• Daniel Craig Designed a “007 Aston Martin DBS” for Nieman Marcus

    If you have money to burn, treat yourself to this ultimate in James Bond gadgets: a stunning Aston Martin DBS Superleggera designed by the latest 007, Daniel Craig. There’s no word on what Daniel Craig did to “design” this particular car, but the inky-blue beast is being offered in a run of just seven units, and each costs $700,007. Every example comes with a limited-edition, all-platinum Omega Seamaster Diver 300m.
    The pricey stocking-stuffer is one of the latest “Fantas
  • Review: The 2020 Toyota Corolla XSE Is a Great Car for Almost Anyone

    LOS ANGELES, California—Here’s the bottom line on the 2020 Toyota Corolla XSE right up front: For about, oh, three-quarters of the driving public, Toyota’s all-new version of its iconic compact four-door sedan will fit their every driving need. Sure, you can have more fun behind the wheel of a VW Golf or a Honda Civic or a Mazda 3, but “fun” is a priority only for weirdo driving enthusiasts like you and me. Most people just want a solid, reliable, safe, and affordab
  • VIDEO: Hyundai iMax N Drift Bus Is a 402-HP, Eight-Passenger Van!

    Vans are awesome—they haul stuff and take you on epic adventures along with seven other people you hopefully like. But what if said van also gives you thrills? That’s exactly what Hyundai Australia added to a humble iMax (also known as Starex in other global markets) passenger van. However, it didn’t just give it a couple go fast bits and pieces, this iMax got the full N treatment. Say hello to the Hyundai iMax N Drift Bus, the eight-passenger, rear-drive machine that&rsqu
  • Eight Special-Edition Corvettes You Might Not Remember

    Special-edition cars have always been a great way for automakers to earn a few extra bucks on the sentimentality of their enthusiast customers. That’s no different for Chevrolet and its Corvette, a model that garners more than a little enthusiasm from countless owners. Many special-edition packages tend to offer more show than go, and while that’s certainly the case with various Corvette special editions, there have also been several that back up their looks with a little more perfor
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  • Dozens of Muscle Cars and Hot Rods Roll to Mississippi Sock Hop

    On Thursday, October 10, our friends at the HOT ROD Network checked out the Vintage Air/Street Rodder Road Tour and 23rd Annual Cruisin’ the Coast. Below is a brief recap and a gallery of what they saw.
    There were no formal plans for the group that rolled 55 cars deep and that started from Vintage Air’s San Antonio, Texas, manufacturing plant. Our official digs were at the Scarlet Pearl, and on Thursday there was an event they called the Sock Hop. Remembering the stri
  • Shut Down: 100s of Muscle Cars, EVs, and More Seized and Headed to Auction

    It’s easy to spend money when it isn’t yours in the first place. So appears to be the case with this eclectic collection of cars once owned by husband and wife Jeff and Paulette Carpoff, who stand accused of defrauding investors including Berkshire Hathaway mogul Warren Buffett out of millions of dollars. The Carpoffs allegedly funneled money from their solar energy company, DC Energy, to enable a luxury lifestyle, including the purchase of hundreds of collector cars. Those cars are
  • What's new for Audi, Hyundai's large drift machine, Polestar 2 vs. XC40 Recharge: What's New @ The Car Connection

    What’s new for 2020: Audi The luxury automaker added two wagons to its A6 lineup and will keep the TT around for another year. What do you get from a connected car app? Connected car apps are becoming more common and more functional in new cars, and automakers such as Ford are making these convenient apps free. NHTSA finally plans to get...
  • What do you get from a connected car app?

    As cars themselves get smarter and smarter, the technology on our dashboards is becoming ever more intertwined with the devices we carry in our pockets. From simple maintenance reminders to functions that can turn a smartphone into an advanced key fob, connected car apps vary significantly in terms of capability⁠—and cost. Earlier this...
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  • Aston Martin DBX: Details Divulged in New Photos

    Ignore the dogs. We’ve already seen photos of the upcoming Aston Martin DBX wearing trippy camouflage and bright-red lipstick, but a new batch of undisguised detail shots provide fresh clues about the super-SUV. Bundled with a news blast covering accessories that can be optioned on the high-performance high-rider, the photos hint at its capabilities, as well as similarities and differences between other Aston Martins.The crew in Gaydon explicitly details the DBX’s cargo capacity as t
  • This Is Saleen’s New GT4 Race Car

