• Chapecoense play first game since air disaster – video

    Brazilian football team Chapecoense played champions Palmeiras on Sunday in their first match since an air disaster claimed the lives of 71 people, including 19 players and 24 other club members. The match, which finished 2-2, was attended by around 20,000 fans, with tributes paid to those who lost their livesChapecoense draw with champions Palmeiras in first match since air disasterContinue reading...
  • Chapecoense draw with champions Palmeiras in first match since air disaster

    • Emotional scenes as club return to action in friendly fixture
    • 19 players were among those killed in November’s disasterChapecoense drew 2-2 against the Brazilian champions, Palmeiras, in their first match since the air disaster in November in which 19 players and 24 other club members were among those who died.Around 20,000 fans attended the friendly fixture at the club’s Arena Condá stadium in Chapeco to pay tribute to the 71 people killed when the plane carryin
  • Brazil supreme court justice overseeing vast corruption case dies in plane crash

    Teori Zavascki was on a small plane that crashed into the sea off the coastTiming of plane crash is likely to raise questions of possible foul play
    The supreme court justice presiding over Brazil’s biggest corruption case has died after the small plane he was travelling in crashed into the sea off the coast of Rio de Janeiro state, according to local authorities. Related: Brazil's anti-corruption prosecutor: graft is 'endemic. It has spread like cancer'Continue reading...
  • Brazil police fire rubber bullets in fresh uprising at massacre prison

    TV images show police using teargas and helicopters at Alcacuz prisonViolence between gangs in penitentiaries has claimed 140 lives this yearHundreds of inmates from rival drug gangs have clashed inside a Brazilian prison where 26 inmates were killed in the latest of an ongoing series of bloody uprisings, television images showed.Police fired rubber bullets and teargas canisters into the yard of the Alcacuz prison in north-eastern Brazil as helicopters buzzed overhead. Prisoners erected makeshif
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  • A can of Spam is less dangerous these days | Brief letters

    Red meat cancer link | Charges against Lula | Robots as people | Ring pull safety | Peanut butter on WeetabixNaomi Elster writes: “There isn’t currently any strong evidence that eating too much red meat causes cancer”, before noting that Cancer Research UK is a “reliable source … for advice and support” (The truth about cancer diets, G2, 16 January). However, responding to the WHO’s October 2015 International Agency for Research on Cancer report which c
  • Brazil sees renewed violence at prison where 26 were killed over the weekend

    The riot at Alcaçuz prison is the latest in a spate of violence that has left 140 dead in two weeks, as rival drug gangs battle for control over trafficking routesA new uprising has broken out at a prison in north-eastern Brazil where 26 inmates were killed by a rival gang faction over the weekend, authorities said on Monday.“A Swat team is there at this exact moment. Our men are entering the prison now to get control of the situation,” said Eduardo Franco, head of communicati
  • At least 30 inmates killed in Brazil prison riot as gang war death toll rises

    Drug gang invaded Alcaçuz prison where rivals were on SaturdayAbout 140 people have died in violence since beginning of the yearAt least 30 inmates were killed in a Brazilian prison riot that broke out on Saturday, a person with direct knowledge of the situation said, adding to chaos in a penitentiary system in which about 140 inmates have died in gang warfare since the start of the year.Related: Trail of slaughter in prisons shocks Brazilians as gang war explodesContinue reading...
  • Standing in solidarity with Brazil’s Lula | Letters

    After the undemocratic removal of Dilma Rousseff as president of Brazil (Report, 24 December) via an illegitimate process that saw 62 senators overturn the votes of 54 million, there has been an unprecedented defamation campaign against former president Lula. This “trial by media” is an attempt to keep Lula from participating in the political process. As a highly popular figure as a result of reforms that lifted millions from poverty, Lula is considered a possible candidate in the 20
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  • Nazi doctor Josef Mengele's bones used in Brazil forensic medicine courses

