Women’s March

    There was plenty of great and empowering signage at the Women’s March in Washington DC and other cities on Saturday, and Brooklyn-based agency Work & Co displayed some thought-provoking original artwork at the DC march, including signs and hat pins for those omnipresent pink hats.A selection of hat pins for the Women's March in DC by Work & Co
    The agency sponsored two buses for staff and their families to attend. In total, 57 people traveled on the buses from Broo
  • Verizon customers are still using the recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7

    As a way to stop “thousands” who still have the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Verizon is taking action, according to Fortune. Despite a recall, announcements on airplanes and an update to stop the phone from charging sent to the phones, there are still people using the model that has been catching on fire.
    "In spite of our best efforts, there are still customers using the recalled phones who have not returned or exchanged their Note 7 to the point of purchase," Verizon told Fortune. "T
  • Twitter apologises after automatically making hundreds of thousands of users follow Donald Trump

    Twitter has apologised after more than half a million users were forced to follow Donald Trump when a technical glitch beset the handover of the presidential account.
    When the official @POTUS account was handed from Barack Obama to the new president on Friday, its followers were transferred to a @POTUS44 account being archived for posterity.
    But some users who had unfollowed @POTUS, or chosen to only follow @POTUS44, complained that they had been subscribed to Trump's tweets without their s
  • Ex-Google search honcho Amit Singhal joins Uber

    Former Google search chief Amit Singhal is returning to the technology frontline as senior vice president of engineering at Uber.
    Singhal spent 15 years at Google and was its senior vice president for search before announcing his own retirement to focus on philanthropic work last February.
    But now he has been lured back by Uber, which he dubbed a “a geek’s candy store”, and a role that he described as one of the “hardest – and therefore most fun – computer sci
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  • Donald Trump’s press secretary attacks media over inauguration crowd coverage at first White House briefing

    Donald Trump’s strained relationship with the media has deteriorated further after his press secretary rounded on journalists at his first White House appearance.
    In a combative debut press conference, Sean Spicer accused the media of lying after Trump’s inauguration crowd was compared unfavourably to that of Barack Obama’s in 2009.
    Photographs of the two ceremonies appeared to show many more people were gathered on the National Mall for Obama’s first inauguration.
  • NHL looks to build hockey's presence in China with 5-year Tencent deal

    The National Hockey League (NHL) and China’s Tencent have agreed the terms of a five-year strategic partnership that will see the internet giant carry selected games on its video sites and mobile platforms. 
    NHL vice president Bill Daly claimed the deal would help the development of the sport in the world’s largest economy.
    “Rome was not built in a day, and in the short term, we need to build hockey’s presence here,” remarked Daly. 
    In addition to coverage
  • Google awards $50k seed money to British firms looking to fight fake news

    Google has awarded £50,000 (£41,000) of seed capital each to three British groups in a bid to rid the internet of fake news. 
    The groups - Factmata, The Ferret and Full Fact - are currently looking to design widgets that will find claims online and determine whether or not they are true. 
    Factmata founder, Dhruv Ghulati, who studied machine learning at University College London, told the press he was looking to find a way to provide the services of a human fact-checker, but
  • Shia Labeouf protests Trump presidency with 4-year performance art livestream

    American actor Shia Labeouf has launched his latest piece of performance art - a four-year long protest livestream against President Trump. 
    Unveiled as Trump took office as the 45th president of the United States, the participatory livestream titled ‘He will not divide us’ is staged outside New York’s Museum of the Moving Image and is open 24/7. 
    The protest encourages members of the public to join in by delivering the words ‘he will not divide us’ into a
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  • Personal data being sold off at a 'huge scale' for as little as 4p

    Personal and financial data is being traded on a ‘huge scale’, sometimes illegally and for as little as 4p, consumer group Which? has revealed.
    Investigating 14 companies that sell data, Which? gained access to the personal data of half a million over 50s, including details of their salaries and pensions. Ten of the 14 firms reportedly failed to carry out proper checks on the researchers, breaching guidelines from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). 
    In order to s
  • Nintendo confirms 'end of life' for Wii U