    Saleen is no stranger to GT racing, and its latest offering aims to bring the competition experience to drivers of varying skill levels. The company on Thursday in Las Vegas revealed its GT4 concept race car, based on the Saleen 1 (a.k.a. the Saleen S1) and intended to compete in SRO Motorsport Group’s GT4 series. Saleen plans to build the cars in Corona, California, beginning in November, and will open them to customer orders once SRO homologates the model for competition.
    Saleen revealed
  • NHTSA finally plans to get 5-star testing up to speed

    New vehicles will have to meet more rigorous safety standards to earn five-star safety ratings doled out by federal regulators, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced Wednesday. “American car buyers want safety, and NHTSA wants to help by creating additional market-based incentives for automakers to continue investing...
  • 2020 Toyota Prius

    It’s hard not to have an opinion on the 2020 Toyota Prius. The car’s expressive shape, impressive fuel economy, and reasonable price have made it a favorite with drivers interested in saving fuel. But gas is cheap, and rivals are catching up, which makes the 2020 Prius less of a stand-out than before. We rate the lineup at 6.0 out of...
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  • This Enigmatic Buick Race Car Was Way Ahead of Its Time

    If you’re poking around the automotive side of the web, I’d be willing to bet you already know a fair bit about some of the most influential and historically important cars to shape this industry. You know of those indelible highs like the Ford Model T, BMW 2002, and Lexus LS400, and you’re cognizant of particular lows like the Edsel, Pontiac Aztec, and Ford Pinto. None of these should be remotely news to you; they’ve been written about, discussed, and covered ad nauseum
  • The GM-UAW Strike Is (Tentatively) Over

    The first details of the tentative contract between the United Auto Workers and General Motors appeared to be a whole lot of compromises made by both sides, but the details show something a bit better. From the moment the union went on strike against the automaker at midnight on September 16, it seemed there was a tacit understanding that this would be the last-ever contract negotiations of this kind.
    That is to say, these were the last 20th-century-style UAW-GM contract negotiations. You might
  • What’s new for 2020: Audi

    The luxury arm of Volkswagen is loading its lineup of stately sedans, capable crossovers, and sporty compacts and wagons with more standard safety equipment and trim options for 2020. This year, for Audi, the base Titanium trim is no longer offered, leaving the core trim levels as Premium, Premium Plus, and Prestige. The biggest news for Audi...
  • Volvo XC40 Recharge plugs in, AMG goes hybrid, Kia Soul EV delayed: What's New @ The Car Connection

    2021 Volvo XC40 Recharge electric crossover debuts: 200 miles, all-wheel drive, constantly updated Volvo's first electric vehicle, the 2021 XC40 Recharge, leads the charge for a more sustainable future. 2019 Volkswagen Arteon earns top crash safety ratings despite poor headlights The big Volkswagen sedan's headlights kept it from earning an award...
  • 2021 Volvo XC40 Recharge electric crossover debuts: 200 miles, all-wheel drive, constantly updated

    Volvo's first all-electric car made its official debut Wednesday and carries with it the automaker's ambitious plan to pollute less from the vehicles it produces and to reduce emissions from the factories that make the cars. The 2021 Volvo XC40 will go on sale later in 2020 and cost more than $55,000, before applicable federal, state, and local...
  • 2020 Toyota Camry

    The 2020 Toyota Camry lineup ranges from mainstream suburban family car to hypermiling commuter to track-tuned TRD sports sedan. There’s something for everyone here, at least everyone who hasn’t followed the call of the SUV. We rate the entire range at 6.8 out of 10. (Read more about how we rate cars.) Some versions, such as the Camry...
  • Ford’s Escape, Explorer, and Expedition Get Custom-tastic for SEMA

    This time of year, the days may be getting shorter, but we can already feel the SEMA lines getting longer. The well-established custom-car, accessories, and tuner show in Las Vegas, Nevada, is just around the corner, and while we’ve already seen what Ford has in store for some Ranger and F-150 pickups at its booth, now we get to learn about its plans for the 2020 Escape, Explorer, and Expedition SUVs. Read on to learn about the transformations, which range from street machines to off-road
  • 2019 Volkswagen Arteon earns top crash safety ratings despite poor headlights

    The 2019 Volkswagen Arteon just missed a Top Safety Pick award due to headlights with either deficient visibility or excessive glare. But when it comes to crashworthiness, the full-size sedan earned the praise of the IIHS, which conducts the most rigorous crash-safety testing of any non-profit testing agency. In the six key tests, including the...
  • Review: The 2020 Acura TLX PMC Edition Is the Best TLX Yet