    Students in São Paulo are examining remains of man known for medical experiments on Jews at Auschwitz to uncover mysteries of his life on the runFor more than 30 years, the bones of Josef Mengele, the German doctor who conducted horrific experiments on thousands of Jews at Auschwitz, lay unclaimed inside a blue plastic bag in São Paulo’s Legal Medical Institute.Dr Daniel Romero Muñoz, who led the team that identified Mengele’s remains in 1985, saw an opportunity
  • Trail of slaughter in prisons shocks Brazilians as gang war explodes

    ‘Brazil is getting out of control’ warns police investigator after a series of horrific massacres by rival drug gangs sweeps the country’s penitentiariesThe men on the prison roof laughed as they raised a hand-painted flag emblazoned with the initials of two of Brazil’s most dangerous drug gangs. In the yard below, other gang-members hacked the heads off prisoners from a rival mafia faction and lined them up in a row.The horrific scenes were filmed on a mobile phone durin
  • Brazil ordered to pay $5m to workers formerly enslaved on cattle ranch

    Inter-American Court of Human Rights rules Brazil failed to prevent modern slavery, over workers rescued in official raids between 1988 and 2000The government of Brazil has been ordered by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights to pay $5m (£4.1m) to 128 former farm workers who were enslaved on a Brazilian farm between 1988-2000. Brazil is the first country to be fined for failing to prevent slavery within its borders by the court, the legal arm of the Organisation of American States (OAS
  • Brazil prison riot leaves at least four dead

    Violence in Manaus jail follows deaths of almost 100 inmates in two recent prison uprisings linked to escalating gang war A prison uprising in northern Brazil has left at least four dead, adding to the gang-related violence in Brazil’s penitentiary system that has claimed the lives of almost 100 inmates. The latest violence took place at the Desembargador Raimundo Vidal Pessoa jail in Manaus, Amazonas, according to the government penitentiary agency in the state. Continue reading...
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  • At least 30 inmates killed and mutilated in Brazil prison

    Images emerge of a pile of corpses, some missing limbs and heads, after fight between drug gangsAt least 30 prisoners have been murdered in a jail in the far north of Brazil, marking a worsening security situation in Brazil as rival drug gangs fight for control of the lucrative drug trade.Media in Roraima state carried shocking images of a pile of mutilated corpses, some missing limbs and heads, and even a heart, on a bloodstained corridor floor of the prison in Boa Vista, the state capital. Mut
  • Dozens of inmates killed in Brazil prison riot

    Clashes in Roraima’s largest prison follow similar incident in nearby state in which 56 inmates were killedAt least 33 inmates have been killed in a riot at a prison in the Amazon region of Brazil, officials have said.The incident occurred five days after 56 inmates were killed in a nearby state in the country’s worst prison massacre for more than two decades. Continue reading...
  • Millions under a mattress: US agents find $20m in cash after fraud raid

    Prosecutors say they recovered money from a Massachusetts apartment after breaking up $5bn fraud network that marketed a fake internet phone service About $20m was seized from under a mattress in a Massachusetts apartment after a Brazilian man was arrested for laundering money linked to a multi-billion dollar global fraud.Federal prosecutors in Boston charged Cleber Rene Rizerio Rocha, 28, with conspiring to commit money laundering in a case connected to the investigation of TelexFree Inc, which
  • Coffee from Rainforest Alliance farms in Brazil linked to exploited workers

    Certification schemes criticised for failing to spot labour rights violations on farms in Brazil, the world’s largest coffee producerSerious labour rights violations have taken place at Brazilian farms linked to some of the largest international coffee certification systems, including Rainforest Alliance and UTZ, according to an investigation by Repórter Brasil.The report by the civil society organisation, published this week, found that monitoring systems at so-called sustainable c
  • Dozens killed in gang violence at Brazilian jail