    Nintendo has confirmed it’s the end of the road for its Wii U games console. 
    First launched in 2012, the Wii U has struggled to match the success of the original Wii device. 
    Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo America, confirmed to Polygon that the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would be the final game for the device. 
    “We really are at the end of life for Wii U,” said Fils-Aime, assuring Wii U players that the company would still continue to provide o
  • BBC confirms Bake Off spin-off Creme de le Creme will return to BBC Two with new host Angus Deayton

    The BBC might have lost the Great British Bake Off (GBBO) to Channel 4 but spin-off series Creme de la Creme is staying put with Angus Deayton confirmed as the show’s new host. 
    The show, which airs on BBC Two, was hosted by chef Tom Kerridge last year and sees 10 teams of professional pastry chefs compete in tasks to make perfect pastries and spectacular showcases.  
    Deayton, who is best known for hosting topical quiz ‘Have I Got News For You&rsqu
  • Unicode Committee sets Redhead emoji wheels in motion

    Unicode Committee has proposed a ginger-haired emoji, finally allowing redheads across the globe to join the world of emojis. 
    Emojipedia reports the committee - which is due to meet next week at the Apple campus - is set to go over a new proposal from the Unicode Subcommittee to iron out the details of a redhead emoji among others. 
    The Unicode Committee has been widely criticised for the lack of a redhead emoji in the past, with next week’s discussions set to include what range
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  • World Economic Forum 2017 – Trump, Brexit, diversity and taking responsibility

    Amidst a tide of political upheaval and populist backlash, the world’s elite tried to make sense of it all at Davos this week and from their discussions it became clear that now more than ever that those brands that care about responsible leadership will win amidst such global uncertainty.  
    Brands must take social responsibility seriously change
    Procter & Gamble’s (P&G) chief executive David Taylor said that big businesses have been witness to one of the biggest backlas
  • Workhouse Creative signs director Renato Marques

    Seattle-based content studio Workhouse Creative has signed CG director Renato Marques to its roster for exclusive US commercial representation.
    Marques has extensive experience in commercial visual effects and in addition to the signing, will act as the lead computer graphics director and technical advisor to Workhouse Creative’s post-production arm, St. George Post.
    Marques was previously a senior art director at The Mill in Los Angeles.
    The move marks the return of Renato Marques’
  • President Donald Trump claims @Potus handle from Barack Obama in Twitter power transfer

    The @Potus Twitter handle has been handed over by Barack Obama to the freshly inaugurated president Donald Trump, marking the first Twitter transfer of power in US history. 
    The account, which currently has 13 million followers, has been used by Obama since 2015, however the Democrat has now been given the handle @Potus44 by Twitter. Previous tweets from his time in the White House have been archived by the social network, a special privilege that means all posts from the former president w
  • How The Times owned Trump (without fake news)

    When Donald Trump chose The Times for his first UK interview, the Rupert Murdoch-owned publisher had a week to plan an elaborate marketing and editorial strategy that would see it turn one meeting into a week-long subscription-driving machine.
    Yet while it has enjoyed a week leading the news agenda and turning new readers into revenue, the publisher advises news brands in the wake of a fake news epidemic that sometimes “it pays not to be first but it pays more to be right”, laying ou
  • Fox News hires Nigel Farage as political contributor

    Former UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage has picked up employment as a contributor with Fox News Channel in the USA.
    Farage, who resigned as leader of UKIP in July 2016, will offer political analysis across both the Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network’s daytime and primetime programming. He will begin his new role immediately.
    The right-leaning cable channel announced the news today (20 January), just 10 minutes before Donald Trump was sworn in as president of the USA.
  • How should brands respond to a tweeting president?

    The New York Times, which has found itself – and its writers – on the receiving end of Donald Trump’s Twitter wrath many, many times, has compiled a comprehensive compendium of the people, places and things Trump has attacked on his go-to middle-of-the-night social platform.
    It includes plenty of media brands and Hollywood personalities, as well as Super Bowl 50, Major League Baseball, the IRS, Amazon, Macy’s, T-Mobile and Broadway darling Hamilton.
    But, funny enough
  • My favorite Super Bowl ad: BSSP's Keith Cartwright

    Ahead of Super Bowl 51, The Drum has asked some of the industry’s most influential people to reflect on their favorite Super Bowl ad of all time and discuss why it stands out to them.
    We’ve also asked them to give their thoughts on whether they think social media has helped or hurt the effectiveness of the coveted Super Bowl spot. Over the past few years, many brands have chosen to leverage the power of social media by teasing or releasing their Super Bowl spots online days before th
  • Black Lives Matter spins off Facebook safety check feature to highlight racism in US

