• Airman with Brazil's G20 delegation held over drug trafficking

    Spanish police find cocaine in man’s luggage at Seville airport en route to Tokyo summitSpanish police have arrested a member of the air force travelling with the Brazilian president’s advance party for the G20 summit in Japan after 39kg of cocaine was discovered in his luggage during a stopover in Seville.A spokesman for the Guardia Civil said the man was arrested on Tuesday after his plane landed at the Andalucían airport.Formed in 1999, the G20 is a group featuring 19 of th
  • Brazilian diplomats 'disgusted' as Bolsonaro pulverizes foreign policy

    Former ambassadors say far-right leader has cuddled up to rightwing nationalists, irked China, infuriated Middle Eastern partners, and jettisoned its position as climate crisis leaderIt has long been considered one of the jewels of Latin American statecraft; a shrewd, dependable and highly trained foreign service that helped make Brazil a global climate leader and soft power heavyweight.But six months into the presidency of Jair Bolsonaro, even veteran diplomats struggle to mask their horror at
  • 'We're afraid': the queer Brazilian sex artists targeted by Bolsonaro

    After the far-right president tweeted a video of their transgressive street performance, the two artists fled São Paulo – but now they’re pushing back‘Queer people have been afraid since the president was elected,” says Paulx Castello. “He has been demonising us from the start – but this was different. Here we were personally under attack.” The artist, who has a mohican, is now instantly recognisable to most Brazilians. In March, he featured in a
  • 'Value it more': Marta's impassioned plea to Brazil at Women's World Cup – video

    An emotional Marta bid farewell to another unsuccessful World Cup campaign with a challenge to Brazil's future stars: work harder and do more if you want to win. With tears in her eyes after the 2-1 extra-time defeat to hosts France, the woman considered by many to be the greatest ever to play the game said the future of Brazilian football was dependent on new generations pushing themselves. Speaking to Fox Soccer, with a mix of sadness and defiance, the six-time Fifa player
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  • The Edge of Democracy review – to the heart of Brazilian politics

    Petra Costa’s powerful documentary charts the state’s descent into populism and the fraying of its democratic fabricBrazilian actor-writer-director Petra Costa is known for mining her personal and family history for material. Her first feature, Elena, turned her search for her absent older sister into a deeply evocative documentary about loss, familial love, rivalry and displacement as it flutters between São Paulo in Brazil and New York City.Costa’s latest documentary,
  • The Veja way: inside the cult sneaker brand's operations in Amazonia – a photo essay

    Thanks to its ethical credentials and stylish designs, the trainer brand has amassed a devoted following. Here, its co-founder, Sébastien Kopp, files his travelogue from a trip to Amazonia where the shoes are madeWe started working in Amazonia, in the Brazilian state of Acre, in 2004. Acre is a frontier: the last point before the Amazon rainforest begins. From Rio Branco, the state capital, it’s a few hours’ drive to get to the forest and, on the way, it becomes clear just how
  • 'Values I believe in': Brazil's new rightwing rappers embrace Bolsonaro

    The country’s hip-hop is typically progressive, but MCs in Maga hats provide the soundtrack to a far-right presidencyThe Trumpian mantra on his “Make America Great Again” cap leaves little doubt Ricardo Alves stands to the right of your average Brazilian MC.“I define myself as a conservative,” the musician confirms as he describes his path from a childhood on São Paulo’s gritty south side to centre stage of Brazil’s fledgling rightwing rap scene.B
  • Millions across South America hit by massive power cut

    Failure leaves people in Argentina and Uruguay without electricityTens of millions of people across South America were left without electricity early on Sunday after a massive power failure left Argentina and Uruguay almost completely in the dark.Argentina’s El Clarín newspaper said the “gigantic” power collapse had struck at just after 7am local time, affecting virtually the entire country as well as Uruguay, Paraguay and some cities in Chile.Una falla masiva en el sist
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  • Bolsonaro stabber absolved for reasons of mental illness