    Decapitated bodies thrown over prison wall in Manaus after clash between prisoners aligned with rival drug gangsAround 60 people have been killed in a jail riot sparked by a war between rival drug gangs in the Amazon jungle city of Manaus.The head of security for Amazonas state, Sergio Fontes, said the death toll could rise as authorities got a clearer idea of the scale of the violence. Continue reading...
  • Brazil's men helped to become better fathers to reduce gender violence

    A project that promotes men’s involvement in childcare is changing attitudes with the aim of promoting equality and protecting women and girlsGetting men to be active fathers may not seem the most obvious way to tackle gender-based violence. But, according to Gary Barker, CEO and founder of Promundo, which engages men and boys in ending violence against women and girls, policies that encourage men to do more unpaid care work are a vital part of achieving gender equality.“To us, it se
  • Can Latin America avoid the global vortex in 2017?

    After a year of disaster for the left, isolation and weak strategic importance could turn out to be blessings for the region A lurch towards the political right looks set to reshape the Americas in 2017 after a year that ended with the death of Cuba’s communist revolutionary leader, Fidel Castro,and the imminent presidency of Donald Trump.That seismic shift has toppled the Workers’ party in Brazil, weakened Peronists in Argentina, threatened Mexico with a wall and seen growing proble
  • Greek envoy's wife and two men detained in Rio de Janeiro over his death

    Police will recommend charges of homicide against suspects, one of whom is officer reported to have confessed to killing
    Authorities in Brazil believe that the Greek ambassador who went missing on 26 December has been killed and have named his Brazilian wife, a police officer and another man as suspects in the case. Local police have said that the officer, who was romantically involved with the diplomat’s wife, has confessed to the killing at her direction. The third man, believed to be th
  • Rio: Greek ambassador's wife and two men detained over his death

    Police recommend charges of homicide against three suspects, after body believed to be Kyriakos Amiridis found in burnt-out carAuthorities in Brazil believe that the Greek ambassador who went missing on 26 December has been killed and have named his Brazilian wife, a police officer and another man as suspects in the case.Police have detained the suspects and recommended charges against all three for homicide, said Adilson Palacio, a spokesman for the Rio homicide division. He said that the indic
  • Brazil police name Greek ambassador's wife as suspect over his death

    Officers question Françoise Oliveira as local media say body found in burnt-out car identified as envoy Kyriakos AmiridisAuthorities in Brazil believe that the Greek ambassador, who went missing last week, has been killed, and have named his Brazilian wife, a police officer and two others as suspects in the case.Brazil’s TV Globo reported that police had identified the body found in a burnt-out car near a main road as that of Kyriakos Amiridis, 59, who was reported missing by his wi
  • Body found in burnt-out car in Rio 'believed to be Greek ambassador'

    Kyriakos Amiridis last seen on Monday and licence plates on the car match his rental vehicle, according to reportsBrazilian police suspect a body discovered inside a charred vehicle in Rio de Janeiro is Greece’s ambassador to Brazil who went missing three days ago, it has been reported. A police spokesman could not be immediately reached for comment on the report by TV channel Globo.Continue reading...
  • Another, more beautiful America is rising. Trump will be resisted | Rebecca Solnit

    American people will stand up for ideals of humanity, from lawyers and tech workers to the Californian senateThe time when you don’t need hope is when your hopes have been fulfilled. Hope is for when you don’t have what you need and for when things are not OK. It is the belief that liberation might be possible that motivates you to make it more possible, and pursuing hope even when it doesn’t lead to the ultimate goal can generate changes that matter along the way, including in
  • View from the favelas: 'The situation of instability haunts the lives of thousands' | Michel Silva

    In this diary entry, Michel Silva says mismanagement and corruption in Rio de Janeiro are behind an economic crisis and cuts that will hit the poorest hardestLeia este artigo na lingua original
    When I published my first article in the Guardian in August 2015, I warned readers that Rio de Janeiro was not ready for another mega-event. Two months after the 2016 Games, the state government of Rio de Janeiro announced a set of measures to balance the public accounts. According to the governor, Luiz F
  • A visão das favelas: 'A instabilidade no Rio assombra a vida de milhares de pessoas' | Michel Silva