    In the week that began with Martin Luther King day and was bookended by the inauguration of Donald Trump as president of the United States, Black Lives Matter have launched a web app, Mark Yourself Unsafe, to highlight the dangerous levels of racism in the US.
    The app spins off Facebook’s safety check feature, that allows users near a major crisis to let their friends know that they’re safe, instead inviting black people to mark themselves unsafe as a sign of solidarity against racis
  • YouTube shuns cookies and pixels in favour of signed in user data for cross screen targetting

    YouTube is to start limiting its use of tracking cookies and pixels on the site, now looking to better utilize the data of logged in users across multiple devices.
    YouTube made the announcement on the company blog today (20 Janurary), saying that 50% of its views now come from mobile and as such, it is making moves to better measure ad campaigns and reach across such devices.
    Over the next year it will begin rolling out a new cloud based measurement solution, promising advertisers "acc
  • National Trust launches ad agency review

    The National Trust has launched a review of its creative ad agency requirements, putting five-year incumbent 18 Feet & Rising on alert.
  • Women’s March on Washington unveils powerful PSA to encourage participation

    Ahead of the Women’s March on Washington and the hundreds of sister marches that will take place across the country on 21 Jan, McGarryBowen’s Marianne Besch and Intel’s Teresa Herd are spearheading a powerful PSA campaign to encourage women and their loved ones to participate.
    In a PSA that features Chelsea Handler and a slew of other female celebs, women explain why they’ll be marching on Saturday, just one day after Donald Trump's inauguration. 
    The spot aims to hi
  • Manchester City, FC Barcelona and more among Euro teams to unveil bespoke Snapchat lenses

    Snapchat has rolled out a series of bespoke Lenses for premier European football teams which let fans apply real-time filters to their selfies to showcase support. 
    13 of the top sides from England, France, Germany, Spain and Italy will look to encourage fans to use the geo-specific Lenses to 'paint' their face in their team's colours and play ball.
    The likes of Liverpool, Juventus, Atletico, Arsenal and Manchester City are among those who will make use Snapchat's technology, with
  • How Diageo is adapting to the ‘changing face of socialising’

    At-home ‘theatre’ and digital technology are two socialising trends that Diageo will be keeping an eye on during 2017 as the drinks giant looks at how it can create innovative products and market its brands in a rapidly changing social environment.
     As part of a new report series named Diageo Futures, the maker of Gordon’s and Guinness today released a report that identifies three main social trends it expects to see in the coming year, including, ‘socialising is bec
  • Advertisers can now target YouTube ads with data from Google Accounts

    In recognition that 50% of views are now coming through mobile, YouTube has announced changes it claims will allow advertisers and agencies to better measure their campaigns and target audiences on YouTube across screens.
  • Uber agrees to pony up $20 million to settle allegations it misled drivers in US

    Ride share company Uber has agreed to pay $20m to settle claims that it misled drivers about prospective earnings, according to a story by Reuters.
    Documents filed with a US federal court claimed that the ride-hailing company exaggerated prospective earnings when it recruited drivers and downplayed the costs of buying or leasing a car. The company had stated on its website that some Uber drivers made more than $90,000 in New York, when the real earnings were $61,000, the Federal Trade Com
  • Unleashing the potential of 'total' search

    The Drum Network meets iCrossing's head of search, Mark Williams, to discover more on his ‘Total’ approach to Search in advance of a Breakfast Briefing event next week...
    What is 'Total Search'?
    Total Search is a holistic approach to search marketing, which considers SEO and PPC as a single channel.
    Why is this important?
    We live in C2B world, where consumers lead and brands follow, and the brands that succeed are those that take a channel-agnostic, customer-centric approach to marke
  • HTC offers chance to meet president Trump in VR

    Vive, the VR device made by smartphone brand HTC, has created a virtual reality experience that lets users meet Donald Trump ahead of the billionaire's inauguration as US president today.
  • Spike Lee drops Trump inauguration performer from Netflix show