    Judge rules to convert Adélio Bispo de Oliveira’s detention to internment in state medical facilityA man who stabbed the then Brazilian presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro in the torso last year has been absolved after a judge ruled he was mentally ill.Adélio Bispo de Oliveira has been in police custody since 6 September 2018 when he was accused of stabbing Bolsonaro while he was campaigning in the streets of Juiz de Fora, a city 115 miles (186km) north of Rio de Janeiro. T
  • Bolsanaro stabber absolved for reasons of mental illness

    Judge rules to convert Adélio Bispo de Oliveira’s detention to internment in state medical facilityA man who stabbed the then Brazilian presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro in the torso last year has been absolved after a judge ruled he was mentally ill.Adélio Bispo de Oliveira has been in police custody since 6 September 2018 when he was accused of stabbing Bolsonaro while he was campaigning in the streets of Juiz de Fora, a city 115 miles (186km) north of Rio de Janeiro. T
  • Brazil: Bolsonaro fires key moderate who warned of dangers of 'extremism'

    Government secretary Carlos Alberto dos Santos Cruz forced outNews comes as scandal swirls around justice minister MoroBrazil’s far-right president Jair Bolsonaro has sacked one of the most prominent moderates in his administration for reportedly failing to ideologically align himself with his commander-in-chief’s radical creed.Gen Carlos Alberto dos Santos Cruz, Bolsonaro’s secretary of government, had repeatedly locked horns with the president’s crotchety US-based guru,
  • Jair Bolsonaro aides 'froth hate' for indigenous people, says sacked official

    Former head of indigenous affairs agency says it is seen as ‘an obstacle to national development’Brazil’s far right president, Jair Bolsonaro, is being advised by aides who “froth hate for indigenous people,” the head of Brazil’s indigenous affairs agency has told colleagues after he was fired from his post.Franklimberg de Freitas addressed around 100 staff at the Funai agency after his dismissal on Tuesday, which he blamed on pressure from the country’s
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  • Hundreds of new pesticides approved in Brazil under Bolsonaro

    Many of those permitted since far-right president took power are banned in EuropeBrazil has approved hundreds of new pesticide products since its far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, took power in January, and more than 1,000 since 2016, a study has found. Many of those approved are banned in Europe.Of 169 new pesticides sanctioned up to 21 May this year, 78 contain active ingredients classified as highly hazardous by the Pesticide Action Network and 24 contain active ingredients banned in the E
  • Bolsonaro tight-lipped as minister faces calls to resign over Lula scandal

    Sérgio Moro had ‘totally inappropriate’ links with prosecutorsMoro jailed Bolsonaro’s top rival, Lula, before Brazil electionBrazil’s justice minister is facing growing calls to resign after a series of politically explosive leaks that some observers believe could have a profound effect on Brazilian politics and the administration of the far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro.Sérgio Moro became an A-list celebrity in Brazil for leading the historic “Car W
  • Forest twice size of UK destroyed in decade for big consumer brands – report

    Greenpeace estimates 50m hectares cleared by 2020, warning companies must evolve to prevent ‘climate breakdown’An area twice the size of the UK has been destroyed for products such as palm oil and soy over the last decade, according to analysis by Greenpeace International.In 2010, members of the Consumer Goods Forum, including some of the world’s biggest consumer brands, pledged to eliminate deforestation by 2020, through the sustainable sourcing of four commodities most linked
  • Brazil reels at claims judge who jailed Lula collaborated with prosecutors

    Leaked cellphone chats published by the Intercept suggest Sérgio Moro, now justice minister, steered case against ex-presidentBrazil has been rocked by allegations that a prominent judge repeatedly collaborated with prosecutors during high-profile corruption investigations – including the controversial case that imprisoned former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.According to the Intercept, Sérgio Moro gave prosecutors strategic advice, criticism and tips during the
  • The big picture: Miguel Rio Branco captures incongruous city life