    No nosso diário da vida na Rocinha, Michel Silva diz que má gestão e corrupção estão por trás da crise económica e cortes públicosRead this in EnglishQuando publiquei meu primeiro artigo no The Guardian, em agosto de 2015, alertei aos leitores de que o Rio de Janeiro não estava preparado para outro megaevento. Dois meses após os Jogos Olímpicos de 2016, o governo do estado do Rio de Janeiro anunciou um conjunto d
  • View from the favelas: Developments in Rio masked the bleak reality | Thaís Cavalcante

    In her diary entry from Maré after the Olympics in Rio, Thaís Cavalcante reports on improvements that have stalled since the city left the global spotlightLeia este artigo na lingua originalThe impact of the Olympic Games on the lives of residents of the 16 favelas of the Maré complex has passed, but it has left its mark. The same goes for those who visited the city of Rio de Janeiro and came across shocking everyday scenes that are hard to forget. The past few months have f
  • A visão das favelas: 'Nós éramos obrigados a enxergar 'a cidade maravilhosa'' | Thaís Cavalcante

    No nosso diário da vida na Maré, Thaís Cavalcante diz que os moradores de favelas merecem representantes no poder que tenham vivência na realidadeRead this in English O impacto dos Jogos Olímpicos na vida dos moradores das 16 favelas da Maré passou, mas deixou uma marca. Assim como pra quem visitou a cidade do Rio de Janeiro e se deparou com situações marcantes no dia a dia difíceis de esquecer. Os últimos meses passaram r&aacu
  • Hard for Dilma Rousseff to clean up Brazil’s dirty politics | Letters

    The challenges that confronted Dilma Rousseff in cleaning up Brazilian political life cannot be underestimated (From presidential palace to her mother’s flat, 24 December). In 2012, I was contracted by Unesco to advise the government on implementing the access to information decree the president had signed. Among the first disclosure demands made by the press were for details of salaries and perks received by ministers, judges and public officials.This prompted legal action by trade unions
  • View from the favelas: A legacy of corruption, neglect and repression | Daiene Mendes

    In her latest diary entry on life in Alemão after the Games in Rio, Daiene Mendes says residents are the real champions for carrying on with their livesLeia este artigo na lingua original
    The Olympics are over, as is the expectation of building a real legacy for the people from the favelas. From what I can see around here, the Olympics didn’t positively impact on the reality of life for Alemão residents. On the contrary – we lost more than we gained.A big sports centre
  • A visão das favelas: 'Para nós, o legado e do abandono, indiferença e corrupção | Daiene Mendes

    No nosso diário da vida no depois antes das Olímpiadas, Daiene Mendes diz que a favela perdeou mais do que ganhou e que os moradores são os verdadeiros campeõesRead this in EnglishO período olímpico acabou, com ele, a expectativa de construção um legado verdadeiro para nosso povo favelado. Pelo que percebo, por aqui a realização das olimpíadas não impactou positivamente na realidade dos moradores do Complexo do A
  • Chapecoense plane ran out of fuel before crash, say aviation authorities

    Colombian aeronautics agency says evidence points to human error rather than technical problem or sabotageA plane that crashed while carrying a Brazilian football team had run out of fuel before it could land, according to Colombian aviation authorities.The Civil Aeronautics agency said the conclusion was based on the aircraft’s black boxes and other evidence. It said the evidence pointed to human error rather than technical problems or sabotage. Related: 'What he did was mass murder': lit
  • Citizen Dilma: Rousseff reflects on life after impeachment

    Brazil’s former president, who survived two years of torture in prison in the 1970s, is on a mission to clear her name and tell her side of the storyReversals of fortune do not come much sharper or more symbolic than that suffered by Dilma Rousseff over the past year.Last December, she was still in the early stages of her second term as Brazil’s first woman president. Unbeaten in elections, she lived in a palace, commanded Latin America’s biggest bureaucracy, joined summit banq
  • This Amazon tribe lived without the outside world. They may be the last | Dan Collyns