    Musicians and artists have faced pressures over whether to perform at Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration.
    The former reality TV star has reportedly faced difficulties securing acts to perform during the ceremony.
    Grammy winner Chrisette Michele was reportedly in line to have her single ‘Black Girl Magic’ appear in Lee’s exclusive Netflix series ‘She’s Gotta Have It’.
    The director took to Instagram to announced he’d decided not to use the song
  • Omelet lands its first documentary on Viceland

    For an advertising agency, Omelet has reached beyond its usual briefs and creative capabilities to make its first full-length documentary, License to Operate. The story of former gang members becoming liaisons between the police and the community was a bold move for the indie LA-based agency, and it has paid off. The documentary has been picked up for national release by cable channel Viceland and will premiere tonight at 10 p.m.
    The journey from creative agency to film producer seemed a natural
  • Shepard Fairey adapts iconic Obama 'Hope' poster for The Amplifier Foundation

    The artist behind the world famous Barack Obama 'Hope' poster which became one of the defining images of the former president's 2008 campaign, has unveiled a new series of anti-Donald Trump prints. 
    American designer Shepard Fairey has applied the same artistic technique to produce a series of red, white and blue designs for nonprofit group, The Amplifier Foundation. 
    The organisation asked Fairey and other artists to create the posters for use during president-elect Trump's inaug
  • From ad blocking to fake news: Three digital media predictions for 2017

    As a whole, from Facebook to Donald Trump, the digital media industry experienced significant change over the past year. And while content preferences certainly played a role in the shifting landscape, the constant evolution of technology – across all areas: access, distribution and advertising – was ultimately the most significant influence. 
    But with so much innovation, what should we expect in the New Year? To make sense of it all, here are three digital media predictions lik
  • ColArt appoints TMW for digital content brief on Winsor & Newton brand

    ColArt, the art materials manufacturer, has appointed TMW to handle digital content creation for its Winsor & Newton brand.
    TMW landed the account after a pitch against the incumbent agency The Big Group and has been briefed to reinforce product quality for Winsor & Newton’s core lines.
    However, ColArt wants to ensure that its “student, hobbyist and professional audiences” are still catered to.
    “I’m delighted to work with TMW Unlimited on this exciting brand
  • Six in ten Brits unhappy with retail apps and want integrated AR/VR

    While UK consumers have been downloading more retail apps in the past year than they have before, only 40% find themselves satisfied with the current offering.
  • Tough Mudder's partnership with Sky Sports is a wake up call for brands to move in on mass-participation fitness events

    Tough Mudder’s new media partnership with Sky Sports is the latest broadcast deal for the series and highlights the surging popularity and commercial opportunities which mass participation fitness events present for brands and sponsors.
    The video content partnership will present an in-depth look into all the action from the brand’s most extreme event, the World’s Toughest Mudder, which consists of a 24-hour endurance race featuring more extreme obstacles and elite athletes
  • Stop bombarding customers with dreary comms and build a proper relationship instead

    One of the benefits of an extended Christmas and new year break is having the time to change aspects in our lives that have been niggling at us. One thing that featured high on the list last year was the state of my overflowing inbox – a random mix of important, interesting, irrelevant and wholly inappropriate missives in need of a cull.
    It doesn’t take long to establish that the worst email offenders (irrelevant, inappropriate, or just plain dull) are some of the best-known brands w
  • Liverpool’s Creative Kitchen announces 2017 events line-up

    Digital and creative events organiser Creative Kitchen has released details of their 2017 events programme, which sees the return of its popular Liverpool-based Developer Breakfasts and Made Here events, as well as involvement in Prolific North Live in Manchester.
    The first Developer Breakfast of the year takes place on 31 January at 92 Degrees Coffee, bringing members of Liverpool’s digital and creative community together to share knowledge, ideas and experiences.
    The Creative Kitchen tea
  • Tesco hires Mindshare's Nick Ashley as first head of media as it seeks value in £90m spend

    Tesco has become the latest heavyweight advertiser to carve out a role in its marketing team dedicated to ensuring it’s getting its money’s worth when it comes to media investments.
    Former Mindshare executive Nick Ashley will join the retailer in March as head of media, reporting to group brand director Michelle McEttrick.
    “The media landscape continues to be disrupted at pace, and I'm looking forward to building the media team and helping evolve Tesco's approach to media movin
  • Is this the end of Brand Obama?