    I had just hopped out of this 2020 Acura TLX when a gentlemen having a smoke nearby decided to offer up his opinion to me about the TLX’s shiny red coat.
    “Man, that’s one hell of a paint job! Candy apple red!” he said, with genuine enthusiasm. Actually, it’s Valencia Red Pearl, which also happens to be a color available for the Acura NSX. That’s not by coincidence. This TLX has some NSX love baked into it, and as my man said, it looks damn good.
    At its core, t
  • Hyundai’s Three-Doored Chaos-Mobile Goes Full Bonkers

    Hyundai is taking its asymmetrical Veloster hatchback off the beaten path with the Grappler concept. Equipped with body cladding, altered fascias, a raised ride height, and improved approach and departure angles, the Grappler looks ready for all kinds of wicked and dirty adventures.
    To further bolster its off-road performance, the Hyundai Veloster Grappler concept gets oversized all-terrain tires, rally-themed Method Racing wheels, and a Borla exhaust. That, friends is, not all, though, as the t
  • The 1959.5 “Transitional” Porsche Speedster Is Drop-Dead Gorgeous

    The rift between purists and hot-rodders will never be completely mended, no matter how common the car or how large the investment. There is one small patch of middle ground, however; in the case of the unsalvageable, both sides usually agree that a repurposing is better than sending the car to the scrapper. Legendary Porsche shop owner and 356 Outlaw mastermind Rod Emory skillfully straddles the fine line between spectacular and sacrilege better than anyone, and it’s with that in mind we
  • My 1,700-Mile, Black and White Adventure in a 2019 Porsche Cayenne S

    We had pulled off U.S. Route 395 in the small town of Independence, followed a road into the undistinguishable mountains of Inyo National Forest, and parked in a gravel pull-out. There, we folded down the rear seats of the 2019 Porsche Cayenne S we were driving, unrolled our Nemo sleeping bags, and drifted into dreams as the faint outline of the Milky Way beamed in through the panoramic sunroof. Why did we decide to sleep in the third-generation Cayenne? Mainly because we didn’t want to sp
  • What Do Old-School Mustang Guys Think of the Kia Stinger?

    MALIBU, California—As much as cars from the Hyundai-Kia-Genesis juggernaut have improved over the past couple of decades, driver appeal has never been a strong point—at least it wasn’t until 2015, when Hyundai hired Albert Biermann away from BMW’s M Division. He’s steadily improved the group’s products, but the Kia Stinger is his first standard-bearer.
    After nearly a year with our long-term Four Seasons Stinger GT, the Automobile staff knows it’s the rea
  • Jeep and the Hummer People Create Military-Spec Gladiator Pickup Truck

    The Jeep Gladiator JT pickup truck hasn’t been around for very long, but it’s already proven to be extremely popular. We’re big fans of the Wrangler-based truck in both its stock form, as well as the six incredibly awesome Gladiator concepts Jeep and Mopar created for the 2019 Moab Easter Jeep Safari. This latest concept, however, comes as a result of a partnership between Jeep and AM General—you might remember AM General as the company that turned the HMMWV (Humvee)
  • Palisade versus Telluride, Bentley Flying Spur review, Chevy Bolt EV update: What's New @ The Car Connection

    2020 Hyundai Palisade vs. 2020 Kia Telluride: Compare SUVs Hyundai Palisade and Kia Telluride, two of the hottest SUVs for 2020, are actually related. Review update: 2020 Nissan Versa is bigger and better than before We revisit the affordable 2020 Nissan Versa for a week to see if small cars are still a big deal. Ford recalls new Ranger pickups...
  • 2020 Hyundai Palisade vs. 2020 Kia Telluride: Compare SUVs

    Two of the most anticipated SUVs this year have more in common than being named after ritzy 1-percenter outposts in Colorado and California. The 2020 Kia Telluride and 2020 Hyundai Palisade three-row SUVs are mechanically related in many ways, share similar interior features, powertrains, seating for up to eight, and offer good value. There are...
  • Review update: 2020 Nissan Versa is bigger and better than before

    In a market overrun by over-sized and over-priced cars, the redesigned 2020 Nissan Versa is relief. The small sedan demonstrates you can still get a reasonably equipped car at a reasonable price. The entry-level Nissan Versa grows from its basic budget car past with more everything. It’s lower, wider, longer, more powerful, sharper to look...
  • Get FunKei: Toyota Copen GR Sport Is a Lovably Microscopic Sports Car

    If you’re anything like most of us here at Automobile, you’ve looked across the wide Pacific to the streets of Japan and viewed that country’s tiny kei cars and trucks with envy. Built to be the smallest highway-legal class of car in Japan, these machines often pack the fun and funky styling of much larger cars in a teeny package. While kei cars can be anything from delivery vans to hatchbacked runabouts, there are sporty options, too—and there’s a new one of those
  • 2020 Porsche Taycan 4S: The Lowest-Priced Taycan So Far