    Ricardo Stuckert’s astounding images reminded me of my experiences meeting isolated indigenous people. With living space diminishing, their future is in perilThe remarkable photos taken by Ricardo Stuckert of an uncontacted Amazon tribe reminded me of my own experience with the indigenous people of nearby Peru. “The Nomole are here, they’ve come. The Nomole,” were the hushed whispers I heard outside my tent as I was roused from my dawn slumber. Nomole was a term meaning b
  • Brazil budget cuts put uncontacted Amazon tribe at risk, say activists

    Tribe, who fired arrows at helicopter photographing them, also face threat from proposed change to land laws, says groupAn uncontacted Amazon tribe could be at risk as Brazil makes austerity-driven budget cuts and proposals for constitutional change affecting land rights move through parliament, campaigners have said.The tribe were photographed from a helicopter by Ricardo Stuckert this month near the border with Peru. Related: Photographer captures images of uncontacted Amazon tribeContinue rea
  • Half of adult women in Brazil put off pregnancy by Zika virus – survey

    Fifty-six per cent of women of reproductive age taking part in research say they are avoiding pregnancy over health concernsMore than half of adult women of reproductive age in Brazil have actively tried to avoid pregnancy because of the Zika virus epidemic, according to a survey carried out there.Brazil has confirmed far more malformations of the brain in babies born to mothers who were infected with Zika than any other country. Continue reading...
  • Sighting of uncontacted Amazonian tribe – in pictures

    Brazilian photographer Ricardo Stuckert captured amazing close-up photographs of an uncontacted Amazonian tribe after his helicopter flight took a detour to avoid a rainstorm and happened to fly over their longhouse Continue reading...
  • Photographer shows first images of uncontacted Amazon tribe

    Brazilian Ricardo Stuckert accidentally stumbled onto the tribe after his helicopter was diverted.A photographer has captured images of an uncontacted Amazonian tribe after his helicopter flight took a detour to avoid a rainstorm and happened to fly over their longhouse. “I took the camera and started photographing,” said Brazilian photographer Ricardo Stuckert. “I didn’t have much time to imagine what was happening.” Related: More members of Amazonian tribe seek he
  • Photographer captures images of uncontacted Amazon tribe

    Brazilian Ricardo Stuckert accidentally stumbled on to the tribe after his helicopter was divertedA photographer has captured images of an uncontacted Amazonian tribe after his helicopter flight took a detour to avoid a rainstorm and happened to fly over their longhouse.Related: Sighting of uncontacted Amazonian tribe – in picturesRelated: More members of Amazonian tribe seek help from BrazilContinue reading...
  • Brazilian companies linked to Petrobras scandal plead guilty in US court

    Odebrecht and Braskem admitted to violating American foreign bribery laws and agreed to pay more than $3bn in settlement deal for role in political kickbacksBrazilian construction firm Odebrecht SA and affiliated petrochemical company Braskem SA have pleaded guilty in a US court to violating American foreign bribery laws as part of a more than $3bn deal resolving a sweeping corruption probe of Brazil’s state oil company. The companies entered their pleas in federal court in Brooklyn in the
  • Brazil's plan to roll back environment laws draws fire: 'The danger is real'

    Environmental and indigenous activists condemn plan they say would threaten indigenous territories and make compliance with Paris deal impossible Environmentalists and indigenous rights campaigners have attacked efforts by the Brazilian government to roll back laws protecting the environment and indigenous territories, warning the moves could have disastrous consequences and even threaten the country’s ability to meet its commitments under the Paris climate deal.Related: Samarco dam collap
  • Lifestyle problems of Brazil's elite: what to tell the kids when Dad goes to jail