    Decay and renewal are encapsulated by fresh pastries on a banger’s bonnetThis picture is taken from a book called Maldicidade by the Brazilian photographer Miguel Rio Branco. The title translates literally from the Portuguese as “malice”, but it carries too the echoes of the words “city” and “cursed”. Rio Branco grew up the son of a diplomat, citizen of the world and for half a century his camera has given him similar licence. Though earlier work, photo
  • Deforestation of Brazilian Amazon surges to record high

    Environmentalists fear 2019 will be one of worst years for deforestation in recent memory
    Deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon surged last month to the highest May level since the current monitoring method began, prompting concerns that president Jair Bolsonaro is giving a free pass to illegal logging, farming and mining.The world’s greatest rainforest – which is a vital provider of oxygen and carbon sequestration – lost 739sq km during the 31 days, equivalent to two football
  • Brazilian football star Neymar accused of raping woman in Paris hotel

    The Paris Saint-Germain star denies claims in a police document that he assaulted a woman last monthThe Brazilian footballer Neymar has been accused of raping a woman in a hotel in Paris last month, according to a police document in Brazil.The player’s father called the accusation by the unidentified woman “a setup” against his son. Continue reading...
  • Killer Ratings: did a Brazilian TV host arrange murders to boost his show?

    A new Netflix documentary tells the extraordinary story of Wallace Souza who, it is alleged, took extreme actions in the hunt for new viewersSuppose that, in a future season of Line of Duty, the reveal turned out to be that the organised crime syndicate had been using hitmen to kill drug dealers in a conspiracy with a Crimewatch presenter to raise ratings for the show. Social media would surely be filled with shark-jumping memes. Yet it is possible that such an absurd sequence of events happened
  • Protesters take to Brazil's streets – in pictures

    Tens of thousands of students, academics and teachers have marched throughout the vast South American country in protest against ultraconservative president Jair Bolsonaro’s cuts to education, including moves to dramatically reduce funding for federal universitiesStudents protest across Brazil over Jair Bolsonaro’s sweeping cuts to education Continue reading...
  • Students protest across Brazil over Jair Bolsonaro's sweeping cuts to education

    From Amazon cities to small towns in the deep south, demonstrators turned out to condemn funding cutsTens of thousands of students, academics and teachers have taken to the streets of Brazil for their latest mass protest against what they call far-right president Jair Bolsonaro’s assault on education.Up and down the country – from Amazon cities to small towns in Brazil’s deep south – demonstrators turned out to condemn Bolsonaro’s highly controversial moves to slash
  • Gabriel Diniz, Brazilian pop star, killed in plane crash aged 28

    Singer with huge Brazilian fanbase died amid concerns that aircraft was not licensed for air taxi travelGabriel Diniz, one of Brazil’s most successful current pop stars, has been killed in a plane crash, aged 28.His plane took off from the city of Salvador in Bahia state on Monday 27 May, bound for Maceió further up the east coast, but it crashed in bad weather in Porto do Mato. Diniz was killed along with two pilots, Linaldo Xavier and Abraão Farias. The star had reportedly
  • Gang violence blamed for dozens of prisoner deaths in Brazil

    Killing of 15 people on Sunday followed by further slaughter in three prisons in ManausBrazilian authorities have blamed a power struggle between quarrelling Amazon mafiosos for a two-day explosion of prison violence that has left at least 55 prisoners dead.The slaughter reportedly began at about 11am on Sunday during visiting hours at the Anísio Jobim prison complex in Manaus, the jungle-fringed capital of Amazonas state. Related: 'I have no thought of escaping': inside the Brazilian pri
  • At least 42 prisoners killed in Brazil jail clashes

    Inmates die in suspected gang violence at three Manaus jails day after 15 others killed
    Forty-two inmates have been killed at three different prisons in the capital of Brazil’s northern Amazonas state, a day after 15 died during fighting among prisoners at a fourth prison in the same city.The Amazonas state prison agency said all 42 prisoners found dead in Manaus on Monday showed signs of asphyxia. Related: 'I have no thought of escaping': inside the Brazilian prisons with no guards | Jo G
  • At least 42 prisoners found strangled in Brazil jail clashes