    Porsche debuted the 2020 Taycan EV in Turbo and Turbo S trim, but we always knew the electric sedan’s lineup would add variants below those top models. That expansion has happened earlier than expected—meet the Taycan 4S, the newest electric Porsche.
    The 4S comes with two battery options and two output levels. The Performance Battery offers 522 horsepower, while the Performance Battery Plus delivers 563. The standard Performance Battery in the 4S has been slightly downsized to 79.2 k
  • 2020 Bentley Flying Spur First Drive Review: Ultraluxe, Redefined

    MONTE CARLO, Monaco—Imposter syndrome is real. So is wealth so extreme, it upstages virtually everything in its wake. Case in point: I’m about to climb into the 2020 Bentley Flying Spur I’m borrowing for the day, a $214,600 sedan finished in a fetching shade of Verdant over Cambrian. In case you’re not steeped in the vagaries of posh hue-naming conventions, those are varying shades of green, the color that signifies life, renewal, and yes, money. In this case, the theory
  • Ford recalls new Ranger pickups for fire risk

    Ford is recalling its brand-new midsize Ranger pickup for a potential fire hazard, the company announced Monday. The risk stems from the climate control system's blower motor, which may have been built without enough clearance between its base plate (which is conductive) and an electrical terminal. The two can make contact, resulting in a short...
  • A more affordable Porsche Taycan drops, Tesla Pickup still on track, and the GTI's plaid seats headline The Car Connection news

    How the Volkswagen GTI got those plaid seats and golf-ball shifter VW designer Gunhil Liljequist discusses how the Golf GTI's plaid seats and golf-ball shifter came to be. More than 366,000 Subaru Foresters recalled for faulty front airbag sensors A front-seat sensor may fail to detect an occupant and may not deploy an airbag if the SUV is...
  • More than 366,000 Subaru Foresters recalled for faulty front airbag sensors

    Subaru will recall certain Forester crossover SUVs equipped with heated front seats, the company announced this month. A loose electrical connection can cause a malfunction in the occupant detection system (ODS), which detects the relative size of a front-seat passenger. If the ODS doesn't detect a passenger, then the passenger airbag is...
  • BMW recalls many of its newer cars, including Toyota Supra, for faulty rearview camera

    BMW will recall most of its newer models, including the Toyota Supra, Rolls-Royce Cullinan and Phantom, for a rearview camera flaw. The camera settings in those cars can be adjusted to no longer project a rear image when in reverse, and that setting stays the same the next time the vehicle is put in reverse, which doesn't comply with the NHTSA...
  • Toyota extends battery warranty on all new hybrid and electric vehicles

    Toyota is the uncontested leader in hybrid vehicles and now it has the longest warranty to back up its hybrid know-how. On Thursday, Toyota announced it would extend its hybrid battery warranty from 8 years/100,000 miles to 10 years/150,000 miles on all 2020 hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and fuel-cell vehicles. Unlike Hyundai’s...
  • How the Volkswagen GTI got those plaid seats and golf-ball shifter

    While the Volkswagen Golf might not come back to America next year, the plaid seats of the Golf GTI will get another run in the legendary hatchback. Formerly known as the Rabbit in North America, the successor to the Volkswagen Beetle launched more than 40 years ago, and the plaid seats in the more performance-minded GTI trim have been winning...
  • They Sold for What? This Nissan 300ZX + More Undervalued Classics

    If you’re running a collector-car auction company, the best possible scenario you can have is for every car to be offered at no reserve. The reason is simple: Without a reserve price, every vehicle in the auction will be sold to the highest bidder, no matter what that bid is. Auction houses make most of their money on commission—the premium paid from both the seller and the buyer on the sales price. In Las Vegas, Barrett-Jackson was able to consign all 677 vehicles it had in inventor
  • GM-UAW Strike May Extend Wait for 2020 C8 Corvette Stingray

    We’ve waited more than 50 years for a mid-engine Corvette, and as the GM-UAW strike drags on, 2020 C8 buyers could tag an extra few weeks or more onto the delivery date.
    Unionized GM workers have been on strike since September 15 as the two sides work to hammer out a new deal after the last four-year contract expired at midnight on September 14. GM stockpiled as much inventory as possible ahead of time but the reality is strikes force plants to close and customers can get caught in the cro
  • Is the 2020 Audi RS6 Avant Really Worth Freaking Out Over?