    A magazine article on a wide-reaching corruption scandal’s psychological impact on jailed parents’ children was met with outrage and ridicule across social mediaIn a country where at times it seems that the entire political class has been implicated in one corruption scandal or another, Brazilian readers have grown used to headlines about the arrest of yet another politician or captain of industry. But a glossy magazine for and about “influential people” has provoked incr
  • Francis Huxley obituary

    Anthropologist fascinated by shamanism, myths and religious rites who strove to protect indigenous peoplesIn the early 1950s the anthropologist Francis Huxley, who has died aged 93, undertook pioneering fieldwork among the Urubu people of the Amazon basin. The resulting book, Affable Savages (1956), adopted a new, “reflexive” approach to the study of culture in which the author’s encounters with the “other” are reflected as much in personal reactions as in objective
  • What is Rio’s Olympic legacy?

    The Games in Brazil were a success on TV, but chaos, crime and corruption has dogged the city. Locals weigh up whether the price was worth a renovated port and better transport linksAs an early-evening rain begins to pour, a family of four peer through the fence at Rio’s darkened Olympic park. Four months after the Games ended, there are few signs of life.Leonardo Pasta, 40, an IT technician, and his family are Brazilian but live in Stoke-on-Trent, so their experience of the Games –
  • Christmas behind bars in Brazil – in pictures

    Female prisoners at the Nelson Hungria jail in Rio de Janeiro take part in an annual Christmas cell decoration and performance competition, which aims to lift their spirits as they spend the festive season away from their families Continue reading...
  • Cardinal Paulo Everisto Arns obituary

    Progressive Brazilian exponent of liberation theology who championed the poor and stood up to his country’s military rulersCardinal Paulo Evaristo Arns, who has died aged 95, used to tell a revealing story about his final interview with Pope John Paul II. It was 1998, and Dom Paulo, as he was known affectionately to his flock in São Paulo, which claims to be the largest Catholic city in the world, was about to retire as an archbishop after 28 years in post. The two senior churchmen
  • Brazilians hail triumph of MasterChef 'warrior' over her sexist co-stars

    Dayse Paparoto has been celebrated as a feminist hero after shrugging off boorish behaviour from male competitors who even told her to sweep the floorThe winner of Brazil’s MasterChef Professionals show has been hailed as a feminist hero after shrugging off sexist comments and boorish behaviour from her male competitors who ignored her suggestions, undermined her abilities – and on one occasion even told her to sweep the floor.The victory for Dayse Paparoto, 32, from Mogi das Cruzes
  • Brazil senate approves austerity package to freeze social spending for 20 years

    Lawmakers expected to reject requests to exempt education and health spending from measure UN official calls the most socially regressive in the worldBrazilian senators have approved a 20-year social spending freeze described by a senior UN official as the most socially regressive austerity package in the world.The senate approved the cap on Tuesday by a 53-16 margin, though leftist opponents of the austerity measure sought to delay the vote as long as possible. Related: Brazil's austerity packa
  • Danilo, Chapecoense goalkeeper killed in plane crash, is Brazil player of the year

    Fans’ vote awards accolade to keeper whose last-minute save took underdog team to final of the Copa SudamericanaChapecoense goalkeeper Danilo, who was killed in the Colombian air crash last month, was posthumously named Brazil’s player of the year on Monday after a vote by fans. Danilo, whose last-gasp save in the semi-final against San Lorenzo helped his side into the Copa Sudamericana final, got 48% of the internet vote. Related: 'Our club represented Brazil': Chapecoense tragedy a
  • Brazil president Michel Temer accused of soliciting millions in illegal donations

    Allegations against Temer could be part of ongoing investigation into whether bribe money helped fund 2014 campaign to re-elect Dilma RousseffBrazil’s president, Michel Temer, is facing allegations that he solicited £2.3m ($2.9m) in illegal campaign donations in 2014, further weakening the position of a deeply unpopular leader. In a poll published Sunday but carried out before the new accusations surfaced, 63% of Brazilians said they wanted Temer to resign for new elections.A judge o

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