    Inmates die in gang violence at four jails in Amazon city of Manaus; 15 other prisoners were killed on Sunday At least 42 prisoners in Brazil were found strangled on Monday in four jails in the Amazon jungle city of Manaus, where a fight between rival prison gangs resulted in 15 dead the day before, authorities said.A federal taskforce is being sent to Manaus in an effort to halt the violence. Prison clashes often spread rapidly in Brazil, where drug gangs have de facto control over nearly all j
  • Bolsonaro supporters take to Brazil’s streets as approval ratings drop

    Rallies were reported in more than 300 towns and cities, including Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Juiz de ForaHardcore devotees of Brazil’s far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, have taken to the streets across the country in their first major show of force since his landslide election victory last October.“Wake up Brazilian people!!! Today is the day to march,” Carla Zambelli, a prominent Bolsonarista congresswoman, tweeted as supporters of the radical populist began gath
  • Diehard Bolsonaro supporters prepare to march as criticism of his rule intensifies

    As his approval ratings plunge, critics say Brazilian president’s approach has been ‘shocking’Hardcore supporters of Brazil’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, have urged his followers to flood the streets in defence of their leader on Sunday amid mounting conservative angst over the far-right populist’s anarchic opening act in office.Bolsonaro swept to power last October, his insurgent campaign turbocharged by widespread revolt at the corruption and economic misrule of th
  • Body Shop and Aesop owner close to buying Avon in £1.58bn deal

    Brazil’s Natura Cosméticos reportedly expected to swoop on doorstep-selling firmThe Brazilian owner of the Body Shop has agreed to buy Avon Products in a deal that values the US cosmetics company at more than $2bn (£1.58bn), according to reports.Natura Cosméticos was expected to announce the takeover as early as Wednesday, the Financial Times reported. After the deal, Natura would control more than three-quarters of the combined group. The remaining shares would be owne
  • McDonald's investigated over racism and harassment claims in Brazil

    Federal prosecutors say complaint presents ‘worrying evidence’ of sexual harassment and discriminationIt was a busy day at a McDonald’s branch in São Paulo. Marcelo says he was struggling to keep up with demand while manning the chips and white meat stations when the shift boss called him a “damned stupid blackie”.Marcelo protested and said he would pursue legal action for racism. The store manager fired him the next day, according to his statement in court d
  • Brazil bar 'massacre': 11 people reportedly killed by group of gunmen

    Authorities unable to explain why seven attackers converged on bar in northern city of Belém and then started shooting A group of gunmen have killed 11 people in a bar in Brazil, according to media reports, with state officials confirming only at “a massacre” had occurred.The G1 news website reported police reported that seven gunmen were involved in the attack in Belém city in the northern state of Pará, which also wounded one person, who is now in police protec
  • ‘They have free rein’: Rio residents fear police violence under far-right rule

    New governor promised ‘slaughter’ of gangsters, drawing comparisons with bloody Philippines drug warThe residents were chatting outside when the police helicopter swooped over the polluted river at the end of their street in Rio’s sprawling Maré favela complex. They fled as the officers riding in it fired volleys of bullets during a raid to catch a renegade gang boss.Controlled by two rival drug gangs and a small paramilitary group, this roughshod community has grown use
  • Brazil's Bolsonaro dismisses 'imbecile' students as he faces biggest protests yet

    President calls students protesting against education cuts ‘useful idiots’ who are being steered by a minorityTens of thousands of students and teachers have protested across Brazil against sharp cuts to education enacted by Jair Bolsonaro’s administration – the first mass protests since the far-right president took office in January.Brazil’s National Student Union called for demonstrations after the education ministry said it was freezing up to 30% of discretionary
  • Brazil's Bolsonaro dismisses 'imbecile' students as he faces biggest rallies yet