    Let’s face it – Americans know how to build successful brands. Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Apple and Amazon are all examples of brands that were born in the US and grew to world domination. We should now add another name to that list – Obama.
    Obama is a brand that extends beyond the man himself. It encompasses his wife Michelle and his children Malia and Sasha. Together they reinvented and reinvigorated perceptions of the first family and to a large extent, the United States it
  • Viral student ads: The shake up the industry needs, or playing into the perception anyone can 'do' advertising?

    As the world waited with bated breath for the 2016 John Lewis Christmas ad to drop last year an 18-year-old media student managed to dupe thousands into believing his A-level coursework was the retailer’s latest effort.
    Featuring all the hallmarks of bygone John Lewis ads, Nick Jablonka’s ‘The Snowglobe’ had audiences fooled, racking up half-a-million views in a matter of hours and landing him a job offer from W Communications.
    Video of &am
  • People on the move: M/Six, Adam&Eve DDB, Jack Morton and more

    This week has seen another wave of appointments and departures at brands, media owners and agencies. The Drum has rounded up the key moves from the EMEA, APAC and North America regions below.
    Trainline has announced the appointment of Mark Brooker as chief operating officer. 
    In this newly created role, Brooker will be repsonsible for marketing, product and Trainline international while reporting directly to chief executive officer, Clare Gilmartin. 
  • Live: Brands and media react to President Donald Trump's inauguration

    It has been a divisive presidential election, with twists, turns, fake news, real news, scandal, emails, tweets and outspoken celebrities all adding to the entertainment factor, if not the quality of debate.
    Now is the day president elect Donald Trump takes the stage for his inauguration, to swear in as the 45th US president.
    As a Trump event, the afternoon is unlikely to pass without incident. We'll be gathering all the in real time input from brands both positive and negative...
  • Four reasons why machine learning is advertising’s next big thing

    Machine learning has come a long way since Hollywood painted it as shiny robots fueled by artificial intelligence. In the Hollywood version, robots usually end up replacing humans. But today, we’re actually using machine learning to supplement many of the things that humans do best. Take art, for example. Music. Customer service. Video games. Financial trading. News reporting. And of course, advertising.
    Even the words 'machine learning' carry a lot of baggage for people. They feel foreign
  • Premier Foods investor urges sale as profits fall short

    Concerns surrounding Premier Foods’ “ability to recover from its long-standing ‘zombie’ status”
  • Ad of the Day: Geordie Gary becomes the world's most powerful man as Pot Noodle spoofs inauguration day

    Pot Noodle has taken advantage of inauguration day to launch the latest part of its ‘You can make it’ campaign which reminds millennials they can make their dreams come true with a bit of hard work (and a Pot Noodle in their belly).
    Telling the tale of a humble brickie who, despite an apparent lack of qualifications or talent, makes it all the way to the top and winds up as the world’s most powerful man (sound familiar?).
    Created by Lucky Generals, the topical online film follo
  • Premier hit by fall in multibuys as higher costs squeeze margins

    A reduction in supermarket multibuys and own-label growth has wiped out branded sales growth, Premier Foods has claimed
  • Facebook insider alleges employees ‘script’ Mark Zuckerberg’s profile interactions

    Mark Zuckerberg’s personal Facebook profile might not be as personal as it seems following reports that posts made by the social media founder to his 84 million followers may in fact be scripted by a small army of courtiers.
    A Facebook outsider claims that many of the seemingly off-the-cuff remarks, responses to questions and windows to his private life are in fact ‘churned out by full time staff’, keen to paint the billionaire in the best light possible.
    Zuckerberg is apparent
  • Supermarket shopping app Ubamarket secures PE rollout funds

    The app is currently being trialled in the Warner Budgens flagship store in Moreton-in-Marsh
  • Snapchat advertisers can now target ads based on offline behaviour

    Despite once denouncing overtly “creepy” advertising, Snapchat has struck a deal with Oracle Data Cloud to allow advertisers to add offline user data to their arsenal.
    The partnership will allow the likes of Honda and The Honest Company to target Snapchat users more deeply with relevant ads based on things they have purchased offline. This data might come in the form of loyalty card behaviour, for example.
    The idea is that brands will be able to ascertain whether their ads on Snapcha

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