    Audi currently sells no wagons in the U.S.A.—zero, zilch, not a one. Sure, there’s the A4 Allroad but it carries unattractive plastic cladding and SUV-like lifted suspension. So, you can understand why I nearly fell off my chair when Audi recently announced that the batshit crazy, near-600-hp new RS6 Avant is coming to America. It’s such big news that the company’s press release was titled in all capital letters and ended with three exclamation points: “ALL-NEW AUDI
  • 2020 Mercedes-AMG GLC63 S Coupe First Drive

    AMENIA, New York—In L.A., it’s hard to tell when summer has exactly ended; the clearest indicator is when Starbucks starts to promote its beloved—or intensely hated—pumpkin-spice latte. In upstate New York, though, the landscape paints a clearer picture, one that’s at once cinematic and straight out of another century.
    My personal taste in cars runs toward things like the Jaguar F-Type SVR coupe, Porsche 911 Targa 4 GTS, and Lexus LC500, all of which offer seductive
  • These Custom Ford Ranger Pickups Include Sweet Overland Rigs

    If there’s one thing you can count on every year at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, it’s Ford bringing a fleet of modified vehicles to populate its massive booth. Today, the Blue Oval reveals the Rangers and Transit vans it plans to exhibit, though you can count on seeing many more customized Fords at its show stand—Ford says it will have more than 50 vehicles on display. We still have yet to see the F-Series trucks, SUVs, and crossovers it plans to show, not to mention all the For
  • 2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport reveal, 2021 Toyota RAV4 gets plugged in, off-roading with trucks in muck: What's New @ The Car Connection

    2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport fills the gap between Tiguan and Atlas Volkswagen launched the 2020 Atlas Cross Sport mid-size crossover to slot between the Tiguan compact and Atlas three-row crossovers. Mucking it up with the Jeep Gladiator, Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro, and Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison The three mid-size trucks tackle an off-road course...
  • GM’s ISV Army Truck Is the Baddest-Ass Chevy Colorado ZR2

    Think the new 2021 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2, the midsize pickup truck’s hard-core off-road trim, is impressive? Updated for ’21, its primary change from before include less styling—seriously, Chevy just straight-up made most of the front end part of the grille or intake. Underneath, it still has the same lifted suspension, beefy tires, and 4×4 equipment to chase goats up rocky paths. But what if that ZR2—or even the insane Bison version—isn’t crazy enough?
  • 2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Specs + Photos: The German Honda Passport

    Two for the cost of one. It’s Volkswagen’s new doubling-up strategy to get more variants per platform to give customers more choice while spending less to do so. The first test of this move is the 2020 Atlas Cross Sport midsize crossover, a five-passenger, two-row version of the larger seven-seat, three-row Atlas. It’s the same tactic Honda used with the Passport, which is a shortened version of the Pilot.
    VW will do the same thing in the compact SUV space with plans to slot an
  • 2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport fills the gap between Tiguan and Atlas

    Volkswagen's doubling down on crossover SUVs with the 2020 Atlas Cross Sport. On Friday in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the German automaker unveiled the 2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport, a shorter two-row version of the three-row Atlas to take on the Honda Passport and Nissan Murano. In the Volkswagen crossover lineup, it slots between the smaller...
  • Mucking it up with the Jeep Gladiator, Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro, and Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison

    It was rainy, the forest was overgrown, the trail was rutted with pools of mud. In other words, it was perfect for off-roading. The contenders on this typical Midwestern fall day were the refreshed 2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Double Cab, the new 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon, and the new Bison package on the 2019 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2. While all...
  • Do Rich Car Buyers Know What They’re Missing Out On?

    I recently spent time with two cars on the extreme opposite ends of the financial spectrum. If you parked the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera and the Ford Fiesta ST in front of a group of random people and asked which they’d rather drive quickly down a tight and twisty backroad, most would pick V-12–powered Brit. That would be a bad decision. Why? Because the fast Ford is more fun. I wonder if the wealthy realize what they’re missing.
    Don’t get me wrong, the Aston isn&rsquo
  • 2021 Toyota RAV4 Plug-In Hybrid: The “Most Powerful RAV4 Yet”

    Wearing an exclusive new paint color, Supersonic Red, the 2021 Toyota RAV4 plug-in-hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) has been announced ahead of its November 20 unveiling at the Los Angeles auto show. Toyota touts it as “the most powerful RAV4 yet,” and describes it as having “spirited acceleration, nimble handling, and impeccable style.” We’ll be the judge of those things, eventually, when we see it in person and drive it. It will be sold alongside the conventional RA

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