    President calls students protesting against education cuts ‘useful idiots’ who are being steered by a minorityTens of thousands of demonstrators have protested in cities across Brazil against education spending freezes in the biggest rallies to date against the government of President Jair Bolsonaro, who called marchers “useful idiots and imbeciles”.Brazil’s National Student Union called for protests on Wednesday against what it called spending cuts, after the educa
  • Bacurau review – ultraviolent freakout in Brazil's outback

    This disquieting horror-style western about a town under siege from a mysterious threat is executed with ruthless clarityBrazilian auteur Kleber Mendonça Filho, here co-directing with his producer and production designer Juliano Dornelles, has relinquished the quieter, more humanistic tones of his earlier pictures for this disturbing ultraviolent freakout. Set deep in the the Brazilian outback, it mashes up many themes and influences, but is chiefly a scream of satirical defiance against
  • 'Exterminator of the future': Brazil's Bolsonaro denounced for environmental assault

    Activist and politician Marina Silva warns Brazil’s rainforest protections being destroyed but vows ‘we can’t let that happen’Jair Bolsonaro is transforming Brazil into an “exterminator of the future”, the activist and politician Marina Silva has warned, as she and seven other former environment ministers denounced the far-right president’s assault on rainforest protections.The eight former ministers – who served governments across the political sp
  • Uber drivers strike over pay and conditions

    Protests take place in UK, US, Brazil and Australia as ride-hailing app prepares for stock market debutUber drivers have gone on strike in the UK, US and other countries including Brazil and Australia to demand better pay and conditions ahead of the ride-hailing app’s stock market debut.They protested against what one UK trade union labelled “poverty pay” ahead of Friday’s flotation, which will crystalise multi-million and multi-billion dollar fortunes for early investors
  • Dog Without Feathers review – a mud-caked wild ride through Brazil

    Queen Elizabeth Hall, LondonPerformers scurry across the stage in Deborah Colker’s inventive but scattershot show about the people of the Capibaribe RiverBrazilian choreographer Deborah Colker’s show is inspired by João Cabral’s 1950 poem Dog Without Feathers, which links the image of the sluggish Capibaribe River with the people who live by it. Colker and her company visited that river in north-east Brazil and created a dance saturated with the sounds, landscape, animal
  • Rio governor branded a show-off after tweeting video during police operation

    Bolsonaro ally Wilson Witzel was onboard police helicopter when he tweeted the videoRio de Janeiro’s new governor, Wilson Witzel, is facing criticism after tweeting a video from a helicopter while observing a police operation in which shots were reportedly fired by the forces.According to one local councillor, police snipers were onboard the helicopter during the mission over drug-gang controlled areas in the seaside town of Angra dos Reis, around 200km from Rio. Continue reading...
  • Baptism of fire: my first, turbulent year as the Guardian's Latin America correspondent

    Tom Phillips takes a moment away to reflect on the deepening strife for residents of Bolsonaro’s Brazil, Amlo’s Mexico, and a Venezuela now claimed by two menIt’s a balmy Caribbean evening and after a punishing day covering Venezuela’s crisis I’m decompressing on my hotel balcony above what was once one of Latin America’s great cities.Below, a sequined canopy of amber lights flows north towards the mountains that separate Caracas from the sea – a decepti
  • Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro abruptly cancels US visit after protests

    Climbdown by far right leader, who was due to receive prestigious award, called ‘a very big embarrassment’Brazil’s far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, has abruptly cancelled a US trip to receive a prestigious award following a storm of protest over his history of homophobic, racist and misogynist remarks and plans to erode environmental protections in the Amazon.The cancellation, announced suddenly on Friday, came after the original venue ditched the event, the mayor of New Yo
  • Rio de Janeiro: killings by police hit a record high in Brazilian state

    Rise comes under Governor Wilson Witzel, a Bolsonaro ally who has promised a zero-tolerance policy against criminalsPolice killings in the state of Rio de Janeiro have hit a record high, rising by 18% in the first three months of this year.Official data reviewed by the Associated Press on Friday show police forces in Rio killed 434 people during clashes in those months, compared with 368 people in same period last year. Related: 'It was execution': 13 dead in Brazil as state pushes new gang poli
  • Call for students to film 'biased' teachers brings Brazil's culture wars to classroom

    President Bolsonaro has accused schoolteachers of indoctrination but educators say his aim is to stifle critical thinkingJair Bolsonaro has encouraged school students to film teachers during class if they suspect them of pushing leftist ideas, reigniting a battle in one of the most contested arenas of Brazil’s raging culture wars.“Teachers need to teach and not indoctrinate,” Bolsonaro tweeted this week as he shared a video shot in class by a student who accused her teacher of
  • The Vale do Amanhecer religious community in Brazil – in pictures

    This eclectic community holds its most important ritual of the year on Labour Day to honour the mediums who communicate with good and bad spirits. The group combines a range of religious practices, including Christian and Hindu, with symbols borrowed from the Incas and Mayans, as well as a belief in extraterrestrial life and intergalactic travel. With some 600 temples throughout Brazil, Portugal, Germany, Japan, Bolivia, Uruguay and the US, the religious movement claims to have 800,000 members C
  • Financial Times pulls out of gala honouring Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro

    Corporate boycott of New York event grows after campaign by LGBT rights activistsThe Financial Times has pulled its involvement in an event honouring Brazil’s far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, after a campaign by LGBT rights activists against the celebration of the self-declared homophobe.The recently elected South American leader is due to be honoured at the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce’s person of the year gala dinner, which is scheduled to take place later this month.
  • Trump Jr, Bolsonaro Jr … beware the Adult Idiot Sons of unhinged presidents | Arwa Madhawi

    The world’s worst leaders have an heir who will risk peace to get Dad’s attention. It’s a whole new generation of moronsThere is an emerging political phenomenon that poses a unique threat to international stability and our collective sanity. It is the growing influence of what is sometimes known, in political jargon, as the Idiot Adult Son. From Donald Trump to Benjamin Netanyahu, Jair Bolsonaro to Rodrigo Duterte, the world’s most awful leaders all seem to have knuckleh
  • How Brazil and South Africa became the world's most populist countries

    Both nations plagued by political corruption that has eroded faith in democratic institutionsThe Nova América mall is a gleaming oasis in Rio de Janeiro’s chaotic, densely packed, blue-collar suburbs. It is in a stronghold of the far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, and its customers shed some light on why more Brazilians hold strongly populist views than citizens of any other country.“There is a lot of stealing. Those in power have everything; the poor have nothing,” sa
  • Cutting obesity would slash number of early deaths, research finds

    Up to 40,000 deaths could be averted in UK alone if obesity was eliminated, or 9,400 if rising obesity was haltedThousands of early deaths from cancer, heart disease, lung disease and diabetes could be avoided if obesity was stabilised or brought to an end by 2030, helping to attain the global sustainable development goals, research shows.In the UK alone, 40,000 premature deaths would be avoided if there were no more obesity within the next decade. In a more plausible scenario, where the rise in
  • The Guardian view on higher education: humans need the humanities | Editorial

    The subjects of least obvious use may prove to be of ultimate valueThe authoritarian and populist government of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil is guilty of many crimes. Some, like the assault on the rainforest, will damage the whole world. Others will only damage Brazil: the latest example is the announcement that the government is considering withdrawing funding from university teaching of philosophy and sociology. Higher education may not seem a top priority in a country where a third of the adult p
  • Freddy the parrot makes it back to zoo after being stolen, shot and bitten by snake

    The bird, Freddy Krueger, found his way back to Brazil zoo after thieves abducted him – the latest survival in his tumultuous lifeAn Amazonian parrot called Freddy Krueger has made headlines in Brazil after managing to find its way back to the zoo from which it was stolen while recovering from a four-year nightmare that saw it shot in a gun battle, abducted by armed thieves and bitten by a snake.The turquoise-fronted Amazon parrot – whose Elm Street-inspired moniker stems from its bu

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